October 9th, 2006

jennny & john

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1. Do you go out for dinner on your birthday or do you like to stay home? If you go out where do you go?
I'm almost always on vacation so I either end up eating something at Disneyland or I go to The Old Spaghetti Factory because I like their ice cream and they don't have them where I live.

2. If you mostly took baths when you were little and now take mostly showers, how old were you when you made the switch? Did you have any irrational fears about showers?
I switched when I was 7 or 8. When I first started taking showers I always wore goggles because I thought I'd get too much water in my eyes and go blind or something.

3. Do you ever race the people you're with back to the car? Do you usually win?
Yes! I usually don't win because of the shoes I'm wearing =[ I won today though because I lied and said I couldn't run in the flats I had on. I really hope this is common.

4. Would you rather have no eyebrows or really hairy toes that you weren't allowed to shave or do anything to that would reduce the hairiness?
I guess hairy toes.

Yarn Workers Unite!

How many TQC'ers knit or crochet? If you do, how long have you been knitting or crocheting?

What is one kind of needle you can't live without? yarn? notion?

Post a pic of your finished items if you have any!

I've been knitting for a year, seriously since July. Right now I have 3 socks on DPNs on my stix. I've been crocheting 4evah. But I'm not doing any of that. I really am digging Knitpicks needles, and must get a swift and winder now that I work with hanks. My fave yarn is called Serendipity by Dancing Fibers. This is what it looks like. It's 1000% Alpaca. I looooooove it.

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i like to live on the edge

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miss me? lol. doubt it, but it's been a while.

Do you find yourself to have negative body image?
This is a pretty impossible question to answer, but how do you go about "fixing" that?

Ever since I can remember I associated being thin with being happy. Like now, I'm the happiest when I feel thin/not bloated/etcetc. It's pretty much taken over my life? I immediately am turned off/away by "overweight" people even when making friends and stuff. Like I'm not rude to them or anything, I just prefer not to be with them? I know this is so immature and everything, but it's just something that I subconsiously do. How the fuck do I grow up from this?

And, what's even more ironic is that I consider myself fat. :(

paging doctor internet

i have a small rash on my arm, it is roughly the same size and shape of a small Band Aid. It is itchy when touched, and has been there for about 3 days. It's not spreading or growing.
As i have no known allergies, i have absolutely no idea where it came from or wtf to do about it. Of course i also have no allergy meds in my house, and stores are closed till tuesday since it's a holiday.

Here is an inventory of things i have at my disposal:
(i'm just guessing at what could be relevant in any way)

-super strong Rx topical antibiotic cream (leftover from some stitches i had a while ago)
-hydrogen peroxide
-baking soda
-all manner of Tylenol

What do i do TQC, oh what am i to do?


Has anyone ever tried looking for a mail order bride before?

I just found this hot asian chick on a mail order bride site and she showed me pics of her tits and they look really nice. nice big tits= A MUST! The problem is, even though I'm into Asian chicks because they're more quiet and more accomodating, I'm worried about having children with an Asian because their eyes might be all slanty.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I also found this hot white Russian chick and she won't let me see her tits though. The problem I have with white/American chicks is that they don't like having babies or sex whenever I feel like it but asians do.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What should I do?
Dom face

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1. How do you normally celebrate your birthday?
I never do anything interesting, really. Today (my birthday!) I'm going to see a movie (Employee of the Month, maybe?) and going to PF Changs for dinner.

2. What was your most exciting/successful/interesting birthday?
Two years ago my birthday fell on a marching band competition. Much fun was had by all.

(I don't remember seeing these lately, but they seem like they'd be popular questions, apologies if they are)

3. Have you ever been to the London New Year's Day parade/heard of it/seen it on tv? D'you think it's better than Macy's/other comparable parades?
I ask because my marching band is the 'honor' band for this next year's parade, meaning we'll be at the front of the parade and such. Friday we had a lot of people from London come to our school to see it and see us perform, including the deputy lord lieutenant something or other of London and the parade organizer. And frankly, I never trust reports of how amazing anything is that come from the people organizing it...

4. Have you seen any good movies lately? If so, what were they?
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I have a cartilage piercing which I had done about oh 2 years ago. It hurt like a bitch and got infected and was generally more of a pain in the ass than any of my other piercings (which I removed some time ago), so I decided to keep it. My reasoning was: if I ever want THAT piercing again, I'd never have the guts to go through the torture again, like I would with about any other one.

Now, I'm finding myself lately pondering more and more, whether I want to remove it for good. My main issues are:

1. It gets smushed into my pillow when I sleep on my side.
2. I've developed a small indentation on the outer edge of my ear, where the ring rests, from the pressure of having it there (assuming it's due to the sleep-smushing, as it's not heavy enough to be pressing into my skin by itself).

I'm concerned about removing it, however, since I've never had a piercing in that location before and I'm not sure how well it will heal up. Will I be stuck with a random hole in the top of my ear? And what are the chances of that little dent straightening out?

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What would look good with this shirt-dress? (Please don't say leggings; I am fat and nothing in the world could convince me to encase my legs in spandex.) Would it look ridiculous with a knee-length skirt, since it's already got kind of a skirt-thingy attached? Are basic black pants my best option?

Don't just answer, "Nothing, it's a fugly shirt." If you find it hideous, come up with the most creative suggestion/commentary possible about the shirt. (e.g. "You should set it on fire." or "It's uglier than Michael Moore doing a striptease.") If you're especially amusing, I may hand out e-cookies.

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I am, right this second, procrastinating working on a paper for a class. it is already late, and as it is now monday it will get, at max, 55% credit. (I decided that being late would hurt my grade less than turning in what i had, and then Word decided to play pretend with the save files)
It's 1:30 in the morning, and about 3 hours since my last caffiene pill (meaning that it will soon be within the time listed on the box as 'okay' to take another).
Do I take another pill, and keep working, since I'm just a bit on a roll, or do I get some freaking sleep and pray that i get it finished tomorrow?

I think my original plan was to work until i became incoherent, but NoDoz tampers with that plan. I'm not hallucinating! hurray!

In related news: Does google have a word processing program that I just haven't found yet? or plans to make one?
Because god, I'm annoyed with word for that. I KNOW i saved, and I know this becasue it did not ask me whether I wanted to save when I closed it... mrrr.

Edit: A, holy crap there is a google document thingy.
B, i ended up taking a pill, but I only managed to keep going till 3 before I couldn't read the tiny tiny text used in our coursepack. but, i managed to gather the information I need... now to put it into paragraph form.

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Is it common for people who were raped at a young age to black out their memory so that they don't remember it?

Edit: Ever since I was around 9 I've been very sexually interested in play rape. Making my dolls do it to each other and day dreaming about it. Recently my boyfriend role played the rape with me and I didn't like it. He wasn't saying anything really graphic. It was tame but I just froze up and didn't move at all. I just wanted it to end. Has this happened to anyone else? This is embarassing but I want to know.

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Would it be awesome or notawesome if there were a page/journal/wiki chronicling TQC highlights (questions, drama, lulz..)?

Answered positively so far, so I shall get onto it when I get home later!

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in attending the roger waters concert at the hollywood bowl, i've discovered the joys, wonders and fun of STACKED PARKING...

what is the worst place you've had to park?
did you have to pay?
it took us about 20 minutes to wait for another car to move and for us to get out of the lot -
how long have you had to wait to leave a parking lot?
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What does the phrase "needs must as the devil drives" mean to you?

I've seen it in a few books by the same author (Simon R. Green; he's a good one for repetition) and have a vague idea about it but I thought it would be interesting to see what other people thought.

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Hello all! This is my first post to the community, since I just joined (it seems incredibly helpful and midly entertsining, I couldnt help myself...

So here it goes...

Would you:
1. Continue in a long distance relationship that might exceed a 2 year period.
2. Never ever have a long distance relationship - ever.
3. Some other solution to deal with two people in love being 3,000 miles apart?
Give a dog a home

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Would you ever buy a scooter to get to and from work? I drive about 10 miles each way to and from work, all back roads (i.e. < 45mph). I would wear a helmet, most definitely. Would it be worth it to you?

With what song are you currently obsessed?

What alcoholic beverage is best for getting nice and tipsy WITHOUT a huge alcoholic taste (i.e. straight-up vodka) and has minimal hangover effects?

Pullover or zipper hoodies?

Are you drinking anything right now? If so, what?

Do you prefer smoked sausage, vegetarian sausage, or breakfast sausage?

You're a passenger in a car for a long trip (let's say, 2+ hours). What do you do to make the time pass? There's one other person in the car with you.

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1a. Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial?
1b. How'd that work out for you?

2. What do you do with old clothes? Salvation Army? Try to sell it to a thrift store? Throw it away? Pawn off on friends?

3. Do you hang onto clothes that have become too big or too small for you?

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singing in the rain

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1. Why is the "Where's [insert name]" called Waldo in America and Wally in Australia?
What is it called in other counties? and does he still wear the same clothes?
What do you call the villain? ie, in yellow and brown/black stripes-Oswald

2. Why aren't you supposed to wear white after Labour day? and how long is after? cos really, couldn't after extend to the next labour day?

3. What IS labour day?

4. Does your belly button smell?

5. Do you wear deodorant? if so, how often? everyday? only when excercising?

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What music do you consider essential listening? I'm trying to make a CD for a girl I know who is obsessed with My Chemical Romance and is convinced any music older than 5 years is "boring." She hates the Beatles, so that's out. I'm trying to get a mix of songs and artists from about the 60s-80s that's fairly diverse but still something she wouldn't hate. So far, the only things I can think of that might be palatable are Blondie, Black Sabbath and The Smiths.

Not again!

Remember my question on the 5-second rule and food that falls in the toilet? New question: how many seconds for food that falls into the cat's sandbox? If it's any help, it's clean litter and the food is chocolate pudding

Time Travel Hypothetical 2

One day, there's a knock at your door, and on the other side, is a strange person. They're the same gender as you, but they're about 70, with a shaved head and tattoos on their face. "I don't have much time, but I have an urgent message", this person says. This person tells you that he or she is you, sent back from the future, as many years in the future as it would take to make you 70 years old (so it's dependent on your age now), and has travelled back in time to inform you of an important thing. There will be another world war, with another power-mad despot, who will kill tens of millions and conquer many nations, all in some twisted 'purifying' inquisition. Thousands are driven underground to survive. Your future self is one of them, and the tattoos are depicting his or her 'tribe'. When time travel was perfected, they were chosen to go back to contact their younger self, and they were chosen in particular because of location. You live a block away from that future tyranical despot, who is only 5 years old now. He will grow up to commit unimaginable evil and destruction if he is allowed to grow up. Your future self urges you to kill this boy. The lives of millions upon millions of lives are on your head. You peer closer, and they do look somewhat like you. It's hard to truly tell due to the age, lack of hair and tattoos. "Please do this deed. It may sound heinous, but it will preserve the well-being of the world in the future. One life lost can save untold millions. Please do the right thing." He or she leaves, having given you the message and address of the kid. You recognize the family name. His parents are strange religious zealot types, who do tell their neighbors to repent or suffer the fires of hell.

What do you do?

the internets

why is my internet soooo slooooooow

i have broadband connection, but for about two weeks its been snail slow. i ran spybot and it didnt find any viruses and supposedly took care of any adware.

internet is still crawling.

what can i do to fix  this??
tastes like evil

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As I am going to be out of town starting the 21th of this month I'm going to miss most of the fun Halloween festivities.

That said I decided it would be best to get a group of friends together for this upcoming Friday (the 13th) and so an early night of scare and fun.

I need your help. Do you know of any extra spooky places (preferably hospitals, or asylums that we can actually get into) that is within a couple of hours driving distance of Fredericksburg, VA?

Any suggestions and links and directions would be greatly appreciated!

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What did you have for lunch today? Or what are you going to have, if you have not eaten yet?

I made pancakes and had them with syrup. I am really excited about pancakes lately, so I have been eating them for either breakfast, lunch, dinner, or somewhere in between.
Cadbury Creme Egg

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So I'm producing a musical, and I want to give all the members of the crew a small gift on opening night to say thanks for all their help.

The only problem is, I can't think of something that is inexpensive yet good to give them. I could always do the old bottle of wine/box of chocolates thing, but I think it's a little cliche. And I'm trying to avoid giving them a cast/crew photo, as it's not really the kind of thing they'd keep around.

What would you give a group of ten to fifteen people to say thanks?

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There was a movie i watched about 2 years ago on SBS one night, i just stumbled upon it but i really loved it. unfortunately i wrote down the title on some scrap piece of paper that i lost.

it was a Canadian film, i think. it was modern. it was about 2 chicks in a private girls school. they were together. then one possibly got together with some guy.
the school had a dance or something and parents came. one of the lesbian chicks wore a suit and everyone was like OMG. the other chicks guy was doing something... possibly sword-fighting some other guy. then the suit-chick cut the other chick's guy.
she possibly went up to the roof of the school and jumped off.

has anyone seen it?
do you know what it's called?

EDIT: Answered- Lost and Delirious

i wanted to post this earlier, but being RESPECTFUL of TQC rules, unlike some other, anonymous person, i thought i should wait until i thought it appropriate
The Receptionist Classic

On Holidays and Penis Pinatas

Attention neighbors to the North:
Is today a bank holiday in Canada, too? Or a school holiday? Or a 'no work!' day?
If yes, is it called Columbus Day up there, too?
Nevermind. Thanksgiving. I thought that was over the weekend, but eh, shows how much I know. (Thank you, russophile.)

And unrelated: A Grown-Up Pinata!
What would you like to see in your grown-up pinata? (I have the sample-sized flavored lubes and colored/flavored condoms already. That was fun. Picking them out of the bin with the creepy porn-shop man hovering, staring at my boobs. *shudder*)

Where's an off the wall place to play the Penis Game? Someplace open late (after 8 pm) and how would you document this in either photo or something physical that can be put into a scrapbook? (I have visions of the groomsmen running through 7-11 shouting PENIS! and scaring Habib [that's the guy's actual name].)

TV Series

So it's my holidays and I'm really bored. Which DVD should I rent? I can't make up my mind.

- Lost
- House
- Grey's Anatomy
- Desperate Housewives
- Prison Break
- Click 'refresh' and wait for new wank on TQC?

Other recommendations welcomed.
harry potter

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hello friends.

I'm looking to student-direct a small show at my University. My friend and I decided in order to avoid anything too complicated, we should pick a one-act play.

My question is, can anyone point me to a resource (book, on-line, other) of good one-act plays? Where do I start?

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I royally screwed up my credit 3 years ago and have just finally gotten it fixed.

The first thing I did when I screwed up my credit was cut up and cancel all of my cards. I hadn't tried to get approved for one since. Well, knowing that it's a good idea to not always live on cash only, I decided to apply and got approved today for a Capital One card for use in car repairs and other emergencies. So, my question..

If I pay off my balance every month in FULL, how likely is it that the CC company will raise my limit?

I heard if you pay on it in full for a few months, they continue to raise your credit in hopes that you hang yourself with your excess. Is this true?
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Computer smart people:

Is it difficult to replace a power supply in a PC by yourself? Also, where would I find the serial/parts number for what kind of power supply I need to buy?


If you could have anything for dinner tonight, what would it be?

X-Men 3: Worth renting? I enjoyed the first two.

Would you sell your unborn child's name to the highest bidder on eBay, if it was agreed that it could be legally changed after, say, 4 years?
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Beaky severe!

Inspired by Mean Girls I suppose

What are some snarky things you did in adolescence to your peers?

In middle school, my "friends" and I would call up other "friends" and try and get them to talk bad about others. Or if I'd be in a fight with another equally bitchy preteen, there would be the inevitable phone call attack with TLC playing loudly in the background "What about your friends?"

...Ugh am I glad those years are over.
we are accidents waiting to happen

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Driver A: Drives fast, weaves in and out of traffic, and gets to their final destination quickly. They abide by all traffic laws (except maybe following the speed limit), but seem reckless. They are 'safe' because they have a lot of experience driving.

Driver B: Drives smoothly, sticks to one lane, and drives no faster than the speed limit. They abide by all traffic laws. They are 'safe' because they are very cautious.

Which would you consider a "good driver"?

phone sex

Do you think having phone sex while you are in a relationship is a form of cheating?

What if you have phone sex with the same person each time?

*I'm not saying I do this, I just want to know what people think.*


1. do you dance differently when around others than when you're alone?
2. do you dance in the car?
3. at your wedding, what was the song you danced your first dance with your wife/husband/life partner?
4. if you aren't married/had a wedding, what do you WANT that song to be?

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Found it - apparently they're the colors of modern Rome's two rival soccer teams

In the film Titus, starring Anthony Hopkins (based on Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus), the two sons of the Emperor, Bassianus and Saturninus, carry different colored flags.

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The younger son, Bassianus, carries the light blue and white flag. The older son, Saturninus, carries the red and yellow/orange flag.

Does anyone know if these are (or were) real flags? Do they mean anything? I'm writing a paper on the movie and can't find anything about the flags.

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What are some simple, appropriate and inexpensive costume ideas for Halloween? We're allowed to dress up on Halloween for work, but it has to be "family friendly" (so nothing like, say, a prostitute. Yes, someone dressed as a prostitute one year) and can't involve anything that will fall into the food (nail polish, face paint, excess glitter, etc). Something comfortable, too. I imagine I'll be working 6-8 hours.
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Sounds of the holiday season.

Favorite Christmas tunes? Least favorite? Basically all of the Christmas songs you can think of, hate them or love them, romantic, funny, or classic. I just need new ones to download.

Do you know any Thanksgiving songs (other than by Adam Sandler)? What about Halloween?

(no subject)

I'm looking for communities, both on lj and off, where photos are posted for critique of the subject matter and not the technical flaws. Also communities where photos are posted for viewers to make up stories about the subjects. Anyone know of any? I'm already in foundphotos
Animated Kitty :)

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I know this isn't quite an advice question club, but I just want some opinions.
I'm thinking about selling my car, and not buying a new one, at least not for a long time. Here are some helpful facts:
- I live in Portland, OR and take mass transit almost everywhere. I usually only drive on the weekends as it is now. My transit pass is subsidized by my employer, so I pay a fraction of that cost, too.
- My car is almost paid off - my last payment will be next May-ish (there's about $1800 left on the loan).
- The car needs some work before it's in really good condition - needs new tires, a small window replaced, and a transmisison/radiator fluid flush. I could probably sell the car as is and at least get it paid off. Otherwise, I've kept it up pretty well I'd say. (I just did a kbb.com check and I should expect to get about $5200 for my car in "Fair" condition.)
- I don't own a bike and I'm not interested in that mode of transport.
- I could really use the extra cash right now that I'd be saving on car payments, gas, and auto insurance (it's about $450/mo).

So, I guess what I'm asking is, can I exect someone to buy a car that needs a little work? Should I sell my car?

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You = healthy female in prime childbearing years.

Now, you're friends with a couple who are a few years older than you and have been struggling with infertility issues--have tried IVF a couple of times, it didn't take, and are now considering adoption. You would be perfectly willing--indeed, even eager--to carry a child for this couple in any permutation needed (woman's egg + man's sperm, your egg + man's sperm, your egg + donor sperm, etc.). You don't have a lover to object to any of this, and it would not be a major disruption in your life as long as it occurred within a particular time frame.

Is there any polite/tactful way to say to these people, "You know, if you would like me to, I'd have your baby for you," without seeming totally jerkish/patronizing/weird/nonserious? Your friends say that the only danger in all of this is that if you offer, they'd probably take you up on it--which is a good thing! So how best to say this to emphasize that you are serious and have thought a great deal about all of this and would be glad to do it?
I bring you...FIRE!

Gun Control = Aim, Exhale, Squeeze

Theoretical situation:

Your state passes a law stating that anyone convicted of commiting murder with a firearm will recieve the death penalty, while homicide with any other type of weapon will recieve life in prison without parole.

(The lawmakers are thinking here that the punishment of death is worse than life w/o parole, and that killing someone with a gun is worse than say, beating them with a 2x4 or dragging them behind a car. The stated goal is to deter gun crime by stiffening the penalty.)

Now say you have already decided you are going to kill someone. Will this law affect how you go about it, and if so, why?

(no subject)

Do you know what boanthropy is?

Do you think we make up names for things that don't really exist because as humans, we are obsessed with labeling everything?

Seriously, does boanthropy really exist?

(no subject)

I am about three hours away from my girlfriend. We are marking six months together on the 21th of Oct. Any ideas on what to do to make the day nice for her? I will already be done there on the 20-22.

Cat Quilts?

Does anyone know where I can buy a quilt with cats on it online?

I need to get a birthday gift, and I need to order it today so I don't have time to have one custom made and I haven't been able to find many online.

I'm looking for one that someone can curl up with on a couch, like a single sized one.

Any ideas? The woman loves cats.

theo look

(no subject)

Period sex.

A few questions for both males and females.

(My paid account expired so I have to go about this the old fashioned way)

Please comment with your gender when you post your answers.

For the males:

1 - Have you ever had sex with a female on their period?
2 - Do you have to be inlove or like the female very much to have period sex with her?
3 - If you refuse to have period sex, what are your reasons?

For the females:

1 - Have you ever had sex while on your period?
2 - If you do have sex on your period, do you enjoy it?
3 - If you refuse to have period sex, what are your reasons?

(no subject)

If you were to suddenly vanish off the face of the Earth, how long do you think it would be before someone noticed your absence? Who would be the first to notice?

My roomate would probably suspect something within a day or two of me not coming back to the dorm at night.
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What song is this??

I'm thinking of a song and it's driving me crazy but I can't remember the lyrics. An oldies love song, maybe 60's? I'm not really sure of the time period. It's a well-known song, though. It's a man singing about being poor/broke, but being happy because he's in love and everything is going to turn out fine. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Sorry this is so vague!
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Quick Meals

I'm in college, and I'm sick of living off of quickie ready-made meals.

What's something I could actually cook for myself (and possibly another person)?  Between my roommate and myself, we own basic cooking pans, skillets, etc.  We also have access to a microwave, stove, and oven.

Any ideas?  Thank you!!
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petit prince

(no subject)

1. what's your favorite fruit?

2. have you seen death of a president (the movie about george bush being assassinated)? thoughts?

3. would you let your partner shave your pubic hair for you? into a lightning bolt?

4. k-ci or jojo?

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Over the summer one of my friends made a comment about herself that stuck with me...

She basically said that she respected(? probably wrong word) (teenage) girls who where having sex because it is such a natural experience. And, that she would be having sex... if it wasn't for her not being confortable in (/hating) her whole body.

I never thought about it that way, but it seems to fit with the situation I am right now. Does this make any sense?