September 19th, 2006

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Whenever I'm angry, sad, lonely, or some combination of the three, I never seem to want to do anything at all. Those things always seem to be the best inspiration for music and art. How do I channel those into a desire to write or play or do something creative (or at least going outside and exercising somehow) instead of wanting to beat my head against the desk repeatedly?
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The guy delivering a pizza and some free brownies in the new-ish Domino's commercial: Is that the little boy from "The Nanny"?

If yes, what on earth happened to him??

(And are those brownies any good?)
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I am new to WoW and just finished installing. I am trying to download a patch but it is not beginning. There is an option for if you are having problems to click the following link but the link leads to a disabled/broken page. Please help?

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1. What is an item that is not a bean burrito?

2. a. In what ways is this item similar to a bean burrito?
b. In what ways is it different?

3. Is this item preferable to a bean burrito?

4. a. If someone was trying to kill you, how would you defend yourself with this item?
b. How would you defend yourself with a bean burrito?

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I've been having a lot of anxiety attacks lately. My friend gives me some of her xanax rx, but I think it's a bit strong for me (being that I can sleep 16+ hours straight after taking it, and can't function) but it really helps. I want to go to my doctor and ask for a lower dosage so I can take it during the daytime and function.

Will my primary care doctor most likely be able and willing to give me the rx for it?
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What's something your city does that really pisses you off?

Aside from endless construction, I get really pissed off about all the Jaguar stuff, because they always have a "roar" when talking about them on the news, and the cheerleaders are called "the roar" AND JAGUARS DO NOT ROAR.

home sick and bored

What's your favorite season?

What's your least favorite seasons?

If you're a girl would you rather be 4'6" or 6'4" (i'm assuming all guys would rather be 6'4" but correct me if I'm wrong!)

Are you a cat person, dog person or both?

Do you prefer curly hair or straight hair:

a. on yourself
b. on the opposite sex
c. in general

My answers:
Both, but more a cat person
straight hair in general, but there are exceptions, and I DEFINITELY prefer straight hair for myself

Job Interview Followup

I had an interview on Friday (with Radioshack.. yay). I met with the manager and he told me that I'd be a great fit and he'd like to hire me, but that he had to go through other interviews he had scheduled just to be fair. He also told me that he'd call me Monday afternoon so that I could come in that day and fill out paperwork and things so I can get started.

Well, Monday came and went and he didn't call. What do I do? Should I call him this afternoon, or give it until tomorrow?
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Do you remember what the first song/album you listened to in your car was?

I heard "Walk Like an Egyptian" last night and thought about my old car. "Aw, that was the first song I listened to in Red..." A Best Of INXS CD christened my new car's stereo, and Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping" bumped in my ancient POS back in 1997.
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interviewing sucks.

i have an interview today. can you convince me not to freak the hell out?

i am usually a really level headed and calm person, but for some reason interviews scare the shit out of me. there's no reason i shouldn't get this job. agh!
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Today be talk like a pirate day! What be all you people doin' t' celebrate? I'm talkin' like a pirate all day, I plan t' dress up and tonight, I will be drinkin' lots o' rum and watchin' Pirates o' t' Caribbean. A worthy celebration!

Also, what be some good piratey songs? I need a soundtrack for today!
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has anyone tried hitchhiking?

i need to hitchhike from cairns to sydney , australia. i'm a 19 year old girl who will pretty much do anything to get back home, save getting killed. all official means of transportation are retardedly expensive.

morning, noon, and night...

1. would you consider yourself a morning person or a night person?
2. would you consider your partner a morning person or a night person?
3. if you're opposites, do you have difficulties with your personalities clashing?
3b. if yes, how do you try and resolve these differences?

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Okay, so I bought something online using paypal. They ended up making a mistake on my order and refunded me the money, to my paypal (and I have my paypal set up to directly take the money out of my checking account). but how do I get it into my bank account from my paypal? It already says refunded on my paypal, and it says my account balance is the $26.75 that they refunded me, but it's not showing up in my bank account. Is there something special that I have to do to get the money into my bank account, or can I not do that?
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For people who go to the gym

Do you get naked in the locker room (I mean, shower, walk around, sit in the hot tub/sauna/steamroom/whatever, etc.), or are you tied to your towel the whole time?
What do you think of people who do get naked in the locker room?
If you don't get naked, is it because of modesty or body-image-issues?
What gender are you?

When I was in high school, NO ONE got naked or took showers. At the Y, its only older ladies that get naked, never younger ladies. I want to, though.
I think its great if you're comfortable enough to be naked. Its fun.
I am a female.

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1) do you have a song that makes you very happy? if yes, what is it?

2) when you update your journal, does it say "update captin's log" as well? nevermind
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Poll #825097 BIGFOOT!

You're in the woods. You hear a SNAP, turn around, and you're face to face with something hairy. What is it?

A bear
Harry, minus the Hendersons
Robin Williams
Your aunt Melba
Giant ape!
A bag of hair
Suri Cruise (did you see the mop on that kid's head?)
Lonely man with hairy palms
Teen Wolf
Three lesbians in shorts
Beast, with Belle nowhere in sight
Dozens of Tribbles
A furry

What do they want?

Give them food
Be their food
To see RV with him
Give directions to the Melissa Etheridge concert
Have kinky non-hairy sex with them
To take these Jack Chick tracks, and to know if you've been 'saved'
Not leave his castle
To be his girlfriend
Accept this copy of Dianetics
Play a game of chess
Put on these kitty ears
Scritch behind his ears
Hand cream

They want to meet you again. Where would you probably find them?

At a SciFi convention
Adult section at the local video rental
On campus
Empire State Building
Softball game
99 Cent Store
Cover of a tabloid
Leno's couch
In the bushes outside your room

What would be the best thing if you captured them?

Millions of dollars, for this hairy creature is quite elusive
Less godawful comedies in the future
One less of those sick freaks roaming the streets
You can create a farm, breed them together, and sell them in bulk
They'd stop posting damn pictures of their stupid face in the tabloids
Best oral sex you ever had
They'd take you with him to his castle in France
You can make your own fur coat out of their pelt
Good eating
PETA wouldn't really care if you mistreat them

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has anyone here ever participated in big brothers big sisters? i'd like to be a "big sister," but wanted to kind of hear other peoples opinions of/experiences with them before i jumped into it. it seems like a pretty neat program.... thanks!
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My company is offering flu vaccines to all employees.

Is it necessary to get a flu vaccine? I heard that they don't always work and/or the actual vaccine could make you sick.

Would you get one?
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Goldfish Crackers

Poll #825041 Goldfish Crackers

Which type of Goldfish Crackers are your favorite?

Baby Cheddar
Cheddar Made With Whole Grain
Calcium Cheddar
Flavor Blasted - Xtra Cheddar
Flavor Blasted - Xplosive Pizza
Flavor Blasted - Burstin' BBQ Cheddar
Flavor Blasted - Nothin' But Nacho
I like them, but I don't have a favorite.
I don't like Goldfish Crackers.

Babysitters Club

The Babysitters Club is awesome. Who's your favorite sitter? Or, for those who don't still read them, who WAS your favorite sitter? Least favorite?

My favorite is Mary Anne and Stacey.
Least is Claudia because she's so friggin stupid and her "art" sucks.

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My wallet was stolen yesterday, and now all I have on me is $1.37 in change, two forms of photo ID, and a check book. I need money in cash to ride the bus and the train. The nearest branch of my bank is 85 miles away. I will definitely get money Saturday, but I need money for transportation.

The question: Is there anyway I can write a check and get cash back? Do I have to go to a check cashing place? Could you write yourself a check and then cash it? Do any stores even accept personal checks?

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Anyone notice the whole "pirate" thing with Livejournal?

Front page:


I'm direct linking to the images (I'm at work, no access to Photobucket), so Livejournal might switch them again and this post wont make sense...

Anyone know if there's a story behind that?

Not Another Pirate Post !

So apparently a lot of people are irritated by the Talk Like a Pirate theme today. However, it could be worse. It could be talk like a Valley Girl.

What are some other themes that you can think of that are more annoying that pirates?
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For those of you who file taxes: (or did this past year)

Do you prefer the traditional paper forms you get at the post office?
Or do you prefer to use programs such as Turbo Tax?

If you use Turbo Tax: Do you use the online program or purchase the disc and download the software?

Speech Class

For my first speech in speech class, we need to introduce ourselves. It has to be 5-10 minutes, thats why I'm asking for suggestions. I only have about 4 minutes, at most.

My speech is going to be about how I'm crazy. I start out by describing how I swam with sharks and climbed mt. everest. I keep going to talk about how I'm on broadway and that I saw jesus and he gave me a twinkie. I also got into a knife fight with an army man and lost an eye in an unfortunate skeeball accident

What else can I say?
I'm also making photoshoped pictures to go with the stories.
If you suggest something, send me a big picture of it and I'll photoshop my face onto it. But if you can't, thats fine too.

Suggest crazy things for me to do.



EDIT!for anyone who cares. my speech is posted on my livejournal!

Need Computer Question answered ASAP

Please help me get the hell out of my office at a decent hour...

I have an excel worksheet, and one of the columns is a list of approximately 400 e-mail addresses.  Is there any way to convert that list, through Word or anything else, to a list of e-mail addresses separated by commas, so I can send a message out to those 400 people?

If so, would you please explain it to me?

Are you still at work?


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1. How friendly were you with your teachers (in any grade level)? Did you ever become friends with a teacher outside of the classroom?

2. For those of you in college, when you missed a class, did you see your professor before the next one or just wait until the next class?

3. Are you more of a 'do what you're supposed to do because that's just how the world works' kind of person or a 'do what makes you happy' kind of person? Why?

4. Which of your friends or acquaintances has the most fucked up family (include yours, if you want)? Any crazy stories to share about said family?

5. Are there any television show premieres you're looking forward to in the upcoming weeks?

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Do you think that fasting for 3 days with nothing but water and then gradually getting back into it with a small portion of fruits, vegetables, and eggs everyday with the intention to gain back the energy you lost during those few days to go walking 4 miles a day so that you can lose some weight is a good idea??

Is there a better way I could have worded that question?

Does cleaning other people's dishes gross you out too?

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This is for parents and students. I am a student. I was just wondering what (if you are a parent, with a child in high school or college) you would tell them if they told you they were going to Barnes and Noble (or Starbucks or w/e) to study (for real, no joking, or whatever). If you are a student and was going to one of these places to study, would you parents say yes, and be happy that you ARE going somewhere to study, or would they say no and tell you to stay home.

Quick Meal Ideas?

I have found that Mondays for me are very, very bad for me as far as eating my lunch goes.

I have classes at 11 and 12 for 50 minutes each, 1:30 for half an hour, 2:00 for 50 minutes, and then I have marching band.  For those of you not familiar, marching band is very vigorus as far as physical activity is concerned (at least for us).  I can't go without eating a meal before then, or I get sick.

What's something that I can take with me and nibble on in between classes?  It can be something that I can make the night before or something I can make and eat in about ten minutes.  I usually take a bottle of water with me during the day, so I don't think hydration is a huge problem for me.

Thank you!!  :D

please answer!

Hi! I'm doing some research for my english paper and I just wanted some opinions so please please comment with answers!

Current level of education/Highest level of education completed?
What is your favorite Fairy Tale and why? 

Edited to add:

What do you think of the use of magic in fairy tales?
How has this view changed since you were a child?

I would appreciate ANY answers!!! Thank you so much for any input!

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unusual pet names?

Since I've been working at the animal clinic lately...and thought of this...

I was filing some new records and noticed a lot of people like to name their pets with unusual names.

A chihuahua named Tank
A cat named Booger, another named Turd.
A kitten named Monkey

Also some sissy names for male pets

Mittens and Kitty for male cats.

I liked one name yesterday.  A dog came in for a spay...her name was Zen. 

What are other unusual names you've seen or heard lately for pets?
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So I've just broken up with my boyfriend for various reasons... the thing is... I have a history of relapsing out of familiar habits and comfort.

I'm trying to avoid that this time. What do you recommend I do? I really want this to be open/shut.

Sensitivity is preferred in responses but I'm open to snarky as I have a sense of humor.


So I recently inherited a dwarf rabbit from a friend. She was fine for the first few weeks, but recently I've noticed that she's been pooping a lot more than usual. Tonight when I let her out, she was just pooping non stop, faster than i could pick it up.
I'm getting worried. Anyone with pets know what could be wrong or what to do or give her?
The only things I've fed her in addition to her regular dry rabbit food is a couple of cucumber slices and some lettuce. Should I stop?

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1. Have you ever witnessed a teacher state something that was downright wrong? Historically incorrect or otherwise. What was it? Did you debate/correct them?
2. When did you start applying to colleges, and where did you apply to? Where did you end up going?
3. How many community service hours did you do in high school?

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I just joined Curves, mostly to tone but maybe lose 10 pounds. At the moment, I'm a 36C, and I've heard that losing weight will cause you to lose some in the bust. I'm very fond of the size I have and I don't want to lose them.

Was this true for you or someone you know?
Is there any way to prevent it?

An Apple a Day

I've been a longtime PC user...  

My bf convinced me to try out a Mac, so now I am the owner of a new
Apple MacBook MA255LL/A 13.3" Notebook PC (2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive)

Tips, tricks, freeware suggestions?  For example, I can't get my bookmarks to show in the pull down menu -- I've tried organizing them as I did on a PC, but the bookmarks bar wouldn't take any additions.  Huh?  I thought Macs were supposed to be more user-friendly. 
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Ripped off?

Tell me the story of when you were ripped off the most by buying something BUT due to your own ignorance.

For example, I bought an Alienware on impulse... only later to find out if I had done some real research I would have realized what horrible customer service/computers they have.

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Say I have a video file that's been split into four pieces, and the four parts are titled "video.hdtv.xvid-xor.part1.rar' (with part two as part2.rar etc)

What do I have to do to these to make them watchable as a single clip?

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1. Give a brutally honest description of yourself. Not physical.

2. What weird food combos. do you like?

3. Describe the weirdest or scariest dream that you've ever had.

4. What do you want more than anything in the entire world?

5. What is your favorite candy?

6. What were you like as a kid, and what were your favorite games/toys to play?

Edit: 7. Which Disney character are you?
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Please help.

I -know- there is a code where you can change the marital status on your myspace profile to say something else (other than married/in a relationship/single/divorced/swinger). I've been searching on Google for HOURS and haven't had any luck. A friend of mine made the marital status on her profile say that she is deceased.

Sooooo...If anyone here has ever done that, how the heck do you do that?! I want to change mine to say something else. :P

EDIT: Yes, I asked my friend. It was many hours ago that I asked her about the code, and she has yet to log in to see the comment I left.
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Mashed Potatoes!

1. Do you like your mashed potatoes lumpy or smooth?

2. Do you leave the skins on the potatoes are take them off?

3. What kind of potatoes do you use when you make mashed?

4. So what do you think, at the end of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels does he throw the guns off or not?

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Okay, TQC.
A resume. except imagine the letters with the fancy accent marks.

Option A: fairly vague objective statement(because I suck at writing them), references on attached sheet with same header, formatting, etc.

Option B: References on same page, no objective statement. Resume goes straight into relative work experience.

Option C: Help me think! I can't really see where I could cut anything. Attempting to land internship as copy editor at largeish newspaper.

Edit: also, who had the uterus icon? a friend was telling me about it but she can't remember the name or thread it was in or anything. (kinda like the friend who tells half a joke, but can't remember the punchline, but it was waaay funny)

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Does it bother you that more often than not, people on LJ spell 'definitely' as 'definately' and even more often spell 'independent' as 'independant'?

I don't think I'm too uptight about spelling, but for some reason, the constant mispelling of these two words just drives me crazy!  I would never point it out to someone though as I find people who correct the spelling/grammar of others to be even more annoying than misspelt words.