September 20th, 2006

What to do?

Alright question club. I need to find out who to contact about my local PD dropping the ball tonight. I'll relate my tale and hopefully someone will have some advice for make this relevant...Who would you call? What would you do?

so..I work at a gas station. Lately several gas stations and check advance places in my area have been getting robbed. Since this has been happening, I've been extra paranoid at work.

Here's the deal

Around 4 pm our store was dead. I went into the cooler to put up the beer order and I left my coworker to handle the few and far between customers. A regular was at one of our two tables reading a newspaper.

Out of no where, a car pulls into the lot across several parking spaces. Two (I'm only using these as decriptors, so none of that racist bs please) 6 foot tall african american guys come strolling in. They start to approach the counter, all the while they are looking back and forth across the store. When they got a few feet from the counter, the regular got up to get himself some more soda. When the 2 guys saw him, they turned around, ran out the door, jumped in their car and sped off.

That sounds like an attempted robbery to me.

My co-worker buzzes me from the back, she and the customer explain the situation and we decide to call our boss and the cops. I searched the tapes from the parking area and I managed to barely get the license plate number. I call the police and explain the situation. I ask them to send a car periodically though the night to check in on us. They tell me no problem. The dispatcher tells me to call if they come back. She sounded like she was taking me seriously.

So my co-worker and I are paranoid all night long. After asking a few people I knew and relating the story, it turns out I went to highschool with the two "alleged attempted robbers". Yeah, ain't that some shit.

What's bigger bs though, we never once had a police officer stop in to check on us, let alone drive by. What the hell?!?! They acted all sympathetic on the phone and you would think with all the robberies going on in the area, they would do something. I'm soo freaking pissed. What if we would have been robbed? If they would have came back you would bet my local police department would be getting a whole hell of a lot more than an earful from me!

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I went thru a few communities (including a few pages of ipod, even though I don't have one) before posting here.

Do I haaaave to upgrade to 7.0 to use the Music Store? I don't WANT to!!!!! But when I go to buy a song it says "Please upgrade to iTunes 7.0 to continue using store". And I'm only trying to buy the song because I can't find it on, uh, some other program =P.

Anyway, if I DON'T have to upgrade, then how do I just buy the damn song? Haha.

LMFAO, never mind... I thought I had version 5 or 6 but do you know what version I have? 4!!!! Good grief it is time for an upgrade regardless of wanting it or not. Hahaha.

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Why does my computer shut down when I leave it alone for a few minutes? Ive made sure all the power options say never turn off anything unless running on battery, it isnt going on stand by and I dont think its overheating because it doesnt do it if I sit here for an hour.
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Someone recently told me they need some tension to be productive... they need to feel like they have to prove someone wrong to be motivated at work. The tension gives them energy. (And the person IS highly successful, just... often tense!)

Can someone explain this to me? I can't relate at all.

Should I go to a specialty lawyer's association lunch b/c my prof suggested that we all go, or stay home and get more rest (I only slept 5 hours) and study? Does it matter that I'm feeling really peopled-out?

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I'm really, really sorry to ask this, because I know it was asked not too long ago. I have no idea when, though, and there are too many posts to search through.

Can somebody tell me how I can make all my old journal entries either private or friends only? Thank you.

Edit: Thank you to bellasmommy!

The cure (and I'm not talking about the band)

Hey, I've got a question for all the good folks out there who have disabilities, physical or otherwise.

Poof! Medical technology has advanced to a point where there is a cure for whichever/whatever condition you have. If you take the cure, your body and mind will be completely restored to that of a neurotypical able-bodied person.
Do you take it?
Why or why not?
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drinking songs

I'm looking to learn some drinking songs so that I may never find myself in a pub on International Talk Like a Pirate Day with my repertoire consisting solely of "Fight For Your Right to Plunder."

What are your favourite drinking songs? SCAdians, what kind of songs do you sing at Faires?
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new fall tv

I think I've missed many of the new television shows that have premiered this week or last.  Is there any website that you know of which lists all of the fall premieres (either new shows or new episodes of existing shows) across all networks, along with the day and time that new episodes start?

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1. Doctor appointment tomorrow at 12:30pm. I usually have to wait to see him for 1/2 to 1 hour. There will be an EKG, an X-Ray and an Echocardiogram involved. I expect the appointment to take a couple of hours at least. The patient is my 2 year old daughter and she will have missed her nap and probably have not had a good lunch since we'll have to eat in the doctor's office. Should I go in 1/2 hour early like their message I got today says?

2. When getting on an elevator, do you stand back and wait for the people in the elevator to get off first or do you shove your way in? If you are a shover, why do you do this? Do you realize it's rude?

3. When you go into a public restroom and go into a stall and notice that the toilet has been newly flushed because the water is still swirling around, do you exit that stall and go into another or does it not bother you that the seat is still warm from the last person?

4. Have you used Skype? Is it good for communicating with people in other countries? Are there alternative services to Skype?

Police impound cars

Does anyone have any experience buying police impound cars? I'm sifting through the classifieds in search of a vehicle and keep coming across these ads with seemingly incredible deals, but have not called any of them yet. The ads say they're police impounds and have an 800 number listed as contact info. What say you, TQC?
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Decoupage / Crafts ?

I'm going to be decorating some unfinished wood, and my idea was to paste like, magazine cut-outs and paper, etc on to it.

What would be the best adhesive/materials to use in order to accomplish this?

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Poll #825932 Who are you?

Who do you relate to the most - Scooby Doo

Fred - team leader, confident, makes the decisions for the group
Daphne - attractive, hottie, usually dating the Fred of the group
Velma - brains, cleverness, sometimes stuck babysitting idiots
Shaggy - slacker, stoner, loves to indulge in creature comforts
Scooby - people are often surprised when you speak, your closest friend is a ne'er-do-well
Scrappy - chip on your shoulder, tough, impatient, will not back down from a fight, always looking to start trouble

Who do you relate to the most - Gilligan's Island

Gilligan - you're nice but kind of a fuckup, people like you but you kind of let them down a lot
Skipper - stupid people piss you off, you tend to maintain order in a group, can be an asshole on a bad day
Ginger - attractive, hottie, generally assessed mainly for your appearance without many knowing the real you
Mary Ann - nice, wholesome, girl-next-door type. Everybody likes you but you're usually in the shadow of a Ginger
Professor - highly intelligent, a bit detached in general, probabl happier left to your own devices than being in a social situation, probably asexual
Howells - materialistic, a bit condescending, seem to think that your opinion matters because of who you are, arrogant
Globetrotters - fun, exciting, but you kind of pass through people's lives without making any lingering impressions beyond the funness

Who do you relate to the most - Three's Company

Jack - likable, everybody likes you, you make friends easily but never seem to get the girl or guy, maybe you come across as something you're not
Jan - den mother of the group, stubborn but you cave easily, kind of a Mary Ann type
Chrissy - pretty but not a lot going on upstairs. People have the hots for you, but you tend to prefer to hang out with your friends instead
Terri - you're nice and sweet but have a temper, quirky sense of humor
Cindy - kind of average in many ways. People hang out with you when they can't find Chrissy or Terri
Larry - think you're a player but deep down you know it's an act. Your social life is limited to flirting with the opposite sex with little to no payoff
Mr. Furley - stern, hokey and completely out of touch with what's cool. Easily offended and you have a big ego
Mr. Roper - apathetic, burnt out and kind of a hater. Maybe you're stuck in a bad relationship. You tend to get your jollies picking on easy targets who can't fight back
Mrs. Roper - you want to be liked and go out of your way being nice to people, but you're generally tolerated more than liked. The only one you do hang out with is your grumpy significant other

Who do you relate to the most - Simpsons

Homer - simple, a life committed to indulging, not too bright, you've let yourself go, have a colorful life anyway
Marge - anal, rigid, control freak with a big heart. Tend to bottle up your anger
Bart - attention-seeker, smartass, rebel, always gets the last word in
Lisa - smartest one in the group, great moral fiber, cares about doing the right thing in every situation, might not be the most popular person
Nelson - bully, apathetic, the suffer of others makes your life less dismal
Milhouse - dork, easily talked into things, unrequited love sums up a lot of your ambitions
Barney - fuck-up, addictive behavior, generally a bad influence on others
Patti and Thelma - dislike others, which directly affects your love life, which is barren. You're generally disliked, but you don't care because you dislike them back
Mr. Burns - greedy, aversion to all humans, your life's goals involve getting what you want regardless of who gets in your way. You're feared and hated
Smithers - kind of a tool. The only things you are known for is dedication to your job and harboring an enormous crush on a coworker
Apu - you take pride in doing a good job, even if it is thankless. A bit of a busybody
Ralph Wiggum - dense. Many things fly over your head. You live in your own little world
Chief Wiggum - lazy, out of shape. You have a responsible job but your complete sloth compromises it almost daily
Moe - self loathing, but you loathe everybody else generally the same. Low self esteem. Generally a loner
Abe Simpson - forgotten, disrespected, no one wants to hear what you have to say. It doesn't help that you have nothing worth saying anyway

Who do you relate to the most - Friends

Ross - unlucky in love, bit of a dork, anal, possess a very adaptable sense of humor
Rachel - big goals but generally unmotivated. Your life is a series of relationships. You're well liked by many
Joey - somewhat of a dimwit, but you have confidence and game. You really could have anyone you want, but you prefer to hang with the guys or girls
Monica - anal-retentive, OCD-having, control freak, den mother. You keep the group together
Chandler, first few seasons - snarky, sarcastic, witty, major dick but you balance it out with humor, inner demons you keep hidden
Chandler, last few seasons - complete dork, sarcastic but no one takes you seriously, harmless
Phoebe - flighty, impulsive, prone to tangents, creative but you have a screw loose somewhere. You're the unique one amongst your friends

(no subject)

1. Do you like my icon?
2. Do you recognize the original (forefront) piece of artwork?  Artist name/painting name?
3. Do you see my blatant symbolism as interesting, pretentious, boring, or not so blatant at all?
4. Do you agree with the sentiment of the icon?

Also, if you were a chimpanzee, would you want to have wings and a fez?

(no subject)

What can be done about getting a yahoo email account deleted. Basically someone created a yahoo account using my friend's name and is using it to post listings on sex sites impersonating her. I tried looking around online but the only things I've found abotu identity theft have been regarding financial issues not defamation. Any help please???

(no subject)

Are there any communities where you can submit your essays to be graded and rated? So far, all I have found is poetry, fanfic and RP communities.

I don't have anyone to rate my school essays for me, and I've gone over it a few times and it seems alright to me, but when someone else reads over it, they usually find things you can fix.

MANY thanks in advance if you can help me.
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a non existent painting?

Okay, my professor wanted us to look up some paintings on the web...but I can't seem to find one of them.

It's allegedly called "The Garden Party" by Monet, except I can't find any of Monet's paintings called that. There's LOTS of garden paintings by him, but I can't find one with that specific title.

Did she mean something else, or am I missing something here?
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I'm curious about emancipation.

I always thought it was a very obscure thing, but recently talking to people on airplanes and such, I find that its more common than I thought.

1. Have any of you been emancipated?
2. If so, how old were you?
3. Would you sign for your own children to be emancipated?

Anyone care to explain to me how someone goes about this?

(no subject)

Those of you that have seen the remake of Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in it; i have a question reguarding the guitar Lindsay uses.

Does anyone know what kind it is? I really liked the way it sounds.
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Popular culture.

I'm doing a survey for a class, so I'd like everyones help...
How has primetime television affected your life?
Does it spark your imagination?
Have you (or anyone you know) found a hero in it?
Are your action influenced by it?
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Help me keep my job, internet!

I've got a tough situation here.

A month ago, I got a new job, and I love it. The problem is that ever since then, I've been sick a lot and it's been causing me to miss lots of time (I've been out for two days now and told by my doctor to not go back until Monday) and my performance hasn't been the best while I am there because of the health problems (hard to do your job when the room is spinning and you're trying not to puke).

Any advice on how to get through this and still keep my job? I can't afford to be unemployed now, and since I've only been there for a month, I'm not eligible for unemployment or FMLA or anything like that.

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(no subject)

How often do you have your hair cut?
How much does it cost?
Do you have a regular hairdresser, or does someone different do it everytime?
Is the salon/barbershop that you go to considered upscale, or do you just go to any old place?

permit/license requeirment question

I know that if you're under 19 you have to have completed driver's education to get your license, but I'm wondering if you have to complete the "behind the wheel" part. I'm turning 18 next month and I'll be getting my permit soon, but I don't want to have to go to driving school (I'm hoping my parents can teach me). Does anyone know if it's a requirement if you're over 18?

I looked at the DMV site and I could only find information about completing driver's ed in school as being required.

I'm in Virginia btw.

Fun Cliches

You know how people answer a question that is an obvious yes with something like "Is the Pope Catholic?" What's your favorite version of that phrase?

I like "Does Rose Kennedy own a black dress?" (I know, tasteless!) and "Is a bullfrog waterproof?" (from a song by The Kennedys, actually, but no relation...)

What's your favorite version of the "Make like a tree and leave" phrase?

I'm a big fan of "Make like a bread truck and haul buns" and also "I'm off like a prom dress."

2 contraceptive pill questions

I currently take Cilest... it's very good, and the only side-effect is decreased libido. But I would like to be on a pill that doesnt decrease my libido, or increases it. So does anyone have information about types of The Pill and their common side-effects?

We get The Pill for free here in the UK, no matter what your circumstances, but I was wondering if it's the same in other countries... particularly the USA. If you dont get it for free how much do you have to pay?

Thank you
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(no subject)

does anybody know how to set up a pay-pal donation thingy?
i want a website to be able to take donations. it doesnt even have to be paypal.
just lookin for a free solution

(no subject)

What kind of apple do you like best? I never used to eat apples ever, but since coming to college, I've been having a Golden Delicious just about every day, but I think I'm ready for a change.
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(no subject)

My question is very specific, and it's to help me with a birthday present for a friend.

Name me some lesbian female celebrities/well known fiction characters?

(Lists I've found online are incomplete and there's a tendency to include bisexuals in them.)

(no subject)

Now, if I need to get a single paper filled out, signed, stamped with a seal, and mailed to me, how can I go about doing that from across the country?
I have tried multiple emails and multiple phone calls, all of which have lead me nowhere. I have been working on this for the last... month.

Any suggestions?

(no subject)

OK. I am currently in tears. I've been using exposed for about 5 days now and my skin is...destroyed. Red, bumpy, rough, lots of spots, dry...the website says that your skin should get worse for a week before it gets better, but I simply can't make myself use anymore of their stuff even once more. But I paid a lot of money for it and basically my question is: should I continue like they say or simply give up?? Anyone used the stuff before, or know anyone who has used it?

(no subject)

My roommate and I just purchased a washer and dryer from Craigslist. We checked it out, and it works fine, but our problem is this: we're not strong enough to carry them up the stairs. As we have no stronger friends who can help us, we wondered what could we do to get them in the apartment (2nd floor). So does anyone have any idea how we can get the washer and dryer inside?

ETA: Answered, thanks!
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(no subject)

I can't find any of my good cds. Where are they?

Also, but not more importantly, do you and your friends say 'your mom' jokes?

Ok and one more thing. Does lack of capitalization and/or incorrect grammar invalidate someone's statement? Or in other words, if someone types a response that is full of technical errors are you less inclined to view that response as true?

OK, OK last one, promise. Are you more apt to trust short people or tall people?
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Photoshop CS question

I already asked this in a Photoshop community but I'm going to bet I get an answer here first, so here goes.

I'm using the pen tool to select an area, I have my selection but when I hit "fill path" it fills everything but my selection. It didn't used to do this so I know I must have changed something along the way and I'll probably feel really dumb when I find out what it was. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?
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(no subject)

I know the community rules forbid questions about how to do Live Journal related things, but this isn't so much about how to do something as it is about 'can this be done?' and anyway, I don't think the LJ Support people could help me here.So: is there any way someone who has not friended me can see friends-only or private entries that I have written? If can I stop it?

And some general questions:
  1. Were you named after someone?
  2. Would you ever name your child/ren after someone?
  3. Would you name them after your parent/s? Yourself?
My aunt is named after her mother, and her mother is named after her mother. Basically, all three women share the same name. I asked her if she would ever give her daughter (if she had one) the same name as her and she said 'no, never'. I'd never name my daughter (or son!) after me either. It would just be too weird calling my own name when I needed to speak to them.
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(no subject)

What is your opinion of schools 'bribing' students to come to school or to do well in school?

I've heard of lots of schools lately that have raffles for those with perfect attendance, high grades, etc. I CAN see it as a reward to those who are already doing well, but overall I'm not sure about it.

Our school is throwing around the idea of paying for some of the students prom ticket or graduation fee if the 'meet standards' on the PSAE in the spring.

What are your opionions?

(no subject)

I don't know if this is common sense or not, but I'm planning to go out tonight and probably try alcohol for the first time.

Question: would taking 2 extra strength tylenol pills before or after drinking alcohol have any bad effect? I mean, I know people die by like swallowing a whole bottle and then downing tequila, but 2 shouldn't kill me, right? I'm having a tootache, so I need to take 2 eavery few hours (so no, I'm not suicidal.) THANKS.

p.s. Also, any advice on how to take care of myself while partying? I'm still getting adjusted to the whole college scene so...yeah.

(no subject)

Y'know how on Internet Explorer if you're on a secure website, there is that little lock thingy at the bottom right corner of the screen?

Is there a name for that, or is it just the little lock thingy?

Also, would you give out your credit card info over a page that didn't have the little lock thingy, even if it was a PayPal site?

(no subject)

I'm sitting in the computer lab, and one of my project partners is trying to find a picture of this parrot or cockatiel or something... where the feathers didn't develop right and so it's all spiky.
Help us? she can't remember what kind of bird it was, and google image searching for parrot + spike just has weird stat diagrams.

Edit: maybe she is crazy and it was still in pinfeathers or something. That is also possible. But she seemd to believe it was a fullgrown pet bird of some sort that was 'spikified', liek something actualyl wrogn with the feather development.
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Okay, here's my problem:
I can't get to OkCupid. I jhaven't been able to for a couple of weeks now.
I use Firefox, but I've also tried it with Internet Explorer (actually, I generally use IE Tab for the site, since Firefox doesn't seem to like it) and nothing's happening. A friend tried it, and she could use it fine.
Anyone have any ideas?

(no subject)

What would you do with a deck of hermaphrodite porn cards?

I've just come into possesion of them, and figure something must be done. The only suggestion I've been given so far is that a friend wants them so he can give them to my brother. Quote: "I figure the cards will get him halfway over, and I'll take care of the rest."

My brother's still seventeen, so I'd rather not.

Any other ideas?

(no subject)

I just closed a Word document without saving it on accident. (Yes I x'ed out and yes I clicked no to the prompt... please, calling me a dumbass is unneccessary as I have already done so). Is there any way to get back the document I just closed?

Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

So I move in to my college dorm tomorrow. I'm a freshman and I'm almost all the way packed.

Anything I shouldn't forget?

Have you ever forgotten anything very important that you needed when moving into college?

Any other advice?

This is a bit long-winded

I have come to the conclusion that I cannot handle work days lasting longer than 5-6 hours. I cannot handle work weeks lasting longer than 4-5 days. I used to work at a greenhouse. It was 9-10 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, for $6 an hour. In other words, SHIT. Now, I work at Starbucks. It's only 4 days a week. The days range from 4 hours to 8 1/2 hours. And yet, I STILL feel like total crap all the time. I thought that compared to the other place, this would be cake. But...I feel like I could DIE. Henceforth the conclusion of what my hours should be in order for me to live.

My question any jobs with those kinds of hours even exist? And I mean ones that pay well. Preferably over $9 an hour. And nothing that involved heavy lifting or stressful work (like remembering complex drink orders....or example). I don't have any degrees. Just my GED.

Ooookay I didn't know this would turn into some kind of war of opinions up in here so I call this thread closed on my part. I'll leave it open if other people want to debate but I think I'll stay out of it considering I only wanted legitimate answer rather than a bunch of negative opinions.

Thank you to the people who responded to the question positively. You're very kind.