October 4th, 2006

Eating crow.

Long story short, I argued with my roommate about the cats in the house having fleas. I took my cat specifically to a vet to make peace with the roommate, and the vet incorrectly told me the cat was flea free. I opted out of preventative drops. But today...oh, today I found a lot of flea dirt near the base of her tail and Google supports the evidence.

Aside from the fact that I now have to look like an asshole when I apologize, what can I do to make getting rid of these suckers quick and easy and as cost effective as possible?
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okay, so you are all-powerful and have to save one of these options:

1.) the universe excluding earth. there is no life, just space. life will probably not ever be created.
2.) the earth. there is one speck of bacteria and it could potentially reproduce and evolve. but, maybe not.

which would you pick?

(this is to sort of settle a debate.)

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my sister has a little skin-colored bump on her ear here (that's not her ear, i'm just pointing out where it is, this ear DOES NOT HAVE THIS, i know what a regular ear looks like). it sticks out a tiny bit from the rest of the skin. it's round with like a millimeter diameter. we always assumed it was a birthmark. cool, whatever.

my friend was leaning over me to get something last week and i realized he has the same exact thing. same bump on the ear.

is this common or something?
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Suggestions please?

In my closet, I have one of those hanging rods to give an "easily added extra level" ...you know what I'm talking about right? Ok, well they ordinarily hang to sit below adult length shirts so you can hang your pants just below your shirts. It uses screw-on balls on the end of the wire poles to hold the rod in place, making it non-adjustable in height.

I need it about a foot higher than it would be, so I use rubber bands on the wire poles to keep the wooden rod up. Of course, the rod slooooowly slides down the poles with the weight of the clothes being more than the rubber bands can handle.

So I need a new solution to keep the wooden rod in place. It's really above my means to cut the wire pole in any way, and bending both poles to match would really be a stretch. Adjustable solutions are a plus, but anything quick and easy that I could do with things found in the average junk drawer is really what I'm hoping for.

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1. What's the strangest insult or rebuttal you or someone else has used in an argument?

2. If you had to get rid of your entire wardrobe and replace it with just one style of dress (punk, hippie/boho, etc), what style would you choose?

3. What song are you currently listening to?

4. What was the last movie you watched?

5. What famous folks (writers, actors, musicians, etc) are from your hometown? Are you a fan of their work?

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quick! I want to give my new Spanish host family (who will be giving me a roof over my head, food, and hopefully pleasant conversation for four months!) a nice card and flowers when I move in tomorrow, because I wasted all the gifts I brought from America on my first shitty host family. What do I write in the card??
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Many years ago, I remember getting an e-mail that had you visualize things and make decisions, then analyzed them. I specifically remember a part about roses and what it said about the give and take of your relationship. Red meant one thing, white meant another, and a mixture (or pink) meant another.

Anyone have a copy of this e-mail? And if you read it, what color roses did you picture?
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This is kind of an odd question, but is it possible for your workplace to make you sick? Not in the sense of stress or infected coworkers, but the actual physical environment.

I started a new job about six weeks ago, and ever since I've started, I've just had one thing after another. I have yet to have a week where I'm not sick with something. Stomach viruses, vertigo, sinus infections, almost daily migraines...you name it, I've had it. Nobody else there is sick, so I'm not catching anything from them. What's even weirder is that this place is spotless and cleaned every day. My old workplace was absolutely filthy, but I never got sick there. Though they don't go away completely, my symptoms seem to dramatically lessen almost immediately when I leave.

What's going on?

I tried to Google this, but everything points towards the stress and infected coworkers, and that's not the case here.
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I once read this poem by Guillermo Lopez Borges on a site and copied it. Now looking for more poetry by him, the man seems to have vanished from the web. The title of the translated poem was called Old Fashioned but I never found out what the original Spanish title was. Is there anybody out there who can help ?

Old Fashioned

Si yo pudiera hacer sólo lo bueno
Si tuviera la paciencia del profeta
La cadencia del músico negro y viejo
Tan veraz desde suprimera nota

Las predicciones para los tantos que nacen
sin un astro
Sin un enigma

La pluma que todo lo dibuja
Que casi puede crear
Sin ser apenas nombrada

Si al hablar no se quebrara tanto mi voz
A lo mejor, quién sabe
Escribiría biografias de personajes famosos
Patriotas, actores de cine
Y nunca toda esta monserga
que ya comienza a gobernarme

If I could do only the good
if I had the patience of the prophet
the cadence of the old and black musician
so true from his first note

The predictions for so many who are born
without a star
without enigma

The pen that draws it all
that can almost create
on being barely named

If upon talking
my voice would not break so much
Then, who knows
I might write biographies of famous persons
patriots, movie stars
And not this boring rant
that begins to govern me


For those people out there who bring their lunch to work/school...

1.) I am currently in a situation in which I'm bringing and packing a lunch everyday. I'm okay on sides, I usually bring cookies/chips/pocky, but I'm a bit lost on what to do for other things, and if I eat another sandwich I will vomit.

My question is: My question is- What kinds of things do you bring to lunch? What are yummy things to eat that can be packed and brought?

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What is your definition of a 'pervert'?

I asked because a question yesterday used the word and I realized people's definition seemed to range anywhere from slightly kinky to child molester.  It made me realize it's a good word to stay away from in normal conversation as your meaning could easily be misconstrued by someone with a very different idea of what a pervert is.
The Receptionist Classic

Yo Ho Ho and a nice quiche?

Pirate-themed party coming up on Friday the 13th. (I know - way to be last minute!) Of course, I need your imput in regards to food.

When I think "Pirates," I think "rum!" But we can't just sit around and drink rum all night. I do need to feed these people. So... What would you serve at a pirate themed party?

The Difficult Hypothetical: the Outcome to our Morality

Based on the clear overwhelming answers yesterday in regards to the three 'bad seed' questions (liquor store robberies, drunken group rape, cheating to get a scholarship), I can see that the vast majority of you would turn your kid in, or expose them as the fraud they are. "You didn't raise them to be this immoral", etc. I know a number of you wouldn't turn your kid over to the authorities for every offense, but let's just play along anyway. Well, let's take the hypothetical to the next level

1 & 2) Due to the number of robberies involved, or your son stood trial before a stern judge for the rape thing, who found the criminal act revolting and deplorable, your child has been sentenced to 20 years. No plea bargains or return of cash would affect that sentence. Your son's out on bail, and is scheduled to report for his new career as a prisoner next week. This has obviously devastated him, and he's been in a severe bout of depression. A day before he has to report, he comes to you and says that he would never hurt anyone, that it was either for fun (#1) or drunken peer pressure (#2), both of which leave him ashamed and he understands that he needs to pay a debt to society. But he says he can't serve prison. He states, through tears, "I'm too skinny, I'm too pretty. I won't survive prison. Mom/dad, I can't do 20 years. I'll kill myself. I want to flee the country. Please help me. I vow to volunteer for a lot of charity wherever I go, to try and right the wrong I did, to do whatever good I can."

Do you help him evade the law?

3) Your son, exposed, has lost his scholarship, and the scandal due to the SAT scores and grade manipulation has made him damaged goods. No college will touch him now. He was a B student before, but he'll have to attend community college now. His dreams of an ivy league education and prospective career dashed, he doesn't take his studies very seriously, and drops out after a year to join a band. He moves out of your house into the rental house the band stays at, where they're up til 5am every night partying. You've heard the band and they're really not any good and just like the lifestyle

Here's the question: do you cut him loose to screw up his life, or try and get him back on the straight and narrow, and if it's the latter, tell me what you'd do to get through to him? He's like 20. Think of what you'd listen to if you were 20.

Yeah, I know these are tough questions, but sometimes life gives you bitch slaps instead of bunnies. Seeing the world in black or white can introduce grey area problems.
Fact Checker?

A question to the ladies...

Ok-a guy hits on you. He is smart, witty, funny, different, and so on. However, he is a heavy man....like-probably 300lbs heavy. Despite his weight, do you go with it to see where it leads, or cut it off at friendship? Be honest-saying you'd date a really fat guy because "looks don't matter" will not make anyone think you are a good person.
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Another cheating question (for a book I'm writing)

If your SO had a one-night stand with a stranger while both were drunk, would you consider taking them back if they apologized? Or do you think that cheating is the beginning of the end, and a relationship cannot fully recover from it.

Any examples of people you know who've made their marriage/relationship work after an instance of infidelity?

Would you be able to trust them again?

Assume that you were the cheater. In your heart of hearts, would you think less of your SO for forgiving you and trusting you again?

Do you think insecurity causes people to cheat? Or desire.
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You know that song, Not Dark Yet by Bob Dylan?
What movie was that song in? I googled...it said it's on the Passion of the Christ soundtrack, but I didn't see that movie. I know I heard it in another movie, but I can't remember what movie and google is failing me. Help?

The poll with nothing to lose

The doctor palms the man's junk and asks him to cough. Which of these scenarios is the least appropriate?

The man came there for a flu shot
They're both on the subway
The man grabbed the doctor's junk first
The doctor is an ear and nose doctor
The doctor has a scalpel in his other hand

In which case is touching the least acceptable?

Counseller hugging a grieving student
Camp leader showing a camper a trick he learned at Neverland Ranch
Doctor grabbing man's junk and asking him to cough in a restaurant
Man grabbing stripper's boob during lap dance
Priest warning altar boy about the dangers of homosexuality, then showing him exactly WHAT homosexuality feels like, so he can, you know, better recognize it
Anything involving Michael Jackson
What goes on in the Hatfield treehouse when the cousins come a-visitin'
Man who you assume (hope) is a male nurse giving you an impromptu 3am sponge bath by candlelight
Boss pulling employee under a sprig of mistletoe
Any contact on the first date

Which of these things do you believe exists?

Santa Claus
God speaks to George Bush and wants Iraq to have a democracy
The possibility that someday I'll have a multiple orgasm
There are handsome, dashing, charming men out there who don't like other handsome, dashing, charming men
Whenevery you masturbate, God kills a kitten
Hilary Clinton having a shot at president in 2008
The true message of Christmas
U.S. moral integrity
Robin Williams is entertaining
Global Warming

What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?

Shave my head
Drive to New Mexico and back again
Streak at the office/school
Make threatening statements on the Homeland Security hotline
Watch the Larry the Cable Guy movie
Eat a spider
Slide on a Slip-n-Slide full of pepper spray
Join the re-elect Mark Foley campaign
Accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior
Probably nothing

You can make any famous person gain 100 pounds. Who do you select?

Nicole Ritchie
Richard Simmons
Dick Cheney
Bill Clinton
Jessica Alba
Pat Robertson
Michael Moore
Mary Kate Olsen
Britney Spears
Johnny Depp
Jessica Simpson
Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie
Anna Nicole Smith (get back to your former weight)
Dalai Lama
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I can see clearly now, the fuzz is gone.

For those of you with contacts:
1. How long do you keep your contacts in at a time?
2. If you have disposables, how long do you keep them? Longer than you're supposed to?
3. Do you follow all the "rinse with saline solution" rules?

5. Do your eyes get dry? Do you get generally dry anyway?
6. Do you use eye drops?
7. Do you use saline solution (like, the big bottles) as eye drops?

7.5 (oops) How often do you wear glasses instead of contacts?

For those of you who also smoke:
8. Do your contacts absorb the smoke and turn yellow?
9. Do you make a point of swapping out to glasses when you smoke?
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One last hypothetical

For the ladies only (sorry gents)

You find a guy you really like. He's tender, he's affectionate, he's funny, he's everything you want in a guy. The first month, it's bliss on tap. One day, you need money for lunch and don't have any cash, so you go to his wallet (he's still asleep) for a $5 when you come across a membership card for NAMBLA. It's expired, and has been for 5 years, so he hasn't been paying dues in a long time, if that makes a difference.

Would this be a deal breaker?

Edit: ok, you're in a hurry to leave and don't want to wake your sweetie because there's not enough time. The card is in the pocket where the money is. You weren't snooping

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I'm feeling slightly guilty for not going to class today, and it got me thinking, just how sick do you personally have to be before you'll skip class (or call into work)?

I'm not really all that sick, but I've been really fatigued and I figured a morning of sleeping in would make me feel better. I guess, in general, that I tend to stay home for minor reasons (today: headache, sore throat, a little nauseous).


So...I've had some pretty crappy luck with my health this year. I've had 2 surgeries, been in physical therapy, and have been on several different meds.
My doctor has commented on my shitty health, which I don't mind. He's been really helpful and he doesn't think I'm crazy.

However...my family has been less than supportive. I don't expect my husband to bend to my every whim, but I would appreciate a little attention. I go to school 3 days a week for 7 1/2 hours a day. I take care of my son, who is almost 16 months old. I try to keep up on the housework as much as possible. I do everything I possibly can, but it doesn't seem like its enough.

My father-in-law says that if I was a work horse, they would have shot me years ago. I find this offensive. He didn't laugh when he said it. He was being 100% serious. He always has something negative or derogatory to say about me. Its not like I'm asking for all of these problems. I'm 22 years old and my health is worse than my 67 year old grandma.

I feel like I'm becoming a burden on my family, and I don't want that. I don't want my husband to end up hating me because most of these problems didn't start occuring until after we got married. As of right now, I can't hold a job. I can only work if its a desk job (hence the going back to college).

So..what would you do to cheer yourself up if you were in a similar situation? How would you deal with everyone? Oy.
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(no subject)

Why does it seem like there is more animosity toward Christians rather than Jewish people?

Just curious.

What song makes you want to just take off and leave? For me, it's Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen.

Sex me!

I have a boyfriend in Iraq I am madly in love with. But, I haven't seen him in six months and it's starting to take it's toll on me. The longest I've been without sex before he joined the army was about a month.

I've got two more months before I see him, but I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. There's a cute boy I find very hard to resist when I'm drunk and I feel I might be leading him on. The guilt of even thinking about cheating is killing me.

Wives/ girlfriends of military men, how do you cope?
Everyone in general, how do you avoid temptation?

(no subject)

For those of you that might have more schooling or a wider world view than I have...

Where exactly in life will I use higher math like College Algebra, Calculus, or Trig? I have used basic Algebra in my Chemistry class...but what about the rest of it? I plan on going into the Biology or Microbiology field...if I can ever get through school...

To my lecturer...

I am studying website development, and currently taking an e-marketing module as part of the degree course, and the lecturer from that module suggested that those in the class who came to it from the marketing course should go to the website development course lecturers to get an idea of what they do...I am wondering if I should do the opposite...

before I send this to my lecturer, is this ok? how best to put it?


I am David Beckford, and I am in the e-marketing module. You said today in the lecture that it would be a good idea for the marketing students to sit in on website development lectures.

Would it be a good idea for me, a website development student, to sit in on other marketing classes?

I have always had a mistrust of marketeers, probably because of the trouble caused by them at work, but took this lesson because I knew I would need to have some understanding of the subject.

But your lessons are giving me a new perspective on this, and I now see more clearly the value of the profession, and so I would like to know more about this subject. So would you be able to recommend any modules that would be good to listen in on please, to supplement the one I am taking?


Thanks in advance,

David Beckford



So me and some friends some friends and I were sitting around my house last night, when we heard a VERY LOUD booming sound that sounded like it couldn't have come from more than 100 feet away. It made everyone jump, and the people facing the window said they saw a bright flash. We went outside immediately and there was a puff of smoke sort of billowing around in the street, but that was it. What the heck could this have been??

It probably wasn't:
-- a car backfiring, nobody heard a car going by at the time
-- a gunshot, otherwise there probably would have been cops out shortly, plus there was a flash
-- an explosion, as there was no evidence of anything having exploded
-- fireworks, as there was no strange smell or anything... just some smoke

(no subject)

Would you have sex or engage in a sexual act with someone for money?

Would you be pissed if your partner did during your relationship (remember it's strictly for $)? What if it happened before you met? Would you even want to know?
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Is it strange for a guy to be uncomfortable, sometimes to the point of feeling naseous, when touched by females in common interactions when the female is not romantically interested? (There are some built-in exceptions, however. Authority figures, customers, and anyone I'm specifically unattracted to - likely all other females if I had a committed relationship.) Has anyone else ever been this way and found a way to change it? Would you even consider it a problem?

(no subject)

Cyclists. Bike messengers. Don't like them? Tell me why.

Tell me why you can't stand cyclists and/or bike messengers. Your thoughts will go into a local cycling magazine.

I'm looking for the most compelling, interesting, articulate, and original thoughts. Not just, "Oh, people on bikes should get a life...", etc.

I'm looking for the smart stuff. VENT.

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Okay, maybe it's just this computer... but is the naked juice site (nakedjuice.com) totally borked?
I keep going to the site map, to try to get to contact us, and it keeps jumping me abck to that weird slidy bottles flash menu it has out front.

and, why I'm trying to contact them- Is it just me/my area, or has the Vanilla Chai flavour disappeared? None of the university cafes/shops here have it anymore, nor do either of the big grocery stores...

I wanted to ask them what stores were ordering it. :(

EDIT: They discontinued it. /wrists

(no subject)

What is the deal with most of the people commenting in this community going off topic instead of answering the question asked? (I am prepared for those of you who are going to try and be smart with me.)

In regards to the whole wallet issue, under what circumstances is it an invasion of privacy?
I have quite a few friends who don't mind if I look through their wallets. It's not like I take it from their pocket or anything. It might have been sitting on the table. I'd only do it when they're there and if they had a problem with it and told me, I wouldn't do it.

How many of your friends and family feel the same way you do?

I, personally, think purses are a different thing. Of course, most women have wallets inside the purse which is comaparable.

It is definitely a different thing when the person doesn't know about it and I know if somebody took something from my purse I would be furious.

I guess I just don't get how it's rude (when the person is there) if that's even what you mean.

(It's killing me that I can't explain how I feel. Haha.)
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downloady thing

So I'm looking for those websites/programs you can use to download videos off of various websites...

i cant really describe it better then that... theres one that begins with a v i think...

sorry i cant be more specific


One more question, this time personal, and I'll get outta your hair

My coworker is recently separated from her husband. They still live together, but they're not together. She believes he's been seeing/banging the girlfriend of one of his close friends, like the champ he is. She's found pictures of her on his cam phone in a bar atmosphere and a couple suspicious text messages. As a means of payback (he cheated on her twice in the marriage), she asked me to call up Donna's (the girlfriend) boyfriend, Vale, from a pay phone and anonymously relay the message "your girlfriend Donna is cheating on you with a friend", in the hopes that he tighten up his ship and either keep a closer watch on her or severe the friendship with her husband, Rich, who isn't being a very good friend anyway. My friend didn't have Donna's number before, but now she does. She asked me for some interesting, creative, amusing or vengeful ways to get Donna to back off via her cell phone. The key thing here is that she doesn't want this to get back to her. She wants it all to be anonymous and untraceable.

Rich spends less time at Vale's shop, where he used to hang out often, so maybe Vale had some words with him, but not enough because my friend still thinks that Rich and Donna are still seeing each other on the DL.

There's a party Rich is going to on Friday that will probably extend to Saturday. My friend thinks Donna will be there. So a good intervening phone call would be needed sometime today or tomorrow, to keep Donna from either going or seeing Rich any longer. I can't think of anything that good.

Can you think of anything?

P.S. - yes, it's probably petty if they're separated to want to meddle, so consider this a revenge type of deal
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Scifi books

What are some of your favorite books/authors of this genre? Give me a tantalizing synopsis so I'll be compelled to go buy it.

The Worthing Saga: Orson Scott Card (anything by Card)
Out of this Silent Planet and Perelandra: CS Lewis

Anyone know what book that tv show "Dark Angel" was based on? I've been trying to track it down..
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(no subject)

I have to draw all the art elements in some interesting way and I am having a hard time grasping the form concept. What in the world could I draw for that that is interesting??

(no subject)

this woman always walks by my house carrying her dog. it is not a tiny dog. it is a huge dog.

it's not like the dog is tired, and can't walk any further, because i watch her leave the house with it.

this wouldn't be so strange if i hadn't seen other people doing it too.

why do people carry their giant dogs around?

do you carry your giant dog?

i don't understand. am i missing something?

my camera was nearby when she did it yesterday so i took a picture.

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(no subject)

Why is computer memory so expensive now?

I've been quoted as high as $100 for a 512MB stick of DDR PC3200. When did this happen? Last year, I could buy the same sticks all day long for $30. I could get 1GB sticks for $50 and now they're selling for $160 or more!
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Random thought...

Regarding the symbol "."

Why is called a "period" at the end of a sentence, "point" when using it in math, "dot" when using it in a web address, "ellipses" when there are three in a row... ?

Maybe there is no answer. Cold medicine makes my mind wander, and this is where it wandered to.
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Cheating ?

Hope this never happens or has happened to anyone but...what would you find to be the worst? Catching your significant other:

A) in the act of performing oral sex on someone else,

B) having sexual intercourse with someone else, or

C) heavily making out with someone else?

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grey's anatomy - dance

(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can find the top 20 shows according to Nielsen ratings? I keep finding the top 10 list and old top 20 lists, but I can't seem to find a top 20 list for the past week.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out.
K for Katamari


Do you feel annoyed when people "steal" icons that you made without any attribution whatsoever?

If so (or sometimes), what situations (time spent, source material, etc) influence your reaction?

If not, do you think it's reasonable for other people to get annoyed at that?

(no subject)

Friend in Scotland asked for help on these problems. And I don't really understand/get it. Do you?

29141 = H of M E in F Answer: 29141 = Height of Mount Everest

11 = S on the A F

212 = B P of W in F Answer: 212 = Boiling Point of Water in Fahrenheit

4406 = H of B N in F Answer: 4406 = Height of Ben Nevis in Feet

Here is an example:

26 L of the A
= 26 letters of the alphabet

EDIT!!!: the ones that are crossed out, we have found the answer for :)

(no subject)

Why does nowhere sell belts that fit fat people? Do they just assume "you're so fat, there's no way your pants will ever be baggy"?

To broaden the scope... What clothes item do you find most difficult to buy?
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glowingdragon, this post is probably full o'typos

I am a dipshit and walked right into the corner of a heating vent today and gave myself a mild concussion. Go me! Anyway, I'm pretty loopy-feeling right now. What should I do with my newfound and shortlived loopiness? I don't really want to go anywhere and driving is probably a very bad idea anyway. I have a decent quantity of movies, books, drawing supplies, etc, and I'm too nervous to take a nap until my boyfriend comes home (just in case I wake up speaking jibberish, which has happened to me post-concussion before) and I can't do anything strenuous. So what should I do? Any movie recommendations or stuff to play with online that will exploit my goofy feelings?

ugh....please help!

I have one of those RESETTABLE cominbation locks.

Only I forgot how to reset it.   I know my combination.  I want to reset it.  I thought I knew how..but I guess I really don't.   Ugh. 
(I've reset it before so it does reset.)

The only markings on it is "buffalo" and you can probably guess what good googling that did me.

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Please help!


My sociology professor ROCKS! She is allowing us to do a paper on Tattoos. However I need pictures of different types of tattoos. (tribal, prison, gang, etc...) I tried Google because Google has everything, but most of the sites have copywrites and I need to be able to print them out as examples.

So, my question is, do you have a great tattoo that you would be willing to post? Post it here so I can print it out.
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(no subject)

So I'm going out to a bar later tonight. I'm celebrating my promotion at work.

I want to try a new drink. What are you favorite drinks you can walk into a bar and order?

I like fruity drinks, but I'll try anything.

Whatcha got? :) Thanks!
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(no subject)

Poll #837148 Volunteering

Do you volunteer?

I'm on my way.

For the current volunteers, how often?

Once every few months
Once or twice a month
Once or twice a week
3-5 days a week
Other (leave a comment)

What kind of volunteer opportunity? And at what place? (example: Bloodmobile Worker of the American Red Cross )

How much do you like it? (1 means greatly dislike it and 10 means totally love it)

Mean: 8.71 Median: 9 Std. Dev 1.41

What's your main purpose of volunteering?

Do you do that to make a difference on others?

Definitely yes!
Kinda of
Somewhat no
Nuh huh!

shipping things

Ok, so I moved 1200 miles a few years ago. I left behind a bicycle at a friend's house. I have been meaning to go back for it, it's quite expensive, It's a diamond back. Thing is I can't really afford to go back.

Anyone know if UPS will ship something like that?
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(no subject)

My boyfriend doesn't look forward to his birthday, because he doesn't think that it'll be any fun. Does anyone have suggestions to make his birthday fun? I don't have much money..
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(no subject)

1. After you take the SAT/ACT, how long does it usually take before you know your scores?
2. Did you take the SATs, ACTs or both? If you took both which did you do better on and what are the differences?
3. Did you take the tests more than once? How much did did you improve?


do you have allergies?

did you always have them?

did they suddenly develop?

if so,at what age?

did they ever go away?

what treatment do/did you use for them?

at 21 i suddenly developed allergies to everything,inside and/or upside. they havent gone away yet :/

Web Browser

So, after I posted about desktops, I noticed a whole lot of people use Firefox.
What's so great about Firefox?
If you use something else, why do you like/use it?

I use Maxthon and it's great.

Convince me to change my browser of choice. Or convince me to stick with Maxthon.

Just tell me about your browser.


p.s. yes, i know i justed posted.
last time i posted two questions within one of two posts of each other, i got semi flamed.

but the rules do state MORE THAN TWICE in the span of ten posts (paraphrasing). Please don't bring that up, I'm not breaking any rules.
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VS!! and Books

Barnes & Noble vs Borders and why?
BN all the way. Um, because they added on a Starbucks cafe, I've pretty much always gone there, and they smell better.

Do you smell your new books?
My dad taught me to do this. There really is something satisfying about the smell of a new book. And they don't all smell the same, contrary to popular belief.

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lately i've been noticing that every time i swallow after drinking a beverage i get this weird sensation in my ear.. kind of like a tickle or something. has this ever happened to you before? and should i be concerned?
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Fucking Sirius

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Everyone hates ipod questions or whatever, but here's mine.

In the ongoing nobody-cares saga of me moving host families, I have left the house of evil behind and am now in the house of perfect. But in the move I "lost" my iPod nano and my one-gig camera memory card. Fuck.

Where ARE they??

Which iPod should I get myself? Fuckers just discontinued the one I had before, a 4-gig white Nano. :( Now it's this stuff.

So whattaya think...

4 Gig Nano - 1000 songs - $199 [bright colors or silver]
8 Gig Nano - 2000 songs - $249 [black only]
30 gig regular (video) iPod - 7500 songs - $249 [black or white]
80 gig regular (video) iPod - 20,000 songs - $349 [black or white]

If you want to weigh this info into your vote, money isn't *really* an object but I want to feel like I'm getting the most bang for my buck, as they say. My music library is about 12.5 gigs. I really liked my old Nano. I'm undecided on how much I would use a video feature...