November 5th, 2006

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A transexual male-to-female before the surgical transition is married to a woman. "He" is really in love with her. Is "he" considered a lesbian, since "he" has the mind of a female?

A transexual female-to-male before the surgical transition is married to a man. "She" is really in love with him. Is "she" considered gay, since "she" has the mind of a male?

Sorry if this is offensive in any way. I don't mean it to be.

Mmmm.... random spam.

Companies selling your email to other companies?

Hmm... this might sound dumb, but I now have a Border's card, and a Best Buy rewards card.

This was quite awhile ago.

I last used my Best Buy rewards card maybe two months ago..

I used my Border's yard yesterday.

In order to get these cards, I had to give them my email address.

Now I have spam in my email from JC Penny's and Home Depot .

I usually NEVER get spam from companies.. and I usually do not give out my email except to friends. These two companies were the only ones I remember giving any information to.

I'm pretty sure I never gave my email address to JC Penny's, and I haven't been to Home Depot in years... I just don't shop there.

So, this is a dumb quick question: Do these particular companies sell your information to other companies? (I know some companies don't do this, but some of them do.) Has anyone had any trouble with these companies before? Any horror stories?


Complete waste of time poll, in celebration of the return of the LJ internets

Worst person to be handcuffed to for 10 hours?

Rachel Ray
Martha Stewart
Mike Tyson
Michael Moore
Dick Cheney
Pat Robertson
Paris Hilton
A furry

Your plane crashes in the Andes. Who do you eat to stay alive?

Mary Kate Olsen
Joey Lawrence
Scarlett Johansson
Whoopie Goldberg
Simon Cowell
Woody Harrison
The Bare Naked Ladies
A furry

Aliens have landed. Who would you like to be earth's representative?

George Bush
Oprah Winfrey
Tony Blair
Stephen Colbert
Pat Robertson
Pope Benedict
Mandela Nelson
John Kerry
A furry

You can choose one tv show to fall into the ocean and get eaten by ferocious sharks and voracious aquatic poodles, never to be heard from again. What show walks the plank?

American Idol
ER (will it never end?)
The OC
Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Dancing with the Stars
Flavor of Love
Deal or No Deal
Gilmore Girls
6:00 local news
Mad Tv
O'Reilly Factor
Laguna Beach

Sesame Street made Kami, a muppet with AIDS, for their African program. Why stop there? There's plenty of local issues that children should be made aware of. Who should the next Sesame Street character be?

Hector, the meth addict sherpa
Elton, the gay bashing rodeo clown
Jayda, the abstinence rabbit
Barney, the carbs-hating, atkins-loving ferret
Gibson, the drunken, jew-hating Australian
Matilda, the road raging grandmother
Kayla, the ex'd-up raver chick
Smiley, the 26th Street gangster turkey
Rollins, the steroid-injecting weightlifter
Reed, the potsmoking yeti
Cleo, the furry tiger (a zebra who wears a kitty suit)
Bernie, the guy in a wifebeater who beats his wife
Stan, the abortion clinic bombing gnu
Olaf, the polygamous mormon mime
Countess Xena, the nympomaniac armadillo

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What are some sports teams that have reputations for being a "you either love it or you hate it" kind of team?

For instance, I know people say you either love or hate the Yankees, same with Notre Dame Football or the LA Lakers. But today someone said that the Detroit Red Wings are of this type too, but I had never heard anyone say that before. He called them "The Yankees of Hockey," but I don't think its quite the same. Does this question make sense or should I try and rephrase that?
ringo starfish

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1. Do you have a hard time getting up in the morning?
If yes, how do you manage to wake up on time?

2. How do you motivate yourself to do what you have to do (particularly schoolwork)?
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Sleepy music

I haven't been a member for too long, so I apologize if this is a repeat of something that's been posted recently.

I'm looking to update my iTunes "Sleepy" playlist. Not surprisingly, it's music to fall asleep to.

Recommendations? It can be from any genre, any artist, whatever. As long as it's low-key, non-jarring, that sort of thing. You know what I mean.

By the way, this community is the best.

Asking for a friend that is writing a fanfic...

So, the plot requires the main character (a guy, 20 years old) to develop some sort of disease (might be cancer?) to make his ex girlfriend feel sorry for him and *feel in lame, corny storyline that goes from here*. The disease needs to be detectable (whether by symptoms or scans/tests), lasts more than 3 months, and the person who has the disease has to be abled to be cured and fully recover from it (without losing any limbs or having much change in physical appearance).

Question: What should the disease be? And for those who answer cancer, what kind of cancer (like what body part)?


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Did you have celebrity crushes when you were a little kid?

In preschool, I wanted to marry Tim Noah (a children's singer who I think was just local to the Seattle area, so you probably haven't heard of him; imagine a young, cuter Raffi.) because he was really nice to me when I went to his concert.

One of my best friends was in love with one of the ninja turtles.
dyngus crunk


1. mmk, so, i had a bit too much to drink tonight and would really like to not vomit. i'm currently eating dry toast and drinking water. anybody know of anything else i can do to avoid puking? it's 4 am, so i can't really go to the store to buy anything fancy.

2. what's your favorite of the original star trek movies?

mine's vi: the undiscovered country
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Interior design help.

Does anyone have interior design tips?

In particular, I'm referring to storage ideas and ideas pertaining to arrangment of furniture and necessities in rooms such as the kitchen, bedroom, and living room.
Also, a list of kitchen necessities would be great.
Secondly also, photos are a big help.

(P.S. I've hunted around on Teh Interwebz for such information, but have only come across websites selling overpriced goods, broken links on and other sites, LJ communities no one's posted in in 2 years, etc. So I come to you fine folks for your wisdom!)
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lead me

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I really want to go to the opening night performance of The Nutcracker because two of my piano students are in it. If I do go, I want to bring them each a rose.

How does one get two single roses? Do you have to call a flower shop in advance or can you just go and say this is what I need? And how much do you think it would cost for two of them?

(And just for ducks... what color should I get them?)

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I don't watch TV much/at all, I see movies a bit more often.
I have seen
-woman gives head because it is forced
-woman gives head because she wants something out of the guy ("Please? won't you do it for me?")
-woman makes smalltalk with gay man about giving head ("You can spit, they won't be offended, they won't even notice")
-woman unzips his pants and runs off screaming because guy's penis is deformed (hole is on the bottom)

Are there any 'real' movies (hollywood, bollywood, indie- just not porn) or TV shows where the woman is giving head because she, personally, enjoys doing it?

Because I've asked around and it seems a fair amount of women *do* enjoy it, so it wouldn't be totally unrealistic for this to happen.

Ok, so I need a little help.

Yesterday a friend of mine cling wrapped my car (pic under cut) - that's after we took most of it off, it was entirely covered. 
So I need a good prank to play on him. Preferbly something to do with his car (yet something which wont damage it). I need a good idea which will have him going 'wtf wtf' like I did.

Any ideas? 

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Mr. Game and Watch

what the internet

1. Forgetting any band with a name exact or similar, how badass is the name "Federation" for a band?

2. Two street performers stand around on a street corner talking about nothing, philosophy, life, and nothing with small performances for passers-by inbetween. A little bit too much like Waiting For Godot?

3. If you were Wes Anderson, what songs would you include in your next movie? What would it be about?
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1. Does anyone know of any free programs that aren't completely overrun with viruses that can mass approve friend requests on MySpace (10,000+ friend requests, so 'select all' and approve doesn't work)?

2. Does anyone know of any jobs or careers that would involve a lot of travel and moving around - even if it doesn't pay all that well?

Shake 'N Bake

Tonight I am cooking with Shake 'N Bake for the first time.

Have you ever used it?

Did you like it?

Do you remember the old commercial for Shake 'N Bake? ("And I helped!")


I used boneless pork loin chops. I coated them lightly with dijon mustard before rolling them in the crumbs. Baked them up. Completely delicious! And very juicy. Served them with au gratin potatoes and steamed asparagus. Very yummy!

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Ok. I have a very very very very important question to ask:

Should I or should I not clean my room today?

The thing is, this is the last sunday I have before I am buried in college work for the rest of the semester. Come the end of the semester, sometime in december, I will be too tired for it, not to mention it will be the holidays and vacation, and people just don't clean their rooms during holidays and vacation! I'm sure it is considered heresy somewhere to do so... Then the school year will start up again!


So what would you do? :P

Now people, please take this under serious consideration before responding. :P
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Anaheim, CA.

Tomorrow morning I'll be flying into LAX with my dad. We will be staying in Anaheim for about a week. The trouble is we have nothing to do tomorrow or Tuesday. Our plane lands at 11:30 AM, so by the time we got to Anaheim it would be too late to go to Disneyland. Tuesday is election day so Disneyland will be way too crowded.

What should we do in that area tomorrow and tuesday?

We will have a rental car and our GPS thing, so we shouldn't have much trouble getting most places. We go every November and we always end up with a day or two were we don't have much to do so we just end up wandering about LA, and we'd like to avoid that. And we aren't that fond of Catalina, Venice Beach, Or Santa Monica Pier.

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I got a pretty fucked up email the other day and copied the encoding in hopes that someone here could tell me where it came from..I have the encoding but I can't copy it to LJ for some reason....grrr......

can someone help me maybe try to figure out where it came from ???

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a friend of mine is having trouble writing a literature review for her class (as in research based articles, not like Shakespeare). How can I help her understand it? I've told her what I would do, and she's not getting it. any ideas?
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My Spoon is Too Big

Just a bit of randomness...

1. I am working for an Episcopalean Church, playing the organ. Every Sunday, the pastor asks everybody to stand to pray or sing or the like. Is it rude that I remain seated? I don't want to give the impression that I'm participating, but don't want to offend anybody either. What would you do in a similar situation?

2. For a college application, I have to write an essay on how I would add to campus diversity. If presented with this prompt, what would you write about?

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If you found a wallet or a package in the road, would you take/steal it? Who are these people that actually do that to other people? Would you just leave it there? Would you try to get it to the person it belonged to?

In any circumstance like the above, I would search for an address and drive it to the address personally without touching the contents. I've done this twice before. In the unlikely event there was no contact info in the wallet, I would (and have) turn it into the police.

Specific situations Collapse )
White ducky

SanDisk Digital Audio Player

I bought a new SanDisk Digital Audio player a few weeks ago, but I haven't figured out how to make it do what I want. How do I create playlists? I can't even seem to manage to get this thing to play the songs I want in the order I would expect them to. What am I doing wrong?

I want playlists. At the very least I would like it to play the songs in the order I choose. Any suggestions?

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I currently use Cetus CWordPad for my word processing. I like it because it's really small, fast, and has spellchecker and a thesaurus. I've gotten spoiled by Firefox, however, and would like to find a similar program with tabs. No bells and whistles, no need to save as pdf or html.

Just looking for a wordprocessor with spellcheck and tab functions. Anything else is bloat. I've looked around and found a couple of nice ones, like Abisoft and Jarte, but again, too big for what I want. Too many distractions. ^_^

So any recs for a small wordprocessor with spellcheck and tab function in the window?

Cafe Press?

1. Have you heard of it?
2. Have you ever bought anything there? What?
3. Do you sell anything there? What?

I'm avoiding homework and have waxed entrepreneural. After doing a search of my own products, however, I found them under "featured listings" on "bestselling" ... but nothing's sold. So I'm kind of curious why they are best selling? And if everything else in the parrot categories sucks so bad, whether anyone actually looks at stuff there?

ETA: My answers:
1. Yes
2. Yes, a Save Darfur bumber sticker and a baby onesie.
3. I'm trying... not for any particular reason but to avoid homework. I put up a little shop for parrot photography.


I have a 9ish week old kitten. He knows how to use the litter box - he's known since we bought him at 6ish weeks.

Last night and today he's shit in the corners of 2 different rooms. What the hell man??? I've never owned a kitten before but this does not seem like proper kitten decorum to me! Is this like with puppies, when they pee on the floor instead of the newspaper/whatever every once in a while? I mean is it just because he's young, or is something wrong?

The litter box is in plain sight, he has to walk by it 50 times a day to get anywhere, it is not filled with clumps of shit, it is not blocked by anything... what is the deal? He appears to be healthy, he's eating the same amount, just as playful as he was...

Are these just 'accidents', or is this a sign that something could be wrong with him or his litter box conditions?
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Is it sad that I feel like listening to over 100 songs on my "Playcount = 0" playlist (which still has over 1400 songs on it) makes me feel more accomplished than working on my senior thesis and making the powerpoint for my presentation this week?

How many songs do you have on your computer?
How many have 0 playcount?

I have 2639 songs on my computer and 1416 have not been played. Most of that is because I had to reformat my computer nearly two months ago and reuploaded everything from my iPod and lost the playcounts.
colours are nice

iPod question, sorry

How do I go about using my iPod with a new computer? Do I just re-install the software onto the new computer? Will my songs be transferred onto iTunes from my iPod? Will re-configuring the iPod delete all my songs? I'm kind of paranoid about losing stuff on my iPod. Obviously.

Does God Exist?

My university has a school-run newspaper that prints letter written by various people associated with the university. A few weeks ago there was a debate between an athiest and a thiest as to whether god exists. Each person had some interesting points but in the end no one's opinion was really changed. However, one student wrote in the newspaper that it did make a difference in God existed because if she knew for sure that there was no god then she would behave in a more selfish manner to please herself before others etc. So would your behaviour change at all towards other people if you believed that god did or did not exist(whatever is the opposite of your current opinion.)?
What is your opinion on the existence of god?
Are you religious?
What religion are you?

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Ethics & Morals

1. What is your definition of "moral"?
2. What is your definition of "ethics"?
3. An example of a situation where morals would come into play?
4. An example of a situation where ethics would come into play?
5. Do you think a person can be moral, but unethical, or immoral but ethical?
6. Do you think that a person you once considered immoral/unethical can ever change? What about vice-versa?
7. Do you consider yourself both moral and ethical?
8. Any other comments on the matter?

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does anyone know of a good place to find foreign penpals?

your experiences with foreign penpals? what types of things did they send (besides letters)? how long were you penpals for? do you currently have any penpals?

Big "Rock" or "Pop/Rock" Song

So I just found out about these auditions for "We Will Rock You" happening in my town next weekend, and though expecting anything would be silly, it would be really nice to get the audition experience.

They want two contrasting pop/rock or rock songs (no show tunes) and therein lies the problem. I'm interpreting that to mean they want one that's kind of quiet and a second that's loud/high energy/faster. The quiet one will be easy to find (probably Good Enough by Evanescence) but my mind is drawing a blank for a second song. Can anyone make song or artist suggestions? Hopefully something relatively popular that I'd already know with really meaty vocals that would make a really big impression. Probably should stick to a female artist too.

Merci beaucoup!

Dealer Plates

Something I've been meaning to ask, and was reminded of because of mevthem's question about license plates.

Background: I'm a Canadian. This summer, I took a road trip from Alberta down to Montana, and then to Yellowstone, back up through Spokane, and back into Alberta.

There are plenty of differences between Canada and the US, but one that I can't figure out is the whole concept of car dealer license plates in the northwest US. We'd see a whole bunch of dealer plates with nothing but the name of the dealership. None of registration tags or any identifying numbers or letters of any kind.

My questions: What's the deal with those dealer plates? (teehee) What's preventing some schmuck from going to a dealer, taking a test drive, and then committing some kind of crime?
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cubs hat

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1. If you've got an Amazon wish list, do you use the 'priority' listing to rank what you want the most?

2. Care to share your Amazon (or any other wish list)?

3. When, and where, can I find a list of the sales going on at stores on Black Friday?

4. What is a good gift for an almost 2 year old boy for xmas, who has an older brother who got just about every toy known to man when he was that age? I have no idea what to get my nephew!

repossessed vehicle?

I was walking my dog this afternoon and I noticed my neighbor's license plate switched from the standard plate he'd always had (at least as long as I've had my dog) to a new one that says "repossessed vehicle" where it would otherwise say "veteran" or "dealer" or whatever.

How does that work? Who's allowed to drive a "repossessed vehicle" and why wouldn't his plate have said that before? Just curious...I've never seen that before.

Holiday gift exchange?

Would anyone in here be interested in doing some sort of gift exchange for the holidays?

I'm not really sure how I would go about it just yet but I'd like to do a card exchange or small gift exchange. Like, little inexpensive or homemade gifties?
We're talking like, under $5-10. Things like baked goods, mix cd's, etc.

Would it be more interesting with people from countries other than my own (US)?

Thoughts, opinions, whatever?

Its just a thought. Just looking for feedback.
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Rustic books

Christmas is coming! (49 days!!)

Is it just me, or do you think, immediately after Halloween, Christmas should be EVERYWHERE?!

I went to the mall today and was VERY DISSAPOINTED that they weren't yet decorated for Christmas. I work at Bath & Body Works, and we've had Christmas decorations up since mid-October (which, I admit, is a bit much). Also, I keep flipping through the channels expecting to find a Christmas movie or two, but with no luck. :\ Where's the Christmas? I mean, Thanksgiving isn't a big to-do, so why wait any longer for Christmas?

So. Since I'm so eager for Christmas, some Christmas questions:

1.) What's your favourite Christmas movie?
2.) When do you start your Christmas shopping? Do you go shopping on Black Friday?
3.) What's your favourite Christmas memory?
4.) When did you stop believing in Santa Claus?

Also ... Anyone know where I can find a Finding Neverland or Memoirs of a Geisha mood theme?

- Trisha
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My volume isn't working. I've muted and un-muted the volume control, messed around with the settings, and there hasn't been any difference. I've tried both my headphones and speakers and neither work. I've tried MySpace, YouTube and iTunes, and none of those work, so I know it's not a program-specific problem. I've restarted my computer, and unplugged the speakers and still, no difference. I tried using the Tech Support advice thing, but it got me no where. I don't want to call up Dell just yet, so what else should I look for/try?

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My friend wants me to ask all of you good people for songs that would be considered "sexy" or could be played during sex. I quote, "Blaring so no one hears while having sex and won't ruin the mood." I suggested Milkshake, as well as Buttons. I don't think she's using Milkshake.

Any ideas?

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I need to complete a "community resource file" for a Human Services class I'm taking. We basically need to include information about a certain population. My specific topic is juvenile justice, but we can stretch it and include anything that might relate to a troubled youth, such as child/teen mental health, AlaTeen, after-school programs, information on broken families, anything along those lines- you get the idea.

Do you know of any websites that will send me free information (pamphlets, booklets, fact sheets, etc.) that I could concievably include in this project? If you're not sure whether it will help me, send the link anyway. Thanks a ton.


Embarrassing computer files.

Have you ever had to have a computer fixed when there were some embarrassing files on there? What did you do?

I need my computer fixed, there a hardware problem in the tower. It's a bigger problem than I can fix myself, but I want my files (particularly photos) back off there. Currently the desk-top pic is one of my girlfriend naked (It's not particularly seedy, I was trying to take shots which I could then paint from & I have one where she is mucking around). I have desktop files positioned over nudey-bits, but still, neither she nor I would be particularly happy having someone else see.

Would it be better to get a professional to fix the computer (more expensive, less able to say 'ahh... no looking at the desk-top') or a qualified friend (more able to prevent them looking at it, but more embarrassing if they do see the pic)?

really annoying

So I'm trying to put music onto my Zen, but whenever I do, it automatically puts the tracks into alphabetical order on the Zen, which drives me CRAZY. When I look at my Zen's music on the computer, it shows it the way it is supposed to be, but on the Zen it is alphabetical. It just started doing it today, too.

Anyone know how to make it so it doesn't go into alphabetical order? PLEASE help, it's driving me absolutely insane.

The Injustice System?

1. So, was this racially motivated?

I'm curious as to what you all think. I'm certain it was.

How can someone say that a man who shoots a prostitute in the back is less of a risk to society then a man who stole 2 dollars from another man?

And non race related..

2. What is the disease you hope no matter what above all else you never get?

For me it's Parkinsons. I don't think I could handle that. I get really anxious when people around me are shaking or tapping their feet and to have that as my destiny would be one of my worst nightmares.
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Too casual for a prom, y/n? It comes down to just below my knees.

Edited to give extra info:

  • I'm in the UK
  • It is a "formal" prom (at my school, it's actually CALLED "the formal" rather than "the prom"
  • It'll be held in a big dance floor room thing at a hotel
  • I would probably wear silver high heels with it, diamante jewelry and have my hair in some sort of half up, half down style, with some sort of diamante hair accessories
For The Birds

(no subject)

Does anyone knew of this particular music that they play in the movie Love Actually? It's just music, no lyrics so it's not in the soundtrack but it sounds like a few piano notes. It's played quite a few times throughout the movie, one part I distinctively remember is the scene right after the Portuguese house keeper lady jumps into the lake because she accidently picked up the mug paper weight and the writer guy is talking to the Portuguese house keeper about the book he's currently writing. I think it's also played when they say goodbye.
Or if anyone can tell me which particular sheet music notes are played in that music? I'd like to learn it. I can't figure out music notes by listening to it though.

Thanks in advance!

Edit : It's the Portugese Love Theme by Craig Armstrong. Does anyone know where I can find sheet music to it that I can download for free or if anyone can translate the music into sheet music notes? Specifically the part where it starts at around 1:26 and then forwards. I'd really appreciate it :)
cat tea


1. Did/do you like living with your parents? I HATED it and am always surprised by people who were sad to move out.

2. Do you like attending family events (holidays, cookouts, etc.)? Again, it's one of those things that I've always hated (probably because my own family hated them as well) and I feel like I am overly resentful of people who DO enjoy things like this.

3. If your parents bought you "big" Christmas presents when you were younger, do they still now? How much did your parents usually spend on you? How much do they spend now?

4. Have you ever been way overqualified or way underqualified for a job you had? What were the circumstances? Did you keep the job?

5. Is/did anyone here major in economics? If so, what type of career do you have/plan on having?


@#%*ing hickies. How d'ya get rid of em? Or make em less noticable? I'd use a scarf or something, but it's not cold enough out here yet. Grr grrr. Does toothpaste really work?

(no subject)

Until recently, I have always been able to go about 24 hours after washing before my hair starts to look noticibly oily. I have also never ever had a spot of oil on my face- it is usually so dry that it flakes (gross, I know). However, in the past few weeks, my hair is getting extremely oily within about 12 hours or so, and my face is oily, too! I really don't want to over wash it, cause that's just not good, but I really don't like oily hair. And the face thing is so weird, too. I'm guessing it boils down to hormones. Does anyone know why my body could suddenly be doing this? My diet hasn't changed, my sleep habits/stress levels haven't changed... Its kind of pissing me off. Will I go back to normal?

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Text - best is yet to come

(no subject)

Do you have any rituals for when you get sick?

I've had a cold this week and when I have a cold, I always sleep in a sweatshirt and pajama pants with my comforter, even in the middle of summer. I'm not sure why. It just feels good.