October 3rd, 2006


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You are suddenly famous enough to be invited to be a guest on a late night talk show.

Which one do you want to be on?

Why would you want to be invited? (Musical guest, in a new movie, stand-up routine, stupid human trick, etc.)

The show's other guests are also awesome, and you get to meet them backstage. Who are they?

Is there an embarrassing clip from your childhood home movies/early career that they can dig up and play? What is it?

What interesting anecdote do you tell in your interview?

Do you keep the interview/performance appropriate enough that you won't be ashamed if your granny watches it, or do you go all-out?

Anything else interesting you'd want to do?

I'll answer in the comments.

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1.) What are some of the things that you are highly interested in learning about or have already learned about?

I like learning about human behavior, martial arts, serial killers, pirates, depression, krumping, and Islam.

2.) How many Amish jokes do you think will be made this week on television? by who? 

3.) Will there be a Mel Gibson episode on South Park anytime soon about the drunk sugar tit jews thing do you think? I hope..


Oh TQC, help me.

So lets say you haven't spoken to someone in about 6 years [since you left elementry school] and they recently IMed you. You start talking about growing up and shit. The conversation turns perverted. He says something about being really turned on by the thought of going at it with someone they havent seen in a long time.

Is he hitting on you?
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1. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter to finish work or study for a test?

2. What are some good tips to get someone through an all-nighter?

I have to prepare a short, in-depth presentation on the first book of Paradise Lost, do an annotated bibliography for a paper I've yet to write, and finish writing an article for our newspaper.

Right now I've taken two caffeine pills (about two hours apart) and I feel kind of sick. I'm I have a bottle of Bawls soda that I'm going to drink before my class tomorrow morning. That's pretty much the plan so far.
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I apologize for the two posts in one night...

I have an important decision that I have to make very soon and its crucial I make the right one.

I was recently given some sweaty cash for my birthday.

Now which would you buy with it:

-an ipod
- nintendo ds lite
- The new LG "Chocolate" phone
- locking dvd storage cabinet
- a bunch of used dvds and books
- a kitten
- medical transcriptionist course.

Or does something else come to mind? if so........WHAAT?

Dr Phil and Dr Feel

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There is a video, I believe on YouTube somewhere, of snippets of a man dancing in several cities around the world with a song playing continuously in the background.

I tried to find it myself briefly, but I was hoping maybe somebody here has it favorited. Anyone?

I can't sleep.

Okay, here's my dilemma.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I've been forced to move back in with my parents temporarily. Due to circumstances even further beyond my control, my brother the asshole has also been forced to move back in with my parents.

He doesn't seem to realize, no matter how many times you tell him, that he is loud and the walls are thin. He will allow the front door (that is RIGHT NEXT to my room) to slam when he comes home (drunk) at 2.30 in the morning, waking me up. His phone will ring, waking me up. He will talk on said phone, and his voice carries VERY well, keeping me awake. (Who the hell calls at 3 am anyway??) He cannot close doors quietly and stomps around. Last night he left his TV on ALL. NIGHT. LONG. His room is right next to mine and again, the walls are thin. It kept me up. It's almost 7 am and I haven't slept all night. Literally. His alarm started going off at 6 and has just now stopped.

Talking to him and asking him to try and be quiet doesn't work. He's still hugely inconsiderate of the people he lives with. I asked my mom for a pair of earplugs which blocked out the noise, but I can't sleep with them in because it makes my ears feel like they're full of water, so that's right out.

I took 5 mg of melatonin last night, twice what I'd normally take, but the downside of melatonin is that if you use it too consistently it loses effectiveness.

I need something-- ANYTHING, other than melatonin or earplugs-- that will knock me completely unconscious and allow me to sleep really hard until *my* alarm goes off. What do you suggest?
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To those of you who are afraid of storms, lightning especially:

How can I work out this really serious fear (phobia is probably the better word) I have of storms so that I can get to class? It's the first really heavy storm we've had this semester, and I'm afraid enough to skip my one class today, but I really can't just keep skipping class if it's storming close by.

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harry potter

school-related stuff

hey tqc-ers,

so i'm writing an article for a feature writing class - a how-to on going to thel gym. i need to talk to people from every walk of life - people who work out at a gym, peple who tried it and hated it, people who take classes ata gym, etc.

i need ppl. wwho are cool with giving their 1st and last names out, too. i know thats not the most kosher sounding idea, but i need it for the assignment. (mods, apologies if this steps over the line.)

the questions: answer all that apply in full sentences.

I need you to first describe your body - height and weight if you want. Would you consider
yourself a "healthy" person?

do you have a gym membership? if yes, waht do you do there? state the name of the gym.

what do you like best (or least) about it?

if you take a fitness class, explain why.

how often, if any, do you spend doing activity that would count
as exercise? (eg running, playing sports, etc).

do you think you exercise enough?? if no, why not? (eg, I'd like to
exercise, but I don't have enough time)

if you don't workout at a gym, would you ever think about joining one? Why or
Why not??

is there anything specific you try and do to stay in the shape that you
are? (ex - diet or exercise)

if you've been to a gym before, and stopped, why did you stop?

I am forever in the debt of those who answer!!!!
panda dance

cop or firefighter?

First question: Are you, or anyone close to you (friend, significant other, family member) in either law enforcement (aka a cop) or a firefighter?

If you're the one with the job:
Where do you live/work at?
What are the pros and cons of your job?
Do you like it/dislike it? And why?
What do people think about your job?
What advice would you give to someone who wants to have this job?

If someone close to you has this job:
What are your opinions about them having this job?
Do you ever worry because they might be in dangerous situations? If so, how do you handle that?
What advice would you give to someone who knows someone close to them who wants this job?

Any other comments would be great too.
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My friend asked me to post this for her as she has no internet and we're both running out of ideas, fast.

Basically, she has a new bloke. He treats her so well, buys her gifts etc. He has money, her funds are kind of limited. What kind of things can she buy/make/give him in return that won't cost the earth but will let him know how much he means to her? Sweet, thoughtful things. Any ideas would be very much appreciated!!
The Dude Abides


Last night I dreamt that someone broke into my house. It was pretty surreal.

Anyways, do you think your dreams have any significant meaning?
Not sure, but I'm leaning towards no.

Have you ever had a lucid dream - where you know that you're dreaming?

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Poll #835965 I'm so disappointed in you

You have a teenage daughter. Which of the following, would she grow up to be or have that option, would disappoint you the most?

subscribe to the opposite political party as you
complete drunken slut
friendless nerd
lazy, jobless screwup
a born-again christian
a lesbian
unwed teenage mother
an idiot
a furry
an unrepentant pervert with previous brushes with the law
a porn star
800lb, morbidly obese person who receives public notoriety when Richard Simmons vows to get them in shape
gang chica
drug dealer

You have a teenage son. Which of the following, would he grow up to be or have that option, would disappoint you the most?

subscribe to the opposite political party as you
complete drunken slut
friendless nerd
lazy, jobless screwup
a born-again christian
teenage father, unmarried, kids born out of wedlock
an idiot
a furry
an unrepentant pervert with previous brushes with the law
a porn star
800lb, morbidly obese person who receives public notoriety when Richard Simmons vows to get them in shape
gang member
drug dealer

On the subject of disappointing kids...

Answer honestly

You have a 20yr old son. The two of you are very close, and you can say you have a special relationship. He's the most important person in your life. You've never loved another person like him. In your eyes, he's a gentleman and completely decent with a good heart. However...

1. You overhear one day that he and his best friend have been the ones responsible for all those liquor store robberies all over the city. In convicted, both boys would serve time and many years at that, considering the number of robberies involved. Would you turn him in?

2. Your son comes to you one night and says that sometime last month, he and his 3 buddies got drunk, and ending up taking turns raping a 16 yr old girl who was at a party. He's sorry about it, and his only explanation was that he was drunk and it was peer pressure. She's pressing charges, but friends at the party are lying to cover up for him and his buddies, saying they were never there. His friends' parents are making up alibis, saying that the boys were with them the night in question, not at a party. Your son asks you to do the same. If you lie, there's a good chance that all the guys will get off. If you don't go along, then there's a chance they might all be found guilty and serve time, probably years in prison. Would you lie to protect your son?

3. Your son aces his SATs and, combined with his GPA, earns a scholarship to an ivy league school. You're beaming with pride. You find out shortly after that he had cheated on the SATs and had hacked the school's computer to change his grades. He doesn't deserve that scholarship at all, and he's keeping someone else from getting it. Two things to consider: your son's dream is to be a lawyer and an ivy league diploma would really set him apart from all the others, and if his cheating is exposed, odds are he'll get into a lot of trouble and no college would want him after that. Only you know about his cheating. Would you expose him?

stupid question

anyone know how to make a pair of pants dry faster when a) you don't have a dryer and b) you can't find your roommate's hairdryer (and you don't own one yourself)? the jeans are mostly dry, but the ass is still v. wet. and I wanna wear 'em.

ETA: Nevermind, I'm gonna wear a different pair of pants :(
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University of Northern Iowa

Would anyone mind lending me a hand?

I'm applying for a scholarship and I have to write an essay for it...I haven't done anything like this before for a scholarship, and I am just wondering if this seems okay, and if it makes sense and all that. Would anyone mind reading it over and telling me what you think? I'd appreciate it.

Please describe why, as a treated adult with AD/HD, you want to continue your education of go back to school. Please include the future goals and dreams you hope and plan to achieve based upon your education.

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rider tied

Replaying a game

I'm bored. I want to re-play one of the Final Fantasy games I have. I have 6, 8, 9, 10 and 10-2. But I can't decide which one! Help me decide, internets!

Which Final Fantasy game should I play?

Play Silent Hill!
I am going to suggest another game that you've never heard of, even though this poll is about wanting to play Final Fantasy games.
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Why do people have freckles? What are they?

I'm going to a large Catholic wedding on Saturday, what should I wear? What should I absolutely not wear? Any colours I should avoid?
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I want to buy something from Yahoo!Japan auctions.

What's the best service to use? Right now Rinkya's looking like the best, but are there any other that may be better to use?

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What exactly is up with Nelly Furtado?
Like this new trampy Nelly Furtado.

Watching just a glimpse of her video and I'm completely baffled that this is the same girl from "I'm Like A Bird".
She seemed so fresh and relaxed back then and now it's all this sexy tart maneater business.
Why the big change?
Did she change because sex is what sells?
Do you think that's true?

How do you feel about artists (seemingly) doing a 180 as far as their genre/style/image goes?

There is something to be said about reinventing yourself in a a way that keeps you current, but what about the folks that are forced to become something just for the sake of pop culture trends and record sales?

Thingies by the clock & such.

1. In Windows, you know how you can put icons over by the clock on the task bar? Does that slow your computer down at all? If so, how do I remove them?

2. If you won a zillion bajillion dollars... what would you spend your days doing? Assuming you quit your job. (Would you quit your job?!)

3. What's the last book you read, or are currently reading?
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What are some good resources to find out information about a corporation's ethics code and if it socially responsible or not? Magazines, journals, maybe even websites. I have a few different companies I am interested in and have looked at their websites, but I don't want to take what they claim at face value.

There's got to be an organization out there somewhere that keeps track & has a public record available, right?

Also if you use lotion, what brand do you use? & why if you feel like it
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Has anyone here tried NutriSystem to lose weight? How were the meals? I'm always skeptical of these meals that these diet programs give you. They never seem to be any good. My dad wants to try it, so I'll let him be the guinea pig. :)
m'effondre // mylene

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I posed these questions in my personal journal, but I figured I'd get more of a variety of answers here.

How important do you think romance is to a relationship? Is it overrated? Underrated? What is romance anyway?
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Is there any place online but preferably IRL that I can buy just earring backings? I tried looking at the Claires.com website but I can't find anything... I remember once I saw they sold big packs of safety pins[wtf?] so I assume they might sell just clear rubber/plastic earring backings but I'm not sure.

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Do you still talk to people you went to high school with?

For example: if you're walking down the street, having left high school a few years ago, and you see someone you know from school do you stop and chat to them?

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loving pat

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1. Do you listen to songs all the way through and just let playlists play, or do you skip around and only listen to half the song? Or some other combination?

I let playlists play and listen to songs all the way through. My best friend always changes the song in the middle, and it bothers me to no end.

2. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Favorite brand?

I like Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey and Vermonty Python.

3. If you've taken it, what do you remember about the SAT? Do you remember your score?

I'm taking the SAT this May. The PSAT at my school is October 18th, and I also took it last year. I just remember that I didn't finish the math section, that there were lots of geometry questions, and I scored way better than average on the English section.

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okay so i need help with figuring out where this came from.... im guessing movie or tv show

i think this boy was writing a letter and at the end he said:
"hug hug, kiss kiss, kiss kiss, kiss kiss..." he also had an accent so it sounded like kees kees

can anyone help me??
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Ahh! Babies!

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I'm SERIOUSLY confused about backing up my computer. I have an extra hard drive and I need a really really easy to use very very simple program that backs up new songs/documents/downloads, etc. to the hard drive every week. I want it to know what its already backed up and only back up the new stuff.

I've been running Genie Backup Manager Pro 6 and I've read all of their definitions and manuals and it still makes NO sense to me. When i go to my back up drive to look at my backups, the computer doesn't even know how to open them. I have to tell it which program to open it with each time. I even put the exe file for Genie on the hard drive but it still doesn't recognize them. Also, how in the hell is it going to help me if my computer crashes and I have to have that program to open them? I don't have a cd of the back up program. Then, when I do open the files, it doesn't recognize them. I have to open the program first and then it only recognizes ONE main back up, not all of the incremental ones I've been doing. Also, I can't figure out how I could pick and choose which files I'd like to restore. Everything is so confusing.

What I would really like is a program that doesn't create these stupid files that need a program to open them and that my computer can't read. I just want something that copies the exact file and puts it on the hard drive. I can't do this myself because I have no idea what would be new that week and what I already copied and I don't have the time to scan through all of the files.

Could someone please tell me if there is a program out there that could do this for me? I would really appreicate it.
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Since the accident I was involved with was my fault, I have to go to traffic school, or do something of the like to avoid geting points against me.

My friend told me about Letsdrivesafely.com.
If I spend the money to do this, will it be just as good as going to the school? The police said I could do alternative things, like rent movies from blockbuster.

If I do this, will they automatically send it off and clear my name?

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Are your textbooks as terrible as mine??

My Stat book has numerous grammatical errors and my Geology book, which cost me $114 and is paperback, is just ridiculous. In the glossary, 'compressive stress' is defined as, 'stress tending to compress an object'. It's like...what.

What kind of guidelines do these teachers have for picking out college books? Seriously.

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1. Keloid (I found out it's actually) hyperrtophic scarring - How to heal/reduce them? (non prescrition anyways.) I have one on my brow piercing. The lump doesn\t bother me too much, its just really RED.
2.  How can I wake up? As in, when I have very litte sleep, what can I do to not feel so dead? (tried coffee and sleep is not an option.)

I joined just to ask this...

fleurdelista suggested I join to ask this...

Anyone hear about this one?

This is one of the few things that drives me NUTS about my boyfriend. He has a rule. He has a nice collection of microbrew and imported beer logo glasses that he likes to use for beer. He said his Grandmother, who was right off the boat Irish, had a rule to never use a glass you've used for beer for milk. Now that includes ANY glass that is used for beer. If I put milk in one of those glasses he never uses if for beer again. What do you think? Old wives tale? Craziness? I've looked it up and I can't find ANYTHING about it.Ideas?
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kate walsh [ponytail]

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Have any of you experienced major problems or deformities associated with cartilage piercings done with a gun?

I'm aware of the fact that you aren't supposed to get it done with a gun and blahblahblah but I was just wondering if anyone had any personal (bad) experiences.
toy gun

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Since it's finally getting close to Halloween, I'd like to start watching some good horror movies. I've already seen most of the mainstream ones (Exorcist, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.), so some less popular -but good- ones would be great. Recommendations?

Drop outs

This is for If you have dropped out of uni/college. Graduating does not count as dropping out.

Poll #835764 College/Uni drop outs

When did you drop out of college/university?

First semester
Second semester
Third semester
Fourth semester
Fifth semester
Sixth semester
Seventh semester
Eighth semester
Ninth semester
Tenth semester
After tenth semester

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okay so i am a senior in high school, i took my psats, but not my sats... i dont plan on going to college until 2008, because i need to save up money, if the school requires sat scores, what do i do? its too late to take them now, can i take them next year?? i would ask my guidance counselor but she treats you like shit. anyone who can help, thank you

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1. What can you do or wear to make yourself feel more confident or sexy throughout the day?

2. Do you have any physical qualities that make you self conscious? What are they?

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Adventures In Baby-Sitting!

When I was 12 I baby sat for this family a couple of hours a week, and they were a bit different... Unused tampons in the child's toy box, the mother walking around with her robe open, and once the father even yelled at me when I cut up the child's chicken because she was having difficulties chewing the large pieces...

So my question is for those who did baby sitting at a young age, what are some interesting stories you have? Well, I guess from any age, but I always find that they are funnier during that awkward "I wanna be a member of the Baby Sitters Club" phase!