October 25th, 2006

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TCM Spoilers ahead

I just saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (or whatever in hell it is called) and have a burning question: Is the fat kinda retarded looking girl that gives birth in the 1st reel supposed to be the fat kinda retarded looking middle-aged lady that visits the family in reel 3? Or are they separate people?

your name

. What is your first name?

. Do you like your name?

. Do you have any nicknames?

. Did your parents have any alternate choices for names for you?

. What would you have been named if you had been a different gender?

Mine is Arianna. I like it a lot, though I did not used to when I was a child. My nickname is "Ari". Originally, I was supposed to be named either Hannah or Nicole, but she chose Arianna in the end. If I were a boy, she would've named me Seth.
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(no subject)

I'm currently on the pill, but am going to the gyno tomorrow. I'm debating switching over to the Nuva-ring so that I don't have to worry about taking a pill every single day.

I know there is a community for those who love the nuva ring, but what about those who are just 'ok' with being on the nuvaring? What are your good/bad reviews of being on the nuvaring?

(no subject)

How do you make an online radio station?

Such as what programs I need, if there's some type of website I can do it on, etc.

Where can I find a server to stream shoutcast off of?
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(no subject)

(Okay, let's try this again. My poll shouldn't be all fucked up this time!)

Today I was driving home from school and I got behind a transfer truck that had its emergency lights flashing. To my surprise, he never pulled off the road and just kept driving. It was about 10 miles before he finally turned his emergency lights off and continued on his merry way.

TQC, I ask you: Why on earth did he have his emergency lights flashing?

Because he was...

Getting head
shippo getting head from fieryphoenix

If other, plz specify in comments.

And which one of you bastards broke my heater? D:
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flu shot?

i'm a 26 year old female. i'm going overseas in a couple weeks for about a year to teach. i'll be around a lot of young(er) kids and people in general. the winters there (korea) are pretty harsh. should i get a flu shot before i leave?

(no subject)

Have you ever done stand-up comedy? How did you come up with material? Did you use any kind of tutorials or did you just sort of figure it out yourself and hope for the best?
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(no subject)

1. Do you ever get impulses to do things that you know are downright insane, and even though you don't act on these impulses, you are aware of them? Particularly, destructive impulses, though non-destructive ones may also apply.

2. How irrational would it be to pick up and leave the country for another one, without much warning to anyone else?

3. Have you ever discovered something so terrible that you wish you had never found out about it, even though it would be irresponsible to not know?
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This is a spin-off of the SAHM question asked last night.

I made a comment about how I don't know any man who would be willing to support his non-working wife, and a lot of people said they knew lots of men who would be willing to. It baffles me because everyone I know has a strong hatred for "gold-diggers" (male or female) and wants a partner who makes an equal financial contribution to the relationship.

So my hopefully non-wank-inducing question is, would you support an able-bodied, non-working spouse/partner? What is your mentality behind it?

I'm more interested in the second part than the first. I would feel really used and taken advantage of if I was in that position, and I'm curious how other people apparently don't and even encourage their partners to not work.
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one man's trash.

My brother is a garbage man (and yes we are very proud) and he occasionally gets some very cool stuff for free (because ya know...we are a wasteful country). Last night he stopped over after work and brought me some CDs and a computer program, Creator8, it's basically for burning stuff to CD/DVD. I don't really see a point to having a program for it, I burn CDs just fine without any software....

1. Is there some reason to use software to copy, edit & burn your CDs?

2. Have you ever gone dumpster diving?
  a. what did you find?
  b. do you go often or not?

(BTW, this bunch of goods were from a store that was tossing returns/clearance items, stores throw away a lot of good stuff)
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A Trio, just for you

1) Books Has anyone here read any of these three novels? Thoughts? Opinions?
"The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger
"A Taste For It" by Monica McInerney
"Company" by Max Berry

Which of those three would you download for your next book to read? Keep in mind you like a little humor and quirkiness in the author's style.

2) Weather In an unrelated matter, what's the weather like where you are? (Where are you?) My fingers are nearly frozen here in northern CA.

3) Hair! What do you do when no amount of hair junk (spray, gel, etc) will keep curls in your hair? And I really need some help with this one - the wedding is less than a week away and I cannot for the life of me keep my hair curly/wavy/not crappy for more than an hour. This is unacceptable. My hair is thick, longish, and very dry & damaged if that helps with suggestions. (*edit* And I'm not the bride and I'm flat broke, so going to a professional? Not happening.)
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Clothes shopping

Who do you normally go clothing shopping with, or do you usually go alone? Which do you prefer?

Do you always try everything on?

In the try-on stalls, if it's allowed, do you ever have whoever you're with go in the stall with you?

Why exactly do certain shops not allow more than one person in a stall anyway?

How often, if ever, do you buy clothes online? Where? (ebay and similar sites, store/designer sites, or both?)
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What if

What's your what-if story? Your could-have story? Is there something in your past that you know could have changed your whole life, but instead you went another way and are who you are today?

(no subject)

Since last year, the NYC area doesn't have a hard alt rock radio station anymore. It's maddening. But anyway, that means I miss out on newer bands because I have no (effortless) was to get exposed to them. I recently discovered AOL radio, which is awesome, and found 10 Years, Red, and Egypt Central (and their current hits, Wasteland, Breathe Into Me, and Over and Under respectively), and I want more! If any of you do have a local alt rock station like most of the freaking country besides this area, what's been playing? What are new bands to check out (and their singles)? Or even new singles of already established bands? Thanks so much.

(no subject)

Do you think that a person's musical tastes say a lot about them?

I get kind of annoyed when I see people listing off a million bands, as if that makes up for their lack of an interesting personality. Having said that, I do tend to judge people on the type of music to a point; if I see people that share similar musical tastes, I imagine that I would get along well with them, since it takes a special type of person to enjoy the weird stuff I like.


What insect[s]/pest[s] do you dislike/fear the most?

Cockroaches gross me out, but I have absolutely no qualms about killing them, as long as I don't physically touch them.
Bees and wasps frighten me. If I get stung by a bee, I get a fever and wherever I've been stung swells. Wasps frighten me, because they can just keep stinging. :O!
[This question has been brought to you by Resident Evil 0 and it's giant cockraoches.]

The Sims2

hey everyone. i was thinking of uninstalling my sims2 game on my computer then installing it again to start over, like clean slate. but i have one problem

i could have misplaced one or two of the discs that come with the original Sims2, and i want to know how many there are supposed to be. So far i've dug up four discs, are there anymore???

ALSO, do you know of any easier way to start over (ex: the people in the already made towns start off fresh, uneffected by what i've done to them in the past) withought having to uninstall it???


EDIT: ok so i have all the discs, and its asking for an installation code in a white box. i know for a fact its on the manual but i dont have the manual anymore!!!! please, is each code invidvidual, or is it universal? if its universal can someone PLEASE tell me the code!?

a million thank you's to anyone who helps me out!!!
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(no subject)

1. Why do postal workers go "postal"? I mean, what is it about the job that makes them crazy? They get paid a decent amount and from my point of view (that of not knowing anything about the job, really) I would think getting paid that much to do nothing too hard would be worth it.

2. How did you find/hear about the Question Club?

3. Have any of you worked at a bookstore? What was it like/did you enjoy it?

4. Are you going to use LJ Talk?

edit: 5. Have you ever worn the same outfit twice in two days in a row even though you could have put something else on? I did that today. I woke up a bit late, and figured since I don't see people today that I saw yesterday, no big deal! I'm not a scrub though. really. This was a one-time thing.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

Sorry to ask another question within two or three posts but this question about what happened to your first love made me wonder...

How would you define the phrase "first love"-- is it the first person you were in love with? Or is it simpler than that, and the first person you dated? the first person you had a massive crush on? The first person who broke your heart? etc.

Halloween candy

When you went trick-or-treating (or go, for those of you who still go door-to-door for sweets), which candy did you hate getting and usually threw out or gave it away? Which candy was your absolute favorite and you definitely didn't share it with anyone?

I can't remember what my least favorite was, though I never ate those "Boston Baked Beans" candy because they looked weird to me.

If I ever got a Mr. Goodbar, they were allllll miiiiiine.

costume help

dear tqc'ers :

i'm in a bit of a pickle. you see, i must have a costume for halloween. normally, this would not be a problem for myself, but there are obsticles.

you see, i work in a night club. in my position at the nightclub, i have to have full range of motion, full visiablity, and pockets. it appears the pockets is the most difficult part . . .

basically, i'm a pretty standard guy. i just can't come up with something to wear that gives me all three of these necessities.

so, dear question club, got any ideas for me?


How do I link to the middle of a web page?

There's a really long webpage that I just want to put a link to a specific section of. Otherwise people will have to use "find" or scroll through pages of text. I know it's doable because my browser does it all the time and I've clicked links before that do it.
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I know that most girls boobs are two different sizes, as mine are. My right breast is noticeably larger (at least to me) than my left one is...so much that sometimes my right boob will be spilling out of my bra and the left one fits perfectly...

So my question is.. Do you think that what hand you write with has an impact on what boob is bigger? Because I'm right handed so I use that side alot more than I do my left side..I thought maybe the chest muscles were being more active or something?...

Also, I think a NYC taxi driver cheated me the other day.

I got in the cab on W 34th st and I asked him to take me to the nearest E or F train stop. He insisted that he take me all the way home because the trains were running slow. He asked where I was going and I told him St. Johns University in Queens. He said the fare would be about 40$. I told him I only had $35 and he agreed. So we're on our way to my school...I'd say more than half way there..the meter reads $16 dollars and then he turns the meter off...so it stopped calculating the distance and fare, etc.

He ends up charging me the said $35 dollars but I just have a feeling that I was jipped. Does anyone know the fare "scale" for NYC taxis? Like, $2.50 initial charge and .50 every 1/4 mile after that or something like that?

Thanks alot in advance. Sorry for the long windedness.

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When someone on LJ adds you to their friends list, do you go back through their journal and read all the old entries?  

If so, why?

Hell for that matter, if not, why?

Do you think people expect you to do this after they friend you and to know everything about their life on LJ?

I usually go back a couple of weeks just to get an idea of what's "up" with them.  Other than that I don't unless given a reason, like they mention something they posted "way back when".

(no subject)

Part 1) I have a big project to do at work, a ton of laundry to fold and to wash, my floors haven't been swept in i don't know how long, and my dining room table is covered with clutter.

Am I a lazy person for wanting to leave work right now and just nap?

(the last nap I took was a couple of months ago)

Part 2) I watched 'Friends with Money' this weekend and it made me wonder, does everyone clean their house before the cleaning lady comes, or do you really think that people leave their nastiness all around for the cleaner?
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Another annoying job interview question...

So, I have this interview tomorrow at a pet store. When it comes to job interviews, I freak out. I hate them. But this time I'm not as nervous...because it involves animal stuff and I LOVE this store...but, since it deals with customers cause it's a store where they sell outfits and stuff; I don't know what kind of questions they may ask. Like I know the usual...if I'm good with people/good customer service. But what others do you think?

That's the site.
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The Dude Abides

Game show ?

They don't make game shows like they used to in my opinion.

What's your favorite game show(s) of all time?
The Price is Right, followed closely by Press Your Luck (No Wammies!) and Family Feud

(no subject)

I've been through a couple of add me communities on LJ, but recently just went through and deleted all the basically absent people I'd added through them.

Anyone know of any communities that have people that actually interact with folks on LJ, not just people looking to up the numbers on their userinfo?
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(no subject)

ok. so i was just at subway. i'd finished my sub and was about to get some cookies before leaving.
i had the paper-rubbish from the sub on top of the tray. i went to tip the paper rubbish into the bin and then bus the tray.
but my friend was talking about which cookies to get and i was totally distracted and realised after hearing a 'thud' that i let go of the tray as well.

have you ever done something like this?
what did you do?

(no subject)

Would you rather have a sandwich where the fillings are in perfect arrangement, but not plentiful, or with loads of fillings, but badly arranged?

EG: Would you rather a say... chicken, cheese and coleslaw sandwich had the right amount of each filling in each bite, but not a large amount of filling, or one that had loads of the three fillings, but some bites have nothing but coleslaw, and others nothing but cheese?

You can't open the sandwich up and re-arrange the filling.
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(no subject)

what are important human rights issues for you?

what are important human rights issues to your locality (and where are you from)?

who would win in a fight human rights or natural law?

how would you try to achieve social justice?

in what instances do you believe human rights have gone to far?

.. or not far enough? pragmatically, if you were in charge of the world, how would you make human rights work?

(i have a presentation on friday and am planning to ask these questions at the end)
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Access question

I'm creating a database in MS Access for my work. I have never touched Access before and have been reading tutorials for the past day or so so I could figure out what to do.

Anyway, does anybody know how to lookup info from one table and autopopulate another table?

I'm trying to get it so the PO date auto-populates in the Invoice form when you type in the PO number.

I'm wanting to create a formula/expression where the default value of the PO date in the Invoice form will look at the PO number in the same form so it can look in the Purchase Order table to find that PO #'s creation date and finally populate the PO date in the Invoice form.

Hopefully that isn't too confusing. So PO date looks at PO number. PO number sifts the Purchase Order table to find the same PO number. Grabs PO creation date from Purchase Order table and brings it back to Invoice table where it populates PO date.

I'm trying to get rid of most human errors and to make it quicker. I know you can do this in Excel and it seems like this should be entirely capable in Access because it's a convenient formula.

*sigh* I like excel so much better though.

Question about decking the halls harder this year

I wonder if you guys have any suggestions about making the Yuletide gayer this year? Last year I, embarassingly, shot my wad prematurely by splurging on Christmas gifts for all my partners in my firm, and had no $$$ left for decorations or festivities. Everyone at the office was a sad sack, even Chad who's usually the cock of the walk. There have got to be some low cost ways to spice things up a little (besides food of course. I never get any since Chad is always doing the reacharound for my donut when I turn my back on him. Even Twinkies aren't safe from this man). What do you do at your office? Help me out people!

(no subject)

Ok, so my roommate and I purchased a print of this picture at a street fair, but we want to know where the picture came from and what the story behind it is. We tried googling "wave lighthouse" and came up with the picture, but no explanation.

All the websites we found it on seem to think it's really funny that the guy is standing there...but we're more curious. So, anybody know anything about this picture?
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(no subject)

Poll #853023 Random Perignon

You're given a strange offer. You can have a million dollars, but in exchange, on the day you die, your death will be excrutiatingly painful, will take 2 hours, and you will die alone. Lots of money in exchange for a death full of agony. Would you accept the money?


Congratulations! You have super powers! You have superhuman strength and can fly. Unfortunately, your powers only operate within a 100 mile radius in Montana, which spans 3 smallish towns. Outside that radius, you're normal. Do you move to that part of Montana?


You can have a one-hour lunch with any famous dead person, from the list below. A translating device is on the table, so you can both communicate without any problem. Who do you pick?

John F. Kennedy
Audrey Hepburn
Abraham Lincoln
Marilyn Monroe
Steve Irwin
Martin Luther King
Leonardo Davinci
St. Paul (of Tarsus)
Elvis Presley
Benjamin Franklin
Jeffrey Dahmer
Oscar Wilde

What would you rather have?

Free gas for the rest of your life
New $25,000 car

(no subject)

Much love to those who helped out with the mental house question. I spoke to the doctors today and got a pretty thorough explanation. Finally. So now, questions.

1. What's your favorite quote from anything/one?
2. If anyone has a deviantART account, do you use it primarily for fanart/fic or original stuff?
3. Does anyone else find the sitcom 'We were best friends through every single season and eventually realised we were in TWOO WUV after dropping not-so-subtle hints for the last few seasons and now we're dating' thing a little.. erm.. annoying?  
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Free Bike Anyone?

A bit of background: I work in a call center, in an 8 story secure building (you have to have an electronic pass to get in, no security guard), my company is a telecom dealing with cable, cell phones, internet, and home phones, and we share the building with 2 e-firms. Reception for us is on the forth floor, there is no one there, just a couple of chairs and a phone.

My question: why is there a bike, not put together, still in the box, sitting at reception? There are no shipping labels on this box and someone poked a large enough hole that I can tell it really is a bike that's in there.

Any guesses?

Oh, and everyone is claiming to not know anything about it.

~ K.
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(no subject)

I have to cook dinner tomorrow night for my aunt and uncle who are moving away. I have NO idea what to cook. The only thing that comes to mind is pasta, but my uncle doesn't like pasta. I need ideas, I'm not a big 'foodie'

cell phones are sucky

I think my cell phone is being hijacked. My friend said that when she called it, it rang and then she heard people talking in another language on the other end. And my phone will randomly turn on and off, without me even touching it. AND calls from other people don't come through, even when my phone is on, it just rings and goes to voicemail.

What the hell is wrong with it?
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(no subject)

So, you invite your best friends 16 year old brother & 2 of his friends to come & have a few drinks on the weekend. You all end up getting very drunk & sometime in the night a cell phone is thrust into your hand. You & one of the 16 year old friends end up telling someone on the other end of the line that you 2 will be having sex later that night. You have no intention of having sex with him, seeing as he is only 16 (you are 21), & neither of you remember the phone call the next day.

This information gets back to the 16 year olds girlfriend who calls you wanting answers. You tell her that you did not fuck her boyfriend & never would, so please fuck off. Drama ensures.

Do you

Ignore it all
Tell 16 year old to take care of it himself
Tell them all to go fuck themselves, you're 21 & would never touch a 16 year old. If they want to keep going they'll end up with a fist in their faces
Other (please explain)

(no subject)

Whenever I go to add a file in iTunes, I have to set the file list to "list details" and "show date modified" (I'm a PC user). Is there a way I can save the settings so I don't have to do that every single motha effin' time I go to add a file? :(

(no subject)

1. Has anyone read the book "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman? Is it as good as the reviews say it is?

2. Has anyone else ever read books by Gerald Durrell? Do you like them?

3. Do you like books by Susanna Clarke?

4. Which do you like better; spiced apple cider or hot chocolate?

5. Favorite Starbucks drink, ever?

Skeletal puns

I am decorating in a skeletal theme. and I am putting up a bunch of small signs that have skeletal puns an dphrases.

i.e. I have a bone to pick with you, throw me a bone people...

Can you come up with some other good ones, using, bones, ribs, skulls etc......

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memory lane

1. Does anyone remember the books (I think they were books?) that had pages and pages of different faces, features and clothes (...) that you could trace to make different people? I loved those and can't remember what they were called. They were goofy looking
  a. Does anyone know where I might be able to find them?

2. Do you remember Yikes pencils?

3. Did you ever play with a skip-it?

kiv dancin.
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do you know?

does anybody know about the procedures or whatever for MLB? how long a rain delay will they tolerate for tonight's game? we're already coming on a two and a half hour rain delay! good god, i know it's the world series but Come On.

EDIT: ha, literally one minute after i posted that they postponed the game.
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(no subject)

the other day my friend was telling me about these 'scary' movies, i guess they were a series of them. one of them was this guy who was going to kill himself in the bathroom by slitting his wrists, but just as he was about to his girlfriend and friends popped in the bathroom and said suprise! cuz it was his birthday, and he ended up cutting himself but not bad enough. does this sound familiar to anyone?

(no subject)

1.) You're working late at night on a difficult assignment that will require many hours to finish. Would you rather:
a.) Go to bed immediately and catch a few hours of sleep and then wake up super early to complete it, or
b.) Work through the night on the assignment and then go to sleep after completion?

2.) Say you choose the second option, and after you finish the task, you look at the clock. You figure out that if you give yourself only thirty minutes to get ready, you can catch only two hours of sleep before you have to return to work/school. Do you;
a.) Take the two hours of rest ?
b.) Stay awake?

3.) Shittiest all-nighter you've ever had?
sport for our neighbors

(no subject)

I've got a bunch of unused Trojan Ultra Thin lubricated condoms still in their packaging that don't expire for, like, five years. There's nothing wrong with them, I just don't like them, so we've got about half a box laying around. Does anyone have any idea if I can, like, donate them somewhere, rather than just throw them away? I'd hate to just toss perfectly good condoms.
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The Dude Abides

South Park ?

LMAO tonites episode was kind of crazy...

Has anyone ever been personally offended while watching South Park?
Nope, but I don't really watch it every week either, only when I hear about controversial episodes.

(no subject)

i'm trying to post a video from youtube to my journal.  it will not work.  i copied and pasted the text in the "embed" box to the right of the video to my journal but it looks exactly the same when i post it.  what am i supposed to do?  i was told that this is all i have to do and the video will play in my journal.  i'm very upset that it won't work because it's a hilarious video of gary busey and as many people as possible need to see it.  please help me.

Random questions

1. Using the word 'leisurely' as an adverb seems wrong to me, but the dictionary says it's OK. Has it always been OK?

2. If you had $44 in your PayPal account, what would you buy?

3. When you're dating someone, do you normally assume that it's an exclusive relationship, i.e., what people used to call "going steady"?

4. Where you live, when the traffic signals change from stop to go, does the opposing going-straight traffic get to go first, or the turning traffic? Where do you live?

Collapse )

(no subject)

Has anyone seen a show at The Loft at Barfly in Minneapolis?
I'm going to a show there next week. My aunt who lives in the cities said that its in a really shady neighborhood... of course, this may just be her version of shady...