October 2nd, 2006


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I was having this half-coherent dream, about... something... i think maybe texas falling off the earth, i can't remember... and for some reason there were these boats in it.
And I -know- they were historically significant. like, the first boats with metal sides. maybe from the civil war?

What boats am I thinking of? it's no good when my -dreams- can't reach deep into my memory and draw this crap out.

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Ok, say you have a photo, in a scrapbook or whatever, that requires a caption. Below the photo- would you write "So and So and I at [insert location]" or would you write "So and So and me at [insert location]" or would you write "So and So and myself at [insert location]"?

In all the online photo albums I've seen, everyone uses the "So and So and I", and for some reason that seems so grammatically incorrect and bothers me to no end.
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This is regarding the new plan for corporate sponsored LJ communities (see also Brad's follow-up post).

Poll #834655 Sponsored Communities

What do you think of LJ's new plan for "sponsored communities"?

I hate it, the darn sell-outs!
I don't care
I think it sounds awesome

Personally I hate it... see any of the couple of thousand comments on lj_biz for why!
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A friend and I were talking, and something occurred to us. Why isn't there a sarcastic font? It'd work so well on the internet.

What do you think a sarcastic font would look like?

Would you use it?

Would it be more, less, or equally annoying as sarcasm tags?
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Inspired by recent question...

1. Have you or anyone you know ever edited a Wikipedia article from correct information to incorrect information?

2. Have you or anyone you know ever edited a Wikipedia article from incorrect information to correct information?

3. Have you ever come across a vandalized Wikipedia article?
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Because I'm bored:

What's something people commonly say that is (technically/grammatically/whatever) wrong that really shouldn't bother you that much but does?

Mine is "abortion shouldn't be used as birth control." Hello, abortion IS birth control. Any abortion ever given for any reason is birth control.
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Quick question, I've been trying to think of a word for freakin' ever and it still hasn't come to me.

What is the word when somebody thinks very highly of himself or thinks he is more important than he is?


not self-absorbed, not self-centered... more something suggesting high and mighty.

Edit: I think "self-aggrandizing" was the word I wanted.


While I'm already here, rather than make a new post, what is the word for when a person takes on the emotions of the song they are listening to or the movie they are watching, etc?

(words are not my strong suit, can you tell? =))

Scam Email Reporting

So... i've gotten a couple of those ridiculous-type emails from foreign scammers with broken English who give away too much sappy, irrelevant, "this make me credible, I say 'god bless' so I must be nice person", information has some amazing opportunity for me that involves "handling his banking". Of course, it's crap. And it plain pisses me off.

Who can these interactions be reported to, if anyone, before some poor sap falls for it?

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Poll #835215 For 3 million dollars, would you be willing...

...to spend the rest of your life illiterate (the ability to read is removed from your brain). You cannot re-learn to read or else you lose the money


..to lose your long-term memory? For the rest of your life, your memory retention is only 2 years for all memories from this point on


...to gain an extra 30lbs and keep it? As long as you retain this weight, the money's yours


...to move to, and live in a third world country (say Guatamala). You can visit your family and friends as you like, but you would require a Visa to do so, as your new citizenship is now with your new country


...to never see your closest friend again?


...to never watch tv or see another movie ever again?


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when i try to run a disk check on my computer, it never works...

i use the command chkdsk /f, and it says "too many things are on right now, the disk will be checked the next time your computer restarts.", or something like that. but when it restarts, the disk check still doesn't happen, and gives me that same message when i type in the command again.

i need to run a disk check before i can defragment my files, but the disk check wont even start

what is wrong???

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What's the best "Your mama so fat..." joke you've heard?

Two friends got in a yo' mama fight last night, the winning entry was "Yo' mama so fat, when she has her period she bleeds gravy"

Completely random

Let's say there was a TQC member gathering, in person. Someone organized it, saying that on some date, members of the club were going to meet at some hotel in some state (probably one that was in the middle of the US. Sorry Europeans). You book a room at the hotel in advance, find your own transportation, but the TQC event will last 3 days (Fri-Sun). Everybody wears name tags stating their journalname, and it's pretty much a big meet-n-greet, minglefest, and who knows what (I know there's some crushing in this community). The area itself will be scouted in advance, and a list of local activities and sights will be distributed, so you really could have coffee with so-n-so or watch a movie with that person (like some people have stated in other popularity posts). To spice it up, it would be a Come-as-your-favorite-super-hero theme.

Checking your schedule, you're free that weekend and luck have it, you somehow have enough money for transportation (and extra spending moolah).

Would you attend?
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Why is it that people feel that if they can prove someone to be a hypocrite that it automatically discredit the person's argument?

If you found out someone was engaging in the actions that they are speaking out against, would that automatically make you stop believing them?

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i suppose turning another year older has made me think about this lately.
so, without further ado:

Poll #835244 the age question

what is old? or at what point does one become "old"?

30 years of age.
40 years of age.
50 years of age.
60 years of age.
70 years of age.
80 years of age.
90 years of age.
24 years of age.

What makes that age special?

x-posted in my journal.

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I am sending my friend, who is currently away at school (I'm in CA, she's in the Chicago area), a package for her birthday. I already have some idea of what I want to send her, but perhaps you can give me some more ideas.

My friend is a sophomore in college, she likes LOTR, and she is an intellectual and a genius but as is typical of their kind, she lacks all common sense. She also likes kitschy items, like mini Bonsai tree kits and other equally needless and tacky things.

Does anything come to mind? Maybe something for the weather even? I have only lived in Southern California my whole life so I don't know what types of things someone who experiences real seasons would need or want.

Also, her birthday is Friday. If I send this thing out tomorrow, express mail or whatever is fastest, will it get to her by then? How long does it take to get through the college mail system (because she lives in dorms)?

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i have never met anyone with the same last name as me. (besides, obviously, the few members of my family)

1. have you ever met anyone with the last name "stuttz" ?

2. have you ever met someone that looked strikingly similar to you? pictures?

3. have you ever found out something odd about someone you knew by googling their name?
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Hair Question

Do you or does anyone you know take folic acid, or any other supplement in order to improve their hair condition? If so, what, and how well does it work?

opening band

Have you heard of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club?  Have you seen them live?

What kind of music can I expect?  Good show?

They're opening for the Stones Wednesday, and I'm a tad concerned...should I plan to drink heavily during their show?

Have you ever seen the Stones live?

Do you think it's going to be a lame show, everyone just singing their songs for them - or do you think the fellas still have it?
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1) I have chicken breast tenders thawing at home. What is the best way to bread them? Should I go for just flour or bread crumbs? I already know that I have to dip them in egg first.

2) Did you hear about the Amish school shooting (which is like, a half hour from me)? What do you think the dude's motive was?

3) Do you feel guilty when you have dreams about kissing/doing stuff with people (not celebrities, real life friends or whatever) other than your SO?
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Hey kids. Two unrelated ones for you.

1) Alexa Ray Joel is playing in Sellersville PA on November 11. She is sold out. A friend of mine desperately wants tickets. Is there no hope for him, or is there some sort way he can still try for them??

2) I'm in a weird situation and somewhere in my head I know the answer is "you can't do anything about it." But here goes: in short of it, my roommate and boyfriend do not get along. there is unecesary tension between them. he insults her, which pisses me off, but he doesn't do it because he's an asshole. She's no angel, either; she has traits about her that piss me off. She tells me about a fight they had and I go to pieces; I'm pissed at him but I know he's a good person. She plans on confronting him later, but I'm scared that he's turning out to be someone that isnt who i thought he was.

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Abortion and other kinds of "disability"

Inspired by this question...

If there was a test that could tell you whether your child would suffer from various mental illnesses, would you abort if you knew they'd suffer from:

1. Severe depression, resistant to medication, leading to frequent suicidal feelings.
2. Bipolar (manic) depression (has about the highest suicide rate of all mental health problems).
3. Schizophrenia.

(Question mostly directed at people who say they'd abort a fetus if told it would be physically disabled.)

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Halloween 2008

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So friends and I "found" a couple fire extinguishers, the liquid, alkaline based kind, and we managed to get it on a wool hat. Is there any way to clean said hat, as the alkaline only reacts with water to form a slimy goo?

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Nutella is delicious. I usually forget it exists, and then maybe once every two years, I buy a jar, as I recently did, and now I'm at a loss for what to put it on.

What should I eat with my yummy nutella?

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Hey internet peoples! The name's Debbie and have I got a question for you (it's a little philosophical, so... yeah): Should reason and logic be applied to every decision you make? Or should you do some things impulsively? Does better judgement come into play or is there a set way that things should be decided?


I'm dressing up aas Neo for Halloween, but I don't want to spend, like 70 - 90 dollars on a trenchcoat. Any idea where I could find one somewhat cheaper? I'm on the west coast, so trenchcoats and heavy things like that are rare and super expensive. Any advice?
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Random things to avoid work with

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What is your favorite birthday dessert?
I'm normally a warm yellow cake with chocolate icing kind of girl, but my friend shipped me a chocolate mousse cake this year that is making my insides melt with chocolate joygasms just thinking about it.

Do you knit and/or crochet? If yes, how did you learn?
I'm a crocheter of almost 20 years now (oh fuck, that makes me cry) taught by my grandma. I'm teaching myself how to knit now.

Do you think it's really funny that a barge just crashed into the little dock outside of my office building and now it's stuck in the mud? Maybe it's just me...
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Shower/Bath Questions

1. What Shampoo & Conditioner do you use?
2. Which do you prefer - soap bars or body wash? [the liquid body soaps]
3. Do you brush your teeth in the shower?

1. The new Herbal Essences.
2. It doesn't matter to me, as long as it cleans me and smells good. [right now we have Dove bars]
3. Yes.

EDIT // Forgot to ask - Pantene Pro V Hydrience - do they actually sell it or is it just packaged with hair dye? It makes my hair feel wonderful, but I can't find it seperately.

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1. what are some good emo jokes?
eg. my grass is so emo it cuts itself

2. do you know anyone who looks like a famous person/character?
in my class there is a guy who looks like Harry Potter and an oldish woman who looks like Hagrid
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Speaking of shampoos/conditioners...

What is the best shampoo and conditioner for really fine/thin hair?

My hair gets flat within hours, which is annoying, and I can't seem to find a shampoo/conditioner that will give it lots of maximizing volume. Any suggestions that worked for you or somebody you know?
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1)can anyone list some good, active engagement/wedding message boards and lj communities for me?
-I searched, but didn't have any luck.

2)if you've ever been engaged, did you have an engagement party? why or why not? how soon after your engagement did you have it?
-i just got engaged on saturday and already his mother wants to throw us an engagement party, but we both feel it's too soon.
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Okay, now that Livewed.com is apparently gone...

Does anyone know of another "emarriage" site where you don't have to sign up, and you get a fake certificate?
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1. If you got to visit ONE city in Italy, which would it be, and what would you do there? (You can assume budget isn't a problem if it makes the questions more fun)

2. If you could visit one other city in Europe which would it be, why, and what would you do there?

3. If your choice for #2 was in France, the UK, or Spain, can you give me one more pick that isn't in one of those? :)

PS for anyone who voted on which host family I should move in with a while ago, I'll tell you I found a whole nother host family entirely, and they seem perfect :) let's hope!
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This is a firefox question, but don't worry, it's not about lost bookmarks.

It's something far worse. :(

Firefox crashed on me. Right before it did that, I went to View -> Encoding -> Japanese so I could properly view those characters.

I reopened firefox, and my Session Manager said that my tabs had not been saved. Then, after two seconds, Firefox closed on itself. I can't open Firefox without it doing that.

What can I do?!? Please help. :(
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a predicament

Someone very dear to me has been sober for about fifteen years. Despite having been an alcoholic for decades, he has managed to evolve into a completely different person. There is one unfortunate bad habit that still remains. His hygiene isn't all that great. From what I can guess, I think he showers once a week or so. He often looks unkempt and smells sweaty.

Lately he's been really depressed about not having found a significant other for all of these years. I can tell that he's really lonely. I want to help, but I also don't want to hurt his feelings by saying something about his hygeine.

I had thought that with enough time he would work on this like he has all other areas of his life, but he hasn't made much of a stride. Other than that, he has a lot to offer.

So would you say something? If so, how might you approach the issue?

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I want to get some disposable single-use cameras to have on the tables at my wedding reception, but I don't know much about them. The last one I bought took really really poor quality pictures and I was ultimately quite disappointed in it.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a decent disposable single-use camera? We'll have a photographer, so they won't be taking the place of professional photos, but I don't want them to be crappy pictures either! I won't be buying a whole lot of them, so up to $10 would probably be ok, but the cheaper the better (again, as long as we don't end up sacrificing a whole lot of quality).

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Last week I did the online test to try to qualify to be a contestant on College Jeopardy!.

Did anyone else take the college or the kid test last week?

Have you heard anything back yet?
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A. I remember watching this show when I was younger, so maybe 10 or 15 years ago, where it was kind of a dog game show. The dogs would have to do all these challenges, and the end was this obstacle course that had things to jump over, sticks to weave between, a big teeter totter they had to walk up and make go down, a big tube they had to run through, and maybe some water? Anyway, I can't remember the name of this show for the life of me (and yes, I've searched... and yes, I'll post this at whatwasthatone if no one here knows).

B. What do you think are the 3 most romantic Beatles songs?

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drama at TQC weekend superhero party

So in the comments to the earlier question about going to a TQC meetup dressed as superheroes, a number of people responded that they'd want to see fights or would get in a fight.

Just to spice up some drama...  :P

1.  Who would you want to fight or have a hard time restraining yourself from hitting?
2.  Who would you want to see fight while dressed as superheroes?  Name the superheroes if you prefer. 
Ahh! Babies!

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I was watching a show on Egypt on the travel channel and it said that King Tut's name had been completely deleted from Egyptian records of Pharohs. I missed what the possible reasons were for that occuring. I've read through all of the wikipedia entry on King Tut and it didn't say anything about why that happened.

Can anyone tell me why the Egyptians tried to erase King Tut from history?
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Reading, VS!, Prime Time

1 What book are you reading right now, if any?
Well, I just got done reading A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and I'm probably going to start Wasted now. Before that I was reading The Stolen Child and before that Mysterious Skin. All good books.

2 Natalie Portman vs Keira Knightley? Yes, we know they look similar but on what basis other than looks do you prefer one over the other? (Movies, talent, personality, wtfever...)

3 It's five minutes to eight (Eastern time. But it's five minutes to any time anywhere so just answer the damn question.), what will you be watching on TV, if anything?

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hi, i have a question about septum erosion due to cocaine use..
i've done coke maybe eight times since i tried it in june... the last time i did it was yesterday and i did about four lines spread throughout the day.. when i got home though it looked like part of my septum had eroded.. it scared the shit out of me haha. so much, that i've decided i want to stop doing it completely and forever. i felt around inside and i dont feel any holes or perforations or anything.. where it seems to have eroded is right on the side of my right nostril.. i dont know, im not really sure how to explain. its right in the front, and it basically just looks as if my septum is thinner than it was; and it kind of looks like it slants to the left now, just at the top though, and i'm positive it wasn't this way before.
my question is, is it possible for the septum to continue eroding even after cocaine use has stopped? it doesnt look too bad now, its really barely noticable but im scared that it is maybe a gradual erosion process that doesnt result immediately from use, rather the process of eroding is from the buildup of different instances of use.. i dunno, is it possible for it to erode further even if i never do coke again? or will it only erode more if still do it?
my other question is, since there are no holes in the septum is it possible for the skin part that seems to have erdoed to gro back or to heal itself? i kind of doubt it.. but i wanted to ask anyway..
thank you so much for all your help!!
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It's not homework.

How the hell could you apply chaos theory to Hamlet?

my prof just threw that out as a 'what if' kind of question.. and I'd like to answer, but I have no freaking idea!
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Besides a colonic, what could I do to completely clean out my system?

I've been told a liquid diet would be good to go on... but are there any other suggestions?

Maybe a lot of fruits? I don't know.
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1. What was the last concert you went to? When was it?
Cursive(with Men, Women, & Children and Ladyfinger) It was last night.

2. What is the next concert you will be going to? When is it?
Possibly Tilly And The Wall on the 23rd, if not definitely Head Automatica, 30 Seconds To Mars, Men, Women, & Children and some others on the 27th.

I know I've asked this before but I'm sure answers have changed since then.

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I decided to give my dog up for adoption. I work too much, and can't give him all the attention he needs.
He has been my only pet, and I've had him for seven years. He was my baby. So, he left today to a no-kill shelter.
My questions are:

1) what can I do as a keepsake to remember him by? I have a little tiny clip of his hair that I want to do something with, but any ideas are welcome.
2) How can I work through the grief? I'm terribly upset.

Also, the shelter (I just found out) has a no contact betwen previous & new owners. That makes me horribly sad.

And - my last post about my boyfriend being missing? Updated here.
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You may all laugh at me...

You know those little plates that you can get to cover electrical outlets (standard living room, bedroom, etc. outlets) and switch plates?

When screwing them in does one have to turn off the breakers and such?

I'm sure that I'm REALLY overthinking this ;)

Someday I'll be a flower

'Nother school question

Inspired by an earlier post re: how school affected you...

Do you think you would be a better/happier/less-cynical/whatever person if you had been home-educated and didn't have negative experiences / were taught at your level?

I know a lot of people who home-school and have always thought about whether home-education (with lots of contact with other kids through extra-curriculuar activites and the like, so not social isolation) might result in a more pleasant childhood. Or something.

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At what stores can I find international calling cards?

Around here, there's a Walmart, an Albertson's, a Safeway, a Best Buy, a Target, a Walgreens, a CVS, an Osco drugstore, a Fry's, gas stations.... I really have no idea where they might be sold.
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What school of Psychological thought does R.J. Sternberg belong to? If you could include an explaination, that'd be great, too. :)

I can never seem to figure these things out. >.< Last time, I was WAY off and I'd rather not embarrass myself like that again.

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