October 24th, 2006

Do you- ah, backup?

So who here knows they can use free third-party software to upload music from their iPod to their computer?

Who here actually uses such software?

What do you reccomend?

Do you do it so you have a backup if your iPod dies?

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The Hunt for Original RPGs

Does an ad community for original RPGs exist on LJ? I've been looking, but I'm not turning any up.

I spent most of the year going through RPG ad communities hoping that I'll find something I like and can work with. Sifting through the same handful of ads for fandom-based games is an exhausting process. I already know that I'm not interested in a game based on a book/movie/TV series/etc.

I'm writing this post first to stop myself from rushing out and creating this elusive community. ;-) I'm a member on one such mailing list on Yahoogroups but being a diehard LJer, I'd like to see one here.

Anyone else here feel the same? Think this idea has potential?
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loving pat

Xbox Question

When my sister and I play Halo on our Xbox, it has a screen before entering the game that says the name "Howard" underneath a picture of our Xbox. So, we assume that our Xbox's name is Howard. Do all Xbox's have a different name, or are they all Howard? Is it something that is programmed into our Xbox, or is it just the Halo game? If they're all different, do you know what the name of your Xbox is?

I'm asking because Howard is in surgery (getting cleaned) and I started thinking about why we call him/it Howard.

Bonus questions: Do you know anyone who uses the term "bi-atch"? Does it annoy you? Do you name inanimate objects?

(no subject)

As I sat on the grass today, I noticed that there were tiny circular holes dug into the dirt all over the place. The dirt pieces ejected from the holes looked like dogshits. I remember the same hole/dogshits laying all over the place in the dirt back in my elementary school years as well.

Does anyone know what the process is called, what machine is used to do it, and why it is done?

Edit: SOLVED - "Lawn aeration" http://www.lawnsavers.com/files/images/photos/Aeratorcloseup.JPG

Cruelty pics

1. Does anyone know of some (large, preferably A4 size or larger) animal/human cruelty pics?

I'm doing a performance/presentation on the meat industry. One of the aspects is conrasting images of human cruelty with those of animal cruelty.

I have heaps of pictures but most of them are tiny.

Also: 2. how much does photo printing cost (A4 size)? or at least colour printing? Where can I get it done?

3. Anywhere I can pick up cheap meat hooks etc? (not online)

4. Also any concise facts on the meat industry would be good.

5. Any ideas on how I could make the presentation interactive?
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Preferential Treatment

Hey there everyone! I am a Masters student conducting some research on "Preferential Treatment". I have come up with a quick survey through which I am conducting my research.

Would you please read my cover letter and help me out by clicking on the link provided under the cut?

It will take less than 5 minutes to take the survey, and I would totally appreciate it.

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(no subject)

Where could I find the standard rules and regulations for swimming?  I'm talking about Olympic-caliber swimming rules and regulations, as in how big a standard Olympic pool is, how swimmers start their heats, etc.

I'm writing about swimming in a class, and even though I pretty much know this stuff off the top of my head, I still need a source backing my statements.

Additionally, how would I cite this once I find it?

Thank you!!

Canadian Health Care

Quick - 

someone just told me that if you were born in Canada, regardless of where you lived for the rest of your life, you can take advantage of the health care system in Canada.

For example, Michael J. Fox was born in Canada, became an American citizen years ago.  They are telling me that he can still use the Canadian system for his meds, health care, etc.

Is that accurate?  It seems...off...to me. 

Happy Eternal Moon


Has anyone been to Subway recently? Did you notice a HUGE price increase? I usually got the 6" club with chips and it used to be $5.50 but yesterday it was $6.70 and they said it's because the prices went up.

Doesn't that seem like a really huge increase?
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HP love

For Linux fans...

We recently bought a new computer. It should, by all rights, be fantastic, but it's crashed. One day and Windows gave out.
We registered/activated our version of Windows (Home edition) before it died. Now, it looks like we're going to have to reinstall. My first question is: will we be able to activate it again? Our old computer (the one I'm using now) has a burnt copy of Windows. My brother got a product key off of a friend, and now we're getting the windows genuine alert. Will we get the same thing if we try to activate after a reinstall?
My second question is also regarding the new computer. It has a fairly good graphics card in it (GeForce 7600 GS), and I want to try out XGL on it. Are there any LiveCDs with XGL that you know of that work on an AMD64 system? I looked at Kororaa, but they only have it in mainstream (and I've been barred from installing anything even remotely related to Linux on the new system).
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My husband used to read X-men comics in the late 90's (I would say '96 - '98). His birthday is coming up and I wondered if there was some kind of collection book that I could buy that would have lots of comics within one book? I hope this is clear, I don't really know a lot about the world of comics.

Links would be appreciated!
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Space Cadet

Just Do It?

1) What is the "job" that President Bush is referring to in the quote below?

2) Is Bush waffling around, or is he being consistent with his previous reasons and the resulting policies regarding why the US is fighting in Iraq? (Not the original "Weapons of Mass Destruction" reason, but the more recent one, I think it's about Saddam or democracy or terrorists or something.)

President Bush said:

Mr. Bush, in discussing at a news conference on Oct. 11 the meaning of the phrase “stay the course,” also refused to be pinned down.

“Stay the course means keep doing what you’re doing,” he said. “My attitude is, don’t do what you’re doing if it’s not working; change.”

He added: “Stay the course also means don’t leave before the job is done. And that’s — we’re going to get the job done in Iraq. And it’s important that we do get the job done in Iraq.

=== end quote ===

You can read more of this article in the New York Times.
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Movie Competition Question

Hi folks,

I've rather bemusingly been contacted by a large movie production company with respect to advertising their film on my web site. I'm mostly bemused because although my site gets a fair few hits, it's still fairly homebrew.

Anyway, aside from that, they want me to run a competition on the site for which they'll provide prizes (I don't want to mention the name of the film for the moment, but it's a fairly major one).

The question for you all though is what competition question do you think would be good fun?

My site has mostly become famous because it hosts a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for another film, so one possible question I was thinking of asking would be for the best question and answer related to said film, which could then be used to create an FAQ. Pros: It feeds into what the site is mostly already about. Cons: It's a bit boring perhaps, and a little hard to judge.

I was also thinking of the best art related to the film. Whether it's hand drawn (and scanned), or done on computer. Pros: It's erm... artistic? Cons: Also a little boring perhaps, and more than a bit exclusive.

Can anyone think of something better?

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(no subject)

I'm looking for a website a where you can download games for free. I used to use it ages ago and the games were always really old ones like Kings Quest and Lara Bow.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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The Dude Abides

Food ?s

Are there any foods/drinks that you hated/were afraid to eat for whatever reason as a kid but you enjoy eating now?

Are there any foods/drinks that you loved/or begged your parents to eat as a kid but you don't eat now?


I was watching ABC Family yesterday and I saw a preview for the movie Misery. They are going to play Misery on ABC Family Friday night. Does anyone else think this is wrong? Its not really a movie that's appropriate for a family channel.

I finally convinced my husband to pick a Halloween costume. He's going to dress up as Dr. House. He has the clothing, my parents have the cane, and I have the vicoden bottle complete with real vicoden. Does anyone know where I can get decent screen shots from tv shows? I want to pick out a tshirt that resembles one Hugh has worn in the past.

Hypothetical makeover

In the future, for whatever reason, you're on the lam. Either you committed a crime and are laying low, or are falsely accused but know that it's futile to challenge the charges pressed against you and are hiding. The cops are getting closer, and someone you trust tells you to get an 'identity knock', meaning that you should alter your appearance to avoid detection better. That entails doing something to your hair so it's different looking, wearing a disguise, etc.

How would you change your appearance?
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(no subject)

Why does LJ suddenly fail to email comments every so often? I try to find the right community that I could updates on this stuff, but I can't find it.

Do you get your taxes done right away, or do you wait until the last minute?

What are your three favorite bands? (if you could include the genre they are in, that'd be cool too)

Why the hell did the person who does the ordering of paper supplies for my office think it was a good idea to order a shit-ton of sporks?

Anyone else like Cursive (the band, not the writing style)?

Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?


What is your view on living together before getting married? Why do you feel this way?
Does it change your opinion if the couple are engaged before they begin living together but have no definite date set?

Do you think that living with your boy-friend in the same house as your mother and grandmother for the last year qualifies as living together if you do not share a bedroom?

(no subject)

1. For those of you who are in high school or remember it at all, what is/was your favorite class and why?

2. For those of yuo who are in college/university/higher learning or remember it at all, what is/was your favorite class and why?
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What is your job/job title?

Do you like your job?
If so, what do you like about it?
What are some things you'd change about it, if any?

Do you dislike your job?
If so, why?
What would you rather be doing?

How much do you make? (if you want to say)
Where do you live?

How did you get your job? (what prior experiences, college education, etc)

(no subject)

1. Can you swallow pills?
2. How long did it take you to learn?
3. Did you have a "trick" for learning how?
4. Can you rollerblade?
5. How long did it take you to learn?
6. Did you have a "trick"?

1. Yes
2. I couldn't until I was about 12
3. My grandma had me chew up a mouthful of banana, open my mouth, stick the pill in and swallow it all. I don't need the banana anymore, but it was good for learning.
4. Yes
5. I think I was around 7 or 8
6. My neighbors had me use a broom to prop myself up when I was still learning.

ceiling fan

Which way is the ceiling fan supposed to go in the winter [to help spread the heat]? Mine currently goes counterclockwise so I assume clockwise is for winter but I wasn't sure. I assume all fan blades go the same way [left side higher than the right] because I guess this determines which way the air is pushed.

goggled picture:

Enough of my pseudophysics, which way is for winter???

Thanks =)

EDIT- thanks guys, clockwise it is!!! all ceiling fan's I've ever had [here in Florida anyway] have a switch on the side that you use to change the direction. Thanks for your help!
rider tied

Having fun at work.

For those of us who work in a place where we don't have internet access, or even a computer - what do you do to keep yourself entertained at work?

I work in a shoe shop, and I generally entertain myself by playing through entire albums in my head, bonus points if I can remember all the words.
Bucky's Little Birdy (Darby Conley)

Stupid Drama on Myspace

I'm bringing this debate over from one of my parenting groups on myspace.

What is your opinion of Stay at Home Moms (SAHM)?
In more detail, what is your opinion of SAHMs with a college degree?
No college degree?
Forced into SAHM status because of a child's disability or their own?

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Opus with Hat

(no subject)

So there's a chance we might move to Minnesota. Specifically, the twin cities area.

maybe now that I've said it, it won't happen. Not that I don't want to move to MN, I just don't want to move.

Can you recommend a good LJ comm to stalk join? My LJ search skills don't seem to be that good.


EDIT to include ?

(no subject)

Continuing the question about entering a room and forgetting what you were there to do:

Have you ever tried to put milk in the cupboard or a box of cereal in the fridge?
Anything else?

I was warming up a tortilla shell in the microwave and while I was waiting I watched [10 seconds of] something on TV. When it beeped, I was still listening to the TV and I went to open the freezer instead of the microwave.

I guess that's more of being preoccupied.

But have you ever done anything like that? What did you do?

(no subject)

Poll #852242 Who was the most at fault for the failure of that relationship?

Most at fault?

Jessica Simpson
Nick Lachey
About half and half
Don't care

Most at fault?

Paul McCartney
Heather Mills
About half and half
Don't care

Most at fault?

Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston
A little bit of all of them, actually
Don't care

Who was most at fault for the dissolving of this relationship?

O.J. Simpson
Nicole Simpson
Ron Goldman
A little bit of all of them, actually
Don't care

Lastly, is Suri really the baby of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?

Yes. Looks like one of them
No. Looks Asian or something
They had a baby?
Who's Tom Cruise?
Don't care

(no subject)

Do you treat your friends of the opposite gender any differently than you do your friends of the same gender?
(This includes how you contact them, what kinds of things you talk about, how you act, how close you are, etc.)

ETA: How so?

(no subject)

i'm a shift manager in training at my job and today realized that it's not what I want to be. (i'm just not catching on to the thing sI need to and it's frusterating for the other people I work with)

How do I tell my GM that I want to step down after the 5 week training I just went through?

(no subject)

When you submit an application for a job at a store in your town (Blockbuster, in this case), how long do you generally expect to hear from them in? Would you expect a call if they chose not to hire you?

Does submitting the application online make any difference?

Pregnancy Questions


I'm wondering if I'm pregnant. 

I'm on seasonale birth control which means I get my period every 3 months. So the whole "I skipped a period" thing won't work for me because by the time I skip a period I will already be 3 months pregnant.  But I started spotting yesterday...does that count as a period? 

Do you know what I mean? Cuz I don't think I'm being clear.

I'm just trying to delay buying a test as long as I can. Don't judge!

Unrelated but also a pregnancy question. How soon does morning sickness start?

edit: i am NOT relying on what you guys say as fact. I WILL get a test. This is purely for my curiousity and a temporary peace of mind. im not stupid. i know that the internet cant tell me if im pregnant. thanks.

(no subject)

Do you have any advice for someone who's been learning to drive a standard now for about two months, and still can't seem to master the clutch?

How do I get the emotional taste of "I dated a person who lied to me about some important things, then stabbed me in the back with the things he lied about, and on top of that I didn't listen to my friends about him from the beginning" out of my mouth?

What color are the socks you're wearing right now?
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(no subject)

Is there a specific way to say "Hey look, at the end of my paper on CSR there's a relative attachment! Check it out!" Should I include something in the paper that says "see attached document" or just let the professor find it on her own?

Do you have words that you remember where and when you first learned the meaning? Like, I learned lackadaisical from watching Shark's hockey. And queue from playing rollercoastertycoon. and indefatigable from reading horatio hornblowers. and so on and so forth.

(no subject)

This is also pertaining to jobs. I applied to a lot of stores (Staples, Sears, a few at the mall) using the online application. Should I wait and see if they reply or go to them and ask if they got it? If I go to them, I'm assuming I just ask for the manager. Do I say anything else or...? I'll be close to Staples tomorrow, since I've a knitting class at Michaels, which is right by there. I'm rather desperate. I need a job to get a car, since I'll be getting a license this December.

(no subject)

What is the proper pronunciation of "onigiri"? Or the closest Americanized version of it.

I just got some onigiri molds today and while I know what it is and how to make it, I want to be able to pronounce it because my co-workers tomorrow will no doubt be asking what it is that I'm eating.

Time Management Skills

I'm a third year undergraduate at university. This year I'm finding university really difficult and it's partly due to poor time management skills. One reason is due to working almost all weekend but I am trying to fix that at the moment. Due to this I only have 5 days available for university work (with my shifts cut down I would get 6).

Can anyone recommend good ways to manage your time? I have tried writing down lists of 'Things to Do' but I never seem to stick to them.

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

It has come about on my friends list that one of my American friends came to a Canadian grocery store, found milk in bags and didn't know what they were/how they'd be used/why anyone would want to drink milk out of a bag/etc. Now, I have come to you to help me answer some questions about milk in bags! :)

For the record, I'm talking about the 1 1/3 litre bags of milk.

Where do you live?

South America
Australia/New Zealand

Do you have milk in bags where you live and do you use them?

Yes, we have them, but I don't use them.
Yes, we have them, and I do use them.
No, we don't have them.

Would you know what to do with a bag of milk if someone were to give it to you?


(no subject)

Lately people who call me on my cell phone have been telling me that I sometimes sound garbled or like I'm under water. My phone has full reception when this happens, but I've noticed it mostly occurs when I'm in my apartment. Could it just be that despite full service, the building itself interferes with the...waves or whatever? (I'm totally ignorant of how cell phones actually work)

By the way, my phone is a Nokia and is a little over two years old.

(no subject)

1. What is the past tense of troubleshooting? Troubleshot? Is it even a verb, really?

2. Have you ever worked for a large corporate-type company? Did it slowly destroy your soul?

3. On the same note, if you heard someone talking about "corporate propaganda," would you know what they meant? (For the record, it's the useless and meaningless ideologies that companies claim to follow. (Hint: often identifiable by needless capitalization.)

4. How will the Harry Potter series end? I think a piano might just suddenly fall on everyone.

5. How does one get Sallie Mae off their ass? (My SO's student loan has been sent to their vicious collections department. He can't afford the payments because, due to their error, the balance is suddenly much more than it should be. He's sent in the appropriate info/forms for correcting the error, but they're taking their sweet damn time. In the meantime, they're calling 10-15 times a day and it's getting kind of shitty.)
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(no subject)

1. Does anyone know what I can do to stop my pasty-white family from being totally washed out by the flash on my camera? I'm up for any tips. I use a Nikon Coolpix L4 btw.
**I should add, this isn't the sort of "washed out" that can be fixed in PS, there are no features left, lol. Just eyes in a ball of white**

2. What kind of camera do you use?

3. What to you photograph the most often?

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What book is your 'comfort food'?

Is there a novel you read time and time again, or an author whose works you cannot resist?

If so, why do you re-read it? Nostalgia? Memories? Emotions?
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(no subject)

Let's say that both you and a friend just had a couple of really crappy weeks. You want to do something that's fun with this person. You have very little money. You're both active and fit, but don't necessarily have to do something that requires much physical movement. Already decided that dancing is out of the question.

What would you do with said person?

I'm kinda leaning towards bringing over a board game or two. I can afford one new game. If I decide to buy one, which one should I get?

(I'm 23 and he's 29, if that makes any difference.)
kiv dancin.

next i'm going to be asking about airplane food

why is it that perfume names are so fucking stupid? when people ask me what perfume i'm wearing, i always feel embarrassed to say the name, even if it's a yummy perfume.

"oh, it's 'very irresistable' and cigarettes! it's nice, i know"..... what the fuck is that.

the only non dumb perfume name is something like Chanel No 5 and who the fuck wears that.

all the ones i've worn have been dumbass names like Exclamation or Emeraude or Vanilla Fields or Ghost Mist. seriously. dumbass names.
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W: Whispering

(no subject)

I borrowed a book from a friend and I was flipping through it a minute ago and was marveling at how far down he folds his dog ears. When I dog ear a book I do a very small fold at the top of the page. He brings his down about 1/3 of the page.

So my questions are:

Do you dog ear your books to save a page? If you do, then how far down do you bring the dog ear?

ETA: Ok, so I know some people hate dog earring books. If you hate it, then tell me why, and what you use to mark a book. (Bookmark, piece of paper, money, etc)
antismoking ashtray

Goofy Question

it scares me. everytime i pass it, i close my eyes and make the sign of the cross
lol and it still intrigues me proving it is the damien thorn of video games"

What video game is this?
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(no subject)

For those in college/that have been through college . . .

How many times have you/did you change your major?

My answer? As of tomorrow, once. I've discovered that I don't like Engineering nearly as much as I thought I did, so I'm switching to straight chem. Grad school for me, hurray.
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(no subject)

Who are some other actors/celebrities/models whatever you think bear some resemblance to Adrian Grenier from "Entourage"?

(I think it's kind of funny that Kevin Dillon plays his brother when they look *nothing* alike to me... Kevin Dillon just looks like *his* brother...)