September 30th, 2006

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For Americans:

What state are you from?

What region of the country are you least familiar with, as far as knowing about the climate, terrain, industries, etc? (Or even just being able to name all the states in that area.)

I'm from Indiana. (That's, uh, right below the state that looks like a mitten, heh.) I'm least familiar with New England.
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For some reason, when I downloaded the new version of iTunes, it put all my songs in there 3 times. Why the fuck did it do that, and how can I fix it without having to go through and individually deleting each of the 3000+ duplicates?

I figured it out.

ETA: Can I go back to iTunes v.6? Everyone's right, v. 7 sucks major donkey dick.
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Good Morning America

Did anyone watch this either Thursday, Friday, or today?

Did you see a feature on a guy who had an eating disorder?

I wonder just because one of my coworkers had them come and film earlier in the week and they told him it would be this weekend or boyfriend is supposed to be in it briefly, so I'd kind of like to see it...
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Web Browser ?s

Q:What web browsers do you have on your computer?
Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera

Q:Which one do you use the most frequently?
Firefox, but I just downloaded Opera this morning?

Q:Do you know of any other web browsers?

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1. Any recommendations for men's electric shavers? My boyfriend is one of those people who needs to shave everyday to look profesional, but it's starting to wreak havoc on his face. He thinks an electric shaver would help, are they actually easier on your skin?

2. How do you forget about work when you're home? I have a high stress job and every night/weekend I just can't seem to stop thinking about it. Any ideas to push these thoughts from my head while I'm not at the office?
The Dude Abides

Growing up ?s

If you lived in different cities growing up, where do you tell people you're from?

Q: Is it where you were born, where you went to high school, or wherever you have lived the longest?
A: When asked I usually tell people that my dad was in the military so I lived all over but I grew up in the city of Stone Mountain, GA since I finished my last 3½ years of high school there and that's where my dad retired to.
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Flying the coop

Poll #833575 Moving on

How old were you when you move out of your parents home?

before 14
older than 21

For those who are still living with parents, how old are you?

29 and over

EDIT: did those of you who stated that you moved out of your parents place at whatever age, pay rent then? or was it a case of "i moved in with my grandmother who did everything", or "i moved into an apartment, but my parents paid the rent, and all the bills, and did my washing" etc?

EDIT: i moved out of my parents home when i was 15, and payed for everything. continued with school. i'm now at uni, living in an apartment in the same suburb, paying everything too. Uni ressidences are expensive and constricting, at least from what i read, so nooo spankyou.
whenever we have holidays/intra semester break, people ask if i'm going home for the break... well, yeah, it's where i live. but they always mean my parents' home, which i haven't lived in since i was 15. how then, is it my home? it shits me

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Lately I've had to take Buckley's to get rid of a persistent cough. It's definitely the worst tasting medicine I've ever had to take. My partner asked me what it taste like and I really have no idea. For those of you who've had to take Buckley's, what would you say it taste like?

This has been bugging me for over ten years....

In the movie Reservoir Dogs, what the hell was the point of the Mr. Blue character? He's in 2 scenes for probably less than 5 minutes screen time in the entire movie, he says maybe 3 lines in the first one about how he liked Madonna, then he's just sitting in the background in the second scene he's in when Joe is giving everyone their names. Then finally at the end of the movie Joe makes the comment that he's dead. Why was he ever there in the first place? What was the reason for this character to ever exist in this movie?

answered, thanks to niki4jm!

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Is there a community (or do you know a specific website) that lets you download ringtones cheap, or free? Every website I go to is confusing and I feel like I'm getting scammed.

EDIT: Also my sister wants to have "tapas" for dinner tomorrow and wants me to think of recipies. Have you ever had this and know any??
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I try to watch videos on and this comes up:

Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Click here to get the latest flash player. Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Click here to get the latest flash player. 

I think it's the JavaScript problem, do you know how I could get this fixed?



Fuzzy movie question

I believe I'm getting senile in my old age. I can't for the life of me remember the actor who played Fairfax in Mel Gibson's Payback. Don't bother searching imdb. He's not credited. He's an older actor, who died a couple years back. He's been in all sorts of movies over the years. I get him mixed up with Lee Marvin sometimes. I wish I could think of any other movies he was in.

Anyone know who I'm talking about?
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The other lottery question was more about the practicality of the lottery, but what would you do with the money? Would you keep working or live off of interest? Travel the world?

Social Psychology paper topics?

Anyone have any interesting events to analyze from a social psychology point of view? She gave examples like a cult, gambling, and the response to 9/11.

I've thought of some myself, but they're not particularly interesting. I've thought about the Israel-Palestine conflict, school shootings, and binge drinking, but I don't like those very much.

Can you think of any fun ones? It only has to be a few pages
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T_T I want to stitch.

Ok, so, um.

Questions for those who cross-stitch or otherwise embroider.

1. What style and/or brand of stand do you recommend? I've tried simply using hoops, but I prefer the larger patterns so they get a bit unweildy. I've tried a lap stand, which is nice and sturdy but doesn't work well with any of my tables or chairs. And finally, I tried a floor stand that didn't work with any of my hoops (too loose) or the scroll-style holder (fell over repeatedly, then the clamp cracked)

2. Am I supposed to be able to finish my stitching by putting the end of the thread through some already-finished stitches, then start a new thread the same way, without having access to the back of my work? See, I'm looking up stands for my stitching and I can't find one that flips over without having to take everything off the damned stand!
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Got Cuddles?

I'm bored

I want to play a game on my (brand new blinging gaming) computer. I haven't played a computer game in years. I know, I'm a loser.

I used to play:
-Baldur's Gate
-Lord of the Realm
-High Seas Trader

Many of those only exist in their old form and I can't get them to work on my computer. Also, hand movement games (like X-Box) aren't gonna work for me. What game(s) should I get and play? I don't like war-based games or gory kill-everyone games.

Also, what do you do when you're bored?
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Past lives.

Let's assume for a second here that past lives and reincarnation is somehow proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be true.
Let's also assume that you decide to try and find out who you were in a past life.

What would you like to have been in a past life?

- Someone famous, who everyone knows (President Washington, Marie Curie, etc)
- Someone famous who not so many people have heard of (Anne Bonny, who I doubt anyone here knows but whatever)
- Someone who was famous only in your country of residence
- Someone who was famous only in your county/state
- Someone who was famous only in your town/city
- A member of a famous group (for example, a witch in the Salem Witch Trials, a suffragette, etc)
- Just a random person who did nothing of significance in their entire lives

And for the not so law-abiding among us

- A world famous criminal (Charles Manson, a famous gang leader, Jack the Ripper)
- A slightly less famous, but still well known criminal (Mary Bell, for example)
- A petty criminal who was never caught
- A petty criminal who was executed

Secondly, if you do believe in past lives, proof or not, what do you THINK you were?
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My grandmother died a couple months ago, and my grandfather's dealing with it the best he can. For every Christmas for the past 53 years, my grandma made a plate of Christmas cookies that my grandpa and my uncle (who lived w/them) would nibble on all season. My uncle moved out earlier this year, and now my grandma's gone, so my grandpa's in that house alone (other side of the country, too).

My question is: I want to bake him cookies this season to kind of help with the holiday thing, but I don't want it to be a glaring reminder of his lost wife. They were superclose for so long.

Do you think it's a good idea??
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This afternoon, out of the blue, my dad asked why I dont have a boyfriend, and if it is because of my "whole Ani Difranco thing?" He was only half serious but it was still an uncomfortable moment for me. I know I will be calling my friends up later and laughing hysterically about it, though.

What are some things your parents have asked/said to you that made you uncomfortable and/or laugh?

Virgin Mobile Ringtones & Leaving the nest

I have a K10 Royale with virgin mobile prepaid service (I know, I'm really moving up in the world). I want to take Cake's "Shut the fuck up" and make a ringtone out of that. Would I just trim the mp3 file in audacity? Then what? Do I txt the file to myself? And, other then those scam sites, are there any places where I can get free virgin mobile ringtones (or ringtones that you have to pay for, as long as they offer something more then "I'm bringing sexy back").

Also, if you live away from your parents house, how old were you when you moved? What where the circumstances behind why you moved (college, marriage, freedom)?
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What do you do when you win the lottery - like millions of dollars?

Do you call the police first, to make sure your ticket isn't stolen?
Or do you call a lawyer first?
The lotto people, the safety deposit people, the bank?

After calling family, of course, how does it all work?

Serious question :(

How much would it cost for someone who has no health insurance to get a lump checked out? I wish this was something that could wait until I get hired for real at my job and get some benefits, but it's not and I'm actually really scared. And also how do I find a doctor in a town I've never had medical care in before? ok duh. Ignore that.

P.S. The lump is in a really embarrassing spot*... would I need to see a doctor that specializes in that area of the body or would I need to just go to the hospital or something? I don't know how this all works :(

*By really embarrassing spot, I mean my anal area. Now that I've undoubtedly attracted those w/a 12-year-old's sense of humor...


Thanks everyone for your replies, be they constructive or otherwise. This entry was a production of me freaking the hell out... I've called my mom and I've had a good night's sleep and I feel better (emotionally) now, but last night I freaked out and so I'm in much better spirits now. Blah...
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I'm in a debate with a friend.

Does celibacy extend to masturbation? I'm always saying that I'm as "celibate as a nun" and I do masturbate but have not had sex. My friend says ceilbacy includes keeping ones hands out of her pants.

Motorola v500 Camera Fault

My friend has a Motorola v500 and when he tried to use the camera it shows a message saying "Busy,try again.Memory 60%".

We've looked on Google and tried the various suggestions like tasking the battery out to reset, and making sure the camera unlocked, but with no success.
Has anyone else emcountered this, and can you please tell us how to fix it?
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Where are my parents?

They went out shopping for yardwork stuff this morning but should have been home several hours ago (as it is nearly 9pm now) and had no other plans for the weekend. However, they are not answering their home or cell phones (and it's an hour drive for me to get to their house). Suggestions? My morbid little mind is working on the flaming car wreck scenarios already.
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I've recently started trying out the Text-To-Speech function of my Windows XP to read some documents aloud to me in the Adobe and MS Readers. Its pretty handy and makes following along a little easier, but I'm finding the voices to be just stupid. They say the punctuation out loud and don't understand words like couldn't so they spell them out.

Are there any voices out there that don't do this? Where can I find them?

I know most of them do because this is a function for the impaired, but I'm hoping to find some that can just pause for a period, or make the sentence sound like a question instead of stating "question mark". I'm willing to pay if I find a good one that sounds decently natural and knows the english language. I don't expect proper pronunciation of every word or name, i'm just really annoyed with the fact the ones I'm finding keep saying the punctuation out loud.
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Just wondering who here has an "exotic pet"? For example, flying squirrels, skunks, sugargliders, hedgehogs, etc. Just anything besides the dog/cat/hamster/fish/etc.

Which exotic pet(s) do you have?
What do people think about them?

What is your care routine with them? Approx how much do you spend on them?
What's their behavior/action like? (For example, more aloof, more friendly, playful, etc)
What do you want to tell people who wants to get your exotic pet?

Feel free to share any pics :)
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What are the best ways to protect clothing fabric from pests? (Specifically carpet beetles, but moths as well. The person asking me to ask this online says they want to find something other than moth balls due to the smell.)


i go to cuny john jay college of criminal justice. i'm a freshman
i love my friends.
i like my classes.
i hate the commute. (i live on long island, so it's a 40 minutes train ride then 10 minute subway ride.)

in january i'm moving to w.130th st.
i'm so excited.
but i might not be offered housing next year, and there is no way i'm commuting again.

i'm applying to some schools for transfer.
i'm applying to suny albany.
where else should i apply?
what are some good criminal justice schools?

po3 doll//calm

вы говорите другие языки?

Has anyone here ever used any of the products from

Mr. Po3 and I are debating getting their language software, but we're not sure as we've never used it. Of course there are glowing testimonials on their website, but I'd like to know if anyone has any specific experience with their programs.

And bonus questions: A. Do you speak a language outside of your native language?
                                    B. If you do, what are they?
                                    C. If you don't, what would you like to speak?

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