October 21st, 2006

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Hello, everyone. My friend is having trouble with Windows Live Messenger and I'm wondering if you all can help out. Not too long ago, he deleted someone off his contact list due to inactivity, but wants to readd her. He's tried, but he says she still does not show up on her contact list despite the fact that she has accepted his invitation. So, I tried adding her and it works fine. But then I deleted her and then tried readded her and I get this message.
"You have previously added a contact who uses this instant messaging address. A contact's instant messaging address must be unique." So, I am obviously unable to readd her.
Is there any way around this?

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For this weekend, I am free.

1) Excluding anything illegal, does anyone have any suggestions for things that I can do? Normally I take care of my mother 24/7, but she's in the hospital right now. The boyfriend is out of town for the weekend. So far, I've ordered 3 pizzas...and eaten three pieces. Any other insane suggestions?

2) Did anyone else see Stephen Colbert make fun of OHL hockey the other night? It was funny. Sarnia sucks!

3) Anyone have any suggestions or advice about silkscreeing t shirts?

4) Any suggestions for new music to check out? Right now I'm very into the beatles, the zombies, the shins, joshua radin, snow patrol.

5) Any hallow'een ish movies to check out? I don't think I like scary movies. I watched the Grudge last week--I wasn't scared, but I'm kinda intimidated by other horror flicks. So, suggestions would be nice. Maybe, an intro to scaaaary movies?

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If you had a crush on someone, but no desire to actually date them or sleep with them or anything, would you tell them?

Let's assume you're of the gender that this person is not interested in but they've made comments like, "If only you were a guy" and such.

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Would it be fair to say that it is more acceptable on myspace than lj to:

- Have a complete lack of correct spelling and grammar
- use words like "wen" "u" "lyk" "neway"
- Have 400 word sentences with no punctuation
- Have a completly washed out user pic
and similar?

Maybe it's just the people and communities I associate with, but lj seems to have a lower level of those things than what I just saw on myspace.

I was only there doing a failure search btw. Looking for people from high school who are now or still failures. I found a lot of the above.
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halloween techno song

There was this halloween song I once heard and I'm hoping someone knows what it is...

It was kind of spooky techno, and there were no lyrics that I can remember, just sort of a techno-y laughing in it...pretty much all the way through. I say it's a halloween song only because it was playing at this pumpkin carving on halloween in salem, ma 7 years ago. I've been trying desperately to find this song ever since then, I wish I had gone to someone working there to get the song name, but I didn't.

Anyone have any ideas?
Avery - Summer Bath

Alcoholic Beverages

1) what is you favorite mix drink/shot? (one that you will typically go to the bar and ask for)

2) what's in it?

3) what does it taste like?

4) why do you like it?

i just turned 21 and everytime i go to a bar i never know what to order.
i need some ideas please!! ♥
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So my question after all that explanation is... Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Any advice for me? Should I consider seeing a lawyer, especially since I think I may be injured? Normally I wouldn't be as anxious to get involved in any legal aspects, but the kid driving the truck was doing so illegally and I'm afraid I may wind up taking a loss because of this that I simply can't afford.
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being open

I was just blow-drying my hair and thinking that I should just start telling people how I feel and what I want, whether they ask me or not. (I'm not the most open person...so the chances of this actually happening, are pretty slim. haha. But hey, I could try.)

Is this something you do? Are you very open about your feelings?
If it is something you do, is it something you've just always done (it comes naturally) or something you learned to do?
If it is something you do, do you find that for the most part, it's the best way to be?
If it's not something you've always done, but started doing, do you find that it has had a positive impact?

Downloading videos

Does anyone know how to download a video from You Tube? It's a video I uploaded to my account. I want to save it on my computer and take it to my BF's parents for them to watch. They don't have internet and I accidentally deleted it from my computer :(

Thanks for any info in advance :)

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I'm being Lady Macbeth for Halloween. A big part of this costume involves bloody hands.

Should I cover my palms and fingers with fake blood, or just apply is so it actually looks like I've been holding a bloody knife?

dog question!

Hey dog owners!

Has your dog ever eaten other animals' poop? If so, how'd you get them to stop doing it?

My little guy never used to do it, but he's gone for it a dozen times the last few weeks and it kind of grosses me out. I don't even know what kinds of poop it is he's eating, but he's gone for a few different. Yuck.

book question

I really, really want to find this book, but I have very little to go on. It was a book that I had to read in 10th grade, 2000, and at the time I didn't like it, so I kind of skimmed through it. I started thinking about it a few days ago, and now I'm desperate to find it. Unfortunately I dont remember who it's by, or what it's called.

It was historical fiction about a young Chinese girl who was forced to marry an American farmer in the 19th century, I think. They end up in this little midwest town, and she's miserable as his wife and having to learn how to farm. Eventually she gets the hang of it and starts to enjoy it. They have problems keeping their land. They have a kid, I think. The husband dies, and she's really upset, but she keeps on farming because now she likes it, and it's what she's ended up doing her entire life. At one point after the husband dies, a male friend from a few farms away comes over, and she's sitting outside on a log or something and they have some conversation about she misses her husband. I dont remember. I think parts of the book are written as her letters, or a journal, or something.

It had a blue cover. I think it had one of those gold star/circle things on the cover, like it had won an award. :P

It wasn't Good Earth. And it wasn't by Amy Tan.

I know this is very vague. Any ideas?
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Record Bowls and Nail Polish

1. What should I put in the record bowl I just made? (picture 1 & picture 2 for reference.)
I had been meaning to make one for a long time but I could never find cheap old records. I finally made one and I don't have anything to put in it.

2. Does anyone know of a good black nail polish?
I really wanted the Chanel one but it's sold out everywhere and selling for ridiculous amounts on ebay. I've tried a few and they've all come out streaky, which is probably because I've only been able to find cheap ones in black. I've been looking for the OPI one which can't be that bad but the stores around here don't have it.

Nintendo DS Lite

I'm a very indecisive person. So i figured I would let TQC help me decide what to get.

I don't know how to make a poll..so we'll just do it the old fashioned way.

DS Lite

Super Princess Peach
New Super Mario Brothers
Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2, march of the minis
Super Mario 64
Yoshi's Island 2
The Legend of Zelda, Phantom Hourglass
Your own personal recommendation

I'm getting the DS and 2 games. I've already got - Lunar - Dragon Song, Animal Crossing, The Sims 2, The Sims - The Urbz. So what would you recommend?

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what is a good zombie movie meeting the following criteria

1. Not dirrected by George A. Romero
2. Title does not contain "of the dead"
3. is not "28 days later"
4. is scary as hell


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i'm having pizza and a tasty drink (diet coke) for breakfast -

1) what did you have for dinner last nite?
2) if you had to choose between the beatles and the rolling stones, who would you choose and why?
3) have you ever attended a book signing event for someone famous (writer/singer/muscian/actor/etc...)?
3a) if so, who was it and do you still have that person's book in your posession?
4) what is the name of the place that you frequent w/some regularity where you purchase your favourite beverages?
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How can I get Collapse )? Any specific workouts? I just recently bought ankle weights...thought I'd try some leg lifts or something. (Yeah...these are one of my stupidest questions.)
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Did anyone go to the movies this weekend? What did you see?

Does anyone know of any specific children's book illustrators? Specifically those that have worked on things like Peter Pan, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. Nevermind- I found it

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I was listening to a predominately black radio program the other day when they were talking about biracial children. A biracial woman (her mother was black and her father, white) was being interviewed. The host asked her, "What was it like to grow up with a father who was a different color than you are?" and the woman proceeded to talk about how people "just didnt understand what it was like..." etc. She mentioned that she had a good homelife and relationship with both of her parents. What I don't understand is, she never addressed or seemed to acknowledge the fact that she was half white as well. I have witnessed this more than once, so im wondering... Why do a lot of biracial people only consider themselves black?

ps: i'm not trying to offend. i am genuinely curious.

World Series!

For MLB fans in America, who are you cheering for in the World Series?

I'm a huge Cubs fan, and I'm cheering for Detroit, because if the Cardinals win this year I will probably jump out a window considering the White Sox won it last year!
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Zip Me Up


What's the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda thinks the laughing lady at the Chinese takeout place is judging her when really she was just giggly?

EDIT: It's "Cock a Doodle Doo" (3X18). Thanks fraises!

Now, for jezemel, can anyone answer the following: Can you tell me the episode where Miranda gets the old man's come in her hair?
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Four questions that have absolutely nothing to do with each other!

1 The term "catty-corner"/"kitty-corner": do you use it, not use it but at least know what it means, have never heard it before in your life, whatever? And where are you from?

2. What's something you own now that you plan to pass down to your children (assuming you have/plan to have some of course.) What's your favorite thing you have that was passed down to you?

3. If you have MySpace, what's your current profile song and why?

4. Long one. Remember when I moved out of my old host mom's place becauses she was crazy and mean, and suspected her of stealing my ipod and some other stuff? The same thing happened to some other girls who lived there and they're filing a police report and also putting me down. I think they're also reporting stuff about how she flipped out and basically kicked them out yesterday even though they'd paid rent through the end of October. Anyway, what do you think the police will *do*? Anything?

Computer Question

I just got PSP8 on my computer, and now whenever I go to save pictures from the internet I can only save it as a 'Paint Shop Pro Image'. How do I change it to I can save it as a .jpg, .png, whatever?

PLEASE help.

EDIT: Solved!
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phrasing of choice

Do you say "stand in line" or "stand on line" ? Does the other one - the one you don't say - sound weird to you when others say it?

My answer: I've always said "stand in line," i.e. "I had to stand in line at the grocery store for 20 minutes!" For some reason, "stand on line" sounds strange to me, though a lot of people I know say it this way.

Similarly, do you say "keep contact" or "keep in contact" ? I've always said "keep in contact," such as "I'll make sure to keep in contact with you!" But I've heard people say "I'll make sure to keep contact with you!" and again, for some reason, it just sounds slightly strange to me - not bad strange, just different strange - since it's not the phrase I typically use myself.

Just curious!

Religious questions

o1. Are you a Christian?

a. If so, what makes you a Christian? Be specific. (Simple examples: because you go to church, that's what your parents believe, you believe in the Bible, etc)

b. If not, why aren't you? Be specific. (Simple examples: because your only experiences with them are that they are hypocrites, you don't think Jesus was anything more than a good man, you don't believe in God, etc)

o2. If you are not a Christian, what do you believe? Please be as specific as you can.

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You firmly state you want no presents for your birthday to all friends. Friend you are vaguely romantically involved with puts a card (signed "love, ____") and a single yellow rose on your car. What does this mean to you?

Edit: I almost pre-edited this, knowing everyone was going to think someone did this to/for me. :p Not my birthday, and honestly wondering what YOU would think, if someone did it to YOU. Not me, not my friend, don't want advice - just curious! Jeez. ;) Thank ya!

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ok... i've been brainstorming all day and i haven't come up with much. i'm trying to figure out what all the flaws are in my personality because i've been recently told i'm a horrible person, so i'm trying to figure out what about me is horrible. 

i know you don't know me, but i'd like to know, what personality traits do you consider absolutely intolerable? and what are some common traits that make someone a "horrible person?" 

if we could get a big list going here that would be awesome and would help me a lot. thanks in advance.
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party question

My daughter is turning 8 this year, and I am looking for something her guests can do vs. bringing her gifts that will just become toys she becomes bored with. Does anyone have any alternative gift ideas for a kid?
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Ok....I know I just posted a little while ago, but I just discovered this and HAD to share it with you all!

Did you know that Subway's meatball tomato sauce cleans the tarnish off of gold-colored dogtags? EWW!!

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I give up. Can someone please tell me where I can find the Forbes font? I've googled it and I can't find the one they use on their website. I've been able to get other magazine fonts for free, but Forbes is giving me a hard time!
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I work with a girl who I know is single. She seems to go out of her way to brush up against me in narrow spaces or touch me (usually by hitting me from behind, but also sticking random bits of food on me, like if I'm washing dishes and she has something she's on her way to wash off of her hands, for example.) She also talks a lot about how she'd want to date some other co-worker of ours if he didn't live with his girlfriend. So, do I take this as flirting or just being friendly? (So, yeah, if you remember my question about feeling sick when attractive girls touch me when I at all doubt their interest...)

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