September 27th, 2006

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digital camera printers?

Can anyone recommend a good digital camera printer?

I was looking at the Epson PictureMate Deluxe but some of the reviews said that if you don't use it at least once a week, that you have to clean the nozzles and it's a real hassle.

Also, I looked at some Canon ones, but lots of people complained about the color. They said there was a problem with a red tint.

I'd like an easy to use printer that can do both color and black and white. One that is close to store quality, and does glossy and matte. One that I can use once a month, or every couple days and have the quality remain good.

Any suggestions?

lactose intolerant


is it considered taboo to sell flasks in home goods stores?

if i went to pick up a few flasks tomorrow morning (no time to order online), where should i look?
(i thought liquor stores were pretty much solid, but i only found one that did sell flasks, and...they were denim)

it's looking pretty dismal.
cheap is certainly preferable.
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(no subject)

My computer hates me today or something.

Trillian randomly started making other windows get squished up when I bring up my buddy list, and I can't move my buddy list from the position it's in. What did I do and how do I fix it?

What's your favorite study method? Least favorite?
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car wash sort of question

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i have a pt cruiser. there is an adhesive residue looking mark on the front and back bumpers, and ive noticed it on every other pt cruiser with that style of bumper. my guess is that its from the tape they use when they transport the cars when they are brand new.

any idea what product i could use to get that adhesive residue(???) off the bumper without damaging the paint?
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I'm adopting an Australian Cattle Dog from a no-kill shelter/sanctuary called Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

After watching a couple of those "gee, animals get euth'd all the time, adopt adopt adopt neuter neuter neuter" videos, I'm starting to feel guilty because the dog I'm adopting wouldn't be PTS if I didn't adopt him. They have a great life at the sanctuary. But a shelter close by euthanizes maybe 70%, and they live in cold metal cages. Should I back out of the adoption and adopt a dog from the kill shelter? I've wanted this dog for 7 months; he's basically my dream dog. Am I just being dumb?


1. How do I make the section symbol? The little squiggly S thing that on desktops is alt-789? I'm looking for a shortcut rather than using the character map.

2. Are there any household products I can use to clean my laptop screen/keyboard? Is a damp cloth OK? I have a matte screen.
-- (I spilled some coffee on it. Now it's a bit sticky.)

3. Anyone have carpal tunnel? Doesn't it suck? Is there any way I can avoid this on my laptop? I wear braces at night and it helps, but if I could avoid it altogether that'd be nice.
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time travel

1. If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?
2. If you could go back in time and watch one historical event w/o affecting it, what would it be?

1. go back and not date my ex, that was a disaster
2. I always wanted to witness the death of Ludwig II

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most morning when i wake up, i'm drenched in a cold sweat (mostly my chest and back). i have no idea why this happens and have pretty much given up on trying to find out. but what confuses me doesn't smell like normal sweat or body odor. it has a completely different smell..why is that? isn't it just sweat?
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I'm writing an essay about society's denial of pain, and I've written myself into a corner.
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I don't want to cheapen pain by lableing it 'emo', but the expression of pain can come across as a type of emotion in my book.

how do you think I should deal with this? I've been beating my head against it for a while now.

Edit: it's a creative writing course. The assignment is to do a study on a part of society that makes us feel left out. I have a pain disorder and have been harassed because of it. What I'm trying to say is that for some reason our society frowns on pain, mostly because it (pain) means that that things are not perfect and we, as a society, are perfectionists.
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red goatee!!

(no subject)

need an opinion. I'm going to, at some point, reasonably soon, buy a poster for my apartment. I'm probably going to get a George Ham Monaco Grand Prix print. Question is, do I get (images under the lj-cuts):

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of these three, which do you like best?

Evil bunnies

(no subject)

1. Without looking at the clock, what time do you think it is?
2. What time is it really?
3. When did you last check the time?
15 minutes ago

My boyfriend always says I have an uncanny knack at knowing the time, so I just wondered if anyone else does the same thing.
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(no subject)

1. I'm looking for a community on livejournal. It was about people posting random writings/letters/poems, in the early morning hours. For some reason, 2 A.M. sticks in my mind, maybe that was involved in the name of the community. I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find it. So, does anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks... :]
Got it, thanks! :D

2. (This question is just for fun)... I need to dye my hair. Should I go dark brown/black OR dark red/black?

3. If you've ever gotten pulled over by a cop and got a ticket, why did you get the ticket and how much was it?
- I've never been pulled over, thank goodness!
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happy songs.

What song or songs make you feel really happy and peaceful when you hear them?

For me lately, it's been "The Rainbow Connection" especially the "la la-ing" that Kermit does in the song.
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Outlook Express

I'm so sorry -- I know I posted earlier today but I need help with something... I'm using Microsoft Outlook.

1. Is there a way to put links (i.e., to Livejournal) in the shortcuts menu or favorites folder?

2. Is there a way to make hyperlinks launch inside of outlook instead of opening a separate MIE screen? (I noticed microsoft office online opens within outlook, and is also in the shortcuts menu).

3. Is there a way to reply to comments in the LJ e-mails through outlook? Whenever I try to comment, the spacebar doesn't work, so I have to open LJ itself.

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Because gender questions, double standards and gender bias always interests me

Poll #831426 Gender bobender fee fi fofender

I generally prefer watching movies where the lead character/s are _____

women, like me
men, like me
women, the opposite gender of me
men, the opposite gender of me

You're hiring a new person. You have 2 applicants. Both are qualified, are nice and fairly easygoing, and both easy on the eyes. Who do you hire?

the woman, who's the same gender as me
the man, who's the same gender as me
the woman, who's the opposite gender as me
the man, who's the opposite gender as me

You're more likely to listen to a new band if the lead singer is ____

a woman, the same gender as me
a man, the same gender as me
a woman, the opposite gender as me
a man, the opposite gender as me

A couple you know breaks up. You are friends with both the man and the woman evenly. You hear about the breakup through the grapevine without hearing of the reason why. The things about the couple that you think could be involved are the woman is a flirt but is happy with her man, and the guy is the jealous type, but does treat her like a queen. Without knowing more about the breakup, who do you assume is the one messed up the relationship?

The man. I'm a woman
The woman. I'm a woman
The man. I'm a man
The woman. I'm a man

You know two other couples, but not very well. The first couple, the male is verbally abusive and controlling to the woman, but she sticks around anyway. In the second, the woman uses the man and takes advantage of his niceness and generally walks all over him, but he sticks around anyway. Who do you have less respect for?

The woman for staying with the abusive guy. I am a woman
The woman for staying with the abusive guy. I am a man
The man for staying with the woman who uses him. I am a woman
The man for staying with the woman who uses him. I am a man

Your doctor is fairly young , but they're knowledgable, friendly and seem generaly like a good person. You'd prefer your doctor be ____

a man. I'm a woman
a man. I'm a man
a woman. I'm a woman
a woman. I'm a man

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My cat has just been diagnosed yesterday with diabetes after a blood glucose test. She supposedly is pretty high, and is recommended by my vet to take insulin.

At this point though I want to see all my options and read some personal experiences with something like this. I want to try to avoid insulin at all costs, but I know that insulin could potentially be the only solution. I have an appointment tomorrow with a local holistic veterinarian to see if there are options there.

My main concern is that with insulin she could potentially go into a hypoglycemic state. My other concern is that I have a fear of needles, but I'm going to definitely conquer that fear if I have to. And last but not least is that I work full time, go to school full time, and so coming up with tons of money isn't going to be easy.

So if anyone has any advice, or any experiences with dealing with a diabetic animal please let me know. The other thing is that some of you may have experiences with different types of insulin and if they were successful or not, that would also help.

The last thing is that I noticed that some diabetic cats have become diabetic due to cortisone. My cat had a cortisone injection about four or five months ago due to a skin irritation. I've looked up some information about this and it states that a good veterinarian will let you know that cortisone injections can cause diabetes. My vet said nothing of the sort. I'm not sure if I should hold him accountable for that, but it definitely doesn't make me too happy.

(Apologies for posting this in quite a few places, but I need all the help I can get).

Thanks for all the help

rider tied

(no subject)

Has anyone from TCQ ever inspired you to do something without them even realising it?

Because of fireyphoenix and their avatar, I now really want to watch Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - it just looks so cool and gory, and considering my love of Elfen Lied, that seems right up my alley.
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(no subject)

Is there a way to find out what Google is commemorating when they put a design in their logo (without asking you fine people every time, of course)? Sometimes you can click on the logo, but not today, when the o's a cupcake.

And on that note, what's the cupcake about? My best guess is that it's the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth, but I'm surprised Google cares.

Edit: both answered, thanks. :)
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(no subject)

Have you ever known anyone whose done the famous In-Your-Eyes-Boombox-Over-Head scene from Say Anything? If so, how did it happen/what happened/what were the circumstances/aka what was the story behind it?
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(no subject)

Any ideas for ways to convince a lawyer to give me back the $350 they just sucked from my bank account with NO warning what so ever? I already told them that I'm now going to be homeless and my car is going to get reposessed (both true) but apparently these people have no conscious!

EDIT: The debt is over two years old... My fiance and I were NEVER contacted about it within that time... There has been NOTHING sent to us regarding a lawsuit, collections, a judgement, ANYTHING... Next time I have a question, I'll be sure NOT to ask it here... All I wanted was advice and now people are making me out to be the bad guy because I fucked up a long time ago and got myself into debt...

EDIT2: I never gave them ANY information, ESPECIALLY my bank acct info... I have never even TALKED to these people before today... 2.0 development in vs2005

ok, i've done uber amounts of poking, and i can't find this. it's about to drive me crazy . . .

ok, if you've ever done 2.0 development in visual studio 2005, you know how, when you create the .aspx, it auto generates an .aspx.cs file? well, here's my question.

is there any way to force vs2005 to create the file that goes with myfile.aspx to be myfile.cs, and NOT myfile.aspx.cs? the double extension thing is just so $%^@54 @$%^@$%^@ed.


oh, and, so all the non uber geeks can have something to answer, what did you have for lunch today? i had a couple of borritos . . .
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Make Up!!

Do department stores still do makeovers at the counter?

We need an emergency makeup job for a wedding. The makeup person that was going to do it threw a hissy fit and won't do it now. The other bridesmaids and I are makeup-challenged. The bride has a person she's trying to get ahold of that may be able to do it, but just in case...

Or is there anyone in the San Francisco bay area that does makeup that would care to help a TQC'r out? (I'm kidding. Mostly...)

Headless bodies...

After watching the movie 'Jeepers Creepers 2' (yes I am aware it's only a movie, but still...) I pondered this question: Is it true that when a human gets their head cut off their body below is still active for a few seconds or so afterwards (hand movements etc)? Or do they just fall down and die straight away (aka not what happened in the movie).
That being said, what would you feel being beheaded, pain or all over in a second?
Don't brand me as morbid, just curious!
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Why did so many people miss the point of Finding Nemo?

You know, poor little Nemo was taken away from his home, friends and family, so people could have him as a pet. Yet heaps of people straight after watching the movie were like "hey cool, clownfish are great! let's go buy one and have it as a pet!"

I know he originally went off by himself and THEN was captured, but he was still captured for human purposes

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How old would you say middle aged was?

I know technically it's late-thirties to forties, because that's the middle of your life, but I never think of people in their early forties as middle-aged. My mom is 46 and would clatter me if I called her that.

What's your favorite Dusty Springfield song?

Breakfast in Bed.
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(no subject)

One of my LJ friends from England recently sent me what we call a Package of Britishness. To reciprocate, I will be sending her a Box of Texas. What kind of things would you include?

The Box of Texas is also serving as a Package of America-ness: I'm sending her Kool-Aid, Reese's, Jolly Ranchers, and whatever else I can think of that she may not have. I asked her if there was anything she'd heard of that she'd like to experience, and she told me this:

Imogen once brought back these amazingly sour sweets from the US which I thought were possibly the best thing in the 'verse. The fact that I've completely forgotten what they're called may be an issue but they were small, disc shaped and sour.

Do you have any idea what she's referring to?

edit: Additionally, if you are from the UK (or anywhere that's not the US, really), what would you be interested in?

(no subject)

So I started working out at Curves. (Do you remember the boob question?)

It's only been two weeks and maybe it's just in my head, but I swear my boobs have lifted a little. :/ Haha.

Anyway. I don't think my butt's gotten bigger but now I have those little white "clear" stretch marks all over each cheek. WTF??!!

Should I be worried? What the hell do these whitish, peachy, skin-colored stretch marks mean? Can I make them go away? :(

And, what do the percentages mean when you're measuring your heart rate? For my age I should be at 24 beats per 10 second count and that's in the 70% range; but... what does it mean?

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I need a new computer. Mine's on its last legs, it's dying. I'm hoping it survives till Christmas, when I get a new one. I'm looking into Macs. What are the differences between those and Windows? Which do you think is better? Anybody have any opinions?

(no subject)

Is there any way that I can get some of these late fees removed/reduced? I managed to overdraw my account by about 15 dollars. Then the military sent me somewhere where there was no internet access and no banks that I could deposit money into.

Now, the military put me back, but they put me in a place where there are no banks that I can deposit money into. Any suggestions for getting the fees refunded?


By the way, the bank is Wells Fargo. There are NONE east of the Mississippi.

(no subject)

1. For AIM users: What ad is currently on your buddy list? Are you male or female.
2. Can you think of a good reason someone would write a check for 73 cents to a major cellular service company?

My Answers:
1. An ad for Tampax Pearl tampons. I am female.
2. No, but I work for a check company and someone did write such a check and it bounced! (For account closure though... if it was for insufficient funds it would be even odder!) I can understand if it was one of our other merchants- a popular convenience store- and they got a candy bar or something, but does anything at (name of cellular service company) even cost less than a dollar? probably not!!! =P
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(no subject)

Boyfriend and I get a phone plan. But because we did not have a $400 deposit for each phone, Boyfriend's mom orderes the phones for us. So the account is in Mom's name, but we pay the bill every month on time. Mom gets her son (boyfriend's younger brother) on the phone plan dispite us not wanting him on. So for the past two months Brother had talked away all the minutes and gotten a wazzoo of charges. So Mom keeps saying that she's going to take brother's phone but has yet to do so dispite numerous requests. If we take the phone well she says there's going to be hell to pay becasue he "needs" a phone. Our original plan was to take the phone from brother and give him Mom's Pre-Paid Cell phone. But with her not switching phones, it's not working out. Boyfriend and I are very tired of shelling out all this money. (About $700 these past two months) Brother shows no sign of stopping his chatting. Well, why would he, he doesn't have to pay? So Boyfriend wants to stop paying Brother's portion of the bill so Mom will get tough and take Brother's phone to save her credit.

Good plan of action or not?
Any other less drastic plans of action you can think of?

Totally rude of me?

Okay, I am back in college and having a small problem.

The guy I sit next to in class has horrible stench mouth. It is bad enough to make me want to hurl when I smell him, when ever he talks in my direction.

Luckily he is blind so he can't see the revulsion on my face.

So, would it be totally rude of me to start getting tictacs and offering him one before class starts? I don't use them, but I gag when I smell him, and I can't move to another seat, they are all taken. He sometimes has bad b.o. too, but I can (just barely) stand that.

So, what would you do?
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Nautical, uh, clothes?

Someone I know is going to a business convention thing and needs to dress "nautical", but still business-like, for one of the events. Can anyone recommend any colour combinations or little articles of clothing or little accessories (that are easily accessible, hopefully in the home - not like "zomg a navy costume") that could, uh, navy up an outfit?


A worried "high" question


I"m almost out of weed, and it was totally strong bong via pipe.  I'm more lightheaded and have an almost too salty taste in my mouth as well as extreme fatigue with my eyes kind of drooping.  Is that the power of the weed?  I'm a bit overwhelmed, as this never happened before.  Like I feel kind of out of control.  More "high" than usual I guess.

Have you had that happen?  I'm a little worried about it. 
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Two things

--I am looking for a word to use in a piece f writing that means--
It instantly grabbed my attention, i was immediatly/instinctively fond of it
I am talking about a poem if that helps anything.

What is a poem called when it is in this rhyme scheme?



thank you
kate and I.

Theme Song..

Anyone remember MTV's "I Want A Famous Face"? (the show where the people get plastic surgery to look like celebrities)... well, I've been looking all over for the theme song, and I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know what it is?

This is a part of one of the episodes. The intro song gets cut off a little bit, but I think it should give people a good idea of what it sounds like.