November 2nd, 2006

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I've never talked to anyone about this so I'm not sure if its normal, but in my mind I constantly count things. I pair up each letter in a word, two by two, or count the lines on the road as I drive or cracks in a side walk. Usually pairing things up in groups of two. Is this a form of OCD? I do it so often I don't even realize it anymore, but when I do stop and think about it I wonder if it's normal. Anyone who knows me in real life would say I don't have OCD, so I feel silly talking about it. What do you think?
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It's your birthday. Someone who likes you gives you two tickets to a concert that is two weeks away. (One of your favorite bands.) Do you invite this person to it, since he/she got you the tickets?

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Has anyone ever worked for Petco? If so, what was your experience like? Do you know of anyone who does/once did work there... any feedback?

I start my training on Saturday, but so far I've got some really bad feelings about this job. 

Any input would be helpful.
Thank you all.

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1. Do you think this is acceptable make-up for just going out in? Acceptable for a romantic date? Do you like it? Collapse )

2. Do you think this is acceptable make-up for just going out in? Acceptable for a romantic date? Do you like it? Collapse )

3. Do you think this is acceptable make-up for just going out in? Acceptable for a romantic date? Do you like it? Collapse )

4. Do you think this is acceptable make-up for just going out in? Acceptable for a romantic date? Do you like it? Collapse )

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Poll #858618 Belated Halloween Poll

Are you allowed to dress up for Halloween at your workplace?

It's not allowed.
There's no rule against it, but it's frowned upon.
There's no rule against it, and nobody cares if you do or don't.
It's encouraged.

If you're allowed to dress up at work, do you?

I go all-out, with a nice costume.
I wear a simple costume, like kitty ears with normal clothes.
I don't dress up.

How do you feel about other people who wear costumes to work?

They're awesome!
I don't care one way or another.
I think they're idiots.
Avery - Summer Bath

Lets talk about Hair!

this is for a class, so all responses are very much appreciated!

Poll #858657 Lets talk about Hair!

How often do you wash your hair on a daily basis?

3 or more times a day
2 times a day
1 time a day
every other day
a few times a week
once a week
few times a month
once a month
once a year
i'm bald, so i could careless!

What are some of your reasons for not washing your hair every day, if you already do not?

Would you EVER use a product that would safely clean your hair without the hassel of shampoo and conditioner if it was made?


What would some of your concerns be if you ever did use said product?


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I asked this in my own journal, but figured maybe someone here would know better than the folks on my f-list...

On a road trip last week, some buddies and I stopped at a Burger King. I got a veggie burger, which cost me twice as much as their real-meat burgers, which were twice as large as mine. I thought for a moment.

I don't know how much you can get for one cow, but I know that livestock in general fetches surprisingly high prices per animal. I guess it can vary a lot based on a lot of factors, but how much can you get for one good cow? It's several hundred bucks, right?

And it goes through at least one more channel before it's on your tray at Mickey D's, so what I don't understand is how cows can be profitable when burgers sell so cheap.

My friend says it's "because they milk it for all it's worth. No pun intended." :) And I'm sure they do, but much can you get from one cow? Or pig? Or anything...? I just don't get it.

Anyone care to explain to the curious vegetarian? Thanks.
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How much do you donate?

When a friend does a charity run, how much do you donate? Do you have a set amount, or do you decide based on your friendship?
If your friend sends a follow-up email saying she hasn't reached her target, do you donate again?

An old distant friend is doing the AIDS marathon and has fallen $1700 short of her target.
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On halloween weekend I attended a costume party. One girl showed up dressed as Flavor Flav (which was actually kind of refreshing because every other girl was a slutty nurse/cop/children's tv show character, while she had all her body parts covered). However, she had chosen to paint her face brown. This struck me as pretty offensive, but some people didn't think it was offensive at all. Do you think this is offensive? To what degree? Why?


Let's say that your SO did something really sweet and romantic for you. It's a perfect moment, a perfect act of love and you feel completely swept off your feet. Then a couple of weeks later, you discover that he did the exact same thing (down to every last detail) for his last girlfriend. Is the gesture still romantic for you or do you become skeptical that it's just another page in his playbook? Thoughts please.

EDIT: For clarification, I'm not talking about his taking you to his favourite restaurant on the lake when it gets serious enough. 'Cause that's cool. It's more like... he comes over unannounced in the morning with flowers. Then he reads you his favourite poem. Then he whisks you away to a beach where he's got a picnic all set up. Then you guys go hoseback riding on the beach, followed by watching the sunset. All this uber romantic stuff which you go bragging to your girlfriends about. Is it still romantic once you find out he's done the EXACT same thing for someone else?

The Dude Abides

Two ?'s

What do you do with socks that have become "unpaired" for whatever reason (ex losing one in the laundry, stolen, etc)?

When giving directions do you give more landmarks or do you go more by street names?
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Cat and Girl.

I'm looking for a particular cat and girl comic, and I just can't seem to find it in the archives. It's one in which she proclaims that anything you can put behind glass is useless. I think by the end of the strip girl's proclaiming the wonderfulness of a rubbish pile. Maybe. I can't remember. And I can't find it! Anyone know, by chance? It's for an essay I intend to hand in in...7 hours.
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1. How good is your long term memory?
2. How good is your short term memory?
3. Do you ever find yourself thinking that your mind is just not working as well as it used to be?
4. How clearly do you remember your childhood memories?
5. What usually stands out in your memories?
6. Are you afraid that you will just lose everything you used to know?
7. Anything else to say about the way you remember?

Collapse )

Just wondering.

Ok, this is for straight guys:

If you were at a costume party and a gay guy shows up dressed as a girl, would you be creeped out if he talked about his underwear?

ps. please don't bitch at me for asking specificly for straight guys. They're the only ones I actually need to answer.
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1. For WoW people - when does my trial account expire if I don't upgrade? ****EDIT****I don't mean will I be able to log in. I mean if I don't upgrade within the 10 days, how long do I have before my account disappears and I can't get it back if I sign up later.

2. If you don't know any of the candidates on a ballot option, what do you do? I'm guessing most people choose by party, but sometimes they don't have/need a party. Do you not choose any? Choose randomly? Do you have a strategy?

3. Has anything lucky happened to you today?

4. Favorite nut?

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Poll #858899 What's your favorite....

Robert De Niro movie?

Taxi Driver
Meet the Parents (or the Fockers)
Cape Fear
Godfather 2
Midnight Run
Raging Bull
Analyze this (or that)
The Score
Deer Hunter
15 Minutes
Bronx Tale
Another one (comment below)

Ben Stiller movie?

Something about Mary
Starsky and Hutch
Flirting with Disaster
Meet the Parents (or Fockers)
Cable Guy
School for Scoundrels
The Royal Tenenbaums
Along came Polly
Keeping the Faith
Mystery Men
Another one (comment below)

Keanu Reeves movie?

Matrix (or 2 or 3)
Devil's Advocate
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Point Break
Scanner Darkly
The Gift
Sweet November
Walk in the Clouds
Little Budha
River's Edge
My own Private Idaho
Another one (comment below)

Kevin Costner movie?

Robin Hood
Tin Cup
Dances with Wolves
Field of Dreams
3,000 miles to Graceland
Wyatt Earp
Open Range
Message in a Bottle
Bull Durham
Another one (comment below)
Kasumi of the DOA games
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Poll #858913 Getting Lost

Are you done with LOST after last night's episode?

Already gone
No, but it's on Strike Two.
Still In.
As long as they don't kill _____, I'm still in.

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Bubble wrap:

I MUST pop it.
I could take it or leave it.
That popping sound annoys the everliving hell out of me and I wish it did not exist.

What food or beverage would your life be positively dismal without?

If you shave your legs, do you shave your knees while they are bent or straight? How high do you usually shave your legs?

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i'm currently a college student. (sophomore) ever since i got here, people have been saying that they put laxatives in the food...
[TMI if you're extremely squeamish]
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so, do they use laxatives or not? if not, why does it take such little time?

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There is a TV commercial with footage of sperm fertilizing an egg playing behind a spokesman. Which company made the commercial? What is the meaning of the sperm and egg within the context of the commercial?
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Raise your hand.

What was the biggest pay raise you've ever gotten?

What was the smallest pay raise you've ever gotten?

What was the longest you've been at a job in which you never got a pay raise, or that took forever to give you a raise?

What was the shortest time you were at a job before getting a pay raise?

What were the circumstances surrounding said raises?

...does the word "raise" seem really weird to you right now??? raise raise raise. LOL

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1. How old was the oldest person you met who still believed in Santa? Do you think it's possible that someone believed in Santa so much they didn't buy any presents for their children on their first Christmas?

2. Have you ever been scared by a movie that's not in the horror or slasher genre? If so, which movie?

3. In high school, did your class or a bunch of kids ever band together and plan to do something 'against' a teacher? Either a harmless, silly prank to annoy them or something to get them in trouble or a senior prank or something. What'd they do?

4. I won a $10 iTunes gift certificate from blingo (yay!) and am having the hardest time deciding what to buy with it - what are some albums that you think are must haves that I should look into? I already have a ton of rock and metal, so maybe something classical or country or hip-hop or punk.

5. If Richard Wagner were around today, what kind of music do you think he'd be involved with? Howabout Mozart?

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If you vote, or hypothetically if you would vote but you're not old enough, have you ever had a hard time deciding between candidates running for the same office?

If you truly decide on a candidate-by-candidate basis (as opposed to voting with a party), what factors make or break a candidate for you?

How long do headaches last when you get them?

I tried googling this but came up empty at first glance...does anyone know of a website similar to that is like a celebrity eating disorder watch? GFY sometimes touches on this subject. I don't know why but I'm kind of grossly fascinated with it. :-/
The Receptionist Classic

Giggle Tee-hee

My co-worker got a text message from a friend that went something like this:
"New law states no sex until you're 30 or legally married."

We had a nice laugh over this (after I assured him that this wasn't a new US law [and I'm 99% sure it isn't]).

What have you had a nice laugh over today?

Unrelated: What is the WORST song played at wedding receptions?

is this allowed?

i have sunk low enough to beg for homework help on lj.

i don't understand my organic chem lab assignment, and it's due in 30 20mins.

is anyone good at orgo and can help me?please???
i will freaking give you 4$ through paypal to do 3 problems for me. i am serious
2$ now, for one problem.

i only need help with one problem now:
Usually, bimolecular nucleophilic substitution (SN2) reactions occur under basic conditions. The SN2 reaction of 1-butanol by a halide ion is a rare example of a SN2 reaction under acidic conditions. Of course, halide ions were not the only nucleophiles in your reaction medium. Draw the acid-catalyzed SN2 reaction mechanism that depicts the step-by-step formation of the side product dibutyl ether from two molecules of 1-butanol.

any takers?

--please don't hate me

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Questions inspired by the VH1 Big In 06 awards.

1. How do you feel about viewer-decides competitions where the voters are allowed to vote for their faves online as many times as they want to? What do you think would be the best or fairest way to gather votes from people in this type of competition or do you think the way mentioned already is the best? (I've seen controversy over this on the award show messageboard - that there are Katherine McPhee fans allegedly using automation programs to vote for them thousands of times while they're away from the computer)

2. a)Have you or will you be voting in the VH1 Big in 06 awards? I am, mostly because I got sucked into it because Colbert mentioned it on his show, and now I can't help but vote for Colbert, Jon Stewart, and also Steve Carell who happens to be against YouTube (three separate categories). Otherwise I couldn't say I would've ever found out about it.
b)If yes, how much time do you plan to spend voting (one vote, a few votes, 100 votes, much more) and will you be concentrating on certain people/a certain person? I've hardly paid attention to the categories besides the ones the above three are in.
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Hey guys,

I'm thinking about buying this painting; looking for some objective opinions on it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What's your first impression? What do you think it means? Feel free to speculate and analyze, I'd like to gain as much perspective on this as I can.

Collapse )
Kicking Ass
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V is for Victory

President Bush quoted in an article in today's New York Times said:

“You know, imagine this; we’re in the middle of a war on terror, and one of the most fundamental fights is in Iraq,” he said. “And yet, the Democrats have no plan for victory. They have no idea how to win. Harsh criticism is not a plan for victory.”  

Do you think this qoute is funny?


Do you think President Bush has a plan to win?


Do you think President Bush and the Republican Congress have spent American tax dollars wisely?


Do you think President Bush and the Republican Congress have spent American lives wisely?


Do you think President Bush and the Republican Congress have made the United States of America safer from terrorism?

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I'm doing a group project for class, we have to come up with a business model, our group chose an online site that sells art from individual users, they chose me to come up with a name but I cant think of any good ones, anyone have any ideas?

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Poll #859149 Take Home Chef

If Curtis Stone stopped you in the supermarket, would you bring him home with you?

Curtis who??

Would you actually CARE what he cooked?


For those of you who don't know who he is, he's an Australian chef who trained in England, wrote some cookbooks and is now based in America on TLC. He's 6'4", blond and hunky.

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I'm not sure of the best way to phrase this or the most PC way to ask but...

What are black gangs like in England/Australia/Other non-US countries? I can only really picture what I know growing up in the U.S. I can't really picture how they might speak with an English or Aussie accent. Does Ebonics work with a different accent? I looked up the definition of Ebonics which states that it is an American dialect. Do other countries have an equivalent?

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What digital camera should I get?
I am a student and don't know much about cameras. I just want one that's easy to use and takes clear pictures. I would like it if the display was big, but I am looking for a small camera. Also not extremely expensive.
Any recommendations?
EDIT: not extremely expensive = less than 200 bucks

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I got an e-mail yesterday from the manager of some insurance company that is in the next city over from where I currently am. He claimed that he was forwarded a copy of my resume from someone, and that he's interested in interviewing me.

I'm sort of skeptical about it all. He didn't say who he got my supposed resume from, nor can I think of anyone who would forward my resume to the company. I did post my resume on workoplios and the such, but I would think that the manager would say he got it off the site.

I'm sort of looking for a job, as I'm graduating in April 2007.

Should I call the company and ask if the e-mail was legit? Should I just reply to the e-mail and see what is going on?

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I want to make some presents for some friends using some iron-on transfers. Has anyone used the ones that you print out on your computer? How much wear and tear can they take before the design comes off? Would there be any other methods where I can create my own design and have it take more abuse?
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Does anyone have the Natalie Dee "You Make Me Want to Let You Insert It" comic?
I think it was from Valentine's Day 2003-ish, and I searched her archives/google to no avail.
Feel free to let me know what an idiot I am if you find it in .2 seconds though.

Please and thank you.
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So I'm going through a stack of clippings from the local paper. I cut out donation requests from some area organizations to see if I could help.

One request struck me as somewhat... different, I guess. It was for a rape care program. The request was for plain t-shirts, sweat shirts, and cotton shorts (not odd). The clothing requested was also to be plain in color (also, not odd), "mostly larger sizes" (not really odd, I guess, right?)... and new. The request stated that everything HAD to be new.

Don't get me wrong -- I wouldn't be handing over any stained, bleached, threadbare or otherwise raggedly clothing. But what's wrong w/ accepting some gently used plain-on-color clothing? Is there something about rape crisis centers that dictate any clothing must be new?

LiT Bobu
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1. Have you or anyone you know changed their eating habits to gluten-free and/or sugar-free? (for weight loss or healthier living rather than for Celiac's disease or something)

2. Was it successful or too hard to stick with?

3. Where can I find good gluten-free and sugar-free recipes?
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1. I had 2 males today shake my hand when I met them. I'm a 22-year-old female. These were very casual, friendly non-professional meetings from males in the typical college-age bracket (think maybe 19-23 or so). If you're around my age, do you often have people greet you with a handshake in non-professional enviroments?

2. Any of you signed up with If so, have you "earned" any prizes yet? Did you have any problems getting them after you had ordered?

3. Is it best to stick with a job that you're used to and are pretty decent at even though it slowly kills portions of your soul? Or should I be lookin' for another job... even though the job market in my town sucks?

Dell Question

I got a Dell Inspiron E1505, and I love it.
My problem:
When I look at LJ, icons that are supposed to be animated are not.

At first they were moving, but after a little they weren't.

I can't, for the life of me, figure out why.

Do you know what is wrong with my computer?
It is brand new (got it late August for college), and it is very pretty.
How can I fix this? I wanna look at pretty icons/understand some peoples icons.
I know it's not a big deal, it just pisses me off.

Another computer question.
On my laptop, where my left arm/palm rests, the laquer (or finish, or whatever it's called) is kind of wearing away. It's getting a little rough, and weird felling. That's also happening on the left scroll button where I press down.
Has this happened to you?
I try to make sure my hands are dry/don't touch that area, but it's weirding me out.
The right side is fine, because I'm a lefty and use my left hand for everything.


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Okay, I just want to know everyone's view on this, and I'm thinking I'll get a lot of replies because it seems like quite a controversial subject.

A guy in class today told me that the government made the AIDS virus and they have a cure for it but won't give it out.

Is this true?
Do you believe it?
Why would the government do this?
If they have a cure, why won't they make more of it and give it out?

There are probably more questions to go along with this but I can't think of any more at the moment.

I don't think I believe any of it.

Feel free to post your opinions...
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What are some tried and true methods for getting rid of mice?

My apartment is rather old and there are a lot of gaps and spaces betwen walls and stuff. We've got a bunch of traps set up in all of the places we've seen them and have steel wool in the gap by the pipes under the sink. And yes, we are trying to keep our kitchen as clean as possible and keeping garbage cleaned up and off the floor and all of that, but they've been running throughout the building, so I have a feeling they'll come in no matter what we do.

What are some other ideas you can give me for mice-proofing our home?

And why do you think the mice only come into our apartment on Wednesday's? We found the first evidence of them on a Wednesday morning, caught the first one on a Wednesday morning and the second one on a Wednesday night.

Body parts

My thighs are very flabby.

I recently lost 31 pounds (over a period of a year or so, not all at once.)

I went from being 5 foot 7 inches and 164 pounds to being 133 pounds.

My thighs still look hidious (I tend to store fat there, and I rarely exercize them).

But luckily enough, in a few days I will have access to a gym.

I'm not big on exercizing with things that don't involve machines (like workout videos/sessions) because I have a disorder and my coordination isn't too good, same with my motor skills.

Any ideas on what gym machines would help me work out my thighs (besides the treadmill?) ?
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Dress me.

I'm a straight male, and I fall into the general stereotype (I think) of "I don't know how to dress myself." I'm 24, in grad school. Oh, and I'm also sort of skinny - try 6', 140 lbs. I'm not rich (see above: grad school).

Anyways, I'm looking for any tips you might have for looking decent and not paying OUTRAGEOUS prices for it. (Like the stuff you see in most men's magazines? Way too expensive.) Something I can go to the mall and get.

I'm generally a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, but I figure it's about time to grow out of that. It's winter here in Canada and I wear hoodies almost exclusively.

Both genders are more than welcome to chime in.



What are some songs besides Jesse's Girl and My Best Friends Girl that have the theme of lusting after friends significant others, or dating/stealing friends SOs?