September 24th, 2006

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does anyone know about how many pounds a scale on carpet would be wrong by?  if it would be wrong at all.

we just moved into a temporary apartment that has a carpeted bathroom floor (kitchen is carpet too), so i was wondering how off the reading might be.

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Do you believe in fate?
Do you believe people keep coming back into your life for a reason?
With a few people, I'll know them really well or I'll only have one memorable experience with them, then 10 years later they come back into my life out of nowhere. The good friend thing is more understandable, but the ones you rarely know that end up becoming a big part of your life later...its a bit eerie, eh?
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I'm very confused.

So my mom's best friend was on vacation this weekend. Yesterday at 9 she dropped off her dog for us to watch just for the night. She's a 3 year old yellow lab and pretty big, maybe 80 pounds. She was fine until late this afternoon. My mom took her over to her house to play around in the grass for a while. The dog stayed by my mom's side and wouldn't run around at all. My mom figured she was depressed about being away from her house, so my mom took her over there and let her into the backyard. The dog still wouldn't move, she just looked around. I came home around 11 tonight and the dog was on my living room floor lying down on her big pillow. My mom told me she'd been gagging earlier on food and dry heaving. She said she'd called her best friend on vacation and the friend told her the dog does that and it was nothing unusual. I tried to get her to come in my room and lie down under the fan because she was panting but she wouldn't move. I carried her water bowl over to her and she wouldn't drink from it. I tipped a little bit of water into her mouth and I let her rest. Next time I saw her she was lying down under a windowsill away from her pillow and toys. So an hour ago my mom came into my room crying and told me the dog had died. Wtf? She walked into my mom's room and died on the floor.

- She's been eating food from her own house out of her own dishes.
- She doesn't eat people food.
- She's not aggressive
- We had a dog for 14 years, so I really doubt it was something we did

What the hell happened? Can dogs die because they miss their owners? What would cause a seemingly healthy dog to just drop dead in the middle of the night? My mom's freaking out because she thinks she's going to lose her best friend. How would you react if you were her?


Edit: The puppy died of bloat. Apparently it is the second leading cause of death in dogs and kills in less than an hour without warning. It requires emergency surgery which is rarely successful. The veterinarian said it was caused by a change of household and stress and the puppy eating a "greenie" bone which the friend gave her. She is also upset but not angry with us which is good; it wasn't our fault. Thanks everyone
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Is there any way to PERMANENTLY disable this stupid Windows Genuine Advantage thing that keeps popping up on my screen? So annoying.

All the fixes I've found on Google are only temporary. Please put the reply in very simple English and in reasonable step form. Thanks in advance!

Edit: YES, THE WINDOW COPY'S LEGAL! (I would have put this in hours ago, but was in a rush to leave the house for church!)
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Just looking for some advice, not a diagnosis.
My cat has been limping since last night, it's her front right paw. She doesn't seem to be too distressed by it, but she's keeping her weight off it and is purring constsntly. The ankle seems a little swollen, she can flex her claws and move it ok.
She's about 18 years old. I don't live at home and am only here for today, all the vets around us are closed today and I'm not sure if I can afford a vets bill right now.
What should I do?
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Mmmm okay.
I've had an ibook G4 for about a year now, and lately it has been running extremely slow. Its so annoying and I just can't take it anymore.
Why is it doing this? How can I fix it?
And please, no crap about macs vs. pc's, because I'm not in the market for a new computer, I already have a mac, and I just don't care.
Just help me fix this.
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Calling US members

What is a subway?
Is every train station called a subway? or just those underground?
Are ther any train stations above ground?
Do they actually have "Subway" (the store), at the train stations?

what do you call above-ground train stations?
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Is it actually possible to find a good relatively inexpensive LCD? From all the reviews I've read they each have something wrong with them. Either the lighting is too much, or there are dead pixels, or you can adjust the stand, or they're not good for DVD playback, or something or other. I'm looking for a general purpose LCD, around 19", no more than $300.

Btw, anyone else experience that ViewSonic support sucks? Told me the wait would be 4 minutes, so I waited for half an hour, then the chick got on the phone and said that unless I had the refresh frequency set to 60Hz, the monitor wouldn't work. So I figure that's the solution and stupidly enough hang up. Of course that does nothing, so I call back, wait again... then it turns out that the resolution needs to be set to 1280x1024 because it's its native resolution, and the monitor won't work otherwise... I ask her if the monitor supports any other resolutions.. at first she says no, then she says that it does, but I'd have to set them. Huh? no shit! So anyway, I had to return the monitor (ViewSonic VA1912wb). Dunno if the model is actually good, but they gotta do something about their support.

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What happened to the community yousendit_? I'm assuming it was shut down for many of the obvious reasons, but I'm just curious. Also, what other really good music requesting and trading communities can you recommend that are similar to yousendit_? (As in, general file sharing, including video and software, not focusing on any "genre" of music, and somewhere you can request and trade.)
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Kind of spurred on by the engagement question posted before...

What do you think is the right time to ask your SO to marry you? As in - how far into the relationship, and at what age (edit: or not so much age, as which phase in a person's life) should the two people involved be? If you look around in your family and circle of friends, how much time did/do they take generally speaking?

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Is there any type of film that would work with a Polaroid J66 Land Camera? My researching says no but I just want to make sure because sometimes there is some type of film that would work for an old camera such as with the SX-70 polaroid, it works with 600 film even if it wasn't intended too.
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A few weeks ago I cut off about 10 inches of my hair and donated it to Locks of Love. Now I'm left with short hair that I dont particularly like.

My question is: What can I do with hair this length? (Refer to pictures)
I've just been throwing in this ribbon thing that you can just barely see in the photos, and my hair isnt quite long enough to put into a ponytail. Any ideas would be nice, something pretty and easy would be best. I havent had short hair in so long, and even when I used to, I was a kid and sort of just let it be.

EDIT: I'm looking more for ideas of what to do with it that could be done in less than half an hour, things other than leaving it straight, ponytails, or headbands. Anything kinda cute would be nice.

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You're out for revenge in typical hollywood-vendetta-film-style! After countless firefights, slugouts, car chases, blood, bodies, and explosions, you finally catch the sonovabitch.

What do you say before you toss him off a building/shoot him in the head/blow him up/whatever? Y'know, like "see you in hell", or "hasta la vista", crap like that.

Suppose you're the villan. What do you say before you get your come-uppins?
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Between hockey and kickboxing I have plenty of activites that keep me healthy and inshape [sort of, rar]. However, neither one places an emphasis on balance or flexibility and those are two things I greatly desire to improve. Can you please recommend a book, workout, method, or some other resource for me?
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Why are forks limited to four tines? There are special-purpose forks with two tines, dessert forks and the like with three, and standard forks with four tines. But has anyone ever tried to make a five-tine fork?

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Soo, I'm almost 17, with a year or so of school left, and I'm anxious as hell about this. I need personal experiences. Haha. Plus, I'm nosy. =]

oo1. What do/did you want to be when you grew up?

oo2. How did you figure that out?

oo3. How did you/How are you planning to: achieve what you want(ed) to do?

oo4. Are you satisfied?

oo5. What would you have done differently?

Answer all that apply, and any advice would be great aswell. I'm in that 'almost-there' stage, and it's freaking me out!
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Financial Aid Question

I got a letter in the mail yesterday from the financial aid office at the college I'm currently attending. I was awarded the Federal Pell grant, so my classes and books have already been paid for. This is talking about a MAP grant, so I'm thinking I'm going to get a nice check at the end of October..which will be great because I just quit the gas station job two days ago. So can someone help me figure this out?

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Have you ever heard of a band called Umbrellas? (I want to call them The Umbrellas, but the newspaper kept referring to them as, simply, Umbrellas.) According to the newspaper, they're an indie rock band that have a sound similar to Death Cab for Cutie. Are they any good?
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Does anyone know where I can find the last episode of Celebrity Duets (I think it was the 22nd of September episode)? I've checked YouTube but no luck - I'm looking for the whole thing, from start to finish, not just one or two of the songs.

Thanks in advance if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'm not too good at the whole 'watching TV shows online' thing.

Edit: And just to make it difficult, I don't/can't use Bit Torrent.
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What toy is this:
It's an old-fashioned toy. It has a frame, connected by a wire. On this wire, there is a hanging animal/person. When you squeeze the frame, the person on the wire does flips. What the heck is this called??

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Alright second question of the day, and it's another uninteresting one...

I have two photos that I want to, like, overlap so the subject in them appears to move... what kind of a program do i need to do this?

Sorry if that made no sense.

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For those of you that use e-bay, do you use pay pal? Do you like it? Is it easy? If not, what method do you use?

For reference: I have a few dresses and things I'd like to sell so I can move, but I don't really know how to go about it.
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Mr. Game and Watch

german expressionism, lol

1. Dressing up as Cesare from The Cabinet of Dr. Galigari at a normal high-school teenager costume party in mid-October: Good idea or bad idea?

2. How would I go about doing this, besides makeup and whatnot?
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This will probably sound really stupid. Bear with me!

I just filled out the Common Application online for college. I filled in my essay and everything and sent it to Lewis & Clark College, which is free if you do it online. I also went to the college's website and completed their "Common App. Supplemation Form" or whathaveyou.

Should I tell my guidence counseler tomorrow to send my grades to the college? Or will the college call and ask? How does that work?
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Is it better to drive on a donut tire, or a bald one with cracks?
I'm driving my car with a donut on it, because apparently the bald one is *too* bald.
It's in the back, and my car is front wheel drive. I drive a Honda Accord..if that makes any difference.
Which is better?

How do you like your potatoes?
I like mine either mashed with butter, and garlic, and salt, OR baked with sour cream, butter, salt, and garlic.
Both are unhealthy, but DELICIOUS!

Do you smoke pot? Do you look down on people who do?
I smoke very occasionally, and I don't really care if people smoke or not.
I just don't like the people closest to me smoking every day.

Second Amendment

mac vs pc

Here's the deal. My dad doesn't want to switch from PC to Mac because he likes playing Spider solitaire and Freecell solitaire (the preloaded Windows XP games). I found a widget for the iMac that has 50 solitare games, including Spider and Freecell. Buuuuut, he says they may not be the same. And, we have no way of comparing.

First off, why would they be different? Second, does anybody know if they are different? Or, anybody with the "Mondo Solitaire" widget installed, could you do a screencap of both of these games?

Also, so this post is relevant, Mac vs PC. Opinions?
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I finished watching the documentary Shelter Dogs not too long ago and it made me curious enough to ask this question here in good ol' TQC.

Which would you rather see happen: a dog is surrendered to a no-kill animal shelter, where he lives out his days alone in a cement cell, or a non-adoptable dog being put to sleep so he doesn't have to live a life of misery?* (By non-adoptable, I mean the dog has severe temperamental problems, can't be placed around other animals or children, is terminally ill, etc.) Please elaborate.

Also: to all of the cat & dog owners, are all of your pets spayed & neutered?

* I tried to word the question without making it seem as though I'm leaning a certain way. I'm strictly interested in your opinions & thoughts on this.
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If the national average is around 4 hours of TV per day per person, is someone supporting terrorism by watching less than this number? (I ask mostly because people I work with never seem to get references to TV commercials or shows, and they say they are watching an entirely un-American number of hours of TV.)

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I got hired at a theatre about 20 minutes away. I haven't started yet, but I'm supposed to start on Friday and am on the schedule until October 23rd. I just got a call from Walmart, which will pay more and is only 7-10 minutes away. What is the best way to call the theatre and say that I can't work there anymore??? Is it rude to quit before starting or should I start and quit? No..I should quit before starting. But anyway, I need to know the simplest way to quit??
kate and I.

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

(TV or theater)

and why? Any story/memory attached to it?

Mine is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Growing up, I would always see how my mom would light up when this movie came on. It's her absolute favorite, so a tradition formed in our family-- we now watch it every Thanksgiving night while eating our pumpkin pie. It never stops being funny to me.

Another great one is Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas! I loooove it!

(no subject) someone in a community I'm in said that the Video of Steve Irwin's death was stolen and released on teh internet...Is it true? and is the video still up? I don't believe that the video was released.