September 16th, 2006

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Just wondering what you think of this effect...

Is this effect

Mildly annoying
Really damn annoying
The most obnoxious thing you've seen in weeks
The best thing evah!!!!

Vitamins for mental health?

Are there any vitamins that are known to help with mental health such as nervousness, depression, mood swings, attention problems?

Or just what vitamins to recommend for all around health.

My friend is having a rough time but no insurance so I'm trying to think of anything to help.

I know personally that caffeine can cause my mood to change drastically but I don't know if that's common.

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I've read alot of books this summer, and whenever I come across sentences/paragraphs I think are worded well, or describe something I've never been able to put into words - I highlight them or write them down.

Do you do that or something similar? And share if you do, please!

["...I can feel my heart beating, and I can feel the weight of my life beginning to drop, and I realize why dawn is called mourning." - A Million Little Pieces]
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Replay Value

I'm moving soon with just what I can take on a train, so I won't have my own computer for a while. I need to come up with a MP3 playlist that will survive several weeks on repeat. And I only have 576MB to work with!

What are your favorite artists, albums, or songs that never get played out?

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EDIT: For those in college, how much have the costs of your tuition and books gone up the past few years? Mine have increased 50% since 2003. I'm not going back to school unless prices drop back to what they were.

EDIT AGAIN: If you're undergrad, how much do you pay per credit hour? Mine were about $200 last semester.
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How are Dickies pants in the thighs for women? I'm buying a pair for EMT duty, but I've never worn Dickies before and am unsure of how they might fit. Obviously I can return them if they don't fit, but I'd like to get it right on the first try.

So, I usually end up buying pants too big in the waist so that they fit my thighs, should I do that for Dickies too?
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Cats are weird?

About a week ago, we adopted a stray cat. Shey's a great cat, very affectionate, cuddly, well behaved, and good at using the littler box. This morning, my boyfriend woke me up to tell me that the cat pooped in the shower. My question is why??

Her litter box was mostly clean, and why the bathtub??

Naaaame dropping!

Have you ever met anyone famous? Tell us all about it.

I've met quite a few people in bands (or solo), a small number of whom I was actually really excited to get to talk to. The most entertaining was probably seeing Damian Kulash after a show because he broke it down for us. He has the moves, as they say. I've never met anyone very famous.
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shelves and stuff

My dad completely redid my closet for me. Last night I picked the height of the three shelves he was going to put up. He put the bottom one up to show me the height and make sure it was okay. This morning before I woke up he put up the other two. I went to look at them and I fucking hate them. I didn't even think about the brackets. None of my other shelves have brackets. They are huge brackets and they almost touch the shelf underneath it. The shelves are short enough as it is, I'm going to have trouble putting my stuff on them. Before he put them up he had offered to take me to get new shelves at Ikea to match the ones in my room, but I didn't want to make him go all the way to Ikea, so I figured these would be fine.

This morning I told him that I just wasn't expecting the brackets and that I didn't really like them. He offered to take them down and go to Ikea with me today. He also told me how they were a lot of trouble to put up because he had to round the edges (and paint them) so they didn't end up stabbing me when I was hanging stuff up. So, should I ask him to take them down so we can go get new ones, or should I keep them? I really hate them but he went through a lot redoing my closet so I'll feel bad about it if he takes them down and has to put up new ones.

EDIT: We're going to look for different brackets that would work with the shelves, that aren't as ungodly large. Also, my closet is important to me, I know that's not the case for most people but it really does matter to me.


I'm about to go on a two hour car ride to see a friend. I need music for the trip, but nothing in my 7K MP3 collection is jumping out at me. I want something up-beat and rockin', if you know what I mean. I listen to anything, all genres, so give me advice?

Here's what I have so far:

Nickleback (Leader of Men and Animals)

NIN (Hand that Feeds)

Hoobastank (Inside of You)

KT Tunstall (Black Horse and Cherry Tree)

Deirks Bently (What was I Thinking)

I need more, that's like...20 minutes.

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Last week I casually applied for a job at a family run and operated daycare (think 2-year-olds). I was meant to call the lady back with contact info for my references, but I never did. The lady just called back and offered me the job anyway.

So, do I want it or not?
The hours are 1:30P-5:30P Mon-Fri and it pays $8/hr. This is perfect for my schedule, and I only wanted a part time job so 20 hrs/week is beautiful.

But. It's a daycare for 2-year-olds.
What do I do? Any insights? Anything?
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I thought that, if a thing looks red, it absorbs light at all wavelengths except "red" (~700nm), which it reflects. And yet in my textbook, I noticed a series of questions along the lines of, "This thing is red. At what wavelength does it absorb?" Wavelength, singular. What am I missing here?

(Note: This isn't homework, just curiosity.)

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In 1964, the US Congress passed an act making bourbon the official spirit of the US.

What is your favorite spirit? What do you think should be the official spirit of the US?

Bourbon, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Schnapps, Whiskey, Scotch, Brandy, etc...

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When you are using a public service, like a computer lab at the library or at school, or performing any task in a public place that requires you to follow a procedure, do you read signs??

We just went through a massive program, putting up new signs and making sure our signage was consistent (all the same colors, border, text, size, etc) so that all our official postings look the same. Why can people not read them??

For example: we charge $0.10 a page to print, so we put up a big sign that told people how to access the print-preview function. This way, they can see which pages are selected to print and whether some of their stuff will be cut off (as is the case with many websites, due to sidebars and the like). Soooooo many people will come to me after they've printed and complain that a page that was nearly blank printed that they didn't want. Then they get mad because I won't (and really, I can't) refund their dime.

Another example: we put up a huge sign in the computer lab that says that your password is the last four digits of the phone number we have on file. Soooo many people come up to me saying they don't remember setting a password or they don't have a password or something.

One more example: when you figure out how to put in your library card and password, the computer pops up a message that says "Welcome (name), please proceed to computer number (number) in the lab." Every day, I get people who enter in their information, then pass my desk and go, "So I just go to any open computer, right?" It makes me worry about the future of humanity. Or at least, this little hick town.
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anyone know where i can get a clip from the vonage commercial with the dumb blonde running into the ocean to play with the "dolphins" that are really sharks?? soooo funny i didn't find it on youtube

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do SOME dentists do dental extractions or is this something an oral surgeon ALWAYS does?

i'd ask my dentist, but i'm actually looking for one right now and i want to know if this is a criterion i should be considering when looking for a dentist.
(i'm dealing with this if you're curious.)

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Okay so today's the first day of college and I've introduced myself to a million people (and they've introduced themselves to me) but I just feel annoyed and stupid. I've never been good at making friends, but I've always HAD them and it just occurred to me that I had the same group of friends in high school for 3 years, even though I sometimes hated them. By nature, I am a reserved (I don't mean shy), quiet person who has been chronically depressed due to a condition that I have. I'm currently on zoloft but I just feel numb and dream-like, not happy or even content.

ANYWAY. How did YOU make friends?

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1. When you look at the time, do you think in your head "Eight forty five" or "Quarter to nine"?
(I don't mean just when it's 8:45 on the clock, at any time you look at the clock)

2. Is one easier to understand than the other for you?

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So...when referring to your genitals, what do you call them? And I don't mean in a Mr Happy way. Girls, do you have a "hoo ha" or "vajayjay"? I find it really really really silly to hear grown women talk about their "no no place", because the words vulva or vagina are too scary for them.

If I don't use vulva, vagina, or twat, I may, depending on the company, refer to my pink bits, but not often.

Why do you call your genitals what you do?
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Today I got a "new" Dell Latitude C840 laptop, running Windows XP Professional. I don't actually know how old it is, I got it as a loan from my dad's work. I've gone through all the powersave settings and set it so that the monitor and hard disk will never turn off, even when I close the lid.

Well, the monitor still turns off when I close it. Wiggling the mouse does not wake it up... I end up having to reboot in order to be able to see anything.

I'm trying to google it but I'm not exactly sure what to search for so I'm coming up with nothing.

Anybody have any ideas how I can fix this? =\

unrelated q's

1. Would you consider yourself a compassionate person? Why or why not?

2. If you are single, how many nights a week do you spend on your own v. with friends?

3. Do you like going out (to a movie, a concert, etc) by yourself?

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my boyfriend and i are both 19 and college students. we recently found an apartment in new york city (where we both go to school) and are going to be living there. we decided that we want a pet (probably a cat, since a dog might not be happy in a small apartment), and we want to adopt from a shelter. how old do you have to be to adopt an animal? i vaguely remember it being 21. is that true? if so, what should we do?
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What kind of bird is this?

Inspired by a prior post --

There's a family of this bird type at our local Target/K-Mart. It looks to be a smallish-hawk or bird of prey. It's about the size of a grackel - maybe 10 inches or so.

It has a black head and a brown body. It looks like a black hood. :) A bright yellow beak and bright yellow feet.

Any ideas? Oh, and this is in South Florida.

ETA: Are there any good movies in the theater right now? I was going to go see Lady in the Water but it seems it's (already?) out of the theaters!

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So, I've had pretty short hair for the past 4 years.
My hair right now looks like this:
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I need advice.
I'm overweight, so I dont know how short I can go without looking awkward.
What hair styles can you recommend to me?
I really want something funky.
Suggest something.
Post pictures.
Give me communities or websites (aside from madradhair)



EDIT: I'm the girl.
And I'm looking for a look that I can either do myself, or just a different cut.
So short.
But I'll take suggestions about long hair, too.

I'm thinking right now really really short on the sides, and long in the middle. Kind of a poofy/mohawk type.

PLEASE post pics. I'm bad at picturing things
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My fiance and I had a wonderful experiance last night and have both come to realize that a poly life is perfect for us...

What are the best poly groups to join? Either on LJ or off, it doesnt matter...
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shoes, pajamas, and apples!

1. Are most of your shoes comfy?
I made a poll before but I spelled your wrong so I deleted it. Most of mine aren't comfy, but I like them anyway.

2. What is the ugliest pair of shoes you own?
I have these bizarre silver ones with circles cut out. They are just like these, but they aren't Marc by Marc Jacobs like the ones in the picture are.

3. If you're wearing pajama pants right now, what to they look like?
They're pink with little dogs on them. Some of the dogs have on necklaces and shoes, and some are wearing sweaters/jackets.

4. What is your favorite kind of apple?
Golden Delicious!
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Can anyone tell me how Delias brand pants fit in comparison to another national brand? Their inseams on the website seem like it's actually proper for my legs, but I don't have a store around here and I'm worried about buying online.