October 22nd, 2006


This has been bugging me for ages

I keep thinking about this scene from a film. It's a period piece, probably set around Elizabethan England. This guy has been forced into getting married to this girl. The scene takes place at their wedding. The girl is walking up the aisle and is sobbing her heart out. When the church guy asked if anyone has any objections, the guy says something to the effect of "I don't want to marry her. I'm in love with someone else." The girl looks delighted and runs over to her real lover and hugs him.

Another factor is that the girl is foreign, I think she's meant to be French or Spanish. It's possibly a royal wedding as well.

Can anyone tell me what film this comes from? It's really bugging me.


Huzzah, it has been answered. Many thanks!

Jehovah's Witnesses

Odd question, have any of you been personally approached by a Jehovah's Witness? If so, can you recall what they said exactly to promote their faith? I'm writing a scene for a fic, so I need some details...the only religious groups I've been approached by before are your local Christian ministries and the like, I don't know if the way they promote their religion is any different from the Jehovah's Witnesses.
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.the game is on!.

(no subject)

1. What movie(s) make you most nostalgic?

2. Which of the 7 deadly sins are you most guilty of?

3. What's your current guiltiest pleasure?

4. Who is your favorite SVU character, if you watch the series? Also, do you like Stabler's new partner, Beck?
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i just sort of got a job at a rather upscale restaurant today as a bartender. they based this off the fact that i currently wait/bartend. however i work in a pub. we have 18 beers on tap, i do more pouring than anything else. i have to go in to the restaurant on tuesday and sort of show them what i got. but i don't got much.

(i really need the job so i actually did homework. read some recipes and may even practice a slight bit.) but what tips can you give me? and what should i do to adequately prepare for this? i don't want to go in with only vague comfort and the knowledge of how to pull a smithwick's lever. thank youuu.

(no subject)

It's been a while, TQC. Have you missed me?

ETA:Tonight is a Haagen Daz night. Chocolate Peanut Butter.

ETA 2: I saw it all. It was a posted link. Abuse has never talked to them about just suspended them without questioning.

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Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

What is the name of that songs that has a really catchy piano playing slowly arpeggiated chords in the back ground and there's a guy singing and that goes on for two verses and then a snare drums comes in and some guitars and it constantly sounds like the song is building up towards something big and the tune changes and its like a really happy jump around melody?

I'd tell you the words but I can't understand him.

I've been trying to figure out the name but the dj never announces it. I think its by chemical romance though....

Please help me figure out the name.
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Music ?s

Do you think you would be able to marry (or spend the rest of your life with) someone who hated your favorite musical genre(s)/artist(s), while at the same time you hated their favorite musical genre(s)/artist(s)?

What are your favorite and least favorite genres of music?
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(no subject)

My boyfriend and I are wanting to get a dog for our son (who is 4 1/2). We plan to consult with our vet first, but I'd like to gather some personal experiences as well.

1. Did you have a dog (or dogs) as a small child?
2. If so, which breed(s) did you have?
3. Can you relate any positive or negative experiences?

You can ring my bell...

When giving out/talking about phone numbers, do you say 'zero' or 'oh' when the number 0 comes up?
I.e., "five oh two, six two five oh" vs. "five zero two, six two five zero"
From where do you hail?

Sometimes I say 'oh', sometimes I don't, but it's always 'oh' when I'm talking about area codes. It got me curious.
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Stomach Pains

I get random pains in my stomach that prevent me from eating. The stomach pain is never after I eat only before and it feels like a burning in the lower part of my stomach. Has anyone ever felt anything like this? And if so do you know what caused it?
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(no subject)

I'm trying to think of a stand up comedian I saw on Comedy Central a couple of years back. One of his jokes involved him filling cargo pants with loose change and carrying a siren, walking up to a bum, dropping his pants and telling them they'd won the lottery. He also had this recurring thing where his dad would say, "Whatever, queer" or something similar. Anyway, does anybody know who I'm talking about?
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ahm ohn tayvay!

1. what do you think of acrylic nails?

2. do you notice when TQC's frequent posters don't post for a few days?

3. do you want to live in a world of hydration?

4. why are they bleeping the second half of the name of some sort of medicine on scrubs? (it's on british tv)

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Hindu rituals

This is kind of a strange question.

My in-laws have rented out a bedroom for the past year to a man from India. He is very quiet so all they really know is where he works and that he is Hindu. They don't feel comfortable asking him this question.

Basically, every morning, he shuts his door for a while and jumps up and down. My father in law has seen it through the window once when he was mowing the lawn and he's not doing jumping jacks or exercising or anything. He does it every morning, without fail.

Is there some type of religious ritual that he is doing? Does anyone know what this might be? I've tried googling it but haven't come up with anything that involves jumping. The one ritual I've seen is puja which seems to be done in the morning before eating but after showering... but it doesn't say anything about jumping up and down.

Edit: I should add that they've been in and out of his room to clean or whatever and they've never seen anything religious in there - statues, icons, etc... so it's possible that this may not even be religious in which case ... I have no clue what it is.

Thanks :)

(no subject)

So my boyfriend of two-and-a-half years and I are talking about getting engaged. It probably will happen in the next few months. I am thrilled about this. I only have one problem:
My parents are going to be very upset. Not because they don't like my boyfriend, but because I'm too young. Now, I realize that I am on the younger side of marrying age, but I would rather get married and have my kids in early, and so would the boyfriend. They were 27 and 31 when they got married.
Every single day my mother makes comments about how young people today are "throwing their lives away" by getting married young (she said this about my best friend's brother, who was 24 and had been dating the girl for 5 years when he got married).
Ultimately, I know that it doesn't matter what my parents think, because its my life and blah blah... they're not going to disown me or anything. But I'm rather close to my parents, and I'd be very upset if they tried to talk me out of it or were visibly disappointed and upset. Ugh, how annoying that would be!
What would you tell your parents, if you were me, to help them understand and not be so... unhappy for me? Because that's all they're going to be, honestly.

Edit: I am 20 and he is 24.
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1. Is there something you're supposed to be doing other than browsing Livejournal right now?
I should be studying for a Medical Terminology test that I have
tomorrow afternoon. I'm procrastinating.

2. What was the last thing you cooked?
I made Taco Deep Dish last night. I'm getting ready to make a Chef
Boyardi pizza.

3. What music do you listen to that you never thought you would?
I've always been turned off by actors that have bands, but I'm
surprised by Jared Leto's, 30 seconds to Mars. I like their music.
I feel so dirty.
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Computer Question

If I turn on a computer without a monitor, will it still load properly? Or will it stay at a "there's no monitor! I can't go further!" stage?

I want to transfer some files from my old computer to my new one, and I only have one monitor. Ideally, what I'd like to do is to have them both hooked up to my home network, turn on the monitor-less old one, and then just be able to copy the files from that computer by way of accessing it through "My Network Places" on this computer.

Both computers are using Windows XP. Last time I wanted to transfer files I moved the monitors around and used my roommate's computer as an intermediary space between transferring from one to the other, and that was a huge hassle, so it would be easier if I can just transfer directly.
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(no subject)

Are there any dentists/dental hygienists/people in dental school in here?

I'm having serious problems with my gums today. They were itching this morning so I kind of scratched them to hell and now they're bleeding and I've picked a significant amount of the gum away from one of the front, bottom teeth. They hurt so bad now and are still itching; all I want to do is keep picking at them. Is there anything I can do to make them stop hurting and help me resist the desire to pick? I already have skin grafts on two of my bottom teeth that I got when I was 15 (I think) as a result of picking at the gums and I'm afraid now that I may have to get more because of this. I'm not posting a picture because I know it will gross people out if I do, but if it would help someone to see what I'm talking about I can.

Also, if someone wants to direct me to another, better community for this, I'd appreciate it.


EDIT: Thanks xmorningxrosex for suggesting that I rinse with salt water. I'm going to do that tonight and hope things are a little better in the morning.

EDIT again: This question has been answered, my mouth is feeling much better which is all I was looking for.
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(no subject)

My computer sometimes hides my music files from me, they disappear into oblivion and I can't ever find them.
Is there a program I can download that will find every music file ln my computer, like Picasa does for pictures?

(no subject)

Anyone keep getting prompted for their password on Yahoo? This just started happening a couple of days ago. It's set to prompt every 24 hours, I've changed my password... But yet every time I close the window and open a new one, I get prompted again.

I just want to know if it's me or Yahoo. Thanks :)
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Dining out ?'s

1. Is it better to tip with cash or with a credit card when dining out?

2. What do you call the people that bring your food/take your order for you? (waiter/waitress or server)

3a. If you're paying 20% does it matter if the tip is rounded to make the total an even amount? (ex. Bill is $100.73, I leave a tip of $20.27 to make the total $121.00)

3b. Do you ever do this?

(no subject)

Are political differences a reason to break up with someone? And is there any particular topic which would make you want to stop seeing a person, if their opinion is the complete opposite of your own?
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For all the computer Tech people

Ok a friend of mine has a Nikon CoolPix P2 digital camera and a Mac Book Pro laptop. She hooked up the camera to her laptop and the camera is talking to the computer, but the computer is not recognizing the camera at all. No icon shows up, nothing.

Why isn't the computer detecting the camera and what can be done so that it will?
Thanks for the help!
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A better question of 15

In response to the rather inane question about the group of 15 (posted below), here is a [slightly] better one:

From a group of fifteen, half are not boys.
In the same group, half are not girls.

Is this possible? If so, how? If not, why not?
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(no subject)

So my roommate mentors an elderly woman (Marg) who is lonely and depressed. Her birthday is tomorrow - today, my roommate saw Marg and Marg mentioned that she won't have a good birthday because she's so lonely and neglected (for an unknown reason) by her kids. So, my question is, with all this in mind, what would you write in a birthday card? Obviously, since she told my roommate she won't have a good day and she'll be depressed, she doesn't want to write the traditional "hope your birthday wishes come true" etc.

Cheery gift?

My friend has been feeling pretty down the past couple of weeks. I'm making a mixed CD of Happy Songs but I'd like to do something else for her.

Keeping in mind that I am:
1. poor (college student)
2. locationally challenged (live in the middle of Iowa)
3. must ship gift by mail.

Anyone have any good Cheering Up a Friend ideas?

(no subject)

1. What consistently pisses you off about mankind?

2. Anyone go to a highly expensive university without having to take out any loans or very minimal ones, while still getting financial aid through scholarships and grants? Details?
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Is there a website where I can find wav files from movies? I know it might be hard because it's not out on dvd yet but I really want a wav from Nacho Libre. I found it on a keychain this weekend, it's the one where he says "Nachooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo".

I want it for my friend's ringtone.