October 29th, 2006

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more about checking under my car in the dark.

Would it be totally weird for me to carry a little flashlight in my handbag so I can check under my car when leaving the mall at night?

I left so late tonight that most of the lights in the parking lot were off so I couldn't really see under my car. The people from the store I'm working at all park in the same lot so they don't have to walk to their cars alone, and I just don't want them to be wondering what the fuck I'm doing shining a flashlight under my car, and in the backseat. I parked in the completely wrong area tonight so none of them even saw me trying to look under my car without a flashlight.
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I heard a song a few days ago inside a store while helping my friend shop for a Halloween costume and I heard that same exact song today on television while they were showing clips of a TV show called BONES. I don't really remember the words because it just sounded like a guy was just speaking some mumble jumble. But his voice sounded aggressive and it kinda reminded me of Kidrock's "Bawitdaba". Does anyone know who I'm talking about or what song?
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I need some great mainstream-ish heavy metal songs to scare away my trick-o-treaters with. The gorier the better... The sort of thing that makes the kids feel as if they're in one of those terrible horror movies. :D
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Do you have the option of adjusting the thermostat where you work? How do you decide the temperature if some like it warm and some like it cooler?

One lady I work with likes to keep it sooo freaking cold in here that it makes me want to bring in a blanket. She walks in the front door at the beginning of her shift and goes directly to the thermostat to turn it down! Every time she goes to the bathroom, I sneak the temperature up a little bit. Brr.
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when i was young my mom had this book that would diagnose medical problems, and it went like:

are you vomiting blood? --->yes--> go to the doctor immediately
no --> you have (disease)

is there something like that for cars? hopefully on a website?

failing that, is there an ask a mechanic type community that someone knows of? and failing that also, can anyone here who knows something about cars tell me wtf is wrong with mine?

i'd really rather avoid paying to tow my car somewhere for a mechanic to tell me that fixing my car is going to cost me a liver and $3,000, so if i could even get an idea of what is wrong/how much it's going to cost, that would be super great.

edit: okay this is what happened-
i have a 1989 volvo 740GL. yesterday, i went to make a turn and the power steering went out. about a mile after that, the check engine light came on and the engine seemed to be shuddering a little. since i was close to home i decided to just keep going with it, and about two blocks away from my house, the engine began smoking and making a loud rhythmic half-grindy half-thumpy noise (sorry - i'm not a mechanic obviously). so i pulled over and turned the car off, waited half an hour to let the engine cool down, and then opted to drive it the remaining two blocks home. the engine seemed to no longer be smoking (or at least it was greatly reduced - hard to tell since it was raining and misty) for those two blocks, but was still making the noise. upon getting home, i popped the hood and checked the power steering fluid which was fine. i checked what belts were visible to the untrained eye and just poked around to see if anything looked obviously wrong. all i could find wrong was a weird tapered bendable aluminum-looking hose thingie (sorry) that the big end of which had disconnected completely from the pipe it was attached to. it's located a bit to the left of the middle of all the "under the hood" stuff (sorry again), coming out from something near the front of the car and was attached to something close to if not on the actual engine block. anyone have any idea what i'm trying to talk about? would this disconnected hose be a possible cause of the smoking, noises and steering failure, or is this just the tip of an iceberg?

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Has anyone ever purchased a cellphone on Ebay? 
I already have a Verizon Wireless plan... so what I'm thinking about doing is buying a new phone on Ebay, then having it activated and use it on my existing plan.
Anyone ever done this/is this how it's done?

Help a girl out.  :)
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Is there a way to actually slow down my computer's clock?

It's not just ahead, it's actually fast. It's set to sync with a time server every day, so it never gets too far off, but it's usually two or three minutes ahead by the time it does that. Right now it's about a minute and a half ahead of the server it synced with half a day ago. I guess it's not a big deal, but it's annoying, and I'd like it to stop.
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Random Questions

1. How much do you enjoy your own independence? Percentage would be helpful.

2. What do you often get/purchase at the grocery store?

3. For those who saw it already, how did you like Hard Candy? Do you think I should buy this dvd?

4. Speaking of dvds, what's the name/title of the last dvd you've gotten?

5. What do you usually do on Sunday mornings?
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bellydance scarf

I'm taking bellydancing classes and absolutely love them. I want to buy a hip scarf, but I'm not sure which color.

Poll #855698 bellydancing hip scarf

Which color do you like best?


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Edit: Ok, one more color: burgundy/dark red

Exercise and Alien Rednecks

1) Anybody here use callanetics? Any good? Would it be worth trying to find some dvds?

2) I'm looking for a graphics program and my friend has offered to give me a burnt disk with a pirated copy of a graphics program on it, key generator included. Could someone look at my computer later and know that the program was pirated? Or am I just safer using something like the Gimp until I can save my money?

3) What are some Japanese legends concerning dreams? Other than the Baku, I haven't been able to find much.

4) Which is more depressing? Dying along in a big house and getting eaten by your hordes of cats? Or abducted by aliens and getting mounted on the wall of an E.T. equivalent of a redneck?
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Question for crafters...

I have a question for any crafters...

How do I get pritt-stick/glue stick marks off collages/paper in general?

I am making a scrapbook but have managed to get glue all over the pictures and writing on various pages. I don't know how to remove it without ruining the paper or smudging the writing/images. The glue marks look really messy which is frustrating because I've spent hours working on this project.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The hell?

We have an 'efficient' washing machine in the house. One of those front loading jobbies, that supposedly uses less water and yet cleans your clothes more thoroughly.

However, an entire load takes an entire hour to wash, which I find incredibly annoying (and on top of that, once the door is locked, you can't unlock it or open it again until the cycle is done - not even if there's no water in it yet, not even if you discover you dropped a sock on the way into the laundry room.)

WHY does it take so long, if it's supposedly water-saving? Normal washers take like 35 minutes.

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If a cat ran for President of the United States, would you vote for him/her?
(Please note that the cat was born in California, is 5 years old – 36 in human years – and has lived in the United States its entire life. Also, for the sake of this post, let's pretend that animals running for President is something that can be done, and the feline is for whichever political party you support.)
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Yesterday I burnt the roof of my mouth while eating hot food. It's not just a little bit tender, it's incredibly painful and the skin is peeling off. Obviously I haven't been able to eat the food I usually like to (I tried a potato chip today and the pain brought tears to my eyes) but it's getting so sore that I can hardly eat anything. I've tried soft fruits, soft cheeses, ice-cream and even water, and it all stings.

I know I have to keep drinking otherwise I'll get dehydrated, but what are some soft, non-spicy things I can eat? I haven't eaten for about twelve hours and I'm getting really hungry. Also, is there anything I can do to lessen the pain or speed up the healing time on the burn? Dinner tomorrow night is going to be delicious, I don't want to have to skip it.

Thanks in advance!

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I have a bottle of green apple Smirnoff vodka and I was thinking of ways to drink it...

I don't really like straight vodka and it doesn't taste good with cranberry or orange juice since it already has its own flavoring...

Any suggestions?

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Gah. I hate making decissions so I come to you, my fellow question asking and answering people..

I was told last night that I am going to have Thanksgiving day and the day after off from work (yay!). So my question is...Do I drive 800 miles (10 hours) to New York and back to spend the Holiday with my family (and get cheesecake)? or do i stay here in Indiana and attempt to cook a Turkey for my "new" husband?

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Anonymous Question #3

How much weight would your partner have to gain for it to become a problem for you? (As in, you're less attracted to them) At what point during their weight gain you would mention it to them (if ever)?

If you would like to submit an anonymous question click here

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i've heard of so many people on livejournal looking underneath their cars in parking lots because they're afraid someone will be hiding under there and they'll cut their ankles. i've never even heard of this actually happening. has it? is it something everyone should actually be wary about?
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How do you pronounce "bona fide?"

My property professor pronounces it bonah-feeday. I always thought it was bonah-fyde.

For those of you who have electric heat with radiators and live in apartments, how much more do you pay per month when you turn the heat on?

Right now I'm paying $70 total for gas/electric for my 2br. The heat is on for maybe 5 or 6 hours a day since my roomate and I are usually at school all day. We put it on to 72, and at night we turn it off.

In most jurisdictions, the mentally disabled are held to the same standard of care as normal indivuduals when evaluating tort claims. In other words, if someone who is mentally disabled harms someone else, their actions are not evaluated against other people with their condition (unlike physically disabled individuals). The intent is to protect and favor the harmed individual. Do you think this is fair? Do you think mentally disabled individuals should be afforded some flexibility?

I feel bad, but I'm not sure. I think it might place too high a burden on society to make accomidations for people with mental disabilities. They range so far and wide that it would be hard to protect society at large from their behavior without significant cost, and I'm not even sure what that would entail. OTOH, there are some things that people with mental disabilities simply can't help or are episodic and it really isn't through much fault of their own if they're negligent in many cases, especially if they're already deep into treatment. If they're not in treatment, then that might be grounds to impose full liability.
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Steve Irwin on South Park

Oh my god, South Park mocks Irwin


Sydney: A controversial cartoon comedy poking fun at the death of Australia’s “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin will likely screen in his home country, despite the offense it may cause, media has reported.

An episode of the irreverent US cartoon series “South Park”, set to air in the United States this week, depicts the late Australian icon at a fancy dress party in Hell with a stingray barb sticking out of his chest.


"We have offended people in the past and probably will again," a South Park spokesman said after the show's website was flooded with outraged correspondence.

Showing Steve Irwin at a party with Satan on South Park was... (check all that apply)

none of the above

Any other adjectives you would use to describe it? (optional)


Wisdom Teeth

I've been putting off going to the oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth removed for almost a year now, and I just noticed the other day that my wisdom teeth are actually coming in now. One of them has popped out, but now I'm really worried... In the x-rays, my wisdom teeth are actually pointing towards my other teeth. Today one of my back teeth has been bugging me a lot, it's a kind of pressure. So now I'm afraid that before I get to the oral surgeon, I'll have lost a tooth from the stupid wisdom tooth's pushing at it.

I have an appointment for a consultation at the surgeon's office in two weeks, but do you guys think I'll be okay 'til then? I have this huge fear of losing my teeth, so I'm really freaked out right now...

So here's my question... What should I do? And is it possible for me to lose a tooth from this?

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1. Will somebody please inspire me to write the two five page papers I have due on Tuesday?

2. What is the defining moment of your life thus far?

3. If you can, are you going to vote?

4. Do you vote by absentee ballot or go to a polling place?

5. Do you drink bottled water, Brita, tap water, or other?

6. What's your favorite Food Network show (current or otherwise)?

7. What's your favorite new TV show for the fall season?

8. When did you realize that today's daylight savings time?

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Who sampled these songs?

There are these two songs that my friends just love and I have no clue what their called but I wanted to download them so I'm hoping someone can help me with the names. What I do know about the songs is that one of them mentions "stunner glasses" and sampled Corey Hearts "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night", while the other song mentions ghost rideing (riders?) and sampled the Ghostbusters theme song. What songs are these?

Also while on the subject does anyone know of a website that may act as a database for what songs are sampled? Like you can go there to see who sampled your favourite artists or whatever. Not sure if it exists but hey why not ask. Thx in advance :)
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Bill of Sale?

When selling a car from one individual to another, what all needs to be included on the bill of sale?

P.S. This is in Dallas, Texas, not sure if that'd make a huge difference.
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What are your favorite non-LJ blogs?

I'm looking for more that I can read, since LJ is blocked at work.

I'm open to any, however I'm most interested in crafty ones (knitting or crochet) or those dealing with money (how to best save money, young people dealing with finances, etc). Or, really, any that just make you laugh so hard that you'll pee your pants when reading them.
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How often do dishes get broken in your household? What's the most commonly broken item and who is the greatest offender?

What's a 10 letter word with the definition: "A major feature of planning is doing this for work operations." Crossword puzzle - WTF? I have the second, fourth, and eighth letters so it looks like _ C _ E _ _ _ I _ _, and I'm willing to guess that the last three are "ING". So. Scheduling?
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I've heard that you can only get in trouble (in the USA) for failing a drug test if you're on parole or have been charged with possession, but it really seems to me like you'd be in deep shit any time you failed. It probably varies state by state but does anybody know for sure?

PS - This is for settling an argument. I am in no danger of failing a drug test.

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This is a long shot, I know, but I'll ask anyway.

For those of you who have seen Babel, what do you think is written on the note that the Japanese girl gives to the policeman near the end of the movie?

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I know the movie only has a limited release so far, but maybe at least one other person has seen it? I'm really curious.
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two questions

a.  'Tis the Season!!   I'm looking for a part time job to pick up during the holidays.  What are some places you'd recommend looking into?  The more lucrative, the better!

b. I'm going to my first concert this evening!  I'll be seeing the Decemberists.  I'm at a loss for what to wear.  What would you suggest?

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So, I have a final project due in my class about the gender differences in the Holocaust. So far, I can only think of two options, project-wise:

A) Write a 10-15 page paper. *headdesk* That's not happening.
B) Create a scrapbook presenting the information in a female v. male, sort of set-up.

Anyone else have any good ideas? Something that isn't overly involved, as I've procrastinated, and now I have 1 day to do this.

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Halloween is coming up quite quickly. Due to my severe lack of spirit this year, I haven't decided on a costume yet. I have a couple things I could throw together pretty easily, though.

1. I have this green and black feathered mask, and it's really pretty. I could dress in green and black, wear the mask, and be a green and black feather person. (Similar to my red and black feather person costume a few years back.)

2. My godfather makes parking lots for a living. Through him, I have gotten my hands on great bits ot junk....handicap parking signs, car fenders, and most recently the handle pumpy part of a gas pump. I'm thinking I could attach that to my arm, put on a large cardboard box and a sign with gas prices on it. Ahhh, watch out for the scary gas pump with the climbing prices! Ooooh, scary!

3. The 3D glasses they gave us when we saw Nightmare Before Christmas look very similar to Rivers Cuomo's glasses. I could locate a wig, put on a geeky sweater and those glasses, maybe carry a guitar, and TA-DA! Instant Weezer frontman!

So if you were me, which costume would you wear?
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A couple weeks ago, I broke off one of the nose cushion thingies off of my glasses. I've had these frames for 6 years so I'm not entirely surprised.

So first, is there a more technical term that I can use in my google searches so I don't get tips on cleaning my eye wear or what to do with a broken nose? haha

Second, do any of you have any tips for keeping the cushion on?

I'm looking for a variety of things before I try glue, but I can't think of anything else. I've looked at a couple stores to see what they have that I could use, but a product designed for this does not exist in Oregon as far as I can see.

I called a couple optometrist places and apparently this nose cushion is far too critical and way too expensive to put back on and they're telling me to get new glasses. WTF? That sounds pretty asinine to me.

Edit: This just in, they're called nose pads. And the optometrist places I have gone to are fucking idiots. Do not go to Oregon optometrists.
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(no subject)

Are there any websites that sell really cute jewelry for piercings that are NOT for bellybuttons? I've found lots of websites with neat jewelry, but all the really cool stuff is for bellybuttons.
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Banking Question

My bank did something very strange that ended up costing me $26.

About a week a go, when withdrawing money from my checking account to pay for medicine, I noticed that there was some extra in there that I could not account for. About $800 extra. Knowing I had just had a direct paycheck deposit, but not for anywhere near that much, I took out what I needed, and left it at that for a while. As I was sick, I didnt get the chance to investigate the matter any further for a few days.

On Thursday, I needed gas on the way to work, so I used my debit card to get $5 worth. After work, I went to the bank to ask them about the extra money. The teller said they had put $750 into my account (without my knowledge or consent) incase I overdrew, and that if I did overdraw I'd still be charged the overdraft fee. She said I could talk to another lady to 'opt out of it'. I did, but was told that I was overdrawn, get this, by 20 cents, and would be charged the $26 overdraft fee.

Does this seem right to you?

I wasnt told the money would be put into my account, nor how much had been put in. I wasnt sure how much my paycheck was for, but I was pretty sure it was a bit over $20 (how much I took out for my meds) and that I had ~$5 in there before hand (the ammount I spent on gas). Then to be charged $26 for an overdraft of 20 cents?! It jsut doesnt seem right! Could anyone who knows more about financial stuff tell me if there's anything I can do? I have a check for $30 from babysitting last night, and I'd really rather it not go to the bank as I need it for gas and food. I'm not going to be getting another paycheck for two weeks, and I kind of want to eat, you know, now.

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1. What is your preferred mode of transportation?
2. What do you like to do on sundays?
3. Last thing that worried you?
4. Last thing that made you smile?
5. Last person you had sex with?
6. What do you like to do on your birthday?
7. How old will you be on your next birthday?
8. Do you have any regrets? Name one.
9. What do you want from life?
10. How close are you to getting there?
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Dear TQC,

I have a persistent headache I've been battling all day. My standby, Excedrin Extra Strength, didn't really work. I've taken three today (not at the same time, of course) and when I took the Excedrin, my headache went away for a while, but it would come back.

I have also tried just lying down, doing nothing. I have also attempted to just lay down and shut my eyes for a while (as if to take a nap, but not actually doing so).

So, I come to you for any home remedies that you may have. Gimme what you've got!
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Is it better to use the elliptical or the treadmill.
What does one do... that the other doesnt? Stuff like that?
For losing weight... burning calories.

See, common sense tells me that the treadmill would burn more calories... my friend told me that you actually burn more calories on an elliptical since you use your arm muscles too (full body workout.) The internet sources I've check contradict one another...

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my friend has a doggy that always cheers me up. Its a bluish pitbull. It's always jumping all over me and licking my hands and face. It bites my hands but not hard, its doesnt hurt at all. my friend says that thats a sign of affection. is it? are dogs really smart enough not to bite someone's hand off?
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Everyone's a littlebit racist

Questions based on something I heard in a social psychology class :

What are the first assumptions you make if and when you think of:

1. A Mexican-American female.

2. An Asian-American Male

3. A Puerto Rican male

4. A young woman in a wheelchair.

5. A 20-something Caucasian male wearing a stained ribbed sleeveless shirt with a "mean" look on his face.

6. An older Caucasian couple, man wearing a suit and woman wearing dress.

7. A petite Asian-American female in her late teens or early 20s.

8. A teen wearing mostly black or dark colours. Not outlandish goth stuff, but say a black long sleeve shirt, black jeans, and black boots.

9. A girl in a Fall Out Boy T-shirt.

Bonus: How do you deal when you encounter individuals who outright refuse to speak English?

For a less American-centric version, how do you feel when tourists visit your homeland and they refuse to speak the dominant language(s) of your country?
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(no subject)

In Good Will Hunting, Will goes up to the snotty Harvard guy and says, "Do you like apples? Well I got her number! How do you like them apples?"  Can somebody explain this whole "apples" thing?

Also, I've recently begun watching Desperate Housewives. Can somebody explain exactly what Orson's past is and why he ran over Mike? I read a few recaps from season 2 and all I gleaned was that Orson met Susan at the movies.
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birth control question...

A bit of a backstory:

I've always had hormonal mood swings in the week before I got my period. In August of 2004 I began taking Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. After that my mood swings were calmed down and mostly non-existant except when I was under great stress. The past few months however my mood swings have been insanely bad, even when I'm not under stress. They're to the point where I start crying over small petty things.

Is this because something is wrong with my birth control? Are the hormones not effective or something? Would switching to another birth control help? Or am I doomed to have miserable hormonal mood swings for the rest of my life?

And yes, I plan on talking to my doctor about this, but I still won't be able to switch my b.c. for another month or so and I was wondering if it was even worth switching.

On Christmas

How wrong do you think it is to buy multiple items of a specific toy such as say a TMX Elmo or perhaps even a Nintendo Wii and then sell it to the highest bidder on E-Bay?

Is this morally wrong or survival of the fittest? Meaning if someone is willing to wait outside at 2 in the morning till Toys R Us opens so they can each reserve a Nintendo Wii with the intention of selling one then they should be able to do that or is that unfair to the person behind them who didn't get to reserve one?

Does anyone know if there are laws against this like there are for for ticket scalping?

I ask because I know someone who got SICK because he was waiting outside of Toys R Us for them to open so he could get two TMX Elmo dolls to sell on Ebay... and I find it hilarious at what people are paying on Ebay for a toy that looks like it's jacking off.

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Poll #856252 Where are you from?

What Continent are you from?

North America
South America

What country are you from?

The Netherlands

If other, where?


any chemistry people here?

I'm just wondering if there is any sort of website/program (that's free to try at least), where I can create molecular models and rotate them and such?

Basically a computer version molecular model kit...

any links or programs please?