November 3rd, 2006

Are you drunk?

Chubby asian boy.

About a year or so ago, I came across a bunch of pictures of this kid on the internet

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

He was wearing several costumes... one was batman, one was a blue cat and there were a few others. All photoshopped of course.

Does anyone know where I can find these pictures?
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ordering prints of digital photos

i'm using for storing photos. good service, pretty much no complaints about the features, etc.

it's the first time i'm trying to order photo prints
and their shopping cart system is being retarded.

it keeps giving me error 500 whenever i try to set a shipping address or a credit card and for some other stuff too.
and i've written to tech support, and got a reply a la "we know, we're working."
the reply was late, and they've not done shit for a buncha days now.

the prints are cheap, only 9 cents. but if they're so reliable, i'd just rather use another service.

so where do you print your digital photos? good quality and fast service? etc. etc.

i don't need to send them any cds or rolls of film or anything. just upload a few jpegs and be done with it.
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It's 2:00 in the morning. You have a big test later at 9:00 in the morning.
Do you...
A) Stay awake an extra hour studying and wake up when you normally do?
B) Go to sleep now and wake up an hour early to finish studying?

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Poll #859446 What's the worst movie they ever made?

Worst Robert De Niro movie?

Meet the Parents
Meet the Fockers
City by the Sea
Shark Tale
Analyze This
Analyze That
Midnight Run
15 Minutes
The Score
Another one (comment below)

Worst Ben Stiller movie?

Your Friends and Neighbors
Meet the Fockers
Cable Guy
Flirting with Disaster
Something about Mary
Reality Bites
Permanent Midnight
Mystery Men
Starksy and Hutch
Keeping the Faith
Another one (comment below)

Worst Keanu Reeves movie?

Chain Reaction
Matrix Reloaded
Matrix Revolutions
Feeling Minnesota
My Own Private Idaho
Johnny Mnemonic
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
Sweet November
Point Break
The Watcher
Little Buddha
Another one (comment below)

Worst Kevin Costner movie?

Robin Hood
3,000 Miles to Graceland
Open Range
Tin Cup
Message in a Bottle
Wyatt Earp
Perfect World
For love of the Game
The Guardian
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checked luggage

how many pieces am i allowed to take on an international/overseas flight and how much can each piece weigh? i've read conflicting information on the airline's website and the tsa's website. i'm flying economy class, if it matters. just want to get hear from people who have experience. thanks in advance.
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Do you have a television? If not, why not?

If you live in an apartment building or do your laundry at the laundromat, do you take the lint out of the lint trap when you are finished, or leave it for the next person?

If you don't have a tv, do you knonw of any websites where you can watch or download episodes of shows, like Lost or The Office? Not limewire, but hosted somewhere.

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Currently, our governor is in Japan to talk to the president of Toyota to discuss the possibility of getting a plant in our state. She will also be traveling to Hong Kong and later to Kuwait to discuss the possibility of building a new refinery. Does the governor of your state (or the equivalent if you don't live in the US) go around to different countries to encourage industries to come to your state (or locality) to create jobs?
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Can someone please explain to me what people mean when they say, "calm down, it's just the internet" or, "the internets are serious business lolz" or some shit. I seem to see this quite a bit on lj, is it just tongue in cheek? Please tell me it is and restore my faith in humanity.

Let me clarify. People who say things like this are tongue in cheek, surely, because they understand that the internet is another medium, or at least another means of conversation. Yes? What is so frivolous about it? I mean, many people use it to facilitate real communication. I'm confused.

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Besides screwdrivers and Yager bombs, what else can I make?

I have Yager, Monster energy drink, Smirnoff Ice, Smirnoff Vodka, some Malibu Rum, OJ, Cranberry Juice, lemon juice and some Tequila.

Oh. My. God.

I have a basement suite @ my house, and for the last 2 weeks, I've had a great tenant down there.  She's older (in her mid-late 40s?), is very friendly, early with her rent, very concerned about keeping the peace.  The only problem I've had so far is that she has a boyfriend that stays over a bit too often for my liking (every other day, it seems like)  Now, I don't care about it morally, or money-wise, or anything.  I was just concerned about ... noise.  Her bedroom is right under mine.  I've heard them talking down there at night - I have no problem with that.

But last night, they weren't talking. At least, not with words.  It was loud, it was prolonged, and it was... icky. I laid in bed, in the dark, frozen in a severe state of the wiggins, until I couldn't take it any longer.  So I picked up the (thankfully) heavy book I'm reading and dropped it on the floor.  The noise stopped, though I'm not sure it was because of my intervention- it sounded like they were close to done anyhow.   Afterwards, I slept like hell, and every time I heard her BF snore (it's loud), I thought they were starting up again. 

So, should I say something?  If so, how?  In person, with a note??  Should this even be bothering me, or should I just let them go at it and buy earplugs? 


According to the laws of the state I live in, rent is not to be considered late until midnight of the 9th day of the month. Three weeks ago, I told my roommate that the 1st falls on a Wednesday this month, and I didn't get paid until that Friday - since my checks are bi-weekly, I'd have my rent to her by Friday, the 3rd. She was pissed and snipped "I guess it's going to have to be okay".

Well, today is Friday. I worked until midnight last night, and 7:30am this morning she's at my door, demanding my rent money. I told her I haven't had time to go to the bank yet (duh), and she started in on the "I'm pissed" routine.

Other than moving out (which I can't do RIGHT this second), how do I deal with her upon another confrontation without escalating the issue?

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On Work...
1. Have you ever worked for your parents?
2. What did you do?
3. Did they pay well?
4. Did they treat you differently?
5. Do you mind working for them?
6. Any other thoughts?

(feel free to give hypothetical answers if you never did do so!)

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On driving...
1. Do you drive?
2. Stickshift or automatic?
3. Do you own your own car or do you have to share?
4. Do you live in a big city or somewhere smaller?
5. Are you scared of driving?
6. Anything else to say?

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Which do you think would be better seats at this venue... Section 124 or Floor Section C4?

The floor seats are more expensive and are usually considered better seats, but I've never sat that far back from the stage and wonder if I'll be able to see the stage. Maybe the higher (and cheaper) seats would be better.



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I put together a bookcase this morning. I'm a receptionist/general office monkey. Although I enjoyed doing it(much of my furniture came from IKEA so I'm a pro) it was a little odd for my job title.

What odd things have you done for your job lately?

Are you going to see a movie this weekend? If so, which one?

What do you put on toast?

What do you put on hot dogs?
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Inspired by this post...

1) a. What's the most obnoxious thing a neighbor has ever done to you?
b. Have you ever had to call someone to complain about your neighbor? (Super, building owner, cops,etc.)
c. How did the issue get resolved?

2) a. Have you ever been an obnoxious neighbor? If so, what's the most obnoxious thing you've ever done?
b. Has your neighbor ever called someone to complain about you? (Super, building owner, cops, etc.)
c. How did the issue get resolved?

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(no subject)

does anyone know of a good way to fix a pulled neck? i've seen people crack their necks with their hands but i could never figure out how exactly they did that. i tried to do it and i think i've seen too many movies of people getting their necks broken so i ended up chickening out.

glasses wearers!

how do you keep your glasses clean?! i'm especially interested if it's something weird i might not have tried already, because this is driving me insane. p.s. i work for a lens company so i feel like an ass walking around with streaky/smudgy lenses :(

oh, and i have those glasses cloths. but after two or three uses, they just rub the shit around. sooo...what do you wash them in? i threw one in with my regular laundry and it's no better. plain water?
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Not too serious ?'s

1. What's the biggest (or one of the biggest) scam(s) in the history of the world?
I bet in the future, people are going to look back on bottle water and think that we were really dumb

2. How many times do you think that your country/state/town/etc was in a serious crisis that was resolved by one man or a small team of secret operatives, unbeknownst to the general public?
The US? At least 5 times; probably 6 by around the 2nd week in January

3. Besides maybe a question that isn't asked, is there a such thing as a stupid question? (bonus points for examples)

Blackjack question

When I was in Vegas last time, I met this guy while drinking who said that he's banned from a couple casinos because he was counting cards. Knowing that counting cards is ideal only with single decks, I was a little puzzled, for practically all the tables in Vegas use multi decks and the card shoe. I brought it up " can't count cards successfully with multi decks. Hell, they don't even use all the cards in the shoe for that very reason. They offer the red card to one player to stick anywhere in the deck, to indicate when the decks should be shuffled next, so they never go through all 4 decks". He paused and said yeah, you can count them with multi decks and he was caught and banned. I didn't want to cry bullshit at this guy I just met, but I wanted to. What kind of mouth breather do you have to be to be caught mouthing the numbers anyway? Still, I wonder if it's possible

So, can you count cards at a table that uses multiple decks, and use the shoe and only go through half the cards?
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savings and such

How much money do you put into savings (or do you already have in savings)?

What is this money for?

I recently got one of those ING Direct Savings Accounts- my first savings account since high school (getting a savings account was a little goal of mine, since I'm finally financially independent of my parents despite technically being below the poverty line). I'm thinking about putting half of my paycheck into it...or half of whatever is left after I pay rent, student loans, etc (I don't know if that's a good amount or not).

I'll probably only be able to save so much, so I don't know what I'll ultimately use the money for. Actually having money to put aside is more of an accomplishment than the fact that it'll ultimately be used for something.
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Awkward Convos

So, a while ago my friend asked me to watch her dog for her while she and her husband go to Disney World for ten days. It would be beneficial for both of us - her dog would recieve more personal attention and she offered to pay me $18/day (the boarding place she was going to take him is $23/day, we felt this was still fair and still a decent savings to her), which was awesome for me because I haven't been able to work since after an auto accident in late September. I've been around this dog often enough and sometimes he is mildly annoying, but I admit that about all animals, even my own. He's been kenneled before and also stayed with another friend of hers before, so he's used to his parents being away in different environments. He gets along well enough with my two dogs, so we figured it would be like mini-doggie daycare. Anyways, long story short is this: OMG WORST MISTAKE EVARS.

Her dog has been a holy terror and I am dreading AND eagerly awaiting her return because I know she's going to ask how he was and I feel the need to be honest so that she'll understand that I don't ever want to do it for her again, no matter what the reward. I think she also needs to know, just to know so that the issues can be addressed. However, I don't know how to tell her this laundry list of complaints without it somehow sounding like OMGWTFBBQ UR DOGS SUX KTHXBAI, because even in a polite and adult manner, the list is so long/bad that eventually it will probably sound like I'm being all AND ANOTHER THING... And I don't want that, at all. I mean, I am only telling her the things I feel are important and that I would want to know if someone watched my dog(s), but still. I'd probably start to feel really bad as well.

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Any pointers?

(no subject)

there's a show on TLC called "little people big world". it's about a married couple who are both little people (the politically incorrect term being dwarves). this couple has four children: 3 of whom are average sized and 1 who is a little person. their son who is a LP is twins with one of the average sized son. it's really difficult for me to grasp the fact that a LP woman could carry twins, especially one who is average-sized.
does anyone know if LP mothers can carry twins fullterm? do they always perform an early C-section? i just want to be able to understand this..


1) If you are a vegetarian, what are your reasons for not eating meat?

2) How hard do you find shopping, preparing meals, and ordering at restaurants?

3) Do you live with someone (parent, family members, or S.O. that you eat meals with) who is not a vegetarian? Does this create problems?

4) If you used to be a vegetarian and no longer are, what made you decide to stop?

Weird request

I have an mp3 request...

does anyone have a not condensed (I don't actually know what this means, I'm just taking this from the bride-to-be) version or karaoke version of "Answer" by Sarah McLaughlin?

My best friend is getting married and she wants her soloist chick to sing this song but she can't find a version that she can extract the lyrics from for her to sing over.

Or, failing that, does anyone know where I could better post this question?
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(no subject)

In one of my early childhood classes, we talked about a study in which a grown man was filmed reading a story to a class of preschoolers. When the story was finished, the man left. Later, the students were interviewed; they came up with all kinds of wild stories about what the man had done while he was in the room.

Does anyone know what this study was called and/or where I can find more information about it?

Lost words

I can't think of any good names for an Egyptian character in a short story I'm writing. Grr grr grr. I can only think of godess names (the character isfemale). Any suggestions?

(no subject)

1. Were you spanked/hit/beaten as a child? (yes)
2. Does it bother you now as an adult? (yes)
3. If you have children, do you spank/hit/beat them? (no)
4. If you don't have children yet, and plan to in the future, will be spank/hit/beat them? (see 3)
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
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How much of an effect does a companies ad campaigns have on whether or not you buy their product?

I refuse to buy anything from Old Navy because their commercials are consistantly stupid. I love Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty" so I will buy thier stuff.
To the sky.

tea for two...

What exactly are the health benefits of drinking green tea, if any?

It's kind of icky to me, but I'm pretty sure I can aquire a taste for it if I knew that it was good for something. It may take a little convincing.
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(no subject)

What are some songs that glorify domestic violence or at least portray the side of domestic violence where the victim wants to be hurt?

The only songs I have right now are:
And Then You Kissed Me by The Cardigans
Crazy in Love by Eminem
tv. nge. [summer]

(no subject)

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, so I'll probably end up cross-posting it on LJ. Sorry if you see it more than once.

My mother was adopted, but doesn't know the names of her parents, or even the last name she was born with or how it would appear on her birth certificate. (She was six months old when she was placed with my grandmother's family) About three years ago she lost her birth certificate, and now she can't get ID; she's tried pretty hard to get it online, but without her birth parents' names she's at a dead end. I'd like to try and get this document for her, it would mean a lot, so.. Is there a way to do it?
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Hmm hate to be this girl, but... Anyone want to help me decide which photos to enter in a really informal international travel photo contest my university's running?

Beware dial-up users, because there's 18 photos (375x500 px) behind the cut because I am a seriously indecisive person.

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Please feel free to give me any comments, such as why you picked the ones you did, why you didn't pick the ones you didn't, etc. :)

Thanks anyone who was bored or interested enough to help me out.
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(no subject)

Would you rather:

1. Have a chronic condition that causes intense physical pain everyday.

2. Completely lose the use of one of your legs.

3. Have a completely painless, but cosmetically disfiguring skin condition.

4. Be diagnosed with a fatal disease.
fuck that


1) ever been evicted? for what/why, and how'd it work out for you?

2a) is it common for an apartment complex to evict you 3 weeks after the causative infraction? i.e. the party in question (our 2rd time having the cops called for a noise violation** in the wee hours) was the first week of october, yet we got served notice today? did they wait until they could get one more month's rent from us?

2b) i'm assuming this is rhetorical, but do we have any way of defending ourselves? does it matter that after the incident the building manager came down and told us everything would be fine, they'd just smooth things over with the upstairs tennant, and wanted our assurance that there'd be no more problems? would the property manager's statement hold up against our lease?

3) what do you suppose we can do to the lady that got us kicked out that would stop short of harassment but satisfy a need for vengence almost as well? and/or does anyone have that link for that website where you can anonymously mail poop to someone?

4) is it wrong to assume if one lives in a metropolitan area they might be able to cope with a noisy neighbor? i mean, even if it were loud lightswitch raves being thrown, if that's not your cup don't live in a major city?

and finally, the important one,

5) anyone know of any wheelchair accesible buildings in the uptown minneapolis area?

** us smoking and talking on our patio. she sleeps with her window open. in october. in minneapolis. neither occasion warranted any kind of citation from the officers that responded.

(no subject)

One of my friends is going to come over when she gets off work at 9:30 [in one hour] so I can pimp out her new phone, she gots to have some nice home made wallpapers and ringtones lol. She's going to bring by some food for dinner but I'm indecisive so where should I have her go? I have to text her my order by 9:00, 9:15 at the latest...this leaves half an hour to fourty-five minutes so pls help me out lol :)

Poll #860094 Yum yum food

What should I have for dinner?

Taco Bell
Long John Silvers
Jack In The Box
Dairy Queen
Burger King
Carl's Jr
Something else? [mention in comments]
sleepy leila

50 states

K so season 7 of friends, the thanksgiving episode, they have a game they play. They take 6 minutes (NO CHEATING) and list all 50 US states.
Joey gets 56, Monica misses 14 and Phoebe gets bored and starts listing celery.

So i have the dvd, and i'm watching it over and over(i'm VERY bored) and it finally bothers me enough to try it. I tried listing all 50 and i couldn't! i forgot some of the stupidest states (arkansas what?).

so heres my question and if you happen to have time on your hands this will work just fine, Can you do it?
seriously. break out some paper and try listing all 50 states. make sure they are REAL ones(NO joey , new england is NOT a state. "but it has a football team!").
Ready. GO.
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HP love

Imagine WoW graphics on your calculator...

3D desktop acceleration seems to be a popular technology. Mac OSX has been shipping with this capability for a while, Linux is swiftly developing their own system, and Microsoft's release of Vista should bring them into the spotlight once again.
I just got Compiz working on this machine. It's a great deal of fun, spinning my desktop around, watching my windows warp rather obscenely, snapping my windows such that I can clearly see each.
Now, everyone knows that such things are, for the most part, useless eye candy. Who needs their desktops rendered to a cube? What's the point of windows that wobble when they move? You could see the advantage of on-the-fly transparency, but nothing that wasn't solved with the introduction of the minimise button.
It's completely useless, and serves no other purpose than giggles and larger system loads.
So, who here has, or would like to get, such functionality on their computer? Does anyone even care that it's totally useless?
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being rude, peacoats, and tote bags.

1. Do you think it's rude to get to a concert late because you don't want to see any of the opening bands? Does it depend if the venue has seats or not?
Yes, but I'm totally doing it tomorrow. I think it's more rude if it's at a venue with seats, because then you have to climb over people and disturb them to get to your seat.

2. If you have a pea coat, what color is it?
I have a brown corduroy one, an older black one, and a pretty dark gray one I bought at work tonight.

3. Would you use the tote bag in my icon? (link)
Yes, definitely. I keep forgetting to order it.
rufus, muppy

Freaking out

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm ok. It was just my eyedrops :)

My eye was kinda feeling wierd and tight around the eyelid.

I looked in the mirror and the pupil is HUGE compared to my other pupil.

WTF could cause this? I'm freaked out.

Would Visine for allergies cause this possibly?

(no subject)

Tonight I'm going to see Architecture In Helsinki at Irving Plaza. There are 4 opening bands (Apples in Stereo; The Blow; Shapes and Sizes; Tenki) that I've never heard of. I have no interest in seeing them, I just need to figure out what time I should get there. Doors are at 7:30, so I was thinking about getting there at 11. Does 11 seem like an okay time to get there, or is it too early, or too late?

Edit: I don't care how fabulous Apples In Stereo, and The Blow are, I don't want to see them. Also it's too late to get there on time, plus I'm really nauseous so I don't feel like standing for 4 or 5 hours.

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You have an alright-sized extended family- 15 or so people. For Christmas-gift giving purposes, names are put in a bowl and drawn out. Whoever gets your name gets you a gift, you get a gift for whoever's name you drew. Drawing is done at Thanksgiving dinner.

You mention Thanksgiving plans to your college-age daughter. (You're still buying her gifts-for-other-people, because she is poor/at college.) She asks if this year, she could get her name taken out of the bowl, because she really just isn't interested. When you ask, she says it has nothing to do with her not celebrating Christmas-in-the-Christian-sense, just that she doesn't ever want anything and has a hard time making a wishlist for people. She points out that she requested this last year, and offers her still-half-unpacked-3-months-later dorm room as proof that she has more stuff than she needs.

Are you affronted/offended/worried for her sanity/impressed at her not wanting anything/what?

(I really can't tell if she okay'd this idea or not. She said yes but then suggested I ask for gift certificates. I hate asking for gift certificates. I think I'll ask for charity donations in my name or something, if i can't get out of it)

(no subject)

so, after seeing another post someone made, i was wondering the following.
How would one go about getting an aupair job?

I've been wanting to be a glorified nanny for the summer for a few years, and seeing that post made me wanna do it even more.

Are there sites?
I'm going to try craigslist and sites like that, but do you have any recommendations?

TIA xposted.

(no subject)

Since it's pretty much obvious how much members of thequestionclub love Disneyland, I figured it's only right to pose the following question:

What is your favorite hotel located in the Disneyland Resort?

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So, TQC, what is your pick? Mine is the Grand Californian, and for good reason!

Note - "none" is not an option! You MUST choose a hotel; your life depends on it!

bluetooth headsets

hey guys. i'm looking into buying my first bluetooth headset, and, having never owned one, i'm not really sure what to look for. i'm most concerned about sound quality [of course] and comfort, as my ear is a real whiner when it comes to earphones, headphones, hands-free kits and everything else. so, do you own one? what kind is it? and would you recommend it to me? and regardless of the rest of that, what should i be looking for in one of these babies?

thanks in advance!

(no subject)

There was a song on Grey's Anatomy tonight. I've never watched the show so I don't know the episode number or anything. The episode was of a chinese woman, and she cheated on her husband and was pregnant with 2 babies at once, both with different fathers. The lyrics are "I'm not the only guy, I'm not the only guy..." It's sort of slow at first, then pop-rockish and not exceptionally good, but I want to know what it is.

Any ideas? 

edit: answered!