September 15th, 2006

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Opera Question

I have a question about Opera. I want to use the Windows Native skin, and I have bright cyan text on a black background (I have vision problems).

It has taken a while and some fiddling with CSS, but I've gotten almost everything looking the way I want it to. The only thing I can not figure out how to change are the alternating lines in certain dialog windows, such as History and Received Email, etc.

Here's a screenshot:

Collapse )

Now I do NOT (repeat, do NOT) want to download another skin. What I do want to know is whether I can edit one of the existing INI files to tell Opera not to alternate colors in the History window and the other windows where this happens. Do any of you have any ideas where I can change this element?

I am using Opera 9.01

(no subject)

1) favourite inspirational quote?

2) favourite art movement?

3) favourite (visual) artist?

4) has anyone else noticed that you cant highlight on livejournal anymore? does it piss anyone else off?

5) how was your day?

6) would you consider random mood swings things a teenager has to go through?
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(no subject)

How do you get pinch harmonics to sound properly on the E and A strings of a six string electric with single coil pick-ups? (I have a digital processor that can emulate double coil sound and many different amp, compressor, equalizer, and pedal effects, so if it's just a matter of set-up, that'd be helpful too...) Not going for Zakk Wylde's sound, but if I could do it like him, I could play the stuff I can't quite get down. (Concerto Moon, Six Feet Under, or any other group that uses them a lot for not-soft sounding stuff like Black Label Society.)

Edit - Full distortion, full gain, full treble, and maybe a little delay and plate reverb... but, yeah, I think I figured it out.

Regarding my post a couple days ago about symptoms possibly describing a pinched nerve - I ran about two and a half miles without walking (my record in a while) with a friend tonight, and the symptoms went away when my heartrate went up and haven't come back. Could it have been muscle tension and it worked itself out, or possibly a blood clot that was freed by the increase blood flow? (I'm glad to be rid of it either way.)


Hi. I have some questions for you all.

I'm looking for a new laptop. Right now I'm have a 17 inch hp pavilion zd7000. I'm looking for something with a slightly smaller screen and maybe something thinner and lighter.

What brands are the best?
what specific laptops do you think are worth the money?

edit: I also have a mac powerbook G4 17 inch laptop which I'm trying to get rid of because macs are not for me. so I don't want another mac.

(no subject)

1. What's with all of these e-mails I'm getting from my friends that are saying, "OMG TAKE THIS QUIZ AT FLIXSTER.COM KTHXBI!!1"?

2. Where did the "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG" thing start?
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EcyclopediaDramatica and UrbanDictionary aren't really helpful at all.

3. If you follow(ed) the lonelygirl15 YouTube vlog, what are your thoughts on everything being revealed as phony? If you believed it, are you stupid? do you have any hard feelings (disappointment, offense, etc)?
Personally, I watched the videos and was really entertained, but didn't believe it was real at all. Now people are all, "Oh no, people believed something that wasn't true!! How dare someone deceive people!" So some people fell for it, whatever, what I don't understand is why people feel they've had their intelligence insulted. Get out of the house more, kids. Discover real life human interaction instead of nursing your bruised ego because the intarwebz hurt your feelings.
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kate and I.

Anyone remember these old cartoons?

I randomly remembered these cartoons I used to watch.. I had a VHS tape with them all on it. The ones I remember are as follows:

The Cobweb Hotel
A Coach for Cinderella
Leprechaun's Gold (aka "The Wee Men")

but there's one more I can't remember the name of...

All I know, is that it involves a bunch of cars. Old beetle-type cars from the 1940's. These cars are all alive. (headlights are eyes, etc) One of them in particular is zipping around the city, hiding from police. He ends up in an impoundment yard and is really sad, crying, etc. This all takes place in a big city (maybe New York?) and it is raining. This is all I remember really... if anyone could help me out with what the name of it is, it would be greatly appreciated!
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(no subject)

1. What time is it?

2. Are you just waking up or have you not gone to sleep yet?

It's 6:35am here. I haven't gone to bed yet, and I wanted to if anyone else is as stupid as I am.

That is all!

For some reason, someone in my office got on a kick of saying, "That is all" in monotone after everything he says. Now we're all doing it. We've all heard it from somewhere, but nobody can pinpoint where it's from. Does anyone know where this phrase in monotone comes from? Thank you in advance.

That is all!
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new scheme

anyone else notice that the mouse-wheel-click scrolling (not rolling the mouse wheel; when you click the mousewheel and drag up or down) doesn't work with the new scheme? Or is that something I have set incorrectly?

(overall I like the new scheme, but this is actually kinda bugging me.)


My boyfriend had his bike locked to a bike rack, and when he went to unlock it, the key broke off in the lock! How do we get his bike off of there? We'll try to break the lock if we can, but it's pretty heavy-duty... any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
The Receptionist Classic

Hang up the phone and WORK!

Do you take personal calls at work?
If you do, how long do you let them go before you end the call?
Do you keep your cell phone on silent or vibrate while you're at work?

Can you tell that I'm seriously annoyed by someone in the office that takes personal calls all the damn day long?
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Mystery Man

?I have an msn e-mail account (in addition to a couple others) that I use for quasi-professional stuff.  As a result, I don't ever use it as the e-mail when I fill out on-line forms, etc.  I am careful to keep it off lists, etc.

As a result, I have experienced relatively blissful, spam-free existance with this account.  Once or twice a penis enlargment will slip through (no pun intended), but overall, things have been good.

Until Bob Ames.

For the last three days, I've rec'd no less than 90 messages per day from Bob Ames, on a variety of topics, that slip past my spam filter.

Is there something in the world of the internet that I'm missing?  Am I the only one to attract Bob's attention?


What does Bob want with me?

My eyes burn
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(no subject)

Can anyone give me an example of a footprint statement on a resume?

Google is being a bit difficult since apparently a million and a half people have footprint written somewhere in their resume. Who knew?

The only description of one I could find was: a brief summary of your experience, special talents, and skills

I'm not exactly sure how long it's supposed to be, how it's supposed to be written or anything or even what's supposed to be in there (if there's a skills section in your resume, what skills would you put in the footprint? How are you supposed to word your experience if you already list school and work experience?) so that's why I'm asking.


1. What's the biggest risk you've ever taken?
2. How did it work out for you?
3. Do you like the thrill of getting caught doing something you're not supposed to?
4. Where do you draw the line as far as laws or rules you will not break?

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fixing a hole.

so, i bought this belt buckle for my boyfriend. however! i don't really like the part in the middle that says "felon". and i'd like to find a way to maybe fill it in or cover it. that part of the belt is about 1/2 centimetre deep. what could i use to fill in/cover up the felon part?

CD Player.

The after-market CD deck (Alpine) in my car is really starting to piss me off. I burnt a CD yesterday and already it makes some tracks stutter and refuses to play some others. It really only seems to play any CDs well the first time through. It's never done this before, this is a recent thing, within the last year or so.

Is it worth it to try to put a CD cleaner through it, or should I assume it's just shit the bed and replace it?
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The Golden Age of Radio

Have you ever listened to Are you listening to the final broadcast today? What internet radio will you listen to after this? Can you recommend any music forums similar to the WOXY boards?
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(no subject)

When you open a new package of bread (in a loaf) do you eat the heel first or reach past it for another slice?

What about later - do you still reach past the heel for other slices?

Do you ever eat the heels of a loaf of bread?
heavy metal

(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can download an old version of iTunes? I have the new one downloaded, but I'm having problems with it and resyncing my library.

If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it greatly. I really don't feel like reuploading 2686 songs, lol.

edit I found one at has anyone ever heard of/used them before? Should I try this one?

(no subject)

Does anyone here speak German that can help translate something for me?? :o)

I'm looking to translate the following phrases from English into German:

My heart
Love of my life
My sweetheart

PS - I have been absent from this community for far too long. Right now I'm using the internet at the library, but when I get my station at home set up again, I'll be back, answering questions with longer, more rambly answers than necessary again. ;o)
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style assistance

Will I be arrested by the fashion police if I wear brown boots with a navy blue dress?

Normally I'm pretty good at matching clothes, but I'm stumped for what to wear with my new brown boots, that I bought thinking I had tons of things I could wear with...haha.

I really avoid mixing navy and black and black and brown, because I really think they clash, but some folks insist it's okay...I dunno...and I don't have any navy shoes to wear with my favorite dress, which is I'm curious to know what you guys think specifically about brown + navy.

What two colors would you never wear together (but that are fine on their own)?

(no subject)

I was having a debate with my roommate about when's the best time to buy electronics (he just bought a ridiculous tv and now my boyfriend's begging for one). He says you should buy when you need it and just get the newest, most expensive one with the best quality and that way it will remain technologically relevant longer. I would rather wait out the trends, see which one has the least problems, and then buy it when it goes on sale (and usually when the next round of advancements come along). Since technology is rapidly changing, I'd rather save the money than feel like I wasted it six months later on a bug-ridden system. This was mostly in regards to LCD vs. plasma, but I usually apply this to computers, DVD players, etc. Thoughts?

(no subject)

I need to know the name of a film.

While at the neighborhood Asian market today, I saw the employees and a few of their friends watching a video, but I didn't get the chance to ask what it was. It was an animated film set in SouthEast Asia, and I think the leading character was a blue elephant. It was a musical, and in one scene it looked like the blue elephant and a man were directing a bunch of multicolored elephants to build or rebuild a city.

The owners of the store are originally from Laos, if that helps.

What is the name of this video?

It's Khan Kluay
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Fining Nemo

I just got a jaywalking ticket. Pisses me off, as people jaywalk constantly in downtown, and no one ever gets busted. Grr. Aggravating feelings aside, I was told from the cop that he wasn't sure what the fine would. The bill will get mailed to me. So the feelings of anger are a 2-part package. Angry on the day I got it, will be angry on the day I get the fine in the mail.

That's a lot of angry. So maybe you TQCers can help protect my blood pressure and get all my angry out in one day.

Any of you gotten a fine for jaywalking in a metropolitan area before? How much was the penalty? What am I going to end up paying?
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Let's Play Name that Movie! (theme music)

1. Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy star in it. Martin is a film producer who wants acter (Murphy ) to star in his new film. Murphy refuses and so Martin decides to shoot the movie any way without Murphy's knowledge. So the actors just end up walking up to Eddie Murphy and delivering their lines...

2. Halle Berry and Jim Belushi. Halle Berry is a science teacher at a low end Hawaiian highschool. Her students enter a state-wide solar car race and win and something else happens that I can't remember.
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People search like thing

There's a website (well, several, probably) when you can type in a name, and it'll spit out all the address associated with that name for the past mumble years. For money, they'll give you mroe information, obviously, but the addresses are free. I have a friend who's filling out security clearance paperwork and needs some memory refreshing- does any have any idea what I'm talking about?

Jason the Ninja

(no subject)

Yesterday on my way to the Student Union from the library, an older woman gave me a brochure. I was in a hurry, so I just took it and smiled. After I got into the SubWay line, I had time to take a look at it. You guessed it - it was one of those "Confused? Give your life to Jesus!" tracts. By the time I finished my sandwich, a thought occurred to me. I could make my own anti-religious tracts! So far, I've come up with six potential pamphlets:Collapse )
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(no subject)

Poll #821841 Steve, don't eat it!

Which of the following foods have you consumed?

Potted Meat Food Product
Pickled Pork Rinds
Beggin' Strips
Breast Milk (not including when you were a baby)
Natto (fermented soybeans)
Cuitlacoche (Maize Mushroom, Corn Smut, Mexican Truffle)
Prison Wine
Silkworm Pupas
I haven't consumed any of those!

Based on Steve, don't eat it! over at
Consumer Whore

Firefox extensions

Last night, I accidentally somehow selected ALL my tags on my tag page. I know that I have a lot of tags (like 38K or more?), and so have never done this deliberately. Once I did, I spent some time closing the tab and trying to go about business as usual with the other tabs, but that didn't work since I needed the tag page for something. So then I had to close the browser window and then re-open it with the tabs in the proper order... I lost at least 20 minutes with that! How annoying! And before you ask: yes, my tabs need to be in a certain order. (OCDL?) I wish there were an extension or something for Firefox that allows you to just insert a tab in the middle of your browser window and tabs.

Are there any Firefox extensions that allow you to insert a tab in the middle of all your other tabs?
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(no subject)

I bought new pillows a while back because my old ones are from when Clinton was in office. I have not been able to use them, unfortunately, because they are too fat and fluffy for my tastes. Aside from steamroller (don't have one) and running them down with my car (messy), what would you suggest to flatten them?
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(no subject)

1- Do you refer to yourself as "mommy" or "daddy" when you are speaking in regards to your pets. Do you call them "your babies" or "your kids" when you refer to them in conversation? If you don't, or if you do not have pets, does this irritate you?

2- Does organic peanut butter make you ill? (short of those with nut alergies...) Why would organic peanut butter make one ill when "normal" peanut butter does not?

3- What number am I thinking of? I will give you $5 if you can guess. To make it easier I'll even make it between 1-10. First 5 tries only.

**the number was 3.13**

is "good" music REALLY subjective?

In a thread on a board someone is all "Guess what really awesome album came out?" and gives a link to the R.E.M. comp "And I Feel Fine... The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1987" but someone in response to that question is like "The new Papa Roach album!" than someone in response to THAT statement says, "Papa Roach is not "really awesome". R.E.M. is." than a person is like "Pfft. Completely the opposite for me."

So where am I going with this? Well someone posted a rather interesting response to that "Completely the opposite." statement, here it is:

"These things aren't based on what you think, you see.

A quick comparison before I get the "OMGZ! DiZ iZ OPiNION ANd I caN BAsH WUT u ThINk But U cANt BsH Me!" speech.

You might think that that rookie shortstop on whatever team is a good athlete. You might think that he's the best ever, even. However, the fact of the matter is that, well, he's just not as good as Cal Ripken Jr.

There may be flaws there, because I haven't wached baseball in years, but the point is still the same. Good is not a really subjective term."

So it's a long way around to go ask a question I know (though, it's already been asked in the subject line pretty much anyway), but putting tastes aside and all would you say some bands/musicians are better than others technically? Hell, are their any bands/musicians that you really don't like or maybe even hate, but have to admit, "Well they are pretty talented musically"?
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fashion query

I just bought a blazer that fits exactly perfectly -- perfect shoulder width, nice streamlined look along the back -- except it doesn't close in the front. The next size up is too baggy in the shoulders and back, but it closes in the front. Is it worse to have a baggy jacket that closes or a streamlined one that doesn't? Is it a faux pas to wear an otherwise well-fitting blazer with the front open?

I'd just like to take the buttons off and disguise the buttonholes, but I'm not sure how to do that.
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(no subject)

I hate to ask this here, but I already asked over here a couple days ago and I haven't gotten a response, so:

Does anyone know how to cap trailers and other online this using VLC Media? I know how to cap from DVDs with that, but not other stuff...I'm talking about trailers on Moviefone and Yahoo! and stuff like that. Any help is very, very much appreciated. Thanks!!
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I said:
Things you don't perceive matter to you just as much as things you do. What you don't know can hurt you.

"what you think" isn't what matters. What matters is what makes you think what you think which is objective reality.

gkathellar said:
Prove it.

If you agree then do you know any way to prove it? If you don't agree then why?
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Me--State Fair

question about where to ask a question...

I have a layout I want to use for my journal, but the creator's jumped ship (deleted their journal) and I did find one person using it, and she hasn't updated since March of this year for me to ask for the coding or whatever.

I have the page source information--what community could I ask for help in? I don't want to go to a request layout community, because I don't have a request--I know what I want and I only sort of have it.

Any thoughts?
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misc - cemetery

(no subject)

My sister recently joined a Roller Derby team and is trying to come up with a name for herself. The only thing she has come up with so far is Terror Reid. Some of her teammates include Scary Bradshaw and Tyra Spanx. It doesn't have to be a play on a celebrity's name, that's just what a lot of girls use. I guess it can be anything remotely violent or scary sounding. Here is a list of already-registered names... which means she can't have anything on that list, or anything that's really similar to something on that list.

So... any ideas? :)
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Song & Channel Flippers

1 Is there a certain song that always makes you cry? What is it?

Not Myself by John Mayer is a song that makes me cry, and I have no idea why.

2 Do you have a routine of channels on the TV that you always flip through? If so, what are they and what are the stations?

25 - Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, 33 - MTV, 34 - USA, 35 - BET, 36 - Lifetime, 44 - Animal Planet, 45 - TLC, 46 - E!, 48 - Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, 50 - VH1, 51 - FX, 53 - Spike!, 55 - ABCfamily, 59 - TBS, 60 - Style Network, 61 - TNT, 62 - TVland, 66 - Comedy Central, 131 - Noggin/TheN, 136 - Disney, 301-311 - HBO, 150-1?? - movie channels, 07 - ABC, 08 - NBC, 09 - UPN (or CW now, I guess), 11 - WB (I think it's turning into MyTV or something?), 13 - Fox, 14 - WGN, 37 - Food Network. In that order. I rarely watch some of those stations, but my fingers always press the buttons.

For those familiar with NYC

Is there a Michael's in New York City? I'm just trying to find a place that would have colored pencils, canvas, etc. for a reasonably inexpensive amount... In googling, I only found high-end art supply stores or interior decorating places.

If you are familiar with one- let me know?

Much appreciated.

Calling all music geniuses!!

If any of you music savvy people have software that prints in notes on a staff..could you please, uh do it for me with this song?

Slow 6/8 gospel feel.... It's in E-major with a key change up to F-major. The chords are

E |C#m |A E/g# |F#m E/g# A A/B |
E |C#m |A E/g# |F#m E/g# A A/B |

E |C#m |A E/g# |F#m E/g# A A/B |
E |C#m |A E/g# |F#m E/g# A A/B |
B/C# |C#m |F#m E/G# |A A/B |
B/C# |C#m |F#m E/G# |A A/B |

same as verse

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me. Thanks alot!!!!

xmas i hate you

one of my friends was telling me about a download that makes windows look like how a mac is set up.

so what is it/where can i find it/how much space will it take up? plz help because i'm so jealous of mac setups, can't buy a new laptop at the moment, since mine is only a year old and i am poor.

i have this laptop if that makes a difference

Drinking white wine at work...

What were you doing 5 years ago today? Saturday, September 15, 2001?

I was uptown on the Upper West Side, staying at a friend's place. IF I recall correctly, they opened Manhattan up to Canal St, and we went down there to look. I remember a vague impression of a large pile of rubble behind the buildings, and I stopped processing anything I looked at after that.

We ran into a friend of hers who told her that another mutual friend was okay. She just hadn't been able to return any calls.

It was weird and upsetting.
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(no subject)

1. Is it possible to d/l youtube videos? (So that I can play them even when not connected to the internet.)

2. Is there a way for me to view music vids on my TV? To burn them to a DVD and play them on a DVD player?

3. I have a warranty on my laptop with Best Buy. The warranty states that when I return it 3 times, the fourth time they will "junk it out" -- replace it with a new one.

I've sent it back for repairs four times. They didn't junk it out last time because... One time when I returned it they "repaired" it -- but when I got it back it still was broken. So I had to return it again. (Each time I turn it in is about 4 weeks' wait.) So they said it didn't count as a "repair" because the first repair wasn't proper.

I just got my computer back today. They replaced the motherboard. BUT, everytime I move or jostle the computer it shuts off and it takes a few times to get it to actually turn back on. It's totally broken -- and it's probably the motherboard. Is there a way for me to get them to "junk it out" this time since it's the FIFTH time I've had to turn it in for repairs? Or will this not count b/c it wasn't fixed properly the last time?
Sean and Julie


So, in your opinion, would it be a complete tragedy to paint over my brown 1950's vintage refrigerator?

Would it make it less/more of a tragedy if I told you I was considering using chalkboard paint?

How does one go about painting a refrigerator? I saw some person on Trading Spaces do it once with spray paint but it seemed like a pain in the ass - not to mention it looked awful.

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(no subject)

I have sticky stuff all over the outside of my cell phone (some sticker adhesive wouldn't completely come off).  I have tried using nail polish remover all over the outside of the phone, but it's just spreading the sticky stuff around.

How can I get the adhesive off of my phone without hurting the electronic parts?

(no subject)

My girlfriend says to me today, "It's the dream of most girls from a very young age to get married and have a husband."

Do you agree with this statement and feel that it represents the majority opinion of heterosexual females?
If so, why?
If not, why not?

I'd like both male and female opinions on this matter.

My take on this: I hate to say it, but I think it still holds true. Most of the women I know get this ridiculous twinkle in their eyes when they talk about their wedding day.. and the man they'll marry.. and how great it'll be to be locked into some forced union of finances and emotions that you can only escape with lawyers and mediators and a lot of heartache. It all seems like a bunch of crap to me, but to see the happiness the very thought of it brings to them.. well, I dunno. I'm not one to ruin anyone's dream. That said, my girlfriend knows i'll never marry her (or anyone else) and I feel that leaves her pretty disappointed.
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(no subject)

Let's say you went through a really whiny Bright Eyes phase in which you used silver oil paint to stencil Conor Oberst's face onto your light purple wall. A few years later you're over it, but Conor Oberst is still on your wall, do you paint over him or keep him there? Why?

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computer space

My laptop says that approximately 37 GB of space is taken up. I don't understand how this is possible, especially since my music only takes up about 8GB, all my photos and word documents take up less than 500MB, most actual programs (ex. photoshop, AIM, itunes) use up little space. I use maybe 7 programs on a regular basis.

So how do I track down "excess", and delete it?? obviously without wiping out things of importance.

also... how many GB of your computer's space is taken up, and how old is that computer?