October 7th, 2006


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So, I downloaded Yahoo! Widgets.

I downloaded the Teddy Bear that does nothing.

I was playing with the setting, and clicked "Floating"
I don't know why.

Now it's permentantly on top of everything.

Including my webbrowser, and such.

How can I get it away?
I've tried deleting it.
I can't click on it.
When I do, I get the menu you get when you back-click the desktop.


EDIT!! Solved!

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1. How old were you when your parents/whoever stopped dressing you?
I was way older than I should have been, haha. My mom still helped me pick out clothes in like 6th grade.

2. How about when they stopped waking you up?
I got an alarm clock for Christmas in 2nd grade, that was the last time my mom woke me up. I think it's really strange when people my age still have thier parents wake them up on a daily basis.
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Dell Question

I have a Dell Laptop, the Inspiron e1505.

I watch my DVDs on my laptop.
Recently I've been obsessing over Strangers With Candy, and watching the series on my laptop on the train, on the way to school.

I tried taking a screen cap for a new, better icon.
I paste it into paint, and don't get the scene I want, I get the DVD playing in paint.

I've pasted it into Adobe Photoshop, as well.

It just gives me the DVD. I can't crop my pictures or anything, it's weird.

How can I get a screen cap for an icon??

I'm using Dell Media Viewer, btdubs.



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In the song "We've Got A World That Swings", what is meant by "So I flip a little do until I'm holding you"?
Googling "flip a do" only points me in the direction of waste disposal devices and skateboards.

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So questions...

1. How does 911 know where you're calling from when you call from a cell phone? or do they not know?
2. Do you send out graduation announcements when you graduate from college too?
3. Are you friends with / related to any celebrities?
4. Is it really that rare for women to orgasm from sex?
5. Have you ever used used an online bra calculator, if so, did it work?
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i haven't been able to sleep all night & now it's nearly 6:30AM. ugh. what are some really addictive/fascinating websites? i've gone through livejournal, myspace, facebook, mydeathspace, and who knows what else.
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SNES games.

Years ago, we had these friends, and they had about a hundred games for their SNES. We'd always go over to play it, since we had about five.
Anyway, there are two games that really stand out in my memory.
The first is an RPG. Your character is presumably male, you fall down this huge waterfall and find a sword at the bottom. I've no idea where it goes from there, just that it was awesome.
The second featured a red blob who may have been able to change shape, or may simply have been a cool shape to begin with. Between levels, you got a view of an island (on which I believe he lived), and you'd have to move around the island to do whatever it is you're doing.
Does anyone know the name of these games?

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Sorry if this is jumbled or confusing, I'm kind of tired.

Things that happened to me in the past don't feel "real." As in, sometimes I seriosuly wonder if they really happened or if I made them up.

For example, I was listening to that Carrie Underwood song "Before He Cheats" and I was thinking "hm, thank god no one's ever cheated on me..." and then I remembered that my boyfriend before the current one did, but it doesn't feel like it really happened anymore.

Does this ever happen to anyone else?
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Is there anyway to get nailpolish out of jeans?

Just now I got nailplosh on my hand and didn't realize it and put my hand down on my knee and go the nailpolish on my brand new jeans.

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my family has mostly darker colored clothes, lots of black, dark grays, dark blues, etc. we buy all black socks and underwear to avoid doing any light colored laundry.

does anyone else do this? :-[

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it might be a stretch... i don't know if anyone watches but,

does anyone know what song was playing in the background of last nights episode of degrassi when manny and emma are at emma's looking for a shirt for her to wear to sean's court hearing?

or in the season opener when jay and sean are talking about the nitrous oxide in his car?
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I was at Walmart the other day looking for earring backings[no luck, but will try Claires sometime later] and I saw that they have these really neat looking beads to make your own jewelry. I love cheap costume jewelry and the beads they had were so pretty so... how hard is it to make one's own jewelry? Are there are good/informative websites for beginners at making jewelry?
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1. When you post to your journal, do you find that your mood/music/location are all related somehow? Or do they have nothing to do with each other?
2. What's your favorite color? Why is it your favorite? Does it remind you of anything special?
3. What's your favorite video game?
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1. Long story short. First relationship, 4 years long, only guy I've been with, we broke up yesterday. (A few days after I lost my pup!) (and on my birthday!)

I haven't eaten. Or slept. I can't stop thinking about him and it's driving me nuts! Any advice on workin through this?

1)whats the worst birthday YOU have ever had?
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Any Howl's Moving Castle fans here? If so... Do any of you have a list of the soundtrack titles in English? And/or the English lyrics for the two songs with words? Thanks in advance.

Everyone else: What is the most creative thing you have done lately?
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A while ago a children's picture book came out and it was like a treasure hunt, and in the pictures were hidden clues that, if you figured them out, led you to the treasure. The treasure was hidden in separate locations around the United States, and I am pretty sure it was like 1 million dollars worth of bejewelled insects. The author said he wasn't going to keep the profits from the book, and the book became a New York Times bestseller and caused a lot of controversy. Does anyone know what book I am talking about? What is it called? and does anyone know what the outcome was? Like, did anyone ever find the treasure?

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Is there such thing as a 'progessive'/'reformist' Morman church?

I know there are reformist Jews, and 'progressive' Muslims (the ones who eat meat/drink alcohol and all that), and that there are several strands of more liberal Catholics (though I don't think they're organised as such), so I was wondering if there was any 'progressive' Mormans.

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For those of you in college: Do you find when people peer edit your essays, they downgrade you to make themselves and their papers look better?

I usually err on the side of generosity. Lately people I know well have been undercutting my really good work. I just wonder if this is the norm. It makes me want to hit things!
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Maybe I'm dumb, but

Could someone please explain to me the appeal of Starbuck's?


I must confess that I like those nifty frappacino thibgies, but they can be purchased in a grocery store.
Why go to an actual Starbuck's STORE????
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New nausea related question...

How do you avoid a sick feeling when you go to social events? I go determined to go around practicing my Bill Clinton-esque "working a room" techniques and plan to talk to everyone there for at least a few minutes, and before I get started I feel sick enough that I don't end up talking to anyone (other than the two people who will come up and talk to me at every event.) This is a student organization event (a skit and dance practice for the big show each year), and I know names of and have talked to at least 90% of the people who show up for these, so it's not like it's a room full of totally unknown people.

More general or situation specific tips are equally helpful.
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My Dad is turning 50 in a few weeks and I would like to get him a gag gift. He has his own business, spends a lot of time on the road and in various steel mills, and likes to farm, hunt, fish, etc. He also likes tractors, redneck jokes, the Colbert Report, and books/magazines about farming, the mafia, war, guns, and so on. He's a Republican, so anything making fun of Bush is probably not a good idea. Anything with sexual innuendos or overtones is probably a no-go as well.

So, with that in mind... Any suggestions?

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So your getting a divorce and you have both your wedding ring with 1/3carat (white gold band), and your husbands ring as well(brushed braided white gold band). What do you do with them?
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There's this quote, that I am sure a lot of people know, I just can't remember how it goes exactly...do you?

This is what I remember, but it doesnt sound right...

"I like it whne it rains. Not one can tell I'm crying."

EDIT: I found it ^^; Sorry for bothering everyone...