October 20th, 2006

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yay mush

i'm sure there has already been a (million) question(s) like this, but after going through 20 pages of lj seek goodness, i become weary and desire EASY ANSWERS. i am lazy, huzzah.

does anyone have recommendations for cute love songs that are more upbeat/fast? mostly looking for lesser known stuff, not totally obvious stuff. no slow sweet songs. i am also open to weird love songs. also, i know a while ago someone had asked a question regarding songs about how great your(well, in this case my) girlfriend is. i couldn't find the topic, but i'd like some songs like that too if possible. nm found it.

examples: cake- love you madly, the cure- mint car, etc.

if you know a really great love song that most people haven't heard before but it's slow, g'head and post it. i just don't want a million poeple saying "the luckiest" because i've heard that song already THANKS. ;)

(no subject)

1. Have you ever had someone be completely obvious in their attempts to use you? Did you deliver a flying kick to their groin area?

2. What are the top things on your wish list?

3. What's the kindest thing that you've ever done for another person?

4. What's the kindest thing that someone else has done?

5. Which of the 7 deadly sins are you most guilty of? (lust, greed, envy, wrath, pride, gluttony, sloth)
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saying "I love you"

Name some examples of when you and your s.o. first said "I love you."

How long had you been together? How old were each of you? How long did you stay together?

A couple days. Both 14. Together 5 years with some breaks.
2 weeks. 18, 23. Together 1 month.
Never officially together, but had a long complicated history of two years. 19, 21.
Haven't said it yet, been together for 1 month, dating for 2. 19, 22.

How long do you think it takes to truly love a person?
ass head

cutting family ties

Are there any members of your family (immediate or distant) with whom you've cut off all contact? Which relative is this and what happened? (You can be vague, if you'd prefer.)
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I just tried to delete some zipped files in my music folder. But instead of just deleting those zip folders, a ton of my other music folders were also deleted. I have no idea how. Is it possible for me to get them back? They're not in my recycle bin on my desktop.
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Ummm... what do I do here?

To start out, someone from my graduating class found me online via myspace and facebook... the typical stuff.  This is someone who I don't recall ever having a conversation with in high school (although we did talk in middle school... different story).

Anyway, I'm guessing he's gone through all my 50 million pictures on facebook, because he commented on one of the most random ones.  Just now, he's sent me a message through facebook asking if we could meet up "the next time I'm home."  He's going to college in my hometown - I'm about two hours away.


Would you call this creepy?  I certainly do!!  I'm cringing thinking that he's gone through a majority of my pictures just to see a picture of me.

Don't get me wrong, though.  He's a nice guy, but frankly, I don't think of him in that way.  How do I reject his proposition in the most painless way possible?  I really hate hurting people, and I'm afraid that I'm going to end up doing that.

Thank you!!
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Which celebrity voice is the most pleasing to your ears? The most irritating? 

For me:
James Earl Jones- aka MUFASA. Could read me the phonebook and I'd be more than happy listening.
Jack Nicholson
T.I.-  With his black sexy southern sound..is killing me right now. Plus, he's a ginuinely nice man "What it is"
Russell Crowe- Its not every aussie accent i swear....just this one/Steve Irwin wouldnt make the cut...
Lindsay Lohan- the raspy smoking thing is working for her. Me thinks..

Most Irritating:
Conan O'brien- i love you but i dont want to hear you in the background when I'm making love to myself..
Wanda Sykes- Is actually quite funny if you can adapt to tire screeching type of sound.
Tom Cruise- I never meant to include this as a legit reason....but its because of what the fuck flies out his mouth.

Are there any more?



For everyone that puts their hair in a ponytail...

1. what do you call the thing you use to do it? hair band? ponytail holder? scrunchie? something else?
2. i used to use the scunci kind but they kept breaking on me unexpectedly, so last time i bought them, i bought the goody kind which are, in a word, crap. i went to put my hair up yesterday with a brand new one and it snapped apart in my hand. what brand do you use and are you happy with it?
Me--State Fair


What are some words or phrases that grate on you like nails on a chalkboard when you hear them?

For me, it's when someone uses the term "ragging" to refer to a woman's period. aeroizeqlskdjfqsdlkjfsqdlkf, I hate it. It just sounds icky and classless. My boyfriend used to say it, until I finally was like, "okay, that drives me nuts." Then he only did it once afterward, and realized as soon as he said it and apologized.
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Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

Is the movie Beetlejuice appropriate for children ages eleven through thirteen?

Also, what is the significance of the song Dayo in that movie? Do they sing it in the movie? Is it part of the plot or at the credits?

(no subject)

1. Is there a question you're just waiting to answer? *edit: a question asked of you specifically, in your life, not in this community*
  a) Do you have an answer prepared, practiced?
  b) How long have you been waiting?

2. Is there something you've been asked so many times that you have a stock response?

3. Is there a question that you got so sick of answering that you started lying (or leaving out important details) to make the answer shorter and avoid more questions?
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"We are the Mooninites"

Appropriate or inappropriate?

Do you think it would be appropriate or inappropriate for a boss to tell their employee that they "don't think straight"? Yesterday my co-worker told me our boss told her that and she was quite perturbed by it. I don't know what happend for my boss to say that but do you think an employee's actions warrants a response like that?


OK I know very little about banking/economics/investing, so please explain things in layman's terms. :)

The fiance and I have recieved $500 as an engagement gift, and we want to put it in some sort of joint account and begin saving up for the wedding. We want an account with decent interest/opportunity for growth and that we can deposit into from time to time. We've got 3 years to save up. What should we do with the money?

We're both residents of New York, and are both over the age of 21, if that makes a difference.

Music as a way of life.

I'm sure this has been asked before so I apologize but what are some albums that really helped you get through the rough times?

I don't listen to the radio and am in desperate need of some new music, what would you recommend? I prefer rock, black metal, and alternative/some emo but will take suggestions from any genre. My Tool and Dredg cds need a rest. ^_^

What are your thoughts on James Blunt, good or needs to be locked in a vat of acid?
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rufus, muppy

Loss of apetite?

Why is it, that lately my apetite sucks?

I'll cook something, and only eat half of it, still be hungry, try to eat something else, take a few bites, and throw it away....

I used to LOVE food and be able to cook up a great meal and eat it all, but now, it seems like nothing tastes that good, and I don't even get "cravings" anymore. It's like i can't enjoy any of the food that im eating!

Wireless Connection

I have been having trouble with my laptop since yesterday:

Basically, everything shows that I am connected to a wireless network but still, I can't load Firefox or even log in to MSN Messager.

- I checked my firewalls, and both of the programs are allowed.
- The wireless connection icon indicate that I am connected already - but websites are still not showing up.
- I used the repair function of MSN and it says that the default gateway is the problem. How do I fix it?

I had no trouble connecting to this network in the past, so I don't think it's the network's problem. I have this feeling that I screwed up the settings somehow, because I brought my laptop to school and configured it to access the school's network. (But I am pretty sure I changed every setting back when I came home, though)

Help! I have a project and I need to hand it in soon, and now I'm struck using my brother's desktop.

(no subject)

1. Who is the last person who made you mad? What did they do or say?

2. What are some of your weird fears?

3. What's your most favorite line from a movie?

4. What are your rfavorite horror movies?

Edit: 5. What are your favorite desserts

6. Do you have the Boardwalk piece from the McDonald's Monopoly game?

Another PS3 question

a week or so ago i posted asking about PS3's.... i'm not a big gamer so i have no idea about how this all works... i'm getting my boyfriend a playstation 3 for his birthday. i'm aware that they're supposed to come out on november 17th. i was a bit late on reserving one (and i'm not paying a ridiculous amount on ebay. ha, only paying a ridiculous amount in person. my bf better love me. ;) )... so my question is...

how is this going to work? I'm sure i'm going to be camping out in a line at some store like Best Buy or Gamestop... How early do I get there? How would it work at a 24 hour store, such as walmart? Would the system be "released" at midnight in that case? Where would you recommend going? I'm thinking either walmart or best buy.... because a bigger store would have more systems, right? I don't know.

i'd just ask him, but this is going to be some huge suprise.
at seven

(no subject)

1. What does your umbrella look like? I think they say a lot about a person.

2. So, giving food to homeless people etiquette.

Sometimes my host mom makes me a sandwich, and I end up getting a different lunch, so then I have this perfectly good sandwich all wrapped up in tinfoil and nothing to do with it. Normally I just end up eating it or passing it off to another upper-middle-class friend with three square meals a day and a roof over their head, but sometimes I wonder if I should try to give it to one of the homeless people who I sometimes see begging by my bus stop.

But I don´t want to like, offend anyone and get screamed at in Spanish or shivved. Or have some homeless guy decide I´m his new best friend and benefactor and want to follow me home. Or have lots of people stare at me weird for handing a tinfoiled sandwich to a homeless guy. So I´ll probably never actually do it. But any tips? Or what if I like, left it someplace where a homeless person could theoretically find it? Or just threw it away but maybe instead of throwing it away in my school threw it away in a trashcan on the street, still all wrapped up in its tinfoil, because I´ve seen people go through them for food. I don´t know... This is my guilty white upper-middle class conscience post. Thanks for bearing with it.

3. ah crap, where can I find out what kind of customs I´ll have to pay on receiving a brand new ipod from the US to Spain in the mail? I´m looking myself but no luck so far so if anyone knows a site or has the experience themselves please let me know?

(no subject)

1. What are you looking forwad to doing or watching?

2. Which movies are you looking forward to seeing?

3. What is your favorite movie scene?

4. What is the most disturbing movie scene that you've ever seen?

Edit: 5. Which movie do you want to be remade, because the plot is killer but everything else sucks?

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Why is it a lot of people associate long hair and dreadlocks with drugs and pot?
Is there something about the hair that makes them think they smoke?
Do people think their dirty, therefore they must smoke?
  • bizwac

ok, lets set the scene...

It's Christmas Eve. You're going to go to a Christmas thing the next day. You would really like to wear a particular pair of pants but you haven't been able to find them in 6 months.
You're partner is out, so you spend the whole day searching for them, looking in every nook and cranny.
You turn to your bed and think "surely they wouldn't be there" but decide to give it a look just in case. You look under your bed. In deeper you go until you see a crumpled black thing. Could it be? YES! YOUR PANTS!!!

Now these pants are your all time favourite pants. For the past 6months you've been looking for them and asked your partner if he/she had seen them.
Within the last month or two you became desperate for them. You thought perhaps your partner had hidden them as a means of revenge for something or other. So you ask them "do you know where my pants are? please tell me. even if you hid them, i will understand as long as you tell me where they are. do you know where they are?"
Every time you have asked them they said no, they didn't know where they were and would help you look for them. They said no when you gave them an out.

So, now you have found them. You shake them to get the dust off. Then you see it. Most of one thigh and part of the other is burnt.

How do you feel?
What do you do?

Thanksgiving Question.

Do I:
A) Go to Arkansas with my estranged family (father, step-mother, half-brother) to see more of my estranged family (aunt, uncle, grandmother, poss others). from Tues-Saturday
B) Stay home and see The Hush Sound on Tuesday and spend Thanksgiving with my local grandmother.
C) Stay home, don't go to THS, don't celebrate Thanksgiving.
D) other.

(P.S. - I want to become a part of that family again, but I have just started talking to my dad again this year after not seeing him in six years)
(P.P.S - My local grandmother I see at least once a week, she takes care of me when I'm sick and I stayed with her after I was mourning for my pet who died recently, she's pretty much my surrogate mother)

I'm pretty much torn between any chance of becoming a part of a family again or making my Bebe (local grandmother) feel terrible and alone for Thanksgiving.
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My sociology professor has assigned us a 7 page essay where we can discuss or research ANYTHING we want that is remotely related to sociology. Now, I'm only in this course because it's one of my requirements, so there isn't one topic I know that I'm overly passionate about. I want something that is more interesting than the usual 'why does crime happen' stuff and something that will stand out in a class of over a hundred kids... anyone have any ideas or even anything that could help me narrow down my decision????
Drink Me

Since I'm thinking about birthdays, a poll:

Poll #849515 Birthday info

What month were you born?


What day of the week?

Don't know

What day of the month?

Mean: 8.16 Median: 9 Std. Dev 4.66

day of the month continued

Mean: 22.30 Median: 22 Std. Dev 4.66

What time of day?

early morning

In the case of 4 year old Baby George...

Let's say that you were steppin' out on your BF and you got pregnant. You aren't sure who the father is.

Do you tell him?

Do you hope he never finds out?

Would your answer change if you were seeing numerous guys at the time of conception and really don't remember who you might have slept with or would be able to contact?

Would you ever go on Maury to find out?

Also, would you ever claim that you were 10000% sure that you had the right babydaddy if you weren't? (This one seems pretty much a given to me, but apparantly there are a LOT of girls on Maury who don't agree with my line of thinking. )

DISCLAIMER: This is entirely hypothetical. I am not in doubt, in any way, of the paternity of my child.
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(no subject)

Are you a perfectionist? Do you ever refuse to do something because you know that you don't have enough time to do it perfectly? Whenever I write a story, I begin to feel physically ill. I'm so critical of myself that I become depressed when writing. Is this beyond perfectionism?

(no subject)

What is the deal with income-controlled housing?

It is a place where there is a limit to how much you can earn and still live there. Are they still a good place to live? Higher crime rate? Is it more dangerous?

(no subject)

Out of curiosity... how many of you have been incorrectly billed for any sort of hospital treatment?

Either billed the wrong amount, billed for stuff (medicine, tests, whatever) that you didn't receive, not applying payments to your bill, whatever.
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(no subject)

I'm about 240 pounds and 5'3 and female.

My stomach is quite wide around, I must be at least 45 inches to 48 inches in circumference.

I know the doctors are saying now that it's not so much how much you weigh that makes a difference, but how thick you are in your midsection.

I know people say you can't spot-lose weight, but I am wrong in thinking that's for people who are not as overweight as I am? If I were to begin to do situps each day and increase how many I do each day every week or so, will I lose weight around my midsection?


I bought some new earbuds and for some reason the cord smells awful. Very strange, i know. It smells like B.O., despite them being new and never opened. I'm very sensitive to smells so this is driving me crazy. What can i do to get rid of the smell?
I tried wiping it down with a strong first-aid alcohol cloth (no luck) and right now they're in a little tin which i filled with scented beads. I guess i'll leave them for a few days and see if it helps...
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

Is it okay to send dry food overseas? Like raisins? I have to go the post office tomorrow...to send a package to someone in Korea...and my mom put dried cranberries in there. I don't know if the Post Office lets you send out food. Or would it be okay cause it's dry?

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So..I'm currently taking General Psychology. We're studying Freud. We have an assignment due for Monday on the concrete operational definition of Love.

For example:
we defined being "healthy" as independant, high self esteem, concious of others...blah blah blah.
We defined "intelligence" as good hand eye coordination, book smarts, musical and artistic talent, athletic ability, good with machines, analytical skills, problem solving, sequencing and a bunch of other things.

I'm just having trouble defining love. I don't want to sound cheesy about it. She said it can be a list.

So question club, what is your concrete operational definition of love?
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Halloween Music

What are some good Halloween, uh, carols? I'm having a party next week and I want a cheesy (but not TOO cheesy) soundtrack. So far I've got, uh, "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and "The Blob" by The Five Blobs (best song ever), and...that may be it.

Any ideas?
The Dude Abides

Stupidity ?'s

Inspired by Fark.com

Do you think there are more stupid/crazy people now-a-days or do you think that there are just more news outlets and mediums to report all the crazy actions?
I'm not sure.

What's the craziest news story you've read or heard about lately?
The Turkish press Wednesday questioned the competence of high-level security staff after an unconscious Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was accidentally locked in his car while being taken to hospital for low blood sugar.click here for the rest of the story.

TV Shows. Movies.

What TV shows make you cry every episode?

Extreme Makeover.
Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
Grey's Anatomy

I seriously cry at every episode of each of those shows.

How about movies every time you watch it?

The Royal Tenenbaums.

That's about all I can think of now that I cry every time I watch it.


(no subject)

What are some of your celebrity crushes that other people just don't understand?

Danny Elfman in his Oingo Boingo days
Alan Rickman in his Snape outfit
Jason Mewes as Jay in all of the Kevin Smith movies

Edit: Also, Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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iPod help

I pugged in my iPod shuffle to upload some new songs and it says that some other user (I'm the only one!) is using iTunes and will I ask them to log off so that it will work.

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