October 16th, 2006

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1. Women: (or men, I guess) do you ever take tampons from the bathrooms of other people's houses when you need one? If so, do you feel bad?

2. Do you think healthy relationships (not just your typical romantic relationships, but family and friend relationships also) have to have a bit of conflict?
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A quick backstory... My mom went car-shopping last week, because she was looking to get rid of the crappy car she was driving. She only looked at two cars and BAM, she fell in love with one of them (can we hear it for Toyotas?!). She closed the deal on that car, and got it on Saturday afternoon.

The guys at the dealership gave my mom's new car a VERY thorough cleaning before my mom came to pick up her car, as is standard practice. The thing is, they used a citrus-scented cleaner in the car to clean off the plastic, such as the dashboard, the door handles, etc. And OMG... her car SERIOUSLY FUCKING REEKS of oranges. I like oranges and all, but the smell is so damn overpowering. Besides airing out her car while we're driving along, what else can we do to ease the orange smell? I like that it's clean and all that, but geez. It makes me nauseous just smelling orange cleaner every time I get in the car. I'm at a loss what to do to help air out her car, because we've honestly never had that problem before.
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Okay, my husband is watching the dvd that came with Halo 2.
Specifically the Making of Halo 2 section.
And in the part where they're showing all the voice actors there are 2 people whose names I cannot remember and it's driving me crazy.

It's right near the end, after they've shown the bits with Laura Prepon and Wilmer Valderrama there's a blonde girl who says Ï just love holding these highlighters" and she's one who I can't remember and then shortly after that it cuts to a kind of scruffy bearded guy saying "The fate of the covenant rests on your shoulders [and a word that might be Commander]" and he's the other!
I think I remember the guy from a period movie ...

The guy is Michael Wincott (voice of the prophet of truth) and the movies I'm thinking of are The Three Musketeers and the Count of Monte Cristo.
He's damn hot.
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I had a required meeting at work (I am an Assistant Manager- I say that loosely; the Manager gives me all her jobs; ordering, scheduling, waste logs, etc, but I still get paid 8 dollars an hour), and at this meeting a crew memeber called the said Manager out on her wrong doings. This managers proceeded to rip this girl apart, kick everyone out of the room and continue doing this to the girl for a good thirty mintues. The Manager was the one completley in the wrong, but didn't want to be called out on it.

Needless to say, I don't ever want to go back to that job. I had been considering quitting for some time. The job has made my life miserable. I hate it when I'm there, and I think and stress about it when I'm off work. Today I would be working with the Manager. I'm thinking of just not calling or showing up. I seriously feel personally threatened by this lady, and all the other stores Managers have done nothing to help our crew, so telling them she bothers me is futile.

Should I not go into work for fear of me losing my mind? Will I be able to explain a random quitting on a job application? Any suggestions would be awesome; I'm totally fretting over not having a job, but I fear if I stay at this one any longer I'm going to go crazy.
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i heard something on the radio this morning that i thought was interesting. in 1980 a man and woman disagreed over what to do in this situation.

if you were driving along a dark country road at night, and saw a body on the side of the road, laying near a bicycle and a gun, what would you do?

at the time, the couple obviously didnt have a cell phone, so lets assume you have cingular dont have any cell reception so just calling for help is not an option.

does your answer change if you are alone, or based on who might be in the car with you?

*also posted to my journal
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So, yesterday the majority of my state had a power outage due to earthquakes. That sucked a lot. Do you have a plan for power outages?

If you've had power outages before, what did you do and how long was it for?
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Two... Two Questions (ah ah ah)

1) What are your thoughts on this dress? I'm a 22 sized girl and I absolutely HATE my other "little black dress." So I'm getting another one. First event wearing it to will be my best friend's wedding. Which I am in. We get to pick our own black dresses (she honestly doesn't care). Do you think this one would be okay?

2) What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting?
I hosted a party (woo), played a video game on a home system (first time since 1987), and saw "The Departed" (I don't care who you are, Leonardo DiCaprio is yummier now than he was in "Titanic").
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Here's the question caused by the crappy morning. I probably would have been able to get a little more use out of my tire, if this hadn't happened, and I am pretty irritated with the lack of service I recieved. Should I complain? If I do complain, will I get anything out of it? It was a BP station, and I live in the US if that helps.

Also, if you can think of a good way to pay back my SO for being so helpful(he was still sleeping when I called him) that would be awesome too. :D
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1. If you got an invitation from a close friend or family member to their wedding reception, but not to the wedding, would you be upset? Even if the invitation said 'private ceremony'? Would you still go to the reception?

2. I just bought a nintendo ds lite, what games should i get?

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Public Displays of Affection.

What is okay? What is "get a room!"? Does it matter what is done (for example, cuddling as opposed to making out), and does it matter with where it is (for example, at the movies or park, as opposed to the mall or a restaurant)?

What's your opinions about what is okay and what is not?
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1. Do you watch much television?
1a. If not, do you watch certain programs on your computer?

2. How many TVs do you have in your home?

3. If you are a parent, do you allow your children to watch television?
3a .If yes, do you limit them?

4. Are you more drawn toward drama, sitcoms, reality tv?

5. Are there any shows you watch religiously?
5a. If yes, which shows?
5b. Do you feel you are emotionally involved with the characters?

6. Are there any shows were taken off the air that you find yourself actually missing?

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You think you may be sick, and are taking care of a baby. What precautions do you take to keep the baby from catching what you have?

(Whatever it is, it's giving me a sore throat. Asked my folks, who told me to drink tea and assured me things would be fine. Thanks, Mom and Dad.)

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either less people are getting married these days or just less people wear their wedding rings because i never see anyone wearing wedding rings anymore.
the question: if you're married/know people who are married, do you/they wear their wedding rings regularly?

the holidays

for those who celebrate ANY holiday with their families (blood, kin, urban, any kind of family)...

1. have you ever spent a holiday withOUT your family (with whom you normally spend it)?
1a. how old were you?

1b. how did you feel about it?
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What's the strangest/most non-conventional/interesting gift someone has ever given to you in hopes for your affection (you know, because he/she had a crush on you)?

Someone gave me a shrink-wrapped copy of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina once.
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For my library skills (ugh) course, I'm required to make an "Access Tool List 0".

Of course, being a Psych major, I'm used to everything being in the APA style. What the heck IS an Access Tool List 0? (It's not in the textbook.) And what does one look like, does anyone know?
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does anyone remember the old t.v. childrens show "pepper ann" ??

if so, does anyone know why it is not on dvd???

the same goes for the animated teen series "daria"
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Some Comedian

Who's the petite lady with a gummy smile and short brown hair who did stand-up on HBO probably filmed in the 90s?
It's aired a few times this year.
She would say something and then add something funny in a mutter and a smile. She wore shoulder pads. Umm...something about candy and daddy's dick were mentioned.

Solved: Wendy Liebman.

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so, when I was trying to reconnect my computer to the interwebnets (again), by clicking 'repair' for the tenth time *today*, i got a little popup-balloon warning from my computer that my windows firewall was off and my computer was at risk.
That's odd, I said, and I went to control panel to turn it back on.

not trying to be a nub or anything, but wtf?

on a related note, what sort of noobish behavior is more annoying:

a) "Well, obviously windows is the best or else it wouldn't be the biggest, so of course IE is secure enough that i can download/install whatever i want"

b) "My computer did something weird/dodgy, zomg hax?"
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totally unrelated.

1. If somebody brings donuts to work in the morning, how long would you consider best to wait before going back for seconds if there were plenty left? For thirds?

2. My daughter had a little cold last week and now I have it. She obviously didn't go to her play group to avoid getting the other babies sick, but if somebody else takes her now that she's better is she still a "carrier" since I still have it?

3. How can you tell the difference between a migraine and a really bad headache?

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1. what could be wrong with someone who needs to go to a planned parenthood by tuesday, or something will happen, but is NOT pregnant/does not think they're pregnant?

2. how many of you live around metro detroit? where?

3. does anyone know of fun things to do around columbus, ohio? good restaurants to eat at, roadside attractions, stores, etc?
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tactless people?

I have a friend that I've known a long time. Every time in the past that I've introduced him to a girl I like (in whatever capacity-- a girl whose opinion i care about, we'll say) he says markedly stupid, crass shit. "Testing their limits", he says. And the other day he wanted to meet a girl I'm "dating but not really, just yet".

I came up with an excuse not to introduce them-- "the timing won't work with y'all's schedules", or something.

What's the best way you know of to tell a friend that they're a tactless asshole, when saying that outright doesn't seem to work?
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Does anyone else have this problem in livejournal? If so, do you know how to fix it?

I'll go to post an entry or a comment and every once in a while it will go back to the previous page. If I go forward, it has everything I've written still there in the comment/post box.

I thought maybe I was hitting a weird key combination (it happens a lot when I hit the shift key) but I was just posting a comment and it happened when my fingers weren't touching the keyboard.

I have Windows XP and Mozilla Firefox. This only started happening once I got a new motherboard on my computer but I really don't see how that could be doing it. And it only happens in LJ.
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i own a veizon LG flip phone. my cell phone's antenna snapped off when it was dropped on concrete. its the metal, non-extending kind. it didnt unscrew, it just...broke off. part of the metal is still attached, but it doesn't get any bars of service.

i am expecting several (crucial) phone calls today.

is there anything i can temporarily do to increase my signal?? i'm talking anything - tinfoil, metal objects, magic chants?

i cant get it fixed until tomorrow and aforementioned phone calls are happening within hours.

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Okay, I have 10 questions on my term paper and I have been able to answer all but one.

I need some help, hints or just a general direction to look in. Websites would be awesome. I have spent three weeks everyday and most of the weekends looking for answers to these questions. Help me Obi Wan you're my only hope!

The question is: Identify five lasting social, religious, and political impacts of the Holocaust today.

I am aware of the formation of United Nations who adopted the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. That would be one or two depending on how you look at it.

I am also aware that many Jews denied and still deny today their Jewish ancestry, going so far as to change their names, while others celebrate their Jewish background and it stregthened their beliefs.

I believe that the whole issue of human/civil rights came out of the Holocaust, but I haven't been able to find anything else connected to it.

Can someone who is excellent at this kind of stuff guide me and help me get to the answer here?

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Could anyone tell me where this quote is from and the correct wording? I need to reference it.

"All people are in some ways all the same, in some ways fit into a group, and are in some ways completely unique"

specifically it's in reference to psychology. I'm guessing it's good ol' William James? Thanks so much!
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A while ago I saw a panel of Calvin and Hobbes (I think it was a fake panel though) where Hobbes is trying to get Calvin to play but Calvin keeps telling him he can't because he has homework to do. As a result Hobboes turns back into a stuffed animal.

Does anyone know where I can find this?

garth marenghi

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why would windows media player suddenly stop burning CDs? i was making some a month ago and it stopped working on about the fourth CD, now i've tried again and it's still not working

does anyone understand the futurist manifesto?

what's your favourite song?

(sorry about the second entry but the first two questions are important)

Computer Question

So...a couple of months ago I downloaded Firefox. After a few weeks, my Internet Explorer quit working. I can't log into MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger. It says

Sorry, we were unable to sign you into Windows Live Messenger at this time. Please try again later.

Windows Live Messenger has made several failed attempts to sign you in. Your firewall may be blocking Windows Live Messenger from connecting to the service. Please review your firewall settings.

I've reviewed them. It shouldn't be blocked. Help! I didn't have this problem until after I downloaded firefox. What do I do?

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This post reminded me:

Does anyone remember/have a link to the Penny Arcade thread from a while ago (It could have been as far back as March or so, I really don't know) where everyone was posting Garfield comics with Garfield's dialogue removed, like this and this? (Which, incidentially, actually makes the comic funny.)

I remember seeing a bunch of these posted on a couple other websites, too, so if you can point me to any of those, that'd be great.

(Alternatively, since I don't have an image editing program, does anyone want to make some/share any that they made?)

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another fruit related question

Why is it that fruit is associated with femininity? For example, guys are sometimes made fun of for liking "fruity" drinks. Or feminine guys have been called "fruits". What is it about fruit that is so unmasculine that it is totally feminine?

Guys - do you like to drink fruity (flovored) drinks? If so, are you ever ashamed to tell other guys that you like them? What's so shameful about it?

My opinion - this whole thing doesn't make sense to me. I need some clarification!
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Let's go!

I want to go to either Spain (I'm looking at Barcelona) or London sometime in the near future. When's the non-peak season for both of these cities? Also, any tips for finding cheap tickets? I'll be staying with my friends and/or in hostels in both places, so I can bear a pricy-er ticket, but cheaper is better. =D What airlines and/or websites would you suggest?

- Trisha

P.S. Has anyone ever been to Barcelona? What's it like?
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We were discussing gay marriage in my Anthropology class today, and this question came up: Is homosexuality genetic? What are your opinions on this? Or, if there's a 'real' answer, please enlighten me (Google is giving me tons of different answers).

help me make dinner!

I need help making dinner for my boyfriend and I.

Last Thursday night (I am almost positive it was Thursday...but it might have been Wednesday) I cooked some ground beef with chopped peppers and shallots (for a pasta sauce). There was quite a bit left over so I refrigerated it right away. Is it still good? It looks and smells fine...but is there some rule about ground beef that I don't know about?

Assuming it's still good, I also have four eggs. Could I microwave the ground beef to heat it thoroughly, then add it to some scrambled eggs? I have cheese too, which I want to add. And some HP sauce, which might be good also. Uhh...when would I add those ingredients? When the egg and meat are still cooking? I don't know how to make anything in the kitchen, really.

Is there anything else I can add to this to make it more interesting?

Thanks :)
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Do you know of any nice free sites similiar to fictionpress.com? It's rarely updated and goes down a lot. x:

For those who have never used it, it's basically a site where you can submit stories and poetry that you've written and people can review it and such.

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I use Yahoo! Music Jukebox as my music library, because I have a Creative Zen mp3 player. Anyways, does anyone know how to get album pictures into the Jukebox? I bought some songs and they had the album pictures on there, and one CD I downloaded onto my computer transfered the picture onto the Jukebox, but all the rest didn't. Anyone know how to? I've tried clicking and draging the pictures into it, but it gives me an error message.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I remember, when I was little, people saying you should study to Mozart or something because it helps you remember it, and not to study to pop or rock because you can't remember anything after. Is any of this true? What if, for example, my dorm is really noisy - would it be better to listen to relaxing music instead of girls shrieking constantly?
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I know the ibook has this feature... the desktop calender type thing. Basically you can put schdules/times, etc onto a site. I know gmail has one now, but I hate logging onto it everytime. For all you window's users, do you guys know of any program/website something I can download to have like a calender simliar to the one on gmail (but you don'[t have to log into th website) or perfect replica of the apple one?


let's help a stranger get laid

i have this friend...actually he's my s/o's best friend since childhood. He's a super-sweet & funny guy but very lonely. He's never had a girlfriend, never even kissed a girl, and this stuff is starting to get to him. In a few short years he'll be 30, and at some point soon i'm quite sure he'll loose all hope for real intimacy and romance and just get a hooker. If it came down to that i'd hire one for the poor guy myself :(
He is desperate.
His problem is that he's rather shy and more importantly- not very attractive (and that's putting it nicely). He is clueless in regards to making himself look better. But there is hope for him in that he looks similar to Steve Buscemi. I believe that if he did certain things to bring out his Buscemi-esq qualities (grow hair out and dye it dark brown, copy his facial hair style, stop wearing damn baseball hats) he could really shine. He has great potential if he follows the same freaky/ugly/awkward/hot thing that Steve Buscemi has going. So how do i tell him this?
I'm usually the first person to oppose "cleaning up for the ladies" but this guy is a mess and he both needs and wants help. I don't want to embarrass him or be pushy.

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This is going to be a stupid question...but I need to know:

I have 100Mb left on my internet account. Would surfing the web count towards this or is the 100Mb only taken up by downloading stuff? Yup...

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This is vague, I know, but I need to find a song. I hear it during dance class and my teacher keeps trying to spell it out for me but I can't get it right. It's hip hop. Two men. I know the name starts with G (I originally thought it was J). The first lyrics are "she goes [moves?] into the club" and I know a little after that is "the other girls don't stand a chance." The song's stuck in my head and I can't find anything. Any ideas?
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How often do you IM the wrong person?

How quickly do you notice it?

Have you ever had an entire conversation with someone before realizing they weren't who you wanted to talk to?

Has this ever come back to haunt you?

(no subject)

Have you ever...
1. Stolen your best friend's SO?
2. Unknowingly shared a friend's SO?
3. Got with a friend's ex-SO?

4. How long have you known your current best friend?
5. Are you still friends with the people you knew in high school?
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Can someone answer this?

Why was a guy with no arms standing in line for the traffic court clerk's office today?

And before you ask, both of his arms were cut off to mere stubs that were hidden by his short-sleeved shirt, and no, he did not have any mechanical arm attachments. Plus, I don't think he was with anyone.

Because I like to hear about myself, and I'm curious...

1) Have you as a TQC-er (or LJ user, if you recognize/know me from elsewhere on the site) formed an opinion on me based on my post, comments, your interactions with me, my username, my icons, etc? What is that opinion? Feel free to be completely honest in any sense, but please try to keep the negative stuff brutally honest rather than rude-for-the-sake-of-being-rude.

ETA: If it makes a difference, my username used to be feelingfancies, then righteousdame. I switched to this account about 3 months ago.

and 2) In case you have no idea who I am (which may be the case for most of you), do you tend to remember interactions with specific LJ users and think about past posts, comments, etc whenever you see their username? Or in communities like this, is it more about the post than the user?

My answer:
2) Yes, I have a weird memory for details like that, so I generally remember people's usernames and past times I've seen them post or comment.
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I've got this fairly old (8+ years) small TV (the screen's maybe 14", I think) with a VCR. When I tape stuff off TV, it works fairly well, but then when I tape something over that, I can faintly hear the sounds from the first thing underneath the sounds of the second. (...Pretend that made sense.)

Is my TV just old and cheap, or is there something I can do about it? The brand is Sharp, I think; the manual is long gone. ;]
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For those of you with piercings....

So here's the deal. I got my nostril pierced on Monday, the 9th. On Wednesday, the 11th, I went and got the jewelry changed because my nose swelled up a lot and it was "eating" my jewelry [meaning that my jewelry was sinking into my nose.] It hurt. A lot. Today is Monday, the 16th and my nostril is still sore. It's not OMG AWFUL, but I can feel it.
I think I might be fucking with it in my sleep because it hurts in more the morning when I wake up.
I contacted my piercer and he said it would be sore for "a while" because it had gotten so swollen.
So I guess my question is do you think I should be worried? How long do you think "a while" is? What can I do to stop touching it at night?

x-posted a few places.
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I'm having trouble with my CD-R drive. It does fine whenever I put in audio cds, but whenever I put in a blank CD or DVD it doesn't read. I'll command the D drive to be read, but it just pops up and says "please insert a disk into Drive D". I tried google, updating my Driver Manager, and uninstalling/reinstalling the drive. Is there anything else I can try?
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Has anyone ever used at-home hair color glazes? Specifically the John Freida ones?
Tell me your experiences: good and bad?

Also, does anyone know if these work well on colored hair? Last time I dyed my hair, I was trying to get it back to my nautral color. It's pretty close right now, but not an exact match. I was hoping that using the light brown color glaze would kind of make the color more even.
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Horror Movie ?

What's the non-scariest/worst "horror" movie you've ever seen?
The Grudge. I'm glad I didn't pay money for it. Hide and Seek is right up there too.

What's the scariest movie you've seen recently?
It was on TV the other night, I'd seen it before, but Event Horizon still freaks me out a bit.