October 17th, 2006

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Hi folks,

I'm researching an article about that thorny topic of infidelity, and the rate in Brazil. But the Google-fu is not with me and I'm struggling to find recent rates for other countries for comparison.

I've found bits 'n' bobs, including a recent rate for the USA and of course reference to the Kinsey report. It'd be great to have more though.

Any ideas?

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1.)I want to download LJ talk but everytime I do it tells me the file is corrupted. I've seen that plenty of people have downloaded it just fine. Is there any specific reason I'm having problems downloading this?

2.)What are your favorite blogs to read? They don't have to be LJ blogs, they can be from anywhere.

atheist questions

1. What's your general impression of outspoken atheists?
2. Who do you think is the most visible spokesperson for atheism?
3. Who's your favorite atheist?

my answers:

1. I'm a fan, if they have something relevant to say. I wish I could talk about my (lack of) beliefs more, but sometimes I get a little intimidated.
2. I'm not really sure.
3. Richard Dawkins.
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weird questions, I know=p

Is it weird that I went around with pictures of Ted Bundy and Dani Filth and asked random people who they would approach if they were sitting on a park bench?

Is it weird that about 82% of the people said that they would rather approach Ted Bundy, the reason being that Dani Filth "looks like a serial killer"?

Is it weird that out of all the people I asked nobody recognized Dani Filth or Ted Bundy? (Ted Bundy more than Dani Filth)

If you were a serial killer, what would your MO be?

What would be the reason for your vicious, inhumane crimes?
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(no subject)

A friend and I were discussing relationships and sex yesterday when we hit a tough one. What do men really want from a woman? Let me break this down into what we were curious about. 1)Do men prefer a meaningful relationship? 2) Would they rather have a relationship that is based solely on sex? 3)Why is it that when a man is offered a sexual relationship, he says he wants it but then can't handle it? (gets possesive, intimidated etc.) I am aware that this could be seen as subjective so I'm just looking for some input. Thanks!
Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

(no subject)

What is something you regret? (Personal experience or conjecture. Feel free to be verbose, or leave out all identifying details - concepts are what I'm going for here.)

In a strangely unrelated question, what are some foods or other chemicals that, when ingested, change color or odor of urine? (I'm sure I could Google it, but this is another where personal experience may be more informative. :) )

How long is too long?

Yesterday sitting in one of my classes a teacher talked about a study revolving around grief and loss of a loved one. To give a quick over-view of the study, participants (both males and females) were called at 3 month increments until 1 year had passed since the death of their loved one (typically a spouse). The researchers found that typically both genders were a mess after 1 & 3 months but by the 6th month the male counterparts had moved on, were dating/engaged and completely over the loss while the females were still an emotional wreck by month 12. My questions are:
1. Has anyone read/heard of this study/any similar ones or know where I can get a copy from? (I've already goggled/used apa.org)
2. How long do you think a person should wait to move on with their life after the death of a loved one?
3. Do you agree with the results of this study? (E.g. Do you think men are able to emotionally heal faster?)
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(no subject)

1. what are the pros and cons of homeschooling?
2. what are the pros and cons of public school?
3. would you homeschool your child, why or why not?
4. would you send your kid to public school, why or why not?

Edit: I guess a lot of people are saying a con to homeschooling would be the social aspect but there are other things kids could do with other kids that has nothing to do with school. Do you think that would still stunt their social growth? Is it not good enough? Do they need 7 hours of school a day to really develop their social skills?
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(no subject)

I'm making ham, green beans, and potatoes in my crockpot today.

The green beans are frozen and the ham is rather juicy. I forgot to add a little water to the crockpot, which is set on low.

Am I going to come home to the charred remains of my house?

My lower back is constantly hurting, especially in the morning. My chair at work sucks, but I don't think they will buy me a new one. Will going to a chiropractor help at all, or is it a waste of money?

Steve Irwin's 8-year-old daughter has her own TV show now. She "hangs out with lots of wildlife. She just loves kissing a koala or hugging a snake."

Do you think little kids are going to watch this and be stupid and hug snakes?

You have the opportunity to sterilize one group of people. Who would you sterilize?
(e.g., rapists, child molestors, drug addicts, etc.)

ETA: One of my fabulous LJ friends works in an art gallery and sent me several art prints, valued at $850-$1200 each (seriously). She said they were just sitting in their warehouse, so it's no big deal to get rid of some. Should I spend the money to get them framed really nicely at a pro place, or should I just buy some frames myself?

(no subject)

Do you think that having children means having to change your style/personality?
If you have kids, how much did you sacrifice of your own self for them?
In what way have your parents changed when you were born?

I"m asking this because i had a big discussion with my parents about this. They think that you should make adjustments once you have a baby. We know this couple that's quite eccentric in looks (hippie dresses, dreadlocks) but very loving and caring towards their baby. My parents think they should "grow up" and "act normal" while i think that's bullshit. I'm thinking that maybe one day i want a baby myself, but I don't see myself changing my style because of that. Shouldn't you be able to be yourself? Why do you need to fit in the crowd anyway?

I do realise you have to make sacrifices when it comes to partying, free time, career and travelling, that wouldn't be a problem for me. But i don't see myself become the typical perfect mom that does the babytalk and makes applepie. Because even if you're a parent, you're still YOU, right?

(no subject)

A stray cat lives under my house. How do I coax it out so I can take it to the no-kill shelter? Also, what precautions should I take (it probably has fleas, and I have an indoor cat who I don't want to get fleas, etc)?

Yesterday I put out a bowl of cat food, and this morning most of the food is gone. I am not 100% sure that the cat ate it, but I will assume it did.

So, how do I get it out from under my house?

(no subject)

on communities like "whatwasthatone?" how do u make edits like:

what was that one brand of fishsticks

EDIT: thanks smith123, it WAS saltybrine brand fishsticks!

how do you make the edit thing?

Sports Questions

1.) If you watched the Bears VS Cardinals game last night, did you keep watching until the end or get bored halfway?
2.) If you stopped watching, did you regret it later?
3.) Do you think the Bears are a Superbowl team this year?
4.) Can you tell that I'm from Chicago?
5.) Is anyone even still watching Baseball?
6.) If you could be any sports star, who would you be, and why?
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(no subject)

Poll #847029 Star Wars

I didn't buy for one minute that Annakin ended up as Darth Vader because he loved too much. Holy crap on a stick. What else do you think contributed to his evolution to E-V-I-L?

He dated several women after Amadala. Every one of them lost the will to live and died, too
All the jedis were killed, but Jar Jar Binks was allowed to live
His dog, Rover Wan Binaldi, lost his will to live and died after delivering puppies
They cancelled that Charlie Sheen tv series, and he never recovered. Darth misses Jon Cryer SO MUCH
Losing 2 limbs and most of your outer skin in lava will probably make you pretty bitter

What became of C-3PO and R2D2?

Were thanked and given rewards for their efforts, then crushed in a trash compactor and turned into a paperweight
Replaced by more advanced models, the two were reduced to working in a droid brothel, servicing drunken jawas two at a time
C-3PO became an Elton John impersonator, and R2D2 a Verne Troyer impersonator
The Blue Fairy turned them both into REAL BOYS!
They got married in Vermont

Where did all the wookies come from?

Robin Williams had a tryst with a native, and a species of really hairy kids were born
A gorilla had sex with a grizzley
They're Ewoks on steroids
A Rogaine factory explosion, covering every single person in hair
They found Bigfoot, and considered him an endangered species, and then forced him to repopulate the species

What became of Han and Leia?

Lots of kids, picket fence, house in the suburbs
Furry threesomes with Chewbacca
Han's a deadbeat dad, and Leia's a bitter welfare mom
They got married. Han was flaming gay and Leia was his beard
They split up a year later when she found him in bed with triplet aliens

The Stormtroopers (clones) were pretty competent in Episode 2. In Episode 4-6, they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and were eventually beaten by a herd of teddy bears. What is the reason behind their loss of skill?

Alcohol. They were usually drunk by 10am
Serious inbreeding
It was only one batch of clones. After that, they had to draft high schoolers and country bumpkins to fill their ranks
New helmet design had tinted eye slots you could barely see out of
Side effect of cloning is irreversible stupidity that strikes in a few years
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(no subject)

I bought this TV about a week ago, but am really disappointed with the picture quality, so I am planning on returning it.
After I do that, I'm seriously considering trying this TV, though it is quite a bit more expensive. For those who have some knowledge about televisions, does is seem to be a good TV? Would you consider it to be over-priced? Also, is does not have an S-video input - would this be considered a problem? I don't have any clue as to what an S-video input is used for, so I'm not sure if it's something important to have or not.

Any information/suggestions on all this would be great. Thanks.

The Great Escape

Sometime in the future, you've hit rock bottom. You've lost your job and are having problems landing a new one due to a tight job market. Your savings are exhausted. Your SO has left you. Your friends and family have turned their back on you, and you're about to get evicted or lose your home. The only one still in your life is your closest friend, who has gone through very similar depressing turns of events in their life too. You two will both be on the streets at the end of the month, when something fortunate happens. Your friend wins a prize in some radio contest. The prize: 2 plane tickets to anywhere in the world, and $10k (American currency or whatever country you live in) to spend only on your trip (you're given an envelope of traveller's checks aboard the plane).

Your friend wants to ditch this life and start over again. New country, new names, new everything. Slide out of your old life like a change of clothes, and never look back. "(insert your name here), we have nothing to go back to. Let's begin fresh". You two begin brainstorming over where to go

1) what country would you like to move to, develop a new name, and start over in?
2) what would be a stronger motivator for relocating to a country? Language, fondness of the country, or how far the money will go once you arrive?
3) what will your new alias be?
4) once you arrive in your new country, would you prefer big city, town, or small hamlet?
5) what would your new occupation be, if you could choose? Remember, you can start over again
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(no subject)

I'm looking to make some extra money....

So those mystery shopping jobs..they're all scams?
How can I tell which isn't a scam?

And those work from home jobs...they're scams too?
How I can tell which aren't?

What can I do to make some quick money on the side?
I'm drowning in debt.

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I've got about 6 yards of black velvet that's about 30" wide (the remains of what I needed to make a dress). I've also got about 2 yards each of lavendar and orange (like in my icon) satin with an Asian floral print woven into it. I've got a sewing machine, some thread, and no money for any patterns. While I'm not some sort of experienced sewer, I've been known to whip up some creative stuff at times.

Any suggestions on what I should make with all this?

To the bowlers out there

I'm a geek who not only bowls regularly and in leagues, but I also work at the alley :-)

1. What's your bolwing average?
I started bowling this summer, my average is around a 130 right now. Not too great, but I'm getting better.

2. Do you have your own ball? If yes, what kind?
I have a brunswick rampage, better used with light to medium oil patterns. I just got it a couple months ago, and I really like it.
Someday I'll be a flower

Which should I bake?

Seven pages down of a 25 page paper and it's time for a snack break. Which cookies should I bake?

Chocolate-oatmeal no-bake cookies (heavenly, and don't take much time at all, but all butter and sugar!)?

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (take longer to bake but probably healthier)?

Edit to add: Recipe!

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(no subject)

Has anyone ever used Wash N Curl ?

I saw it in the store the other day and was curious...

Does it actually make your hair curly??

I have really straight hair, and whenever I use rollers, it will just curl a bit and then go straight right away, no matter how much hairspray I use.

(no subject)

is it possible to contract AIDS from sharing a bottle?

I know you cannot get it from kissing, that is why I was wondering about sharing a bottle...but I was just wondering if a little bit of blood were to be in the bottle and I didn't know...
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(no subject)

In regards to the latest Livejournal news post - can you take someone called Kimmie seriously?

What do different names mean to you?

What does the name "Juliet" say to you (as a name outside of the play) I cant decide if I like it or not.

Most importantly can anyone talk about/ explain/ outline aspects of modernity in a way that's not really really confusing?

Does it scare you when you can smell someones smell but they're not there? I always think it means they're dead

What stereotypes have you heard of London people?

What do you think of red hair? (and where are you from, it seems to be a good thing in America and a bad thing in England)
The Dude Abides

Home exercise?

Do you exercise at home?

Do you have any home exercise equipment? If so what do you have?
If you count free weights and a jump rope then yes.

If you were given $600 but you could only use it to buy exercise/fitness equipment what would you buy?
A nice treadmill.

What do you think is best for an at-home cardio work out: A treadmill, exercise bike, or a rowing machine?
Not sure.

(no subject)

What would be the best way to package brownies for shipment to Japan from the US?

My concerns are that they would break up or spoil. Since they are such a moist cookie, I am worried about the time frame for shipment. I think it's at least 10 days to 2 weeks.

Any advice is most welcome! Thanks. :)
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Halloween theme music.

Okay, kids - you absolutely must help me out, for I can be a musical imbecile when it comes to large gatherings. I am hosting my first ever Halloween party ever (I'm in Australia, here) and I wanted weird / scary / creepy music for ambience. I was thinking a mix of scary theme & scary sounding, not just music about scary stuff.

Help me look cool!
Gas Mask B&W
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(no subject)

You're in the park havin' a wonderful time with nature when all of a sudden a fuckin' bear comes out of the woods HOLY SHIT IT'S MAD! Everyone's running around screaming, a woman falls and drops her baby. You scoop up the kid and book it. But the bear is clearly gunning for you! Maybe it's because you kicked a bear cub a half hour ago (tryin' to steal my picnic basket!)

Do you...
a) try and haul ass (and maybe get mauled)?
b) do you throw the baby to distract the bear (and escape!)?
c) apologize (and get mauled)?

(no subject)

If you know someone who was part of a multiple birth (i.e. twins, triplets, etc.)

1. Do those genes run in the family?

2. Are they identical? Different gender?

I went to highschool with a set of twins (1 guy, 1 girl), and they have twin fraternal brothers 4 years younger than them.

I knew another set of twins whereby the girl was born one mother before the guy because she was having problems inside the womb, so doctors took her out but left the other baby in.
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(no subject)

I'm not fixing my car (that got in an accident) because it's wayy to expensive and not worth it.

My price range is $2-3k, MAYBE close to $4 thousand.
I prefer Volkswagens, but I hear they're expensive to repair, so I'm really looking for an Asian-made car.
There are a lot of dealers that have nice cars for my price range. What's the best car you know of that I should consider buying?

(no subject)

I love movies like "Troy", "King Arthur", "Gladiator", "Armeggeddeon", "BraveHeart", and the like. I love the more 'medievil' movies. Anyone have any more suggestions of movies such as these that are a good watch?
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Contact Lens Solution

This is a ridiculous question.

For the past few years, I've been wearing daily disposable contact lenses. Therefore, I have not had to deal with cleaning of contacts for a long time. But I just switched back to two-week disposables to cut down on costs. I got this contact solution called "No Rub." Back in the day, my contact solution required me to put the contact in my palm, squeeze some solution over it, rub it a bit with my finger and put it in its case. The instructions say something like "rinse contact lens for five seconds." My question: How do I *do* that? Do I put the lens in my hand and squeeze the solution over it, but NOT rub it with my finger? Or hold it between my fingers and squeeze solution over it over the sink? Or what? I'm confused.
My Point?


So..my 3 year anniversary is coming up on Halloween. I'm strapped for cash, so a *big* present is out of the question. I wanted to make him something or get him a small something that was romantic. I posted it on a few groups on myspace and someone suggested that I buy him a love/sex coupon book. She told me that they sold them at Halmark. I checked and I couldn't find it.

So..I decided to make one. The only thing is..I'm not very creative. I want it to be diverse. I'm looking for 15-20 different things I could include. I have no clue where to start. I don't want it to sound boring and be like "1 free blow job" and stupid shit like that.

Can anyone help me?

free web proxies

In order to get online at my university I have to use their provided proxy. Unfortunately, it has a very conservative blocking system so it blocks everything from porn to mp3 downloading sites to random sites they consider "tasteless" (to quote). Unfortunately, this is a problem for me since I can only shop for bras in my size online, but they block all the good/reliable sites for "lingerie and swimsuits" being on the site.

I used to use free proxies I've found on the web for that kind of thing, but they recently started blocking the sites that list the proxies so I can't go look for them myself anymore. So my question is, does anyone know of some free proxies that I could use? Ones that don't block bra shopping sites like figleaves.com, barenecessities.com, bruteforceleather.com or whatever, please.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
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Journal-related question

1. For those of you without Friends-Only journals, how do you keep your journal entries from being read by unwanted RL people? (parents, teachers, people you've been discussing on your journals, etc)

2. Do you post more about your personal life (where did you go today; who pissed you off, how work sucks) or about impersonal matters (like on GoFugYourself.com and trent.blogspot)?

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3. I just replied to a Nigerian spam email for fun and I got a reply back (I told him I was recently retrenched and needed the money)
Any idea how I can play with these fakers? =D
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(no subject)

Did you ever threaten to run away from your parents? Did you ever actually?

What happened?

Why do you think that kids run away or threaten to do so?

If you had gone through with it, where do you think you would be now?

(no subject)

Someone please tell me why
one of my really good friends
who, is also an ex boyfriend likes to flirt
with me when we hang out?
I thought it was because he was an asshole.
Cant we just hangout as friends? or is that
too much to ask?

I can never date him again.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

iTunes question...

Okay, so I recently updated the new version and it's been giving me some problems lately. When I plugged in my iPod...my iPod symbol wouldn't show today. Yesterday, it worked fine. I tried to system restore but nothing seemed to happen. So I uninstalled iTunes...and tried to reinstall it by using the cd-rom. But then everytime I try to open iTunes...this message comes up:

Should I have done that? (System restore, that is...)

I could ask an itunes community or whatever, but I don't wanna join just to ask this.
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(no subject)

did you ride the bus today? did anything interesting happen?
i rode it twice and during the morning ride a girl leaned over and asked me who did my eyebrows. my bf joked he coudn't take me anywhere. /ride.
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What would you do for 5 Million?

What would you do for 5 million dollars?
Kill someone?
Flunk out of school?
Rob a bank?
Spend a day naked (in public) ?
Eat something disgusting (live worms, maggots, etc)?
Marry someone you didn't love?
Say horrible things to your family/friends/so?
What wouldn't you do?

P.S. Give me a name (real or fake) because this (believe it or not)is for a class.

Road Rage

Today, a driver threw a rock at my car because she thought I cut her off exiting the freeway. Naturally, I was pissed but I decided not to retaliate.

Have you ever done anything to someone because their driving pissed you off? Or had something done to you?

(no subject)

Poll #847535 *BLOOP*

Which messenger programs do you use?

Yahoo! Messenger
MSN Messenger
Google Talk

If "other", what?

Which ones do you use most?

Yahoo! Messenger
MSN Messenger
Google Talk

(no subject)

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I don't get it. It looks stupid. Cell phones are designed to pick up your voice even if the receiver doesn't reach your mouth. It is not a walkie-talkie. ??? Is it that they have a big man complex? The phone is too "svelte" for me?


Do you play Neopets?
If so, what is your username?
What is your favorite game/pet?
What do you wish Neopets would do that they don't do already?
Are you neorich? How long did it take you to get that way?

-questions from a nineteen year old neopets geek.