October 28th, 2006


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Anonymous Question #1

If you have a male friend visiting and staying the night who you know suffers from sexomnia (initiating sex in their sleep), and they get in your bed and initiate sex with you in the night and you don't wake them up even though you know they wouldn't be doing it if they were awake, have you raped them?

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Which of the following bands have you heard of?

Men, Women, & Children
The Pink Spiders
Cobra Starship
Head Automatica

I ask because they all opened for 30 Seconds to Mars tonight, and all of the people that I talked to there had never heard of any of them.

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How often do you go for a check-up at the doctors?

What is involved?

I've NEVER had 'just a check-up' at the doctors. The doctors is somewhere you go if you are sick, & you better be good & sick too.


So, I have Pneumonia.

I would love anyone who has ever had it to give me some advice.

How long did it take for you to become well again?

I'm itching to leave my house. I also should be sitting my exams right now, as I will be graduating from high school in less then a month.

Am I totally screwed?

I was only diagnosed yesturday. I have already been in hospital. I might be going back on Monday.

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What restrictions and regulations do you think should be in place to stop proven irresponsible pet owners to get new pets?

Do you think they should be prevented getting any new pets at all, or regulated?

(This has nothing to do with the post about the kittens and the razor, nothing to do with the OP, yada yada.)
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TQC Archetypes

Last night I had a dream where someone (whose icon I recognize, but don't know the name of) made a post about the "general" types of TQC members, and what kind of questions they ask/responses they give. They also give examples of said people. I was an example for one of them, and the description was basically making fun of me the entire time. I didn't care. I thought it was awesome.

1) Any TQC "archetypes" you can think of? Examples?

2) If someone outright makes fun of you, how do you take it?
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Why do you think I feel all anxious/nervous for no apparent reason? Its came out of nowhere and I don't know why.

Could it be anything to do with the fact I haven't slept in 24 hours? Sleep deprivation?

Thanks =)
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Earlier this month I was buying tickets through Ticket Master. The event was going to be both in New Jersey, fairly close to me, and in New York City, not as close and getting there is generally a hassle. The NJ tickets were $125, while the NY ones were $25. I figured it must be because the NJ place has seats, and in NY it was standing room only. I decided to get tickets for NY, because the trouble of getting there wasn't worth $100, plus at the one around here I'd be more likely to see assholes from my high school.

Anyway, this morning my dad told me there was a big story about Head Automatica in the news paper. I was looking at it, and at the bottom they say it's part of the MTV $2 bill tour, and tickets are $24?! In disbelief I checked ticketmaster, and they are only $24. I am sure they were $125 before, I checked a bunch on times because I couldn't believe there was such a price difference.

Was listing them as $125 a mistake, or do they randomly change prices by more than $100 sometimes?
It's here on Ticket Master, if it matters.
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I am going to buy myself one of these two things:

1) a new laptop
2) a projector & screen for movie-watching & games & anything else you can project on a screen

I already have a desktop, but it needs to be completely reformatted for a number of reasons, and right now my mom lets me use her laptop whenever I want to (because she rarely uses it).

I also have a DVD player and TV already, but the TV is only 18" whereas a projector & screen would be at least 60".

I don't need either of these things, but I want to buy myself something. The laptop would be more than double the price of the projector & screen.

So, which would you buy?
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Guys, girls and porn

These questions only apply if you like/own any kind of porn or hentai.

- How do you feel about watching porn with your SO?
- Are you willing to share your collection with them?
- Would it make you feel wierd if your SO shared their porn with you?

If you didn't already, imagine you're in a heterosexual relationship
- Guys, would you let your girlfriend share her porn with you? (presuming she had any)
- Girls, would you let your boyfriend show you some of his porn? (assuming you like porn, of course)

I ask because my boyfriend thinks it's wierd that I have more porn than he does and that I'm willing to share it with him.
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I was watching something on the history channel last night, about the origins of Halloween.

Celtic pagans were around WAY before Christianity.


Christianity vs. Paganism.

Who wins and why?

(ETA: Jeez, ask one question about religion and people scream troll. I was honestly curious because I know there are people who believe in both in this community, and, having been raised Christian, the thing on TV last night was interesting to me, because, well, it made Christians look like total assholes and the Pagans look kind of peaceful and stuff. I felt bad for them, because they didn't really seem to be the Satanists that the Christian church painted them as.)

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Does anyone have a Tom Tom? or something like that in thier car? If so, where'd you get it? and about how much is one?

I need something because I get lost easily and map reading while driving is not a skill I have acquired yet.

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Comms other than ontd, wtf_omgz, booju, mock_the_stupid, stupid_free, drama_awesome, brutal_honesty...

I need the lulz, people! I need updated comms that can provide me with a daily dose of craziness, drama and the like. Thanks in advance.
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inspired by The Masculine Self

1) Do you think it's perfectly acceptable for little boys to play with dolls, purses, play makeup, etc. or do you think they should be restricted to more gender "appropriate" toys?

2) What about little girls?

3) Which do you think would stand out more to you:

a. a little boy pushing a pink stroller with a baby doll in it.


b. a little girl playing with a G.I. Joe doll.

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during this past season of flavor of love (yeah i watch it ok?) who won? new york or deelicious??? I'm currently in a community theatre production of "fiddler on the roof" and for the past like 2 months ive gotten home at 11 at night or later, and everytime the season finale is on, i fall asleep halfway through cuz im so tired.

describe the final clock ceremony in detail if you can please.
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I'm a waitress at a retiremement home and we're allowed to dress up on Tuesday. I was going to be Audrey Hepburn but I decided against it and I can't think of anything to be!!
Any ideas?

I'm feeling inquisitive today.

Do you ever watch Kim & Aggie on How Clean is Your House?
Collapse )

Do you think they're hilarious?
And a sidenote: how does Kim get her hair to stay like that? It looks like it doesn't budge. A really awful lot of hairspray? It's rather mesmerizing.
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I've been invited to a DVD night with some family friends. I was thinking of renting something, but I have no idea what.

I'm looking for something that:
- is out on DVD (in Australia).
- will work for two sets of (fairly liberal) parents and three teenagers.
- isn't too long.
- is fun! I don't want anything too serious and depressing.

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Have you ever met an Exorcist?

My debating society in University organised a talk with one last week. He was very quiet and gung-ho.

Appearantly, yoga, aromatherapy, acupunture etc, as well as positive thinking lead to 'infernal brainwaves' which are the first sign of demonic possesion...

Also, the existance of Heaven and Hell? FACT

I was slightly worried.

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1.) Is there a release date for the Motorola Pebl to come on to Cingular, or will T-mobile be the exclusive carrier?


2.) What sort of birthday gift would one buy for a fifteen year old boy who likes shamrock belts, shopping at american eagle, dancing, and marching band? (The gift must be relatively inexpensive and the sort of thing one friend could give another. :D )

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Hey everyone... I work in a restauraunt which shall not be named and its come to my attention that my shoes... well.. stink... badly... Its not my feet or me.. but my shoes... They are leather treadsafe managers dress shoes btw.

is there some way I can deodorize these things without taking a whole lot of time? cause we're right in the middle of Haloween weekend and I don't want to have wet feet at work.

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If your grandmother was moving into a condo, would it be rude to 'help' her pack up and then call dibs on the things you'd like? I would go to actually help, but she does have some things that I'd like to have instead of her giving away.
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What is more... uncouth? (not quite the right word)

ZOMG big edit to make it not my situation, just a generalised thing:

a) wanting to return a gift for whatever "don't like it/not my style/need the money" reason
(instead of a good reason like "Already have one/wrong size")

b.1) leaving the price tag on, announcing/somehow referencing the price
b.2) doing something that bars it from being returned (screwing with the UPC tag, buying it at a going out of business sale)

(Inspired by my wanting to return a flash drive my mother bought me- I already have one- and finding that she'd cut the UPC out for a rebate. I do not think it's uncouth for this case, just inconvenient to me. It just inspired the question.)

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Anyone know anything about Winamp? For some reason, after playing a song, instead of moving to the next song on my playlist it just stops and I can't find any informaton on getting it to work again >_>

Any help?
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Random question.

Would you buy handmade earrings with the 1up mushroom from Mario on them? I've made a few pairs and I want to know if people would actually pay for it or if I should just keep it as something I do as gifts for friends/family.
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1) what happens to a playtex 18 hour bra after 18 hours?

2) when you go to a restaurant, how do you ask for something to put your leftover food in? do you ask for a "box" or a "container", or something else?

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I have an LG VX 5200 cell phone, and the screen's frozen.  All I did was close the phone without exiting out the calculater first, which I've done before..  Does anyone know what to do? D=

Will taking out the battery delete all my contacts?

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does anyone know where i could get a still shot of a part of a music video??

i really like the video of bojangles by pitbull where the girl is dancing, but you only see her silhouette {spelling?) against a colored screen..

Sigh. Excel.

Sorry for the computer question.

Why can't I figure out what function to use to divide the number in a cell by another number in MS Excel? Can you?

EDIT: Answered. Thanks cathubodva!
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Okay, I've checked the FAQ, and I can't find an answer to this.

When I use Safari or IE, when I go to update my journal, a drop-down box is there with all the commnities I have posting access to.

I just got Firefox, and there's no box to select a different journal to post to then my personal one, so I can't figure out how to post to communities.

What's the incredibly obvious thing I'm missing?

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I wrote my mother a four page letter this summer
explaining to her about dreadlocks, and how i've wanted them
for two and a half years.

We talked about it and she told me she could get
used to the idea but my dad couldn't because hes very
narrow minded when it comes to changes like hair or piercings.

I just want honest opinions here, if you had a child that was 19 years old
and they wanted dreadlocks,what would you think or would you care?
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When I download full albums on soulseek the first song finishes rather quickly but the rest take FOREVER. This used to not happen. Do I have a firewall or something up? How can I make this process quick like it was before? Eh.
for 65redroses :)

Hot Dream, Less than Hot Ex.

Let's say you have an ex that you haven't seen or spoken to in years. You dislike him, your relationship was an utter disaster, and frankly, torture would be too good for him.

Last night, you had a very explicit, tawdry dream about him. In this dream, obviously, you did NOT hate him. In fact, all day after the dream, you've been thinking about how hot the dream was, while shuddering about the fact that it was about HIM.

Do you try to forget the dream, chuckle at how strange the mind is while asleep, or try to re-enact the hot act in the dream with your current partner?