October 10th, 2006


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How often do you send/receive text messages on your cell phone? How old are you?

Would you be willing to help me out with some research I'm doing for grad school? It will require you to let me read your text messages. (You can say no to this and still answer the first two questions, I'm curious about how prevalent it is these days and with what age groups, regardless of your willingness/unwillingness to tell me your conversations)

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Thanks in advance if you're willing to help.
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Let's say, you have a friend who wants to attend a 21+ club for an event on Halloween night...but she's only 20. Her birthday is in 8 days...do you think she would get in? (They won't serve alcohol unless she has a wristband.)

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"like every kid loves pennies"
WTH does this mean? Did i just not love pennies enough as a kid? Or would you be flattered if that was the comparison to how much the person loved you?
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blisters, yogurt, and No Pudge brownies!

1. Do you currently have any blisters? If so, where?
Yes =[ On the bottom of my little toe on my left foot.

2. What is the last thing you drank?
I just had some vanilla hazelnut tea.

3. What is your favorite yogurt flavor? Least Favorite?
Peach, strawberry, raspberry, and vanilla. I hate chocolate yogurt.

4. If you have ever made No Pudge brownies, what is your favorite flavor?
I finally found them at a store near me and I bought the mint ones and they weren't that good, I'm hoping the regular will be better.
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When people ask you about your sex life are you confortable talking about it?
Or recently (in my case) when a guy asks you if you're a virgin or not. I said Yes... but I had a really sarcastic look/tone/smirk about it. But a few days later I forgot how we started talking about it... he was like, blahblah, it's cool you're a virgin. And, I was like uhm, I was being sarcastic and I think he thinks I was embarassed about being a virgin and completely changed my story or whatever.

So yeah, that boat pretty much sank. Oops?

People say it's their own personal business while others just share everything. Idunno, I never found myself to be one of those girls that share EVERYTHING even if it's with my best girl friends... at a sleepover... and it's 3am. I find a little bit just too much info? But, like I'm not disgusted by it when other people talk about it. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned when it comes to my life??

Autograph restoration question

Hello -
Google hasn't helped me with this, so I thought I'd wing it your way.
Is it possible to restore an autograph that's not on paper? I have a little papier-mache (is my best guess as to what it's been made of) box that's been autographed, but the signature's faded almost to the point of being invisible. (It was a bit faded when I got it, signed with a fine-tip pen that was on its last legs.) Would there be any way to repair the autograph? I mean, not myself, but is it something that could be done?

The Receptionist Classic

Okay, everyone... smile! Say Cheese! BOO!

Have you ever had your picture taken only to discover that you have a ghost/fairy/spirit/etc hanging around you?
If yes, who took that picture?

Would you ever have your picture taken by a paranormal photographer?

What would you do if some woman came knocking on your door, holding a photo of a 'ghost,' claiming it was your dead parent/family member?

I love this town. People are freakin' nuts.
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I know this is a longshot, but, whatever.

I was out at a club (O Patro Vys on the extra-long-shot that one of you was actually there) on Friday night here in Montreal. The band that I saw was nothing special, but the first song that played in between two of the sets was spectacular.

It's mostly (entirely) organ. The melody was really uplifting - it reminded me of old video game music. It was really mixed up - like remixed, or something, I mean. Even though it sounded reminiscent of the fifties or early-sixties, it was definitely modern, and definitely very hipster-ish.

Does anyone know who this is?

Edited to add: It was instrumental. I should've mentioned that. Also, the melody was vaguley reminiscent of "Kelly Watch the Stars" by Air.
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What are some ways of telling whether somebody is a junkie, just from looking at them, watching them walk around, talk, etc? I don't know the guy, but there are rumors that he's on heroin. I don't believe the rumors, but what are some signs to look for? I realize that there is probably nothing where you can say for sure "yes he is" or "no he isn't" but just indications is all I'm looking for. I've heard of track marks, but I don't think I'm about to see him in short sleeves.

Any signs?

Anticipated question: "If you don't believe the rumors, why are you so concerned?" Because I know someone who does believe the rumors, and I'd like to be able to say to her, "Look, he does a, b, c, and he doesn't do x, y, z, so he's probably not a junkie."
Anticipated question #2: "Why does she care?" Because she's thinking about asking him out but she doesn't want to go out with a heroin addict.


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Poll #841595 Adages and nursury rhymes revisted 2

Curiousity killed the cat, but ______ brought him back

going back 5 minutes in time by having Superman fly so fast that the earth spins backwards on its orbit, causing time travel,
the cast of ER
my shovel and some rigorous digging

A rolling stone gathers no ____

weapons of mass destruction
rosebuds while ye may

A _____ a day keeps the doctor away

well-swung crowbar
crippling STD
complete lack of insurance

People in glass houses shouldn't throw ____

hand grenades
a kegger
their underwear at Tom Jones

Old Mother Hubbard went to ______ to give her poor doggie a bone

her cubbard
her nightstand
her femur with a chainsaw
the cat cemetary with a shovel
a gay prostitute

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn. The sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in _____

the corn
my burger
Uncle Danny's bed
a porno
da house
volved in a tryst with the donkey

Georgie Porgie, puddin' and pie, kissed the girls and made them ____

a sandwich
real men read

We are faaaam-ily

1) If it were your anniversary, would you rather go to a restaurant with great food and lousy ambiance but that you'll know you'll get great food or a place that you've never been before that looks prettier than the first place and is just as expensive, but might not be as good food-wise even though it might be just as good and you just don't know?

2) Is it weird to wish someone you aren't married to a happy anniversary?

3) If A wants to get a gift for B and B wants to get a gift for A, should A buy the Animaniacs boxed set knowing both A and B want it and return it if B gets A the same thing? or should A just hope B might get something else?

4) Is a family more or less dysfunctional when they:
a) don't know they're dysfunctional
b) know they're dysfunctional and don't do anything about it b/c that's just how their dynamic works
c) are told they're dysfunctional but are in denial and never talk about it and pretend like everyone is nice and normal la la lollipops and puppydogs?
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public restrooms

This one's for the ladies (and any gents who sit on toilets in public restrooms)...

Do you sit directly on the toilet seat?
Or do you use one of those paper seat covers?
Or do you hover/squat?

Living Will

Who here has a living will? Is it ok to just go online and download a form? I mean, really, anything is better than nothing, I guess even if you write something out on a napkin, at least its something.

Or do I need to do something more legal and expensive, like hire an attorney and whatnot? I just want something that will be legally binding in case I die.

Addendum: I am learning that living wills are mainly if not solely meant for what to do if you are incapacitated and whether or not to continue life support. I ALSO want to be able to "will" stuff to people, like who gest what (I am not married and I have no kids).

OK fine. I guess what I really want is a Last Will and Testament. AND A living will. jeez.

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1. Is there any website that will give me (U.S.) driving directions but not direct me to the nearest interstate on-ramp if I want to go more than two cities over? I need to plan a trip using highway and the only way I can think to do it is to section it off into smaller chunks (City A to City B, City B to City C, etc) and then piece it together.. Is there any easier way?

2. Why does bread always mold at the bottom corner, furthest from the end of the loaf that is "in use"?
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would anyone mind reading this... and perhaps critiquing it?? It has to do about Facebook/security. You're basically sopposed to talk about you/or someone's Facebook and say if it's accurate or if it's exaggerated.
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What is going on here?

There's a flag of Burma hanging outside someone's window, and a horde of students surrounding it and singing....

I checked google for holidays, and foxnews.com to see if anything happened... but nothing.

Is there any holiday or event? Or are these students just showing a little pride here?

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I borrowed a DVD from a friend and for some reason the sound won't work on my computer. It plays fine, save that one issue. The sound plays for every other application, and this particular problem with sound on DVDs has not been an issue before.

Any ideas?
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Poll #841735 Out of curiosity...

What's your homepage?

Search Engine (Google, Y!, MSN, etc)
School/Business Website
Email Service
News Site
Blank Page
No Open Tab (if applicable)
None of the above.

Is the above selection your browser's default homepage?

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Any Swedes out there?

Does anyone know how to pronounce this Swedish word?


I have been pronouncing it like doon-gen, but I don't know if that's right. They are one of my favorite bands and they are Swedish. I always feel like an idiot becuase I don't know how to pronounce their name. thanks!
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Ok, so thanks to those who suggested songs for my graduation..

Here is the list!

1). "I'm Horny"
2). "I'm Too Sexy"
3). "Baby Got Back"
4). "Milkshake"
5). "Ice Ice Baby"

Which one would you play?
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Where could I ifnd a website that teaches you the basics of Paganism (specifically Wicca) without trying to convert you? My boyfriend is really interested in learning about Wicca, but all the sites I have at my disposal are for people who are already Wiccan and assume that you plan to convert too. We've already looked at Wikipedia, but is there anywhere else?
Thanks, guys :)
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Random ?'s

1. a)Have you ever broken up with a friend?

Not like a friend that you were dating, but just someone you were once friends with, but ended up having to break it off for whatever reasons.

1. b)If you have, how did you do it?

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My SO took the job he is at right out of college. He has been there for 3 years. He is miserable. He doesn't think this is what he wants to do with his life, but doesn't know WHAT he wants to do. He is talking to a counselor. I suggested some sort of career aptitude test. I was also thinking about books on the subject. But there are so many. Do any of you TQCers have any suggestions on what you think was a good book for helping you figure out what to do about your life?

ETA: I know I can check ratings on Amazon and such, but I was also looking for suggestions.
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What song do you like that you are ashamed to admit?

Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

What's the best way to lose 40 pounds by May? (I'd appreciate more than just "eat less, exercise more.")

Is it better to exercise before or after eating?
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looooong shot

My father described a song to me. He doesn't know the melody or any of the lyrics (...) but thinks I can track it down for him.

He says that it was popular 7 or 8 years ago and that the band was very "raucous and loud" but the lead singer sounded feminine and sweet, and that he really enjoyed the contrast.

Any ideas? Believe me, I know what a long shot this is.

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Ok, so a little intro before the questions. My grandmother has gotten very sick and the doctor has pretty much given her about 2 months left. I'm very close to her and I'm very lucky that I'm 20 and she's the first death that I've ever had to deal with. I've been having issues now where I'm nervous quite a bit of the time, I cry constantly, everything seems like a bigger deal than it actually is, I want to sleep all the time, and I've even been having problems getting out of bed in the morning sometimes.

So the first question is, do you guys have any tips of something that would bring my spirits up, relax me, help me tone down the nervousness, or just help control the crying? Even just simple tips would be great.

On an off subject, I have really sensitive gums, we're talking like they bleed pretty much every time I brush my teeth, any tips?

Also, I'm determined not to get sick this year, I've been washing my hands like they're on fire, taking vitamin C, drinking orange juice, and taking echinaceia (sp?) when I feel a little congested. Any other tips to help prevent me from sinking into the pit of sickness?

Although, this kind of relates to the first topic/question, what are some good tips or exercises, or practices that help you get rid of stress?

Thanks for anything you can give!
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1. If you were rich, what common chore would you pay someone to do? (In other words, what chore do you hate doing the most?)

2. What colour is the shirt you're wearing?

3. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what book would you pick?

4. What's your favourite juice?

5. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
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For a sociology project I'm studying the impact of female crying on males. For the first part of this project I need to research/review any literature on the topic-- have you guys read anything regarding this subject at all? Anything would help! Thanks

(and please, no sarcastic remarks about how I should do my own homework, I am. I'm asking for help and there's nothing wrong about that)

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1. What things irritate/piss you off when you're at a concert?

2. If there's a short person behind a tall person at a concert, do you think the tall person should move, or does the short person just have to deal with it?

3. If someone is smoking before the concert and someone near them is very bothered by it (it makes them cough, they have asthma, etc.), should they just put up with it, or should the person put the cigarette out?

4. What's the most you've ever paid for water or alcohol at a concert?

5. What concerts do you plan on attending before the year is over?

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What are some good ways to research classes/internships abroad or in big domestic cities?

For example, studying abrod in Germany, an internship in New York, or the such. I know I can go to my school but they don't have too many choices by themselves, and I could always look for my own and then petition for credit.

I know I can google it, but I was wondering if any links/sites/etc that people have *personally used* to find their internships/study abroad classes that they would recommend?

I'm in grad school for business in Texas, if that makes a difference.
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Porn terminology

When one is writing [gay] sex scenes (as one does), what is the best way to refer to the anus? By "best" I mean least likely to make the reader cringe or laugh.

Also, how about the best word for "penis"? Is it better to stick with one or mix it up?

And I shall use my nanowrimo icon from last year, because that is precisely why I'm asking. Gratuitous sex is good for fleshing out wordcount.
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Sorry to post again, so quickly, but I was looking up prices and whatnot my little sisters Christmas list... and she wrote "Cascada CD". I looked this up under BMG (I tried Casada, Cascada, Cascada, Casacada) and couldn't find it. 

Any idea the proper spelling, and/or what it is?

Thank you! It WAS CASCADA, BMG just doens't know of it. Thanks again!!

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What the crap is wrong with people that zip up to a 4-way stop and DON'T STOP? Is there something about the stop sign that doesn't scream stop at them?

What's your biggest driving-related pet peeve? What should it be punishable by?
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What are some really good Halloween songs? I am not really looking for the really kiddie songs but more spooky and maybe similar to the Nightmare Before Christmas songs and Do They Know It's Hallowe'en (songs that are still fun but spooky at the same time). Thanks.

liquid diet

Have you ever had teeth pulled? What did you eat on the liquid diet?

I had some teeth pulled recently (not hockey related haha) and now I have to only eat liquids. I have been cheating a little and eating mashed potatos/yams, broth with melted cheese, and..well that's about it. Oh and Jamba Juice smoothies (exensive *shudder*) and ice cream. Does anyone have any ideas for food? I'm feeling weak and hungry all the time on this stupid diet. I can't open my jaws very wide right now, and I can't bite anything.. I have to work and I can't be passing out at work since I'm only drinking juice and broth!!

EDIT: it was my wisdom teeth that were pulled.

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I'm a Manager at ARBY'S :)

So my question today is, what's your favorite thing to get to eat from there??

I try to eat something new everyday and today it was jalapeno bites ... not really liking em, but eating anyways ....

my all time fafv thing from there is chicken bacon and swiss YUUUMMMMMM!!!!
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We did an excercise in my EN211 class today, and there were some writing prompts I thought were nifty, so I decided to ask them here. :D Answer one or all, I'm just curious and I love things like this.

1.) If you could have a secret camera in any one room in the world, what room would you put it in?
(One guy wanted to put a camera in the dorm room above him to find out what they hell they do to make so much weird noise... I think that would work for me, too. The upstairs people are freakin' insane. I swear they have a moose and giant vibrators.)

2.) If you could eliminate one odor from earth, which one would you get rid of?

3.) If you were to drown in a liquid other than water, what would you want it to be?
(One of the answers from the class: "I'd want to drown in Jell-O so when it gets hard, people will eat me.")

4.) If you were to put together a room of the most interesting people on the planet (living or dead), who would you put in it?

5.) If you had to exist only as someone else's imaginary friend, whose would you be?

6.) If you were to wake up tomorrow and learn that the major newspaper headlines were about you, what would they say?

7.) If you had to pick the most difficult question you could be asked, what would it be? (This is my favourite.)
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I've finally decided to get a new video game system. My old SNES isn't cutting it anymore. As I don't want to spend too much, I'm not considering the very new consoles (XBOX 360, Playstation 3). Therefore, out of these three systems, what, in your opinion, is the best one and why?

Playstation 2



Thanks in advance.


For my 18th birthday I'm getting a piercing. Either lip ring (a hoop on the left side), an eyebrow ring, or a nose ring.

I'm leaning towards lip ring by a lot. But I want other peoples opinions. I don't wanna get something that'll look dumb on me. I'm sure some of you have piercings.

What should I get??

Here's a picture of me.
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Do you pick up affectations, expressions, or characteristics from people when you are around them for any period of time?

I find myself taking on characteristics of others all the time. As an example, if I watch Grey's Anatomy, I will almost always speak with a lisp for the next couple of days because of the way Meridith talks. I do this with friends and family as well.
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Which half of a bagel do you eat first?

Edit: If it's a plain, wheat, poppy or seasame seed bagel, I eat the top half because I like the bottom better. But if it's a cheese bagel, I eat the bottom first to save the cheesey goodness on the top.

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Ok, so one of my best guy friends just graduated from the Marines. Hes home now for 10 days which means he goes back next tuseday! And the really bad thing is that he is pretty much guaranteed that he is going to Iraq to fight! Omg i love him tons and im so torn up! I dont know what to do! I feel so lost! Does anyone have any suggestions, words of advice, songs? I really wanted to make him a cd with some cute songs like..ill miss you, i love you! Please if ANYONE has anything what so ever it would cheer me up! thanks so much ♥
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For my communications class (speech) the theme for the semester I guess is media. All of our speeches have to related to some for of media. Our first speech had to be a 5 minute informative speech. I did mine on Fantasy Baseball. Other people did MySpace, the telegraph, text messaging, movie ratings, etc. Our next speech has to be a 7 minute persuasive speech again relating to some form of media. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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For those of you who have (or had) roommates...

How do you organize food and cooking?
Do you take turns cooking for each other? Is it a free-for-all where everyone eats what and when they want to?
Do you go shopping for food together or separately?

My roommates and I shop together and cook together Monday-Thursday (the weekends are a free-for-all, but we'll usually eat together anyway). People seem to think this is a really weird setup. But it saves us money and space (we have a small kitchen.) I didn't think it was weird until other people told me so and I'm just wondering how many other people do this.

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If a person wanted to lose weight very rapidly, what are some ways to do it?
Beyond your typical purging/starving yourself.
Don't worry, I'm not looking to do it; I'm writing a paper on body image/eating disorders/etc.
Also, if you have ever (for whatever reason) lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time, what was the experience like?
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Veronica Mars

Who sings the Veronica Mars theme song?

And, for anyone who seen tonight's episode: Are you psyched about seeing Rider Strong (Shaun Hunter from Boy Meets World) back on TV again! I was so excited, but it was kinda weird seeing him in such a jackass-y role. Does anyone know if he's going to be a regular on the show?

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How much do you talk about other work people to other work people... at work?

Is your work place bitchy or just gossip-y (bitchy means the claws come out)

How blatent is the bitchyness?

Has it ever got you in trouble?

(no subject)

1. If you saw a person taking pictures of everything, like writing in a notebook in class, or an apple... Would you think it strange? Would you give said person dirty looks?

I want to do one of the "a day in my life" projects to show my friends back home (NY) what university life is like here (UK), but I'm a bit apprehensive to take pictures of seemingly random things in front of people I don't know, like in my large lectures. The flash would be off of course, but this isn't a small camera I have

2. Ladies, have you ever dated a guy two years younger than you? Does age really matter in the grand scheme of things? What about if your last relationship was with a much older fellow? Did it feel really weird to shift from older to younger?
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Windows Vista + Saving Images = HELLZ NO?

Can anyone PLEASE tell me why in Windows Vista when I try to right click and save an image, it will show me the menu available (like send to/save image as/eff your mom), but won't let me highlight and/or select any of them? It does this with all images (even ones that say, 'here! take me!'), so I know it's not someone trying to keep their crap from being stolen.

And before anyone gets their panties in a wad and is all OMG THATS WUT U GET 4 STEALIN SOFTWAREZ!1!!1111! I actually have a beta test version so nanny nanny boo boo. I'm thinking it's some security setting for my system, but no matter where I look, I can't find where to change it if that's actually the case.

Thanks for any help! :)
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Does anyone know if the license number on your learner's permit is the same as the license number you have on your actual driver's license? I went to driving school, then took my test with them Saturday, but you have to wait a few days to get your card from the DMV, so I'm getting that tomorrow, but I went ahead and got the form to fill out to get a parking space at school and they want my license number. And they want the form back tomorrow. Answered, thanks!

Related questions for fun:
What's the driving age where you are?
How old were you when you got your driver's license/how old are you if you still don't have it?
Did you get a number grade on your test and do you feel like sharing it?

I'm in Georgia, so you have to be 15 to get your permit, 16 for license, I turned 16 at the end of July and passed with a 91.