October 30th, 2006

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1. What's the most slices of pizza you've eaten in one sitting?

2. What was the last thing you broke?

1. Three (maybe four).

2. I knocked over a glass (while washing another one).
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so fresh and so clean clean

1. When do you shower? (after you wake up, before bed, middle of your day...)
2. How often do you bathe?
3. Do you use a bar of soap and/or body wash?
4. How often do you wash your hair?
5. If you shave, do you do that while bathing?
6. How long do you usually take cleansing yourself?
7. Do you take a bath and/or shower?
8. You ever brush your teeth at the same time?
9. Do you use separate shampoo and conditioner, or a 2-in-1?
10. How often do you change your towel?
Bunny Rabbit

Anyone work in an airport?

In a week, I'm going to be picking up a friend from the El Paso airport. I'm a dorky pet owner and would like to take one of my dogs with me(the one in my icon lol). If it makes a difference, it's going to be around 11pm and I'd only be in the lobby area and baggage claim. I'd be staying away from the restaurants and what not. The dog would be on a leash, he's well trained so he wouldn't be an idiot and I'd have all of his health certificates with me. He's not a small dog, so I couldn't put him in my coat or anything(He's 60 pounds).

Do you think I'd be allowed to or do you think they'd stop and question me about it? Are pets only allowed if they're traveling?

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i googled "death" and got this image, and if this is "Death" that is going to lead me to the great beyond, then i go willingly and laughing all the way...

what're the images that come your mind when you think of death and dying?
what would the FIRST line of your obituary read?
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Maybe you guys can help me settle an argument.

For the last 3 months my husband has failed to tell me something that he's been doing. He's been talking to someone that I asked him not to (for various reasons that I'm not going to get into). He said he wouldn't. Over the weekend I found out that he's been talking to this person. I asked him why he lied about it and he said he just didn't tell me. He said not telling me is not lying. What do you think?

And for the computer techs

Over the weekend I moved my computer to my parents' and then back to my house. I went to hook it up last night and it didn't get past the boot screen. The Dell logo and the load bar would come up and then the screen goes black save for one little blinky line in the top left hand corner. After a few tries it says to contact Dell with this error message. I'd rather fix it myself if I could. Does anyone know what I should do? And please don't say don't get a computer from Dell. This is the 2nd one I've had in 4 years and this is the first time I've had a problem. The first one I gave to my sister and it still works great.
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(no subject)

What is the best insult you've seen on LJ?

What is your favorite comeback to someone who is being an asshat?

For those of you who work, does your work have parties for various holidays?

For those of you who are pregnant/had babies, did you nickname your fetus? I find myself really weirded out by people who do that.

Would you like to come over and paint my house for me? (inside)

Do you like Moroccan food?

What is the best drama on LJ you have seen in awhile?

What is a good present (under $30) for my five older brothers who are in their 40s? I can never think of anything to get them for Christmas.

If you drink coffee, what is your favorite flavor or type?

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So I missed one math class, and I have an exam tomorrow. I have the sample test, and there is one problem that I just cannot understand. I've looked through my math book (which is horrible, but I digress), and I just can't find what section it's from or anything.

This is the problem:

Compute the following probability for the standard normal random variable z.
P(z< - 0.64)

Can anyone show me how to figure that out? Or at least tell me what it's called so I could look it up online? I don't just want the answer, I want to know how to actually do the problem.
the oc


I just slammed my finger in the door, and it started bleeding and there is a huge spot of blood under my nail. I ran it under cold water, cleaned it out and wrapped it up in band-aids, and took lots of painkillers. Is my nail going to fall off?
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cold / angry

A friend and I were having a boringly interesting conversation (you know, youre so bored with nothing to talk about that the stupidest things become interesting... haha. anyway...)

The idea came up that people who feel cold more easily are also people who become angry more easily. That being cold is just a state of mind. A level of tension, perhaps.

Not angry because they're cold or cold because their angry... just more susceptible to feeling cold or angry.

What do you guys think? Are the two possibly linked in any way?
ew, sandra lee
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Toilet Hygine

My fiance asked why i didnt use the toilet brush when i cleaned the toilet. I really haven't ever thought about using it and when I lived on my own i didnt even have one. This got me thinking...

When cleaning the toilet, do you have and use a toilet brush or do you have one and prefer to scrub it by hand? Or, do you not even own one because you just never thought of it?
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The Dude Abides

Magic ?'s

Do you have a favorite magician or magic trick?
No favorite magician, but I like to try and figure out cool card tricks.

What do you feel about street magicians like David Blaine and Chris Angel?
I think it's pretty interesting in that these guys are able to make a living doing that, but I think David Blaine has gotten a little more loony as of late.

Do you believe in Magic?
Not really.

Have you seen The Prestige?
Not yet, I've heard it's pretty good though.
house oh noes

Livin' in a van down by the river..

If I have to pay $1000 a month for the next 30 years for my student loan payments, does that mean I'll be living in a van down by the river? Or should I not dream of such luxury and start scouting the back of KMart for the good, two ply corrugated boxes?
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What is your opinion of the following television shows? (& Do you watch it? Used to? Never seen an episode?) Answer for as many as you want.

I did this about a year ago with different shows (link), but there were only 12 there. Hope I didn't go overboard now. :)

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I've posted this question on another community before but there were some really interesting responses so I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask again.

What's the weirdest/creepiest/most interesting coincidence you've ever encountered?

yay halloween.

Here are my materials:

5 yards of black, Satin-like cloth
5 yards of sheer silvery cloth
big gold and silver sequins
a gold eye mask
black, gold, and silver glitter glue
lots of safety pins
very limited sewing skills

What sort of halloween costume could I possibly make from these?
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kitten pounce ball


Besides Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead and Beth Orton, what are some other trip-hop artists? I'm really getting into this genre!
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(no subject)

I started car shopping again today.
I found a nice 1995 Saturn SL2 twin cam for $3,100.
It's automatic transmission and all that jazz, but it has 96k miles on it.

It looks and sounds great, but I'm worried about the miles.
Is it worth buying?
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(no subject)

My boyfriend has a lady friend who follows him around throughout the day. She says she wouldn't date him, but wants to sleep with him. She's also tried to kiss him. She knows he has a girlfriend and we have met eachother.
What should I do?
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Poll #856813 For $20,000, would you....

...delete your journal and MySpace, abandon every post you ever wrote, and never return to LJ and MySpace again?


...be willing to be locked in a room for one whole month, where you have no visitors, no access to computers or tvs or music, no distraction except the bible and an unabridged dictionary?


...play Russian chocolate roulette? There's a box of See's assorted chocolates, 40 pieces total. 39 are completely harmless. 1 piece is injected with quick-acting deadly poison, which will slay you in 1 minute. Do you take a chocolate?


...pose completely naked in a 3 page spread in a low-circulation skin mag? Just nudity, nothing more. The circulation is about 5,000 people total, and distributed to only 200 outlets, none of them in your state. Your name is withheld and you can wear a wig.


...kill someone on death row? Someone is seated in an electric chair. You do not know his name or his record. You're in the room alone with him, and he isn't gagged. There's a switch on the wall, which will send the killing volts through his body. He will plead, cry and attempt to coerce you to spare his life. Do you pull the switch for 20k?


...kidnap a pet? Your new neighbors have a 5-year old girl, who has a puppy. The two are inseparable, and she happily tells you stories the two of them go on. She's the cutest, happiest child you've ever seen. However, someone feels that her puppy is an ultra rare breed and wants you to kidnap it for 20k. It so happens the dog is let out to potty every morning at 8 and not monitored. Do you take the dog?


...elect Dick Cheney? In this scenario, he runs for pres in '08, and it just so happens that your state is the last one to turn in ballots, and you know for a fact that your voting place is the last one still open and you're the last one in line, and you're informed that it's dead even not only in the electorical colleges this far, but also in the state vote, and yours is the hinge vote. Literally, your ballot will decide who takes the Oval Office the next 4 years. However, in the line in front of you, a wealthy republican says he will pay you 20k to vote Cheney, ensuring the current administration stay in office til '12. Do you take the bribe?

Rustic books

Plus/Minus grades?

For those who are in college, or who have gone to college:

Did you school us a plus/minus grading system? (If not, you can probably go ahead and skip the rest of the questions here.)

If Yes:
What do/did you think about it?
Do you feel it has/had a negative or positive affect your GPA?
Any stories to tell?
Where you able convince a Professor to give you a plus/minue grade? (Ex. You had a C- and needed a C?)
What was your plus/minus system like? (I hear some schools don't use plus/minus grades until C, C+, B-, B, B+, A)

For those who transferred using plus/minus grades:
Did you get screwed over when a C- grade didn't transfer?

My school is considering using a plus/minus grading system. I'm on the Academic Committe, and a lot of the faculty were against it. I'm not sure how I feel, and was wondering about your opinions, since I've never had a plus/minus grade.
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(no subject)

1. Wierdest food combos? (I need some ideas. vegetarian pls, and especially sandwich ideas.) I'm all about the wierd food, and I need some to add to my daily menus.

2.Tips on not dealing with a breakup, per se, but the anxiety about being alone, and how to start living again after a long term relationship (I feel like an empty shell. Learning to walk again or something.)

3.tips on dealing with withdrawl from quitting smoking? (the cravings as well as the irritation and general grumpiness)

4.will you be my friend? i need some right about now :)

thanks in advance.
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The Dude Abides

Charm/Charisma versus Game ?

Is there a difference in being charming and "having game?"

If so, what do you think the difference is?
I tend to think that someone having or talking a good game as being someone that is deceitful or doing whatever it takes to complete an objective, whether it be getting a promotion or bedding a hottie at a club; charm is more of your natural mannerisms that makes you attractive or appealing to other people.

What's your definition 'game?'

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My boyfriend's workmate called me something that i won't repeat here, but let's say it's pretty degrading and even threatening. His response to that was to knock him unconcious.

If this would happen to you, would you be proud that he stood up for you, or worried that he might do the same to you if you'd say something he wouldn't like? And is violence justified when someone you love is insulted?
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why oh why

As two people commented to me - diamonds lose their value. i did not know this. any idea WHY? This makes no sense to me. As diamond is a diamond, right? Or once someone wears it, it gets dull? i don't get it.


if you had to write a 40 line poem (that rhymed) about "to kill a mockingbird", what's something you might say?

i'm having difficulty becoming inspired.

Powerpoint People?

I am trying to do a powerpoint presentation and upload it to the web. Pain in the butt! I do "Save as HTML", but it won't save more than the first two slides. I have tried everything, except for the right thing, of course, to get all the slides to save.

Is there anywhere I can save this thing for free where I don't have to save each file on its own? Anywhere where I can save the whole folder?

Any help would be great. This is for a class presentation, so it would be great if it actually worked.


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Would you ever mess around with someone who already had a SO?

Why are men such sleazebags?

My anwer: No. And I'm pissed off as hell that someone right now has a girlfriend and seems to think that I wouldn't have a problem with that. I've been the gf in a long-term thing, and regardless of passion and everything going well, there's always that voice that says, "Maybe something better will come along." People like him are why. I don't know why men are sleazebags, but I'd love for that to end ASAP.
office drone

blood of a bitch.

You know what's super annoying? Someone cornering you in your office/cubicle, asking you questions, before you even get a chance to take your coat off. I'd like to slap those people.

What was your biggest annoyance today?
(Providing you've had one.)
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Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

If/when you're a parent, will you let your kids go trick or treating?

Are you worried at all about people putting poison or whatever into candy? Do you inspect the candy before your kids eat it or do you think that's all just being paranoid?

(no subject)

Once I've copied a DVD to my hard drive, how do I go about making it smaller?

I know I can zip it and suchlike, but is there a way of just smaller-ing the file without the need to de-compress it again? Like if I want to save multiple movies (as files) to a disc?

I'm running OS X, if that makes a difference.
Eiffel Tower--Rain

I don't know what to write for my French composition.

Poll #856925 what to write, what to write...

What should my French composition be about?

Describe a trip that you'd like to take, describe who woudl got with you, what you'd do, etc.
Remember a moment in your life where you had an important decision to make...say how your live would be different if you had made another decision.
Describe traditional family parties (get togethers?)
Imagine that you can become invisible whenever you want, or that you can walk through walls or change form. What would you do? Where would you go?

Yes, the choices are in English, but I figured you all didn't know French, so I translated. :-)
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I'm pretty sure I have laryngitis and have had it for a few days now. I'm trying to drink liquids, rest my voice, sleep, and all that good stuff. However, at night it gets worse. I have this wheezey cough, and I can feel some tightness in my chest and I can't keep from coughing. It makes it hard to sleep. I've tried teas but it's really only temporary. I have a humidifier up at night but it doesn't seem to do much. Can you suggest anything that could make me more comfortable?
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(no subject)

I'm writing an essay comparing two stories. In "The Yellow Wallpaper" the name of the main character is never given. Which of these is correct to use when I'm refering to her in my essay?
1. The woman from The Yellow Wallpaper
2. The woman in The Yellow Wallpaper

The first one is correct, right?
coexistence ex.

(no subject)

does anyone have access to reverse phone search? i need to find out the name of the person who has this cell phone number: 347 682 0422

this person stole my phone, i know because they used my phone to call this number several times. also they had picked up my cell when i heard, and the accent is identical to the above number. i want to give his name to the police.