October 18th, 2006

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Audio books

Does anyone know where I can download audio books? My sister needs them for long drives.
I'm looking specifically for The Red Prophet, by Orson Scott Card, and anything by Jodi Picoult.
Also, I apologise if this came too soon after my last post. She would like this fairly soon is all.

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1. You know how in the Sims 2 they have those different motivations for your sim to have in life? Well, maybe you don't, but that's not really my question anyway, just sort of not so helpful background information. In your life, what is the thing you stride for the most out of these choices - wealth/success at work, family, love/sex, popularity/friendship, or knowledge?

2. I'm overly sensative about being in close contact with other people, and I think it's time I got over it. When people have tried to just tickle me, I either end up running towards the opposite corner of the room or beating the shit out of them to emphasize the whole 'PLEASE DO NOT TICKLE ME' thing I told them two seconds before they decided it would be funny to tickle me anyway. I can't remember the last time I gave someone a hug - once every few weeks someone will hug me and I'll hug back, but that's it. I can barely get to sleep if someone is the same room as me, and if they're close enough for me to touch them/them to touch me, then I just stay awake. In social situations, I get nervous and freaked out if I have to be so close to someone that we're touching, so usually I make sure I'm sitting or standing somewhere by myself. So...what's the best way to get over that?

3. Which kind of life would you rather have if you had to pick one?

a. You have many close friendships and a signifigant other. You have a 9-5 job you go to every Monday to Friday that pays okay, and a decent house or apartment with your lover. But for some reason, you are unable to ever leave the area you're in. You get to pick the area.

b. You have a nice car and a steady flow of cash coming in from somewhere, so you never have to worry about going hungry or not being able to afford a hotel room. You can travel anywhere you like and go anywhere you please, but for some reason, are unable to ever keep a relationship with anyone or stay in one area for more than half a year.
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I just bought a king size down comforter with measurements 104x89. I want to buy a duvet cover for it, b ut most covers I find are 102x86. I can't find any where the size matches. Is it that big of deal to be exact? What should I look for?
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I have a cocoon of some sort, and I'm wondering if I can get some advice.

It's from my biology teacher, who in turn got it from a past student. Apparently it was a huge green caterpillar. Recently (about a week ago) it made a cocoon. I'm not to release it back in the wild just yet, so I was wondering what exactly I could do for it.

The coccoon has silk(?) suspending it to the cap, and is now white on the outside . I know this probably isn't helpful in the least, but =p. I live on west coast Canada, so I'm pretty sure this coccoon will be dormant for most of the winter. But is there anything I should do to prepare for its arrival?
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I read an interesting article on Salon, reviewing a book by Laura Kipnis entitled The Female Thing. Feminism vs. Femininity. It raised some interesting questions for me.

Can you be a feminist and still be feminine?

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Do you think this is true?
Do you think femininity is used to showcase the inadequacy of a female and therefore secure her position with a man?
Do we play down our strengths in order to make men feel more useful?
Do you feel more desired when you are being taken care of?
Do you feel less of a woman when/if you cannot orgasm solely from penetration?
And lastly:
Do you think it's possible for a woman to get a boob job for herself?
Or is it just to help herself find/keep a man?
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I'm thinking about being an Avon lady. (I know, shut up.)

My reasoning is:

- I like their make-up and products
- I think they are reasonably priced
- There isn't anyone at my work who sells it, and I work with a lot of women, so I think they may be interested
- I could use the extra cash, but I don't need a ton of it, it'd more just be for fun and a few extras rather than omg! extra income!

Does anyone do this/have a friend/relative that does it?

I'm wondering mostly if there is a high start-up cost, which would make me lean toward not doing it, and what kind of discounts/profits can be made. Go ahead and laugh, I think it's funny too!
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If I shake all the carbonation out of a soft drink does that mean it's not as bad for the enamel of my teeth?

Like if I shake my sugar-free Raspberry Sparkling Water beverage until there aren't anymore bubbles, is it basically just flavored water now (and therefore not bad for my teeth)?
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Bounced Checks?

So I got an email from my landlord saying that my rent check bounced and that I owe her a new one plus a fee. After freaking out and all (the money was in my account for sure), I checked my online banking summary and sure enough the check was recorded as having been deposited by the landlord and the money was taken out of my account.

Now, I've emailed her back saying that there's no reason to beleive that the check bounced (along with a scanned picture of the check, front and back, courtesy of my bank). Is there any reason though that she's not on crack or trying to get double the rent she's supposed to? Any advice on this matter?

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In this poll, you are given an opportunity to pay 50k for some result or event to happen. The 50k debt would be worked out where you pay monthly in a 10-year plan, so $5,000 a year. If you don't pay, you go to jail for the remainder of your 10-year plan. Don't ask why, it's hypothetically some debtor's prison that's been created recently, so you can't back out of the debt once you've gotten what you want (I know how a few of you people think). That being said, which below would you go 50k into debt to have?

Poll #847891 Would you PERSONALLY PAY $50,000...

...for the ability to fly 5 minutes a day?


...for 3 nights of passion, with your 3 favorite celebrities OR objects of your affection. The passion goes on as long as you want and you may opt to spend the night cuddling or playing scrabble instead of anything naughty.


...for the Iraqi war to be done and peace between Islam and non-Islamic countries? The world enjoys the result of peacetime, but on your dime


...to be 25% smarter/more intelligent than you already are?


...to have the body of Jessica Alba or Scarlett Johansson (if you're F) or...hmm...I don't know....Wesley Snipes or Brad Pitt from Troy(if you're M)


...for unlimited airfare, anyplace in the world, for ONE year?


...to reduce the age of your favorite pet back to just 2 years of age? They'll retain all the memories and training they have now. This is all of note if your pet is approaching old age


...to have any one law changed, either state or federal. You have final say what the new parameters of the law are, any new fines or punishment, or the members of society who are allowed to partake in it or who are targeted. In a comment, tell me the law you'd change and what you'd do with it

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Recess ?'s

Inspired by this news story.

What was your favorite game(s) to play at recess when you in school?
Four square, tetherball and freeze tag.

What game(s) did you play that you think were kind of dangerous (and are probably banned from being played at school's now)?
Probably Red Rover. It was fun though
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Rabbit food!

What do you like on your leafy-greens salad? (Not potato salad or something.)

Today's salad consists of romaine lettuce, sharp cheddar cheese, bacon bits, croutons, sliced olives and ranch dressing. Tomorrow's should have romaine, cheese, bacon bits, olives, corn, and red beans. I just don't know what kind of dressing....
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You can be in any play or musical ever written, in any role you want. Gender, talent, ability, etc are all unimportant. You'll be able to pull off the role magically and brilliantly. What role do you pick?

You can choose to do a revival of any show not currently playing on Broadway/London. What show do you pick?

You can close one play or musical permanently. It will never be played again. What do you pick?

Lastly, you can turn any play or musical you want into a movie and you get to cast it. What show do you pick and who do you put as the leads?
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Salesman ettiquette?

I've been selling some things in my LJ and I just recently ran across this problem. One of the things I'm selling is a game and I mention that I'd throw the guide in for $7. One of my friends on deviantArt asked if I'd be willing to sell the guide seperately, so I said yes and asked if I should put the guide on hold for them.

It's been 11 hours and 36 minutes since then and someone else has expressed interest in buying the guide along with some other things.

The question is, at what point do I stop waiting for the original person to respond? dA shows that she hasn't been logged in since I answered her so it seems to be a case of her not being online yet.

[Edit] Oddly enough just a few minutes after posting this she responded, so it isn't an issue anymore but I'd still like to know your thoughts. And I have since posted that if people don't specify that they seriously want something it's still up for grabs.
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Are there any HEALTHY weight-loss communities?

I just joined one this morning that I thought was okay, but so far all the posts have been "what are you favorite bones that stick out? I AM SO JEALOUS OF PEOPLE WITH JUTTING HIPBONES!" and "how can I hide that I'm not eating dinner from my RA?"

WTF, people. Is there anywhere that doesn't support starvation, binge/purge, "thinspiration", and skeletal notions of beauty? I just want to get to a healthy weight, is that too much to ask for in a community?


What kind of deodorant do you use?

Time Travel Hypothetical 3

You get a phone call from someone who claims to be you from 20 years in the future. Time travel is possible in the future, and your future self just wants to tell you to become an investor in a certain company, because it will take off in the near future. Like, it won't just take off, it'll explode, like Microsoft. Sell what you have to, just get in on this deal. To validate their claim, they tell you a detail that only you would know. Buy now, you're told, because this is when it's at its cheapest, for once it takes off, it'll be hard to get shares at any price. Then they hang up, for they're only allowed 5 minutes of communique with their past self.

The company is called Petunia and when you google it, you find out it just sells adult toys. You never thought to ask how or why exactly this company will come into some money. Petunia isn't even one of the more notable sex toy companies. As far as your own money goes, you don't have a lot to spare at the moment. You don't have a lot in the bank, due to the fact you just never had much to begin with or certain events caused you to drain most of your savings (cars, medical bills, whatever). Buying stock, no matter how cheap, might really cut into your quality of living at the moment.

Based on these circumstances, what would you do?

everyday's a holiday.

If you could invent a holiday, what would it be?
What date would you choose/why?
Who would celebrate?
What would the traditions on that day be?

and if you say Talk Like a Pirate Day...well, listen, you don't even want to KNOW the consequences for saying that shit.
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Poll #848063 Things people surprise me by not knowing.

I can:

Defragment my hard drive.
Find a constellation, any constellation less blatant than Orion's belt.
Keep a goldfish alive longer than a month.
Sew on a button.

Carl Sagan.

I know who this person is/why they are famous.
Sounds familiar.

Lizzie Borden.

I know who this person is/why they are famous.
Sounds familiar.

Che Guevara. (with special answers, and checkboxes!)

I know who this person is AND the history relating to them.
I know who this person is, but not the history/very much history.
The name is familiar, but I can't place it.
I own a hat, tshirt, purse, etc with this person's face on it.
I do not know who this person is at all.


You make chili at home because it's cold outside and you love it.

You sprinkle grated cheddar cheese over the top, and have your Fritos at the ready.

What vegetable to you pair it with?

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1. Do you write for a newspaper, school-related or otherwise? Have you in the past?
2. What type of thing do you enjoy writing about the most?
3. What type of thing do you have the hardest time writing about?

my answers:

1. I just started writing for my university newspaper this year. I never wrote for my high school paper or did any journalism classes before this.
2. I really like to write band reviews and book reviews. I also wrote an article on Threadless recently, which was really fun to talk about.
3. Even though I like writing them, band reviews take me a long time. I have to find the perfect words to describe the artists, or else it really bothers me. (Speaking of which... does anyone want to read a short article about a band and tell me if it's okay?)
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1. What advice would you give to a first-time cat owner?

I grew up on a farm with 20-30 barn cats around at any given time, but they were completely self-sufficient - no litter box, no set feed time, etc. Now I'm getting an 11-ish week old kitten and I'm living in an apartment. Tips?

2. How many cats have you owned in your entire life thus far?

For the meat eaters...

Do you eat veal?
If not, why?
Do you eat chicken?

Please don't spam me with info about the cruelties of the industry, as I'm aware already.  But, chickens are raised in horrible conditions also, in fact, all animals raised for slaughter live pretty crappy lives.  Pigs are supposedly slaughtered at about the same age as the veal calves so the fact that they are babes doesn't seem to be the issue.  Pigs and chickens both are more crowded than veal calves in their cages.  I eat veal, chicken, pork, etc. and like most meat eaters, try not to think about it too much.  Then feel guilty for not thinking about it.  But why is veal somehow different?
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is it just a michigan thing?

i figured everyone always had soapy water in the left sink and rinse water in the right and used a dishcloth. but then i moved to evanston. i've lived in two places now and none of the sinks will plug so you can fill them with water. so now i have to wash dishes with a soapy sponge and it's really irritating for me. a couple friends came over and helped me clean up after i made us all breakfast and didn't know how they were supposed to wash dishes.

so my friends and i, ideally, use water in a sink, and we're from michigan.
my roommates use a soapy sponge, and they're from wisconsin and connecticut.

how do you wash dishes, and where are you from?
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(no subject)

1. Do you live in the US?
2. Are you registered to vote?
3. Do you plan to vote this year?
4. If you plan to vote, are you planning on voting for the Republican, the Democrat, or another candidate for your US Representative?

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I love to travel. I love to volunteer. I love animals. This past June-July I volunteered in Guatemala at an animal rehabilitation centre. For summer '07, I'm looking to volunteer again, but I'm looking for suggestions as to where to volunteer at.

My inquiry to you: Do you have any recommendations for a place to travel to? Don't think about the volunteer aspect mainly (unless you have some in-depth info on that, too), but more on the AREA. Where would be the next good place to go?

2: DO you know of any good volunteer stuff outside the US?

3: What was the neatest place you've traveled to, and did you do anything spectacular?

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Hey all, I was just wondering if any of you know who sings the song in that Audi Q4 commercial?
The only lyrics you really hear is "...Streets of tomorrow."
If you knwo the singer/song name or both, that'll be great :).
Thank you

Cleaning a fresh water tank?

So, a few days after getting my fish, their tank is nassssty. My Mom didn't get a filter, as she didn't want to spend the money (blah). Therefore, I've decided that tomorrow I'm cleaning it. I just need to know a few things:

- What should I put them in while cleaning the tank? Just a regular glass cup?
- What sort of water should I put in the glass (or whatever)? Clean water, or just water I scooped out of the tank (so it's the same exact temp as they're used to)?
- After I clean the tank, how do I get them used to the new water temperature? After I first got them, the guy told me to keep them in their bag, and float that in the tank for a half hour, so they wouldn't go into shock from the temp change. So... what do I do now, as I don't have a bag to float them in?
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(no subject)

A few days ago I was meandering around Chinatown and I noticed that there was pretty much dried everything seafood-wise which they had fresh. Do the fresh seafood products that go unsold all get turned into these dried forms of it? Dried shrimp, dried scallops? What are the dried things used for? I was highly intrigued, but I was too shy to ask anyone.

Camera questions

1. Is there any way to convince a Fujifilm Finepix S5100 to take a quick action shot? People are what I'm good at shooting (or used to be, anyway), and the exaggerated delay that seems to come with digital cameras is really frustrating - usually by the time the shot takes, not only is the moment over, the person's left the frame entirely. The fast shutter mode is really only helpful if I just so happen to, again, click two seconds before the shot I want to take occurs. Not to mention I really just don't like using it if at all possible - capturing the moment used to be the fun part, not something that the camera might accidentally do. I know digital cameras don't have the fast response time of film cameras (god how I miss mine, I wouldn't have "upgraded" at all if it hadn't broken), but I feel like surely there's got to be something I'm doing wrong. I've been screwing with the settings nonstop hoping to hit on something, per my friend's suggestions, but so far, nothing.

2. If not, is there a digital camera that can? I know I saw one advertised not long ago that claims to take quick, precise action shots (that was the selling point), but I didn't manage to catch what it was. I know there's always going to be some sort of delay with anything I can afford, but when the subject starts in the far corner of the frame and has left the frame entirely by the time the image "takes," I'm thinking there's got to be something a little more responsive.

Importing emails/folders to Outlook

ETA: Figured it out. I'm a dummy! Thanks y'all. :)

I am having no luck. Please help!

We just installed Microsoft Office (the student pack! So much cheaper!). I opened up Outlook and went through the nifty little set up wizard to set my hotmail account up as an identity...but it didn't transfer any emails or folders. I had Outlook Express prior to this and it had been acting wonky the past few weeks, but I don't think that that is causing this. I've played and hunted and searched and have struck out.

How do I get all my folders and emails to sychronize to my new Outlook? Thanks!
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(no subject)

What are headaches? Why do we get them?

I'm confused because the brain itself can not feel pain, which is why they can do brain surgery why the person is awake, but alas, I don't understand headaches!
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I've asked a few people about this, and nobody can figure out what the crap it is. Help?

Yesterday in my chemistry lab instead of using a glass crucible, we used one that was something like a cross between paper and styrofoam. It could stand a lot of heat, and when we took it off the flame it cooled enough to touch in a matter of seconds. It was really neat. I just have no clue what it was called.

What's the worst part about a speech class: Giving a speech or listening to people that can't speak in public for crap?
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Linux users welcomed

Can someone recommend a good CD ripping program for Linux? I'd prefer one that can rip to mp3 (one way or another) made with the GTK+ toolkit (ie, displays nicely in Xfce).
I used Grip for about two days, but I went to use it today and it froze rather completely several times. The only way to shut it down was to log out and back in again. I reinstalled it, and now it won't open.
My sister wants to rip two Justin Timberlake CDs to put on her new iPod, and I don't feel like seeing Windows tonight.

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how many people here DON'T shop at walmart? do people think you are weird when you tell them you don't. do you let other people know that you don't?
i don't, and they do, and i don't mostly.
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(no subject)

I thought my Gap account was closed, but no, it still exists, with a zero balance, and a $1600 limit. Should I close it or leave it open for credit purposes?

How do you like your chicken wings?

What is your favorite donut at Dunkin Donuts?
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Hi folks,

I've just started holding monthly meet-ups for a web site I work for (it's a semi-charitable site, that is it's run on a shoestring budget, that gives information and has articles about expats in Brazil). We're trying to find a fun name for the meet-ups (the site name is Gringoes.com).

The Gringoes.com "Chew & Chat" has been suggested, but it doesn't quite leap out at me. It needs to be something relatively down-to-earth and fun, if that makes sense.

Any thoughts from the creative minded folk out there?

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