November 1st, 2006

November carols

A friend of mine and I had a conversation in which we decided that we were going to sing "November carols." The only song we could think of was "November Rain," by Guns N Roses.

Are there any other songs you can think of that have November in the title? Or in the lyrics? Or songs that make you think of November?

ETA: Ok, now that that got answered, do tell me your favourite song that reminds you of November?
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How was your Halloween?

My answer: I slept through most of it, woke up at 10pm to find out one of my best friends got punched in the face by a random stranger, went to my other friends house and ended up drinking gin and juice while watching Sex and the City. I wish I could have went trick or treating :-(
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1. If you don't have a tissue within reach, do you (you, specifically) sneeze/cough into your hands or your sleeve? Apparently we're supposed to be sneezing into our sleeves: link. This will be a hard habit to break for me...

2. For the non-Christians: are you teaching your kids to say anything after someone sneezes?

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why doesnt my browser allow me to uplaod any attachments?
every time i click 'browse' to attach a pic to an email or to upload a pic somewhere,the little window with files to choose from never shows up. why? i NEED to upload my awesome halloween pics to my myspace!
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(no subject)

1. are you a pro-lifer?
1a) is this solely non-abortion? and/or euthenasia etc?

2. do you believe it is everyone's right to own a gun? why?
2a) do you own a gun? how many? why?

3. are you a vegan/vegetarian?

Flat lemonade

A long time ago I remember my aunty saying she read a newspaper article about how flat lemonade, lemonade that has lost all it's fizziness, was bad for you. She couldn't remember why and had lost the article. Does anyone know if the statement is true?
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Listening to music.

My younger sister really likes Justin Timberlake. She sang the chorus to Sexy Back non-stop for about three days last week.
Anyway, she's sick, so her hearing's kind of poor. She's listening to it now, and it's really loud.
She says if she turns it down any further, she won't be able to hear it, and I say there are three other people in the house (one asleep, another on the phone, and me just hating Justin Timberlake).
Should she turn her music off, or should I just deal?

Note: I'm not just looking for people to agree with me here. I'm just trying to see what people think the procedure should be here.

Second note: I do think I'm right, though :P

[EDIT] Headphones are out, as they hurt her ears, and she can't listen to the music elsewhere, as she's talking to friends and surfing the net.[/EDIT]

cross-posted from computerhelp

I have been trying to enable Sharing Folders in Windows Live Messenger. The options dialog tells me that "Your computer does not allow Sharing Folders."

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Messenger (the final release), checked that there was nothing in my firewall blocking sharing folders (not as far as I can tell), and the Sharing Folder in my user directory in Explorer does exist. The Messenger troubleshooter was useless.

What else should I be doing? I'm using XP.
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i just did a survey thng for uni.
i had to have a selection for each question

one was something about your reaction to someone attractive of thhe opposite sex.
the assumption is that it's someone you'd be... well, attracted to. i mean, i know people that are of your same gender can be attractive, but the gist of the question was someone you would bonk, basically.

do you think they should have just said something like "someone you're attracted to" rather than specifically "of the opposite sex" ?
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Anyone have experience with that Zicam medicine for staving off colds? I think I'm about to get a cold, and (in addition to eating decently) i was wondering if that Zicam stuff actually works.

(advertised in the US, just to be clear. It talks about "take this at the first sign of a cold and it'll keep the cold gone" and I'm wondering if it works, or if it's snake oil...)

How much responsibility should a man have in regard to pregnancy/children?

A man & a woman have unprotected sex (both peoples choice/fault). The woman is impregnated, & she decides to keep the child, the man does not want to keep the child. Should the man have a responsibility to pay child support etc?

I don't think he should. I think he is obliged to pay for half of the abortion if she wants one. I don't think he has a right to make her do with her body and child as he wishes. Thus having no choice in the matter, should not have to pay child support.


Can you raise one eyebrow? Are you male or female? Do you have to concentrate to do it, or is it just part of your natural range of facial expressions?

I cannot raise one eyebrow. I'm female. Maybe if I tried really *really* hard I could sort of almost do it, but it would look stupid. It definately is not part of my natural range of facial expressions. In my experience, I've found few, if any, females who raise one eyebrow as part of their natural range of facial expressions, so I'm curious.

Donating a car

I am considering donating my car in lieu of selling it.  I have done a bit of searching on it and there is lots of info.  But I wanted to see if anyone on here had done it and had any tips.  On to the questions.  If you have donated a car...

Who did you donate it to?
Would you reccommend them?
Was it easy?
Did it help a lot with your taxes?
Basically, what was your experience with this?

If it matters, I am donating a 91 escort that runs but has an oil leak.  And I am in Missouri.
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driving & cars

1) Do you signal when you change lanes?

2) If you can drive both, do you prefer driving a manual transmission or an automatic?

3) What kinds of cars have you driven in your life and which one is your favorite?

4) Do you name your cars?

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Poll #858086 Healings. Nothing more than healings

In this scenario, you have the power to bring back to life 4 people within the next year, but IT HAS TO BE WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF THEIR DEATH. Exactly 365 days to use this power, and only 4 times. The day you get this power, not five minutes passes before you see a pedestrian get hit fatally by a car. The crowd gathers around, but it's too late. He's passed on. Do you bring this complete stranger back to life? Remember, you can only do this 4 times and you have no idea what the rest of the year will bring

Yes, I bring him back
No, I save my power

You have the same resurrection power from the first question, when you witness a police shootout. A motorcycle cop and a drug dealer, who was selling heroin to a little boy, were firing at each other. The dealer resisted arrest and pulled out a gun, and was killed in combat. The police officer was wounded badly, and called for help. He'll make it. The drug dealer's dead. Now, do you bring him back to life? The cop's injured badly, and if you bring him back, the dealer will escape, to deal another day. Backup won't be here in the next 5 minutes to arrest the dealer if you bring him back. So, do you use a charge to resurrect the fallen drug dealer?


You just acquired the power from question 1, when you witness a car accident. 4 people are killed. Do you use your power to bring them all back?

Yes, I exhaust my powers to bring them all back to life
No, I save my powers in case I really need them
I bring back 2 of the people only

Same as the last question, you witness a fatal car accident, except in this case, a family of 6 was killed by a hit and run. Mother, father, a 10 year old, a 7 year old, and 2 year old twins. If you use this power to bring them back, who do you bring back to life? Remember, you can only do it 4 times, so pick the 4 people you use it on

Mother. Children need a mother
Father. He probably has the job to support them properly
10 year old
8 year old
twin 1
twin 2
I don't use my power on them. I save it in case someone I do know dies

Dick Cheney and Karl Rove die in an explosion during a parade. You're there. Do you bring one or two of them back, using your charges?

Only Dick Cheney
Only Karl Rove
Both of them
Neither of them
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As inspired by the recent breast showdown question, I started googling for pictures of Scarlett Johannsenasld('s boobs.) A google image link took me here (NSFW)

So the question is, what the hey is that page? What is the common thread linking all those photos? Wild speculation encouraged.

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Many Questions - answer as you wish and thanks in advance to anyone who replies :)

1. Do you edit your photos before uploading them to a photo storage site?

2. If so, what software do you use and why do you like it?

3. What kind of editing do you most commonly do?

4. What photo hosting website do you use?

5. Who is your cell phone provider?

7. What cell phone do you have? Do you like it/not like it? Why?

8. Do you use a PDA? If so, which one?

9. Do you have an MP3 player?

10. Which one?

11. What do you use it for? (music, listening to books, etc.)

12. Where (websidte, software, etc.) do you get your music, books, etc. from?

Thanks again and if you get a moment, help a solider and check out this website:
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(no subject)

I'm a senior English major at a state university in the US.

I've been accepted to international semester abroad programs at both the National University of Ireland in Galway and University College in Cork (again, Ireland). I've only been to Europe once, Dublin specifically. Which program would you choose?

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Think hard about this question

You have the magical ability to create any one specific food for the rest of your life, whenever you want it. For instance, say I like Eskimo Pies. I can make one for lunch and two for dinner, but I can only make Eskimo Pies. If I say pepperoni pizza, I can't make mushroom pizza. Now, things to consider here:

-health consequences
-whether or not you think you'll eventually get tired of this food. It is for the rest of your life
-maybe your food is widely available and easily affordable, like Tic Tacs, and maybe not worth making magically

What specific food would you pick?

Note: you can still eat whatever foods you want. This power just makes one type of food for you whenever you want it
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Trick or Treating ?s

How many trick or treaters stopped by your house last night?

Did you have any trick or treaters stop by your house without costumes wanting candy?

Would you give candy to kids without costumes if they came up to your door and said "Trick or Treat?"
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Buffy for Dummies

Hi, I`ve been trying to find a Buffy for dummies site that lets you search for things mentioned in the series. I found it once when searching for a what the heck all the shrimp references was, in a fanfic. I can`t remember what it was named. Help?

song question

ok, there's a song that's in the episode of scrubs when elliot has to move out of her apartment and jd invites her to live with him. they end up having sex at the end of the episode and a song plays and it's got lyrics along the lines of "i still love you" and "i don't need you" or something. does anyone know what song that is? if you do, i'll send you a postcard with prince william on it.

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I have two servers, one with Windows server 2003 and red hat. I want to be able to remote desktop into the linux server with the windows. How? I went into applications, preferences, remote desktop and allowed other users to view on the linux, and...that's about it actually, since I know nothing about linux. :P Help?
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Do you find Brian Molko, the lead vocalist and guitarist of Placebo, attractive?

Is it just me that thought he was a female at first?

ETA: Picture added for those who have no idea who he is.

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Since we are entering the spirit of giving......

This was kind of inspired by an earlier post.

I was in the picture framing store and the girl behind the counter decided to lean forward and give me a freebie. I mean we're talking down to her belly button ring. She even squeezed her arms together so that I could see for myself how big those mountains really can get.

By the by, guys, I now understand how difficult it is to keep eye contact.

What's the weirdest pass someone made at you?
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Carryon items

Do you think I would be able to bring a small inkjet printer as carryon for a U.S. domestic flight? (It fits the size dimensions and is too fragile to check)

(email to TSA has been sent, but I doubt I will get a response before tomorrow. Airport, airline, and TSA sites checked, unhelpful as always)
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Miscommunication/Misunderstanding ?

Inspired by John Kerry and Terrell Owens

Have you ever told a joke or said something that was misunderstood or came off in a way that made you look bad or dumb?

What's been one of your more memorable examples of this happening to you?
I'm sure there's been worse, but when I was in middle school some guy was making fun of one of my drawings in an art class (we were painting animals I believe) and I said, "well where's your picture, show me your snake" and everybody started laughing. I didn't realize that I had inadvertently asked to see his genitals, but back then everything's a sexual euphemism for something.
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1. You are friends very close freinds with a guy.(Who we will call guy 1)

2. Through a mutual aquantance(who we will call M.A.) you and another close friend(Who we will call guy 2) find out that a girl(who we will call girl 1), who used to be in the same social circle as you, who was last seen about 6 years ago was seen in passing by M.A.

3. M.A. and Girl 1 have a conversation and it turns out that the reason Girl 1 has not been seen in so long is because she has a 5 year old child.

4. The last time Girl 1 had spent anytime with your social group, she and Guy 1 hooked up.

5. There is a very good chance that guy 1 is the father of the child, and girl 1 is claming that she is certain that guy 1 is the father, however she is not looking for him to be included in the big picture.

6. M.A. approaches you and guy 2 with this information

The question is do you and guy 2 tell guy 1 about this?
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(no subject)

What is the one movie you've seen more times than any other in your life?

I mean, you've seen it of your own choosing, not because a child/sibling/friend was always watching it.

Mine is The Blues Brothers.
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Virginia Questions

So... I've been looking at different places to move to and settle down after I've finished college. For some reason Virginia interests me. It sounds like the winter's aren't too horrible (I used to get lake-effect snow and such up in upstate NY) and the summers aren't too muggy and hot (I'm in Polk county Florida now). However, I don't know anybody that has lived there for a long time so I don't know any first-hand accounts of what it's like.
How nice is it to live in Virginia? What is the weather *really* like? What is the best area (county, city, whatever, throw it at me)? How bad are the taxes? How are the jobs? Are there many available, and do you know what kind?
And, if you don't know some/any answers to this, do you know of a place to direct me to so I can find some answers? I looked at the official Virgina state website, FYI.
Or, if Virginia is simply horrible, what would be some nice states you would suggest?

(no subject)

Do you think technology could ever advance to the point where there would be some way to record our dreams onto a chip or some sort of device so we could watch them later? I doubt if such a thing would even be possible, but I love my dreams and wish I could see them again sometimes; just writing them down and trying to remember them later isn't the same.

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Alright TQC this one should be a fun question...

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year but I'm stumped.

I need an evil (villain, amorphous, idea, whatever) for my main characters to fight.

So I ask you this:

What would make a good "evil" for a warrior and a magic caster to fight in modern day Boston/Los Vagas/San Francisco? (It can come from anywhere though)

The only stipulation is it has to be small enough to pass (at least some of the time) as human and it can't be something that's just going to raze the city right off the bat.

As a prize I'll write anyone who gives me idea's into the story in a bit character of their choice so you'll have to give me:

A basic physical description?
What you want your character to do/help with/come from (small rolls, I've got most of my mains already)?
A name?

Thanks for the help guys!
~ K.

ps: if anyone wants to see the story I'll post it later once I've got more too it.

Edit: changed just for pipu to be less evil...
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Baby gift?

My cousin's baby shower is on Saturday and, being the procrastinator that I am, have yet to get her a present.

So what should I get her? Preferably something under $30 and not clothing. It's a boy, if that helps. Maybe a neat toy? Something useful (besides diapers)? I just need some ideas.

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Is there a word for this growing economic problem? I want to read anything that has been written on the subject, but I don't know what to look for. Some of its characteristics:

- industrialization reducing the number of workers needed, leading to the elimination of well-paying jobs
- consolidation of ownership of the means of production, leading to enormous wealth and income disparities
- pressure to produce and sell mountains of unnecessary crap just to keep the economy going
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Racism Amongst Friends/Loved Ones (of Different Races/Herritages)

My husband and I are often stupid/silly and will throw racial slurs at each other (I'm a dirty drinkin' mick and he's a dirty boatjumpin' wop, for what it's worth) from time to time. Our friends and us do this too, (I've been called a cracker ass cracker [though I steal this one to use on other whiteys like myself] by a black friend and in turn I sometimes refer to him as a darkie [but never the dreaded N-Word - that term for me is reserved for someone of any colour deserving the title - ironically, usually dirty, truely racist white rednecks] :D). I never thought much about it, because, yanno, it's all fun and games amongst friends and/or loved ones. But people have sometimes looked horrified when we've been overheard in public. And I never understand why. So, even though this has been something done with several people who aren't really connected in my life, I started to wonder how frequent/common this is. So tell me...

Poll #858419 THAT'S RACIST! (thanks, miss snoflake's icon!)

Do you throw around racial slurs with your friends/loved ones (of different ethnicity/herritage)?

Yes, but only in private so we don't offend anyone else who might overhear.
Yes, we do it anywhere because we're obviously comfortable with it so fuck all the haters.
No, racial slurs aren't appropriate any time or any place. WTH is wrong with you?!
No, it's tacky. I also don't say things like, 'cocksucker,' 'douche,' 'cunt,' or 'pooh.'
Depends on the circumstances (explain in comments, please).

(no subject)

I've started my NaNoWriMo novel, but I'm stuck on a minor detail, and it's holding me up.

Can anyone suggest a name for an Emo/Indie band?

So far, my friend's suggested either Loveless Caberet or Lifeless Caberet, but I'd like as many suggestions as possible.
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(no subject)

I don't know about the credibility of it, but I got an e-mail that claims a poll was administered to a bunch of American college students and the included list were people who at least 50 students said they never heard of. It didn't give much info at all, such as an overall number who were polled, where these students go to college, who created this list and why these people were chosen, or who the rest of the people on the list were (besides Hitler and Helen Keller, who they say everyone polled knew them). But still, I'm just wondering now: How many of the people on this list could you identify? The very diverse list is under the cut, and in poll form for your convenience.

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more help

So, I'm back with new pictures! In case you missed my last post, I asked for some help picking a senior portrait. I mostly got people telling me to go to a professional (I took the pictures myself). Well, I can't go to a professional. It cost way too much and the pictures are due tomorrow morning. They were actually due today, but I got an extension. So what you see here is what there is to choose from. Please don't tell me to see a professional because it is pointless. I did get a friend to take some pictures, and they came out ok. Please tell me which picture I should put in the yearbook. No offense (or in some cases lots of offense) but please don't tell me

a)to see a professional
b)that they reek of internet disease
c)that I should take some new ones
d)about your own yearbook experiences

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(no subject)

I have to write a paper for my social psych class. It can be on any topic as long as it relates to social psych. I wanted to do something along the lines of becoming addicted to a person, interpersonal relationships and the like, but the research isnt proving to be very helpful.

So, what would you write the paper on?
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(no subject)

First off, is anyone else unable to access
I've been trying to get in all day and I still can't. I know the servers are flooded, but I'd think later in the day, they wouldn't be as crowded. If anyone's done this before, does this problem clear up in a few days, or am I shit-out-of-luck for accessing the site for the rest of the month?
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(no subject)

Let's say a photographer has 15 complaints with the BBB in the last 36 months. 8 resolved, 1 unresolved, and 6 ignored. This is a bad sign, right? I don't think I want to give this guy my money...
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For those of you who watched House last night, you know where this question is coming from...Suppose You were in a long-term relationship with another person. You and the other person were desperately in love, enough so that you would defy your parents who were dead set against the match, and elope. You knew that this person was the one true love of your life and you were almost positive that they felt the same way about you. You have been married for over a year and your life has never been happier when you find out that you both share a common parent. You are each other's half-siblings. What would you do in this situation?

(no subject)

I'm writing an arrest scene taking place in Australia. How different are the procedures that Australian police do, compared to the United States? Is it the same, hands behind your back, cuffs, reading of rights?

ETA: OKAY I actually lied, it's not an arrest scene, it's a porn scene, a person who happens to be an Australian is having sex while handcuffed, but I want to have the hands up near the chest, rather than behind the back. I'm just wondering if I should have the character acknowledge it as odd or if they do something else with the cuffing in Australia.

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Firefox question.

How do I get my downloads to save where I want them to be saved and not automatically into the temp folder?  I've done the "tool>options>downloads>"ask me to where to save every folder" and it's just not working.  I've also tried to set the downloads to save in a specific folder but that doesn't work either.  This is a recent issue; I never had a problem before.  Any suggestions?
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sewn shut pant's pockets.

I have a pair of black pants, and the back pockets are sewn shut. It's not like they're just supposed to look like pockets they actually are, I opened part of one up to make sure. While I was putting pants away at work tonight I noticed a lot of them are like that.

Why put pockets on them, if they're just going to be sewn shut?! Is there some obvious reason for this?

(no subject)

1. You're driving or with someone who's driving, and you see a hitchhiker along the back roads you're taking. You end up picking him up. Two miles later, you see a 'please do not pick up hitchhikers' sign. Half a mile after that, you see a prison - it isn't a big maximum security prison, but a prison all the same...maybe one for people who cheat on their taxes or steal from Wal-Mart. What do you do?

2. Whose voice, in the whole wide world of voices, do you find to be sexiest?

3. The person in the room above me I think practices basketball in their room (that's what it sounds the most like), often at 2 in the morning. I'm not terribly bothered by it, but my roommate HATES it, though she refuses to go up there to ask them to stop. What would you do in our situation?

4. On a scale of 1-10, how good do you think your taste in music is? Movies? Books?

5. I think I might have some kind of...psychological something. I'm not going to talk to anyone in real life about it until I'm sure I'm not just being an angsty suburban white kid. Do you know of any internet sites or livejournal communties that might help me honestly evaluate my mental health? The ones I find seem biased to make it seem like EVERYONE has mental problems.

6. If you're doing NaNoWriMo...what's the name of your favorite character that you've come up with so far? Why are they your favorite?
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2 Questions:

If one's computer restarts each time one tries to use one's webcam to take videos, would this be an incompatability having to do with one's video card or with one's webcam?

Is it gramatically incorrect to use the word "one" in the above sentance?

its computer inept person again!

hey folks,tonight my question is: i took some excellent fottage with my digital camcorder,onto one of those little disks. and i pressed the finalize button,thinking that once i finalize it i can pop it into compy and upload it onto utube.

small problem: compy doesnt recognize there is any disk when i insert it. is this because i finalized it before putting it in? are my dreams of utube fame foiled?

:( ?
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What would you do if your significant other, who you think you're meant to be with, wasn't sure if they would wait for you when you went out of the country for a year?

(no subject)

1. What's the best way to buy cheap airline tickets? I'll be traveling over the southern U.S. around the holidays, if that makes a difference.

2. At my job, when I log on to my computer every morning, it automatically runs this script that opens all these useless work-related programs. Which I then have to spend forever closing before I can clock in. Which sucks. Is there any way to stop the script? It's not in the start-up folder and they have all these security restrictions, so I know there's probably not much I can do. But still.

3. Have you ever had a really bad customer service experience? What about a really good one?

4. Do you feel it is rude for a sick (and contagious--not, like, allergies) person to come to work and contaminate everyone else? Does it make a difference if the company has a strict attendance policy? How sick do you have to be before you miss work/school?

5. Why is Chick-fil-A so damn expensive?

(no subject)

A and B made a ten dollar bet. It turned out that each person was exactly half right (both A and B agree on this). Since A initiated the bet, A thinks that B should pay him/her $5 (because that is half of ten and A was half right). B thinks that initiating the bet has nothing to do with it and both parties should keep their money. Who is right?

Would your opinion change if B paid A $5 and then later, after coming to the conclusion that it was unfair, wanted the money back?
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Is conté dangerous to cats?

I put a drawing on the floor for two seconds and my cat was all over it, so he's got a few inches of black conté smeared on his shoulder. I'm wondering if it'll be bad for him when he licks it off.