October 19th, 2006


Moral issue

You know someone has handed in an assignment that was entirely written by someone else. They got a credit. You do not like this person.

What is the right thing to do?
What are you personally likely to do?
EDIT: Said person is 55 years old, does this make a difference?

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What can I be for Halloween?

Background info: I am a server at Steak n Shake and we get to wear costumes to work for Halloween weekend. This being a college town, it is a very busy weekend for us and I want to be costumed delightfully. Here are some qualifications:

Must be able to move, see, etc. to function for work.
Not too short of skirt or anything; however I would like to be cute ie. maybe show a bit of legs or cleavage, but not too much.
Not interested in the standard college-type costumes like "Slutty witch" or "sexy nurse" etc.
I am a pretty big girl so can't pull off anything really form-fitting or anything like that.

Help, TQC! I am having a creativity lapse. :-D

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alright TQC, I'm trying to draw something and I'm a little stuck.
How would you *visually* represent the sound of screeching tires?

(I'm predicting someone in TQC to have a very obvious, "like this! duh!" answer, weird as the question may seem.)

edit: I do mean screeching, as in slamming the brakes, and i do mean visually, like... how if someone's knocking at a door you might draw lines like

where their hand hits the door, instead of trying to spell the sound for knock.
because i look at eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and think of someone rubbing a balloon or running their nails down a chalkboard. or maybe shrieking. and i don't want to spell it screeeeeeech, because there's no 'scr' or 'ch' in a screeching noise.


What do you do when you get the flu?
I mean, the honest-to-goodness respitory-infectious flu, the laying in bed because your head hurts too much to get out, fever of 102, coughing, aching, fatigued, naseau-from-moving flu, not the "stomach flu".
How do you prevent the flu?
I've gotten it, say... five times in the past two years. Each time puts me in bed for a week to two weeks. I've also had bronchitis and pneumonia as a direct result.
The doctor said that the flu shot will do me no good, since it only protects against the most common strain of the flu... and I obviously will pick up any strain. I'll get it in the dead of summer, too.
It really sucks, cause I'm not just someone who gets sick very easily... if I have to be in bed, then I'm really sick.
I'm pretty sure I feel it coming on; my head hurts like a mother and I'm coughing pretty bad. I've had a bad cold for a few days, though, so this may not be flu-related.
Help me. I hate it so much. I can't really afford to get it right now, either. I'm in the middle of moving, among other things.
Make it stop!

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Is there a movie that inspires you to get your body in shape and work out? If so, which one?

For me G.I. Jane, Kickboxer, Bloodsport, and Best Of The Best always has me jogging, doing sit ups, and punching the bag afterwards.

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so i call my bestfriend at her job and i am put on hold...
the "hold music"?

"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by the proclaimers...


now that FUCKING song is stuck in my head...

and how is your morning going?
what's one of the worst song that you had to hear while being on hold?
what's the worst MUZAK/elevator music version of a song that you have heard?
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How do you store your pants? Do you hang them in a closest, or stuff them in a drawer?

I have many pairs of pants and can't figure out a way to organize them in a manner that will expedite my dressing process in the dark hours of morning before work.
Give a dog a home

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Has anyone actually won anything off of Blingo? I've been a member for a few months, and nada.

Do I always have to be signed in to win? Or can I win without signing in?

(Blingo is a search engine similar to Google, but you can randomly win prizes, and if you have friends that signed up, when they win, you get the prize too.)

What's your best strategy to combat being REALLY tired?

Who got kicked off of Top Chef last night?

I'm making fried chicken tenders tonight... what spices can I add to the flour to make them taste a little less bland?

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Inspired by an earlier replies.....

I have a crazy uncle who thinks we are descendants from Geronimo. My husband went to grade school with someone who is related to Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde fame.

So what's your connection to someone famously or infamously notorious?
garth marenghi

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1. what would your superhero costume, name and theme tune be?

2. would you rather be really ugly with a good figure, or have an attractive face but weigh 300 pounds - bearing in mind you dont have any of the fat benefits - you cant lose the weight, and if you use it as an excuse to eat a lot you'll end up getting even more fat

3.whats your favourite thing to use as a metaphor?

4. if you suddenly became allergic to all your favourite food - how bad would the allergy have to be before you stopped eating it?

also i keep having arguments with my flatmates over them not believing things i tell them in discussions,

a. one is that a lot of cross dressers are actually straight men, i thought everyone knew this - so is there anyone here who doesnt believe it? or are my flatmates just facists?

b. another of the other stories is about a girl with epilepsy having her brain turned off for 24 hours and rebooted, has anyone heard of that?

this may sound weird..

do you ever put off going to the toilet because it's 'too much effort'?

i do. it's not because the actual act of peeing/crapping is too much effort. it's more the getting up, and undoing everything, belt buckle and the 4000 buttons womens pants have nowadays and sometimes i just don't feel like taking my pants down. be it that it's too cold, i'm feeling vulnerable/self conscious.
there is also the fact i run on a tight schedule, so if i'm doing something like working on an assignment or soemthing, going to the toilet doesn't fit in with the time allotted, so i'll put it off.

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1. Do you own any movie memorabilia?
2. If so, what?
3. How did you acquire this stuff?

My answers:

1. Yes.
2. A giant 5' x 8' vinyl Bruce Willis Sin City hanging wall banner, a V for Vendetta banner the same size, a Scarface money clip, a stormtrooper helmet and a Giger Alien Bust.
3. The first two from video stores. The last three from eBay.

Answer one or all or a couple.....

1. Have you ever had a completely boring task to get done at work? For example, I'm a receptionist, but sometimes I get to do all the mindless tasks so nobody else has to. The one I'm doing right is LAMINATING. Hundreds of pages of paper.

2. Have you ever dated someone your family or friends didn't like? How did you handle it? I know everyone says, "You shouldn't care what other people think", but it sure makes it easier not to care when the feelings are positive rather than negative! Do you think you should listen to them if they don't like them, before they know them?

3. Do you think people can change? If you date someone who mistreats you, you leave them, and they "turn over a new leaf", realize they were wrong, treat you better...do you think it's possible? I'm not talking overnight...

4. What are some good "guaranteed" tooth whiteners out there?

5. What are you going to be for Halloween?

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Poll #848685 "May I fetch your slippers?"

In some weird contest, you win the service of one skilled individual for exactly one year. You can use them daily or whenever you feel like it. Their salaries will be paid for by the agency that held the contest. Which person would you select for your year-long paid service?

Personal trainer
Pedicurist/manicurist/clipper of your nails
High priced makeup artist
Mechanic, body shop professional
Starbucks barrista (comes with coffee bar)
Professional decorator
Attractive call girl/call boy
Hair stylist

There's an option on your prize. You can have the best of the best for the servants in the previous question for one year, or you can have just a so-so-but-not-bad servant for 2 years. Which do you go with?

1 year service from the best
2 year service from the rest

Congratulations! You win the TQC servant contest! You can select any one person from this community to be a specialized servant for you for ONE WEEK. Who do you pick?

What will they be doing for you in that week?

Call girl/call boy
Board game partner
Singing/rapping minstrel
Trained monkey guard handler (you have guard monkeys and this person will handle and feed them)
They'd just brush your teeth for you
que tal

making friends

A co-worker of mine just moved here (Southern California) from Vermont. She's in her mid-late 20's, outdoorsy, and (from what I can tell) a little shy. She's liking it here that much because she doesn't really know anyone.

What are some ways you can think of to meet new people/make friends? (Our workplace is very small, so that's not an option.)

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I watched the beginning of Bringing Home Baby today and the couple on the show said they were going to raise their son vegan starting from birth. But wouldn't a baby that drinks break milk be going against vegan ways? I guess I'm just a little curious about the whole vegan lifestyle and how it would be possible to raise a newborn as one.

Need your help with questions to ask when I interview two bands.

I'm going to interview two bands with a friend this Friday and I desperately need any help that you all can give.

I don't know much about these bands. The main band: I know a bunch of their songs but not all of them. I don't own any of their CDs. Opening band: I know two of their songs and own none of their CDs either. Type of music: EBM/Industrial/Goth.

I Googled and found what their new CDs are. I found the names of the band members, what they play, and what they look like so I'll be able to recognize them and call them by their names.

I need help with what to ask these guys. I have like 15-20 minutes with each band. I can end the interview at any time but I'd like to ask a good amount of questions.

Please help me with what I should ask. I've met bands before but I've never sat and interviewed them. I have a few questions that I came up with but I'd like to hear any/all questions that you come up with to see if I'm asking the right basic questions. Sort of like a checklist and to add more to my list.
List any basic questions, musical/technical questions, and any fun questions.

I've tried Googling and visiting their myspaces to find out what these guys are into besides the music they make but I can't find anything. There's nothing even on the opening band in Wikipedia.

Please don't take this as laziness because its not. I just need a lot of questions to ask so I can run them by my friends and weed out anything that could make me look stupid since this is going to be filmed.

Thank you for any and all help. :)
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1. Do you like to give people greeting cards? What do you do with the greeting cards you get?

2. How do you address your In-Laws?

3. How does getting a college degree on line compare to getting one on a college campus? I'm thinking of accounting if that makes a difference.

4. What kind of socks do you have on today?

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Have you ever screwed up majorly at work? Do tell.

(Feel free to set the bar of what constitutes "majorly" in your opinion.)

What were the consequences, if any?
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What do you think the relationship is between Bert and Mary Poppins?

I always thought he was her ex, but my friend thinks that Mary Poppins never ages and she used to be Bert's nanny.


I applied for a position in a science lab and I was told, "I have considered your application carefully but I can not offer you a position in the lab." How do I go about asking politely what the reason was for their decision?
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Naming Your Child Scenario

Imagine if one day you were having lunch with your daughter at a local bar and grill. She has her usual mixed-green salad with low-cal vinaigrette dressing and you have the "Gut Buster" sampler platter, featuring a rack of ribs, chicken strips, popcorn shrimp, and deep fried Asiago cheese nuggets. The both of you are sitting there, eating, and chatting when out the blue your daughter says she has something of an urgent nature to discuss with you:

Daughter: "Mom, I've held this pain with me for so long. I just can't do it anymore, and I won't. I'm not going to hold it in just to spare you the grief that *I've* had to endure for years. I'm tired of feeling bad, just so you feel good. I'm just going to lay it on the line mom. You fucking ruined my life when you named me Dorabelle Trish, and I despise you for it. I often find myself wondering what the fuck you were thinking, when I remind myself that you probably weren't. You're the dumbest person I know mom, and I despise you. I've had to sit through these waste-of-time mother and daughter bonding lunches, watching you eat an elephant's weight in food while I strive to be the epitome of grace, beauty, and femininity. Well guess what Mom, this is it. This is the last time I will ever talk to you again. I don't want you to call me, or write me. I don't ever want to hear from you again. You blew it mom, when you named me Dorabelle Trish. Goodbye bitch."

After her tirade, she picks up the small bowls of dipping sauces next to your plate, and proceeds to throw them all over the front of your new blouse from the Jaclyn Smith collection, and storms off.

What would you do/think?

Hypothetically speaking...

Let's say you lost your job today for valid reasons (not something you will get to sue your former employer for).  How long will it be before you are "poor"? 

By "poor", I mean "not able to pay all of your bills" and "facing utility disconnections, evictions or repossessions"? 

And although this is hypothetical, be reasonable.  Don't say "Well, then I got a job that pays like 3x as much as before and I hit the jackpot!"  Assume you are not going to be able to find another job right away, or at least not be able to find a job paying more than minimum wage. 

Additionally, what would you do to try and keep yourself from being "poor"?  Move in with your parents?  Sell your vehicle and use public transportation only?  Sell your body?

EDIT  After my BF just called me to make sure I was still employed, I feel the need to specify that I DIDN'T LOSE MY JOB.  I'm really just curious what y'all think about this.

EDIT 2: And by "BF", I mean BEST FRIEND.  Don't worry, all you single men of TQC of a certain age...Slinksgirl is still on the market.

panda dance

ring questions

What are some questions to ask and things to look for when buying a diamond ring?

What are some reputable and cost-effective diamond/ring companies? Any company to avoid?

Are guarantees/warranties/certificates of authenticity really worth buying/paying for?

Any general tips or recommendations?

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Hey british people:
Do you kindof giggle when Americans say 'pants'?
Let me find my pants, i spilled something on my pants, just wearing pants and a tshirt...

The british friend said (after living in the US for a year) that he giggled for a while, but now only when it's something fantastic, like, "What's this white stuff on my pants?"

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Do you paint your fingernails?
What about toenails?
Did you paint them more often when you were younger?
When you do, what colors do you tend to paint them?

I was just considering painting my fingers gold, but I'm not sure if I want to.
I keep my toenails gold for the most part.
I definitely painted them more when I was in middle school and freshman and sophomore years of high school.
I never do reds or pinks, always something kind of neutral. I used to do designs of stars and moons or just use sparkly nail polish.
Dr Phil and Dr Feel

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Assume that you're married. You've been married for 3 years and you are still completely in love with your spouse, you have 2 young children together.

Which situation would be more painful/harder to get over:

A) Your spouse dying?
B) Your spouse having an affair with a co-worker then leaving you and the kids for their lover?

The new Motorola Cell phones...

I'm looking online for a new cell phone and while looking at the Motorola UK website I saw they had the MOTORAZR V3x in pumpkin orange. Immediently I'm interested cause it's something different and the features on the phone look good. The only problem is eBay has no listings for a phone by that name and so either it's too new or more likely it goes by another name as well. After thinking for a moment I got the idea that I'm wondering how close is that phone to the MOTOKRZR K1m in the US? I mean they seem to be really similar so I'm just curious if they name of the phone varies depending on the country it's being marketed to or if their like just a version apart or whatever. I'm really interested in checking out more on the phone since I now need a new one, long story, and I prolly won't be able to afford this one but still I'd like to at least check it out.
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I love the job I do, I dispise my boss, who owns the company.  I have known for a while that I need to find a new job, right now I have a few options

1. take a job that is fairly close to my home, within a reasonable walking distance, or short bus ride, it will pay me $.50 more than I make now, but it will be something I really do not want to do . . .telemarketing.

2. take a job that is pretty far from home, a long bus ride with at least one transfer, it will pay me at least $2 more an hour, and it would be a customer service job, which is still something I do not want to do, but I have a lot of experience in this field. 

3. stay employed with this miserable bitch, who used to be a great boss, but for whatever reason she has turned against me, and is cutting my hours. 

right now I do not have a working vehicle, that is part of the issue with the employer, as I drive for her for a living, I do a few things with the company vehicle that perhaps I should not, but it is a matter of survival, and I never abuse the vehicle, by taking it far out of the way to complete my errands. It is pretty well known that most of her employees will do their errands while in the vehicle . . . although we know we are not supposed to. 

So what would you do?

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rufus, muppy

Where do they poo?

In the future, I'd like a dog, preferably a little dog, however, I plan on being a school teacher so I wont be home during the day.

Many small breeds are best kept inside when no one is home, but if this is the case, where do they use the washroom?

What do people do with thier dogs when they leave them inside all day? They gotta go potty somewhere, right?

2 questions

1.) i have horrible acne problems. does anyone know of any good products or even unconventional ways to clear up my skin? (NOTE: i do not want anything you've read, or things that worked for your freinds, or skin treatments you've heard of. I would like to hear your own (past or present) methods for getting rid of acne

2.) "The Sims2 Pets" is it worth it?
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Any suggestions for buying a sofa or futon? I would like to get something that can fold into a bed, and is not too big (like loveseat size). I don't want to spend more than $500.

Walmart and Target have futons at good prices, but I don't know that I trust their stuff not to fall apart. I'm not sure about Ikea, some people say their items aren't good quality.

Are there any retailers that are known for having reasonably good quality and decent prices for futons or smaller sofas?

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*groan* I was going to buy my students post-midterm cookies from a really swanky bakery in the next town - now I find out the road it's on is closed for major repairs for two days, DAMN IT. Thus, I think I'm stuck with Dunkin Donuts crap. I guess I'll buy two dozen of them, but I have absolutely no idea what kinds they sell, what kinds people like, what kinds to stay away from, etc. - so what do you people like? If you're uh, versed in the ways of DD, please tell me which kinds I should get and how many for optimal student happiness. ;P Thanks.

Edit: No, I've never seen a Krispy Kreme whatever place in my life. :x

Science Program

I have a couple of questions for people who are doing/ have done a bachelor of science.
1.) What qualifications are professors looking for when you apply to a Masters program?
2.)Have you been accepted to a Masters program and if so what was your final mark in the bachelor program?
3.)Was it easy or hard for you to find an advisor for your masters program? How many people did you have to apply to until you found someone willing to take you on.
4.) do you have any suggestions on how I can make myself more attractive to advisors?

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Have you ever witnessed a person you knew/know just crash and burn, spiral downward, throw their whole life away abruptly? What was the incident that made them do it?

For example: You had a great friend whose mother died and she got pregnant and became a junkie and died at a young age, all because of her mother's death.


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1) best tv show ever, in your humble opinion?
2) tv character that you would like to meet? (not the actor/voice that portrays that character)
3) best microwave popcorn that you like?
4) what kind of trash do you have in your car?
5) what was the last beverage (any kind coffee/tea/booze/soda/water/etc...) you consumed?
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Dani california lyrics question

so i could never understand some lines of dani california by rhcp...so i decided to look up the lyrics online but 2 different sites say completey different things, i was wondering if any of u know the correct lyrics?

lyricsmania says this: A little older she was still in another breath 
oldielyrics says this: A little loaded, she was stealin' another breath 

thx just wonderin ;)

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I decided not to go into work tomorrow. I did everything that needs to be done tomorrow today, and nothing new will come up...so whoever winds up covering for me will have nothing to do.

However, I still need an "excuse" as to why I'm not going in...ideas?

EDIT: Haha. Thanks for the awesome suggestions. As I'm a dancer and everyone at my office knows I have a huge competition Sunday, I went with the "I tweaked my ankle at rehearsal last night and didn't think anything of it...when I woke up it was super swollen and I'm in a lot of pain. I'm going to the doctor yaddayadda..." excuse.
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Do you have any "pet names" that you use for people (other than significant others)?

For example, Baltimore has this thing where everyone is "Hon". I tend to call people Hon, Doll, or Sweetie. (But only friends.)