November 6th, 2006

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Is there a reputable child-sponsorship program out there that isn't going to use my money to throw Bibles at children? I just can't bring myself to give money to an organization when I know they're just going to try their hardest to convert these kids to their religion. I'd rather the organization spend their time, money, and effort on feeding and clothing and healing them rather than proselytizing.
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I have a problem with my computer speakers :(

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So, can anyone help me?

And some fun questions:
1. If you wear lipstick/gloss, what color/flavor do you wear?
bronzed glow by Cover Girl
2. Is there any word that you can't stand the sound of?
my sister can't stand the word 'moist' so she has a hard time talking about any baked desserts
3. What's the last movie you saw?
I caught 'Stuck On You' on tv today. Surprisingly more creative than I thought it would be

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1)On average, how many hours a day do you wear a bra?

2)Do you have a drivers' license? If so, do you like the photo on your license?

3)If you have pets that get skittish, what kinds of things are they afraid of?

4)What are your favorite video games and what console do you play them on?

5)Since you are encouraged not to post very often, is it okay to edit a post and add more questions as you think of them?

*edit: 6)Do you bother laughing on the internet? If so, how do you prefer to express your laugh?
petit prince

ilu so bad

1. do men feel that there are certain lengths of time one should wait before returning a call? do guys even think about shit like that?

2. when you're interested in someone, what are some of the physical signs you use to show them? do you think there are universal (or at least quite common) signs? if so, what?

3. if you're in a relationship (or from past ones)- how did you and the person you're with become a couple?

4. sooo, who do you have a crush on?
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1. If you were to run for a political office, what would you run for?
I'd eventually like to serve on the town council and as county coroner.

2. Do you have signs in your yard, bumper stickers on your car, t-shirts on your body, and/or any other kind of political propaganda showing your support for any political candidates this year?
I have a sticker in my bedroom window supporting Mike Kole (Libertarian candidate for Indiana Secretary of State). I'd have a yard sign, too, but my lazy butt never got around to getting one. :(

3. Do you believe Nostradamus had prophetic capabilities?
It's fun to think about. I'm not fully convinced that he did, but I'm open to the idea that he could have.

4. What was the last scary thing that happened to you?
At work last night, I was hearing funny sounds, seeing shadows, and at one point I swear I heard a man's voice yelling, and it kind of like he was scared and/or in pain. I made my best friend come sit with me for a couple hours (I work at a Subway, and in my four hours at work made, I think, 9 sales. Slooooow boring night). He made fun of me for thinking the place is haunted (he doesn't believe in ghosts. I do).

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You've been friends with someone for 6 months, and this is your first time visiting her residence. Which of the following would give you a bigger shock? Why?

a) A big mansion (fancy cars, pool & hot tub, mini putt, marble floors) but the inside of the house is a complete mess. She has boxes, bags, and clothes everywhere; the house is not presentable at all.

b) Small basement apartment in a bad part of town, but the inside is amazingly decorated with what she has and the place is clean and tidy.

Assume that what you know about your friend, prior to going to her place, does not reflect what her living space is like.
syringe meme

TQC Gift Exchange

Inspired by this question:

I am at least 18 years old and I would participate in a TQC gift exchange


For some degree of trust/safety, the exchange should verify the LJ identities of all participants


Participants should be paired up... country for cheapest postage
30(31.6%) continent for reasonably cheap postage
...completely randomly for awesomeness

Recommended gifts should be...

5-10 US dollars or equivalent
small handmade gifts
greeting cards only

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Also, who still has their syringe icons?
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You know the song "I Wish I Could Go Back to College" from Avenue Q? A vocalist sings "You sit in the quad and think 'oh my god!" I am totally gonna go far!" and "I'd walk through the quad and think 'oh my god!' these kids are so much younger than me."

What the heck is a quad?

Morbid question time

I don't believe in the death penalty at all, but hearing Saddam Hussein's verdict, it made me wonder: In countries that still use hanging as a method of execution, do they use the more 'humane' way of snapping the neck when they drop, or the strangling still?
I read on Wikipedia once after having to do an assignment on capital punishment that they started using the snapping method so as the person didn't have to suffer as much.

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how soon is too soon to move in with somebody (relationship wise)? should it be determined by calendar time or your intuition or both? and which is more important?

also i have sort of a silly question. what happens after 18 hours if you're wearing an 18 hour bra? when i ask people this they either don't know or they act like they know and change the subject
WAS | M - Godly glow


What should I do for my persuasive essay for 10th grade Oral Communications?

I was thinking childfree-ness but I don't really know what information I want to put in it. Then I thought free music downloading but eh, maybe not. Thoughts?
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1. When your computer just shuts off and doesn't turn back on the next few times (the light blinks on and it goes off right away)-- until you fiddle with the cords (but I swear they were all securely plugged in, but maybe they won't), what could this indicate? (other than that the battery died, because I don't really think that's it)

2. In my last relationship, whenever we spent the night together (it wasn't very often due to roommates and then being apart most the summer), I could not get a good night sleep. We were sleeping in a single bed, so that affected it. Can you get a good night sleep with someone in a single bed?

3. Do you journal outside of LJ/online blogs?

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Poll #861565 Another morality poll

You're at a party, when you find yourself alone in a room with a passed out man in a kilt. Upon closer inspection, it's Brad Pitt! Do you peek under the kilt?

Probably more than just peek. Let's say it involves a camera

You're at a party, when you find yourself alone in a room with a passed out woman in a short skirt. Upon closer inspection, it's Scarlett Johansson! Do you peek under the skirt?

Probably more than just peek. Let's say it involves a camera

An apartment burns down, killing 15 people. Arson is suspected, the victim's families cry out for justice is loud, and there's a $50,000 reward for the identity of the arsonist. You get a phone call from your best friend. They're in tears. They're the one who started the fire. It was purely by accident. He/she was with a friend, playing with firecrackers near the apartment. In a lapse of judgment, they wanted to see if the explosion would be bigger if they used lighter fluid, when the firecracker flew off into the apartment, instantly starting a fire. The two just ran away. Now, he or she isn't sure what to do now, but they don't want to go to prison, and they'd still be charged with 15 counts of manslaughter even if they said it was an accident. What would you do?

Advise your friend to turn themselves in. Justice needs to be served and the families of the deceased need to make peace with this incident
I'd help my friend evade detection and capture. It was an accident after all
I'd tell them I'd watch their back, then I'd call up the police and turn them in and claim the reward.

You see Paris Hilton on the street, talking on a cell phone. Just you and her and no one else in sight. She suddenly staggers and falls unconscious. You rush over to see what's the matter. You call 911 and do your noble duty. As you're hovering over her, out of the corner of your eye, you see a fat billclip of hundred dollar bills sticking out of her purse You look around again. No one's in sight. Do you take any of the money?

No. I don't touch her property
Maybe a few bills. Nothing that she'll miss and she can afford it. Consider it a rescue fee
I take the whole clip and take off. The ambulance is on its way anyway

You're at a yard sale. You're looking through the jewelry and watches, when you notice one ring that's obviously quite valuable. It's sitting in a box with other costume jewelry. The price tag is just $1. You look over at the host of the yard sale. It's an old lady with thick glasses , who you notice takes them off repeatedly to read things. She can't afford bifocals and her vision is really bad. Her house is a small, beatup dump. She's evidently poor and struggling. You eye the ring again. Do you tell her what the ring's true worth is, or do you buy it at the given price?

I pay the $1, get the ring, and then resell it for a much higher price.
I tell her about the ring, and let her reap the benefits
She can't see? I pocket the ring and walk out, and maybe a couple other things. I take the few dollars I would have spent on those items at McDonalds instead

A public figure you can't stand (Bush, Cheney, Hilary, etc.) is at the center of a major scandal that will be the end of their political career. They adamantly deny the charges of the scandal, but there was no one else who was witness to the event...except you. You saw it (whatever the scandal was) from your window, and you know the person is telling the truth. The charges are wrong and they're innocent here. If you sit back, this person you dislike will be retire from the political game in shame, never to return. If you do the right thing, they'll keep their position or political aspirations. What do you do?

I step up and reveal the truth, defending the political figure
I keep silent, letting them take the fall


When is your birthday?
November 25th 1988.

What do you want for your birthday?
I want dvds. Specifically the Strangers With Candy Movie on dvd (comes out on the 14th), Totally Awesome on dvd, and Exit 57 the complete series on dvd (12 episodes on 4 disks. pretty expensive, at 15$$ a disk)
I also want a creative zen mp3 player. I'm sick of my broken old ipod.
I also want new headphones.

What do you want to get me for my birthday?
Totally kidding. I'm just excited to turn 18.

Do you consider yourself a comm regular?
Sort of. I post maybe once a week, and i comment about once a day on multiple entries.

How often do you check this comm?
At least once a day. Not including how many times I refresh it to answer more questions.

What is your signature signoff?
I say peace and give people the peace sign when I'm leaving somewhere.
I asked my mom "You wanna peace now?" and she said "Piece of what?" So I elaborated. "Peace out. Leave. Go."

petit prince


1. so, i have access to the recipe for what are undoubtedly the world's most freaking delicious chocolate chip cookies. UNfortunately, the sooper seekrit ingredient is not available in the united kingdom. SO, dear TQC bakers, do any of you have a recipe that will produce the second-most-delicious chocolate chip cookies on the planet? (chewy, if you pleeeease)(oh, and i'm not googling cause i'd like some recipes that people actually use and know are good recipes)

2. don't you think this gift exchange thing is too cute? we may be snarky, but deep down inside we all love each other, right?!

3. do you read tqc on its own page, on your friends page, or both?
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Besides the obvious "one is an adult/human" and "one is a fetus/baby/embryo/bundle of cells", what is the moral difference between the death penalty and abortion in your opinion?

Philadelphia area people: Pat's or Geno's?

Do you think it's a trend in Hollywood lately for gay actors to publicly announce their sexual preferences?

What happened to LJ a couple days ago? I was away and have been seeing a lot of posts about it on my f-list.
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MP3 Players

Hi y'all.

My boyfriend wants a MP3 player for Christmas. He isn't too fussy of what brand it is but at least it plays maybe 1000 to 2000 songs and is easy to use since he's pretty computer illiterate. I've never used a MP3 player so I don't know which ones are good and which ones to avoid. I'm deaf but my boyfriend can hear songs on a player.  So I'm here asking for your advice on what MP3 players to look into and which ones to avoid.  The ones I'm thinking about are IPODs (very expensive!), Creative, Sansa, etc.

What MP3 players do you have and why did you choose that one? Any advice for an interested buyer?



yet even more compy-inept questions

1- itunes: i love them. i've uploaded most of my cd collection onto itunes so that i can listen to them on my ipod. problem: some tracks[completly random tracks] have small breaks in them or small skipping sections. the cd's the tracks are from do not share these discrepencies. what can id o to fix this?

2-how the heck does someone actually get friended by the question club? i started a new lj and added thequestionclub as a friend. but when i wanted to post a question or an answer i wasnt able to. i dont remember how that works cause i joined thequestionclub with this lj name[neonklimt] like 2 years ago[and I LOVE IT! BEST COMMUNITY EVER!]

Thankies question clubbers!
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Which celebrities do you have the same astrological sign as?

Mine: Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera, Raven, Frank Sinatra, Emily Dickinson, Katie Holmes, Britney Spears, Clay Aiken, Tina Turner, William F. Buckley, JFK Jr., Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Scarlett Johanssen, Tyra Banks, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jake Gyllenhaal.
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The Great Escape 2

Life is nothing but trouble and you need to get out. Either authorities or certain people are after your ass and it's best if you just disappeared, but their resources are enormous and they'd look for you and probably find you. Unless you were dead. You decide to fake your own death.

How would you specifically fake your death if it was the only option left? Interesting or creative answers get a unicorn cookie (made with real unicorn)


1. Do you know any professionals with funny names? For instance, I had an OB/GYN names Dr. Dick Fitzhugh and another named Dr. Clapp. I've had a dentist named Dr. Payne.

2. Similarly, do you know of any businesses with funny names? My examples would be Stubbs Amputee Clinic or Y-ME Breast Cancer Center.

3. If you had an unfortunate name like that, would you change it if you chose to pursue a profession that made your name seem funny?

4. If you could change your name, what name would you choose?

mmm cookies

In honor of the upcoming holiday season, i was wondering what kind of yummy cookie recipies ya'll have? Its a holiday tradition with my family to make lots of cookies and i was just looking for some new ideas!
Thanks :)
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When it gets cold outside (50 degrees >), my eyes start to water a lot, and I have no idea why. It's so bad that people will ask me what's wrong and why I'm crying. It's more of a nuisance than anything. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

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At my college, there's an optional reading-group thing that is being run by a few professors.  Students that are interested can pick their top three preferences from the list of books and the professors that are 'teaching' them.

Here's the list:

Summerhouse, Later: Stories by Judith Hermann
Outlaws of America: The Weather Underground and the Politics of Solidarity by Dan Berger
Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl
Polio: An American Story by David M. Oshinsky
Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser
Freakonomics by Steven D. Levittt and Stephen J. Dubner
Field Notes from a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert
Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons
Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin

I don't think I'm interested Freakonomics, since I've read it on my own already.  I'm also kind of tempted to choose Outlaws of America because my advisor is teaching it, and he seems like a cool guy. 

What book would you choose from this list?

Here is a list of book descriptions. 
U2 - War

US soldiers

does anyone have a site that updates the total # of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq? Looking for a daily update of the total amount. my google search didn't prove fruitful, but it could be because i'm high from paint fumes.

there's a lady in seattle that puts the count in her window every morning, i can't remember where i found that :(

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Doctor, Doctor

It's been 3 weeks by today. I've sort of had this minor itch in the back of my throat. It comes and goes. But the thing is that it hasn't gotten better. And slowly, while my throat kind of remains the same my lymph nodes in the front of my throat are really bothering me. I've been tested for strep and I don't have it. Other than the really painful neck lymph nodes and the tiny itch in the back of my throat, I am fine. What could it be? The nurses here at school seem clueless.
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Guy Fawkes

I know this is a day late, but in respect to Guy Fawkes' Day (in Britain) where did the tradition of children running around asking, "Penny for the Guy?" come from?
The Dude Abides

Specialty Restaurant ?'s

Do they have any other restaurants that hire they're host(ess)/server based on how a particular part of his/her body looks (obvious example = Hooters and Breasts)?

Is hooters a funny word to you?

If you could create a restaurant or chain of restaurants (no matter how obscene or socially unacceptable it may seem) focusing on a specific body part of the body what would it be called and what would the focus be on?

(no subject)

other than napping/sleeping, what did you do this weekend that was restful?
favourite job that you've had/have (what did that consist of you doing)?
last CD you imported on your computer?
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So i had a question in mind before reading the past few pages of entries. Then i go back just to read and what do i find? A question similar to what i was going to ask!
Has this ever happened to you?
Did you just pretend you didnt read the entry and still ask anyways?

MMMM thanksgiving is soon!
What are the "traditional" dishes you have at your thanksgiving dinner?

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What is 'diversity'? For an organisation/area to be 'diverse' does it need to have people of different races? ethnicities? religions?


Why does having people of different races in your college/area/whatever make it 'diverse'?

Is this not racist? i.e. assuming that black people are automatically different to white people?

Have you ever tried to convert somebody with a religion other than your own? Have you ever succeeded?
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People who went to see Borat and were offended by the movie:

have no right to be offended and should go get a sense of humor. If you're offended by bigotry, don't go see a movie about a bigot.
have the right to be offended, but completely missed the point of the movie.
are completely justified in their feelings. The movie was unnecessarily vulgar and rude.
I don't care/I have no opinion on this matter.

2)Where exactly is the High Throne Room of the Third Heaven? If you're not good with directions, could you just give me the address so I can mapquest it?

3)Are the questions you post situational to yourself or people you know, or do they come from random places?

4)What would you say is the approximate ratio of males to females in this community?

5)Let's say you're running for office and you have some Hollywood connections. You can pick any director you want to direct your television commercials. Which director would you choose?

6)Would you be in favor of being able to edit livejournal comments? Why or why not?

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did anyone watch the simpsons last night? my freind tells me they made references to "fiddler on the roof" and "brighton beach memoirs" both plays im in and will be trying out for, and i didn't see the episode.

can anyone explain the references, who said them and why?

(no subject)

I am having inpatient foot surgery on Wednesday and am worried about the nausea and other side effects related to the anesthesia. Can anyone share their anesthesia stories and tell me what to expect/not do? Same question for Vicodin.
petit prince

i'm questiony lately!

1. i'm watching one of these baby shows and there's a 16 year old girl giving birth and her mother won't let her have pain medication in order to discourage another pregnancy. thoughts?

2. do you want red-haired kids?

3. if you know who she is, who's your favorite catherine tate character?

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Your son or daughter is in college. It's their first semester. You have very little money to your name, due to no fault of your own (injury, disease, accidents, whatever) and are baisically flat broke. Because of certain beurocratic whateverness, your child's financial aid falls through and suddenly you owe a lot more than you expected in a matter of days. You can afford it (barely), even though it's triple what the government says you should have to pay.

Then your child tells you that they were planning on dropping out after the first semester was over. They plan on going back to college eventually, when they can pay their own way and take out their own loans, but just lack any motivation when their education is being paid for by you. They ask you not to pay and ask if they can come home a month early until they can work out some kind of a situation with an apartment and a full time job. Their grandparents would also be willing to let your child live with them, if it helped.

So, first off, how would you react? And what would you do?
Bobby lixx

question re: operation christmas child :)

I'd like to ask everyone some questions regarding Operation Christmas Child. I'm doing a speech in my public speaking class for it, so I just need to know some general opinions. Of course, be as picky as you want (I need more than just the good points), but be honest in your replies. It'll really help. :p

1) Have you heard of Operation Christmas Child? *

2) If you don't plan on taking part, why not? Or, what (even if you ARE participating) are some reasons that someone would be turned off by the idea of participating?

3) If you have participated, or plan to, or know people that are, what do you think are the benefits of doing so? (Both from the point of view of the giver, and receiver, and/or in general.)

And if you want to add anything else, feel free. Thanks :)

* Basically it's a charity run around x-mas time, where you can fill a shoe box with simple gifts (toys, stationery, toiletries, etc) and it will be shipped off to kids around the world... From their site: Since then, more than 46 million shoe boxes have been delivered to hurting children in more than 100 countries. Think World Vision or similar organizations except you're packaging the gift yourself instead of sending money.

erotica for women?

What's a good, free, online source of erotica (written text) for bisexual women?

I've looked around online and have only found tons of ads that want to infiltrate my computer with spyware and such...
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How would you describe your group of friends from high school? Athletic, book worms, rockers, stoners, etc?

A: Stoner jocks, here.

(No "my group doesn't fall under a catagory" replies! Make something up. "A group that generally had a mutual fondness of the color blue" even works, if you really can't think of something. :-P ...I know this sounds like a very childish question, but I just watched Mean Girls, and I figured I might as well ask)

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When you like someone/have a crush on someone, how often (once a week, once a day, etc) is it okay to contact them before you start coming off as creepy or stalkerish?

This is a guy I've been friends with for a while. He did have a crush on me for a long time, and I think he still does. He used to text me like clockwork, every other day, but I was into someone else. Now I realize what a catch he is, but he's stopped texting so much.

Kissing problems

Ever date someone who is not that good of a kisser?

Did you tell them? If so any stories, good or bad?

And furthermore, did they ever get better with time?

How do you help make someone a better kisser?
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lead me

uh oh.

I was just flossing my teeth and a piece of floss got stuck between two fillings. I was afraid that if I pulled on it too hard, it would pop a filling out. So I cut the floss... and now I have a piece of floss stuck between my teeth and it's driving me nuts.

If I leave it alone, will it weedle its way out in a day or so? Please don't tell me this is worthy of an emergency dentist visit.
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Kyouya - Outside the Lines

(no subject)

So why the hell does Ted Haggard ask in his letter to his congregation that they forgive his "accuser"? What the FUCK has he done that needs forgiving?

What's the most WTF-worthy thing you've heard lately? Bonus for political WTFs.

What's the best movie you've seen recently? Ones you're looking forward to?
Kasumi of the DOA games
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Icon poll

Poll #861952 Icon Making Poll

Do you make your own icons?

No, but I'd like to learn

If "Yes", what graphics app do you use?

Paint Shop Pro
MS Paint (Or the Mac equivelant)

If "Other", what?

Shower question...

What would you guys call a shower curtain that goes around a clawfoot bathtub?  I already know I have to get a showerhead, since all they have is the faucet.  I like showers, so I need a surround shower curtain.  

What would you technically call that?  Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for this?  I've been searching online and haven't really found exactly what I'm thinking of.  

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(no subject)

What do you think of the kids who come out of the woodwork as the "best pals" of the kid who succeeds in killing himself in high school over some dumb reason like "my exgirlfriend doesn't want me back?"

I don't mind it, as long as they actually knew the kid. The people who have no idea who the hell he was but talked to him once, they're kind of grating my nerves at this point. I don't think it's right to scrape attention off a suicide-attempt gone successful.
The Dude Abides

Language ?'s

When you're reading a text silently (a letter, journal, the news, a book, etc) to yourself, what voice do you use? (ex. the narrators voice [if you know it], one of your parent's, your voice, etc)

If you're bilingual, which language do you most frequently dream in?

Do you talk differently (slang, accent, etc) around different groups of people?
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(no subject)

Is there a word to describe the condition of seeing faces in places that a face does not normally appear to most people?

A very obvious example would be if you look at a light socket, there's a shocked little dude staring at you. But I see this everywhere, all the time. My backpack leaning open is a yawning mouth, my moniter is a face, my door has a face, every handle and knob and button and even shadows I see are faces. I don't dwell on them, or go looking for them, but I see probably over twenty a day.

So basically, is there a term or word to describe this? I'd like to see if there are others out there like this and if I can find more information?

Oh, and do you have a crush on me? Are you in looooove with me? /shy grin


Because I'm a neoholic all of a sudden...

If you play neopets, what is one thing you regret doing on the site? I regret abandoning the first pet I ever created who was painted and had a petpet attached. He was an awesome pet but for some stupid reason I wanted to "start over" and get a new one so I got rid of him. Or that when I first started playing a few years ago, I got rid of items that would be worth a lot today.

What avie do you want the most but do not have? It's a tie between the Kadoatie one, or the Fairie Queen Doll one, or the Pirate Aisha one.

What do you think of TNT finally saying that we will not ever be able to rename our pets? Dumb, I really want to rename my pet =[

Hand washing

Does anyone else in here wash their laundry by hand?

Is there any way I can get my clothes to shrink up like they've been through the drier without actually having to go to the laundromat?