October 12th, 2006

Simba turns

Retailers and clerks

For those of you working retail and have been trained in "theft detection."

What are you looking for when you spot potential shoplifters?

I ask because often times I tend to wander around stores somewhat aimlessly. It helps to jog my memory to wander around. For instance, if I go to Best Buy to buy a DVD, find that it's sold out, I might wander around the aisles to see if there's aything else I want. I don't know if it seems like I'm casing the place for a theft, but I find quite a few clerks asking if I need assistance.

mmm, literature

Do you have any favorite books about books?

My favorites are Book Lust, which is a handy reference guide to finding books in all sorts of categories. Also, in the vein of literary analysis, How To Read Literature Like a Professor is entertaining, as well as Introduction to Literary Criticism and Theory by Bennett and Royle, which may not sound like much, but is amazingly readable and has fun topics like "Pleasure", "Ghosts", and "Secrets".


Do you write your name inside the covers of your books? Do you write anything else?

I write my name and phone number in paperbacks, but only if I won't be embarassed about someone knowing I'm reading the book. For example, I have a copy of the Da Vinci Code whose inside cover will remain blank.

<---- ICON

Is my icon just plane wrong?

Would you remove me from your friends list over it? Why or why not? Would the length of our LJ friendship effect your decision?

Are the intern3ts srs bizness? Would you show me your macros?
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Pandora darling.

Huh. So I have a few questions about Pandora.com.

What is 'extensive vamping'?

Have you ever had it do the following: You click 'thumbs down', it changes immediately to the next song, but it has the thumbs-up next to the song you disliked?

Any tips and tricks to make it work its best?
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(no subject)

Has anyone here who had a weight-loss surgery developed an eating disorder?

I've had all the symptoms before, they went away, and now they've resurfaced and become very bad, and definitely on the way to an eating disorder.

University of San Francisco

I'm the middle of the whole college selection process and one of the schools which I'm looking at is USF. The area is absolutely ideal and the school seems pretty solid academically but I have a few hesitations. Thus my question:

Would the environment at USF be fun/accepting for someone of the lesbian pursuasion or would the school's Jesuit affiliations make it a poor choice?

Does anyone know if USF has an active GSA or similar group?

Other thoughts?
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Give a dog a home

(no subject)

I have really bad gas. How can I get rid of it?

I'm going to Pittsburgh this weekend and have a little free time. Is there anything cool to do in Pittsburgh that is relatively inexpensive? Yes, I will have a car.

When you go away, who watches your pets?
I take my dogs to a pet resort and my cats chill at home and my mom checks in on them.

Are you on any prescription medications? What?
I'm on Zetia and Lamictal.

What do you most want for Christmas/Chanukah/whatever this year?

When you oversleep or your alarm doesn't work, do you tell the truth as to why you are late for work, or do you lie??

For the Project Runway fans, do you think Jeffrey gets kicked out of the competition?
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(no subject)

I'm bored.

What's your favorite links/sites to fun stuff (flash games, jokes, etc) to go to when you're bored?

Or even LJ communities that you read through when you're bored.

Must be worksafe.

Oh yeah, what is the oddest/weirdest recent news story you've read?
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A question of ethics.

Two multiple part questions.

1. Say you're on a hobby forum and in the "marketplace" section you see someone selling something that you realize you could make yourself.

a. Is it unethical to go ahead and make it for yourself?
b. If you were to make it for a friend and give it to them (without making any profit)is that unethical?
c. If you were to significantly modify the design would it be unethical if you were to try and sell it?

2. Say you needed to raise some money so you decided to sell some things on ebay.

a. Is it wrong to sell gifts someone gave you?
b. Do the cirumstances change if it's an ex-significant other/friend?
c. If it was from an ex that you were no longer on good terms with would you find it strange if they bid on the item?

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(no subject)

Poll #843260 For $10,000, would you...

...not change your clothes, bathe, brush your teeth or wipe your butt for a month?


...be willing to be trapped on a desert island for a month, alone, with nothing to do for entertainment, forced to find your own food and make your own shelter?


...spend one night of passion with Dick Cheney, a bottle of viagra and tank of oxygen (so he won't die on you)?


...go streaking through the nearest church where you live one Sunday morning? You're not allowed to cover your face


...eat a live Madagascar hissing cockroach?


...get a tattoo of a heart with 'I wuv my mommy' in the middle of it? It has to be at least 3 inches in diameter and you can place it anywhere on your body


...beat up Dakota Fanning with a sack of oranges?


You're led to a barn where there's 25 parachute packs. 24 of them are packed with chutes, the last one is packed with pajamas. You can't tell by looking or feeling them which one's which. You take one parachute and make a jump from a plane and find out how right you are. There's a 96% chance you'll pick a good chute, only 4% chance of irretrievable death

I'll do it
No, I won't do it
nagini/harry otp

(no subject)

1. What as yet unreleased movie(s) are you looking forward to?

2. Book(s)?

3. Album(s)?

My answers:

1. Saw III, and Children Of Men (It hasn't opened in Sweden yet, I don't know about anywhere else.)

2. Människohamn by John Ajvide Lindqvist, and Harry Potter #7

3. Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose (only 13 days left! :D)
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(no subject)

The fabric on the ceiling of my car is falling down. I know there are places I could take it to get fixed, but I'm broke. Is there anything I can do myself short of cutting holes in it here and there and hot gluing it back up?
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portable music subcription services

for those that use them, what do you think is the best? what device do you have and what do you like/dislike about it? i think i'm going to make the transition to subscription and i think it's the best choice for the way i consume music, but i haven't decided yet which one to use. any advice, suggestions?

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(no subject)

there's this woman who wanders up and down my street everyday asking for cigarettes.

would you give her one?

my thing is that i don't carry them around, but i kind of want to buy her a pack to placate her. however, i then think that i shouldn't be giving her cigarettes because i'm helping her addiction and contributing to porr health.

what if a teenager asked for one?

i'm against it because they shouldn't be smoking, but they probably already do, so i'm not inhibiting them from taking up the habit.
sometimes i want to get out a cigarette and a lighter and go to offer it to them, then ask how old they are. if they say 18, then i'd say "noooo i don't think you look that old" then light up and revel in the awesomeness of the cigarette they can't have
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(no subject)

Do you believe in ghosts?

Have you ever had a ghostly encounter?

Have you ever had something that you THOUGHT was a ghostly encounter but turned out to be something else?
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recycling? compost?

I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada, and for quite a few years now, we have had a law in place where we HAVE to recycle and compost.
We're provided with compost bins, and most public places have bins, seperated in to 3-4 sections for recyclables, garbage and compost.

I was just wondering, where are you all from, and are there similar laws in place where you live? If not, do you think there should be?

(no subject)

1. How well do you take care of your body?

2. What is the best compliment that you've ever received?

3. How have your parents' parenting techniques shaped who you are?

4. What is your favorite snack?

5. If you could be a character in any book, tv show, video game, or whatever who would you be?

6. When you were a kid, what were your favorite TV shows?

Kill your television...

What are YOUR thoughts on campaign commercials? You know, the ones that say "Vote for me because I love America and my opponent doesn't!".

Do campaign commercials make you want to vote LESS?

Are you less likely to vote for a candidate who doesn't have any commercials? Or maybe he (she) has commercials but they aren't of the mud-slinging variety?

Are there any funny campaign commercials in your area?
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(no subject)

I'm hoping someone can help me understand IP Addresses.

website Visitor 1: 65.95.178 (yesterday)
website Visitor 2: 65.95.128 (Saturday)


I received an email about a month ago from the 65.94.132 IP address, and I know the person.
I had the 65.95 IP addresses visit my website this week.

What I want to know is...
are they the same person? So, is there any way to know if the person who sent me that email is the same as the person visiting my website? Since they are so similar? Does that have to do with floating IPs or whatever that means? Or is it just a coincedence? Just similar IPs??

I hope someone can understand what I'm asking.

All I know is how to use http://www.arin.net/whois/ to search IPs.
The thing is, on my site tracker, it says the website visitors are from a different city (London, Ontario), but when I search it at Arin, it says they are from Toronto. Does that mean anything? Is there any way to find out exactly?

If you need anymore info, please let me know.

If anyone has any ideas or can at least clarify some of my confusion, I would really appreciate it :)

(no subject)

Any suggestions of how to word the follwing on a cover letter to a potential employer?

"I'd appreciate it if the next time you see my current boss at the country club or speak to her on the phone you didn't tell her that I'm on the market."

Basically, here's the backstory: I want to leave my current position if I can get into another firm in the area, but this business is like a small dysfunctional family, everybody in it knows everyone else and their business and gossip flies between firms. I don't want my current boss to find out I'm looking elsewhere.
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Presidential ?'s

It's kind of inspired by that new Robin Williams movie that's coming out. He said in an interview that his dream nomination would be for Oprah Winfrey/Hilary Clinton?

1) If you could nominate anyone to run for president of the US, and they met the criteria [The president must be a natural-born citizen of the United States (or a citizen of the United States at the time the U.S. Constitution was adopted), be at least 35 years old, and have been a resident of the United States for 14 years.], who would you choose?

2) Who would you like them to be running against?

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1) What's the most memorable typo you've ever made in a paper?
2) Have you ever had squirrels try to climb into your windows?
3) For college students past and present, did your school require a senior thesis? What was your topic?

Oh and if there are any people who studied Mass Communications here- What format do you write your papers in? I've always used MLA, but one of my teachers is requiring us to use APA because he says it's the most used.

my answers:
1) I once wrote "pubic" instead of "public" in a paper that was graded by a Christian Brother. I also wrote "They let us shit in the bus" instead of "they let us sit in the bus" in an experience paper once.

2) Yes, tonight. He tried to climb into my bedroom window and I scared him away. Later my roommate saw him hanging on our kitchen window screen, which is ripped and he could have climbed into easily. She saved us from him by closing the window though.

3) I have a senior thesis and an honors thesis. My honors thesis focuses on satellite radio and the changing face of radio. My other one is tentatively focusing on music in television shows, but my teacher didn't like my proposal.

(no subject)

Would you say that Nike and Adidas's shoe sizes are similar? (EX: a size 7 in Nike is also a size 7 in Adidas.)
I'm looking at buying some Nike shoe's online and I don't want to have the wrong size.
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(no subject)

I'm crocheting some scarfs for my newphews now that it's getting colder out. When I make adult scarves, I just measure them on myself to decide if they are long enough. However, I have no idea how long to make a kid's scarf.

If there is anyone with kids around could take a look at their scarfs, could you help me out? The boys are 5 and almost 2. Does a 2 year old even need a scarf?

(no subject)

I'm turning twenty in a week. I'm studying abroad in Sydney with a lot of friends who love any excuse to get drunk. So, what should we (a group of about 10-15) do?

Poll #842995 birthday parties

What should I do for my birthday?

eat dinner, go to a pub crawl
eat dinner, go drunk bowling, chill out on the beach
nothing- you're not five

Any other suggestions are much appreciated.

Recreational Activities- IDEAS NEEDED PLEASE

Hey, I am a coordinator for a recreational program. And I have been trying to brainstorm for new ideas. So I'm hitting the net... try to think outside the box. Here are my ideas so far (bare in mind I already have a whole bunch of sports programs- even if its not listed).

The students are from 16- 24 years old. And all tournaments are based on a barter system. With the casino night... think like chucky cheese without the lame prizes.


1.) Arts-N-Crafts

2.) Battle-of-the-Sexes

2.) Basketball Games against other centers

- where loser has to serve dinner to winner

3.) Casino Night

4.) Couple’s Fear Factory

-All couples compete in obstacle course; top 4 couples
-All top four get subway gift cards
-Top Couple gets Bertucci’s Gift Card / Movies / Transportation

5.) Dodge Ball Tournament

6.) Henna and Heresy

-Henna Tattoos and Ice Cream

7.) Movie Night

8.) Music Jeopardy

8.) Poker Tournament

9.) Pool Tournament

10.) Salon Night / Spa Night

11.) Sewing Workshop

12.) Super Bingo

13.) Video Game Tournament
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(no subject)

1. What was the last thing you bought for yourself that you really didn't need?
A corduroy peacoat.

2. What do you say when someone notices that you've lost weight?
I never know what to say so I panic and deny that I've lost any weight.

3. Do you have trouble pronouncing "aluminum"?
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attn: all TMJ sufferers

I had a filling done today. They propped my jaws open so far that when they were done, I couldn't close them -- it was like my jaws were stuck. So they finally closed them and my jaws popped back into place, but it hurt like nothing else in this world. I cried so hard (and then my mom yelled at me for it, but that's beside the point.)

I am in so much pain right now. My entire face hurts and if I open my mouth too far, I know they'd pop out again. My upper teeth hurt so much. But most of all, it just hurts to move my jaws... at all. I don't want to eat because I know it's going to hurt. And I am so hungry.

Is there anything, anything at all, I can do besides taking tylenol for this? Heat, cold, take a shower, what should I do?

Somebody, please, help me. Please.
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If anybody knows a more appropriate community to post this question in, I'd be happy if you'd let me know :)

If I want to knit a 12"x12" square, how many stitches and rows with size 6 US needles should I do?


I just signed up for NaNoWriMo, and I am remembering a really cool userpic that I'd like to track down. I've gone through some of the NaNo Communities, but can't find it. It scrolls through a lot of text, and the only part of it I can remember is something like "and my muse says 'I am le tired.'" Can anyone help?

And just to round off the questions...

1) Have you ever done NaNoWriMo?
2) Did you win?
3) What did you write about?
4) Any tips?

Edit: for link to site.
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(no subject)

i've been looking for some pictures to encapsulate the idea of evangelical christians. any idea? i can't quite think of what they'd look like, and so am finding it hard to search. like something that shows them being all... preachy and praising the lord type of thing.

lj talk

Anyone into LJ talk yet? I noticed the new link on my userinfo today and decided to try it, but none of my LJ friends are yet. Can you even message people out of your list...?

I tried talking to Frank the bot, but he was kinda lame :/

So if you are using it, what do you think?
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(no subject)

jelly46725 and I both get holiday baskets from our jobs and we never use them...

what should we do with them this year? (we'll be traveling to NY to visit my family)

Please note* his father, brother in law and sisters all get the same baskets as do all of our friends.


Does anybody live near Fort Belvoir?
How much are house there?
I am looking for a three bedroom house preferably.

For everyone else, how much does the average 3 bedroom house cost where you live?
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(no subject)

About how long (if ever) do you think it takes for a cartelidge piercing in the upper ear to heal? I have seven rings in each ear, but I have to take them out due to a new job, and I'm afraid that my ears will look freaky without my rings in. Unfortunately, it's a rather conservative company, and I don't think they took into consideration that my ears will look odd once I take my earrings out.

Any thoughts?
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1. I need to buy some coffee. I like vanilla a lot. I have a coffee grinder. I'd prefer it to be available in decaf (caffeine makes me too jittery). Do you have any favorites that I might like? Ordering on the internets is a-okay. So is buying in an actual store.

2. Do you drink coffee? If so, do you drink it for the caffeine, or for the taste?