October 27th, 2006


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I am in the process of applying to graduate school and tonight I came across the term "scholastic residence".

What is that? It is a private school so I know it doesn't involve in/out-of-state tuition rates.
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What do you do to exercise your brain?

I feel like my brain has turned to JELLO. I think a big reason for this is I'm only taking one class this semester. I need to do some hardcore thinking/creative activities. What do you suggest I do to awaken my gray matter?
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Family approval

What's the last thing you did that your family didn't approve of? How long did it take them to get over it?

My boyfriend and I just bought a puppy. My dad doesn't really approve because its "such a big dog". I'm positive my mom won't approve because she's not a dog person, and doesn't approve of people (particularly me) spending money on things such as animals.

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i realize that most people like movies, and don't get me wrong, i like movies to an extent, but watching movies isn't exaclty one of my hobbies. i don't really like to go to the movies, or spend time at home watching movies. i usually try to avoid it.

i don't have an enormous DVD collection that i take pride in, either. i own maybe three DVDs, and i almost never, ever watch them.

everyone i tell this to acts like i'm an alien.

am i alone? or are there other people that don't LOVE movies?

do YOU love movies?

if you do, why? if not, what do you do instead?
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belle & sebastian fans

Poll #854286 belle & sebby

favorite album?

If You're Feeling Sinsister
The Boy With The Arab Strap
Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
Dear Catastrophe Waitress
The Life Pursuit

Early morning blues

Its raining here. Its dark, cold, and dreary. I should have stayed in bed. Instead I'm sitting in my keyboarding class, bored off my ass. What's the weather like where you are?

The college finally banned Youtube last week. They banned Myspace this week. What am I going to do during class now?
What? WHAT?
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Dear TQCers,

Here's a fun little poll that you can help me with.

I have *JUST* finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger. *JUST*, as in, I finished up that book at 1 o'clock this morning.

Now I have a dilemma. I have three different books I'd like to start, but I can't choose which one to start next. PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE!

Poll #854368 Book choices

Which book should I start reading next?

A Rage to Live, by John O'Hara
Call It Sleep, by Henry Roth
The Way the Crow Flies, by Ann-Marie MacDonald
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hooray for boobies

Because today is Breast Cancer Awareness day*, and I get to come to work in my pink boots for charrideeee:

Do you check yourself for breast cancer? If not, why not?

(this question applies to the boys too :) )

*It's actually Breast Cancer awareness month, but "In the pink" day today. For the pedants amongst you ;)
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there's a phrase/quote/whatever that i've been using for years and years, and for the life of me i cannot remember what i got it from today. i want to say it's a song... but i'm not positive.

anyone know where:
i like things that are good-- you are so, so good.
is from?

The Receptionist Classic

...but... why?

Why would the 2nd floor bathroom have a wheelchair accessable stall? There are no elevators in the building, stair access only.

Are there things in your normal (if you call it that), everyday life that just make you wonder what someone was thinking?

If you are near a window, what do you see when you look outside?
Right now I am watching a seagull trying to swim against the tide. Why it doesn't just get up and fly, I don't know. It is probably looking for food, I guess. But still. I also have a view of the turkey vultures across the river fighting over something and construction of a new barge a little further back.
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I have a friend who recently had a double lung transplant, and is in desperate need of funds.

Anyone know where [or who] I can write to or link her webpage to, so people can possibly donate some money? I really want to help her, because so soon after the surgery she's doing so well, and I want it to stay that way.
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too much Vitimin D?

(x posted to personal journal and TCQ sorry if you see this twice)

Does any one know where i can find the symptoms of mildly ODing on vitmin D? i can only find what happens if you take hideously toxic levels (40,000 iu i think is hospitalize-and-probably-kill dosage).

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Poll #854609 The dead have risen from the graves, part 2

Which would be the most interesting to play?

Charades with Charlie Chaplin
Scrabble with James Joyce
Leapfrog with Marilyn Monroe
Mad Libs with William Shakespeare
'Yo momma' with Groucho Marx
Campfire stories with Edgar Allen Poe
Pictionary with Michaelangelo
The 'guess what I have in my hand' game with the Marquis de Sade
Truth or dare with Rasputin
The Star Wars drinking game with John Belushi
7 minutes in heaven with Rita Hayworth
7 minutes in heaven with River Phoenix
Rock, paper, scissors with Kurt Cobain
Pin the tail on the donkey with Steve Irwin
20 questions with Edgar Cayce

Who would be the most pissed?

Sid Vicious hearing a Good Charlotte album and what passes for punk rock these days
Victor Hugo watching Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame
Dr. Seuss after watching the Cat in the Hat movie
Franklin Roosevelt over the Bush administration
Lenny Bruce over Janet Jackson's Nipplegate
Virginia Woolf after watching a Girls Gone Wild video
Linda McCartney over the Heather Mills accusations
Martin Luther King over the career of Fifty Cent
Babe Ruth over Barry Bonds
John Wayne after watching Brokeback Mountain

If you could bring back anyone from the dead, in their prime, to live another 20 years, and keep doing what they do best, who would you pick?

Chris Farley
John Lennon
Marx Brothers
Mother Teresa
Elvis Presley
Oscar Wilde
Steve Irwin
J.R. Tolkien
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
William Shakespeare
Stanley Kubrik
Isaac Asimov
Robert Kennedy

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NOTE: TA = teaching assistant

• can a person be a TA for different professors in different subjects, even while said TA is currently pursuing her/his own degree?
• how much, on average, is a TA paid?
    — what country are you from? (So I know what monetary units and school system you're going by)

And on a completely different note:

• would you choose to save your sibling's life over that of your significant other?
    — why?

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(Thanks to everyone who helped with my cold. Even though I stayed up all night, the more visible symptoms had gone by morning, though I still felt like shit. Luckily, both professers gave me extensions over email, so I didn't have to drag myself into college.)

Have you ever made yourself sick (not in the fingers-down-throat way, in the stand-barefoot-in-the-snow way)? What did you do? Why?

taking control of birth

Why is it that doctors seem to be in such a rush to have women give birth? If you're not in labour by a certain day, they induce you. If you aren't "progressing fast enough", they give you a c-section.

What happened to being patient and letting nature take it's course? I know some will agree that the mother/child is at risk, but I find it extremly hard to believe that the majority of these cases are as serious as doctors make them out to be.

Edit: when I say "let nature take it's course", i mean like, not pumping a mother's body full of pitosen in order to speed up contractions, and not sceduling a c-section if you don't give birth by a certain date, etc.

Completely unrelated

1. Whenever I'm not actively reading or concentrating on something, my eyes go slack or won't focus and I find it difficult to force them to go back in focus when I need them to. What gives? Should I go to an eye doctor?

2. What's the weirdest saying or expression that you've heard or made up? My grandmother used to say that it was "as cold as a witch's tit in a brass bra," which was especially funny to hear coming from a 70-year-old's mouth.

Anonymous Questions

In this post, many of you seemed to miss the anonymous questions, so I decided I'd start collecting any questions you have and I'd post one or two every day or every couple of days.

If you'd like to submit an anonymous question, click here

And just so this post has an actual question in it, what is your favorite restaurant to eat at?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Okay so I was in a weird situation last night. Well not that weird, but one that I wasn't exactly at ease in. When I got home, my body was soo sore and tense-- my muscles, especially leg and butt, ached. All I did all night was basically sit around. Can being stressed out do this to your body?
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Do you view your birthday as the anniversary of the day you were born or the super-amazing feat that you were able to make another trip around the sun?

[sort of a glass half-full question]
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Painful knuckles.

At first I thought that this might be a case of normal X-chromosome mosaic "stuffs". . .but that might be a little far fetched:

Why do I only suffer from dry skin on top of the knuckles of my right hand?
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Birthday ?

When you go to a sit-down restaurant on your birthday do you tell the server that it's your birthday?

What about when someone in your group has a birthday? Do you announce it to your server or not say anything?
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why does birthcontrol come in the US often with 28 pills instead of 21 pills? just to remember taking it? it's not that difficult to remember these things. I live in europe and never have seen packs with 28 pills. with so called "sugarpills".

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This is a question about questions, really, so I hope this community's the right place!

My friend runs a famous cake shop and as part of their promotions, they send out an email once a month with a factual question, for which the first correct answer is offered a free lunch. However, recently, every question has been solved in under 10 minutes by people simply looking the fact up on Google, despite attempts to make the questions as opaque as posssible. This is unsatisfying and not in the spirit of the challenge.

An example: which 20th century head of state ate his last meal blindfolded, and why?
type in: 'last meal blindfolded' into Google and it turns up Francois Miterrand's last meal of ortolan on the first page. (And so the competition then turns on knowing that Francois Miterrand was a 20th Century head of state, which is hardly a big deal.)

Does anyone have a good grasp of what sorts of factual questions Google isn't good at answering? Other kinds of questions, like maths or logic problems, have been more successful, but we don't want to necessarily have to rely on this sort of question each time.

Any suggestions welcome!

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Have you ever gotten this weird pressure in your head when you sit perfectly still?

Sometimes I like it. I sit there watching TV and all of a sudden it feels like I'm pressing my head against a wall. As long as I don't move, it feels like I'm physically doing this and as soon as I turn my head, it goes away. Or it feels like my brain is trying to get out, pushing against the side of my skull.

Am I weird?
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Sims 1 or 2

Does anyone here play Sims?

- Which ones have you bought/played? (*Ever played hot date..c'mon you can tell me..)
- What do you think of them?
- Are they like Tamagochi's.. if you don't keep them active, do the characters just die off?

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1. How far in advance can you make cupcakes and decorate them before they become stale or taste funny?

2. Do you ever wish you're online journal was on paper, like in a journal you could hold and look through?

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What judgements have you passed on people without really knowing what the heck you were talking about only to realize later how clueless you were? 

For instance, I used to laugh at people who'd buy a large burger, and an order of fries and then get a diet soda.  Now as a type 2 diabetic, I know that maybe I shouldn't eat that burger and I don't need that large order of fries, but drinking a large non-diet soda on top of that will raise my blood sugar through the roof.  Also, I realize someone might be dieting but giving themselves a treat but still figure they don't need the extra calories of a soda.

money, podcasts and TV

Would you pay more money to buy an item from a small business vs a large retailer? (e.g. I bought a book from a small store for $15 and saw it on Amazon.com for under $10. I love supporting the small business but also felt like I ripped myself off.)

What podcasts do you listen to?

Do you watch reality competition shows? Which ones?

the friendly LJ-neighbor

You are a member of a local LJ community (if you're not...pretend):

1. Someone makes a post asking for something they need ASAP, you are available and either have it on hand, or can get it quickly...
  a. Do you offer to bring it to them? (why/why not)
  b. Do you expect payment in return or is this your good deed for the day?

2. Someone needs a ride somewhere, and you are able to provide it...
  a. Do you offer to drive them? (Why/why not)
  b. Do you expect payment?

3. Have you ever gone to a local event you saw posted about on LJ?

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When I was 12 or 13, I got my earlobes pierced for the first time. After a year or so, I let them close up again because they never healed, they were consistently red and itchy and oozy. A couple years later I got them pierced again, with the same result.

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And with that long-winded explanation, here's my question: Should I bother getting my ears pierced again? I'm wondering if I wore pure gold posts for the first year or so if they would heal properly.


My husband found a dead body on his way in to work this morning (he called 911 etc) - no, this is not halloween related, it actually happened. :(

Have you ever found a dead body randomly? How'd that work out for you?


For those who are in college or who've already graduated, what is your opinion on the whole party scene?

Upon entering college, I was told that it should be something I should get a little taste of, because that's what makes college "fun," the memories you create, the stories you can tell, etc. My parents always encourage to go out more. I've only gotten buzzed once and it wasn't that much fun because I got depressed (I'm depressed already; on antidepressants). I really want to try getting wasted but I don't have a group of friends I can trust to take care of me and I don't want to do something stupid.

Personally, I think alcohol is so hiliariously overrated. I don't understand it lol.

So...is it worth it? Do you really make friends at parties or do you just get puked on by drunk people?

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Don't kill me for asking the same question over and over. I'm going to a job fair tomorrow (at Michaels). I'm sixteen, never had a job, no fucking idea what to do with the interview. I've been looking it up on the internet and all I get is things that don't exactly pertain to a part time/seasonal job at a store. What do I wear? I don't have any skirts and for Christ's sake, we're getting a Northeaster tomorrow. What do I do once I walk into the store? (Yes, stupid, but seriously, what?) What questions will I be asked? What do I say? What do I ask them? Anything else I left out in this post that I should know?

Help me.

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I'm contemplating (read: thinking of how to convince my parents) purchasing the above shirt, which features a picture of my maniacal feline, Mia.

Would you spend approximately $14.95 (not including shipping) on a shirt with your beloved cat on the front?*

* Assuming you own a cat, of course.

Nip/Tuck fans, help?

I hate... hate hate that I watch this show. lol But I do, and the end of the last episode had me "Huh?"ing.

The last scene shows Sean holding Connor after surgery, giving him a bottle. The baby's hand holding the bottle obviously had the "no more flipper" surgery, but then the other hand is being held by Sean and it had obviously not had the surgery. Did I miss something, or am I just mistaken? Did they keep one of the hands as it was? That would be ridiculous.

Then again... we *are* talking about crack on TV here. :p
Give Peace A Chance

Six-word stories

(Guess it's a repeat. Oh well.)

This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. They asked "asked sci-fi, fantasy, and horror writers from the realms of books, TV, movies, and games" to participate, but I'd like to see all genres.

So the question is: Would you like to play a game?

I'll start:

He asked. She delighted. Ever after.

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Should I be Virginia Woolf or Salvador Dali for Halloween?
My plans for the night are handing out goody bags full of candy and condoms door-to-door at my school.
Should I be something/someone else that better fits my plans?
No "sexy (insert occupation)", please.

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My new every 2 for Verizon is in December and I'm having a hard time picking a phone. Right now I've narrowed it down to a pink Razr, a Krazr, or a Chocolate[trendy, i know, stfu].

However; I'm not really interested in the razr or krazr because I really dislike the metal buttons on them and I don't like the setup of either phone altogether but the razr is pink! and the krazr is the only other type of phone i know.

i'm leaning more towards a chocolate but I'm not sure how durable it is and I think it's a sliding phone rather than a flip one and I don't like slidings.

Out of these 3, which phone would you choose? If you have one, please tell me your experiances with them. Do you know of any other nice Verizon camera phone?

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What is your favorite song by the following bands?

a. Queen?
b. The Beatles?
c. Nirvana?
d. Red Hot Chili Peppers?
e. Soundgarden?
f. Ben Folds (Five)?
g. The Who?
h. 311?
i. Our Lady Peace?

Narrow it down to ONE song. If you can't decide, put "Undecided" and nothing else. If you don't like the band, put "N/A" and nothing else.