September 25th, 2006

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so, a while ago my math teacher taught us how to use a graphing calculator (was in gr 11) and then he showed us the formula to draw a heart on the graphing calculator

anyone happen to know what that formula is? thanks!
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Nightmare Before Christmas

I'm hoping a Nightmare Before Christmas fan can help me on this. I have a snowglobe type thing (actually it isn't anything like a snowglobe but I think that's what they called it) that I got a few years back and I have no intention of getting rid of it but my friend wants one. I'd like to find out what it's called and if she can still get one. Does anyone have any clue how I could find this out? It would help if I knew what it was officially called, but I don't have the box anymore. This is what it is:

My boyfriend got it at the Disney store for me about... four years ago this Christmas I think. I'd rather not join a Nightmare Before Christmas community just to ask, so if anyone is in one and would be nice enough to ask for me that'd be great. :)

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Do you have a personal recipe for sleep? Something that you do when you know you'll have trouble falling asleep and you need a little help, or just something that especially soothes you before bed.

For me, I put on Third Eye Blind's self-titled album at a moderate volume, and read Pippi Goes On Board until I fall asleep. Or sometimes I don't even have to read the book, if I just hold it in my hand while I'm in bed, it helps.
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Clearly, Metallica is the only band whose real life fame and history matches what Brendon Small has done so far with Dethklok. Snakes N' Barrels is as much based on Guns N' Roses as possible. The number of members in the bands are both off, though. Is this intentional, or is Dethklok modeled, at least as far as members, after a real life band other than Metallica?
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Bad memories

What do you do when you really love a song but it has bad memories attached to it? Like maybe it was "your song" with an ex or something? Hearing it can bring back the bad memories but you don't want to never listen to it again.

Or am I the only one with this sort of issue?

Guardian Angels

Do you believe in guardian angels?

Who do you think guardian angels are (or who YOUR guardian angel is)?

What sort of interference do you think a guardian angel has in your every day going ons in life? Or is it just for big things?
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Does anyone have any experience with a Ford Focus? I may have to get a new car and I like the look of the Focus. Anyone have any bad or good experiences with this car?

How about recommendations for good compact cars? I generally like the hatchback look and am looking for used from about 1998 thru 2004.

White ducky

Burning .bkf files

I have a couple of large .bkf backup files that I need to burn to DVDs for storage. The problem is that they are over 15G of data. Can I safely break this into smaller sections to burn to DVDs?

If so, can you recommend a method to do this?

Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
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Birth Trauma

Do you have any neuroses that could have come from your birth?

I was born with my cord wrapped around my neck, and have never been able to handle wearing turtlenecks or necklaces and sometimes even t-shirts are too snug in the neck for me to wear.

mouth sores

1. have you ever had an ulcer or sore on the inside your mouth? when did you get your first one? how often do you get them?

i have two in my mouth now and have never had them before this weekend.

2. how do you treat them?

i have been using orajel and it is nasty! and i don't like my mouth being all numb. it is helping though, as the sores have shrunk and aren't as painful anymore.

3. what do you think causes yours?

i have been trying to figure out why i got these. i am a little stressed for sure, but i have definitely been more stressed in my life. i hope these go away and never come back!

4. where in your mouth do you usually get them?

mine is at the very top where my gum meets the inside of my cheek, so they are being rubbed in between both. :(

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I just got a pair of leggings. They're amazingly comfortable, and I really enjoy them. However, I don't have any cute skirts to wear them under, and I'm not about to just wear them around... no one needs to be so highly informed of the shape of my butt.
What do you suggest?
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Online ordering ?'s

Has anyone ever ordered any fitness equipment from Brookstone? They don't have any real fitness items at their instore locations and I haven't been able to find any reviews of their products online. Thanks.

Also have you ever bought anything on the internet that was a "web only" type deal (meaning you can't buy it in the brick and mortar stores)?

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I just started working at a family owned and operated daycare. I got my first paycheck last Friday, and all I received was a check and a little post-it with the calculations for how many hours I worked, and the amount of taxes that were taken out.

Since my boss is taking out taxes, should I ask her for some sort of receipt? Or should I just photocopy the check before I deposit it? What is the usual practice in this situation?
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Board certification

I'm looking through my HMO provider directory trying to find a new doctor. Most of them have (B) beside their name indicating that they are board certified. Some of them don't. In the Behavioral Health section, a lot of the specialists only have LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) by their names--no MD, PhD, or even the (B).

Why would someone go to a doctor or counselor who is NOT board certified? Are they cheaper? (In my case that wouldn't matter, because I have insurance.)

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Poll #829929 For Seanutbutter

You wake up, and you're in a Disney movie. Who are you?

A fairy princess, either with some footwear, apple or sleep disorder issues
A jungle savage or tribesperson
Fox, perhaps one with archery skills
A young girl lost in a strange world beyond a mirror
A peasant girl
Talking jungle animal, preferably a predator
Animated puppet or toy
Misshapen bell ringer
Innocent herbavore with some mommy issues
Olympian with super strength
Mermaid princess
Arabian street urchin
Eternally youthful, flying youth

Who are your friends?

Flying horse
Blue collar, height-challenged men
Talking stone gargoyles
Happy, cuddly animals, like meerkats, bunnies or puppies
Apes or monkey
Another talking toy
Talking flatware and timepieces
Talking bug
Burly, easygoing bear
Aquatic buddy, either a fish with memory problems or lobster
Faerie with jealousy issues
You don't really have any friends, just strange encounters
Faerie godmother type

Who's your love interest?

A handsome prince
Gypsy dancer
A 4-legged carnivorous animal
A 4-legged non-carnivorous animal
An arabian princess
A handsome prince who's a part-time cursed furry
Hunky, adventurer exploring the American frontier
Animal behaviorist, Jane Goodall-type
An attractive doll or toy
Little girl with a big imagination
Bitter, cynical cutie who may be a tool of the underworld
A bug
A superhero
A foxy fox

Arch enemy?

Vengeful pirate
Scheming octopus
Scarred or cowardly Lion
Rejected sidekick
Self-righteous cleric
Gold-loving noble
Arrogant, preening, God's-gift-to-women/men buffoon
Jealous witch
Queen with a fondness for decapitation
Nefarous arabian V.I.P. type
God of the underworld
Rich bitch craving puppyskins
You're not sure of his name, but he wants to turn you into a donkey
A hunter

You just want to ____

rescue your father
go to the ball
be a real boy or girl
get the object of your affection to like you
go home
rob from the rich and give to the poor
not be outgrown and given away
find your child
assume your rightful place in life
find something different, just around the river bend
be a hero
stop sleeping
protect your friends from harm

You've reached the 'happily ever after' with your new life, possibly with true love. A doorway opens, and you can return to your old life, the one you left behind. Do you walk through it, or stay where you are?

I walk through the doorway and reclaim my myspacing, LJ-posting life
I stay in my Disney world, where I'm probably a princess or animal or something

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Seriously now- Are memos *actually* used in real life?

It seems that for all the class periods we're having devoted to making our memos more concise (although they're still required to take up a whole page), it'd be much faster to write "Mr/Ms boss: I, bob, am going to do/recommend X, because Y." and skip all this.

Kinda like getting my high school math teacher to admit that, no, not going into a science/math field, what he was teaching was pretty pointless..
Edit on the math thing: He taught algebra 2, which broke my brain. he admitted *that* was worthless to me(since, if i didn't understand math, I obviously wouldn't want to work with it). he clarified, however, that geometry and the first half of algebra 1 would be used in the real world. I have found this to have great truthiness.
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(no subject)

What do you do when you realize that a friend you've had for a long time (think 15+ years) who you love dearly, just does not understand you?

I feel sick at the thought of not having him in my life, but I really dont know what to do with someone who misunderstands me in such a fundamental way.

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1. What is the name of those rectangular shaped toys that are made up of many metal pins? You can stick your face/hand/ whatever into the pins to create an imprint.

2. Have you ever visited a Scandinavian country? What did you think of it? Are there any obvious cultural/social differences that you saw?

3. If you have ever lived with an SO for an extended period and then broke up, yet still had to see the person every day (school) how did you deal with it? If you had pets together, how did you decide who the pets went with?
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drawer liners

Do you use drawer liners in your dresser drawers or do you just put your clothes right in? If you do use drawer liners, scented or unscented? If scented, what scent?
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worth a thousand words

what is the best site for ordering photo prints online? (based on speed, quality of prints, service)

what site offers the cheapest 4x6 prints online?

so far i've polled and discovered the following but since each site i went to had a cheaper rate, i want to know low can you go? ;-)

flickr - $0.20
shutterfly - $0.19
kodak easyshare gallery - $0.15
snapfish - $0.12

anybody know anything cheaper? thanks!
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A friend of mine wants to get a fish tank in her dorm room. She's considering getting a 10 gallon tank (with filter and all that), but has a question about fish mixing. She's seen conflicting reports about keeping female betas with other types of fish.

So her question is, is it possible to keep female betas with other kinds of fish? If so, which kinds? Will it produce any stress on either kind of fish to be put together?

We plan on going to Petsmart/Petco and asking about it there, but I wanted to know if anyone here has done it before and if it worked out or not.

Also, I am thinking about getting hermit crabs and was wondering if anyone here has kept them before and could give me any advice about lids for a 10 gallon glass tank? I've read some information on the internet about having glass lids to help keep the humidity up, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for.

Thank you!
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Do you have any weird mannerisms? Maybe that's not the word I'm looking for. Let me give you an example of one of mine:

When I'm looking for a pen, I pretend I'm holdinga pen in my right hand and wave it around like I'm writing. I don't understand why I do this.

I realize I must look like a fantastic idiot. :)
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I hate doing two posts in one week, but I need input from people... I got the interview at Walmart, and I'll be calling the theatre soon to tell them I can't take the job. Bad thing is, I was just informed that Walmart does a nice piss test at the interview. Stupid old me smoked pot on Thursday, first time in about two months. Will it be out of my system by tomorrow afternoon, or should I keep drinking a ton of water?? I'm usually not like this, but it seems a load of bad karma had been poured on me in the last week. I saw somewhere on a website earlier that I could drink pickle juice to help clean out my system, but I can't stand the sight, taste, smell, anything at all to do with pickels so that is out of the question. My sister told me to take water pills too, but I don't know what good that'll do. I took two though, so who knows.. Just any feedback will be helful.

Thanks TQC!
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What was the last song to get stuck in your head?
How long was it there?
How did you get it out?

I had various songs from Twin Cinema in my head for about 3 weeks. I finally got it out yesterday (by repeated listening of a different album), and today someone played "Sing Me Spanish Techno" in the coffee shop I'm in. Now it's back. :(
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Everyone who goes to my school is either a total hick or a wannabe-rapper. How do you meet people outside of school, that share the same interests? I know, go join clubs or take classes, but how do I find said clubs/classes? 

And... can anyone suggest any new good music?
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Every time I go to the doctor and get weighed, the number always seems to be 5-7 pounds more than the number I get on my scale at home. I put a 10 pound weight on my scale at home and the reading was accurate, so my best guess is that the reading is always higher at the doctor's office because the scales have been used so much. Could this be the reason?

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Terrible GPA

I haven't been in school for over two years, and I'm just now applying to go back. When I left I basically had to drop out because we couldn't pay, and I think it really screwed my GPA. Well something did. I don't remember doing so terribly, but as it turns out my GPA is an amazing 1.5. I'm not even stupid or a bad student, my life just got all messed up.

I have over 30 credits, and for most schools I just looked at the requirements for transfer students is at least a 2.0. What do I do? I'm going to apply anyway, just incase. Has anyone had an awful GPA like this and straightened it out? Am I screwed forever and ever? Is anyplace even going to take me with that?
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1. So I'm moving across the country in a few days. I've gone through the "change address" things, but as for W-2s, is there a form I can fill out to switch them all to the new address, or do I need to go to each and every employer?

I'd rather not have to go back to each employer because I left on bad terms with one of them, and there's a great deal of drama over it.

2. What happens if for whatever reason, the W2 is sent to the old place, and I don't find oput until it's too late (the new job I'm moving for will take me away from a permanent address for long peiods of time)?
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What's in a name

If you saw the name Mila, how would you think to pronounce it?

If you saw the name Myla, how would you think to pronounce it?

What do you think of either of these names?
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longish nails and contacts

how in the world do those of you with long nails and contacts put in and (I have more problems here) take out your contacts?

I think my problem is that I had short nails for the first few years of having contacts so I when I take them out I start with the pads of my finger but then kinda at the end of the "scoop" end up grabbing it with my fingertips. I've tried to grow my nails out a few times (as in barely past my fingertips) but ended up having to cut them again because my nails were scratching at my eye when I tried taking the contacts out =(

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When your boss is a sexist pig, and says really stupid things to you that imply everything you do is wrong, what do you do?

My boss told me I need to be more of a team player after a coworker told him that he "cried from stress" over the weekend when we were the only two on staff. He also claimed that he asked me for help and I refusaed. He claimed that the trainee I'd sent up to assist him (2 weeks training on a reception job was no help.) Meanwhile, he had a trainee that he told was a godsend to him to her face. I only refused to do another job in addition to mine. He never asked after that. (Largely because he was too busy playing boss to understand how to actually to do it.) He also has taken on many, many more tasks since he started here and it sounds like he overwelmed himself. Plus, with his anal perfectionism he's alienated everyone but the boss, so for instance we he asked if I'd take back over a data entry thing he'd taken over from me during training, I told him he did it so perfectly, he should continue. :-) This peckerhead also refuses to give me my bathroom breaks--which is evidentally acceptable to my manager because that's how it was done in the past. (yep, I know that's not legal.)

I of course must get a new job ASAP, but in the meantime. Anything that might prevent me from workplace homicidal rage?

ETA: If you work at HR at my firm, please call me tomorrow at my personal extension and I'll discuss evidence with *you*. Otherwise, if you consider your boss a sexist pig who discriminates against you what would you do?

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(long john silver's fast food, just in case some of you don't have one near you)
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(no subject)

1. Do you have a favorite sweater? What's it like?
Mine is creme-colored, and super-soft. I think it's St. John's Bay, but I'm not sure.

2. Do you have a favorite school picture? What grade was it in?
I just got my Junior pictures back today, and they're my favorite ever. My previous favorites were the ones I got my Freshman year.

3. What is your least favorite type of weather? Is there any particular reason why you don't like it?
I hate when it's cloudy and raining, especially when it's just drizzling. I don't really have a reason for it...

4. Do you friends-lock posts that you submit to TQC? Do you friends-lock posts you submit to your own journal?
No; yes
Rustic books

Gas prices

How much do you pay for a gallon of regular gas? Where do you live?

I live in Southern New Jersey, and gas costs about $1.92 here, and has been going down $.2-.3 everyday for the past two or so weeks. =D

I was just curious because an article I read on AOL didn't list New Jersey as one of the cheapests states for gas. Anyone in other parts of New Jersey here? How much do you pay for gas?
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Suppose you move to a new city and you meet some really nice people. You have fun hanging out, and you're all new so you don't know too many other people.

Then you realize they have totally different political views. They sometimes jokingly bash your beliefs, not realizing what they are.

Would you out yourself as disagreeing with them? Or just stay quiet and change the subject, hoping they don't ask you point blank if you agree? If you don't say anything, would you feel like a traitor to yourself, or feel you were just being agreeable?
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When I was a wee lass in the 80's, we used to do these chanting games on the playground. Stuff like:

Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack
All dressed in black, black, black
With silver buttons, buttons, buttons
All down her back, back, back
She asked her mother, mother, mother for 50 cents, cents, cents
to see the elephants, elephants, elephants
jump over the fence, fence fence...

Did you ever do that when you were little? Which ones did you do?

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Does anyone else here use MSN messenger?

I'm currently using version 7.5 and have Windows XP SP2. Whenever someone sends me mp3's as a file transfer, if I click the link that shows up in the message window after it's been transfered, MSN or Windows automatically deletes the file, saying it is potentially unsafe. Is there any way to get around this? It's quite annoying.
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I'm afraid to fix my computer and insert a new sound card...cause I've been having problems with it for over a year. And I just can't take it anymore...without sound. It sucks. I can't even watch YOUTUBE videos. So I'm about to make a post on Craigslist...asking someone to fix it for me. Is that a stupid idea? I'm not sure how people would take it...I don't want them to think it's code for them to come over and expect to get laid. If it's an okay idea, how much do you think I should charge for the person to fix it for me?
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Why is it when a little kid or a pet does something gross/annoying (peeing/picking the nose/walking around naked/knocking shit over), it's seen as "cute," but when an adult human does it it's seen simply as...gross/annoying"?
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xposted in law_questions


can someone who overpaid me by check, legally take that money back when they discover the error down the road, after the money has been deposited?

edit: this is a property management returning security deposit (and then some). i no longer live on their property.

btw, they did not pay me until after their legal 30 day period.
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Ancient Star Charts...

I've tried a number of different word combinations (constellation drawings, start charts, ancient constellation drawings, ancient star charts, ETC..)
all on both Google and Yahoo image search only finding bits and pieces of what i need.
Then today i made my way to the library and through hundreds of books not finding anything.

i can not find a decent full BIG picture (showing good detail) of a Star Chart from (around) the 18th century
i am looking for an ENTIRE full picture of the whole circle of constellations (all drawn ofcourse),

Collapse )

SO my question is, where can i find a complete, large picture of this type style of ancient constellations?
ANY pictures, links, or book information would mean so much.

Thank you!

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every time i open a 20oz bottle of soda it explodes all over the place. the soda has not been shaken. what am i doing wrong? what are the optimal settings for soda cap untwisting?
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Do you know anyone who is currently employed as a Physician's Assistant? What area do they work in? Do they like their job? Have they told any horror stories about the schooling required for it?

(Edited to add) Do you know of any good websites to find out general salaries for certain professions?

And so this isn't totally self-serving... Any good/interesting/sad/funny news you'd like to share with the group?

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So, I've finally decided I might want an iPod. A few questions:
1. Do you recommend any one iPod over another? (I'm looking at the 80GB one.)
2. Have you ever had to replace a battery? How long do they usually last?
3. Some of my friends have told me that they get unlimited songs from iTunes. Was this a promotion or can I still do it? (If so, how?)

Thanks for your help!

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I'm not a big fan of alcohol, but from time to time I'll go to bars with my friends. I don't normally have a problem with getting carded because I know I look younger than I am, but is it necessary to card someone if they aren't ordering alcohol? I was once carded for a coke, which surprised me.

Edit: I've been to this bar several times, and I've only ever been carded if I ordered getting carded to just be sure I was 21 isn't their normal policy, it seems.

Also, I once ordered a virgin margarita (I was underage at the time) at a restaurant and I was told that they don't do those. The waiter also looked at me like I was crazy for asking. Why do people have a problem with someone that doesn't enjoy drinking? It's not all that strange, is it?

(no subject)

So, just how many of you are smokers? (And I mean cigarettes, for the record.) It seems like I'm the only person in my small circle of friends and family that doesn't smoke, and it weirds me out a little.

What did you spend the evening doing?
Checking out TQC, of course. :)
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(no subject)

1.) Do you form opinions about people on LJ based on their choice of userpics?

2.) Is there a way to trick iTunes 7 into not scanning my entire music library for gapless playback information? Lots of mp3s + network storage = lots of CPU time wasted on a feature that I don't even want to use.

3.) Why does iTunes 7 suck a bigger barrel of dick than previous versions?
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(no subject)

Since I'm trying to figure out a schedule for my last semester at college, I figured I'd post some education inspired questions...

1) What was your favorite class in high school? In college?
2) What factors influence how you determine what class is your favorite?
3) For those of you who graduated from college, how much of what you learned in college do you actually use in your job?
4) Who has been your favorite teacher and why?
5) What is the most interesting class you have ever taken?

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Curious and willing....

Is anyone here familiar with Slumber Parties?  (They do in-home sales parties similar to The Pampered Chef.)  I'm curious if they are a legit way to earn money, part-time wise, or if its a total scam......that and the free toys can't be bad, right?????  ;>
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