September 23rd, 2006


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1. Do you ever post video blogs?
I just started today in my personal LJ. It's kind of fun, and assuming YouTube and I can continue to get along (see question 2), I'll continue doing so now and then.

2. What the hell's an "empty .MOV file"?
I've never had a problem uploading videos to YouTube before. I just tried twice and both times I'm told (after waiting x number of minutes) that my upload failed due to an "empty .MOV file".  I've not done anything different than I have in the past. It's really irritating. >:(

3. What was the last awkward moment you had?
I saw my ex-fiance's former roommate today. She was grocery shopping and visiting my ex's girlfriend at work. It was nice seeing her (I haven't in about a year/since my ex and I broke up) but still a bit awkward.
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The other day at work, a girl mentioned to me that she thought that dating a guy who was even a bit (as in couple months) younger than her was unacceptable to her. I thought this was pretty weird especially nowadays and it sounded kind of silly to me. I'm 4 years younger than my husband, but my mom is 2 years older than my dad (and taller than him when she wears heels) so this kind of thing seems fine to me.

It makes me wonder though, how everyone here feels about other "taboos."

Girls, would you date a guy who was

a. younger than you
b. shorter than you
c. made less money than you (Edit: I mean would it bother you in principle to the point where you couldn't accept it, not "I only make $6/hr and I'm too poor." Pretend you're financially independent if you're not)

For guys, just reverse the question to make it applicable to you. (Would you date a girl older than you, etc)

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1. Is there anything at Starbucks that is basically like a mocha frappuccino but hot? I need a new drink for the impending cold weather and I sure do love my mocha frappuccinos.

2. I saw on The Food Network a long time ago a show dedicated to chocolate so they were giving chocolate tips and stuff... one of the things was the the guy said something like "You really can't do anything wrong with chocolate...unless you pu it in the freezer!" Does anybody know if or why you aren't supposed to put chocolate in the freezer? I love frozen chocolate! lol

3. My mom has a piggy bank for bills and a piggy bank for coins. She swears up and down that "the coins will eat the bills." This doesn't logically make sense to me because I can;t figure out why coins would literally eat/damage bills when bills are so resilient....but she insists it's true! Is there some kind of joke or expression that she is taking too literally? Or am I wrong and coins literally do EAT dollar bills?

4. Long shot: Can anybody recommend a sewing macine to me that would be cheap, compact, and easy for beginners? =)

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What is your dream job?

Mine is to become a professional photographer.

Edit: I'm trying to find a job right now. My problem is, in just over 2 1/2 months, I'm going to Scotland for a whopping 3 weeks. When should I reveal this information to prospective employers? I'm nervous about telling them and not getting the job because of it. The trip has been in the works for almost a year now, and the ticket was bought over the summer, so it's totally a done deal. Thanks for any advice you guys can offer.
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Someone just called my cell and I missed the call. It's not giving me a name, just a number. I don't know the number, but it's bugging me,  I want to know who called.

Does anyone have that reverse phone finder thing, where you can type the number in, and get the information about the person? (I've looked it up online myself and they keep wanting me to get a program and pay for it.)

OR - does anyone know of a site where it's free but still give me the name or address of who called?

EDIT: I called the number back almost 5 minutes after they called my cell. So... that won't work. :\


I just set up a 10 gallon aquarium and put in a little bit of water conditioner, with the intention of letting it set up for about a week. But, I'm really excited about it, so I have to ask!

I love tiger barbs, so I plan on getting a couple of those - what other semi-aggressive fish can I include in the tank with them? My experience has been with peaceful fish with fins (like guppies) that'd probably be bullied by the barbs, and I think tetras are ugly.
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Ok, so lets say there's a girl and a boy. They are in love. Never been happier. They are 21 years old. The boy proposes to the girl. The girl is not ready for marriage, so shes says no.

Is there any way the relationship will stay the same? There has to be some awkwardness, right?

Has this ever happened to you? If you're a guy, and did the proposing, how did it make you feel?
My license plate

Need a new license plate!

For a couple of years now I've been using the personalized plate UNTAMED. I think it is time for a change. Being that I live in Vermont, there are a couple of restrictions - can't start with a letter Z, must be seven letters, no religious references, and the plate must be explainable. (They actually ask for the reason WHY you want the plate when you apply!)

This is the list my friends have come up with. Like any? Have any better ones to suggest?

ETA: I've gone with the majority. I keep leaning towards RUNRIOT, but for now I'll stick with my current one. Perhaps next year...

Thanks for the input.


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Just answer as to roughly where you are. These are all in US$ as there seem to be more US-ians about. For the rest of us: Currency Converter

Poll #827903 Personal annual income

What is your personal annual income? (in US$)

less than $1,000
Between $1,001 & $5,000
Between $5,001 & $10,000
Between $10,001 & $15,000
Between $15,001 & $20,000
Between $20, 001 & $30, 000
Between $30,001 & $40,000
Between $40,001 & $50,000
Between $50,001 & $60,000
More than $60,000

Household Annual Income

less than $1,000
Between $1,001 & $5,000
Between $5,001 & $10,000
Between $10,001 & $15,000
Between $15,001 & $20,000
Between $20, 001 & $30, 000
Between $30,001 & $40,000
Between $40,001 & $50,000
Between $50,001 & $60,000
More than $60,000
I have no idea

Also: US-ians, are your money notes significantly different sizes? is it diffcult to quickly tell them apart? Australian money is different sizes but I don't really notice it that much in notes. I pay more attention to the colour.

Are there any other countries that have money that is all the same colour?

What are the security devices on your money? Australian money has a little clear window in the corner that is supposed to have stuff printed in it (the fifty has some little upraised "50"s in it.) I just checked my money though, & those upraiised bits are scratched off on most of them... effective...

What is your money made our of? Our notes are plastic

Do your notes have the same picture on both sides? ours don't.

Australian Money. We do also have a $100 note, but appparently that's not important.

Old Meme

1. What's your current favorite band/musician/artist/album?

My music collection is so stale. I'm really digging Crosby right now.

2. Does coffee give you the shits?

Why does it do that?

3. Do you like receiving stuffed animals as gifts from your SO?

I get one every valentine's day, it's sort of tradition.

4. Don't you hate it when people change the color of the text in their posts?

Or the font?Or the size?
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How do you clean your hair straighteners, ladies?

I just bought a really expensive ceramic one, and I've noticed my mom's looks disgusting, I'm assuming from hair products etc.  I don't want mine to get like that.

Severe lower-back pain

According to my chiropractor, I have mild bone spurs and arthritis in my lower back causing severe lower back pain almost constantly. I've tried taking several anti-inflammatories and pain-killers but none seem to do a thing. I have an 8 month old son and it's difficult to care for him most of the time and I'm curious to know if there's anything out there that I can take for the pain, but not make me loopy in any way. Thanks in advance!


Recently I've been having problems with youtube.

Any time I go to watch a video, I let it load completly, then hit play.
But when I hit play it stops at some random point adn you get the message that you get at the end, with the share and watch again buttons.
Does this happen to anyone else?
What can i do to make this stop?


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I am having such a hard time quitting sugar. I have done it before and been fine just with willpower, yet this time I am having a hard time.
Is there any sort of natural product/etc that can help curb sugar cravings that actually works? Thanks!
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What's the height difference between you and your significant other(s)?

Same height
1-2 inches
3-4 inches
5-6 inches
7-10 inches
10-12 inches
1 foot - 1.5 feet
1.5 - 2 feet
2 feet - 3 feet

My boyfriend is over a foot taller than me, and people give us weird looks, but it's fun :) He doesn't mind, and I'm just used to it.
Someday I'll be a flower

Do people change?

Can people change fundamentally? Have you changed in a *fundamental* way? I don't just mean beliefs -- I was raised conservative Christian and then turned agnostic/atheist.. but I mean, you used to be lazy/procrastinate, and now you don't? Or you used to be a total slob and now you aren't?

Do you think rehabilitation for prisoners is a realistic idea?

Can a person who never learned thrift, diligence, punctuality and honesty, for instance, change and suddenly become industrious?

I used to think people could change. The older I get, the more I think we're kind of who we always were, and it's pretty hard to change. Little things, yes, but core personality/habits/characteristics, no.


Faggy questions

1. Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt gay?

2. I know there are lesbians who enjoy gay male porn, but are there gay men who enjoy lesbian porn?

3. Do you believe in bisexuality?

4. Would you be more inclined to believe a woman claiming she was raped over a man claiming the same?
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If you had to pick a non-traditional* super-power, what would it be?

*This means no common powers, no invisibility or flight or x-ray eyes... unless they have conditions that make them interesting.

For myself, I'd choose the power to control every uterus in the world.
Rustic books


What's the name of the new Artemis Fowl book, and when does it come out?

Also, any news on the final book in the Inheritance Trilogy?
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Daria procrastination

attack of the strange blue font?

I compressed my hard drive today--started it up, cleaned, went to work, and came home to a finished compression and what seems like a much happier, faster computer. Yay!

For some reason though...when I go to the Desktop from a file, or upload something, some of my applications and file text is in blue. What does that mean? My Google-fu is failing me.
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computer help

I was using my usual DVD ripping program and it froze suddenly. I alt+ctrl+deleted and flipped the screen vertically instead. I turned it off thinking it would fix itself that way, but I was wrong.

How do I get my normal screen back?

(I'm on my brother's laptop, in case you're wondering.)

Ok, I fixed it. I just had to right click and check "Normal" under Graphics Options. And I'm a moron.

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how long would you go without hearing from someone, before deciding that they were no longer a friend of yours?

ex. if jane does not call you for a month, do you completely write her off as your friend?


There was a post awhile back about evil birds, so that reminded me of this.

There are odd birds about. They are small, dark, HUGE IN NUMBERS (my estimate is 200+) and spend hours circling and swooping about in one area around my house, maybe about 1000 feet square. They all fly together. Sometimes little clusters of four or five join them from somewhere. When flying, they look like an amoeba. They constrict and contract like one living animal. Sometimes they sit on power lines, and they all sit next to each other and pack the lines for almost an entire street. You think that's a lot, but then you notice a big tree nearby is looking a little...dark. Upon closer inspection, more of the same birds are filling that tree.

What the hell kind of birds are they, and are they going to eat me? :/
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Do you have any evil birds about?
What do they do?
Is there anyway to protect yourself?

We have magpies(slighly smaller than crows), & since it's spring they're all on the attack. Generally they will just repeatedly swoop at your head until you go away (still very scary & unnerving because of the loss of control & embarrassment), but they also peck at your head (they draw blood = painful).

One way to prevent them doing this is look them in the eyes. But I recently saw a sign, warning of magpies & saying "protect your head & eyes". What the hell? They peck out your eyes? So i'm going to be looking it in the eyes & it will just come peck them out?! argh!

Also people draw eyes on ice-cream containers & wear them on their heads so the magpie thinks you are looking at it & therefore doesn't attack you. I have never done this.
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So I was at work, and there was a woman with two kids there. My first thought was "Someone had to do... that... with that... twice!" My next thought was a good question for here...

How does one make oneself less superficial? (This is not to say that any answer will change my rules for girls I will date, but I wondered if there was a way to keep myself from having the same first thought all the time.)

And a new twist on an old favorite... Not to say that it would look like the girls in Tag or Axe commercials, but which men's cologne (or whatever they want to call it) would make our girl readers stop and talk to a guy if they smelled it on him? (Not necessarily a 'favorite' as much as 'not quite the Tag and Axe ad, but close'. :) )