October 1st, 2006

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What do you do with a significant other who just won't lose weight?
My boyfriend is 23 and has a beer gut. Ironically, its not from drinking beer. But its like, old man beer gut. Its huge. He's quite fit in the other areas of his body. He just eats like crap.
I'm not going to break up with him over this, but I think he's really unhealthy. Not to mention the fact that its quite unattractive. I don't think I'm being shallow in that I want him to lose weight. Its something we're trying to work on together. He says he wants to lose weight, but he just doesn't try to do anything about it. At all. I've been much more successful than he has. I just don't think he cares that much. Its really really bothering me though.
We'd like to get engaged soon, and I'd really rather not raise our kids with crappy eating habits. Or see him die an early death because of treating his body like crap.
Sigh. Is there anything I can entice him with? Bribe him with? Motivate him with? ANYTHING?

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If a credit card doesnt have an annual fee and I just cut it up, Im in the clear right? I couldnt potentially be screwing myself by not calling them and cancelling or anything right?

How many credit cards do you have? Including store cards?

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What is wrong here? 

I like to sit and not think about a fucking thing at times.  Without talking. Do you? I dont know how sick I am....if its serious. .but when you're not  being asked what is wrong all the time or why you're quiet ....its kind of lovely.  Are we not allowed to do that  anymore? cause I feel kind of pressured to run my mouth constantly these days and keep the thoughts going...

What are you doing tomorrow?

Do you get mad or do you get even?

Does breast milk really taste like cantelope juice?

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1. What things do you always forget to pack when preparing for a trip?

2. What is your favorite music for traveling?

3. Any tips for long-distance roadtrip traveling with a dog for the first time?
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1. You and your group of friends are all hanging out together and one of you goes into the kitchen/basement/back porch/wherever the beer is kept to go get some beers for everyone. How many beers do they get? How many people are there? Who gets the most beer?

2. You and some friends are crowding into someones car. What size car is it? How many people are in there? Where are you going?

3. What are some things you routinely did as a high schooler that you don't do anymore?

4. When was the last time you were at a bonfire? What was the occassion?

5. Has it snowed yet where you are? Where are you?

6. What is the latest date you can go camping before it gets too cold?

High Heels

Help! I have 10 days to learn to walk in high heels!

I bought some absolutely gorgeous shoes yesterday and in the shop they were oh-so comfortable and I could walk in them no bother (dispite NEVER having worn heels in my life...seriously - i'm a trainer person) so I bought them. But getting home, i realise I really can't walk in them at all and look like such a prat trying.

I'm off on holiday in 10 days (11th October) and really want to take them with me. So I need a crash-course in high heel walking, lol.

Any hints/tips would be AMAZING!

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how much of a problem do you think I'll have using a one dollar coin when I go to the movies today?

(I had major trouble with the new 20s a couple of years ago in West Virginia, so I'm wary to use 'odd' money)
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(Since I don't know how to make a poll...I'll do it this way -_-)

Ok...I am thinking about getting a Nintendo DS Lite. (I wasn't even ever going to get a DS or this new one...but whatever...things change. Please don't tell me what I should get, or that it sucks, cause if it were up to me -meaning if i had the money- I would get all the new consoles...)


I want a black one...because well...I have a pink (fuchsia) GBA, and i just don't want a white one. I was now waiting for somestore (best buy, target, etc) to have a bundle so that it would come with a game.

But I got todays paper...and in Targets ad it says:

"Support the cause with a pink Nintendo DS Lite" -
"This week Target and Nintendo will donate 100% of profits from sales of the pink DS Lite hardware (a minimum of $75,000) to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation"

That is like, perfect for me because the money will go to a good cause, and I never mind donating money to a good cause like that. Thing is...I don't want a pink one and they will only do the donation for pinkones....so...(here is where the poll would be if I knew how to make one...)

1. Would you wait to buy a black one?
2. Screw it. it's just a color and the money is going to a good cause.
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Clothes Drying

Hi folks,

A rather daft clothes drying question...

Basically I've never had problems drying clothes while I lived in the UK, unless they are still wet after three days, and then that weird "wet clothes smell" pervades.

I'm now living in Brazil, where the majority of homes don't use washing machines with hot water (and I've never used a tumble dryer in either the UK or Brazil, and don't have one here anyway). So I'm air drying clothes, and even just one day or so after being washed I've got a specific jumper and a couple of pairs of jeans that already get that "wet clothes smell". Even when I wash the jumper the smell still seems to be there faintly.

Anyone know why this is happening so quickly? Is it the lack of hot water not killing off some bacteria that cause this smell?

Sorry, a bit of a daft question, but I really don't want to smell like a goat :-)

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1. Did you see SNL last night? If so, what did you think?

2. Did you see MadTV last night? If so, what did you think?

3. If you saw both SNL and MadTV last night, which one did you think was better?

several unrelated and uninteresting questions.

1. (if you drive,) how many miles (or kilometres, for you nit-picky non-americans,) are on your car, and how many miles/kilos were on it when you got it? how long have you had it?
2. if you had a chance to have innate knowledge of one thing of your choosing, what would you like that thing to be?
3. is your skin tone even? what your your approximate skin tone in hexadecimal code?
4. if you have a paid account, what's your favourite paid account feature?
5. you suddenly have the power to freeze time. what do you use this power to acheive? are your intentions good or evil?
6. okay, scratch that. you now suddenly have the power to control what type of weather we are having on any given day. (but you can't control the atmosphere, etc., so you can't just go around starting hurricanes or something. pretty much, you can decide if it's raining or snowing or hot that day, but that's it.) what would you use this power for?
7. can you read braille? if so, was it hard to learn?
8. it is raining and you are not able to leave the inside of your house, and the internet has vanished!! what do you do to pass the time?
9. do you have an opinion or thought that you'd like to share?
10. what was the best tqc drama from this past week?

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I use objectDock, and this morning I restarted my computer and it hijacked it. It set whatever settings it wanted to. "Hide windows task bar" etc. and it deleted all my preset icons, which isnt a huge deal except for having to redo them all.

I figured it out, but has anyone else ever had this problem?

Gay/Bi Movies

What are some good gay/bi movies?

Preferably happy/empowerment ones rather than ones where everyone is dying, but suggest those too, just mention the lack of happy.

Also, good tv series would be okay. I'm looking for dramas, not sit-coms though.

I watched "Priscilla: Queen of the Desert" last night, & I would class that as happy.

contact lens question

Does anyone here use Acuvue Advanced contact lenses? I just started using them a couple of months ago (I used to use Acuvue2), and I noticed that no matter what cleanser I use to soak them overnight, they end up getting these white spots on them and it's impossible to see through them after just a week. I spent a lot of money on a year's supply and I'd hate to let them go to waste. Anyone else have this problem? What did you do to fix it? Thanks!
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Does anybody know the playlist for the Dresden Doll's 2006 world tour!!!?
I'm going to see them in October at teh VAriety Playhouse in Atlanta, and I'd love to know by then! THANKS =]
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On the pill

I usually take my pill at 6:00am, and I ended up taking it at 10:00pm yesterday, and then I woke up this morning sick to my stomach.
Think these are related?

And I don't think I'm pregnant, we use a condom everytime too.

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1. If you were a parent helping pay for your child's tuition at college, which would upset you more - if they dropped out after two years of college, wasting a lot of your money, or if they dropped out in the middle/end of their first year of college, claiming to be unsure about the whole 'college thing'?

2. For those who graduated college or will be, how many times did you change your major? Did changing it help the college experience at all?

3. For those who it applies, has your college degree helped make your life just generally 'better'? Details are nice.

4. If you were a parent, how would you feel about your child not finishing college? Not finishing high school?

5. What did you do with your free time during college?
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1. Did you join LJ before invite codes were set up, during the time of the invite codes, or after the codes were lifted?

I joined in August of 2001, about a month or two before the invite codes were inducted.

2. If you joined before invite codes: do you remember when LJ used to send out the birthday notifications? I kind of miss that.
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...there was a FIREFIGHT!

mac and cheese?

All right, I watched some of an episode of ER (I think?) with my mother, like, last year or something.  There was a red-headed woman (a lesbian?) who was walking with a cane.  Her mother, who gave her up when she was a baby, sang in some sort of gospel choir and they were meeting for the first time, but the mother didn't like the daughter (because she was gay?).  The patient on the show was a young girl who had something going on with her stomach.  Her parents might have been denying anything was wrong.  She said she had surgery in Mexico when she was there with her friends.

I had to get up and go somewhere.  Can anybody fill in the holes and tell me what happened?  I remembered it recently and I've been kinda curious.
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Bubble Burst

Various Questions

1. Is there a way to fill your own cavity without going to the dentist? Also, is there any point to flossing your teeth when not brushing (say, while driving in the car, after a meal, but you don't have a toothbrush handy)?

2. If you are a photography enthusiast.. what do you do with all of the pictures? I did a cute little 'photo essay' yesterday, and would like to do more, but am not sure where to put them (other than online, lol). I was thinking maybe I'd make a collage of them and hang them on the wall? But really, after a while, there are too many pics!

3. What 'culture' are you from, and how would you describe its characteristics? What does your 'culture' value? What are some of your 'cultural norms'?

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Related to the questions I posted earlier...

1. What do you think college is more about - knowledge and education, or learning to do what you're supposed to do? Or something else? Why?

2. Who would you respect more - someone with a college degree who isn't terribly bright, or someone with no college degree who is intelligent/educated? Does it depend why they have no degree?

3. What things would make you disown your child?

4. Honestly, do you think less of people who don't have college degrees even if they have a job and are content with where they're at in life?

5. My dad is helping me pay for college using a fund that was set up when I was a baby that was supposed to be for 'after high school', even though it's been clear from 1st grade my family expected me to go to college and use it for that. I'm fairly certain there's no way I'm graduating from a four year college, when I barely forced myself to finish high school. Maybe a two year school later on, but right now, no way. I've never had a serious job (not allowed, so don't grump at me for being lazy) and I would like to work full time somewhere doing, well, anything. I just want to work. 

Now, I realllly don't want to move back home. And having never worked, I don't have much in my bank account. Do you think it would be rude/unreasonable to ask my dad to use my 'after high school' funds to help me get a small place living somewhere on my own for a month or two while I worked to earn my own money? I'd like to be able to pay him back for what was wasted on my college education, but I don't want to have to move back in with him to be able to do that. I'm sort of terrified of bringing this up with him because we have really conflicting views on school and education, and I don't know how he'll take it. So...advice? What could I do to make both of us happy in this situation?
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1. I recently got hired at a new job. It's everything I could want right now, but it's only about 25 hours a week. I have a job at a grocery store that I'm able to keep, but I'd like something with a more structured schedule or something that I could make my own schedule for - like tutoring a few hours a week. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only thing I can think of. What are some other jobs like that? Where do I look for those kind of postings?

2. What is your favorite band right now?

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My boyfriend's grandfather passed away today from cancer. I know that I should be there for him and all, and be someone he can talk to, but what else do I do? I feel bad, but I can't really relate since no one has ever died that I was close to.

Toronto Tattoos

This is a WAY long shot, but I thought I'd give it a try...

Does anyone know of a good tattoo artist in Toronto that does particularly nice Celtic work? I've been Googling it for awhile and the name Shane Faulkner at King of Fools Tattoos keeps coming up, but his website doesn't seem to be working, and I'd like to see some galleries of work. Does anyone know if he in particular is any good?

Also: does anyone know of tattoo communities on livejournal that would be better suited to this kind of question?

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Do stores have shorter hours on Sundays where you live?

Here in VA, most stores are either closed on Sunday, or only open 12-5, except major grocery stores, which are all 24/7.

Where do you have to go to buy alcohol where you live? Is there any time you can't buy it?

In VA, you can get beer and wine at grocery stores and hard liquor at ABC stores (which are closed on Sundays in most places, but not by law). Some stores won't sell alcohol on Sundays, or after a certain hour (usually midnight), but bars are all open.

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I was sitting on the couch before, crocheting. After a while I realized just how funny I must look from an outsiders point of veiw, crocheting a blankie wearing my black pants, Sliverstien shirt and black nail polish. But damn if it isn't relaxing as fuck. This got me thinking.

What is something that you do and enjoy that people probabaly wouldn't guess or would think was "strange?"
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What's your favorite word? It doesn't matter if you just think it sounds nice, if you like the meaning or if you associate it with something. What words do you just plain like?

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1. What are some songs about zombies, dead people, dying, cemetaries, etc? The songs should have lyrics and not just be instrumental.
2. What's a really simple, free program I can download to edit and create music? I want to be able to cut music, then create a new blank project where I can insert background files and sounds to one main song. I don't want to pay any money.

Thanks very much in advance
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1. Since i might be missing LOST season 3 this season because of school, is there a way to get the episodes i missed?
My friend told me that iTunes lets you download them for $1.99..that true?

2. What's a good site geard towards finding a cool career based on personality questions?

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I WILL be asking my college's financial aid department this in the morning, I'm just looking for personal experiences tonight.

Say you have all of your tuition covered by various different financial aid stuff (scholarships, pell grants, state grants) but you're doing REALLY BADLY in a class and would like to drop it to save your hemmoraging grade point average. The time for getting back any sort of refund has passed, but you're not worried about getting anything back. The real question is whether or not you would owe them (financial aid department) since the tuition for that course was covered by financial aid. An itemized list states that the course (an online course, even!) was $441... and you so don't have that sort of money to pay back.

Anyone ever had this happen to them? What was the result? Experienced commenters preferred.

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Answer whichever is applicable:

What is the strangest/funniest/craziest/most disturbing combination of things you have purchased (at a grocery mart, warehouse, 7-11, whathaveyou)?


What is the strangest/funniest/craziest/most disturbing combination of things you have SEEN purchased?

-ME: I bought tampons, batteries, and cigarettes. I think it came off as "wow, she must have some night planned..."

-SEEN: condoms and a cheap in-store set of kitchen knives O_O

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1. Do you pay much attention to politics?
2. Do you vote in every election?
3. Will you vote in the next presidential election?
4. Do you think that the size of a country influences how well it can be run?
5. What do you think the government's responsibility towards its people should be?
6. Any further comments on politics?

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Inspired by a discussion post in another community, here we go.

Top 100 Greatest Movie Characters list compiled by Premiere Magazine, fairly recent.

1. Vito Corleone of The Godfather

2. Fred CDobbs of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

3. Scarlett O'Hara of Gone With the Wind

4. Norman Bates of Psycho

5. James Bond of DrNo

6. Annie Hall of Annie Hall

7. Indiana Jones of Raiders of the Lost Ark

8. Ellen Ripley of Alien

9. Jeff Spicoli of Fast Times at Ridgemont High

10. Gollum of Lord of the Rings
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1. Who does NOT belong there?
2. Who should be on there and isn't?
3. any further thoughts? for example, what makes one worthy of the list?

:) Might post the 100 best performances another time, I thought we should handle one list of 100 names at a time.

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If you and a friend were both interested in the same person, how would you decide who got them?

(I know the person has some say in the matter, but disregarding them for the moment.)

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1. What is your opinion of suicide?

2. Do you think that a sexual/romantic partner must be the most important person in one's life, and if so, why?

3. Would you support civil unions being made legal for any and all people (regardless of sexual preferences), including those in a platonic relationship, or not?

4. Who here got their own place as soon as they graduated high school and paid for all or most of their own expenses? What sort of job did you have? Did you have a car? Did you live alone or with a roomate/s?

5. If you read a nonfiction book about a specific real-life subject, would you take the writer less seriously if the writer did not have a PhD or Master's or a Bachelor's degree in something directly related to the topic of the work?
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Yeah, so. Over a week ago, I asked TQC about having mono, and what it was like. If you guys remember when I posted that, good work.

I was exhibiting mono-like symptoms, which was my original reasoning for asking. An hour after asking that question, I was on my way to the hospital for an official diagnosis. They officially diagnosed me as having mono. Anyway...

I've been Googling websites on the subject of mononucleosis, so I already know what I need to do in order to get better (pretty easy and straightforward). But, the websites I find don't cover the little things I'm curious about.

I know not to do any saliva-swapping on the lips with anybody else, let anyone drink out of my cup or share utensils while I'm recovering... but I'm wondering, is it okay to give someone a peck on the cheek? What other little things have you found is okay to do while recovering? I want to ask about sex too, but I know I'm going to have to ask my docs about that one in the morning, just to be totally clear on that matter.

I am pretty lucky that I just have a mild case and haven't had any horror cases like some of you guys who replied to my original entry (I really felt for you! Wow!). I already had mono for a number of weeks before I was officially diagnosed last week, so I seem to FINALLY be on the road to recovery now. But, of course, I'm taking it easy and not pushing myself too much, as per my doc's orders. For all I know, I could feel like shit tomorrow. I'm just amazed at what little is out there on what else is okay to do while you're recovering from mono.

Thanks for any input you can provide me, and yes, I will be calling in tomorrow to ask. I'm pissed that my Google-fu failed me. *shakes fist*
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Help with english homework please?

Give an example of a doublespeak and provide an explanation.

Just a doublespeak would be fine, I can bs the explanation somehow

My eyes burn
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I got two kittens tonight and one of them has fleas.

I seem to remember hearing putting the flea medicine (the liquid that goes on the neck) is not supposed to be put on kittens.

So, what should I do to eliminate the fleas?

What are some toys that you recommend buying them that's pretty cheap? I'm thinking of string and something tied to it so they can chase it around. One of them likes to scratch so I already bought a scratching post (I'd like my furniture to outlast my stay at my apartment).

Kisa (calico) is about 8 weeks old and has the fleas. She was at a farm across the street from my boyfriend's mom's house. They have so many kittens. 2 litters and one of the litters has 9 kittens that are 3 weeks old now. Kisa is pretty shy to everyone else but she's already jumped on my lap and I only got her about 3 hours ago. She likes to talk a lot, but the other kitten hasn't spoken once around me. Extremely affectionate though!.

Diego (black with white paws) is about 5 weeks and doesn't. They're obviously not related, but are actually getting along very well. The reason why I have him at such a young age is that someone dumped him and the rest of his litter on the side of the road. It makes me sad :( He has such a flamboyant personality.

No pictures as I don't own any type of camera, but they are ridiculously cute and love to play :)