October 6th, 2006


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1. Did you ever run away from home? Was it a serious thing, or just when you were five and it was the thing to do? Share your stories!

2. What amount of effort are you willing to put into your friendships?

3. If you had been spending a lot of time with someone for say, two or three years, but only just recently started to get to know 'the real them' and you found out they had some serious mental problems stemming from their childhood, would you continue being friends with them or would you back off?
alice hat

Many question marks in this one:

1. What torrent thingy do you use? Why do you like it?

2. Do you like licorice?

3. Has anyone heard the new Joanna Newsom album? What do you think of it?

4. Do you go on picnics much?

5. Was the recent epidemic of bad grammar entirely intentional?
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Are you drunk?


Who would you say is the best icon/avatar maker on Livejournal?

Best Icon community?

Funny, political  and intelligent icons are a plus. Please, no "goth" or naked lady/fairy with wings icons that flash. You know what I'm talking about.
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okay, i am trying to buy a car. ouch, my wallet! i am looking into cars on ebay since i want a crappy used car that i don't have to pay a lot for...which a dealer cannot help me with. craigslist has also been not helpful for me.

i found this one car, but it's in maryland. i live in virginia. i know when you buy a car, it doesn't have plates. if i were to buy a car in virginia, i would go to the dmv, register it for $75, and get temporary plates, right? then i could drive it. if i bought a car in maryland, would i have to register it there before driving it home, and then reregister it here in virginia?

i looked on the dmv websites for both states but they kinda made my head hurt and did not appear to have the information i need. i feel dumb and confused. buying a car scares me :(

edit: oh shit sausages.

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Do your cousins genuinely love you?

Do you genuinely love them?

If they don't, do you wish they did?

(and by genuine love, I don't mean "love" that's solely based on the fact you're related to each other, but the real stuff, based on who you are and the relationship you've built with them, if any.)

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For the last 3 hours, I've been shimmying, and singing for an upcoming Chicago audition. It's 4:28 AM. I'm a freak. A freak who's going to play Velma Kelley, damn it! If you could be in any musical or play what would it be? Which character would you be?

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EDIT #2:
7. In honor of PFDs coming out, if you got a check for $1106.96 from the government in the next few days what would you spend it on? If you're in Alaska what are you spending yours on and what did you spend it on last year?

discarded pizza boxes are an excellent source of cheese

1. would you be more inclined to give a homeless-type person food or money?
2. if food, what kind of food?
3. would you buy it specifically for them?
4. would you give them something half eaten?
5. if you were homeless, would you want money or food?
6. would you want to accept something that was half-eaten?
7. would you accept soemthing taht was half-eaten?

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I am getting sick. My throat feels scratchy, my nose is getting stuffy, and my head is starting to hurt/pulse (although I slept with a ponytail in so I don't know how accurate that is, but for the sake of this post, let's include it in my symptoms, ok?).

I have to go to work in 1.5 hours. What can I do right now to make myself feel better (if not only temporarily)?
Tea? Cough drops? Medicine? What????? I haven't been sick in over a year, if not more.
rufus, muppy

Dogs. Woof.

What's your opinion on dog breeds?

For instance, one person I know said, "Mixed breed dogs are more balanced and have less health problems than pure breds"

While another says, "mixed breeds are useless and harder to manage"

what do you think? Do you think it's wrong as well, for breeders to mix two breeds, like a pug and a beagle, or a poodle and a lab?
Jason the Ninja

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In 1999 my eight grade English teacher mentioned a short story that I've wanted to read since then, but haven't been able to find.

It takes place in the future. The main character is the only astronaut on a spacecraft. The cockpit contains only two controls: a button that reads "Go" and one that says "Stop." What the protagonist doesn't know is that the "Stop" button was not constructed to be functional.

Anyone know the name of this book?
The Receptionist Classic

I'm in ur office, using ur stapler! (?)

Got any plans for this weekend? (Want to go to a bridal shower for me? Pleeeeease?)

"I'm in ur house eating ur pineapples" or whatever the line is... What in the Sam Hell does this MEAN? I don't get it. I mean, I'm usually very clueless when it comes to internet things, but this one is really bugging me. Edit: Ooohkay. This clears things up for me. Thank you.

Do you get super thick fog where you live? Thick as in you can't see 10 feet ahead of you...
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misc - cemetery

my boyfriend thinks it means Duke Dog Pride.

What does DDP mean?

I checked acronymfinder.com but didn't come up with any results that seemed to make sense in the context...

last Friday my university announced plans to cut 7 men's and 3 women's varsity teams, which they say is about compliance with Title IX (our sports were about 50/50 but our enrollment is 61% female) but is probably more about money (they cut our archery teams which are in the top 10 in the nation, but they didn't cut our basketball team who went 2 and 25 last season... they counted 40 more male athletes than we actually have... they cut men's and women's gymnastics which desparately need new equipment but aside from equipment the team funds themselves fully)... I was just looking up some information about it, and I'm seeing things like a facebook group called "DDP Swim Team", and on an article someone commented with "It makes me sad to think that I wouldn't want my kids to go to JMU, because I am someone with a lot of DDP."

So can you come up with anything that makes sense? Or even that doesn't make sense? :p

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What's something catty/mean/petty you've done recently?

I work with a girl who looks fabulous despite having had a baby. She was complaining about being 12 pounds over her pre-baby weight of 110 and how it made any clothes she tried on look horrible, and it made me feel like shit because I'm about twice that weight. One thing about this girl, though, is that even though she's breastfeeding, she still has less than a B cup. So I started complaining at length about how much trouble I had finding DD bras that weren't too big in the band size. And took joy in watching her face fall.

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 My boombox will not read CDs anymore. I can hear the laser attempting too, but after a few minutes all that shows up is 00 instead of the number of tracks like suppose to. It won't play at all. I just bought the damn thing not even 2 months ago. Is there a way to "reset" the boombox or fix it or am I screwed with having a boombox that won't play my CDs anymore?
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Poll #838547 New adages

She sells ______ by the seashore

Jack Chick tracts
her sister's poonanny
girl scout cookies
illegal alien daylaborers
weapons of mass destruction

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him ____

drink whiskey
drink all of it
walk on it
love you...in that way
forget the fact you lost your license due to too much glug glug and you're forced to ride him to work
taste like chicken
dispose of the evidence

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names ____

will never hurt me
really turn me on
show me that you love me
make me not want to sell drugs to you
make me want to kill you..and anyone who looks like you
will only incriminate you
will not make me forget that my bones are broken
show me what a retard you can be
and telephone numbers are available if you'd like to schedule an appointment

If you love someone, set them free, if they don't come back, _____

it wasn't meant to be
hunt them down and kill them
slavery probably wasn't the answer to begin with
find someone who looks like them and chain them to the radiator
they don't love me, ie, masturbation time
they're lying, manipulative WHORES
wild dingos probably got them
well, a cell guard's life is a lonely one
you were a pretty bad lay
increase medication

Too many cooks spoil ___

the brew
the orgy
when you don't wrap their bodies in plastic
the mood when you're thinking about sex
my high

As happy as ____ full of monkeys

a tree
a blender
a belly
a sandwich
a porno
an elevator
a mouth
my poonanny

You can't teach ______ new tricks

an old dog
an old hooker
your mom
your mom's poonanny
transsexual Amish circus performers
George Dubya Bush
an old penis


1. How do you like your eggs?
Any ol' way, but I really like eggs benedict.

2. Is Friday the best day of the week for LJ drama?
Seems to be.

3. Do you tend to follow a community's (online or irl) unwritten rules or do you just blow them off because they're not actually concrete?
I follow them.

and just for fun...

4. Sausages?

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Okay I have hours of time to kill and I'm kinda hungry so here goes. I have all basic ingredients- eggs, milk, flour, sugar, a banana, breakfast cereal, crasins, cake batter, pudding mix.

I'm leaning more towards a dessert, but do you have any favorite, preferably simple recipies I could make?
Give a dog a home

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How do you feel about people who continue to be assholes even after they have been proven wrong?

What is your favorite kind of bagel? I like sesame.

Coke or Pepsi products?

What do stay-at-home wives who don't have kids or jobs *DO* all day? (i mean this genuinely, not as an OMG U BITCH question)

Comments are screened.

Just kidding.

My Virgin Poll!

Edit: apparently there's a lot of "Other" reasons I didn't think of. Please feel free to elaborate in a comment.

Edit 2: Maybe I should redo this poll sometime. If you are over 32, please put 32 and you can specify in the comments if you want. I did say it was my virgin poll. *blush*

Are you a virgin?


How old are you?

Mean: 21.51 Median: 21 Std. Dev 3.82


Waiting for the right person
Religious/spiritual beliefs
No interest in sex
Avoiding sex for practical reasons (such as no place to have it, strict parents)

Annoying "how to" question. Yay!

In GMail, is there any way I can change the display name of a contact?

I just want to make it display the e-mail address rather than the full name.

I played around on GMail trying to figure it out but I didn't find anything so maybe it's not even possible...

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Yesterday while knitting on the subway home, I had an orgasm. From out of nowhere will thinking about a guy, and him naked honestly.

Ladies: has this ever happened to you? Circumstances?

Guys: What would a man think if he knew this? Would he respect me in the morning?
fakey mcfakelson

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If you worked at a store and an 18 year old girl bought something for a little less than $600, and she paid with 6 $100 bills, would you think anything of it?
My cousin and I were talking about it and he said he would think she sold drugs. I would think it was a little unusual but I wouldn't assume something like that.


You know the tattoos that some many have tattooed across their lower back in a display of real originality?

I have heard them called "Tramp Stamp" or "Protein Targets".

What are some other names?

ps - i don't give a shit if you have one, i just think that some of the nicknames are funny, especially when used in the presence of some 19 year old who thinks that a lower back tattoo is the end-all be-all act of rebellion.

Death Cab For Cutie

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this is going to sound really random, but does anyone have an mp3 player by Creative? specifically - the Zen V model? i accidentally deleted the demo tracks, forgetting that someone actually wanted them (weird, no?)

haha, i sound so silly for asking.

thanks anyways and have a cool friday :]

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I'm throwing a suprise party for my fiance next weekend. We live together, and, generally, the only way to suprise him is to have it when he gets home from work, around 7pm.

I plan on having the following:

1.) vegan minestrone
2.) chicken and rice soup
3.) chicken roulade
4.) vegan 3-bean salad with cilantro and lime juice
5.) roasted potatoes

I'm also having a vegetable tray and chips and things like that. I asked a friend, and she said that soup is weird. I live in a colder part of PA, and my fiance loves it.

DO you think that this menu is passable? If not, what would you like to add or change?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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I have a couple of Japanese friends who really want to see a moose before they go back home.  Do you know of any zoos or maybe even wildlife reserves where we might be able to see one?

We're in Western Massachusetts, but they are planning on travelling a lot more before they leave for good, so location doesn't matter too much.  We're open to any suggestions aside from just sitting in the woods and waiting (unless you know a really good place to do that...), so thanks in advance!
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I'm having a discussion with some of my guy friends, and we need your help:

For the girls out there, do you prefer to be friends with males more or females more? Why?

(no subject)

1) are you a girl, or a boy?
1a) what is your sexual preference?
2) do gay people offend you/do you think its wrong?
if yes, stop here
if no, comealongwithme!
3) do you like boy/boy?
4) what about girl/girl?

1) chicka
1a) i like 'em male
2) nope
3) i perfer it, oh noes.
4) :)
misc - cemetery

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Where might I be able to buy cute, not-too-expensive Wellies? I'd prefer to get them in an actual store than online. I'm gonna die if I keep wearing regular shoes out in this coooooooold rain.

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Does anyone own a Samsung T309?

I have had prblems with it randomly shutting off on me. I'll be looking through my contacts, then it will shut off. I will be texting someone, then it will turn off. I've already had it replaced once and the replacement is doing the same thing. No water damage and my friend and her sister have the same problem. So I was wondering if anyone else had the problem. I signed a two year contract with this phone and I don't want them to put up a fight for a phone that sucks. Any tips on how to get a new phone without paying for it?
petit prince

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Poll #838564 i'm a loser AND i'm dumb

what would YOU do tonight if you were in my position?

stay home, dick around online, and watch tv
go to a coffee shop to study, them come home and dick around
go to a bar or club by myself
something else which i will suggest in the comments
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What Computer game is this?

Ok, I'm a very desperate panda and I need answers! There is a computer game that was made around 1990-1998. In this computer game you could make your own "movies." In it, you were able to choose different scenes and you had characters to choose from. 2-D animations and the animations weren't that great. But you could type things and the characters would say it. And basically make a little clip from all of these scenes.

What I'm asking is, "What the hell is the name of this game?"

(fyi: It's not 3-D movie maker.)

Surreal Films

Am looking to set up a trilogy of Surreal Westerns.

So far, I have Jodorowski's "El Topo" and Downey, Sr.'s "Greaser's Palace".

Can anyone recommend a third film in this vein? Extra points if it contains buttloads of pseudo-religious imagery (like the other two films).


Inspired by the brilliant Iggy & the Stooges concert rider and The Smoking Gun's Backstage Pass archive:

You are a world-renowned musical celebrity, small South American republics export directly into your nose, your floor littered with "Saturday" panties on Sunday morning. What items do you demand be waiting in your dressing room on the night of a big show?
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I have one of those ceramic knick knack things that you put a tealight candle in underneath and on top there is a section you put a chunk of scented wax in. I wanted to know what is the best way to get the old wax out?? It's colored and then after numerous times of melting and remelting, the scent is gone and it's discolored... So how should I go about getting rid of the old wax??

And does anyone in here use the new Loestrin birth control?? I have a prescription for it but haven't started it yet. Just wanted to know any side effects, good or bad, that you've had with it.. Do you like it or is it just no for you??

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on a scale of 1-10, how shitty is it to call and cancel going to a small party (about 10 people will be there), 15 minutes before it's supposed to start? it's for a coworkers b-day.

and what's a good excuse not to go?
Text - best is yet to come

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When you're on house arrest in Canada, do you not get an ankle thingy that the police use to know where you are? (Asking because I'm watching Degrassi and this kid is supposed to be on house arrest, but he keeps sneaking around).
The Dude Abides

Internets ?

Have you ever hung out with or met someone in person that you'd only known through the Internet prior to meeting them? Was it what you thought it would be like?

I couldn't think of a good way to word this so if it's confusing let me know haha.
call me vera


What do you do to deal with noise? I live in a house with a bunch of other people and very thin walls, and the girl next door to me and the guy who lives above me are both loud, talkative, have lots of people in and around their rooms, and seem to be around pretty much all the time. I come from NYC, so some noise doesn't bug me, but when I'm trying to concentrate on something or take a nap, say, it's really distracting to have people's voices coming through the walls/floor, especially when I can hear almost every word they're saying (they both also have very distinctive laughs, which gets old fast).

I don't want to be an asshole about it, because it's their house as much as it is mine and they have every right to have friends over and whatnot, but I've been sick, stressed and tired the past few days and it's getting on my nerves to no end right now. Is there any non-assholeish way I can deal with this? The idea of putting up with it for the rest of the term (and possibly the rest of the year) is becoming increasingly abhorrent to me.
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Steve Away

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How long have you had your primary email address?

I've had mine since early 99 when we signed up to our second isp. The isp in question technically no longer exists.

How many email accounts do you have?

3. 2 "ISP" email addresses and a Yahoo. I generally use my yahoo address to SEND emails, as the other 2 require me to connect to that ISP to send. I also have 3 other addresses that redirect to my main account.

I've returned!

With random questions, to boot.

1) Have you ever bought something at a store and was NOT able to open it? I found some Clean & Clear Advantage Daily Cleansing Pads on sale today for $3, but cannot open it. It won't unscrew, even a little bit. My sister also got some, and she cannot open hers, either. What're the chances of being able to return them without any hassles? ...Bah.

2) Do any of you know of any fairly cheap U.S.-based online petite (think size 00 - 0/extra small or 32 AA - A) lingerie stores? For the life of me, I cannot. Unless I wish to pay $20 for ONE freaking bra, not including shipping. I've found plenty of U.K.-based ones, but most do not offer shipping to the U.S.

3) Do you all wish to know what occurred with my Horrible-Online-Class-I-Wanna-Drop-But-Don't-Wanna-Owe-For-It situation? Of course you do! I dropped it, it'll appear as a "W" (withdraw) on my transcript, and I didn't owe a dime.

4) If you had to take a photograph of anything you want to be later painted on a 18x24 inch canvas, what would it be?

5) If you attend college, are Midterms comin' up? Mine are next week. Eep.

6) Do you hang your pants/jeans up on hangers? I just started to tonight, partly to save room in my dresser and partly to decrease the potential of creasings. I feel weird hanging regular jeans up, but I have enough closet space for it... not that it's a large amount, I just don't have a lot of tops.

7) Have you seen the new junior women's department at Wal-mart? Is it me or have they been getting some pretty cute stuff in lately? Best example would be George brand clothing. And I'm diggin' all of the browns, greens and cream colors.
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1. Have you ever been to Noodles & Company?
2. Who're the people that are well known in you school? Are they famous? Popular? Have promise to become famous? What for?
3. My family was having computer problems so we reset the computer settings to an earlier date (sometime in June I think) and ever since then, when I try to play a Jimi Hendrix CD I bought from iTunes, it says my computer isn't authorized to play the song(s). What happend?!
4. Would someone be so kind as to familiarize me with how TrendMicro works?

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random//my dumb face


I want to name a doll I'm getting Jan, the male name pronounced like "yawn". Naturally anyone seeing the name written will think it's pronounced like it's spelled, so I'm wondering if there are any other spellings of it. Any accents?

I can't even find a meaning for it. I know it's a real name but I just keep getting that it's a form of "Janet".