October 15th, 2006

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school woes

I applied for an internship and my LORs are due tomorrow. I'm fairly certain that my adviser, who said she had written a letter, never got around to sending it (if she wrote it at all). She hasn't responded to any of my phone/email messages about it all week. I even offered to pick it up from her and hand deliver it, but never heard back. I can call Monday and see if my LOR from her made it in, but by then it would be too late unless they're willing to make an exception.
Is there anything I can do, or am I just screwed here? I know I should have tracked my adviser down in person, but my grandmother died this week, and I spent all my free time at the hospital before she died and with my family/at the funeral home after. Given how frequently people use the "dead grandma" card to get out of stuff, I'm not even sure there's any point in mentioning it as a mitigating factor. Thoughts?
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If I was looking for a half-way open-minded church that didn't believe women were born to breed and serve their husbands, don't raise their hands as filled with the holy spirit or (god forbid) speak in tongues and prophecy over you, aren't into creationism, don't bitch about how things were "so much better in the past", keep their noses out of politics and the like...

what kind of church would that be? (other than unitarian)

any rec's? are there some liberal lutheran or methodist churches out there? i seriously doubt Baptist churches would meet these spec's right? 

ETA: Last night it was a toss up between the local Lutheran church and the local Methodist one... I chose the Methodist b/c it had a ton of programs for young marrieds with and without kids and it seemed to fit us more.

So I went this morning (the husband was conveniently sick *ahem* this was his idea) and it was really great! They have three pastors -- two men and a black woman, and boy was she awesome!! Afterwards I talked to her a bit more about the church and she said, "If you're looking for a Baptist church you ain't gonna find it here! We're really laid back and represent the whole scope of political backgrounds, educational levels, etc. We figure God gave us a BRAIN for a REASON!" 

Thanks for the rec's! I might try the Lutheran church just to cover the bases, but it was a little more geared toward the older community here, so I'm hoping the Methodist one works out!
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Hey, anyone good with genealogy?

I'm trying to figure out my relation to someone and I'm confusing the hell out of myself. I apparently don't get the "removed" thing (once removed, twice removed, three times removed, etc.)

I looked at this genealogy.com page that tries to explain it, but I'm just not making the connections correctly.

So, here's the situation-

Person A has two children. We'll call them 1 and 2.
Person A is the great, great, great grandmother of Person B (a descendant of Child 1).
Person A is the great grandmother of Person C (a descendant of Child 2).

What's the official relation between People B and C?
If my figuring is right, B and C are second cousins, four times removed. Sound good?

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Ever take a shower [or do something else] and think of a question for this community, then forget when you're at the computer?

I just took one, thought of a few questions, and now I forgot them. >.<

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I just bought concert tickets and got the floor, row 17.  The only shows I've ever been to before are General, or got seats up in the elevated areas. 

Does anyone has pictures of any concert they've been to while on the floor, and what row they were in..?  I'd like to get a taste of how close/far I'll be..

It doesn't matter what row you were in, it'll still give me a bit of a clue..
well...it&#39;s so shiny!

Slightly morbid, I guess..

Have any of you ever been shot or stabbed?

If so, tell us the story - who did it, why, where did it happen, where on your body was the wound, did you fight back, and of course, are you okay now?

I never have, but I'm curious.
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Anybody here proficient in html tables?

As you'll see under the cut, I have two sets of tables. Now, I'm anal, so I would like the two columns of both tables to be perfectly aligned. Obviously, it would have to be aligned according to the second table since that table has more text in Column A than the first table.

How is this accomplished?

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I hope someone can help. This misalignment has been driving me batty for months.
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when at home, do you shut the toilet door when you're in there?
do your parents/siblings etc?

i went to a friends house and their room is next to the toilet. on my way walking there, ARGH! semi-naked friend's dad on the toilet.
and on other occasions he's been standing up peeing wwith the door open. Her sister has also had the door open.
i was talkng with my friends about it, and it seems it's kind of common practice.

also, apparently my friends' family come in when they're having a shower, to ask them something, just have a chat or brush their teeth. it's not just one friend. several of them are like this. and it's weird because even though my friends are a bit uncomfortable (being adolescent girls... uno, developing and whatnot), the family is fine with barging in on their nakedness.
i'd be like ARGH GET OUT WHEN I'M NAKED!!!!
STOP WATCHING ME PEE AND CRAP! (in the toilet, not the shower)

what's your situation?
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YOu're going to get on one of those rides that spins around in a circle really fast in a small car with two people, like the scrambler for instance. The person you are with is the same sex and weight as you. Would you prefer to sit on the outside and be squished to death or sit on the inside and really squish the other person? Assume the ride goes really fast so one of you WILL be squished and you can't sit by yourself.

Would your answer change if the other person was the same weight but a different gender? Your SO? Your sibling? A stranger?

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in regards to the news story about the 8th grade girl who got questioned by secret service agents about her hatred for president bush that was evident from a myspace blog she wrote: how did the secret service find her myspace? are there people who just search myspace all day long looking for threats against the president? i'm confused.

link to news story:
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Ideas needed

I'm an English teacher and for a while I've been meaning to experiment with using music in my lessons. Next week will be a good opportunity as two of my classes are doing their creative writing assessments. The idea is to create atmosphere and promote creativity - hopefully it will help them to concentrate as well.

At the moment I only have a few ideas and am stuck for more. Year 8 are writing a gothic story so I'm looking for some 'spooky' music for them. Year 9 on the other hand are writing first-person narratives of World War One so I want something sad, serious and preferably war-related for them. I'd like all the songs to be intstrumental or with minimal vocals.

Here's what I've got so far:


* Grieg - In The Hall of the Mountain King (from Peer Gynt)
* Mussorgsky - Night on Bare Mountain
* Prokofiev - Montagues and Capulets (from Romeo and Juliet)

World War One

* Barber - Adagio For Strings
* Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place
* Possibly some DJ Shadow (Stem/Midnight in a Perfect World?)

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

I just love the bum icon...

If you looked out your window, and you saw someone (not someone you know, just some random person) walking around naked within their own house, what would you think of them?

EDIT: Do you walk around your house naked?
Do you care if anyone sees you?

If I saw someone else walking around naked I would probably watch for a bit, because nakedness amuses me.

I walk around my house naked. It's been over 100F for a few days now, clothes are hot. I'm the highest house around so I don't think i'm visible, except from my bedroom, where i have the blinds closed.

Franky, I don't really care if anyone sees me, I don't WANT them to see me, but if they do... meh. I'm naked, so what? But I don't want anyone to see me & think that I know they can see me because they'd think i was being an exhibitionist and that I thought i was super attractive.

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I'm applying for the job of 'Dental Assistant' tomorrow. I'm lazy and have only just started doing my resume now (I haven't needed one for almost two years) Anyone feel like reading it and telling me wtf I should change?

Just comment with your email.

What should I name my fishies?

So I bought 3 fish today. 2 are guppies that look semi-alike, and one is another type of fish in the guppie tank that's all black.

I need names for them, and I want them to be themed.

...Help! :-D

(My brother's friend say I should name them Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. His other friend said I should name them One, Two, and Four, so that when I tell people about them, they think Three died)
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(no subject)

This is a very important and serious question.

Do you sing/hum the Super Mario Bros. theme when you masturbate?

If not, do you sing/hum anything? What is it?

Just for curiosity, what's your gender?
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(no subject)

sparked by a previous question

1. in your relationship (sorry for gays, but yes, hetero question)who performs oral sex the most? guy or girl?

2. would you expect your partner to give you oral sex?

3. what would you do if they didn't?

4. how often would you want/expect to be given oral?

5. how often would you give oral?

6. is your partner grossed out by giving or receiving oral?

isn't my userpic apt? and kind of disturbing...

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What is the longest book you have ever read? Did you enjoy it?

For me, Atlas Shrugged is the longest thus far. I did enjoy it (not to be confused with agreeing with it).

[edit] On a similar note, have you ever been scared off of reading a book because it was too long?

I have tried to read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace and considered reading The Executioner's Song by Norman Mailer but didn't make it through either.

A bunch of stuff..

It's my last week of high school.

1. How should I make the most of it?

2. Is it as scary as it seems out in the world?

Other stuff..

It's been 5 months since I had my heart broken.

3. How long did it take you to move on from your first love?

4. Do you still miss them?

5. How long was it till your next relationship?

6. When and where do you do your thinking?

7. What is your motto for this week?

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I'm writing a response and one of the questions I need to respond to is how a certain theorist conceptualized sexuality. "Conceptualize" apparently means to break down into concepts, which makes sense, but I'm a bit unsure as to how to approach the question. How do I explain how someone "conceptualized" something?

edit - I'm just looking for some clarification on the question. I haven't even mentioned the name of the theorist.

Artist's name.

Can anybody MAJORLY help me out, and tell me the name of the illustrator who did work for Seaworld a couple years ago (I think?), and some of her most well known stuff was animals (ex. two tiger cubs) with the Earth/galaxy in the background?


So..a few days ago there was a double homicide in the next town over. They released the name of their number 1 suspect, and it turns out that myself, my husband, and my father-in-law all know him really well. His girlfriend is the land lord of the house next to ours. He was over here last week. We used to all converse at the local bowling alley. He wanted my husband and my father-in-law to be on his team this year....

would you be creeped out? have you ever known someone that was the suspect in an investigation like this? or any investigation for an illegal act at all?

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You know how IMDB has a list of memorable quotes from the movie you search?

Is there any website similar to that that has memorable quotes from books listed?

I know there's a bunch of websites that have searches by author, but usually they don't have any quotes that come from a specific book.
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Which places would convert VHS to DVD or other digital readable files?

I've googled and seen a bunch of sites, but I don't really trust a lot of them. I'm looking for places that people recommend because they or someone they know have used to.

Can be online sites or offline stores/studios/etc. Has to be in Texas if offline.
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Christmas party games/activities

Every year we have a christmas party at my job.  There's food, music, games, and it's generally a good time.  My direct supervisor decided to make me responsible for coming up with a list of games and activities in which to take part at the party this year. 

 Last year I didn't go because I was out of town but he said it was sort of a dud because all there really was was dodgeball and not everyone wanted or could take part in that.  We have to accomodate to ages 13-65, and just keep everyone entertained, making sure they have fun.  So!

a.  What games/activities would you like for there to be at a christmas party?

b.  What games/activities have you been a part of at parties in recent years?

Thank you very much!
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Yet another sex question

This is purely for my own diabolical interests, because I notice trends when talking to my friends... sorry if this question is too exclusive.

For those of you in sexual relationships/with past experience of one:

1. Are you a man or a woman (or boy or girl if you prefer)

2. Do you make a lot of noise (as in vocal) when you're having sex?

3. And compared with your partner?

4. If you are a guy, do you tell your partner when you're about to come? If you're a girl and in a relationship with a guy, do you get a warning?!

(no subject)

1. What time is your alarm clock set to wake you up tomorrow?

2. Do you blow dry your hair after a shower?

3. Are you currently listening to music?

4. How many people (total) are in your living situation at the moment?

5. When was the last time you spoke to someone on the phone?

(no subject)

have any of you ever had health issues due to lack of sleep?

more specifically, have you known lack of sleep to cause panic attacks? seizures? fevers?
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how do i get rid of the recycle bin on my desktop?

i have shortcuts in a few other locations made, and i want no icons on my desktop, but the recycle bin isn't as simple to remove as right-click --> delete

not sure if anyone will know...

There's this instrumental song they always play in scary or suspenseful movie trailers. All the time. Could anyone possibly know what it's called? Not the theme from Requiem for a Dream, though they havent used that quite as much as this song. I just heard it at Cedar Point. Anyone have any guess at all??

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(partially inspired by the electric blanket question, in a roundabout way)

0 blanket= 1 homicide
1 Blanket = 0 homicide

Is there a mathy way to express that sort of thing? it's not =/=, and it's not really an inverse proportion, exactly, since .5 blanket would still equal 1 homicide...

maybe a programmy sort of If X then not Y ?

Also! I broke my headphones. what's inconveniencing you today?

(no subject)

Which of the listed subjects do you find most interesting?

Forensic Science [Although I have loved forensics since I was in maybe 6th grade, I am trying to shy from it, since it's become the latest fad]
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(no subject)

Have you ever heard of the term SOUTH CACKALACKY* to refer to South Carolina?


If you answered YES, where are you from?

One of the Carolinas
Somewhere else in the South
Somewhere else in America
Other country

If you answered NO, where are you from?

One of the Carolinas
Somewhere else in the South
Somewhere else in America
Other country

*or any spelling variation thereof,

(no subject)

has anyone ever tried to back-up or make a printed copy of their internet blog or journal? i'm constantly paranoid that my journal will somehow get deleted, and it's really important to me that i don't lose it..

what method did you use to back it up? any programs i should know about?

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Alright everybody...

who's going to win The Flavor of Love tonight?

Delicious, with her ENORMOUS ghetto ass!!
New York... with the crazy mother and the nappy weave?

If I could just do a poll, I would - but I cant. Sorry :(
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I spilled some coffee inside my backpack. Oops. Can I put it through the washing machine/dryer? It's just one of your average nylon-y ones.

Edit: Thank you, it's much better now. :)
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Making a movie

How do I make a video? I need to make a video with text, images and an mp3 song. Basically something like powerpoint, but I need to be able to save it as a video (doesn't matter what kind). I tried download.com, but I don't know what to search for... All I can find is software to edit clips that already exists. I DON'T have any clips, I need to MAKE the clips.

Needless to say, but I'm gonna anyway, only freeware is an option.