October 31st, 2006

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What's some bad ass classical music?

I'm talkin' like "A Night on Bald Mountain", or Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Requiem by Mozart, Mars by Holst. O Fortuna by Carl Orff.
[Edit] Surprised no one said "Flying Dutchman Overture" by Wagner.
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I have Ruckus. For those who don't know, it's a free and legal music downloading service. The catch is you have to be a student at a participating university, you only get the song for a month (you may renew), and you can't burn it to disc or put it on an mp3 player. Those catches aren't a problem for me, so I've gone all kid-in-a-candy-store over free legal music downloads!

So the question: What the heck should I download?

(Some guidelines: I'm not much interested in country music of the type that you'd hear on the radio, metal at all, and jazz and classical unless it's really good stuff. Any suggestions should probably be relatively mainstream - I think they have some "indie" stuff, but probably not much that's truly obscure. Some recent downloads (to give you a sense of what I like) - a couple of New Order albums, three Bruce Springsteen, some Method Man, some Tricky, some Cornershop, Everything but the Girl, Kate Bush, Prince, Flaming Lips, Usher, Hold Steady, Ludacris... stuff like that.)

Best Friends

I was thinking about the concept of "best friends" today. My partner at work and I are a lot a like. We've been called "twins separated at birth", and we hang out as much as possible outside of work.

Today I was joking around with him over something and said, "Please? I'll be your best friend!". His reply was "You already are!" and I had to think it over (not that I mind he considers me such, I just thought the concept kind of died out once you got out of grade school).

So, what constitutes a "best friend"?
Are you drunk?

Firefox 2

So... the new firefox is being a pain in the ass. It works and all but I can't change the theme. I'm not even sure the default firefox setting is working for me. The older version worked perfectly fine. I was able to change themes easily.

So my question is, can any of you tell me whats wrong?
Do you know how I can fix it?
Is anyone else having this problem?

I dont want to have to go back to Opera. I hate Opera :(

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.. but also. Have you ever smashed a pumpkin or had someone smash one of your pumpkins? I work my ass off on my pumpkins, but I'm always terrified to leave them out, thinking they're going to get smashed. *sigh* Just wondering if I'm being really paranoid or if this actually happens!


What are some songs with really strong and amazing lyrics?
My choices are:
What Sarah Said - Death Cab For Cutie
Butterfly - Weezer
Karma Police - Radiohead
Vincent - Don Mclean
Black Velvet - Melissa Etheridge
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Some help needed.

I am in school and have one online class.

In this class I have a project for this week. I am to find "Find an essay, article, book, or film that focuses on the topic of education that you think would be meaningful for the class. Possible subject areas would be school funding, proficiency testing, the difficulty in finding good teachers, the importance of community colleges, why students aren’t learning, helping at risk students, etc." And write an essay on it for a online presentation where my fellow classmates will reply.

An online oral report really.

Does anyone have any sugestions?

I am thinking a film would be most interesting (at least to work on). . . But am willing to take any sugestions.

Thank you for your time.
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So... did you dress up today?
I did. I'm an Eagles player that got their ass kicked.

What is the ringtone on your telephone?
Some techno thing.

My second anniversary is coming up. The "traditional" gift is cotton, the modern is china. Any creative suggestions for my husband, beyond, like, boxers?

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iTunes video help


I'm trying to watch Heroes that I downloaded and paid for through iTunes, but when I double click it to play it nothing happens -
it just asks me to enter my user ID and password to activate my computer to play it, then i says it was sucessful, nothing happens again.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance
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Werewolves are cliche. What should the next lycanthrope be?

Werehairless cat

Best way to outsmart Paris Hilton if she became a vampire

Spaghetti with extra garlic
Wet holy water t-shirt contest
Convince her that the large cross in your room is a stripper pole
This wooden stake is really a sex toy
"There's this beach where all these hot guys show up to eat their lunch. Just show up in your bikini at noon..."

You're a zombie. What would you be looking for?

GRAINS! (I'm a vegetarian)
STAINS! (I have OCD)
VEINS! (I'm a junkie)
McCAIN! (I'm politically motivated)
LANES! (I like bowling)
PAIN! (I like it rough)
TRAINS! (choo choo!)
JACK LALANNE! (fitness, baby)
MAINE! (I like chowda)

Which dead person would you want to haunt your house?

Marilyn Monroe
Ronald Reagan
George Washington (post cherry tree chopping)
Laurel and Hardy
Andre the Giant
Fred Astaire
Frank Sinatra
William Deforest (dressed as Bones)
Julius Caesar
Jane Austen
Bob Denver (dressed as Gilligan)
The 1892 Cincinnati Redlegs baseball team
General Lee
JonBonet Ramsey

Lastly, for $50,000, would you have the sixth sense (as in the movie) for one year? All the dead know you can see them and keep showing themselves to you, wanting you to do things for them and stuff

Hell Yes
Hell no
Hell maybe
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Ever tried krav maga? Anything positive or negative to say about it, or anything at all?

I heard it's pretty sick, like well, kickboxing is cool and everything but I don't really want to be breaking my hands on someone's face and I heard that krav maga is more realistic and intense.

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What are some rhymes you remember from your childhood? They can be nursery rhymes, the hand clapping rhymes (Candy apples make me sick, Miss Lucy, etc.) or the counting-out rhymes (Inka binka bottle of ink, Eeny Meeny Miny Moe).
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I need to buy a mop.

I feel really lame asking about something like this but- whatever- this is what I need.
do any of you have a favorite KIND? I don't want some swiffery thing that uses chemicals (needs to be pet/baby friendly)
I am looking for EASY to use.
do I have any options other than a regular boring mop?
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Do you think Nicole Ritchie is being treated for an eating disorder (as her publicist categorically denies), or she really is being treated to "gain weight"?

Are there any Hollywood marriages that have stood the test of time and Hollywood?

How can I stop thinking about death so much? (Not, like, suicide, but the whole "what happens after?" and "what will it be like?" fear and "what will i do when a loved one dies?")

What is your favorite dip?

Would you ever eat a cake that someone made with their own breastmilk?


1.)Does anyone else find that it is much harder to get up and stay awake after the fall time change?
2.)When are you the most bored?
3.)What do you do to alleviate the boredom?
4.)What exciting thing would you love to happen to you, or around you etc.?
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Central New Jersey

I already asked this in a local community, but it's not very active, and I need to know fairly soon.

Does anyone know of a Haunted Hayride that operates tonight in the central NJ area?

I really wanted to go on the Jersey Devil one but it was only on weekends, and I had planned to go last weekend but then I had to work.

Or does anyone know a better community I could ask this in, that isn't central_jersey?

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1. What do you daydream about the most? What did you daydream about the most when you were a kid?

2. Have you ever completely "started over", or known someone who has? If so, why and did it work out for you (or them)?

3. Okay, so let's say someone is taking a road trip across America. They don't have enough money for hotels, so they're just sleeping in their car. They don't have any friends house's to stop at. So, where do they shower?

4. What's your favorite cover song?

5. What aritsts or songs do you listen to a lot when you're trying to do something creative, like draw or write or whatever?

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What are your favorite "harvest" foods/desserts? I usually just cook for my close friends and husband tonight, but this year, there are a bazillion people coming over and I want to make a bunch of favorites.
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What is the most interesting thing mentioned in the Wikipedia entry about the town/city you live in?
"Some scenes for the War of the Worlds 2005 remake were filmed here, and a neighborhood called Ardena Acres was recreated as a set and left standing in Universal Studios Hollywood."

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sounds like a sorta stupid question...

i'm fourteen. since i was a little kid halloween was always my FAVORITE HOLIDAY! not just the candy, but just the feeling of fall. the leaves, the crisp air, costumes, halloween specials on t.v., u name it. but since about last year, halloween matters less and less. as if it goes by and i don't care when i used to be obsessed with it.

is this normal? is it just a part of growing up?
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so i was listening to the boss this morning, thinking of suzermagoozer and i thought of 3 questions! here they are:

1. if you could have any songwriter (or songwriting duo/group) write a song about you, who would you choose? and make it good, ok?

2. if you could have had it so that one already-existing song had been written about you, which song would it be?

3. if you could have written one song, which would you want to have written?

and bonus
4. have you ever thought about how weird verb tenses are?
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misery loves company.

Have you ever been in the middle of a miserable situation...or feeling depressed about your circumstances...and all of a sudden you realized something useful or meaningful that helped change your life for the better?

tell me some good stories.
i am having one of those moments this week...and want to keep the energy/momentum going so I can change things.

thanks, TQCers.
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obscure halloween costumes

I ended up being Virginia Woolf for halloween, it was an easy costume. Though, no one really gets it. On that note-
What's the nerdiest, most obcure, weirdest or most difficult to understand costume you've ever seen/worn?
If there's any Rhode Islanders here, you'll appreciate that I was the big blue bug a few years ago. No one else would get it, though.

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I recently accepted a full-time job at a university. I am not 100% thrilled with the job description, but I accepted the job because the benefits and short commute it would offer is too good to pass up. My two weeks are in at my old job.

I am still waiting to hear back from one other more exciting job at the same university. I am halfway through their interview process and would not be surprised to get a phone call to meet them for a final interview. I would much rather take this job than the one I initially accepted.

If I get this phone call, what do I do? Do I let them know I've accepted another position within the university but still wish to remain in consideration? Or should I decline the interview and stick with the one I accepted out of a moral obligation?

If I go with the first option above and get an offer from the second job, I can just tell the first job that I've been made a better offer, correct? Do I have to give the first job two weeks as well?
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Diet Pills

I don't want any (Eat better and work out) crap okay? I run 4 miles x3 week and I eat fairly well. But there seems to be this last 10 lbs that I can't seem to rid of. I've been stuck with it for years. Is there a SAFE and effective diet pill that can help me rid of these last ten?

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I bought a birthday present for my ex-partner back in September. I was going to send it out to her for her birthday in November. She has since broken up with me claiming to want to be "friends." Then proceeded to treat me like shit. So I basically told her to fuck off and we're no longer speaking.

What should I do with the birthday gift? Should I go ahead and send it anyway even though she's turned into a good-for-nothing bitch?
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Fun Questions.

Would you rather have explosive diarrhea for the rest of your life, or be responsible for cleaning up someone else's diarrhea for the rest of your life?

What's your favorite condiment?

Do you like flavored condoms?

Whats your favorite kind of cheese?

Do you watch cooking shows? Do you hate Rachel Ray just as much as I do? Not for any particular reason, she just seems rather annoying?

What's the most unhealthy thing you've ever eaten?

What's the most unhealthy food that you could imagine?


How do you feel about each of your parents?
Is their one parent who is your favourite or who is the dominant parent (i.e. the one to make all the decisions regarding you etc.)?
Do you wish you had a better/closer relationship with one or the other and why?
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Vapor pressure blah blah blah.

I'm doing a lab report right now and need some help. One of my calculations involves using the "vapor pressure H2O at ambient temperature and humidity."

My professor (who can be incompetent at times) emailed us this info, and isn't helpful in what he wants us to do with it:

Today's % Humidity: 50%
Temperature of Laboratory: 48 degrees F or 9 degrees C
H2O Vapor Pressure at 100%: 11.47 mmHg

How do I calculate the vapor pressure H2O at ambient temperature and humidity??

Thanks for your help!
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Hey guys.

The following dialogue is from the movie Closer:

"She seems open to me." - Anna
"Of course, that's how she wants to seem. You forget, you're dealing with a clinical observer of the human carnival." - Larry
"Am I now?" - Anna
"Oh, yes." - Larry
"You seem more like the cat that got the cream. Stop licking yourself." - Anna
"That's the nastiest thing you've ever said to me." - Larry
"It's horrible. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." - Anna

I've never really understood this part. What does what Anna said really mean, and why is it so terrible?

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Has anyone studied abroad with CEA or IES?

If so, where did you go, what did you study, and how was your experiences? Pros/cons? How were the classes? What was the housing like? Have much free time to explore the city and travel? Anything else?

I am mostly interested in Vienna, Berlin, or European Union in IES. Not sure yet for CEA.
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talking on the phone and saying "no"

Anyone else not like talking on the phone? Have your relationships been somehow affected because of it? Every so often, I have to tell a friend/family member, "I'm not mad at you/Please don't me mad at me- I just hate talking on the phone." I have to do that to a couple of people soon.

Additionally, anyone else have trouble saying "no" to something without giving a real excuse (i.e. you're not busy or anything, you just don't want to do it)? Anyway to get over that?

I can't decide!

Should I put pickles on my sandwich or would it be gross?

Other things going on the sandwich:
Dijon mustard
Alfalfa sprouts

EDIT: Thanks guys; I got the sandwich made and put pickles on it. It's pretty good.

lingere and last names

1. To the guys, mostly: Do you like to see a girl wear lingere? If so, what style, color, etc. do you like? (lacy, simple, leather, cotton, thong, garter,...) Basically, describe your ideal ensemble.

2. Does your surname have a clan or family "motto"? What is it and what does it mean? Mine is "Virtute et Valare Luceo non Uro" and it means, "By virtue and valor I shine, but I do not burn." (I just googled my last name to find it)
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crap.. I forgot to change my clocks and I tried to tape Veronica Mars... and I missed it.. is there anywhere I can download it and watch it? I checked the network, and didn't see anything :(
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