October 23rd, 2006


Random Randy

You're pregnant (or your wife is pregnant). What would someone have to do to have you name your child after them, regardless of gender? Oh, their name, btw, is Cletus

Save your life
Save my significant other's life
Save my whole family's lives
Beat unconscious or kill someone you completely disloathe
Ended the war
Bought you a house
Did all your homework for you for a year
Named their next child after you first
Gave you a million dollars
Made Bush resign
Take American Idol off the air forever
Change the air filter in your car
Made you exempt from taxes for the rest of your life
None of the above. My future child's name is not for sale

Like Spiderman, you were bitten by a radioactive animal that gave you special powers. You will become a hero, with the name, _____man or _____woman. What animal were you bitten by?

Hairless cat
Wiener dog
Siberian Tiger
3-toed sloth
Horny toad

You're in a boat with your friends, drinking and laughing, when you guys hit another boat, piloted by a lone man. He falls out of the boat and you guys manage to pull him to shore, but he's not breathing. All your friends are assuming different duties here. What are you doing?

Giving him CPR in the attempt to revive him
Running down the beach, calling for help
Getting on the boat's radio, calling for help
Loosening his clothes, making it easier for the CPR to work, but not giving the CPR myself
Staying out of the way and let everybody else save him
Going through his boat, looking for money or valuables while no one's looking
Urging my friends to stop helping him, that we have to bury the body before the cops find out you killed a guy
I'm still on the boat, drinking

When you were (are) a teen, what movie summed up the teenage years for you?

Breakfast Club
Rules of Attraction
Sixteen Candles
Boyz in the Hood
Mean Girls
American Pie
But I'm not a Cheerleader
She's All That
Cruel Intentions
Virgin Suicides

Halloween Costume Ideas!

Are there any famous female musicians who've killed themselves that I could potentially dress up as for Halloween?

My boyfriend is being zombie Ian Curtis, complete with noose marks on his neck & an Iggy Pop album under his arm. Cuuuute.
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How do you wait patiently?

I have a big problem with waiting. I just don't know how to do it with class and patiently.

I get really pissed off when I have to wait for someone by myself. If I'm with friends, its fine, whoever I'm waiting on can take as long as they like but when I'm alone, I get pissed. I sit and make faces as much as I try not to act like a child, I don't know how to wait patiently. I can only fake that I'm not mad for so long.

My thought process when waiting:
Well, this person sure is taking a long time.
I'm still waiting. What can I do to look busy and not all alone? I think I'll pretend like I'm looking for something in my purse.
Ok, I'm getting very annoyed. I need to look at something. I don't want to look at people.
Ok, now what the fuck is wrong with this person? They know I'm waiting. What the fuck?
And then it just gets darker and darker from there until I usually dig my nails into my palm because I'm pissed off at having to wait and being embarrassed of looking alone. I don't know, for some reason, I moderately hurt myself when I'm embarrassed or upset or scared. I guess it takes my mind off of what's bothering me.

I know there are probably some very obvious underlying issues but until I have health coverage, I just need your advice on how to wait patiently and not behave like a child. I've tried deep breathing, it makes me look like an idiot. I tried keeping a small vile of lavender oil to help me relax but I don't want to keep smelling something, people will think I'm doing something strange. I put it on my nostrils to not have to smell the vile constantly but lavender isn't my favorite smell, not even in the top 10 of my favorite smells so it gets annoying. I've tried being a rational adult and stepping back and seeing how stupid it is for me to be so mad but it just really gets my goat to have to wait.

I sometimes bring an inspirational Hinduism book with me that makes me feel good emotionally when I read it even though I don't associate myself with any religion and this makes me feel better but what do I do if I forget to bring my book(s)?

What do you do to wait patiently? Help me out, please. I don't want to be this way forever.
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Aleph jumping

Amazon return policies.

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I suppose what I'm asking is if anyone has any experience with satisfaction returns to Amazon. It's still been less than a month, the camera's in perfect condition (I used it for about a week before I gave up), I just hate it. What's the fee? Did you have to jump through hoops or was it a simple process? If it ends up being too much hassle or too much money lost would it be okay to list on eBay?
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(no subject)

Do you use a white noise machine to help you sleep? If so, what kind do you use?

(It was 38 degrees this morning, and using the fan seriously ain't cutting it in this weather!)
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misc - cemetery

brrr :(

At what temperature (Specify Fahrenheit or Celsius please) do you stop wearing sweaters and start wearing a winter coat?
When I left for class this morning I was in nothing heavier than a cable-knit cardigan over a t-shirt, and weather.com tells me it was 40°F and felt like 34. It was a little too cold. :(

Would you rather wear a pea coat, down coat, or a non-down but still fluffy coat?
I want a pea coat so bad! I currently have a down coat and it's definitely nice and warm, but way too bulky for everyday wear. It's something you wear out in the snow, not when it's cold out and you have carry your books around campus and such!

What type of shoes do you wear when it's cold out? Not snowing necessarily, just cold.
I don't like sneakers because they never fit right (one foot is a little bit bigger than the other) but it's too cold for sandals or crocs and I only have one pair of clunky leather boot-type shoes. Besides, if sneakers got wet it would be awful.

Actually, what shoes do you wear when it's snowing, as well?
I guess just the clunky leather Skechers...

Armeggedon Hypothetical

I don't know if any of you have seen the movie Miracle Mile, but this question stems from that movie.

You get a phone call in the middle of the night. On the other end, is a sobbing man, blabbering hysterically about how the missles have been launched, war has been started, all the major cities will be hit with nukes. He's hysterical, saying how he couldn't believe his commander authorized him to launch the nukes against China, and how their missles are on route, and how sorry he is that this happened, how the president tried really hard to make a compromise but it didn't work, and how he doesn't want to die. He then says "Dad, you have 6 hours to get out. The media will get wind of this in 2 hours, so you have 2 hours before the looting and panic starts. Please get out". You then ask a question, and he asks who you are and what number this is. You state the two bits of info, and he then screams "DAMMIT, I GOT THE AREA CODE MIXED UP" and hangs up. You're left with a dial tone. Just out of curiousity, you hit star69, and the voicemail is 'Welcome to the United States Army...if you know your extension..."

1. What do you do?
2. If you take the call seriously, who do you call next?
3. What's the game plan?
4. What supplies would you take with you?
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(no subject)

1. How do I move the contents of my hard drive onto my husband's computer? They are networked together, if that's of any matter.

EDIT: Okay, it's been established that all I have to do for the music, pictures, and documents is to copy them over... what about programs? Can I just copy them over too, or do I ahve to reinstall them?

2. What is a good way to relieve anxiety (without drugs, alcohol, or masturbation since my Buspar is at home and I'm at work)?

3. What do you think is the scariest movie of all time? What was the lamest?
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when looking for a therapist, you see many letters behind the names:

LCSW - licensed clinical social worker
MSW - master's in social work

What is "MHF"?  My google-fu is failing me - all i'm getting that would be applicable is Mental Health Foundation.  Would someone list membership in an organization in the same way as advanced degrees?  Does MHF stand for a different sort of advanced degree?


Also, what  NCC?  Listed after Jane Doe, MA LCPC, NCC  (Master of Arts degree, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, ???)



I keep hearing statements to the effect that marriage is moving back down in age to where it used to be? Is it?

Personally I think there is a small percentage of backlash, but that mostly people are getting married later, and the majority not at all. But I have seen no evidence either way.
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(no subject)

Has it snowed yet?

Where do you live? (Obviously those people who are having summer or never get snow need not apply.)

I live in Michigan, and it's been snowing since early October. It's snowing right now, in fact. :D

What are some interesting town/city/province/whatever names from where you live?

Personally, I like Ypsilanti, Kalamazoo, and Ishpeming.

(no subject)

For those of you that have children or want children, and are in a commited relationship (or, ok, even if you're not): what is it about having children that would make you do whatever it takes to have one? I've read about couples spending small fortunes on IVF procedures or other painful processes just to have a child with their partner.

Now, I'm not saying anything is wrong with that. If that's what you feel like is right, then go for it. I can't judge you. *shrug* One day I might have to do all that myself.

I'm just asking this because I'm curious. What is it about having a child with your SO that will make you go that extra distance, endure that extra pain, or spend a whole buncha money?
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(no subject)

What is the most humane way, in your opinion, to execute someone? Why?

What are some common ways to execute people nowadays that you feel is NOT humane, and why?

If you had a choice to die (in a humane way) or live the rest of your life in prison with no chance of release, what would you choose and why?

Houston, we have a problem

My email is not working. I need to email my group about my report due wednesday. Argh.

Also, the water is not working. Most likely due to construction next door. Usually I don't mind, but I have to wash for uni.

EDIT: Oh no, the water is working now, but it is yellow...hrrrmm...

Anything not working for you?
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Software Rec Begging

#1: Any good, free (or relatively low cost) WYSIWYG web-page creators out there? I'm looking for something more robust than Front Page Express, but less bloated than Front Page XP/2003.

#2: A similar alternative to Shareaza (A P2P app that can use multiple network types and Bit Torrent). Is there anything out like that, or am I better off sticking with Shareaza?

(no subject)

I have a traffic court date scheduled for Thursday, not the initial court date, but the day to actually fight the ticket in court. Problem is I have a midterm that I absolutely cannot miss. I have tried calling the court but apparently there are currently too many people waiting so I have to call later. Does anyone know if they will let me reschedule? Any suggestions on what I should do? I live in Los Angeles btw.

his name is big brother

what are your opinions on politically correct terms?

what about thought police?

do you think that America is headed toward that grim reality?

(sorry if you are from another country, fill in the country name with yours if you feel like it)

any other conspiracy theories?

How do you celebrate Hannukah?

Say you're a 32 year old Jewish man. Your girlfriend is not Jewish but wants to do the whole Hannukah gift-giving thing correctly. How should she do it? Anything traditional that would be cute and show that she's really trying?

Or, if you don't like those pronouns/p.o.v:

I have no clue how the whole Hannukah thing works. The only thing I've got going for me is that Adam Sandler told me that it's "8 Crazy Nights"…do I give him a gift an evening until the 8th day? Since I celebrate Christmas do I give him a Christmas gift instead? Is there anything traditional that I could give that shows I'm making an effort?

Or, if you've got any good websites to explain it to my dumb-ass, that would be nice too..

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Self, Apple Pie, Driving Lessons, Sex, N64, President

1 Do you kick yourself when you're down?
Seriously, why is it that we, as humans, like to beat ourselves up or bring more issues to mind when we're already feeling bad?
It's so much more fun to take things out on other people instead of ourselves.

Apple Pie
2 What's the best part of apple pie?
The crust, forever and always.

3 Do you prefer apple pie warm or cold (room temp.)?

4 Okay, guys, be honest: Did you go try sticking your business in some apple pie after first seeing American Pie?

Driving Lessons

5 I know it's been released in only select areas so far, but have you seen Driving Lessons?

6 If so, what's your personal review of it?


7 What's the funniest/most embarressing thing that's happened to you during sex or foreplay?
This has probably been asked but answer it if you feel like it.

8 Where's the strangest place you ever had sex?
Again, probably been asked, but always fun.


9 You're about to go head-to-head with an opponent on N64, what's the one game you know you can beat them at?


10 What celebrity do you think would make the best President/Prime Minister/Ruler/Whatever of your country?

11 The worst?

(no subject)

does anyone know of a website that let's you "try on" eyeglass based on the shape of your face? google is failing me, i have a really round face and i'm getting glasses for the first time ever on friday.
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(no subject)

Do travel agencies charge for "planning" a trip?
I want to take my best friend somewhere after Christmas but need some help. I mainly want to get an idea on cost and options, not neccessarly book something now. Do they charge for a consultation??

(no subject)

Okay so I don't know really anything about Ebay but everytime I check out auctions, I'm always left wondering the same thing:

Why do some people OUTBID THEMSELVES?!

...for example is crue_fan1958 an idiot or is there something Ebay is doing that forces him/her outbid his/her own previous bid?


AOL question

i work at an office that is stuck in the stone age, aka we have AOL dialup for internet access. i have contacted verizon online DSL and the service is activated, i just have to install/configure the modem and all that.

now. i know that i can access AOL emails thru outlook with an IMAP setup, but.. if i cancel AOL like i'm about to, do the addresses still exist? do i have to call AOL about this?
thanks in advance. any help/advice/referrals would help.
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Halloween Party Stuff

What are some non-stupid, non-supremely-childish things to do at a Halloween party that's fairly casual? I was thinking, originally, of having a big masquerade, but I don't have the space. I just need some fun stuff for six or seven people to do. We're all between 19 and 21 years.

(no subject)

Background info: I have a bike. It is a generic, $50-at-walmart bike. it is blue. there seems to be something slightly wonky with the gears, where if i want to shift up 1 gear, then I have to shift up two and down one, or else it makes a 'bike is dying' noise. For this reason, it has been left in gear 10 (out of 15) for about 4 months now. it is stored outside.

Questions: Can bike chains freeze up or something? or has someone magically changed my gear settings? any incline is torture, and theres one about ... probably in the area of 30 degree incline, I have to get off my bike and walk it up those 10 feet. is it gunked up or something? what would I have to do to clean it? *

Front brake replacement: something I can handle myself if i bought the brakes? where would I buy the brakes, how much would they be? or if it needs a professional, how much would it cost?

*I haven't been riding it as much lately, but I'm still riding it a couple blocks back & forth (with hills) at least twice a week for work. I also live on the fifth floor of an elevatorless building. I don't think it's just me being out of shape.
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cat care question

My Google-fu isn't strong enough to answer this question, and the vet didn't think to tell us/my mom didn't think to ask.

My cat had surgery today, and is an Elizabethan collar so that he won't remove the stitches or anything. However, the vet said it was okay to let him have a small amount of food and water tonight. My question is, should we remove the collar for him to eat, feed him by hand, or is there another way for him to eat? Thank you.

ETA: Answered! Thanks, and man y'all are quick. ^^
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(no subject)

I work at a coffee shop and sometimes I see people do this: put a lid on their hot drink (in a paper cup), and then insert a straw through the hole and drink their beverage that way.

I see people do this quite often here in Vancouver, but when I lived in New York City, I NEVER saw ANYBODY do this. So, my questions are:

a) Do you drink your hot drinks with a straw poked through the drink-hole of a lid?
b) Do you see people do this; is it common where you live?
c) Whereabouts do you live?

And, for bonus points:
d) What do you think about this practice?
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(no subject)

so i got a letter today saying that in 36hours people will be coming around to fix the downpipes and gutters of my building and i need to give them access.

it doesn't address me/my flatmate personally and doesn't even mention our unit number, only our address.

these people have been requested by the real estate who owns most of the building, but our unit is leased by a different real estate.

the letter said they need access to the back and side of the building, which means almost all of it except the laundry. they need to have access to the inside of the apartment.

1. do i have to let them in?
i probably wont be home at the time they wish to come. i don't particularly like people being in my home when i am not there. the house is in a bit of a state because i've had several major assessments and tests and haven't been bothered to clean much.
i don't want anyone to go into my bedroom.

2. do i have to comply even if it's not MY real estate that has requested it?

3. can they be let in by anyone legally?
or do they have a right to 'break in'?

4. shouldn't they have given more than 36 hours? particularly because it was in a letter on our mail box so we dont know what time they mean.

5. if they come in without our permission do we have a leg to stand on?

6. if this has happened to you and you had plants on the balcony, did anything happen to them?

7. what would you do in this case?

(no subject)

UMMMM...where could one find a large picture of the brain? By large I mean poster-size.

I need to make two visuals for my speech on lobotomy (btw, I know someone here gave me that idea...don't remember who it was, but thank you!). I thought my first visual could be a poster of the brain in order to describe what they cut in a lobotomy (you know, the part of the brain where the surgery took place), or at least something along those lines.

So, where could I find a large picture of a brain (preferrably not a real one, but a drawn one instead)?

Also, what could I do for a second visual? There is no computer and no television in the classroom, so anything, like a video of a lobotomy, that would involve either of those two things is out.

EDIT: WHERE CAN I BUY AN ICE PICK?? I would need it for Wednesday, so online is not an option. Anyone know of any stores that might have one?
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(no subject)

When you enter a contest...and you win a trip to...say NYC, what happens when you already live there? Do you get to choose which ever hotel you wanna stay at or what?
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1. Are you content with your appearance? Why or why not?
2. Do you spend a lot of time and money on making yourself look and feel "attractive"?
3. Would you consider yourself better looking than average?
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(no subject)

I've listed this 'schoolgirl' skirt three times on Ebay, and no one ever bids on it. It's hard for me to set the bidding to start at a small amount of dollars, because, well, it was a nice skirt and I'd feel stupid having to sell it for a dollar plus shipping...

My question is: What can I do to improve my chance of selling it (for a reasonable amount) next time?
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catch phrase...

Is there a word or phrase that you use so much, that you've noticed people around you who have never used it before, begin using it, too?

I throw in, "Don't judge me!" and "You have no soul!" into random conversations quite often. And now I notice several of my friends using them both on occasion, which kind of makes me laugh.
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(no subject)

I like having things to read when I'm commuting...

What are good sources for free text message alerts that will NOT share your email address?

What are good sources for free newsletters that will NOT share your email address?


Inspired by a friend's LJ post:

Ladies, ever slept with a man that asked you afterward if you've achived an orgasm? Or someone that asked how many you got? What went through your head?

Personally, for me, if a guy has to ask, I haven't. There's no hiding the signs, for me. And I don't lie about it if asked, either. I also think it's a stupid question to ask.

The dreaded four letter word and PDA.

1. When talking to your significant other on a phone when it is appropriate to announce your feelings (I love you/I miss you) [Assuming you've both already admitted your feelings of course. I'm not asking whether it'd be wise to announce you love someone for the first time over a phone ^_~] Does the duration of relationship correlate to your inhibition? Is it location/surrounding specific? Would you feel comfortable saying it on a phone in an elevator? Walking down the street? In a crowded break room? At lunch with your friends?
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Rustic books

Stupid iPod. Grr!

What's wrong with my iPod? I tried listening to it the other day, and the screen was blank. It wouldn't even turn on, so I figured my battery died. Usually, I put it on "Hold" so that it doesn't accidentally turn on, and I haven't listened to it in AGES, so I thought maybe I had forgotten. When I tried charging it today, I plugged it into the USB port and the screen showed a battery with a spike/lighting bolt through it. Anyone know what's up? I heard Nanos (which is what I have) are crap ... but I heard this AFTER I got mine. Am I screwed? Any ideas how this could have happened? Thanks!
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From Ghostbusters:

Dr Ray Stantz: I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay Puft!

What would have popped into your head?

I think I would have accidentally summoned up Mr. Rogers.

(no subject)

1. What are your favorite Christmas songs?
2. Is there anywhere that you can get the pictures of celebrities that are on SNL? You know, the ones of the celebrity guests that they show after commercials and before the skits?
3. My iPod mini's fully charged battery only lasts for 45 minutes of play...is this the start of the downfall of my battery?
4. What's your favorite scent? (Not necessarily perfume wise, but anything)

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(no subject)

How does one easily go comparison shopping for prescription medication prices? (I have no insurance, fwiw.)

I'm shocked at how much more expensive Nuva Ring is at various pharmacies (as opposed to at Planned Parenthood).