October 11th, 2006


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What are your oldest and newest saved text messages, both send and received? And who were they to/from?

*in helping that girl with her text message project and sending her some of my texts, i realized you can find out cool stuff about people from this crap!

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1. You're at a concert. A fifteen year old kid who is too cool for school is next to you smoking a cigarette, not inhaling, and pretty much blowing the smoke in your face. Would you ask him to put it out? If so, and then he didn't, what do you think of him?

2. You're at a concert again, lucky you. A thirty year old guy with a big bushy beard and tattoos is enjoying a cigarette next to you and the smoke is getting in your face. Would you ask him to put it out? If so, and then he didn't, what do you think of him?

3. If you had to choose between your child becoming a successful professional athlete/actor/singer/whatever who has millions of dollars but is slightly depressed due to his fame, or an average joe who makes okay money and is okay with his life, which would you rather have?

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Can you guys give me some clear examples of irony?

Would getting in a car accident while driving to the hospital be irony?

Hah. I've just always wondered and I've never bothered looking it up until now.

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1a. A few seasons ago on American Idol, a man auditioned with a Kelly Clarkson song. His voice sounded like a woman's. My Googling sucks tonight. Does anybody know where I can find this video?
1b. Was the man Ross The Intern from Jay Leno?

2. For those of you that are on your feet a lot at work, what kind of shoes do you wear? I work anywhere from 4 to 8 hours at a time with almost no time to sit. I currently have these, but my feet were still killing me by the end of my seven hour shift today. I'd wear my Crocs, but I'm not sure they'd be allowed.

3a. Socks with sandals - yes or no?
3b. Socks with Crocs - yes or no? (I decided today that this is the most comfortable thing ever.)


I read somewhere that human noses keep on growing forever (just a little bit at a time, so it's not that noticeable) and somewhere else I read that the nose doesn't keep growing forever.
Which one is correct? :P

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1. Ticketmaster. It says you have to pay with a credit card. My card says "CheckCard" and then "Debit" under that. Can I still use it to buy tickets with online?

2. Has anyone here used will call to pick up tickets before? Do you have to have to print out the page that pops up with your confirmation number on it, or is it okay to just have your confirmation number written down on another paper and your ID to be able to pick them up?

3. What the hell are the convenience/order processing charges that Ticketmaster tacks onto everything even for?
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The Receptionist Classic

Dreaming of Lunch

What do YOU call this kind of sandwich?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(Besides "yummmmm" I mean.)

And while we're at it, what makes the perfect one of those?

Edit: Yes, grilled cheese sandwich. Yes, it is called other things - toasted cheese, cheese toast (which I always thought was the cheesy toast at Sizzler, but okay), etc. Seems that most of us pshaw those other names and stick with good ol' Grilled Cheese.
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Give a dog a home

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If you had to be in a trio of friends, which of these would you want to be?
1) The comedian
2) The goody two-shoes
3) The one no one notices

Do you think North Korea is going to bomb the shit out of someone?

Do you think masturbation is wrong and/or a sin (for those of you religious types)?

Which is nerdier: marching band or chess club?

If you had to be stuck in an elevator with one of these people, which would it be?
1) Carrot Top
2) Gilbert Gottfried
3) Rosie O'Donnell
4) Rachael Ray
5) Howie Mandell

What is the best name for a pet you have ever heard? (Lunchbox)

Cheating #2

If you have had a serious relationship with another person that was defined as exclusive by either you or your partner, and you cheated by emotion or action, what was your reason or jusification for doing so?

Also if you have ever been in an open relationship, can you explain why you or your partner felt it was necessary and/or desirable? What was your overwhelming feeling about the relationship? Were you happy and secure or not so much?

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How do you respond when a guy talks too cheesy for your taste?

I"m asking this because a guy i'm dating tends to spend most of our conversations on telling me i'm a goddess, how gorgeous i am, how a simple guy like him doesn't deserve the most fantastic girl in the universe etc.

And i respond: "eh, yeah, but we've been seeing eachother for 2 weeks now. Do you want more coffee?"

I don't want to come across as ungrateful, but it's starting to annoy me!

Culture and learning styles

I finally picked a topic for my seminar paper... and I'm curious as to people's real life experiences.

My topic is learning style, culture, and education. Basically, the idea that minorities are compelled to "act white" to succeed in school, that cultural learning styles and values are not taken into consideration and it can be very difficult to achieve in a majority-run education system.

If you are a minority, to what extent do you think any school struggles you may have experienced were because you were expected/required to "assimilate" or "act white"? Do you think your learning style was accomodated in school? Do you think your culture's primary learning style is different than the majority's?

Uncle Sam wants YOU

The war in Iraq is getting worse. U.S. forces are suffering from a lack of troops and are desperate for more soldiers for the occupation. Bush isn't pulling out, and every now and then, someone mentions the draft. Would you support the draft to better patrol the mideast?


What are your reasons for supporting or opposing the draft?

Let's say the draft targets all able bodied people from ages 18-21. Those of you who fall within this age bracket. What would you do if you got your draft orders?

I'd serve willingly
I'd serve unwillingly
I'd dodge the draft by driving or flying to another country
I'd try and fail the medical check-up
Fake my death
Get pregnant
Get arrested. Better to serve time than go to war
Not only would I serve willingly, I'd help ferret out my friends who are trying to dodge their duty

If you were adequately supplied with good armor and weapons, specific orders and sufficient backup, were encouraged to help the occupied people as best as possible, and were paid $2k a month for a 2-year tour, would you reconsider?

Hell yes
Hell no
Hell maybe

What would it take for you to enlist?

$50,000 a year
Down payment on a new house paid
Dinner at the White House with the Bushes
$10,000 donation to a charity of your choice
An impressive grave marker or crypt, catered to your liking, including statuary and an eternal flame, should you perish in the line of duty
One hour make-out session with the Bush twins
A hug (I'm so lonely)
License to kill while on duty
A guarranteed promotion within the armed forces after your tour, to a cushy desk job
Guarrantee that in boot camp, you will lose all your weight and emerge with less than 5% fat
Everybody in your unit is a hottie, and coed bunking is the norm
One year of college entirely paid off, regardless of workload, books or choice of college
You actually pick up some useful career knowledge in your chosen profession
You're awarded 10 paid vacations anywhere in the world, 1 week at a time, after completion of tour
The right to get married (if you are gay), and or a huge wedding, all on Uncle Sam's dime
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Why is it so gray out (on my birthday)?

Why do most jobs suck?

Have you also found that your employers been generally awesome, but half your coworkers are always lazy asses?


What is the opposite of 'the meaning of life'?

Shop for Me, TQC.

If you were a six year old girl who loved to draw, dress up, play softball, and do Irish Dance, what would you want for your birthday?

What should I give my boss for Boss' Day?  (I KNOW - it's a silly thing, but he's going through a tough time, and he's a really good boss, and I like him.)

What is the best gift you've ever given that you wished you kept for yourself?
I don't have one, but I know other people do, because I hear them talking about it.

What is the last gift you've recieved?
Book I've been drooling over but didn't want to spend the big cash from my husband who knew.

Opus with Hat

Ode to emo?

You have a friend who won't listen. He doesn't want to talk about it. The information you can give him would help him be proactive instead of reactive but he just doesn't want to hear it. He would rather talk about something else. Something that he really likes to talk about it.

Do you try to get him to listen or do you let sleeping dogs lie?
I already know what I'm going to do, I'm just curious what other people think.

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My stomach hurts. It started this morning (it is about 1PM now), and it's progressively gotten worse, although it did go away long enough for me to eat lunch. If I think about food now I want to throw up. Other than that, I don't really feel nauseated (maybe a little, but not a lot). It's not cramping, but it does hurt (obviously). I haven't eaten anything weird within the past 24+ hours either.

Does anyone know what kind of pain I'm talking about? What can I do to make it go AWAY? Please, anything. I feel like shit.

A few random questions

1. For those of you with children, particularly boys, would you ever buy your son one of those kitchen playsets? My son played with one a few months ago and I thought about getting him his own for Christmas. My sister thinks its too feminine, but I don't. Besides, they show boys playing with it on the box.

2. Does anyone know how to program a Texas Instruments TI-83 plus calculator? I need to program a few formulas and I can't figure it out. I don't have the book and I'm not that tech savvy.

3. Back to the Christmas thing, does anyone start their shopping really really early? Early as in like, October? Or am I the only one? I hate the bad weather and the cold, so I try to get all of my shopping done before the rush.
sweet dee mothafucker

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I have to write a story for creative writing and my class came up with a basic plot and such to write off of. I have to create a conversation that has to do with the word "damm"

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So my questions are how can I make a conversation believable? What can I say about the word damn?

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1. My mom bought cocoa powder, except it is of the Dark Chocolate variety by Hershey's. Can you tell me a little bit about the health benefits of this product? (It's actual baking powder; not like a chocolate drink mix or anything.)

2. What's on your mousepad?

3. Are you more like Zach Braff or Natalie Portman in Garden State? Why?
US recent

Just curious

Poll #842452 I don't know

How often do you shave your legs?

I don't shave my legs.
Once a week
Twice a week
Three times a week
Four times a week
Five times a week
Six times a week
Seven times a week

How much does a post ofice box cost in your area/town?

Where is the weirdest place you have had sex?

I am:

Single, not looking
Single, looking
Casually dating
in a short term relationship
in a long term relationship

Check only which apply to you!

My name is Mike/Michael
My S.O.'s name is Mike/Michael
My name is Rachel
My S.O.'s name is Rachel
My name is Lisa
My S.O.'s name is Lisa
My name is Chris/Christopher
My S.O.'s name is Chris/Christopher
None of the above.

How many siblings do you have?

Mean: 2.15 Median: 2 Std. Dev 1.62

If you have siblings, how many are whole/half/step/etc. ?

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to macbook or not to macbook? (that is the question)

i need to buy a mac, just don't know which one to pick.
i have been looking at a refurbished macbook 2.0ghz

how does the intel processor work for you? i've heard complaints from my friends.

i want to get the most bang for my buck, but i don't need the biggest and the baddest. if you have experience with the different types of mac, what have you preferred?

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MSN Tracker

Someone got themselves added to my MSN Contacts list (I don't know how) and claimed that they found me by using a piece of software called "MSNTracker V2.0". Apparently the software tracks the MSN servers and adds people, or something.

Google isn't turning up anything useful. does anyone know anything about this MSN Tracker thing? It feels very creepy and I don't want to be hacked!!

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So I live in a bad neighborhood...

Anyone know where I can go about getting Mace/Pepper Spray? Preferably on a keychain of some sort.

I know I can get it somewhere online, but I was really wondering if anyone knew of any retail stores where I can walk in and get it, say, tonight????
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Mac OS X users -- what does your dashboard look like?
Which widgets do you have on it? Are they messy or organized?
Do you have many widgets that aren't displayed?

Bonus points for a screen shot (shift + cmd + 3).

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what would you consider to be the scariest/most dangerous drug? try to choose just one.
i know a lot of people will probably say heroin, but i don't think it's that bad or dangerous surprisingly. meth is a lot worse, in my opinion.

Office Set-up

I work in a tiny box with track lighting and an old fashion florescent tube fixture. I have no sources for outside light available to me at all. This has been fine for the last few months, but now the days grow shorter and I am not Devil's Ivy. I require hella more sunlight than that.

Any suggestions besides taking lunch outside to prevent the worse case of SAD I've ever experienced?

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I told my sister I'd watch the kids later today. They're ages 5 and 2.

She's been really stressed and working a lot and I know for a fact she'd really appreciate it if the house were a little cleaner when she got home. What are some age-appropriate ways I could involve the kids with cleaning up? How could I make it seem more like a game than work?

And also, so we don't spend the *entire* time in front of the TV... what are some fun things to do that would involve both kids? The 2 year old is just getting over being sick, and neither I nor my sister have much money, so going almost anywhere is out.
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1. What music player do you use on your computer?
2. What playlists do you have set up?
3. Do you use your smart playlists?
4. What's your favorite playlist? Why?

ETA Smart playlists are playlists that the program makes for you based on certain criteria. For example, you create a playlist for all song with a playcount of "0" and the program updates the playlist as old songs are listened to and new songs are added. At least that's how it works in iTunes. :-)

1. iTunes

2. my Driving Mix & the Unplayed Driving Mix (the same playlist but only the songs with a "0" playcount.) All Unplayed songs. Recently Added Songs. The Top 25 Played songs. A Mix of my favorite female artists. Songs that my roommates and I sing along to. My various playlists for my show on my college radio station. My Holiday music and my list of rated songs which are usually rated to be deleted.

3. Yes. They make my unplayed lists and my top 25 lists and the similar ones. Plus I use the comments to make up my Driving playlists.

4. My favorite right now is my female artists mix because I just made it this afternoon. It wasn't really intended to be a female artists mix, it just happened that all the songs I wanted to hear were from female artists.
Edward Norton


I'm taking a biology class and we have to do an outside project where we have to test a hypothesis.

I'm looking for some volunteers, who would be willing to participate for a month. Would you like to help?

I'm testing to see if a woman's body temperature changes over the course of the menstrual cycle.

Basically I'm looking for women who: go through their menstrual cycles, have a thermometer, and are willing to record their temperature every morning right after they wake up for a month.

If you can't have a period but seem interested in helping me out, my control group will be for women who are not going through menstrual cycles.

Is anyone possibly interested? Please? I have to find a "large" group of women and I'm trying to get 15-20 women to participate so I can get more conclusive data.

Thanks if any of you want to try :)

Edit: I have to head to school, I just wanted to test the waters to see if anyone online would be willing. I'll think of more variables while at school. Thanks again :)
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For the people who want children: what's the main reason for wanting them?
For those of you who don't want them: why not?

I personally don't want them because i don't think i'm maternal enough, if i look at how i think a good mother should be, that's the opposite of me.
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I have Airborne in the lemon lime flavor, and it tastes too gross for me to finish it. The directions say to dissolve one tablet in "a small amount of water." How much is a small amount? I used 1/2 a bottle of water. Should I use more or less? Is there anything I can do to make the taste tolerable? =( *sniff sniff snot*
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Elvis or Beatles?

I watched Pulp Fiction recently, and apparently in one of the deleted scenes Uma Thurman's character said that everyone in the world was either an Elvis man or a Beatles man.

So who are you?

I'm an Elvis man definitely.

Edit: Ooh, I'm the minority. =(

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Do you feel that the following is a valid and easily answerable question, and is appropriate to assign a 2-3 page (double spaced) paper on? Why/why not?

"How can racial discrimination and racial inequality cause people to have racial prejudice?"

I am not asking you to do my homework for me. I'm just curious to see what people think of the assignment itself.


1.Do you believe in race?
2.If so, what do you understand it to be?

EDIT:3.What does it mean to you personally?
4.Do you think people of different races have inherant (non physical) traits?
5.Are the physical differences important?

1. No
3. Use it for convenience in speach very occasonally, doesn't actually mean anything.
4. No
5. No, there are pretty & ugly people in every "race", tall and short people, etc. so it's a "you're pretty" thing or a "you're tall" thing, not a "you're caucasion" thing.
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Let's say you had to contstruct a picture of your personal definition of "cool" (as in the thinking something is appealing to you, not temperature), what would this picture have in it?

So I'm asking you to represent your idea of "cool" with imagry, but you don't have to post a picture, just imagine what it would look like and try to explain it with words.
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Which would you rather go without for five days -- food or sleep?

Would your answer be different if it was a test of your own willpower than if someone else was keeping you awake or withholding food?

Travel coffee mug

I'm so sad. I left my long-sought-out perfect travel coffee mug (adjustably spill-proof! be-handled! perfectly rounded drinking spout with optimum distance from lip to opening to avoid drippage! kept beverages at the perfect temperature! small enough to fit in my cupholder, large enough to administer the proper dose of coffee! under $15.00! oh, how I loved that mug) at school today, and unless some kindhearted soul lost-and-founds it, I will once again be braving the morning commute with a regular old mug. I originally bought it at Target, and they don't have the kind I had on their website and the closest Target is 45 minutes away (yet another travesty).

So my question is: where can I find another perfect travel mug (extra points for pictures and/or linkage)?
Stepfanie @ Universal Studios
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Is it snowing in your area yet?! (or has it already snowed where you are?)

Here, it is! Just a lil, though. Damn... First snow of the season. My hands are cold. :-(
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grad school

Are you in grad school...or have you attended it, or do you plan on attending?

What for?

For those currently in grad school or who've already attended, how is it different from undergrad? Did you enjoy it?
rufus, muppy

Help :(

Ugh. I'm so frustrated right now. I have been working my butt off for the last two years, (i'm an english major) and it seems like I just cant for the life of me improve my writing.

I'm constantly getting C's on my essays and Explications. I always think I have a good paper to offer, but my prof's seem to disagree.

How can I improve my writing? I think my biggest problem is that I don't clearly explain my points, or run my essay smoothly.

Can anyone give me tips? This is extremly hard for me to deal with. I'm not used to getting such shitty marks.

Need a fishy name


My new betta is due to arrive tomorrow.

I currently have two other bettas and their names are Kipper and Anchovy (both named after other types of fish)

I want to name the newbie with the same fish-like theme, but I can't think of anything. Can you all give me some fishy suggestions of what I should name him?
Rivet Riot


There's a concert that I've been looking forward to since August tonight about 30 miles west of my school. There is currently a line of severe thunderstorms moving over my area, and the tornado warning for my town *JUST* ended (three minutes ago, actually), but it's still pretty noisy here. The storms are moving east.

Should I risk going to the concert?

EDIT: Show is Hanzel und Gretyl with Bella Morte. I <3 them.
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Ahh! Babies!

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If you hate your job, what do you hate about it? What are the worst things about it? How do you feel before going into work in the moring? Are you used to it or does it upset you? What would need to change for you to like your job? What kind of job do you think would be good for you?
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If you had to live in a Hispanic country for 5-6 months, where would you go?

I want to enroll in a language immersion program for Spanish. I would like to go to Spain, but it would cost so much more than every other Hispanic country.
um.. me
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I was at the doctor's today and noticed sample packets of PMS Escape. I thought the idea was really bizarre and maybe that the product was a bit of a phony. So...

Has anyone ever used this (or a similar product)? Does it actually work? What are the chances of it working like a placebo?

I don't have PMS problems myself, so I didn't bother taking a packet to test it out =P

weird question, i know...

when you change in a dressing do you strip down to your undies or do you wear formfitting shirts and shorts to prevent contamination from the lady who thought it would be hilarious to spread the contents of her used pad into a pair of maternity jeans?

Furthermore, can you think of a good reason someone (a grown woman) would do that?

ps why does this community not allow tags?
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On an internet message board, what would you think would be some interesting threads one could make in order to find out more about the people posting there that wouldn't fade out after one day? So something that could be continually discussed or updated, but isn't overly obvious, like a news thread or picture thread.

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do dogs get headaches?

i was just playing with my yorkie terrier and he accidently bashed the side of his head into the corner of the coffee table. my boyfriend said he did this the other day when he has playing with him as well and he seemed unfazed. i know if i hit the side of my head on the corner of the coffee table, i would cuss a lot and then have a huge headache.
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I'm 25 years old and just started using tampons, because I heard so many people say that they increased cramps and was too chicken shit to test the theory out. Now, I swear by them. *rolls her eyes*

What sort of stupid rumors have kept you from trying things?

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1. Do you watch foreign movies? (of course it depends on where you are from as to what is foreign to you)
2. If so, do you have a favorite country as far as movies go?
3. I'm guessing most people that do watch movies with languages that they don't speak watch with subtitles not dubbed but how about you?
4. For those that use subtitles, do you on anime also or do you just dub those?
5. Favorite foreign movie? (always looking for recommendations)
6. If you don't watch foreign movies, why not?

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Have you ever had a moment that seems very cliche or like it came from a movie?

I'd liked a guy for three years. One day we were hanging out by a river just being goofy. There was a lot of tension in the air because I wanted to kiss him so badly. When I finally did, it started raining. The scene was amazing, I felt like I was in a movie. I don't think I'll ever forget that.
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Anyone out there have Stephen E. Lucas's The Art of Public Speaking, 9th Edition? EDIT - I've got a taker! Thanks, guys. :)

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So that this isn't completely self-serving: What the crap is wrong with people who bring BABIES into COLLEGE LIBRARIES and refuse to leave when said baby starts making a bunch of noise? Do they not realize people are trying to get WORK done?!

Can you tell I get really grumpy when I'm sick?
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the campus bus system has these signs that are supposed to be all happy and welcoming to international students.

They're supposed to say something like "a laugh/smile brightens up the entire day"

and, the german one says "EIN LACHELN GEHELIT DEN GANREN TAG"...
now, fair certain that should be ganzen.
What's gehelit supposed to be? geheilt? and is lacheln right? i tried it in a translator and it spit it back at me(I know they suck)