September 26th, 2006

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cat questions

I have a cat that is chewing up the liner in her litter box. She also chews on any plastic bags that may be around the house. Is is normal for a cat to be chewing on plastic? How do I get her to stop chewing the kitty litter liner?
Thank you for your help.
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I suck.

I placed a huge order at Old Navy who was offering free shipping on orders over $50.... I got a little overzealous with the clickity-click and FORGOT to enter the promo code for the free shipping.

I sent them an e-mail and am still waiting for a response, but what is the liklihood of me getting refunded the shipping cost?

OH another question, sorta related... I was thinking about how when you make online purchases all the transaction information is saved on file so there is no need for a paper receipt. How come when you use your credit card or debit card in-store, you still have to get a paper receipt? Will there ever come a time when "plastic" transactions don't get paper receipts back?
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Based on earlier iTunes post

For those of you who've been jaded from upgrading iTunes, even before the doneky-ball sucking 7.0 came out, what is the latest version you're running? How come? And how long can you run X version before you HAVE to upgrade?

I've been updating right before 7.0, and after reading several complaints posts, frankly I'm afraid to go to 7.0.

(no subject)

Can any of you help me to find a Sylvester Stallone interview from the early 70s about Rocky? My mom was telling me about one where Stallone explains how he went on a basicly meat diet for get the glazed over look in Rocky. I'm curious to see it for myself.
yes, please

(no subject)

Ok peeps, I need songs for a soundtrack for breaking up/it's over. Do you know any good ones?

So far, thanks to my iTunes on shuffle, I've added :

Social Distortion - Ball and Chain
Dire Straits - So Far Away

I need some more, enough to fit on an iPod Shuffle.
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Ink tags ahoy!

What should you do if you throw your receipt away and THEN notice a nice little ink tag neatly reposing on your sweater? Luckily I was able to rummage through a lot of trash and then find the thing, but they were very suspicious at the store when I said, "Can you remove my ink tag?" before I produced my receipt. What do you do if you genuinely can't find the thing at all? Call the store, protest your innocence, weep copiously? Buy another whatever-it-is, get the ink tag of the first removed with the second receipt, and then return the second thing?
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Video Editing

I'm looking for a good video editing program so I can be a nerd and make AMVs. It needs to be fairly easy to use/learn (I tried to learn Adobe Premiere and it was far too complex for me) and needs to be able to process .ogm and .mkv files for editing.
It doesn't matter if it's free or not, just the names will do fine :) thanks!
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(no subject)

Hey everyone!
Not meaning to exploit anything here, but I was wondering if someone could help me understand what's being said, in this clip of Bindi Irwin reading a tribute to her dad. It sounds incredibly sweet, and as I'm slightly hearing impaired, it's tough to make out what individual words are at times, without being able to see the person's face better. Here's the clip:
Could anyone tell me the gist? Also... anyone else think she looks like one of the most cutest, sweetest kids? I wonder if she ever took part in stuff Steve was doing, or will grow up to be the same way. Go hug your local critter....
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oh noes....

okay, tqc-ers...

i got invited to a wedding that is this friday. my best friend's older sister. i've met her all of three times and met the groom once.

i need ideas for a gift. i'm in a near panic because it's so ridiculously last-minute. i'm looking to spend 50 bucks, a little more if needed, and i have NO IDEA what to do. i dont know of a registry or anything like that, either.

any help would be...beyond appreciated. thanks!
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HP love

Operating systems

Seeing some recent comments in this community, I thought I'd put up this simple little poll, just to see where we all stand. I've included just a few of the more popular OSs out there at the moment, and options for older Windows and Mac variants (if anyone actually liked Mac prior to OSX). Sorry if your choice isn't here. There are a lot out there.

Poll #830083 Favourite OS

You have the money to buy any computer you want for general home use, with your pick of any software application for that system. What operating system is it running, primarily?

Windows 2000/XP
Windows 95/98
Mac OS

(no subject)

So... I have some savings bonds. I am so confused about what I'm supposed to do with them. My mom said that they were matured after 7 years, however, other people have told me that savings bonds take up to 30 years to mature. I don't want to cash them in RIGHT NOW, but I'm planning on moving soon and it would be ever so nice to have this extra money.

I've tried to find information on this and failed, so if anyone can help me, that'd be sweet.

(no subject)

Ah, TQC, I have missed you.  I have been away from you for, like, 3 days!  Which is, like, 3 years in TQC time!

1. How come every time you come around my London (London) bridge is falling down?

2. Which TQC member do you most want to:
    a) Meet for lunch?
    b) Get drunk with?
    c) Sleep with?
    d) Bitch slap?

3. Who do you think will win Survivor this season?

4. Who do you think will win Amazing Race this season?
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typing in a PDF file

I have a PDF file for a scholarship application that instructs me to type my essay and institution information. Is it possible to do this in the file, and just save it, or do I have to break out the typewriter on this one?
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Sophmore year

I know its impossible...

How can I make $50,000 in 3 months? (without being naked or selling drugs, I know i just took all the fun out of it!)

What do you do for a living now?
What was your favorite job?
What was your least favorite?
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Music geeky question.

Mmmmk. I don't know if anyone will be able to help me, but...
I have an amazing recording of Franz Biebl's "Ave Maria" by a men's choir of some sort. Every other version I've heard has paled in comparison to this one. However, I have no way of knowing who sang it because I downloaded it randomly about a million years ago.
I really want a whole cd of this kind of music (you know, all catholic-y churchy sung-in-latin kind of stuff). But it has to be beautiful.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Has anyone heard this piece? What do you think of it?

pimp your ride

If you have decals or bumper stickers on your car, what do they say?

If you have a personalized license plate, what does it say?

What alterations have you made to your car that makes it stand out from the rest?

For me: the only decoration I have on the outside of my car is a static-cling decal of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 logo.
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something i learned today

so how can i be a plague doctor for halloween without it costing an arm and a leg? i can probably make the mask, but everything else? suggestions for a cheap mask are welcome, too, though. all the sites i've seen sell them for at least $50+. this is probably the creepiest thing i have seen in awhile.

Random Ass Question Time!

I apologize if your comments got deleted by accident... 

1. I dont know what is going on with my computer....or why it keeps fuckin with you? It takes 3 times to update or comment to people and I just dont know what it could be...
b. What is the best way to calm your nerves?

2. If you had to choose between the two, which would you prefer, drinking or smoking?  (weed that is)

3. Nicole Richie claims that there was a point in her life when she was eating large amounts of food and not gaining any weight due to stress. However, I didnt know that stress could do that.  Is she full of shit? (or anything?)

4. Are you a touchy feely kind of person? Do you like giving/recieving hugs? How about touching in general..during conversation..on the shoulder, back, or wherever..Do you mind if other people touch you like that? Or do you only like to be touched during sex?
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Name ?

There's a 20/20 episode that comes on this Friday (29th) discussing names and their effect on being able to get a job. Studies of resumes have found that people with black-sounding names are less likely to get callbacks.

Q:Do you think you have an 'ethnic' or non ethnic first name?
Richard is pretty non ethnic I think.
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(no subject)

I've been under a lot of stress lately, and I've always carried it in my shoulders. My boyfriend has worked out 3 knots since last night, and my shoulders are absolutely killing me. I've tried taking aspirin, a hot shower, and a heating pad. Nothing seems to be helping. So what is the best thing to do for really sore shoulders?
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mindless querey.

Consider for a moment: Florida in August, the hottest and most humid month.

During a typical day in August...
do you think there are more mosquitoes or grains of sand on the beaches in the state of Florida?

ETA: i mean mosquitoes in the state, not just mosquitoes on the beaches. duh stupid syntax.
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Kyouya - Outside the Lines

(no subject)

How does it make you feel when people call you Mr./Ms./Mrs./etc? I just got an email back from my biology teacher thanking me, and he called me Ms. Lastname, which gave me a gigglefit.

TQC, I have like a 5 hour gap between classes. I live a half hour away from my school, and I'm a bitch about gas, so I refuse to drive there twice a day. However, there is a book store about 10 minutes from me. What are some good books or manga you'd recommend? Preferably the long variety.
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Lauren Graham 1
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(no subject)

Fuck yeah! Who else is as excited as I am for the season 7 premiere of Gilmore Girls *AND* the series premiere of Ted Danson's new show, Help Me Help You, both on TONIGHT?!

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(no subject)

crossposted to aquaria, but thsi might be faster:

Augh, augh, augh

The water in my building's been out for a bit (and by out, i mean brown), so I'm a bit behind in cleaning my tanks. I haven't gotten to my 20 gallon yet, but I'm cleaning my ten-gallon and there are tiny worm things in it!

They're about a centimeter long, only barely thicker than hair, a lot of the ones I'm getting look dead but some of them twist around a bunch. I think I'm vacuuming up clots of dead ones, but there are way more escaping.

I'm assuming 'bad' here- am I right? how do I get rid of them? where did they come from?

(green spotted puffer, pleco, and a feeder shrimp if the puffer hasn't eaten him yet)

Edit: they're pinkish, and they seem to be living in the gravel.
Edit 2: freshwater tank
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(no subject)

Can someone point me in the direction of some lj communities that share video game soundtracks/music? I've been looking for the soundtracks to the Donkey Kong Country games for SNES. I just found out the other day that  they did indeed release official CD soundtracks for them when the games were popular.

Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

Which bag style do you prefer?

Backpack style (2 straps)
Messenger bag style (1 strap)
I don't use either

If you prefer backpacks, do you usually wear them on:

Just the right shoulder
Just the left shoulder
Over both shoulders

If your backpack comes with the extra strap that goes across your chest, do you use it?

In certain situations
Oh, hell no!

If you prefer messenger bags, do you usually wear them over:

your right shoulder
your left shoulder
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(no subject)

Venus washes her hair twice a day. Verona washes it twice a week. Whose hair grows faster?

If someone gives me a check made out for $128 to pay for something that costs $98, will they be able to tell from their bank statement that there was a difference and I got cash back?

LivePlasma lets you find bands and movies that are similar to eachother. Is there anything like that for books?


Sorry this is a very specific question, but any answers would be awesome. I'm looking for a college with a good directing major program within 5 hours of NYC. Preferably closer than that. Any ideas?


Someday I'll be a flower

New computer with probs?

I just bought got a new computer last night. My laptop was under warranty at Best Buy and it was junked out, so now I have a desktop -- Gateway GT 5228. I also purchased a grey microsoft ergonomic, wireless keyboard and mouse.

The problems:
1) despite new batteries, it seems the keyboard and mouse are *really* slow or jump around

2) the computer keeps freezing or taking forever to process simple commands (like, typing in a web address).

I didn't get a warranty this time--I feel like their warranties are crap (even if it did give me a new computer this time, it still took *months*). So if this is a real problem I need to return it ASAP. But if this is just the computer "settling in" then that's fine. I did transfer over a few gigs of my music today.

Also, should the wireless keyboard be acting that way? I paid $100 for it but it's not working well... Anyone had this experience?


I'm making pancakes for dinner and it says I need an egg. I dont have one. Can I still make the pancakes?

Also, what is all the hype about House? Am I gonna have to pass up a classic episode of friends to watch that shit? Its the one where Chandler cant remember which sister..

my first question!

Okay... not that this is going to happen any time soon, but I was just thinking about it...

I'm a vegetarian.
It's not a huge political thing and I never try to force my opinions on anyone else. I don't freak out when I eat a soup made with meat broth and have no problem just picking the pepperoni off a slice of pizza. I basically just don't enjoy meat as much as others and I find the idea of it vaguely repulsive and choose not to eat it. I have tried to eat fish in the past, but I just can't seem to bring myself to taking that bite.

Also, the boy and I have decided booze is not the best friend we ever made in our lives and have decided to go cold turkey. I wouldn't say "classic alcoholic" would describe either of us, but we both certainly had a few years there (ie: college) where the booze flowed basically non stop and it didn't get us anywhere. We've each tried to do the moderation thing, but decided it's actually easier to say no altogether.

So..... We're planning on travelling to Europe at some point(s) in our lives, and I was wondering -

Do you guys think we should let up on our drinking ban and my meat ban when we get there?

Part of me can't imagine visiting and missing out on authentic dishes, but part of me gags at the idea of chomping down on flesh.
Also, part of me can't imagine missing out on all those French wines and German beers, but part of me is worried that we'll get back home and go, "Well, we drank over there just fine... Why can't we drink over here? Same difference!"

What do you guys think?

(no subject)

I have to write a speech for my class, and the only requirement is that we use/base it on published material (books, articles, song lyrics, etc.). I decided to to use the novel, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, because it is the only thing I can think of that has had a lasting effect on me.

My only problem is that I'm having a difficult time picking a passage to use. So, which one of these appeals to you the most (regardless of length)? Why (answer this only if you feel so inclined)?

Collapse )
If none of them is appealing to you, what topic would be appealing?

(no subject)

Did your parents (or anyone) sing you lullabys or bedtime songs or anything? What songs?

My mother was obsessed with Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella and sang me this one song (when Cinderella and the prince are dancing in the ballroom...maybe "ten minutes ago?) over and over again.
little soul

(no subject)

When did you get your period/menses/menarche?

Before age 9
After age 18
I haven't gotten mine yet
I was not born biologically female
I'm male
Other - please comment
anna friel

Changed your life

For TOK (Theory of Knowledge) class we're talking about how art can change your life. Anything like a poem, book, film, song, quote, painting, sculpture. It was really interesting to see what people came up with.

 So I wondered what piece of "art" (using art as a general term to cover literature etc.) has somehow changed your life, made you see things differently or changed your thoughts on morality or society in general? 

Interesting to see what people come up with :)
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I just got a maybe job babysitting tomorrow and saturday.  The lady has three kids, agges 5, 3, and 1.  Tomorrow I'm going over to meet the youngest two and watch them for a few hours while the mom unpacks (they just moved here), and sat I'm watching all three while the parents are at a wedding.

The thing is, I have NO idea what to charge.  I havent been paid for babysitting (outside dinner or something of the like) for years!  Even then, I generaly went along with what the parents said.

I assume Saturday I'll have to feed the buggers, and I always clean up after the kids when I sit.  You know, pick up toys, clean our dishes, change diapers and clothes if dirtied, etc.

Also forgot to say, this family seems pretty well off.  I've only ever sat for families around my own income level before.  They have a second home here (I'm not sure if this is thier second home, or of they're moving here now) and live in Jersey.

So, what should I charge?



Why is it that some people who have a window seat on an airplane proceed to immediately close the shade, and leave it closed for the whole trip? In the daytime!
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Okay, so a while ago, I heard rumours that Larry Wachowski (one half of the guys responsible for the Matrix trilogy) was having gender reassignment surgery. However, I never actually heard if this was true or not - is it?
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(no subject)

- what does a "sensual" massage actually entail?
- are these places that give sensual massages illegal?
- if so, who would get in trouble with the law? the workers? the owners? or both?
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(no subject)

I'm having an uber-shitty week and my birthday is next Saturday.

Should I get myself a massage for my birthday? Since I don't have any friends I could bribe into doing it for me.

What should I expect if I do get one? I've never had one before (and I'd get it at the healthplex at school since students get a discount).
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(no subject)

I was wondering about this for a while, and decided to ask you guys. I hope this doesn't offend anyone or something.

Anyway, if someone was transgender and pre-op, and they went to a college where they had to live in the dorms for a certain amount of time... would the college make special accomodations? I s'pose it depends on the college, but I'm talking in general here. I just wonder what gender roommate they'd get.

Along the same line, what if they're post-op?

Are there any colleges with special dorms for GLBT people that feel unsafe or just wanna be with other GLBT people for whatever reason?
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(no subject)

why is it that you say some bands who don't have 'the' before their name, with a 'the', but don't add 'the' to ther band names?

does it have anything to do with the letters they begin/end with? the object, if any?

i can't remember who, but someone recently asked about the band "umbrellas" but wanted to call them "the umbrellas".

i'm also tempted to say "the eurythmics"

any ideas? or other examples?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

I bought something on ebay...from Canada. The seller said she shipped it out on Wednesday...which was on the 20th. Now it's the 26th...does it take that long? It's just a necklace.
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I have to ask...

Excuse my ignorance...

What is it about the animation that you find truly appealing? I dont even know what you call it...With the animated people? why do so many of you have it in your icons? What is it and what do they do? I feel truly ignorant...Whats their story because I am so confused....where did they come from? Why do you like that kind of thing? Feel free to speak from your hearts...

I want to understand.

robot love

(no subject)

If you looked at a lineup of vulvas/penises, would you be able to recognize your own? Assume there are no other defining characteristics shown in the pictures (no piercings, no surrounding areas such as thighs or stomach, no underwear or any other clothing showing, no hands in the picture-- just a straight on shot of genitalia), and all the pictures are taken the same way. (Same angle, lighting, background, etc.)

what about your SO's?


A couple of questions...

I have a necklace that I want to sell. It's a round brilliant 0.26 carat diamond solitaire on a 16" platinum chain from Tiffany & Co. I got it from my then-boyfriend as a birthday gift a few years ago. We're no longer together and I don't wear the necklace anymore so I want to get rid of it. I don't know how much he paid for it, but probably quite a big since this one is already $900 and mine is bigger and better quality (colour is F, clarity is VVS2). For all you diamond smarties out there... what is a fair price to ask for it?

Also, my apartment gets really, really dry in the winter time. I already have a humidifier but is there anything else I can do to raise the humidity level? Will plants help? Anyone have any tips?