October 8th, 2006

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What's worse, rape or murder?

I always thought murder, because I always thought, whatever happens to a person, it's not as bad as dying.

Anyway, I have been having to read a lot about homicide (mostly murder), and the cases have made me very sad. Now I have to read about rape, and the cases are making me sad, but more angry than sad. It's all horrible; I don't consider that to be up for debate. But what is worse? Is there even a clear answer?

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Why haven't the effects of Valtrex been studied in non-heterosexual couples? I've seen the Valtrex commercial 100 times tonight and visited their site but can't find any info. Why would GlaxoSmithKline not have studied homosexual couples and genital herpes?
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now with 30% less drama

Say what disease if you have a preference, too.

Would you kill an embryo (0-2 months) to cure a global disease of your choice?


Would you kill a fetus without the brain functioning yet (2-5 months) to cure said disease?


Would you kill a thinking/feeling fetus (5-9 months) to cure said disease?


How about a kid?




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so say your friend's husband is a total douche. i mean really , he just is a jerk to your friend and not that great of a person.
Does this affect your relationship with your friend? do you hang out with her less because you want to avoid the retard that is her husband?

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is there a name for the type of images you see that say, for example, "in ur oceanz, killin ur celebritiez" (steve irwin reference)? know what i'm talkin about?

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If someone from TQC came into your personal journal and made insulting comments about you and then deleted them, what would you do? If he then started deleting your comments in his posts, what would you do then?

ETA: Per his comment, he's now banned from TQC. He's disabled comments in his Kill a baby post, so if you feel the need to comment, please feel free to do so here.

ETA 2: My merlot is gone. What should I do?
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So, I have this "friend" who steals other girls guys..

If you are interested in a guy, she will become interested in them JUST to piss you off.

There is a guy that I would call a "flirt buddy". Last night I hooked up with him. My "friend" approaches, "I want to get with George he is so sexy", I say "Please do not do that to me, you know he is my guy"

So, what does she do when I leave, chase after him and kiss him! "Aly, we hooked up and I nearly had sex with him".

I am furious.

How do I deal with this bitch?

What would you do?

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So, I'm graduating from high school this year and kinda interested in seeing time tables from different universities, just to see what I might have to work with next year. I live in BC, Canada if that makes any difference, though I might consider going to a university away from home (get away from parents).

Would anyone like to share their time table? Especially interested in time tables from UBC, SFU, U of Toronto, Queens, and Oxford (UK).


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What song/cd can you NOT stop listening to right now?

I just bought tickets to see The Lion King in a couple of months, and I am so excited that I whipped out my cd from the last time I saw it, and I cannot stop listening to it. It's so addictively good.

Oh. Have you seen The Lion King musical?

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If the song "American Pie" by Don McLean is on the radio, do you listen to the whole thing?

It was a rule in my house that you had to wait until the song was done to get out/change the station/etc.
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I am an idiot and unable to decipher if talking about the use of illegal substances is prohibited from TQC and/or LJ's TOS. So I will just let people assume whatever they want about what falls under the umbrella "partying" and figure most people will understand what I am talking about.

I will also LJ cut this due to length. Collapse )

Moral Quandry Hypothetical

You're on a large cruise, with over 2,000 passengers. As you're crossing the Atlantic ocean, your ship hits an iceberg (shortly after you lose your virginity in the back seat of a car and Leo Dicaprio draws your nude portrait), and starts to slowly sink. Just like Titanic, there's not enough lifeboats (will they never learn?). They quickly load up as many passengers as they think is safe on each boat and send them off. You're on one of 50 boats, each loaded with an average of 25 people. There's still several hundred people floating in the water in lifevests. The boat director assigned to your boat says that these boats are designed to hold 35 men, having been made to substain that much weight, and the lifeboats are criminally underoccupied in such a tragic event. There's room for 10 more people. The lot of you look back at the water, and there are people of all ages, mothers with children, young married couples, etc, all screaming for mercy at the top of their lungs, begging for the lifeboats to be brought back. The boat director says that because everybody's panicking, there's a chance they'll swarm the boat and submerge it, and everybody on board will be in the water like them, in which case, you all will die. But there is room for 10 more people, and it's on your head if those seats stay unoccupied. He takes a vote what the boat should do. Of the 25 occupants, 12 want to stay where they are, 12 want to go back and pick up 10 more people. You're the swing vote.

What do you do?

Keep the boat where it is. It's too big a risk to go back
Go back and pick up 10 more people. Come what may. It's a decent thing to do
Go back and pick up 10 more people, but use the oars to bludgeon anyone who I don't want climbing aboard
Pretend I don't speak English to avoid making such a costly decision. I'm a coward
Ignore the vote. Start taking pictures. This should be worth big money when I get back. I could use the extra room in the boat for stretching out

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So remember when I asked what you guys thought my boyfriend was going to get me for my birthday, and it sounded like he was going to propose?

Well, he did. :)

So my question to you all now, is.. we're planning on having the wedding in Summer of 2009, since we're both in law/grad school. When do I start planning? A year before? What are some good resources? Any good livejournal communities?


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1. Does your name produce any interesting anagrams*?

2. How do gender neutral Swedes Icelanders handle their last name?

3. Who is your favorite character from the Magic Bullet infomercial?

4. Do you have a favorite infomercial?

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* Edited to include an anagram generator, so you don't have to find them yourselves.
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Say person A is in a relationship with person B. Person B likes doing drugs (nothing big- marijuana and the like). Person A isn't against drugs, but doesn't like the effects they have and decides not to do them. Person B has many friends that they could go do the drugs with, so person A doesn't have to be stuck in a situation they don't like.

Do you think person A and person B could have a working relationship?

(It's actually not one of those "me and my boyfriend" situations. The question's just been stuck in my mind lately, so no need for advice. Ha :-))
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Do you think dreams mean anything? Do you think that they're just random thoughts, or your brain just subconciously telling you something? 

How long do you wait when you're in a realtionship with someone, before you sleep with them?


Do you think sex changes a realtionship? Why?

I'm doing this presidential project in my senior survey class, where we "run" for president, and I'm one of the candidates. I have to make a 1 minute 30 second commercial. What are some approaches that I could use in this? [ we're going to make a video-commercial for it]
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You have a newborn child, and the doctors inform you the child is intersexed, meaning having ambiguous and/or genitals of both sexes. The child is otherwise healthy and will suffer no health problems because of this. What do you do?

Follow whatever the doctor chooses as the gender and have surgery done to correct the genitals
Choose male and have surgery done to correct the genitals
Choose female and have surgery done to correct the genitals
Choose to raise your child as intersex, selecting neither gender until the child is old enough to decide on their own

ETA: Good point about the DNA, but it apparently doesn't necessarily help very much. Look here for more info.

ETA2: I suck at explaining myself. When I said raised as intersex, I did not mean sans gender - way too hard to do in this society. Rather, allow the child to explore - with an "assigned gender" to start off with - and allow the child to choose whatever they like when they're old enough if the decision wasn't right. Apologies.
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Similar sort of topic to my last poll:

How would the amendent regarding same-sex marriage and civil unions, along with those appose to it, deal with issues of transsexuality and transgender? If you have a biological man and a biological woman married, and the man realizes after the marriage he is truly a woman and transitions, but they stay together - are they suddenly no longer legally married?
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Pasta Munchers and Mouses

Hi folks,

1. It seems that a packet of pasta we recently bought had something extra, some bugs/beetles. Any entymologists in the house that can identify them?

Is it likely they came in the packet as eggs or something? They seem to have either chewed their way out, or at least chewed their way in, as the packet had leaked.

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2. Big or small?.... Heavy or light?... Microsoft, Logitech, or AN Other?... That is, what mouse do you use with your PC?

I'm getting a bit of tendonitis on my right hand and use a rather large Microsoft mouse (the Intellimouse Explorer). I've used it for several years, to the point where it's caked in grot and all the labels have worn off. I'm debating whether to get a smaller, lighter mouse, or stick with what I have.


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I've heard that it takes 7 days to make a habit(which, obviously, might be bunk but it segues into my question).

How long do you think it takes to -break- a habit? Like, if i do x compulsively, how long would I have to wait to reasonably say i was 'better'?

how does recovery generally go for a lip piercing? ring, side of the bottom lip?

(I pick the skin on my lips constantly, i want to get a lip ring to reward myself if i can stop- but i definitely need to have stopped)

study abroad

For those of you that have done study abroad (preferably American students going to Europe), what did you do about your cell phone and computer? I have a desktop, and I have a 15" flat panel monitor (I'm more worried about the tower). I was wondering if there was a way I could bring it to the Netherlands with me.

Also, I have T-Mobile, and I don't have international calling. Am I better off just buying a calling card?

Anyone stay in Maastricht in the Netherlands? What were your experiences?

Thank you!
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Does anyone know of a good, free program where I can crop about 20 seconds of an MP3 file? I am trying to use the software that came with my phone, but it makes the quality really bad. Thanks!

EDIT: Audacity was recommended, thanks!
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nice or snarky?

For anyone in nicequestionclb

how is that workin out so far for ya?
What's so nice about it?

i saw someone ask what shoes they should wear and one of the NICE members said, "Skanky, or flat out ugly? Well, either you're going to look like you've got no taste, or that you tuck dollar bills into a g-string, so it's really up to you."

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This recipe calls for "2 sticks soft butter." It doesn't specify whether to use salted or unsalted butter. Normally I'd say it's unsalted, since there would be salt somewhere else in the recipe, but this one doesn't.

So do I use salted or unsalted butter?
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First borns

I have a whole bunch of frineds who are pregnant, and one of them just posted that she's okay with making plans in the week before her daughter is due because "first borns are nearly always late."

If you were a first born child, were you early, on time, or late?

I am the first born, and I was a week early. mom told her doctors, "Can't have a baby right now. the curtains aren't done."

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I'm working on a laptop with a wireless modem card. Whenever the phone rings, I'm disconnected for like a second at a time. Most of the time, no problem, just refresh the page. But it's playing hell on downloads. Are there any download manager programs any of you'd recomend? No bells and whistles needed, just something small and lightweight that'll help me reconnect to places like megaupload and yousendit and finish that last 5 $%^#ing minutes of my download?

Firefox extention recs would be loved like woah.


what's made your day today?

mine is that THE BILLS GAME IS ON IN LONDON!!!!!!!!!!

i am SO excited*.

*although the performance of the bills has dampened my mood substantially
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Do you ever read the magazines of the opposite sex? Why or why not?
-I like to buy a GQ every once in a while. I like to know what the other sex is being taught.

What are some good websites for female masturbation?
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1. I'm trying to think of a book I read when I was a child. It involved a girl living during the dust bowl, and she played the piano. I remember it being very depressing, but descriptive. Any ideas on what it could be?

2. Have you ever performed at an open mic (for anything, music, comedy, slam poetry)? How did it go? Where did you do it? Was it an overall good or bad experience?

3. Picture your idol, or at least an actor/comedian/musician that you admire. What did they do to become famous or be noticed?

4. What is the craziest thing you've heard of that somebody attempted to do to become famous?

5. What is the craziest thing you've ever done? The most spontaneous?

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So, I will be moving back in with my family sometime in the coming week. This is for a number of reasons, mainly financial and partly because I miss them. I'm pretty excited.
However, they/we are moving into a huge amazing brand-spaking-new house that my dad has been planning/building for several years now. This basically means NOTHING goes on the walls. No paint ('cept white), no nails, tacks, poster-putty, adhesive, whatever. Because my dad is a nazi.
Whatever. I can deal with his naziness, but I can't deal with not having any art on my walls. I've accumulated quite a bit since I've left.
SO. Any tips for displaying it or something? Am I doomed? This frustrates me.

Harry Potter!

Poll #840150 Which is the scariest Harry Potter book?

Which is the scariest Harry Potter book?

Year One: Sorcerer's Stone
Year Two: Chamber of Secrets
Year Three: Prisoner of Azkaban
Year Four: Goblet of Fire
Year Five: Order of the Phoenix
Year Six: Half-Blood Prince

EDIT: FIXED!! Now the comments aren't screened, but I won't be reading them either so no offense if I don't respond!. Again, I was just trying to avoid spoilers, I didn't think of...you know...just not reading them. Apologies all around.


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Assume you had a friend, mentor or parents who you trusted implicitly and who had your best interests at heart, and who also knew your tastes and passions. Would you consider allowing them to arrange a marriage for you to someone you had never met? Why or why not.

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If you're a hardcore childfreer, this quetion is for you:

If you got pregnant with the next son of God, would you abort it? Or would you abandon all childfreedom and have it?

Edit: If you say you would abort it, can you explain why?

(And I don't even believe in God, but I've talked to a lot of religious CF'ers so I've been thinking about this question for a while).

A question mostly for the Canadians here.

I'm a psychology major and am thinking of going to Canada for grad school. What universities offer the best psych program, especially for someone who wants to be a counseling psychologist specializing in sex therapy? Where can I find information that would help me? How about a comparison of US and Canadian universities?

Any other info that would be useful is welcome.

EDIT: I do not speak a word of French.

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So its your 22nd birthday tomorrow, you are pregnant , divorcing and broke. Unable to leave the house unless with someone(you are high risk and have lots of health issues) is with you.  You've already watched all your movies. You get nauseous a lot , other wise you'd have tons of junk food and sweets to eat. 
So what do you do for fun to make your birthday a little less sucky?
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inner lip tattoos

is it true that they eventually just fade? and fairly soon after getting done?

does anyone have one? if so, what is it (pics please?)? how much did it cost? did it hurt alot (compared to other tattoo locations)? did your lip get swollen or anything afterwards?

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Oh my. I don't know what I did but I was pointing my toes to stretch my foot and I over stretched something so now I have this weird pain through my arch up into the toe next to the big toe. Then when I let my foot relax, the second toe pulls downwards and I can feel the pain in the arch.

What did I do?!

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1. Do you save your coins?
2. Do you have any methods to your change saving?
3. Where do you keep it?
4. What do you do with it?
5. How does your piggy bank look like?
6. Any more comments on the wonders of change?

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P.S. Anyone want to play Hangman with me?
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Fourth Year

For those of you who are currently studying/have already obtained a four-year bachelor's degree... here, that would be an "honours" bachelor's rather than a "general" bachelor's, but I'm not sure if other countries use those designations, so....

1. Was your fourth year significantly more work and study than your previous three years?
Seems to be the way things are for all the fourth-year students I know, myself included. And not just "this is the next level higher so there is more work" - a significantly huge increase, compared with any other level of course.

2. And while on the subject of higher education - why do Americans say they are "going to college", regardless of whether or not they are going to an instutition that is actually a college? Here in Canada, there's a big difference between saying "college" and "university", and while I read up on why there is less of a distinction in the US, it doesn't answer the question of why everyone just uses "college" whether they go to one or not.
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audio from portable DVD player

My DVD player has slowly been going kaput, so until I have time to go out and buy a replacement, I unhooked it from the receiver and hooked in my portable DVD player. The old DVD player had 3 separate outputs - one for video, one for left audio and one for right audio. The portable DVD player only has one output, it's an A/V combination. This hooks into the receiver in three separate slots - one for video, one for left audio and one for right audio.

My question is this - since the source DVD player doesnt have separate output for left audio and right audio, does that mean I'll only hear sound from the DVD through one speaker and not two? Or is the source irrelavant, since the receiver has spots for input for both left and right? I ask because I'm only hearing sound out of one speaker, and I don't know if something is wrong or if this is the way it will work because the portable DVD player doesn't separate left and right.

Thanks in advance !


I am curious about people in general and what motivates them to behave in certain way.
I would like to know the answers to these questions.
1. How many times in the past 10 years have you been unfaithful?
2. Number of partners in the last 10 years?
3. How many partners have you been unfaithful to?
4.What type of person did you *usually* cheat with? (i.e. friend, co-worker, partner's friend etc.)
5. What percentage of the time did you feel satisfaction in cheating? Guilt?