September 14th, 2006

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1. How long did it take you to feel "at home" in your own place (the first time you moved out, not counting dorms)?
2. Did/do you have a roommate? Do you like living with a roommate? Did this alter your feeling at home-yness at all?
3. What really made/makes it seem like your home?

Don't Kiss Frogs

So, I have a few warts. One on my left palm, the bottom right side. It's the smallest one. One on my right ring finger, between the first and second knuckle, on the inside. That one was frozen once before but came back. And my other one is on my right middle finger, right below the nail, in the middle.

My question is, how can i get rid of these? Sometimes they get in the way, and if my dog is licking my hand, she feels the urge to bite them, especially the one on my ring finger. The one on my middle finger hurts cause I broke the skin right next to it. I read somewhere that putting duct tape on it for a few weeks will help, but they say it works for foot warts. Will it work for hand warts too? Will I look crazy with piece of duct tape on each hand?

What are your wart removal methods? I've tried freezing, they come back. I might try that new dual-action freeze-away thing, but I'd like some home remedies.

Please help me.

captain kate capsize

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There are hundreds of tiny insects on one of our kitchen surfaces.  They're about the size of a grain of flour and they're white.  They're too small for me to be able to distinguish any features, but they're definitely alive and moving.  

What are they?  I've had a look on google but can only find brown insects.

I think I'll live on takeaways until I figure out what they are and where they're coming from.
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Boo no car

What's a good/safe ridesharing community?
Have you ever carpooled with someone from online?
What's a good way (besides a taxi) for me to get to something 45 minutes away when:
there is no public transportation to the venue
no friends avaliable to drive
no license
I live alone so roommate is not an option.
gear heart
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Some time ago I randomly (probably through StumbleUpon) came upon the photo behind the cut. I apologize in advance if anyone knows these people and is offended by my posting of the photo. =D

Collapse )

What do YOU think the story is behind this photo?
What are the ribbons hanging on the other side of the wall thing for?

edit for a real question too

How much of your gmail (or other email providers) storage capacity are you currently using?
I am using 1 MB of 2764 MB. My goal is 3!
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For those of you who daydream:

1. How often do you do it?
2. Where do you usually daydream? (In class, at work, while walking/driving/riding, ...)
3. Is it usually about the future, or present/past also?
4. What is it usually about? (You, your SO, people you find attractive, ...)
5. Do you daydream about impossible things, or rather something that could potentially happen?
6. Is it upsetting to you when some of your daydreams don't come true? (If you're thinking of possible events.)
7. Why do you do it? (To fall asleep, put yourself in a better mood, ...)

The more details, the better!

Sty in the eye.

Okay, so from poking myself in the eye with my eyeliner I now have a sty. 

Its making my eye lid swell my eye almost shut and the usual. I look ridiculous. 

How can I make it go away faster or atleast make the swelling go down by tomm? I have a date :(

yes, i went to the doctors 


iBook G4---out of date?

I'm thinking of switching to a mac...just a laptop, but nothing fancy. MacBooks are outta my price range, so I'm thinking a used G4. I'm scouting eBay and even the refurb section of I just need to know what, as far as hardware, is considered "good" anymore, especially in terms of the processor...hard-drive and ram seem pretty standard things to me (but who knows??...I'm thinking 512mb or more ram...and I'll take what I can get for the HD seeing as I will have my desktop). All I know is that the new MacBook ones are considered SWEET...but are the ones available on G4s still considered "good" ?

Also, if I buy from, I can get the warrenty...but that's just that much more money to spend. Worthwhile investment, or should is it "safe" enough to go the more adventurous route of no protection plan?

thanks :)

(PS -- I'll probably only use the laptop for things like writing a paper outside of the dorm, some photo stuff (yay iPhoto), and maybe limited gaming (read: WoW) with my boyfriend....if the computer will support it, haha).
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A friend of mine earlier this year had a tragedy. Her apartment caught fire due to faulty wiring. She lost everything, including her 6 cats. She works in animal control and took in rescues. That being said, her animals were her life basically.

Now there is a pending lawsuit. She needs a lawyer sensitive to the value of the loss of her pets, her "family". Everyone she has talked to seems to overlook that and just focus on the monetary value of her belongings.

Can anyone recommend a good lawyer that would be sensitive to her situation (if you happen to live in/around LA), or even a firm or type of lawyer to look for?
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According to the Washington Post, the gunman that opened fire on a college in Montreal...

had a Mohawk haircut. Some said he was in dressed in "Goth-type" fashion and his skin was pierced with by jewelry.

Are people who like alternative lifestyles/fashions/music more apt to commit random acts of violence?
Someday I'll be a flower


Do you think racism, gender inequality, etc., will ever be eradicated from the US? How long?

From the world?

Is the nature of life that people will always discriminate against women and minorities? Why or why not?
think about it

obedience classes

Have you ever taken your dog to obedience classes? Was it a good or bad experience? Would you recommend others take their dogs to obedience classes?

There are classes starting up in October that last for four Saturdays. My pug puppy will be 4 months old by the time the first class starts. The ad for the class reads as follows:

You will teach obedience and manners, as well as socializing skills, to dogs 3 months old and older. Commands include sit, stay, lie down, come, wait. You will work on solving problems such as house soiling, chewing, jumping up, barking, digging, how to show proper affection, shake hands, car riding, waiting at the door, as well as a few tricks. Bring dogs to first class. Proof of current vaccination required at first class.

Would this be worth looking into? Would it be any more effective than trying to do this on my own? I'm a first-time puppy owner.

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1.For those of you that play the guitar which brand do you prefer?
I'm thinking of getting a new one in the near future and i'm curious
about what others prefer.

2.what was the worst fashion of the 80s in your opinion?
The Receptionist Classic

Speech! Speech!

Wedding reception speeches... Got any funny lines, tips, suggestions, etc., for a Maid of Honor?

Here's what I have so far:
I've been telling [bride] for years that [groom] was head over heels in love with her. Did she ever believe me? No. [turns to the bride] *pfffffft* Toldja so.

Only I don't think that's going to go over so well.

Trick or Treat!

Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, as what?
Do you dress up in "slutty" costumes (or have you ever?), like "sexy nurse" or "sexy pirate"?
What do you think of girls who do that?
How old were you the last time you went trick or treating?

I kind of want to be a hula girl, can't decide if it'd be skanky or not. A coworker suggested it.
I went trick or treating when I was 15. I was too old!

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i have searched and searched and come up with nothing, so i come to you for help!

anyone know where i can find a knockoff necklace like the one here:


I have the matching knockoff earrings from but so far haven't been able to find the necklace anywhere. i really want to wear it for my wedding but can't justify buying a necklace that costs almost as much as my dress.


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Poll #820861 Close Encounters

Alien encounter! A space alien climbs through your window. What does he look like?

Some guy in a space suit
Green, hairless man with a big forehead
Rubbery, wrinkly, big-eyed extra terrestrial with a large glowing index finger
A hairy puppet (ALF)
Large, hairy humanoid, possibly some missing link between man and ape
Grey, hairless man with a big forehead
Smaller humanoids
Someone in a hazmat suit
Person in a PVC jacket and a motorcycle helmet and kind of reminds you of your creepy next-door neighbor
Captain William T. Kirk

What do they have in their hands?

Ray gun
A device with the words ANAL INTERLOPER, copy of Anal Analysis for Dummies and a tub of alien lube
Book: How to Serve Man (and his little dog too)
Your cat
Handful of Reese's Pieces
Barry White, Flintstone's chewable viagra
Bag of teeth, and a bag of quarters
Vials of alien cures for cancer and AIDS, the secret of cold fusion
Half empty can of Pabst Blue Ribbon
Light saber

They say "Come with me". Where are you led?

Eliot's room
Landed saucer (it's not flying, currently)
Van on blocks on your neighbor's lawn, that has a decal of Calvin pissing on Hobbes
Into your kitchen, where there's ingredients on the counter and they say "I could use an omelet about now"
The Enterprise
To a medical table
A rave
The woods
An oven

When you awaken hours later, it will seem like no time has passed. What will you awaken with?

Back stitches, and a Post-It saying something about seeing a doctor immediately and something about kidneys
Instant gnosis about how to fix the planet, and other alien knowledge
A sore butt
Cybernetic implants
Your own pet E.T. who only eats candy and drinks beer
Your own space suit, for you are now a member of a star fleet
Nothing, but I want to know why half my head is shaved
A thank you note, and a coupon for $5 off a dinner for 2 at Dennys

How will this change your sleep habits?

You'll wear only nice underwear to bed
Hide a gun under the pillow
Lock the window at all times
Purchase book: How to Serve Aliens
Keep a camera near my bed at all times
Wear an anal guard before retiring to bed
Keep a bag of Reese's Pieces near my bed
It really wouldn't
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Can you reconmmend any good music with ukelele in it? Preferrably instrumental?

What do you think of Anguish Languish? Awesome, stupid, fun? I love it and tried writing my own a couple times but it's harder then it looks.
Kiss Me Kate
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Home organizing software

I'm looking for  free open source home organizing software, something to help me keep track of my kajillion cds. 
I have the NYPL home library software, but it's not cutting the mustard music-wise. 
I want something with options. 
Anybody have any recommendations?
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If you woke up tomorrow and your whole life as you know it had all been a dream... and your reality was that you were some lonely old man who lives in the mountains with 3 cats.... what would you miss the most about the life in the dream that had felt so real?

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1. What is your favourite kind of horror movie? (Like zombies, ghosts, werewolves, etc.)

2. What is your favourite horror movie?

3. Can you recommend a good ghost story?

Edit: For those of you who prefer zombie movies, would you consider Shaun of the Dead to be a horror movie?
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itunes help

so...i uninstaled my itunes a while ago because it stopped working. I tried to reinstall it, but then it didn't work, and said i needed to reinstall quicktime as well. So i tried to install quicktime by itself first. everytime i try to do this, it gives me an error (1498 error or something like that) and doesn't finish.

how can i stop this quicktime downloading error from happening, so i can have itunes again??i'm sick of using realplayer

just to add another question:
if you could have a creature as a friend, but no one but you could see or hear it, what creature would it be??--i would have a 6 inch genius dragon that sits on my shoulder and tells me answers on exams.
Ride the pig GIR

Objects in the mirror

I know the side rearview mirrors on a car have that "objects in mirror closer than they appear," but is it the same for the inside rearview mirror?
I've been doing a lot of paralell parking (or parking against the curb in a line of cars) and I've noticed that the car in back of mine looks to be very close (their front headlights are covered by the rear of my car) but when I get out, there's ample space in between. Not for another car, but a motorcycle might be able to squeeze in.

Or is my distance/depth perception off?
Me--State Fair


Does anyone know...if I have the source code for a page with a LJ layout that I'd like to use, but the creator has vanished, can it still be used? I found someone using it, and cut and pasted the page source, and the image links and whatnot, but just didn't know if such a thing was possible.

What's the most incompetent thing you've seen or heard this week? For me, that the place I got my tires at last week didn't tighten two of the lugnuts and I could screw them in with my hand. Yeah. They came and fixed it, but sheesh!

For my deviate a social/gender norm thingy, do you think I should rock out in public with my iPod, or wear pajamas and carry a pillow and stuffed animal and pretend to sleep in random places?
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Poster Board Dimensions

I'm clarifying some rules for a display that's part of a super-cool activity I'm putting together for work. I did a Google search for this, but the results I'm getting don't seem quite right.

What's the standard size of a piece of poster board? (Like the kind you can buy anywhere for like, 50 cents. Not the fancy display board stuff)

I don't have any in here and I don't believe that there's any near by. The dimensions I found online seem way too large. Anyone have any they can measure really quick?

cubs hat
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1.Why are people all freaking out about Survivor this year? In the past they've grouped people male/female or old/young and nobody had a cow. Do you think it's a big deal?

2. Chicago just vetoed the 'big-box law'. It basically stated if your company had over a certain number of employees or space, that you had to increase the pay and benefits to something like $13.00 per hour by 2010. (Think companies like Walmart, Target, etc) Do you think it was good that it was vetoed or not?
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Is anyone else having a problem highlighting text on livejournal now? It didn't before they switched the format today. Every other site is fine. I even restarted my computer and it still isn't working.

That's bothersome.

Note: it's when you're already in the entry is when you can't do it.
loving pat

Spanish question

What does the Spanish phrase "si fuera" mean? I looked it up on and babelfish, but it came up with "if was" and "if outside", and I'm not sure if that's right.

It's used in the song Corazones by Daddy Yankee in this line:

Si fuera por mi reuniría a todos los caseríos

Anybody know?

Answered, thank you!
m trigger

sleeping probs

My boyfriend and I recently broke up and I'm having lots of trouble sleeping. Every night I sleep I wake up thinking of him, of happy times, and I have to remind myself that he doesn't love me anymore, and I feel like I'm losing him all over again.

Does anyone have any advice on how to feel normal again?

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I have a Dell laptop now that is a piece of shit. Its pretty I cut it slack but it freezes ALL the time and it just bugs me. My parents agreed that when I graduate with my 4 year this fall they'll buy me a laptop of my choice.

I've got a new love for Macs, but I need help with the pro's and con's of both Macs and Pcs.

I will be using the computer while in nursing school for term papers and research, I play very little games (Sims & Zoo Tycoon), and I'll use it to go online (LJ and such).....

Whats the best Mac laptop out there? Price isn't a problem.
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Gaming systems

You don't own any kind of computer gaming system, and your laptop doesn't have a good enough graphics card to play any exciting games.

Do you:

- Get an XBox, because you really want to play Sid Meier's Pirates.
- Wait for Wii because it looks amazing, and hope it has some good pirate games.
- Get some other system, suggestions plz.

Aside from Pirates, and wanting to play The Sims 2, I like things involving killing zombies, and would probably try some of those infamous violent games like Grand Theft Auto for the fun of it. As you can tell I haven't done much research yet. I'm just pondering about it. I suspect I'm going to want a Wii because I can never be bothered learning all the right buttons to press for the different moves on the odd occassion I attempt to play things at friend's places.
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Tell me all the excuses you have used or heard of someone using for taking a day off work?

I want thr good, the bad, the ugly, the normal-ish ones and the crazy ones that made you laugh/made you wonder.

Oh TQCers, I'm so excited...

I found out last night that I have $1550 in completely matured savings bonds. I'm super excited. My mom said they never told me because then I would have them when I "needed them." As I'm trying to move out on my own now, they thought this would be a good time to give them to me.

Have you found out anything that your parents may have hid from you for good reason lately?
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Army Gift

A friend is throwing a surprise party for her husband before he deploys for Iraq and I'd like to get him a small gift. What sort of thing would be useful to someone in this situation? What can't/shouldn't/wont be brought with him? Never having known anyone to be deployed until this I am at a loss.
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lead me

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is there a word for somebody who attends the religious services of a faith not their own but doesn't participate in the service? the only thing i can think of is conscientious objector, but i know that's not right.

Fashion Advice...

Ok, so I'm trying something new. I usually wear polo shirts, turtlenecks, and jeans. I was wondering if this looked alright... I just wanted some advice before I wore it tomorrow and looked like an idiot, lol. Any feedback would be welcome, and of course, please be honest. :D

TAKE TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any better??

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Hey everyone,
Quick question. Whenever I save a file in Microsoft Office Word 2003 as a document in My Documents, and I try to attach it using Yahoo Mail, it tells me that the file path was invalid. I am using Windows XP, the firewall is shut off, and it works on my other computer. Is there anything else I could try? Thanks!

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How do you get WinAmp to scrobble to It says it 'detects' the player, but it still isn't scrobbling. (I've also installed the plugin.)

I know everyone hates these kinds of questions, but I need help!
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your favorites?

also, are there no podcasts for fresh air on npr? i checked the website and they weren't there, but i thought i'd double check.. um... the internet. thanks!
Reese - The girl everyone likes

Dude, we shouldn't have bought her a Dell

Anyone had any luck getting decent customer service at Dell lately?

Upon my 5th customer service contact (split between phone and online chat), I learned that my mother will soon getting a power cable for her free printer. Even though I asked that she be sent a power cable and ink cartridge (both of which were inexplicably missing from her box; a friend of hers also got the same free printer sans power cable) two weeks ago, I just now learned that she was sent an ink cartridge and USB cable. Please note that the USB cable was NOT included in the box, the instructions made it plain that she would need to buy one, and she already had one because we knew it wouldn't come with one. So I am tentatively hopeful that someday, she will be able to power up that probably awful free printer and quite possibly be able to use it to print a couple of pages.

But 5 calls?! People were obviously not understanding what I was saying... how else could I convey "power cable" and "power cord" and "printer won't turn on without source of power"?

When was the last time you meant to post something to a community but instead posted it to your journal? Me, well, this entry. GRR ARGH.
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1. Do you like yourself?

2. When was the last time you made a cake?
Last week.

3. Do you avoid stores where you know people who work there?
Yes, always.

4. When you buy tissues do you buy one box, or a few?
My dad always buys them, but he always gets a pack of like 6 boxes.

5. Do you drink the tap water at your house?
No, never.
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In the posters for the CBS series "Jericho" (More info) shows a mountain range.

Why does HOllywood like to put mountains even in places that don't have mountains (like in the short-lived series The Loop, set in Chicago, there are frequently mountains in the background).
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I know you can't drink alcohol before getting a tattoo because it thins the blood and the ink might not hold, but what about after?

I just had a tattoo done about 4 hours ago, and I want something alcoholic to drink, but for some reason, I'm paranoid that it'll do something to my tattoo because it's fresh. Am I being silly here or would drinking alcohol so soon after getting it do something to the ink?
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