October 14th, 2006

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Musical instruments

What do you think are the easiest musical instruments to learn?

I wish I was good at music, but the only thing I've learned to play semi decently is the recorder, probably partly because you only have to think about one note at a time. I've been trying to learn the ukulele but I find it really hard to get my fingers on the right strings without touching any of the other strings at all, let alone getting to a point where I can move to different notes fast enough.

It doesn't help that I'm very impatient and if I can't make progress with something fast, I lose interest.
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(no subject)

1) How much time together is "normal" for two people who have been dating for two months? What about meeting friends? When is that normal? (I know normal is subjective, but there are at least parameters.)

2) If you become exclusive with someone, how soon do you expect them to update their relationship status on the internet (MySpace, OKCupid, etc.)? Should the fact that you became exclusive quickly have any bearing on that, or are you exclusive when you're exclusive?

3) Have you ever made more than a temporary change in sleeping positions? For example, switched permanently from sleeping on your side to sleeping on your back? Why? How long did it take you to be able to sleep that way?

4) Nutella and banana sandwich: disgusting concoction or bliss? Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff?
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inspired by the blind pooh question

This was my response, to the question about blind people wiping,
"How do you think DareDevil developed his amazing sixth sense?!

Wait, he was down to four for being blind... Does that mean his sixth sense is now his fifth sense? That doesn't sound amazing at all. It just sounds like bad math."
But now, I seriously am stuck wondering this.

So what do you think? Are people who lost one sense and gain another for compensation now back up to par since it's back to five? Or is it different since it's not one of the 'basic five,' (seeing/hearing/speaking/touching/tasting)? Is it still a 'sixth,' sense if you think it's seperate?

I guess I personally feel it's not the same since those senses are different, but I still have no idea what to call it. I suck.
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(no subject)

OK! Quick short question :)

My girlfriend and I finally found "My Neighbor Totoro" in my town and I watched it. Excellent movie. Now that I've seen it I remember someone having a moving icon of the CatBus (NekoBasu). Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Have any other fun icons from that movie?

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does anyone know a totally reliable site to find peoples addresses and phone numbers besides the usual... My gf's friend pretty much posted a suicide note on his myspace blog tonight and we are REALLY REALLY worried, but we dont know his address or phone number... THANKS!!

EDIT: Found the info I needed thru Zabbasearch.com... Thanks!!
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Fandom etiquette

Are there any fan fiction writers here?

How do you feel about readers printing your fics? Should they ask for permission before printing a fic for reading? What about printing and binding a complete hardcover book? How would you react if one of your readers offered to make such a book for you as a gift?

Is there a community that would be more suitable for this kind of questions?
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Editing pdf files / powerpoint presentations

Is there any way to add your own notes to an existing pdf file without losing all the formatting (which happens when copying the entire text to word)? My professors provide their scripts to us in pdf form but I really need to add my own notes to them in order to be able to make use of them. Is there any free or cheap program that works well and will enable me to do that?

If that's impossible - in some cases I can get a hold of their Powerpoint presentations, too. Is it possible to add my own notes on the slides just like I would on paper, without editing the original text at all and without being confined to existing text windows?

Thanks for any help! This would make studying and taking notes SO much easier.

[Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find anything]

calling all "friends" fanatics!

does anyone remember the episode...

- it's in season 7, while chandler and monica are planning their wedding,
- monica runs into janice somewhere and mentioned that she and chandler were getting married,
- monica agrees to go out to dinner with janice and brings chandler
- at the end of their dinner, janice is lead to believe that she is invited to their wedding,
- janice offers to sing either "lady in red" or "careless whispers"

for the life of me, i can't remember which episode this is. can anyone help me out?

(no subject)

so quick question...are any of those date entry / work from home type jobs that you see on craigslist and such for real? Because they all seem sort of shady to me. Does anyone know of any that are legit?


I did two stupid things yesterday. I installed Netpumper and used IE. No lectures, please; I did know better and am already paying for my impulsiveness.

I've uninstalled NetPumper, found as many NetPumper folders to delete as I could, used this page and this one to find Registry stuff to delete. I've run Spybot and AdAware twice.

I still get an IE pop-up when I open Firefox and Opera. I also have two "iexplore.exe" processes running that restart whenever I end them.

My question: How do I make this go away? Or, where can I go to find help/suggestions?
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(no subject)

If you were going to a vow renewal ceremony, plus a dinner and reception, would you bring a present? If you were giving cash, how much would you give?

As far as I know, this couple is not registered anywhere. They've been married for 15 years are renewing their vows and it's not going to be all that fancy. The husband is my coworker, so I could give money, but I don't know how much would be appropriate? I wish we had taken a group collection at work, but it's too late since the event is tonight. Any advice would be appreciated!
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(no subject)

For my Shakespeare class, I have to write a paper. It has to do with Shakespeare, but can pretty much be about whatever I want. I was thinking about looking at the influence of Shakespeare on music (modern mostly). But, I can only think of maybe three songs, and that's not enough for a 10 page paper.

Can you think of any songs having to do with Shakespeare, his plays, characters, famous lines, etc??
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kiv dancin.
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I'm going to see them all,...just, where to start?

Poll #844932 Viewing for Tonight

What DVD should I view first?

Wonder Showzen Season 2
The Armando Iannucci Shows
A Bit of Fry and Laurie Series 3

fry and laurie is the suprise winner. i'm also pleasantly suprised that armando innuci got any votes at All. awesome.
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Self cleaning

i r need advice

This is one of those not-so-hypothetical questions. A guy I worked with (his last day was yesterday) came over and gave me his number, asked me to call him sometime so we could go out. I gave him my number as well, and he called last night but I didn't hear my phone ring.

Now the fun part... he may be married, but I'm not sure about that. Should I call him and risk the possibility that he's married and his wife may answer? Should I even care if he's married? I mean, I'm not looking for anything serious, so should it really be my concern if he is married?

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(no subject)

My mom is having major surgery on Monday and will be in the hospital for a week. I'm putting together a hospital-stay-gift-bag for her and need some help with ideas of what to put in it. I've already been told that chapstick and flip-flops are a good idea.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for all your help... hope everyone's weekend is going well =)
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men's underwear

i think i may have asked this here several months ago but i need to ask it again because my boyfriend insists he is right. he's only half-joking. in men's briefs, the slit/panel/opening, whatever you want to call it, what is it for? i maintain that it is for pissing. my main question: how many of you guys pee through this vs pulling their underwear down and then peeing?

(no subject)

What is the one weezer song that goes "Ooooooooooh, oooooooooooooooooooh" a lot?


And yes. it is one specific song.

Answer: It was perfect situation. I don't know why that didn't occur to me; for some reason I thought it would be some extremely underground obscure weezer song. Thanks for all the replies.

(no subject)

My grandmother gave me one of her smaller Crock Pots for me to take back to school. We have estimated that it might hold two quarts. I have looked around on the 'net to find some recipes that I might want to try once I get back to school tomorrow, and most of those yields are measured in servings, not quarts, gallons, etc.

1. How many servings would a two quart Crock Pot hold?
2. If I have to half a recipe and I have to put in a third of a can of soup for example, how would I measure that out? By sight?
3. What is your favorite Crock Pot recipe?

Thank you!!
Teacher Quinn
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Halloween Movie Suggestions

Most of my questions here end up being connected somehow to my job. I'm a junior high teacher, but my school is K - 9. One of the options that I teach is Leadership 9, which is essentially student council.

We are organizing a movie lunch for our students for Halloween. We need to choose a movie. Here's the tricky part: students in attendance are in grades 5 - 9. That means the youngest students in attendance will be about 10 and the oldest will be about 14. It is really hard to find a movie that will appeal to all those ages of kids.

My Leadership students suggested Van Helsing, which I haven't seen, but after reading the plot summary on Wikipedia, I'm thinking it wouldn't be appropriate for 10 year olds (it is rated PG-13). I suggested Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but they don't seem too keen. It's hard to find a movie, congruent with the Halloween holiday, that won't be considered cheesy to the grade 9 students, but won't be too scary or otherwise inappropriate for 10 year olds.

Do you have any suggestions for me?
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concert advice and where to buy pepper spray!

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3. Last time I saw my aunt she suggested I get a little pepper spray keychain to keep on my keys in my bag for when I'm by myself, does anyone know where I could get one of those not online but at an actual store? I asked my aunt since she has one but she was unsure where she got it. I think that my dad would worry a little less and maybe actually sleep some if I had one.
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(no subject)

You had a couple of smokes. You're not a smoker, this is an anomaly for you. Doesn't matter why.

Three or four days later you get bad headaches lasting a few days and you don't usually get headaches.

Is it possible these headaches are connected to the lack of cigarettes since then or is that a completely irrelevant conclusion?
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Are there group rates for Broadway shows? If so, how much per person (we'd be bringing 15+ people)? Also, are there matinee shows? If so, how much per ticket for those(group rate or non)? For the above, are any shows not included? A group I'm in is looking into going to a Broadway show. We have a lot of money in our budget, but the cheaper the better. :D

Also, are there any other theaters in NYC worth going to? That's probably a stupid question; of course there are! But which ones would you suggest going to? Musical or non-musicals, it doesn't matter. :) Any websites you have to offer, or costs, etc?

Speaking of NYC ... Anyone know when the tree goes up in Rockefeller Center? And, speaking of, have you ever seen the tree in Rockefeller Center? What do you think? Personally, I thought it was a bit dissapointing ... it's A LOT nicer on TV. Although, I must admit, seeing it at night makes up for some of what it lacks during the day. :D

Finally, on a COMPLETELY different subject, anyone know about any communities, websites, or books that have daily writing prompts? I'm trying to start writing again, but I don't know what to write about! It'd be great if I had a daily suggestion or task, just to get me going. :D

- Trish
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(no subject)

It's officially lovely outside about half of the time and I really enjoy the benefit of turning off the a/c and opening my windows. Except my downstairs neighbor smokes on her porch every two hours. So every two hours, if my windows are open, my house smells like smoke. Short of closing my windows every two hours, what are some things I can do to keep the smoke out of my house?

She's on her porch, which is directly underneath mine. I have a sliding glass door to the porch which is open, so putting a fan in the window is probably not an option, since it's a door not a window. The smoke doesn't come in the window in my bedroom.
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(no subject)

Where do you get the majority of your news?

Internet news sites
TV "real" news
Word of mouth
"fake" TV news (daily show, colbert report, etc)

Friend of a Friend

Have you ever been friends with the significant other of one of your friends who complained to you about their relationship? Does it make you feel uncomfortable or do you not really care one way or another?