September 17th, 2006



If you are female, are you on the pill?

I'm a male

I was just wondering because it seems to be quite commonly used despite all the problems.

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Today I turn 21.

So My 3 questions:

1. If you have turned 21 what did you do to celebrate?

2. If you haven't turned 21 what do you plan to do to celebrate?

3. If you don't like any of these questions whats your favorite story of someone you knew who turned 21.... feel free to answer all 3.
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Dear Question Club,

Please, this has been driving me nuts. I hate it when I learn cool new words and random facts and then when they might be useful I find out that I've forgotten them. I'm looking for:

1.) A kind of bird that I think is a lapwing (but I looked it up and I guess it's not,) and characterizes precocity in folk myth because the chicks are said to run around very soon after hatching-- sometimes with the half-shells still on their heads.

2.) A mutation in the gene that codes for skin pigment, and can create a pinto effect on a human.

3.) A term for something to do with neurology, when a person links a sensation automatically to colour. Like, someone bites into a lemon and suddenly thinks, "blue." (this example was in one of the online sources I read through, but now I can't find it again) I ran across this term about a year ago, I think, in a Mary Sue bashing community where the Sue sees auras.

Please help.
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Any tips as to safely removing those rectangular sticky tags from a metal DVD case?

Usually I'd be all gung-ho about it with scissors, but if anything scratches my precious Star Wars collector's box, I'll probably cry. :(

Edit: Hairdryer method worked like a charm, thanks for your replies!. :D
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Ive had a kidney infection for the past few days, Im FINALLY feeling a bit better, betting being the fever of 104 has stopped, as have the shakes and overall bad taste (for the most part) There is still a bit of nausea lingering.
I called off work yesterday and they told me that they had a guy on call to work my shift for today but I needed to let them know asap. It's 11 now, my shift starts at 3.

I feel alright to move today, but Im not sure about working 8 hours at my hotel, plus Id be alone for 4 of no slacking allowed.

So, do I go in? deal with the 8 hours and pray its a slow night.
Or should I stay home and take one more day to recover.

before school and work tomorrow?
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TQC I'm in a bit of a panic! I'm pretty sure this is Lyme Disease. Any opinions?

pics behind the cut

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EDIT: I'm waiting for my doctor to call me back.

EDIT2: I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. Thanks everyone.
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Stupid question alert!

Last night I was watching True Life: I'm Getting Breast Implants. Normally MTV always blurs out boobs. Whenever the women were either at the doctor's office or hospital they didn't blur them, but when they were home they did blur them. Does anyone know why this is? Is not blurring them at the doctor's/hospital something new? On other shows where people are getting new boobs they blur them the whole time.
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Question Mark

Wiki Email

Hi folks,

Anyone here got experience with implementing a Wiki type system?

My web site knowledge is basic, that is I can cope with uploading files and basic HTML. But I've got a great idea for a Wiki-type site that I've been chewing the fat over for years and never implemented. There's one key feature I need though...

What I'd like to know though is whether there's any "off-the-shelf" Wiki type solutions that will allow to configure sections of a page so that when the section is updated a registered user is notified by email.

Are there solutions available for this?


PS. If anyone knows a good community to ask this on, depending on the answers here, feel free to let me know!
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Teacher Quinn
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Going Postal

Do you know any other bands who play music similar to Postal Service: very melodic singing but with strong percussion? (yes, I've tried Pandora)
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Ok, I've been here before with computer questions and y'all were really helpful.. here I am again.
I got a new computer and am trying to transfer stuff from one to the other. Very headache inducing. haha but here's a few early questions...

The Itunes website/help area is kind of overwhelming me.... so.. how exactly do I get my Itunes music library from my old computer to my new one? I have a USB to USB transfer thing but instructions for that are pretty vague and I'm a little confused :) OK, a LOT confused. hehe

Any ideas/suggestions would be great.

Oh.. another question.. a few weeks ago some of you gave me advice on putting my Firefox bookmarks on a disc. Well.. I did that.. but once I put the disc in the new computer I'm not really sure how to go about the process with Firefox in terms of putting them in. How do I transfer those bookmarks from the disc to my Firefox browser?

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I think I just ate an apple that was not quite right... Now I have a nasty aftertaste in my mouth.

I've tried drinking juice (cranberry). I've tried brushing my teeth/tongue.

How do I get this taste out of my mouth? Ew.
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Yahoo id

Why doesn't my Yahoo id on my profile page ever show that I'm online? I've checked my Yahoo settings and it SAYS it will show that I'm online when I really am, but I have NEVER seen the smiley face actually turn yellow.

Any ideas?

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1) do you think that calling something a "classic" makes it better?

i.e. the doors are classic (but they were always awesome)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a classic (but i will always hate that stupid book)

2) does something being a classic make you think 'maybe itll be good'? or do you stay away from the oldies?

3) what does/did your family do on sunday afternoons?

Collapse )have a great sunday afternoon everyone!
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I'm at my dad's right now, cleaning. While I was dusting his big-ass entertainment center (it takes up an entire wall, no joke), a thought came to me. When my parents split up in the mid-90's, my dad got to keep this biiiiiiig-ass box that is full of pictures dating back to the 1970s. There is also this box that is in the picture box... This box in question is OVERFLOWING with negatives. I am thinking the negatives go back to the 1970s, but that the majority of it is from when my sibs and I were kids in the 1980s and early 1990s (so most of it is 35mm film).

I would like to possibly make a few picture reprints from these negatives. Being that there is literally thousands of negatives in this box, is there an easier way to look at them? Is there such a thing as a negative viewer that someone can buy to use at home, or am I totally shit out of luck?

I took a photography class all of last school year (2005-06), so I could always use the blackroom equipment to look at the negatives. But, I would really prefer not to, if at all possible.

Surely there are a number of photography people here that could help this gal out... I'd really like to look at these negatives and get reprints made...

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kay, I'm reading something and for "energy saving tips" it has to (obviously) turn off your lights when you leave a room. but then in parentheses it has "Turning on and off lights does not waste more power - that is a myth."

Besides the fact that is should be "Turning lights on and off"- is this a myth? I thought it was still true with fluorescent lights, or maybe with older lights(which would make it not a myth, just outdated)?

Edit: It also has "Hibernate or shut down your computer. A desktop will use 780 pounds of carbon dioxide worth od electricity in 24 hours"-- now, maybe I'm bad with numbers, But I think this would have caused the world to collapse under the stress of global warming by the time I was in fourth grade(and we were all being told not to shut off our computers, because it was rough on the hard drive)... Is this right? where are they getting that?
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how the hell do you cite a book with no author (just a bunch of editors) in MLA style??? I've had no luck. :(

(EDIT) I don't think there is even editors listed.... so I can do my works cited page, but how do I cite the book in my paper???
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1)What do you think of Ann Coulter?

1b)Is Godless worth reading? (Someone told me it was good for some shits and giggles.)

2) If you were an employer giving interviews, what would somebody do.say to make you not hire them?

3) What are the most irritating acronyms you experience online?

4) The "word" fugly is a contraction, right? Shouldn't it be "f'ugly"?

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How do you know..?

For those of you who have watched Lost in translation recently, does anyone know the general gist of what Bill Murray whispers to Scarlett Johanssen in the end??

Im scared, because although i know im still young, i feel like time is racing past me - and with each moment that disappears i feel more confused about what the hell im meant to be doing here.

Do you know what you want to do with your life? How or when did you figure this out? Is it really just a process of elimination?

is it ok to have no idea?? and when you bump into old friends and the conversation drifts to topics of "and what you doing with your life?" what do you say?

oh, and why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?
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Website hosting...what site do you use?

Where can I find a good deal for web hosting? I need a site that is easy to use and won't cost me an arm and a leg. I've created several web pages before using free sites for personal/fun reasons, but now I need something that is more professional. I've looked at several sites but some advice would be helpful before I decide...if you know who I should NOT go with also please tell me that. Thanks so much!
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Do you ever feel as though you have absolutely no control over your own imagination? I think there's seriously something wrong with me. I come up with the most insane scenarios in my head when things don't go the way I think they should. It upsets me a lot.

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Poll #823573 Name my fetus

Boy names:

Micah Ethan
Vincent Jarom
Levi Ethan
Jarom William
Vincent Ethan

Any male names you like? No unique spellings or trendy names. No "j" names either.

Best Late Night snack food?

What is your guilty pleasure?

What do you think of the girls name: Leila Rebecca?

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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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What is the name of that one's a convertible and the top folds into the back...or trunk or something. I don't know how to explain it. But it kinda looks like a mini cooper...or not. Was that helpful?

EDIT: THANKS TO loanwords!!!
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What stupid nicknames did you have in middle school?

See, they just tried "HAHAHA SERENA YOU'RE SERENE!" to which I responded "Um, do you know what Serene means?" "NO WE'RE STUPID AND HAVE LITTLE DICKS AND TORMENT THE SHORT GIRL" "Oh, kay, carry on."

Girls - or guys, whatever - did you wear dresses when you were little?

I wore a dress three times at school. Once for my first communion wherein my mother had to bribe me, Pioneer Day because my mother gave me a lunch of bacon and cookies, and a Christmas program where I wore a dress and ran so quickly it few up and everyone saw my panties; this was before I had the Ghetto-Booty-of-the-Mediterranean so it wasn't that exciting.

Mouth Ucler

I have the worst mouth ulcer ever! (I think you Americans call them Canker Sores). It's actually 2 uclers that have merged together for ultimate evilness. I've been applying Bonjela regularely, but it keeps getting worse, bigger and sorer. What can I do?

Central Sleep Apnea

Have you or someone you've known been diagnosed with Central Sleep Apnea?

Was there any discussion of the Central Sleep Apnea being related to medications?

If so, did the apnea improve if you stopped taking the medications?
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Please bear in mind that this post will contain HUGE generalizations, for the sake of simplicity and ease of comprehension. My intention is NOT to offend or to come off as ignorant. I am aware of how generalized my statements may be.

Is there a way to easily visibly differentiate between people of different East Asian backgrounds? For instance, can a person look at the average Japanese woman and know she's Japanese and not Korean?

I know it's possible (generalization, generalization) in white people in some instances - sometimes you can tell a person is a white Brit, or white and Polish, or white and Russian, or white and Swedish.

Anyone have any thoughts?

(For interest's sake, I ask because I'm watching the premiere of The Amazing Race and there's a team of two brothers who are of East Asian descent, and they made a joke about going to "The Motherland", China, though they're not Chinese. I wondered what nationality their family might stem from.)

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I used my ipod as a harddrive, and pretty much everything has transferred back over to my comp without a problem, however now Im trying to get old AIM conversations back and they wont go, they also were labeled with crazy fonts when opened (as with a few other type of files)

How can I fix this?

passport question

Okay, this will probably sound like a really stupid question but I'm going on a cruise and as part of my pre-cruise check in stuff that I'm doing online right now I have to provide my citizenship info, meaning passport info. And I need to include the city of issuance, but I can't find that anywhere on my passport and neither can my partner!

Where can that be found?
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I'm try to remember a word... Does anyone know what it's called when there's like a little speech at the beginning and/or end of a show? I think it starts with an "e." There was a site I had a while back that had the... things... that Vash said at the preview for each episode of Trigun, and I can't remember what they're called, and it's bugging the hell out of me.

Edit: I got it. Soliloquy. I must brand that into my brain now.

And for the general populus: How bad does it bother you when you can't think of a word?

SoCo Video

I'm having trouble finding it on youtube / googlevideos, can someone point me to the possible existence of a certain video? I'm looking for the video of Something Corporate performing Hurricane live, as seen on the Drive-Thru Records DVD. Thanks very much!

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Poll #823711 Random

Are you...?

divorced but remarried

For those of you married or divorced, how many times

three times
or more

for those of you with multiple divorces, why? details:

least annoying pop group

spice girls
backstreet boys
something i forgot
all of it sucks

Yummiest fruit to eat plain

some sort of citrus(tangerines, grapefruit or something)

Best Ben Stiller movie?

Do you believe in life after death?

depends(share details)
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Birthday gift ettiquette.

I have a friend who I've been friends with for about ten years. All through school, we always traded birthday presents and christmas presents every year.... but then we graduated high school five years ago and now we only really communicate through myspace but rarely actually see each other... maybe a couple times a year, usually for the routine gift exchange, even if it takes a few months to arrange a belated get-together.

We both have september birthdays and her party was earlier this month but I couldn't make it. I intended to get her a gift to give her when I saw her a few days ago for an unrelated event but I completely forgot, so I figured she wouldn't get me one either since I wasn't even planning a birthday celebration and we probably wouldn't see each other until christmas. But I was taken completely off guard and thrown a surprise birthday party today, even though my birthday is next week, and the friend ended up giving me a $25 gift certificate.

I'm not sure how to handle this situation? As I said before, we only see each other a couple times a year, so casually giving her a belated gift isn't as easy as arranging a get together with a specific purpose....but I feel STUPID for approaching it as "sorry I forgot to get you a gift but since you gave me one, here is a late one in return" Plus I don't drive so it would be like "...and can you come by to pick it up?"

LOL. I know I sound like an idiot. I feel like an idiot.

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Today I bought a t-shirt with Selma Blaire naked on the front and the back of it. I really like it, but they only came in Medium and I'm a Fatty McFattalson so it doesn't fit me. My hopes are that it will fit me by November since I am loosing weight. Should I make it into a tote bag or something fun that I can use now, or should I wait until it fits me? What are some fun things I could make it into?

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What would explain my inability to see YouTube videos in their entirety?
My friend posted a 4 minute 40 second video earlier. It appears to load completely, but when I try to watch it it stops at 3:35. It works fine for him, but I can't see past that point. It just stops as if it's at the end and shows the "share" and "watch again" buttons. It also looks like it's trying to load more video previews (like it would at the end of any video), but the previews just blink now and then and never load. This isn't the first time this has happened. I've restarted my computer and erased my cookies. Is there anything else I can do?
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How many of you, since calculating an ecological footprint, have tried to reduce it?

Have you encouraged others to do the same thing?

If not, why so?

Have you succeded? If so, what is the change?