September 21st, 2006

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What are some ideas for gifts I could give to a fellow female for her birthday if I can't think of anything relating to her interests? Like, what are some generally acceptable gifts that most would appreciate anyway?
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Does anyone else obsess over posting pics on messageboards?

I love posting pics so much. Whenever I have a quick-witted, funny thing to contribute-- instead of just saying it, I post a picture to sum it up. Usually for the LOL-factor.

ps- those "I'm In Ur ___" pics and the "O RLY?" spinoffs are usually what I use to make my point about something in a post. There's so many of them...

EDIT: Sorry about the advertising, guys. It wasn't intentional!
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i'm all for paper applications

has anyone else tried to apply to h&m through their supertrendy online application process? (

is it just my computer, or is it just that ridiculous? a few of the lines aren't even clickable, some of the font is so light it can't be seen (that could just be my computer) and rarely does a link work. did madonna design the webpage too? :/
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1. Why am I still awake at 3:05am?
2. What do you use to help fall asleep when you're restless?
3. How do you close an old, wooden window frame that's been painted open without breaking it?
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I don't have time to search, because I gotta run off to class -- I promise I would have done so otherwise.

I have an alcoholic family member, and I would like to start them off with one of these 12-step type books. Has anyone ever done this before- did you go the book route first? (for further reference, this member WANTS to seek some form of rehab too. I figured I would try a book first.) If so, what book would you recommend?

Thank you- I am at my wit's end!
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To add to the other hand-washing question:

When you do wash your hands, given that all materials for your preferred method of washing are available, do you:

-rinse with water
-scrub with water
-use hand soap
-use anti-bacterial hand soap

I personally scrub with water; I've read enough studies showing that this is enough to kill most germs on your hands. Besides, you need some of the germs on your hands to defend against the bad ones!

If I've got something gross on my hands, I'll use hand soap, but never the antibacterial kind.

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Is it just me, or is it rude to insult and patronise someone for making a serious post in a serious community (elsewhere, not thequestionclub)?

Edited this because those people who don't like seeing drama here are only interested in insulting me and causing more drama instead of answering my question...
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Okay, I'm working a short story. I have two questions:

1. What are some good, nasty names/insults that teenagers would use against someone that had acne and was overweight?
2. What are the likely ways in which a teenager would commit suicide?

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I have sherbert and a lighter.

I'm curious. What would happen if I tried to set the sherbert on fire?

Edit: Yes, I mean the candy. I was unaware there was sherbet ice cream but apparently I need to clarify that I do know what happens when ice cream melts. I'm wondering what happens when I set the candy on fire. I am not an idiot.
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Do bees have toes? Do toes have bees?

Can your name be ilustrated using pictographs?

Are you dressing in costume for halloween? As what?

Do you remember the 21st night of September? When love was changing the minds of pretenders?

Bottled water or tap?

Red, green, or yellow apples?

Beef or chicken?

Are your fingernails painted or unpainted more often?

Which season's colors do you like the best?

Have you ever known anybody who had more or fewer than 10 fingers?

Damn it.

I got a huge splooge of EverFresh (Maybelline) liquid foundation on one of my favorite shirts - it was only a couple of weeks old. I washed it that evening, but the mark is still there. The bottle says the stuff is "oil free", so what can I put on the shirt to get that crap out?
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1. If you like BBQ sauce, what's your favorite flavor and brand?
2. Do you like driving?
3. Do heights scare you?
4. Anyone watching the Premier of My Name Is Earl, or The Office tonight?

For me:

1. I like Open Pit original, or KC Masterpiece Honey BBQ sauce
2. No, I really don't. I hate the stupid drivers and the people that don't use their signals, and the fact that everyone goes five below the speed limit all the time. If these could be solved, I'd enjoy driving again. Oh, and the people that drive slow in the fast lane. I could go on and on...
3. No, I like roller coasters and bungee jumping type-activities, but I hate being on ladders!
4. Of course I am!

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This post inspired by my husband's inability to understand how to make the bed to my liking, despite being married for almost three years and together for four.

Assuming you make your bed, how do you do it? Because of my mother (who I'm sure only fostered my OCD with her own), I have to have it a certain way, and different ways depending on the bedding. Collapse )

What kind of sheets do you have? Ever since sleeping on a set of T-shirt/Jersey sheets, I can't stand to be on anything else unless I absolutely have to! Collapse ) It started out as a joke since we needed new ones (our cloud print ones had been ruined by animal claws) and my husband has a big sweet tooth, so I thought they'd be funny. Plus, they were on sale and they match our colour scheme (not that that matters, since they're never seen by anyone but us, but it certainly helped). We ended up with them and I hope they last a long time because I love them. In fact, I might go buy an extra set, just in case!

in communist russia...

1a. what is communism?
1b. how do you feel about communism?
1c. are you a communist?

2a. what is socialism?
2b. how do you feel about socialism?
2c. are you a socialist?

3a.   what does this symbol mean?
3b. what emotions does this symbol evoke for you?

note: i am asking for YOUR definitions, not dictionary definitions or wiki entries, in attempt to get a better idea of what other people think. i am well aware of the answers to questions 1a, 2a, and 3a. =)

4. did you learn about these things in school?
5. where did you go to school?

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1. Got anything exciting coming up this weekend?

2. Anything exciting happen to you in the past week?

3. Other than Bento Corner, what are some good pages where I could get bento ideas? Vegetarian ones would be awesome if anyone knows of them.
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If you made New Year's Resolutions this year, how are you doing with them?

I'm doing pretty well, I recently found my list and at the top was "drink more water" and I'm doing that one very well! I was proud.
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Voce Voce Voce

1. When you're reading something written by someone you know or, at least, whose voice you are familiar with, do you imagine their voice while you read or do you just have your own voice reading? (Example: I was reading Tim Gunn's blog earlier and "hearing" his voice answering a Q&A.) Is there no voice at all? Do you ever assign voices to things you're reading?

2. What new show are you most looking forward to watching this television season and why?

3. What's the most annoying thing you've had to do today? Most fun/interesting?

4. Do you have strong or weak willpower?

5. Could you tell I posted questions 2—5 just to make it look like my weird voice question wasn't the only one I had? Do you ever make up random questions to go along with the question that's the main point of your post?
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so i've been talking with this person and we mostly talk about music. i've never once mentioned that i write... because i don't. so what in the hell does he mean when he says, 'What genres do you write in?'

movie and a song

Can you name a movie and a song with the same title?
For example: Footloose, Purple Rain, Weird Science

Rules --
1. The song does NOT have to be related to the movie in any way, but it has to have an identical name (Wild Things the film doesn't match the song "Wild Thing")
2. Movie musicals do NOT count (i.e. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Grease)
3. It can't be something that is only known as "Theme from ______" (i.e. Theme from Rocky, Star Wars Theme, etc.)

I just came home from work and we worked on this for the last hour of the day and got a pretty good list. I'm curious what will come up...

Bonus if you can name the artist that sings the song.
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I know there was not long time ago the question, if you like or dislike calling somewhere.
but what about calling somewhere again maybe two or three times?
I really hate that, makes me sometimes feeling like an idiot. depending on the situation of course.
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I have pretty bad anxiety. If something exists, I will worry about it to the extent that I react physically.

For a variety of reasons, therapy and medication are out of the question, at least for a while.

I've Googled for ways to self-treat this and I've found some good ideas, but I wonder: what works for any of you who have this problem? Anything you've tried that seems obvious but was a dismal failure?


And on a less selfish note, what color are the shoes you're wearing right now?

When it's not required, do you prefer to wear shoes or go without? (At home, etc.) Why?

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I have a psychology test next week and the professor gave each of us the option of either choosing a multiple choice test (48 questions) or an essay test (6 short essays); we just have to show up and tell her which one we want to take. She also gave us a review sheet of both the topics that the multiple choice will be on, and generalized versions of the essay questions.

Which one should I choose?
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Is it true that most image-conscious people walk around holding in their stomachs? My friend who is more worldly than I assures me it is so. Do you hold your is in regularly?

I have good posture and I do make an attempt to keep my navel flat against my spine, but that's from kickboxing not fear of looking fat....

and is there an easy way to clean wax out of a ring without destroying it? It's a pewter ring. [Um, In case you were wondering I don't recommend trying to use a ring that clearly isn't meant for such a purpose when using sealing wax. Oh, and try to use the proper wax as well. /headdesk]
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Green Fear!

Poll #826919 Will you still eat salad?

With the E.Coli concerns are you giving up salad?

Yes, I am terrified of getting sick so I've given up all salad.
No, I am terrified of getting sick so I've purchased whole heads/bunches of spinach & lettuce and I'm preparing it myself.
I never eat salad.
Yes, I only eat pre-prepared salad, and so I no longer trust salad.
I live off of takeout, so I don't know if I'm eating precut spinach or lettuce.

Reference article
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Is anyone here at an American university which hosts a "visting student' program? It's sort of like studying abroad, only you (obviously) study in a university in this country.

I'm Premed, and my school (Columbia University) claims that we can't study abroad if we're pre-med. (something about science classes needing to be in America)

Since I grew up in NYC, I'm really looking to find a program at a school that is absolutley nothing like Columbia or the city....Any suggestions?
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1. Can anyone remember the exact quote from "The Last Kiss" about how love is meaningless and it's only what you do that matters?

2. Can you suggest any songs that are upbeat, fun, and catchy, yet the lyrics do not seem to match the music? Take "Intermission" by The Scissor Sisters (some of the lyrics are "happiness is getting you down" and "we're born to die" and are pretty much depressing.)

computer question

i want to run the chkdsk /f command on my laptop, but when i try to, it says something about the disk check not able to be run since programs are running, and that it will be checked the next time my computer starts. but then the next time it's restarted, nothing happens at all.

does it run the check without giving some sort of notification or summary afterwards? or what do i need to do to make the check actually work?
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i went into a toilet at hungry jacks and on the soap dispenser there was the sign saying "Employees must wash hands before returning to work". i was thinking "why do they need to be reminded?", and thought i'd get insight into how common not washing your hands after going to the toilet is.

Poll #826412 Toilet habits

After urinating ONLY, are you a

female who washes hands
female who doesn't wash hands
male who washes hands
male who doesn't wash hands

After going to the toilet and defecating (crapping), including if you also urinated, are you a

female who washes hands
female who doesn't wash hands
male who washes hands
male who doesn't wash hands

if you dont wash your hands, why not?
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I feel stupid, sometimes the spelling of things just escape my mind.

How do you spell this?

Feed _____? It's the basin you pour food or water into.

(it's on my archaeology CD rom and is part of my homework. microsoft word is not recognizing any of my spellings of this word.)

ANSWERED! Thank you very much. :)
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
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(I checked LJSeek and nothing on this came up. So if this was already asked, I'm sorry! I looked!)

So... does anyone know what happened to ask_a_nurse? I know it was there on Saturday and maybve early this week, now it's gone!

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Last night, I went to a work event and spent time in a large group of people. One guy who's really cute, a New Zealander, fantastic voice, and did I mention cute? We went to a bar afterwards and he disappeared. He shows up a couple hours later, and makes beeline for me. (wha??) I am sitting there, still somewhat drunk, cleaning out my bag, which the goldfish from the bar ended up in. (This involves large piles of paperwork.) Now he's cute, and has major fans in my department because he's very nice to the Admin staff. (This translates into plenty of interested ladies...) But he comes to me and we chat. One of the things that came up was whether I could be heard down by his office.

This morning, 8:15am, he shows up and tells me you can hear me a bit. It's very awkward because I have a trainee and I don't know how to respond. We chat a bit about last night. I didn't go too far into anything because of the trainee. I tried not to be too awkward but...

Is this a sign he may be interested, o TQCers? and if it is, what should I do next? What would you do?


1.What is the legal drinking age where you live?
2.At what age did you start drinking?
3.When did you first get drunk?
4. What percentage of alcohol does your drink of choice have?

1) 18
2) I had sips of alcohol when younger & one lemon ruski at 10..
3) i first got drunk at 15
4) 40%
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Trashy Mall Duds

If you were forced under pain of death to throw away all the clothing you own and restock your wardrobe entirely out of one store in the mall, what store would you choose? Going naked is not an option unless it's already your practice. :o)

My choice would be American Eagle.

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a. Does anyone play keyboard?
b. If so - how hard is it to pick up?
c. I have smallish hands (not tiny, but small. Damn stubby finger gene) - would this make it incredibly hard to play?
d. What's a good model for a beginner? Something cheap-ish (Around $200 Australian, maybe?)

2. Do you play any instruments? If so, what?
I play Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, trumpet and some guitar. However, I've stopped playing all of them as I quit band (first four instruments), and the guitar I was using was right handed and it hurt my left-handed self.

3. What instrument do you wish you could play?
Well, obviously, keyboard. I also wish I could play double bass but there's no chance of that happening!
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I just bought this new line of stuff that's similar to proactiv.  It says to use it morning and night.  I just used it for the first time, and my skin's a little sensitive so it's still tingling/burning a bit from using it.


My question is, should I do like it says and use it twice daily, or since my skin's a bit sensitive should I try using it just once a day for now?


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Breast feeding in public... do you find it rude or don't care?

As I type this there is a lady sitting infront of mre on the bus breast feeding. You can see a part of her boob. I find it rather rude and gross. I don't wanna see that crap!
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Some personal/psychoanalytical questions... sort of:

1.Is it normal to feel abnormal?

2.If you've been on the pill and have had mood changes as a result, how long was it before you attributed it to this? Are you sure you weren't just finding the easiest thing to blame (rather than relationships, families)?

3.When things overwhelm you, how do you sort your head out?

4.Are the things that overwhelm you worth getting overwhelmed about?

5.Do you think you are normal, or do you think there is no such thing?

Collapse )

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Think about the star wars movies and games.
1.What profession would you take if you lived in the star wars universe?

2.If you could have any prop from the movies what would it be?

3.You can have your own droid, who is it?

My answers:
2.a seat from the millennium falcon
3.HK-47(knights of the old republic)
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Okay, so I was in Wal Mart today (unfortunately) and someone got on the P.A. system and announced a Code A... then a few minutes later, someone else came on and sounded very alarmed and announced a Code B.

I'm ... kind of nosy, I suppose? And have been wondering ever since what that meant.

Anyone know? I'm curious.