November 7th, 2006

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What is a good Mp3 hosting site to be used for adding music to my LJ posts?

Is there a better format blog for this? All I want to do is combine a series of photos with music; repeatedly. I already use Flickr for phot hosting.
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I want to get from Beloit, Wisconsin (or Janesville/Rockford, IL, or Chicago) to Louisville, KY. It's about 22 hours roundtrip and $177... that's what it costs for me to fly home to New York. Any suggestions on a better/cheaper/faster way to go?

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i haven't bought a new item of clothing (besides underoos) in almost a year.
can you guys recommend any sites with cheap and/or cute clothing?
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speech topics

I have to come up with a topic for a speech. It is based off of I believe....
It can be as silly as I believe that billy goats are scary animals and shouldn't be allowed in petting zoos. I was going to write mine on ghosts but he told me to wait for the next speech since what I want to say would fit better for that assignment. I need some ideas because I'm having a mental block of things I would want to speak about.  

What would you write about?

I believe _______.
its just rust.

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1. Do you miss anyone/anything right now? Who/what?

2. What's next on your Netflix queue?

3. I have lots of album artwork accompanying my music on iTunes. On my iPod preferences, I have the "Display Album Artwork On iPod" option selected. However, no album art shows up on my iPod. Any ideas why?

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I think I'm a clone now. There's always two of me just a-hanging around

wateringcan didn't want this, so here's my question in the wee hours

You have a robotic cyborg (like a femmebot or hommebot, except less bot-y) who looks, behaves, thinks and speaks like you, with your memories. It's biological-based, made from organic material, but interlaid with sensitive circuitry. This borg thing is completely obedient to you, and will do what you will it to. In essence, you have a complete duplicate of yourself, a twin, who can do any task just as good (but not better) than you can.

What's the first thing you'd have the cyborg twin do for you?
Do they take your place for any activity or chore?
Is there any action where you thought to yourself "oh, if only there were 2 of me, we'd do this task right"? Now's your chance to get it done.

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My family recently moved into a new house, complete with a brand-spankin'-new smoke alarm system thingie. As I was going to bed tonight, I was thinking about the alarms and how I was glad there was one in my room in case I couldn't hear the one outside. Well... not an hour later, and the alarms are going off. I managed to ignore it for awhile, until my parents rushed in and made sure everyone got out of bed.
There turned out to be no fire, but now I'm jumpy (cause they were really loud!) and I can't go back to sleep cause I'm afraid that they'll go off again and scare the shit out of me again.
But I feel kind of psychic ;-) (I don't really believe in psychicism, but what a crazy coincidence, eh?)
Has anyone else ever had a "premonition" of storts?

Amended shower rod/curtain question...

what did you hang them from? Regular shower rods? Because we don't have any.

That is what I really want. The name the curtains hang on, and if it would be called a "self contained shower curtain" or "free standing" one or what??

Also, one that does cost like $150.00+ since I'm a bit short on fundage.

Thanks :)
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Inspired by this post

What movie do you think everyone has seen?
I think 'Back to the Future part 1' since it's on tv so much. The second one was just on a few hours ago.

What movie should everyone see?
'Gattaca' since it's the best movie on segregation I've seen.

Bands!?! (Not rubber or the aids sort...)

Since I am always on the hunt for new music to listen to, and I scour the interwebs a lot in hopes of finding some, I will ask here:

What bands have you been listening to lately?
What Genre do you prefer in music?
Does anyone out there know a band similar to Tool or Dredg?

Thanks in advance!

(No, you can list bands other than those that sound like the two mentioned.)
The Receptionist Classic

Barbie and her Man-Juice (ew)

Is anyone else getting spam (of the Viagra kind) from LiveJournal email addresses?

What is THE thing for little girls this year, present-wise? Say... 5 and 6 years old? I'm clueless. They've moved beyond the point at which a pad of paper and new markers is the bestest thing ever and so help me God, I am not buying another Polly Pocket. (Or Barbie. I don't do Barbie.)

Edit: Will you (US folk) be staying up to watch election results tonight? I have a feeling that it is going to be an exciting evening of *refresh* *refresh* *refresh* on the ol' news sites for me and mine.
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If you are a in a relationship:
1.) is one of you more jealous than the other? What about? How do you handle the jealousy/being jealous?
2.) How does your SO handle being jealous/ the jealousy?
Give a dog a home

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What is the best hand cream for dry skin? I've been applying scented lotion (Avon and Bath & Body Works) lotion to my hands several times a day, but my hands are STILL dry as the Sahara. It's really annoying!! Does using cream make your hands MORE dry? Is this just a ploy by cosmetics companies to make you buy/use more lotion?

What time is it right now where you are at?

What shoes are you wearing or planning to wear today?

Edit: Looks like a toss-up between Eucerin and Neutrogena. I'll pick up one of 'em soon, thanks guys.
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Poll #862296 Christmas ditties

Frosty the snowman knew the sun was hot that day. So he said, "Let's run and we'll have some fun _____

before I melt away"
when you sit on Frosty's lap"
and we'll smoke this blunt away"

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw it, you would even say ____

it glows
he does blow
you filthy ho
he reminds you of shippo (cause he's magical and found helping Santa every Christmas)

He knows when you've been sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good so _____. Santa Claus is coming to town

be good for goodness sake
close your freakin' curtains already
you'd better get a shotgon ASAP
can we say 'creepy old man stalker?'
I guess we forgot to turn our webcam off last night

Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful, And since we've no place to go, ______

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Let's do blow! Let's do blow! Let's do blow!
Stripper pole! Stripper pole! Stripper pole!
Donkey show! Donkey show! Donkey show!
Margaret Cho! Margaret Cho! Margaret Cho!
UNI Panthers


Do you have any tattoos?
What are they?
What's it like to be tattooed?
What would you get if you could?

--I don't have any, but if I wan't a wuss or nervous about the fact that it's mostly permanent, I'd get my school logo in my icon, a strawberry (only if they could make it look REAL) and The Beatles' Apple logo (again, if they could make it look EXACTLY right, which is why I don't have any tattoos.)

Oh, in the US--didja vote? I did absentee ages ago.
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when moving, how do you transport your clothes? do you leave them on the hangers and lay them in your car, or do you put them all in trashbags, or do you get one of those wardrobe boxs?

I did the trash bad thing before and it was a pain putting all the clothes back on the hangers.

Is there any quick way to pack up all your crap?

(Girls) Where is the best place to buy very cute..but comfortable underware? (no victoria's secret since soo many people shop there it will just be a rerun)

Boxers or briefs or boxer briefs?

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I've recently started using the IRC program BitchX. I connect through a shell account.

I know a friend of mine uses it so that he doesn't have to log out of IRC when he's shutting down his computer....even when he's not connected to the internet his name is still in the room. How do I do this?

Also, how do I make it so I don't have to type /msg [NAME] (text) every time I want to private message someone? I know how to start a query, but then I can't chat normally in channel because everything typed goes to that person, so I'm confused.
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What Would Jesus Do?

Say, you are walking down the street one day or evening and you stumble on a small box. No one else is around and you just take a peak inside. When you open it up, you find a small statue of God (or a god/diety whatever floats your noodle.) The statue says, "Ask me any three questions, and I will answer truthfully."

What questions would you ask?
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Paid LJ accounts

I am now on my 3 free months of paid time because I signed up for automatic payments last October. If I cancel the automatic payments, do I still lose my free paid time now that I'm into the free period?
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what are some specific lines that have a bite to them? Things that are just... well-stated, or make you go "wow, that's good", or "whoa, mean, but I like it..."?

For example-- every time I listen to Imogen Heap's song Speeding Cars, the line "You can't keep on like this -- Now's as bad a time as any" jumps out at me. Every time.

I really enjoy song lyrics that make you think, or that have some sort of juxtaposition in them...

edit: could y'all put what song/poem/passage the line/lyric is from? I can google 'em, I know, but if you already know what it's from...

Lunch & Crafts

What do you think I should have for lunch? I have access to a bunch of restaurants here in NYC via seamless web. Do you have anything like this where you are?

What are you having for lunch? Favorite meal?

ETA: Of those that knit, have you made socks? I'm just about finished with my first pair! YAY!

What other crafts do you do?

ETA 2: Are you already gearing up for Christmas? If so how?

(And I shouldn't go away from TQC for long periods. I get backed up.)
The Dude Abides

Parents/Guardians ?s

Are you of the same political persuasion as your parents/guardians?

Do you have the same musical tastes as your parents/guardians?
I used to, they listen to a lot more gospel now a days

If applicable, personality wise are you more like your mother or your father?
My dad, all the way down to the mannerisms

If applicable, do you look more like your mother or more like your father?
My dad, but when I was younger everyone said my eyes/nose looked more like my mom's

I swear they're related.

Are you religious? Do you believe in religion?

If so, what religion and were you raised in said religion?

How many history and civilization classes have you taken? (college/university level if you're old enough, or advanced high school if you aren't)

How many science classes have you taken? (college/university level if you're old enough, or advanced high school if you aren't)

How many history of religion classes have you taken NOT at a religious school or institution? (college/university level if you're old enough, or advanced high school if you aren't)
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Have you gone back to school for a second bachelor's?  What was the reason, and how was the experience?

Can anyone guess what my icon is?  Wild speculation encouraged.

$10 free

I have a $10 coupon for CVS (it's a drug store like Eckerds or Walgreens).

It's good for anything other than prescriptions or cigarettes.

It's only $10, but what should I get?

there's nothing I NEED but I love makeup, but money is low now and I was thinking I really should get something useful like bottled water or maybe some stocking stuffers.

What should I get? Or is the $10 too measely to even worry about?

EDIT: So I was browsing their website when I saw they have contact lens solution on sale and I NEED that and I always FORGET to get it at the store. So I think I'll get that.
rufus, muppy

Raised by your father.

Has anyone here been solely raised by thier father? How ws the experience for you? What were the good parts? The bad parts?

Did people react oddly when you told them you were raised by your father and not your mother?

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No snarky comments please....

My dog got into my bag and ate part of a tide to go pen. Do you think this is something that requires an emergency vet visit?

EDIT:We called the vet and they said that unless he was vomiting nonstop or looked like he obviously didn't feel good we should be fine. Thanks guys.

Music, please

What is one (or two or three or whatever) song that you think everyone should have on their Itunes/playlist/whatever? 

I'm looking for some new music so I figured I'd ask for suggestions. All genres are welcome although right now I tend to be into hip hop, reggaeton and soca. But I'm open :D

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I need to make a playlist with songs about cheating. I'd prefer the cheater's POV, but it doesn't matter too much. Doesn't matter what genre or level of seriousness.

I've only got Scotty Doesn't Know by Lustra so far, so I have a ways to go. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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i know this has been posted 3987410 billion times before, but:

tips for getting a job?

background: i have never had a job, i don't know how to go about getting one, but i would like to have some extra cash right now. i live in new york city, so stores/restaurants are my best bet.
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Okay, I posted awhile back about the guy who said the government invented AIDS.

This Friday, at the school football game, that same guy (we'll call him Guy 1) poured bleach into another guy's (Guy 2) gas tank. The reason behind this was because Guy 2 called Guy 1's girlfriend a whore. Guy 2 is dating Guy 1's sister. Guy 1 thinks his sister is a whore. Anyway, Guy 1's girlfriend didn't care about the whore comment. And I think it's kinda wrong to think your own sister is a whore. Guy 1's sister had an abortion a month or so ago. Guy 1's girlfriend also had an abortion last year, with Guy 1's baby. I asked Guy 1 why he thought his sister was a whore and he replied with someone along the lines of spreading her legs open all the time for guys. So I said to him, "Well, if that's the way it goes, I guess you girlfriend actually is a whore, since she apparently always spreads her legs open for you." He shut up after that.

Anyway back to my original reason for posting..

What will bleach do to your car or car's engine??
What is your personal definition of a whore?
What would you do in this kind of situation? (Being Guy 1)

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1)What are some of your favorite movie quotes? (you'll have to tell me what movie they are from because I really suck at remembering quotes from movies)

2)Do you have a sexual position that you normally use or prefer? If so, what?

3)Have you ever taken ballroom or any other couples dancing lessons? Were there more guys or girls in the class? If you've never taken any couples dancing lessons, what kind of dance would you like to learn?

4)What was the last band or musical artist you saw live? What did you like about the performance? What did you hate about it?

5)damn I meant to ask this too. If you could have some sort of freaky body modification, what would you want it to be? I think I really could use another arm or two.

Do I even make sense?

I've been with my boyfriend for just about three years now. We both have full time jobs now and he's always exhausted. It just seems like neither of us are trying anymore because it's been so long that it just feels like we're supposed to be together. Why bother buying me flowers or taking me out to supper..? (I'm usually taking him out because he rarely has money to spare what with his insurance and bills)

If you knew the whole story it would make more sense as to why I'm complaining. My question is, how do you get someone to start trying again? Like when you could play hard to get and he'd actually try to get you... It's becoming more clear why I flirt with other guys sometimes; just to get some kind of the attention I'm looking for.
It's pathetic. :/

Edit: (added) It's like it's so much of a routine that he does what he wants now because he knows he'll get away with it. I try not to let him get away with it but he'll throw the past in my face. We were 15 for chrissake and this is my first serious relationship and I was trying to change him.. He was everything I wanted but I tried changing little bits to make it that much better.. but I guess he resents me for it and now I won't "change" for him. Ugh.

Flame me all you want.
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One band - one song!

Can you name one band, and one song from them, you believe everyone should hear or listen to and a small reason why?

For me it would have to be Marillion and the song Beautiful... because it makes so much sense with so much passion it hurts. And he has one of the most amazing voices ever!

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1. Did you have a tv in your room as a kid?
2. Do you have one now?
3. What do you think about children having their own tvs?
4. How many tvs did your family have when you were growing up?

1. No
2. I live in a one-room dorm, so technically yes.
3. I think its unnecessary and usually not a good idea.
4. Just one, but a couple years ago we bought a tv for the basement that doesn't get any channels, it's just for movies.

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last night my daughter and i had free tickets to see the rolling stones in concert...we had nose-bleed seats, but no matter ...they were free and we went...
shortly in the 3rd of the rolling stones songs, a customer service employee of the arena upgraded our tickets to lawn seats...we were 30 rows from the stage...

1) when the last time you won/were given free tickets to anything/anywhere?
2) when was the last time you were pleasantly surprized by something that someone either did or you were given?
3) ever play the lotto, and if so - have you won?
4) ever win something off the radio?
4a) if so, what?
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Someday I'll be a flower

What kind of lizard is this?

Found him on a bush near our walkway... I'm not sure that he's an iguana. He's decent-sized, though, so a common green anole is out of the question. All the baby iguanas I've seen looked a lot "rougher" and darker...
Any guesses?

And now I'm debating what to do with him. He seemed either friendly or sick--although he appears healthy. I easily picked him up. So should I quarrantine him for a month and keep him or let him go back to nature and be eaten by one of the various things out there? Or put up a sign "found baby iguana"?...(We have 2 frilled dragons, a leopard gecko and a basilisk, so I'm not completely in the dark with this guy...)

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Where/what does the following phrase originate from? And does anyone know the original phrase?

"I'm in your [noun]...
[verbing] your [optional adjective] [noun]."

Sometimes apostrophes are not used and the yours become urs.

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  • Best way to make a good impression on a first date?
  • To guys: what are some things you notice in a girl when you're with her?
  • Guys, if you had to pick:  would you rather talk about yourself or listen to your date talk about herself?

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Anyone know the word for the literary device where you list three things?

Example: "One thought, one grace, one wonder" from Tamburlaine the Great.

I know there's a word for it but I can't remember it for the life of me, and Google is no help.

Answered, thank you!


Do you take your pets to the groomer? On average, how much do you pay? What kind of pet do you have, how big is it, and what services do they receive when they go to the groomer?

Do you trim your pets' nails yourself, or does someone else do them?

-- I haven't taken my puppy to a groomer, but I'm thinking about it.

-- I'm too nervous to trim his nails myself.
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What was the last video you watched on YouTube? Provide the link, too, please. :)
I just watched this. It's a local band performing at Indiana Wesleyan University (nearby school where most of the band attends/I used to attend) during Friday Night Live (IWU's version of Saturday Night Live).
Viva La Vie Boheme//RENT

Play etiquette

I might be going to see Rent (on tour) this weekend with my roommate. I have never been to a Broadway-type play before. It's going to be a matinee, if it matters.

1. Is there anything specific we should wear? Would black slacks and a sweater work? Is that too dressy?

2. Do the actors sign autographs after the play?

3. Anything else I should know?

Thank you!!

What non-immortal/invincible super powers

would you like to have?

If you had a single wish, and it couldn't be used to influence anyone else, or gain wealth, what would it be?

If God is dead, who would replace him/her?

If you became president by accident tomorrow, what laws would you attempt to get passed?

Where would you like to see humanity in 100 years? In 1,000?

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where can i download some songs from the 50's/60's? there are a few songs by different artists that i heard on an oldies radio station and i completely fell in love with them.
i don't want to be friends

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How do you feel about boogers? Don't you hate it when you're in school, or somewhere public, and you got a really itchy one and you just want to pick the oblivion out of it?

Where can I get free audiobooks? I've done the obligatory google search, but I've turned up empty. I'm looking for Hamlet in particular, abridged or unabridged.
made by chiibambino

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1. If you have already decided or are thinking about not having children in the future, have you already told your parents and others that are close to you? If yes, how did they react?

2. How many bobbleheads do you own? Which ones (favorite/s if it's too many)?

3. If someone disagrees with you on something, are you likely to get really into arguing your opinion or do you move on?

4. When someone gets pissy with you, are you more likely to a. return the attitude, b. do the fake, overly sweet thing to get on their nerves, c. act calmly and maturely with no extremes, or d. ignore them?

5. How do you feel about obscure references (in literature/poetry/music/etc)? If you come across ones you don't know, are you more likely to ignore it or look it up?

6. Do you find Borat funny?

PlayStation 2

Which is better?

The original PS2
The redesigned "slim" PS2

As I've been anticipating a drop in the price of PlayStation 2s due to the PS3 coming out soon, I'm finally going to buy myself a PS2.

I heard the slim PS2's have a problem with overheating. Is this true?
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1) How much money do you spend on the person you're just dating?

2) An equal amount of what they spend?

3) Does it matter how much you like them?
Or how much they like you?

4) Does it depend on how long you've been dating? (And I mean just dating, nothing official like boy/girlfriend)

5) Have you ever felt guilty about spending too much on a person?

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I work at a daycare everyday from 1:30-5:30. When I get to work, all of the kids have just been put down for a nap and generally stay asleep for the next 1.5 hours.

I have a problem staying awake. I have read textbooks, novels, magazines, sketched, stared at the wall, walked around in circles, and had caffeine. But 90% of the time I fall asleep. I mean, the environment is just conducive to sleeping (a lot of times my boss leaves to run errands, so it's just me), and after a long morning of classes, it's really difficult not to fall asleep.

So I come to you, what can I do to stay awake? I do not WANT to fall asleep, but I just don't know what to do. I've tried cleaning but that only takes so long, and then I am stuck with nothing again. What do I do?!?!???

(no subject)

When you're at the stage where there's a deadline fast approaching (say, tomorrow), and you have something to do for it (say, an essay), but your brain is steadfastly refusing to work, do you think it's better to cut your losses, go to bed and do the essay tomorrow, or to plough on ahead, despite the fact that what you'll come up with will be terrible?

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In church on Sunday, I noticed something.

The priest always wears the same robe.

So then I got thinking, how do they wash their robes? Aren't they too delicate for a washing machine? Are they too holy for a dry cleaner? Where do they even get these robes from??

I've been asking around and nobody has an answer; I'd go and ask the priest myself but I have to wait until next Sunday and I don't want to wait that long.

If it matters, I always see the priests wearing the same robes in Greek-orthodox churches.
Mr. Game and Watch

can I take it in community college?

If "Comebacks 101" were a class, would you take it?

I would. I rarely come up with good comebacks, if at all.

Instead I usually just act hurt or play along.

Especially with gay jokes.

Especially... when I wear women's clothing.
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My niece just asked me something and I said i would ask all of you wonderful people...

the question was, if you were married to say the senator or President, do you have to be the same of the same political party?

ex: If Former Pres. Bill Clinton was (R) would Hillary have to be (R) also?? or does it really matter?
burnt match

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iTunes says there's 86.9MB of free space on my iPod, and yet it won't put any more songs on there. I haven't got any contacts/calendar entries/other media on there. What's going on?
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Edward Norton

Neck relief

I can't tell if my neck hurts because of how I've been holding it lately (but I haven't been holding it any differently than usually) or if my lymph nodes are becoming enlarged.

Besides holding my neck with my hands, putting an ice/hot pack on it, letting it rest on something, or cracking my neck, what are some other ways in stopping the pain?
petit prince

there's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold

1. if i were to start a rental service through which you could rent babies and puppies for a day, would you rent a baby or a puppy from me? i might consider renting baby duckies as well.

2. do you like U2?

3. are your toes cold?

4. what sort of chips do you like best in cookies?

whoops 5. are there any particular sorts of posts you always skim over?
cause i never read ones with fancy text formatting. i assume they're about computers, for some reason
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There is a new site for youngsters in Sweden where they are supposed to warn each other about net perverts (I can't spell the right word) now I'm all for protecting the kids from such low-lifes, even if I'm not sure if it will work or if it's just a way to show that we are protecting our children without to much effort.

The service is called "squill" and I read an in interview where on of the people behind it claims it means "scream or hang up" knowing that we love to give new things English names I suppose it's English, but when I google it all I find is flowers. So my question is, is Squill used that way? Or is it just another example of made-up-English?
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