October 13th, 2006

AOL Website

Back probably about 8-10 years ago I had a website through my AOL username, does anyone remember what the format for those websites was? Example: to get to your livejournal you can use www.livejournal.com/~username
petit prince

riddle me this

1. can someone please explain to me why people idolize che guevara?

2. what do you think of the word "wampire"?

3. do you know the words to the chorus of "beat it"? for real?

4. wanna go back to my place?

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Hiya Question Clubbers

I was just wondering if anybody had any experience with the Soundflavor program for Itunes. It seems like it would be fun to play with, but I'll seriously want to die if it messes with my ability to listen to the music on my computer.
(EDIT).....My apologies.....
1. Has anyone used Soundflavor?
2. If you have used Soundflavor have you experienced any problems?
(I attempted to look up reviews on my own, but google-fu has failed me)
3. If you have not used it, but might be knowledgable enough that you can hazard a guess as to what problems might arrive from the use of the program, would you be so kind as to share those guesses with me? :)

(no subject)

What new movie do you want to go see this weekend?

Which would you rather have, the Chocolate or the Razr phone?

What non-rock songs do you have on your ipod?

Whats your favorite weird al yankovic song?

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(no subject)

Do you have any low-cal recipes for some sort of fruit juice/smoothie?
i'm interested in ones not containing banana, and am open to weird combinations, including vegetables.

(no subject)

1) are you dressing up this year for halloween?
2) if so, what will you be wearing?
3) if you have kids, and they are dressing up, what will they be wearing?
4) what's your favourite memories from past halloweens?

1) no - but passing out candy
2) n/a
3) i don't know if they are dressing up or not
4) one year on halloween night my bestfriend and i went to the castro in san francisco...
one great costume was 6 guys walking/holding a cardboard black car, and one guy was in the front "seat" (like he was driving), another was in the back dressed like jackie kennedy, holding a dummy that had part of his head blown off...
that was fuckin' brilliant...!!

same place - i saw this tall guy walking around dressed as a woman, and around his neck was a scarf, attached to it, trailing down his back was a cardboard spokes/wheel of a "car"...
i laughed and said "ISADORA DUNCAN!!!"
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(no subject)

i'm invited to a kegger in a couple weeks. only catch is that costume is required.

i'm not really a costume person. last year i wore a sweatshirt, baseball cap and jeans and went as "a college student". what are some super easy costumes? the more creative the better but i'll take anything at this point.
luna by heimweh26
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(no subject)

My boyfriend and I are starting to collect cooking books and I wanted to buy one that's kind of interesting to get the ball rolling. What are some interesting cookbooks? Which ones do you use a lot?
kihei akahi

(no subject)

Asking this for a friend:

Does anyone has a program capable of opening a document written in Chinese(simplified)...whatever that means. The file has chinese-zn in its name . not sure what the ZN means, but maybe someone out there does.

If anyone can help, please go here and help a fellow LJer if you can :) THANKS IN ADVANCE, friends!
"We are the Mooninites"

(no subject)

I have been throwing around the idea of being a desperate housewife for Halloween yet have no idea what I could wear. Also, I want this to be a cliche "sexy" costume because I have a party where sexy costumes are encouaraged so why the hell not? Anyone have any suggestions as to what I could wear? I would like to go with a funny slant too. Maybe carrying around alcohol and perscription drugs? Something of that nature.
aw | blink

(no subject)

Do you (you specifically, not universally) need to like, or, at least, be able to tolerate the main character in a story to like it?

Have you read any books where you absolutely loathe the main character?

What is the book or books and why did/do you continue reading? Is it because of other characters? Who are they? Is it because of the plot? The skill of the prose?

(This is a roundabout way of looking for book reccommendations where the protagonist is pretty much evil.)


1. Do you have a child (or children)? If so, how old were you when you had them? Do you wish you'd had them at a different age?

2. If you don't have kids, do you want them someday? Do you have an age in mind when you'd like to have them?

3. What are your reasons for having/wanting kids or not wanting them?

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panda dance

(no subject)

For those of you who have been naturalized US citizens-

How long did it take you to get a passport, from the time you turned in/sent in the application, to physically receiving your passport?

Also, where do you live?

(no subject)

Does anyone have any suggestions on a quick way to rehydrate myself? I've been sick with a stomach flu, and silly me, I still went to work. I know I didn't drink enough during those few days, and I'm really starting to feel the effects of it now.
For the record, I can't drink carbonated or sugary drinks, on orders from my dentist(I have weak enamel. T.T)
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(no subject)

How many of you (Americans, especially) have never been to Washington DC? I live two hours away so I take it for granted that I've had so many chances to see pretty much all the touristy stuff and then some, but I'm taking my friend there next weekend. He's been through the city, but he's never really seen it.

What would you want to see if it was your first time there and you only had one day, maybe a day and a half?

For those of you who've been, where would you want to take people?

fast food breakfast.

for breakfast should i have a grilled cheese sandwich and tater tots from sonic? or a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and hashbrowns from mcdonalds?

which do you like better? mcdonalds breakfast biscuits or mcgriddles?
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(no subject)

How do you get rid of lots of gnats in your house? They're spreading rapidly. :( At least, I THINK they're gnats...they're really small flying insects, and they're everywhere. :(

We're going to a dinner party tonight...

And I need to make & bring dessert. No, I can't buy from the store or use a mix - our friends are snobs.

Therefore, favourite dessert EVAR....GO!

I'm leaving in 30 minutes to go shopping for the ingredients.

EDIT: Better Than Sex cake it is! But please feel free to continue posting your dessert recipes, because I love them.
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

(no subject)

Do you know any interesting websites (especially ones with stories, poems, comics, etc.) in Spanish or Japanese? I really want to practice and improve how comfortable I am.

To give you an idea of my experience levels, I've been studying Spanish for about 10 years and have almost earned a Japanese minor. Thank you!
rider tied


My friends think it's wierd that I get really annoyed if I have the hiccups for more than a minute or two - I can't be the only one that does this, can I? They're just so annoying and they hurt after a while :(
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(no subject)

i have to write something for school about an author that writes in two genres.

i am having extreme difficulty thinking of an author that does so.

can anyone tell me a few authors that have written in different genres?
regina [lupinskitty]

(no subject)

This question is for anyone who uses iTunes to download movies/tv shows/videos. Especially people who have PCs.

Are you having trouble playing videos in iTunes 7?

[I ask because most of mine are fine, but for some reason, every episode of Project Runway I download has problems. It won't play properly in iTunes. The video just stops and starts and freezes, although the sound works fine. No problems with any other videos or with playing PR on my iPod. What's the matter with this one show?]
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This is for you Mo...

Who would win in a fight between Johnny (the Homicidal Maniac) and Chuck Norris?

and on a more serious note.. what would you tell a friend that basically hated your partner? I understand her not wanting to talk to him, but I don't understand her wanting me to stop dating him because he's made a few mistakes with her. It's annoying and awkward. Help?

*edited hope it makes sense*

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(no subject)

1) What do you think is the cheapest way to move money internationally? (Switzerland to the UK if it matters, and we're talking "2 months rent" not huge sums)
Spam tells me to send it to Nigeria, but I suspect a scam :-P

2) Living in the UK, do you think paying for health insurance is worth it? Who are you with? Are yearly gyno visits included? How about trips to the dentist? Glasses?
My friend suggested I sign up to mentor a refugee, but I think I could do with one myself.

3) Craigslist has about three bent spoons on offer in my area. Is there a better second hand furniture & furnishings site for the UK? Or any recommendations for cheap furniture which don't involve me selling my soul to Ikea? (Avon/Somerset/Bath/Bristol area)

Thank you!

(no subject)

Could you live with someone whose political and moral beliefs were totally opposed to your own?

How about someone whose political/moral beliefs were... how shall we say... stupid?

(My roommate and I have very different opinions on abortion, gay marriage, etc. We knew this and avoided the topid. Then yesterday she mentioned that she's against gay adoption, which we debated for a while. The kicker was when she said that she's against anal sex. I asked why. She responded "bestiality." Apparently it's too animalistic? And didn't she mean doggy style? And... fwah. She also mentioned that any French women who become vegetarians were sexually abused as children and/or have sexual problems with their husbands. She's French (well, her parents are French and she lived there for the last 5 years, but she was born in the US) and I'm a vegetarian. Hmmm.)

(no subject)

1. What are you watching on TV/listening to on the radio or MP3 player right now?
2. Do you have a pre-paid or a billed cellphone?
3. What would you do if you won the lottery?
4. What do you reccomend in SF? Anything someone *should* do while in town?
5. Anyone living in San Fran?
6. Do you have the LJ Talk Gizmo? What do you think of it?
7. Random comment?

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What is that cartoon?

At work today a coworker and I were discussing random cartoons and they told me about this one called "The Deadgers". It's about this family who's all dead and while walking around their limbs were falling off. I was trying to look up more info on the cartoon but I can't find any, I think I may be spelling the name right. Does anyone know what cartoon I'm talking about? Appearently it's a lil bit old and appeared on Comedy Central and/or Cartoon Network randomly as they are apt to do when they need to fill programming space. Any help greatly appericiated :)

Oh and we had been discussing South Park & The Oblongs at the time so when thinking about what show it can be those also may come to mind.

(no subject)

So, I've been exercising pretty much every day for the last two months in an attempt to lose weight. I'm not really getting any results, and I'm starting to lose my motivation.

How do you keep the motivation to exercise?

i'm not asking about the inability to lose weight. i'm just wondering about motivation to exercise.

(no subject)

Everywhere I've been in America, even in the hallways at school, people pass eachother as they would in traffic. For example, if I'm heading north walking on a street and someone else is walking south, they pass me on my left. Like lanes in traffic. If you're walking forward, someone passes you on your left. If they pass you on your right, it feels awkward.

In Britain and other countries, traffic goes the opposite as it does in America. Cars are on the "wrong" side of the road. What I'm wondering is if people pass eachother according to the traffic lanes. If you're walking forward, someone passes you on your right. If they pass you on your left, it feels awkward.

Do you think this is true? I've been to Jamaica but I forgot to notice.
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(no subject)

Sorry to post this on the heels of another superhero question, but there's this Halloween party/pub crawl with a "dress like a superhero!" theme. We're also getting t-shirts to commemorate this grand occasion. You see the inherent contradiction.

So, are there any superhero costumes that won't be mostly obscured by a t-shirt (i.e., not Batman, Superman, the Incredibles, etc.)?

Maybe I'll just skip the shirt.

(no subject)

I've had to repair the connection on my computer something like 20 times in the past two days. I've also disabled/re-enabled it at least once, and wiggled the cord.
I'm about to start running adaware and spybod S&D and such, (and then restart) because I'm a nub and I don't know what else to do.

so... what else do I do?

Sweat & Smell

My flat mate has begun to smell recently. It's Spring, so it's quite hot. It's not like she's just smelly and unhygienic. She showers everyday and wears deodorant. Because she's begun to smell more, she has used stronger deodorants and when they didn't work, went to men's deodorants (i think they are also anti-perspirant). But she sweats a lot. She doesn't understand why. She's not fat or anything.

Why does she sweat so much?
Why does she smell so much?
What can i do to help?
It's not like she's unaware and i have to break the news to her. She's quite aware and is getting quite frustrated and depressed about it.
Any thoughts?

(no subject)

If you had to have an organ removed (or any other body part) would you want to keep it?

Me? Yeah, I'm still hacked off because they had to biopsy my cyst and I couldn't take it home with me.
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kate and I.

Help me, darlings. Please.

About a year ago, I saw a link to this eBay seller's feedback page. The guy responded to every single comment he got, but it was all funny responses. Stuff like, "Good seller? Fuck you!" and ragging on about "Why must you give me so many plus signs after the A, asshole?" Totally making fun of all these people. It's a lot funnier than I can explain, I guess. But does anyone know what the link is, or how I can find it? I'm not sure if it's been made into meme status yet, I've only seen it once before.
petit prince


how would you feel if someone walked up to you on the street and said "how much?"

(as if you were a hooker)
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the horror!

I don't know if you've heard, but it's Friday the 13th.

That was sarcasm.

What are you doing on this spooky night, right now?

I'm watching (in spirit of this wonderful holiday) the sequel to Night of the Living Dead and thinking that I should have dyed my black cat purple. Oh who am I kidding? I'm fucked. He crossed my path at least ten times in front of the refrigerator today.
Pride & Prejudice // Darcy is Happy!

Flight times

If you're buying tickets from a website like Hotwire and the place you're going to will cause you to cross over time zones, will the flight times (departure and arrivals) on the listings they show be your time zone, the time zone you're going to, or a fruity mixture of the two?
sexual deviant.

very important! A QUESTION OF THE AGES.

my husband really needs to know.

normally, i don't ask questions quite as retarded as this, but bare with me here.

as we all know, when a person takes a dump, they look at the paper after they wipe to make sure everything's taken care of. now. say you were blind, right? how would you know your ass was clean?

he insists that my answer of "duh, they can feel it," is not good enough, and he must know the real truth.

be creative. we're talking about the fate of many a blind asswipe, here.

(no subject)

Do you know any jokes or anything funny related to a field you work in that you understand but a WHOLE lot of people wouldn't? You know.. things like that shirt that says "If you can read this, you're over-educated." in Latin, etc? And please explain it to those of us that wouldn't get it!

I'm just asking because I just saw this (http://www.autothing.com/images/Fun%20Things/Articles/Street%20Signs/FT-Art-Signs-Planaria.jpg) and realized I don't know anyone I can share in the amusement with (I crack up every time I see it - it's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time, for me!).