October 26th, 2006

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back seats and showers.

1. When you get in your car at night, do you check to make sure no one is in the back seat? Do you check to see that no one is hiding under your car?
I never check at my house but in parking lots I always check the back seat. In shifty parking lots I always try to check under my car from a distance, since I'm convinced someone will be hiding under there just waiting to cut my ankles.

2. I'm afraid that I'm going to slip getting out of the shower one day, hit my head on the side of the bathtub, and die right there. Is this a common fear? I've always wondered how many other people worry about it.

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Is there anyway to cultivate a cold? Or make it worse?

Basically, I have a cold now. I would quite like to still visibly have this cold on Friday, or even Tuesday, so I can get a doctor's note and an extension on my mid-term essay.

Right now, I'm at that stage where I'm not really sick enough for them to give me a note (the Uni health centre pretty much demand you be collapsed before they'll give you one), but I'm well into the stage where I feel so horrible (blocked nose, watery eyes, neck pain, weird heavy-head feeling) that I can't really concentrate.

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This is something I was talking about w/a friend last night and I thought I'd pose it as a question here.

Do you think that there is a difference between jealousy and envy, or do you think they are the same thing?

If you think there's a difference, what is it?


I think there is a bit of a difference. I see jealousy as "I wish my clothes were as cute as hers", and envy as actually hating someone for having cuter clothes. Both are bad, but envy is more bitter I guess. It's a fine line really. I also think that envy is a variation of jealousy. Jealousy is the whole "I wish I had that", where envy is the point where the jealousy consumes you. So really it's the attitude. I hope that what I said made any sense!

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I'm absolutely stupid and I can't figure out how to upload an album using sendspace, or megaupload, you sendit or something. When I push the folder icon, it opens the album so all the tracks show. I want to just upload the album as a whole. How do I do that?

thanks very much in advance.
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AHH! So. this question is for anyone who is familiar with Dell Inspiron 700m laptops:

So I've already checked a million times, and my battery isn't part of the recall, so it has nothing to do with that. However, when I bought my computer last year, I paid extra to have maximum internal battery, which supposedly came with an 8-hour battery.

Since this had always successfully worked, when I was in class the other day and my computer was running solely on its internal battery, it suddenly said "battery critically low," I ignored the warning and kept typing, and even though the power meter eventually went down to 0%, it never shut itself down,a nd allowed me to keep working. I figured this was just due to the extended battery life not corresponding with a typical battery measurement.

However, now I have a problem. Even though my computer has been plugged into the battery pack consistently for over 48 hours now, my computer still says my battery is at "6% charging." Any time I remove the battery pack, a popup appears saying my battery is critically low and I need to switch to outlet power...

Is it possible that I somehow wore down my internal battery? That by not heeding the warning, I've prevented it from actually being effective?

And how do I go about fixing it? How much should I expect this repair to cost? My warranty expired and I foolishly didn't renew it, and it seems to be impossible to renew post-expiration......


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1) if you were to choose - what kind of animal would you be? why?
2) the last thing you lost/misplaced?
2a) if found, where was it?
3) most unusual place you attended a wedding and/or funeral?
4) favourite colour you like to wear?
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What to say when someone sneezes?

When someone sneezes, in English, ppl say "god bless you", "bless you", or simply "god bless". Some Italians or Spanish say "salud" (I could be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure). What are some other ways to say this in other languages? I'm not asking how to say "god bless you" but rather the idiom for responding when someone sneezes.

EDIT:Geezus you guys are fast. Thank you very much.
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1.Butter or margarine?

2.Maple syrup or 'pancake syrup' (like Aunt Jemima for example)?

3.Chili Powder or a blend of your own spices?

4.Italian seasoning or a blend of your own spices?

5. Orange juice -fresh squeezed, not-from-concentrate, concentrate, Sunny-D?

6. Chili -ground beef, ground turkey, chopped roast, veggies only please?

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I will never understand men

I met this guy at a party/family function. We got along well. He asked for my number, I gave it to him.

He didn't call until one and a half weeks later.

From experience some guys call straight away and some wait a few days; but I've always managed to forget about them if they take longer than a few days.

He called last night and I wasn't home. The message was basically, "hi, this is blahblah, from the party, just wanted to see how you're doing, you're not home I suppose, I'll try calling tomorrow night."

My question is, should I answer when he calls tomorrow or should I just screen his calls? I don't understand why he waited so long to call. Either he lost the number or was busy or was working up the courage? I don't know.

Advice? Suggestions? Help!

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OK so I think I'm gonna be able to make it to that court date today (to actually fight the ticket, not the first preliminary court date). It's my first time going to real traffic court and not juvenille traffic court. I'm pretty sure I'm not eligible for traffic school because I got a ticket and did traffic school last summer. The only reason I want to fight it is to hope the cop doesn't show up. I was flat out speeding, going 50 in a 35 and have no defense for it. So I have a couple of questions. If the cop doesn't show up, do they just automatically throw it out without making me say anything at all? And second, what if the cop does show up... what do I say?
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Seasonal Jobs

1. Which of the following stores have you found to have the highest concentration of fat employees?

Picture People
American Eagle Outfitters
Bath & Body Works
J. Jill
Sunglass Hut
I have never seen a fat person working in any of those stores.

2. When stores are hiring seasonal employees are they more likely to hire someone they wouldn't hire normally?

3. When you are at an interview for a retail job stated as seasonal should you pretend you'd be interested in staying after the holidays when they ask?

4. Let's say they offer you the job at the end of the interview, but you aren't willing to work there for what they offer to pay, so you won't be taking the job. Should you tell them then you won't be taking it, or should you call them later?
The thing is I don't need money, I have spending money and literally no expenses, I just need something to do until I start school in the spring. I'm also trying to find a seasonal job to make my dad happy. The job I basically got yesterday was going to pay me less than Macy's did so I won't be taking it. Even when I was still in school and at Macy's my friends who had jobs in retail all made more than me and none of them had previous experience, or had been at their job very long.
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Can anyone give me suggestions on how to make this torture/scary story I am writing seem real? I can picture it perfectly in my head but if I try to write it out it becomes too cheesy. It's for a creative writing assignment. Basically, this girl is tied to a bed and her boyfriend is talking to her and telling her how she is going to die. I want him to end up putting plastic wrap around her head so she can't breathe while he does all this. Or something like this I have to think more about it but how I can make what is happening seem more real?


I was searching the internet today and saw this quote by Camille Paglia: "There is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper." As quoted, "Women track in the sensible middle, while men veer to the radical extremes."

What do you think?

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1. I'm currently in college, but dropping out at the end of the semester. I want to get a job now, but the problem is, I'll be moving back home for a month or two around Christmas for what would have been winter break. Then I was hoping to move back out to the same general area my college is at, get a small apartment, and resume working again. However, I have a feeling that probably won't go over well with most places. Has anyone here ever done anything like this? Are companies nice about it, or would it be better to just get any kind of a job now, quit, and look for a new one when I move back out here?

2. In my life, I've had limited job experiences. I helped my dad DJ high school dances and wedding receptions, and I helped take care of my disabled mother. So I can wrap a mean wire and change a shitty diaper. I worked at a grocery store for about a month during the summer, but they overhired so most of us new employees just stood around and tried to look busy, while actually having nothing to do. My dad wouldn't let me go back to work once the school year started, and I was too shy to call and tell the grocery store that, so I just ignored it until they finally mailed me a 'you're fired' letter about a month later. So, when looking for what would pretty much be my first job, how should I handle this? I'm afraid no one will hire me because I have such shitty work experience and no college degree.
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I have AIM 5.5
Yes, I know it's old but that's what I have.

I recently made a new screen name and there is this ugly black wallpaper on my IM.
I dont' want it on there, I don't want any wallpaper at all actually...
So, how do I get rid of it?

I've looked under preferences, buddy icons, IM/Chat.
I can't figure it out.

Anyone know how to help me out?
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your local curriculum

I grew up in Berkeley, CA. When I was in 5th grade, we did a whole unit on the Gold Rush, which was basically a giant roleplaying game. When talking to other folks who grew up in the bay area, the Gold Rush unit in school is a fond memory for everyone. Later, I realized that, duh, not everyone in the USA did a cool unit on the Gold Rush.

So, where did you grow up, and what interesting projects/units/readings did you have in school, that were local history related?

In addition to the Gold Rush unit, we also did a big unit on the missions of California (which included going to a mission and making tortillas and candles), and read a lot of Jack London.
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What topics do you think would be interesting enough to do a 15 page research paper on? The topic must be within the field of mass communications which can basically cover almost anything.

It can't be on anything with the radio industry because I'm already doing my honors thesis on that and this year the mass comm department has decided that our honors thesis and our department thesis can't be on the same topic. Every topic I've come up with sucks and my presentation is due in less than 2 weeks now. I'm completely lost. So, any ideas? Please, help?
Chester (naughty_tangled)


Ok...where do I start?

Is there a candy you used to love, but you can't get it anymore?
I loved Runts Speckled Eggs but they don't make them anymore. I have also been
those Charms suckers that were half sweet, half sour.
They don't sell the Sobe Grapefruit Elixer in my area anymore. That was my
one and only Sobe drink. :(

On to the pathetic part of my question..
I need to do something with my hair for my Halloween costume. I thought that I would try curling it. I've never done this. I know. I'm pathetic. I'm 22 and the only thing I know how to do with my hair is wear it in a pony tail and dye it various colors.

So, are there any tricks to curling your hair? Should I do it when my hair is wet or dry? What's the best kind of product to use to keep them from falling?

Do you do this?

So, I just get back from the apartment laundramat facilities, a nice batch of washed and dried towels in my mesh bag.

I toss the towels on the floor, start folding... when I come across a pair of childrens sweat pants.. WTF? I know that they weren't in the dryer when I put the towels in there to dry, so I am assuming some sick moron threw them in there to dry, thinking they'd be able to get them before I came back to get my towels.

Who the hell does something like that? Have you ever pulled a cheap move like that before?
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Where, exactly, did Kurt Cobain shoot himself? Forehead, under the chin...where? And how much damage did it cause? I want my Halloween costume to be as historically accurate as possible. Yes, I've Googled it, I didn't really find a difinitive answer.

Also, this is a question that's been kicking around in my brain for a while:

Let's say it's Monday morning. You're looking forward to Thursday for whatever reason. How would you go about counting the days?

Include Monday and Thursday, four days
Include Monday but not Thursday, three days
Include Thursday but not Monday, three days
Include only Tuesday and Wednesday, two days
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Does whistling bother you? Or are there certain circumstances where it's okay? What about the people who whistle when they're nervous? Or people who whistle random notes and not real songs/music?

yes, whistling does bother me.

Anyone do yoga?

How has it changed your body and and how do you feel for it?

My job is very physical. I often carry heavy awkward objects for some distance, and hold a heavy weight on my shoulder very steadily for long periods of time. I am wondering if yoga might improve my strength and give me more flexibility (I am always so stiff in my shoulders, neck and legs).

I was/am rather skeptical of the whole deal...but I'm moving to a new city in a month, so I may as well try something else new at the same time.


I'd like to go on vacation soon and I picked up a Contiki catalogue, the prices look really decent. What's the catch?
Anyone taken a tour with them? Where did you go?
I'd like to hear like good and bad experiences please.

Any other decently priced tours like Contiki?

If you had to choose:

Would you rather ...
be a vampire
be a werewolf
be a succubus/incubus
die so your mortal soul won't be in peril


And what do you know about the rules of vampires, werewolves, succubi, and incubi....?

I think I'd like to be a vampire
I know a lot of rules for vampires but one that intrigued me was the one about the white rose

I know werewolves can either change on the full moon, three days, OR they can just change at will
OOOOOH and if you had a choice of wereanimal what would you choose?
googling isn't as fun as asking actual people=p
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Sports ?

1) How do you distinguish between what is a sport and what is merely a game or hobby?

2) Which of the following do you consider to be sports?

a) NASCAR Racing

b) Bass Fishing

c) Bowling

d) Ping Pong

e) Horseback Riding

uh, i guess spoiler warning?

What is it with Ben Kingsley dying by suffocation with plastic around his head? Jesus. (Just watched Lucky # Slevin - and I'm also referring to House of Sand and Fog). Can you think of other actors in totally unrelated movies that die in the exact same way?
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I find it amusing how such similar colloquialisms can have such different effects between countries. In the UK, the phrase "have it off" means the same as "get off" in America (i.e. masturbate). Saying "have it off" in the US might just mean you had an argument with someone, but that's even stretching it. Certainly it's not something one would interpret as lewd.

I'm curious; what other colloquialisms and phrases exist that are similar, yet don't translate or have the same effect between countries or cultures?
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Sims 2


Curious if anyone knows some of the cheats for sims 2? I know that motherlode is 50,000 simoleans. I know there's something to do with boolprop but the ones I've found google searching have not worked with my comp. I used to know it, but it's been a while since I've played... i've found my disc again though. Muahahaha. ;)

What's your best Sim name you've ever used if you've played sims? I named one of my girls Salacia. hehe. It sounds like a disease. I was entertained.

And for those not of the Sims world...

What's your favorite play? *not musical. Play.*


Mine's probably A Streetcar Named Desire.
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Six-Word Stories

Wired has a feature (which some of you have undoubtedly seen) showcasing some VERY short fiction. Here's their introduction:

We'll be brief: Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words ("For sale: baby shoes, never worn.") and is said to have called it his best work. So we asked sci-fi, fantasy, and horror writers from the realms of books, TV, movies, and games to take a shot themselves.

Do you have any six-worders of your own you'd like to share?
My Point?


For those of you who are parents or are planning on being parents, I thought it would be interesting to see what your views are on discipline.

This all started when someone said that while she was at the park, a child hit her kid. Instead of finding the parents, she SHOVED the kid and got into an argument with the kids parents. The kids age? 3.

Anyone else not agree?

I'm curious to see how others discipline their child.

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Poll #853824 The dead have risen from the graves!

Jeopardy is having a special Halloween teamup, where you can team up with a famous dead person. Remember what kind of questions Alex asks. Who's your partner?

Thomas Edison
Bob Hope
Leonardo Davinci
John Ritter
Albert Einstein

Who'd you want on your debate team?

Adolph Hitler
Thomas Jefferson
Groucho Marx
Walt Whitman

Who'd you want as the general in your army?

Ghengis Khan
Richard the Lionheart
Napoleon Bonaparte
General Patton
Alexander the Great

Pick 3 people to invite to your party

Oscar Wilde
Timothy Leary
Audrey Hepburn
Rudy Valentino
Walt Disney
Mark Twain
Mata Hari
Joan of Arc
Marquis de Sade
Bob Hope
Elvis Presley

You can have one person be your servant for a year. For purposes of this poll, they're alive

Julia Child as your personal chef
Andre the Giant as your bodyguard
Bill Hicks as your court jester
Martin Luther King as your motivational coach
Bruce Lee as your combat teacher
Mae West as your romance and sex appeal coach
Edgar Allen Poe as your personal storyteller
John Lennon as your personal minstrel
James Dean as your booty call
Marilyn Monroe a your booty call
Jack the Ripper as your personal hitman
Carl Jung as your psychiatrist
Dale Earnhardt as your chauffeur
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(no subject)

1) Anyone know of a website (that ISN'T Ebay) that sells pajamas for women in the thermal/waffle-y type material? I don't know the actual name for it so that might be why I'm having a hard time finding anything.

2) What is the best benefit or perk of your job?

3) If you are in a long-term romantic relationship, how often do you see your friends? How often does your SO see his/her friends?

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(no subject)

These are girlie type questions:

1. Anyone had a Brazilian wax? How painful is it? About how long does it take? This might sound weird, but I have hated having pubic hair ever since I first got it and I'm getting tired of shaving, so I thought I would try waxing. I've got a pretty decent pain threshold.

2. For those of you who use the shot as your method of birth control, how do you like it? I hate the patch and I won't do pills since I can't even remember to take the prescription meds I'm already on.
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Job help.

I was at the mall today so I stopped in JCPenney to get a job application. They didn't have paper applications, you had to do it on a computer. I applied and then they interviewed me right away. They are supposed to call later tonight to schedule training. The thing is I didn't want to work at the one at that mall, I wanted to work at the one closest to me. I figured I could just get an application there since I was there anyway and mail it or take it the one closest to me. When she calls should I explain this to her or should I just not answer?

Also if I went tomorrow and applied at the one closest to me would they know I had just applied at the other one?
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(no subject)

1. What's your favorite cereal?
I'm torn between Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms.

2. As you have gotten older, have you noticed changes in your hair color?
My hair has gone from a very light brown to a very dark reddish brown.

3. What's the strangest thing in your refrigerator?
antibiotic doggie ear drops and South African mayonnaise

4. If you will have trick or treaters for Halloween, what are you giving them?
M&M's and little tubs of Play-Dough!

5. I want to apply for a job in a field I know nothing about. I have no qualifications for this job other than I am VERY eager to learn and this is a career I've always been interested in. It's not something I need a degree for, but background experience would help. What can I do to make myself not look like a stupid ass while applying for the job and still have a chance of getting it?
This is semi-hypothetical at the moment.
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Custom Mood Themes (and others)

How difficult is it to make a custom mood theme? From personal experience, was it worth the time and effort? Are they ever accidentally deleted? Can people snatch them away from you?

I've read the LJ FAQ about them. Is there any missing steps there? Anything that may confuse me as I try to make my own?

Where do you go to get your best desktop images for your computer?
Right now I like: http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/index.php?w=0&sort=date&id=&page=31

Where do you go for your best LJ icons? Do you make your own?
I made this one the other day... I'm not usually a freak about super cute little icons, but oh well. Elephants are bitchin'.

Personal Story:
My roommate doesn't have a cellphone, so he always asks to borrow mine. I feel a little guilty when I do that because it's actually my dad who pays the bill. Tonight my roommate asked to borrow some cash to buy cigarettes, and since he had already borrowed my phone, for two calls, I was already kind of annoyed and said no. Like hell I'm gonna pay for cigarettes (I personally think they're pointless and gross).
Would you have loaned him the cash? I only had $4 on me.
rufus, muppy


When you get sick, are you the type of person who takes lots of medicines, or do you just let your body fight it off? Do you tend to pop asprin at the instant you get a headache, or do you just wait until it goes away?

I tend to use things like teas to feel better when I have a cold. I only take something if I REALLY feel bad. Even after surgery I only took about 15 of my pain killers during the time when I was recovering, when I was prescribed 50. I hate taking stuff if I really don't need to.

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Which one are you most guilty of and why? I can't post my answer right now because I have to go to bed. I will post it in the comments later.
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Lois Lane

What one thing would you say a person dressing up as Lois Lane for Halloween would need? For the sake of in-your-faceness I'm making a Daily Planet nametag. I'm just wondering about other essentials.

(no subject)

If someone you didn't know well asked you out on a date and told you they'd buy Cirque du Soleil (or some other fairly expensive show or event) tickets if you'd cover a moderately nice dinner, would you go?

Would you be going because they were taking you to Cirque, or because you liked them?

Would you say that this kind of thing is too much for a first date with a virtual stranger?

(No, no one has asked me to go to Cirque du Soleil, alas. I'm just curious what people think an appropriate first-date activity would be. It's been a while since I've been "out there", as Sally says.)

long entry.

So, today my psych class was part of an experiment about witness identification. A man entered our classroom (which is a large lecture hall) and went to the podium and took the sign in sheet and stood over it. He then proceeded to run off with my teachers purse. We then filled out forms asking what the man looked like, and if we could recognize him again. We were then shown a photo array and asked if the man was in the photo array and to pick a number if he was. We were then asked to tell them how confident we are.
My friend Erika and I were talking about it and the woman behind us chimed in about how we'd find out Tuesday (our next class) and how she should get Erikas name and possibly use her to be interviewed on the news. So after she took Erikas name, I told her "Oh, I can give you mine, too" and she took it. They then called 6 people up, Erika and I were 2 of them. We were interviewed for abut an hour and told we'd be on the news sometime in November. (We go to John Jay, which is a criminal justice school, so this was both a learning experiance and good publicity for the school, according to the head of the psych department)
Who wouldn't pass up 15 minutes of fame? (not the question)

When has being pushy or aggresive helped you get your way?


What's the best thing that happened to you this week?

Being filmed for the news, getting Colber Report tickets, meeting the head of the psych dept. at my school and getting an in with her (she said that if the theatre class i want to take is full to call her and she'll get me in, and that she needs a new stage manager so she took my number and said she might call), getting a 79 on my psych test, getting a check plus and a p on my english midterm (both of those will bump my grade up one third in the end. so if I were to get a b, he'd give me an a-), and I made dinner rolls and roasted potatos today.

i'm in a good mood, that's why i'm posting a lot.


Bones bones bones

I bought a bag of bones from the antique furniture place today (they have some other crap like that). They are doctors demonstration bones. I have a few knees, vertebrae, a few femurs, fibulas and sacrums. MUHAHAHAHA.

I'm going to use them for the animal rights type presentation I was talking about earlier, though I'm not sure exactly how to display them.

Poll #853601 Bones

How should I display my bones?

Lying around on the floor
Sticking out of a garbage bag
Hanging on the wall, possibly off meat hooks (as yet unpurchased)
Other (please explain in a comment)
cat mask

(no subject)

Is there a memory you have that makes you cringe? Like you still feel guilty all these years ago?

About 12 years ago, I was at my grandparents. My grandparents spoiled us.My grandma bought me a present, I didn't like it, I wanted my sister's present. I preceded to cry, and cry, and cry while she tried to find me something equal. She died 8 months later. I feel so much guilt when I think about this, so many years later.
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Name that Film...

Trying to figure out a movie.
I think it was Alice throught the looking glass, but I"m not sure. What I've sen online does not seem to be the right film. I think it was a sequel to Alice in wonderland, and I remember ( I think) a life sized checker/chess board, a red queen with a massively red pouffy hat, and at the end, I think the girl rans back through the mirror to escape a dragon ,(which scared the heck outta me) I imagine it has to be at least 8 - + years old, the version I am thinking of.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? It is not the "Return to Oz + - 1985 version. I know that there was a desperate escape through a mirror near the end of the movie.


(no subject)

I just figured out how to make ringtones using Motorola Phone Tools. I am super excited because now I can have ANY ringtone I want because I can make it. AND it's free!

So, what are your suggestions for some good ones?

PS-Right now my phone rings "Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring BANANA PHONE"