September 29th, 2006

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Women, Do you prefer:

A.) Attractive, arrogant, cocky, stubborn, insensitive asshole guys who will undoubtably abuse, use, manipulate, lie, cheat, steal and degrade you.


B.) A Not neccesarily attractive but still a beautiful human being who is compassionate, sensitive but not overly emotional, caring, understanding, tolerant, intelligent, assertive, independent, confident and loyal .

If A > B, why? Even subconsciously, why would a woman choose A > B.

It seems silly to even have to pose this question but it seems that every single woman that I come across whom I come close to finding myself in a relationship with usually end up going with type A guys over type B guys. I've heard it all; 'women just like a challenge' or 'women just like guys they want to fix'. Why is it that more abusive, manipulative, egocentric guys can get girlfriends or, more commonly, sex partners or fuck buddys but guys who are responsible, independent, intelligent and compassionate get left out in the dust. If looks have everything to do with it why do so many girls deliberately lie and say that looks don't matter at all?

In a larger, more universal, view of things I personally feel we only accept the love that we feel we deserve or that we only receive what we are willing to allow. Which is a little sad when you look at our culture with our high divorce rate and the fact that a woman is beaten, raped or molested every ten seconds. Women are objectified and guys are taught that it is 'cool' to be arrogant and rude and that it is important to establish a strong, tough, domineering identity in order to be accepted while women are taught to yet again be submissive only this time under the guise of 'independence' and taught (by the media, most importantly) that since guys are going to try to use women for sex that they should try to get the most out of it, usually by financial means.

If you agree with the above statements, what should type B guys do?
If you disagree, what is your reasoning?

And most importantly, if it is true that we only accept the love we feel we deserve and accept only that which we allow than would it be safe to say that the only way we will ever save ourselves and our culture and experience true healthy relationships is by loving, truly loving, ourselves?

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Alright, I'm looking for a Children's book. It's based off of the "Wife of Bath's Tale" from The Canterbury Tales Collapse )

The book is fully illustrated. I remember being creeped out by the old woman (10-15 years ago, so it's not a new book).

I've searched for this book on, and with no results. Does anyone know what book this is?

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1. Would you consider reading/buying a book about
Collapse )

2. If yes, what part would you want to read the most about? His childhood, his job working with rock stars, or his own family?

3. If no, any particular reason why?

4. What type of books do you typically read?

5. How can you tell what shape your face is?
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car question

so, i have a 1997 dodge ram 1500. (i know, *high five* for a sweet ride, right?)
yesterday it started making this godawful screeching noise whenever it is in drive.
when it is idling in park it sound perfectly fine.
if i happen to put the air conditioner or heater on, the loud screeching noise intensifies.
sooo... anyone know if this is perhaps a loose fan belt?
and if so, how the hell much it is going to cost me to repair? (*cringe*)
rufus, muppy

How to make it stop.

My question: How do you stop feeling responsible for a friend's suicide?

Background: On January 20th, 2006, my best friend from highschool committed suicide after getting into a fight with her boyfriend. She was 19.
She and I had been best friends from about Grade 8-10 with a bumpy patch at the end of our friendship. She had become increasingly promiscuous, and I didn't agree with it, so we fought often and it eventually ruined our friendship. In the process we both said a lot of bad things about eachother. The summer before she died, I saw her while I ws working. It was the first time in nearly a year that we spoke, and it was on good terms. We both were friendly, and seemed to forgive eachother for all the crap we put eachother through in highschool.

Still, I feel like I'm part of why she died. I was so horrible to her, and while yes, she was horrible to me, I still feel responsible. I feel like her family blames me (although I know this is probably just me being crazy, they've never done anything whatsoever to make me feel this way), and I constantly have bad dreams about everything. It's just so hard. I do miss her, and I feel horrible still. I wish I could have told her I was sorry, and that I really did care about her, and still do.
Sean and Julie

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I work at a motel, owned by a company who also owns a Time-Share Resort (eeeevil, I know).

Today I have a meeting with one of the salesmen and I am supposed to tell him my ideas on how to entice my guests at the motel to go over to the resort and talk to him (or rather, listen to him talk about how great owning time share is). I have no ideas, I can't think of a thing.

So my question is, what would entice you to go listen to a timeshare presentation??

In the past he has given out free dinners, free kayaking rentals, coupons for local businesses, etc.

(x-posted even though I hate doing that... I'm desparate)

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What do you think of people who don't vote? (Who are able to.)

Does your opinion change if the person is actively choosing not to vote? (As opposed to being to lazt to drag themselves to the poll station.)

Piggybacking on weather questions...

What temperature is "cold" to you? Chilly? Hot?

Where do you live?

As a lifelong Virginian, I think chilly is anything below 65, cold is anything below 50, and hot is anything over 80, speaking in degrees Farenheit. My Northern friends say I'm a sissy, but I'm just glad we have four seasons here.

I'm quite possibly on the verge of immense stupidity

Provided that debt is not an issue, is it better to:

A., continue on through school and get a degree in something that my heart isn't really in but that I'm good at, entering the job market with a bachelor's degree, or...

B., put school on hold until I discover what I really want, having to tackle student loan debt with an incomplete education in a difficult job market, but eventually studying a passion?

After looking at some of the responses to mxmxs' post, I'm wondering whether or not I should just drop out of school altogether for a while. Like I said before, I'm on the verge of some (possibly) grade A stupid decisions. What say you, oh wise and snark-tastic internet?
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Hypothetical and a poll

You get a phone call at 2 in the morning, and it's your closest friend. Your friend relays to you that in a fit motivated by both anger and liquor, he or she killed somebody, probably someone they already didn't like for purposes of this question. Your friend is crying and borderline hysterical and keep saying how sorry he or she is this ever happened, and...

They ask you for help getting rid of the body. Your friend has a place in mind, across town, where he or she think that no one will ever look. It's not a bad hiding place, with a fairly good chance of not being discovered. Your help is just needed because your friend cannot lift the body by themselves.

Do you help?

Poll cue
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earlier i was sitting in the patio at my work and a rat jumped through the screen and ran straight to a mouse trap. i had no idea we even had them set out. but the trap was a small tray with a gel like substance in it with bait in the middle. the rat go stuck in this really awkward position. well i thought it was dead until it started trying to lurch itself out of it. very soon after someone called maintenance and they killed it. in the future is there any way at all to free it out of that stuff or is that the end of the rat? and should i even look into this or is it better for it to just be killed? i'm glad i wasn't eating, but it was a pretty terrible thing to see
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First Question

Can anyone tell me the name of this show/tv movie/whatever?

The show is more than 12 years old. Probably more than 15. I think it was a disney production. It was science fiction. The things that I can really remember about it are

1) It was about these people on a long-range space ship
2) they exercized with these little discs that attached to their skin and they could adjust how much the discs weighed through artificial gravity (I think)
3) they come across this huge structure in space and discover that their spaceship fits into a hole in the structure just like a jigsaw puzzle piece.

This has driven me crazy for years. I've asked scifi geek friends (of which I have a lot) and have never cleared up the mystery

Edit: Got the answer. Earth Star Voyager. Aired in 1988 on the Wonderful World of Disney. It was a two part pilot for a show that was never picked up.

Irridescent Meat

I just hit the drive through at Arby's, because Arby's is different, and different is good.

At any rate, I opened up my little fake roast beef sandwich to put their fake BBQ sauce made of salt and msg and some other shit when i noticed that the fake roast beef had a...oh....SHINE.

It was irridescent.

Now - I have a pretty strong constitution, I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding, and I have nothing huge planned for the afternoon.

Should I eat it?

note to all who are about to clutch their pearls and say "Can't this bitch figure out what to eat without us telling her?", zip it.  I already made the decision.  I just want to know if you would advise in favor or against it.

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What makes a car commercial funny for/to you? (for the ones that are.)-What would make you laugh/what would like to see done to make them more funny? What "sticks" out to you in a car commercial.
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how often do you
-go tanning?
-get a pedicure/manicure?

One of my friends gave me her boyfriend's brother's old mattress because mine was a piece of garbage covered with mold but this one cigarette smoke and just badness. Recommended treatment to remove the smell?

Edit: and in case anyone is wondering, I already tried febreeze and it made the stink a lot worse. Now I have a wet, rich musty smell accompanying the cigarette smell. (Mind you, I sprayed it outside and let it sit several hours and it still smells).

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So... can someone please explain what "faggots" mean in context of this table?



I mean, faggots apparently have a lot of iron, but as a vegetarian and a woman, I don't think I should be eating them... whatever they are.

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What's the treatment for a stress fracture, generally? because, my doctor told me to keep it elevated, stay off it, ice, advil, generic injury care- and come back in a week if it still hurts, because a stress fracture won't show up on an x ray until it starts repairing.
If it still hurts, and I go back and get an xray, and it -is- a stress fracture.. will my instructions change at all? I've never had one before, and if the treatment is still rest/ice/advil, there's not much point in my bothering to go back in, is there?

Was looking at a flier on a pizza box- college town chain, flyer listed some 20 different locations as (universit) (city) (phone number), so this seems a corporate-issue flier...
And it says "X pizza company is always hiring delivery drivers- flexible hours, $8-$14/hour, no dorky uniforms, cash paid nightly" (emphasis mine)
... is that normal? that just seems a bit dodgy to me, any time I hear of someone getting paid cash they're working illegal overtime(underage) or are trying to avoid taxes/garnished wages.

Edit- i suppose it could be tips, but they list tips in the spiel of the 'benefits'. I think they said cash paid nightly twice on the flier.

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Yesterday I bought a hat and because my mother put the fear of lice into me, I want to make sure I wont get possible head lice. Since I can't wash it, couldn't I use my sanitizer spray can and give it a good layer? Or should I go out and buy some lice spray?
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Database database...

I'm wondering if what I want even exists and if it does, if it's going to be cost-prohibitive...

In running a large co-op community. It's a mess. There are 50+ users making orders and when the community collapses the threads (after 50 comments are made - thanks LJ!), it's a nightmare trying to keep everything straight. Really, ideally, I want to have a customer-editable database where they can enter their billing information securely as well as their order and can always keep it up to date if they need to change anything. I also need to be able to have running totals of all the orders together somewhere, as well, but I can do that manually, I suppose. It would be nice if that was something done automatically so I can't screw it up.

The only thing that kinda does this is Yahoo groups. It's free, the database is built in, but I have to ask the members to go join there and I don't want to lose anybody in the transition or lose anyone who doesn't already have an account there.

The Question: Does anybody know of a software explained in detail above?
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How do you fight loneliness?

Also -

Has any woman here started Depo-Provera and then bled for two months straight after you reached your time of the month? Is this normal for me to do that?
W: Whispering

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Does anybody know what pant size H&M goes up to?

I have a Large sweatshirt from there that fits perfectly and would like to try some pants from there. But the website is no help.

Thanks! :)
Garfield - diet
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Thai food

I don't know how I've managed to get so far in life without trying it, but for the first time I am going to a Thai restaurant tommorrow night.

Can you recommend any dishes that I must try?

I like tangy & flavoursome but not too hot.

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I'm not a smoker (at most it's a few cigs when drinking with my friends), but my nails has a yellowish colour to them. What causes yellow nails besides smoking?

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Today I turned 20 and feel rather sick. I was with this guy a long time and we're no longer together. People like to emphasize a bday and the fact that you should be celebrating when all I want to do is celebrate with a bottle of tylenol. HAHA...I dont care for birthdays..Why do we even have to achnowledge it? should I answer the phone? cause I dont like to shit on other people's night. Or maybe watch the first season of Flavor Of Love. Cause I know that if I go out, I'll regret it. What do you do to not feel like fuck? Just wondering.

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I just found objectdock (can we say mac envy?) but I cant figure out how to delete my recycle bin from my backround. I just want it to be on the dock thingy. So how does one delete their recycle bin?

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What do you do when you're by yourself on a Friday night?
My friends are all with their spouses/significant others tonight. My significant other is a hundred miles away.
Don't say craft project cause I've got about a hundred of those.
And I swear to God, I've seen the whole internet, so unless its something amazing, don't suggest that.
Nothing is open late in my town, except WalMart and the one coffee shop that I refuse to patron.
That probably makes me SOL, but it was worth a try ;-)
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My bf left work, told his dad he'd be there later. It's 10:30 - this is so out of character for him. Should I be worried?
(Because Iam. Worried sick, in fact.)

eta: 11:15 - no answer, not even his dad. i have to go to bed though, work tomorrow, and i think his dad is tired of me calling (lol)..    
if it was something dumb like he went to go play video games, i will chew his ass out so bad.

UPDATE: He was at his boss's house. The boss first told me, no, I never saw him after work, to yeah he was over for a half hour, but he was there the whole night! His boss got a hurtin from me, let me tell ya! Thanks for your concern, guys! :)

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Anyone have a link to where I can listen to free audio books online?
Doesn't have to be downloadable.

All the pages I get from my search either require me to pay something or only like a 3 minute clip of the book.

People not invited.

I arranged a homecoming get together before homecoming at a pretty nice restaurant. I already counted people and got reservations. Everyone is paying for their own so it's not a big deal.
But this one girl from work is not invited. We are not friends and she does not like me. Now however all of a sudden she is saying she is going. I don't have a reservation for her nor do I want her there. All the other people going are friends from school who work with me and are not friends with her either.

But every two seconds she says "I'm coming whether you like it or not."

I have made it very clear that she is not invited.

What would you do if you were in my position?

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My boyfriend has a HUGE zit/blackhead/something on his back, I noticed it a few days ago in the shower, and at first thought it was some kind of mole.  I took a closer look at it again today in the shower, and its deffinetly something like a zit... pop-able.  I don't know how he hasn't noticed it himself, it looks like it would be within his reach. 

How do I go about asking him if I can get rid of it?  Or if he can get rid of it himself?  Its going to drive me crazy if its there!  I know this seems like such a petty thing, but it needs to go!


1. What do you think of PayPal for buying/selling items?

2. What bank do you use? Do you like it?

3. Which of these things do you have?:
a. credit card
b. debit card
c. checking account
d. savings account